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Re: Instead of pcase

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Instead of pcase
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2023 03:09:08 +0200
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On 21/11/2023 01:43, Po Lu wrote:
Dmitry Gutov <dmitry@gutov.dev> writes:

Polling professional C developers on whether they are comfortable with
advanced syntax inspired by high-level languages like ML or Haskell is
pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ask a company of OCaml developers (we have at least one representative
of such among active contributors), or even a corpus of experienced
JavaScript developers, the results will be different.

How many O'Caml developers are there?  It's not plausible that they
number greater than C developers (for that matter I don't think there's
any O'Caml software on my computer).

OCaml -- maybe not that many. But the sum total of developers writing in high-level languages (JavaScript included) is quite high.

Ruby and Python have pattern matching in that style. Rust and Swift do too.

JS might be getting one in a few years: https://github.com/tc39/proposal-pattern-matching

Java introduced limited/experimental support this year: https://openjdk.org/jeps/432

Even the C++ standard might get it one day: https://www.stroustrup.com/pattern-matching-November-2014.pdf (libraries already available)

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