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[Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lisp/simple.el,v

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: [Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lisp/simple.el,v
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 06:27:10 +0000

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/emacs
Module name:    emacs
Changes by:     Jan Djärv <jhd>        06/10/11 06:27:08

Index: simple.el
RCS file: /cvsroot/emacs/emacs/lisp/simple.el,v
retrieving revision 1.831
retrieving revision 1.832
diff -u -b -r1.831 -r1.832
--- simple.el   2 Oct 2006 02:29:19 -0000       1.831
+++ simple.el   11 Oct 2006 06:27:08 -0000      1.832
@@ -1675,7 +1675,7 @@
 Normally, Emacs discards the undo info for the current command if
 it exceeds `undo-outer-limit'.  But if you set this option
 non-nil, it asks in the echo area whether to discard the info.
-If you answer no, there a slight risk that Emacs might crash, so
+If you answer no, there is a slight risk that Emacs might crash, so
 only do it if you really want to undo the command.
 This option is mainly intended for debugging.  You have to be

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