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Clojure Mode in Emacs - an exercise in counter-productive communication

From: Bozhidar Batsov
Subject: Clojure Mode in Emacs - an exercise in counter-productive communication
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2023 10:48:54 +0200
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Okay. I tried to conclude our conversation on good terms but clearly you believe I'm not doing something right by you. I don't have to tolerate your bulshit and snarky remarks.  

Keep being a jerk if you insist to. And keep believing you know all the answers. That aggressive attitude is the main reason why so many people steer clear of emacs-devel. That's the last message exchange I'll have with you on the subject. 

On Mon, Sep 4, 2023, at 10:25 AM, João Távora wrote:
"Bozhidar Batsov" <bozhidar@batsov.dev> writes:

>  What hostile manner?  Do we need permission from you to start discussing
>  Clojure editing facilities here
> You don't need my permission to do anything. But in my book it's good
> manners to try to get people involved in a conversation that might
> benefit from their presence.

All I did when I started this thread was grab this message from Philip


I hit "reply to all" and changed the subject line for clarity.  By then,
you had already made very clear to Eli and others that your Clojure
modes would not come to GNU Emacs.  Your opening "I've said a million
times" email didn't exactly sound exactly very chummy either:

    I've been maintaining almost all of the Clojure dev tooling for
    Emacs for over a decade, so I do believe that by now I know what I'm
    doing and how I want to do things. I've said a million times by now
    that I don't want contributors to have to deal with copyright



So excuse me for not issuing a special scented invitation to His
Highness, but I did believe he was above Being Bothered with GNU

> One day perhaps you'll learn that things 

"good manners"?? "one day perhaps you'll learn"??? You can't make this
stuff up.  Send me your youtube video on good manners, too?

Let's be clear: your help -- would there have been any -- would of
course have been welcomed.  But I didn't see it as essential: none of
your code was involved I was explicitly starting from scratch.  And to
be frank you didn't even pop in my head when starting the thread, so I
did was "reply to all".  Anyone can read these emails, after all.  You
did finally find the thread.  But then all you did was try to
intimidate, scaremonger and dissuade.

Given that you're now backtracking, err... reviewing your position, we
might have your Clojure modes in GNU in the end.  So I guess something
decent might come of those 2 lines of code after all.


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