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Re: "args-out-of-range" error when using data from external process on W

From: Alexis
Subject: Re: "args-out-of-range" error when using data from external process on Windows
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2024 13:16:58 +1000
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Hi again Eli,

i've taken your comments back to the user:


And they've responded with two comments:



in which they said:

I set the LC_ALL and LANG variable by editing Windows's environment variable.
Because Emacs don't read these, I have removed the variables.

and noted that they were successfully able to add and search for the CRAB emoji by using buku directly on the command line:

The PowerShell display the CRAB emoji fine. ( I use Windows Terminal )

but also that:

I copied the output into scratch buffer, it's not displaying.

More generally, they've noted:

But right now my language environment will be "Chinese-GBK". My files will be encoded as GBK, which is not I desired. I think for some backward compatibility concern, MS use GBK encofing for Chinese. Can I somehow set the Emacs to use UTF-8 for new file encodings?

And in their second comment, wrote:

Hi, I found the encoding setting from Emacs China website. I added these lines in the early-init.el file (set-charset-priority 'unicode) (prefer-coding-system 'utf-8) (setq system-time-locale "C") Right now, the new file would be saved with UTF-8 But the args out of range problems still persistes.

i have subsequently responded:


in which i wrote:
setting those variables won't influence the encoding of the data that Ebuku has to process. This is a very complex issue, so we need to control the various factors involved.


i understand that you don't want to use the GBK environment in general

and explained starting Emacs with `-Q`, and manually loading Ebuku, to test Ebuku.

However, given that:

* i don't have access to a Win machine;
* i've not actively used Win for more than a decade;
* i don't have any experience with Win at a dev level;
* i've never used Win in a non-English environment, or Emacs in a non-UTF8 environment;

i'm feeling overwhelmed by the various factors here, and am struggling to work out the right questions to ask the user, and how to appropriately work with the answers. So i also wrote:
i'm think i'm going to have to ask you to interact directly with the Eli on the mailing list about this, as i'm finding it difficult to be the messenger going back and forth, and it will be much quicker if Eli can ask you questions directly, which you can respond to directly. Hopefully that process will make it clear what would need to be done by Ebuku in order to fix the problem, in a non-GBK environment.

Thus, i've cc'd the user on this email, so that, if you're willing and able, you can engage with them directly (perhaps by asking them to do specific tests that don't involve Ebuku, but which will show what Ebuku needs to handle).


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