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[Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/info/eintr,v

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: [Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/info/eintr,v
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 18:03:03 +0000

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/emacs
Module name:    emacs
Changes by:     Robert J. Chassell <bob>        06/10/31 18:03:03

Index: eintr
RCS file: /cvsroot/emacs/emacs/info/eintr,v
retrieving revision 1.1
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -b -r1.1 -r1.2
--- eintr       31 Oct 2006 16:59:12 -0000      1.1
+++ eintr       31 Oct 2006 18:03:03 -0000      1.2
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
 This is an `Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp', for people who
 are not programmers.
-Edition 3.00, 2006 Oct 31
+Edition 3.01, 2006 Oct 31
 Copyright (C) 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001,    2002,
 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@@ -41,311 +41,311 @@
 eintr-1: 1466
-eintr-2: 301398
-eintr-3: 599839
+eintr-2: 299621
+eintr-3: 597715
 Tag Table:
 Node: Top1466
-Node: Preface20357
-Node: Why21456
-Node: On Reading this Text22097
-Node: Who You Are24261
-Node: Lisp History26960
-Node: Note for Novices27711
-Node: Thank You30170
-Node: List Processing30651
-Ref: List Processing-Footnote-131544
-Node: Lisp Lists31747
-Node: Numbers Lists32457
-Node: Lisp Atoms33484
-Node: Whitespace in Lists37146
-Node: Typing Lists38387
-Node: Run a Program39467
-Node: Making Errors41879
-Node: Names & Definitions46793
-Node: Lisp Interpreter48627
-Node: Complications49680
-Node: Byte Compiling51224
-Node: Evaluation52267
-Node: Evaluating Inner Lists53923
-Node: Variables56384
-Node: fill-column Example57737
-Node: Void Function59216
-Node: Void Variable60323
-Node: Arguments62102
-Ref: Arguments-Footnote-163343
-Node: Data types64155
-Node: Args as Variable or List66119
-Node: Variable Number of Arguments67639
-Node: Wrong Type of Argument68444
-Ref: Wrong Type of Argument-Footnote-171821
-Node: message71888
-Ref: message-Footnote-175681
-Node: set & setq75855
-Node: Using set76437
-Node: Using setq78676
-Node: Counting80793
-Node: Summary82734
-Node: Error Message Exercises84507
-Node: Practicing Evaluation85004
-Node: How to Evaluate85835
-Node: Buffer Names87334
-Node: Getting Buffers92927
-Ref: Getting Buffers-Footnote-195399
-Node: Switching Buffers95617
-Ref: Switching Buffers-Footnote-198872
-Ref: Switching Buffers-Footnote-299144
-Node: Buffer Size & Locations99801
-Node: Evaluation Exercise101786
-Node: Writing Defuns102057
-Node: Primitive Functions102904
-Node: defun104073
-Node: Install110517
-Node: Effect of installation111781
-Node: Change a defun112574
-Node: Interactive114241
-Node: Interactive multiply-by-seven115238
-Node: multiply-by-seven in detail117046
-Node: Interactive Options119663
-Node: Permanent Installation122714
-Node: let124794
-Node: Prevent confusion126061
-Node: Parts of let Expression127925
-Node: Sample let Expression129444
-Ref: Sample let Expression-Footnote-1131174
-Node: Uninitialized let Variables131422
-Node: if132952
-Node: if in more detail133746
-Node: type-of-animal in detail136454
-Node: else138874
-Node: Truth & Falsehood141655
-Node: nil explained142503
-Node: save-excursion144503
-Node: Point and mark145191
-Node: Template for save-excursion148148
-Node: Review149380
-Node: defun Exercises157017
-Node: Buffer Walk Through157432
-Node: Finding More158216
-Node: simplified-beginning-of-buffer162076
-Node: mark-whole-buffer166416
-Node: mark-whole-buffer overview167170
-Node: Body of mark-whole-buffer168529
-Node: append-to-buffer171530
-Node: append-to-buffer overview172073
-Node: append interactive174728
-Node: append-to-buffer body177079
-Node: append save-excursion179119
-Node: Buffer Related Review183885
-Node: Buffer Exercises185814
-Node: More Complex186247
-Node: copy-to-buffer186948
-Node: insert-buffer189523
-Node: insert-buffer code190521
-Node: insert-buffer interactive191520
-Node: Read-only buffer191925
-Node: b for interactive192537
-Node: insert-buffer body193632
-Node: if & or194774
-Node: Insert or197745
-Node: Insert let199944
-Node: New insert-buffer203572
-Node: beginning-of-buffer204723
-Node: Optional Arguments206209
-Node: beginning-of-buffer opt arg209444
-Node: Disentangle beginning-of-buffer210277
-Node: Large buffer case211521
-Node: Small buffer case213952
-Node: beginning-of-buffer complete215565
-Node: Second Buffer Related Review218428
-Node: optional Exercise220052
-Node: Narrowing & Widening220512
-Node: Narrowing advantages220970
-Node: save-restriction222848
-Node: what-line224731
-Node: narrow Exercise228733
-Node: car cdr & cons229692
-Node: Strange Names230352
-Node: car & cdr231351
-Node: cons235534
-Node: Build a list236385
-Ref: Build a list-Footnote-1237873
-Node: length238050
-Node: nthcdr239528
-Node: nth242320
-Node: setcar243639
-Node: setcdr245840
-Node: cons Exercise247296
-Node: Cutting & Storing Text247656
-Node: Storing Text248625
-Node: zap-to-char250637
