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Re: Stipples support in MS-Windows port

From: Elijah G.
Subject: Re: Stipples support in MS-Windows port
Date: Tue, 14 May 2024 19:43:44 -0600
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Po Lu <luangruo@yahoo.com> writes:

> "Elijah G." <eg642616@gmail.com> writes:
>> I'm a bit stuck here, i could make to use the stipple bitmap, however it
>> doesn't uses background and foreground color from propertized string,
>> (and looks very weird).
>> The drawing works fine, but the problem is trying to get stipple bitmap,
>> and makes it work well.
>> One way that i thought for fix this is redefining bitmap stipple for
>> using same string fg and bg colors and bitmap width and height, but for
>> this i need the bitmap bits.
>> I found that image_create_bitmap_from_data also makes stipple bitmap
>> (https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs.git/tree/src/image.c#n601);
>> i tried to found bitmap bits by using stipple bitmap id but some
>> functions/macros are only for X11 (e.g x_bitmap_height and
>> x_bitmap_width).
>> I would be happy to read any advice or feedback.
>> I've attached to this email a patch for the work that i've done and some
>> screenshots for the final results.
>> Thanks.
> I don't follow your question, but on the assumption that you've run into
> difficulties with replacing the background and foreground of the pattern
> with those of your choosing, perhaps you must set the "text" and
> "background" colors of the DC as suggested by the documentation:
>   A brush created by using a monochrome (1 bit per pixel) bitmap has the
>   text and background colors of the device context to which it is drawn.
>   Pixels represented by a 0 bit are drawn with the current text color;
>   pixels represented by a 1 bit are drawn with the current background
>   color.
> ?  Manipulating the stipple bitmap directly should not be necessary, not
> with these facilities.

Thank you, the stipple implementation now is almost done, now the only
problem is that stipple bitmap is not monochromatic, i could test
using other monochromatic bitmap and it now works as it should work.
I found that it's a problem with this var
I'm not sure why and how, i'm trying to figure how to "modify" it
(note: i've printed the BITS bitmap with printf and pasted it, and works
well, i'm not sure if it can be a posible solution).

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