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Re: Emacs design and architecture. How about copy-on-write?

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: Emacs design and architecture. How about copy-on-write?
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2023 10:51:56 +0000

Dmitry Gutov <dmitry@gutov.dev> writes:

> - If a web page is complex enough, and I scroll it down after opening 
> very quickly, it can happen so Firefox doesn't manage to render the page 
> quickly enough, perhaps due to other load. When that happens, it shows 
> the bottom of the page in a sort of blurry haze (which is replaced as 
> soon as it's ready). Overall, it feels good enough usability-wise, 
> because it doesn't look jerky or "blinky" or etc. And of course it's a 
> rare occasion overall.

I think that partial rendering of a buffer might be actually tricky.
In particular, when user tries to "move into" the not-yet-rendered part
of the buffer. Many point motion commands re-use parts of the display
code to determine where to move the point to. I am not sure how to
address such situation without blocking Emacs.

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