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[PATCH] feat: add markdown-ts-mode

From: Rahul Martim Juliato
Subject: [PATCH] feat: add markdown-ts-mode
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2024 00:23:45 -0300
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Hello there!

I've been using Emacs without any extra packages as an educational
experiment after years of package hording.

One of the few things I've been missing is a way of displaying some sort
of syntax highlight for markdown documents.

It feels a bit frustrating opening a README.md file with a single face
color, since Emacs from the box can handle so much.  I am sure others
might have shared this feeling before.

This patch is a modified version of a package I've recently published on
MELPA, screenshots are available here:

It is a very basic mode that provides syntax highlight and imenu support
using treesitter grammar from

The idea here is to provide minimal support to Emacs and continue
building up features in the future.

It is the first time I contribute to Emacs devel, so please let me know
if I did something wrong or anything is not at the expected standards.


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