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Re: package-vc support for :files keyword

From: Adam Porter
Subject: Re: package-vc support for :files keyword
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2023 13:54:36 -0500
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Hi Philip, et al,

For the record, these are all the repositories in {Non,}GNU ELPA that
develop multiple packages in a single repository:


From what I understand, there is no technical necessity for this mode of
development?  I wonder how difficult it would be to push for a
one-package-one-repo approach.

Please note out that while `taxy' and `taxy-magit-section' are both developed in "taxy.el.git", they are in separate branches, so there is no need to build the two packages from a single set of files by excluding some files and then the others.

I've chosen to keep these packages in the same repo because they are so closely related. I'd like to be able to keep this arrangement.

Having said that, while I wouldn't personally object to dropping support for building multiple packages from a single branch (since I don't do it myself), I wouldn't favor doing so, because existing packages do, and it would create more work for the authors to have to split them up.

Maybe it would be reasonable to make a new policy against building multiple packages from a single branch, while "grandfathering" in the existing packages that do so, if it would solve a problem for ELPA.

Thanks for your work,

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