-Node: Complete zap-to-char251498
-Node: zap-to-char interactive253398
-Node: zap-to-char body254870
-Node: search-forward256454
-Node: progn259394
-Node: Summing up zap-to-char261039
-Node: kill-region262116
-Node: Complete kill-region262975
-Node: condition-case267091
-Node: Lisp macro269565
-Node: copy-region-as-kill271616
-Node: Complete copy-region-as-kill272402
-Node: copy-region-as-kill body275153
-Node: last-command & this-command276120
-Node: kill-append function278369
-Node: kill-new function282338
-Node: Digression into C292559
-Ref: Digression into C-Footnote-1297912
-Node: defvar298084
-Node: See variable current value299536
-Node: defvar and asterisk301398
-Node: cons & search-fwd Review303167
-Node: search Exercises305681
-Node: List Implementation306403
-Node: Lists diagrammed307414
-Node: Symbols as Chest313381
-Node: List Exercise315367
-Node: Yanking315694
-Node: Kill Ring Overview316893
-Node: kill-ring-yank-pointer318540
-Node: yank nthcdr Exercises320889
-Node: Loops & Recursion321588
-Ref: Loops & Recursion-Footnote-1322548
-Node: while323047
-Node: Looping with while324135
-Node: Loop Example325891
-Node: print-elements-of-list329179
-Node: Incrementing Loop331625
-Node: Incrementing Example333144
-Node: Inc Example parts335510
-Node: Inc Example altogether339355
-Node: Decrementing Loop342770
-Node: Decrementing Example344042
-Node: Dec Example parts345518
-Node: Dec Example altogether347469
-Node: dolist dotimes349652
-Node: dolist350374
-Node: dotimes353419
-Node: Recursion354939
-Node: Building Robots355824
-Node: Recursive Definition Parts357531
-Node: Recursion with list359911
-Node: Recursive triangle function363439
-Node: Recursive Example arg of 1 or 2364707
-Node: Recursive Example arg of 3 or 4366911
-Node: Recursion with cond369839
-Node: Recursive Patterns372114
-Node: Every372511
-Node: Accumulate374945
-Node: Keep376178
-Node: No Deferment378031
-Node: No deferment solution380655
-Ref: No deferment solution-Footnote-1384521
-Ref: No deferment solution-Footnote-2384622
-Node: Looping exercise385114
-Node: Regexp Search386289
-Node: sentence-end387975
-Node: re-search-forward391624
-Node: forward-sentence394067
-Node: Complete forward-sentence394714
-Node: fwd-sentence while loops398090
-Node: fwd-sentence re-search401556
-Node: forward-paragraph403626
-Node: forward-paragraph in brief405190
-Node: fwd-para let406631
-Node: fwd-para while411779
-Node: etags419953
-Node: Regexp Review424222
-Node: re-search Exercises426544
-Node: Counting Words427295
-Node: Why Count Words427829
-Node: count-words-region428769
-Node: Design count-words-region429877
-Node: Whitespace Bug436288
-Node: recursive-count-words445562
-Node: Counting Exercise457365
-Node: Words in a defun457724
-Node: Divide and Conquer458855
-Node: Words and Symbols460077
-Node: Syntax462011
-Node: count-words-in-defun465581
-Node: Several defuns471588
-Node: Find a File473904
-Node: lengths-list-file476387
-Node: Several files481531
-Node: lengths-list-many-files482131
-Node: append484818
-Node: Several files recursively485410
-Node: Prepare the data488158
-Node: Sorting489830
-Node: Files List491425
-Node: Counting function definitions498654
-Node: Readying a Graph507682
-Node: Columns of a graph508782
-Node: graph-body-print522065
-Node: recursive-graph-body-print526661
-Node: Printed Axes529299
-Node: Line Graph Exercise530009
-Node: Emacs Initialization530186
-Node: Default Configuration530964
-Ref: Default Configuration-Footnote-1532912
-Node: Site-wide Init533209
-Node: defcustom535143
-Node: Beginning a .emacs File540594
-Node: Text and Auto-fill542908
-Node: Mail Aliases546701
-Node: Indent Tabs Mode547577
-Node: Keybindings548492
-Node: Keymaps551884
-Node: Loading Files554042
-Node: Autoload556866
-Node: Simple Extension559663
-Ref: Simple Extension-Footnote-1562905
-Node: X11 Colors563164
-Ref: X11 Colors-Footnote-1564980
-Node: Miscellaneous565131
-Node: Mode Line569231
-Node: Debugging574650
-Node: debug575215
-Node: debug-on-entry578211
-Node: debug-on-quit581277
-Node: edebug582238
-Node: Debugging Exercises586234
-Node: Conclusion587892
-Node: the-the593043
-Node: Kill Ring595759
-Node: current-kill597676
-Node: Understanding current-kill599839
-Node: Digression concerning error603283
-Node: Determining the Element604451
-Node: yank607874
-Node: yank-pop610783
-Node: ring file613179
-Node: Full Graph613520
-Node: Labelled Example614097
-Node: print-graph Varlist616071
-Node: print-Y-axis617718
-Node: Height of label618891
-Node: Compute a Remainder620850
-Node: Y Axis Element624580
-Node: Y-axis-column628121
-Node: print-Y-axis Penultimate629698
-Node: print-X-axis631541
-Node: Similarities differences632652
-Node: X Axis Tic Marks633452
-Node: Print Whole Graph640290
-Node: The final version641028
-Node: Test print-graph645251
-Node: Graphing words in defuns646829
-Node: lambda649376
-Node: mapcar651012
-Node: Another Bug652966
-Node: Final printed graph658408
-Node: Free Software and Free Manuals659320
-Node: GNU Free Documentation License665566
-Node: Index687989
-Node: About the Author722743
+Node: Preface20343
+Node: Why21442
+Node: On Reading this Text22083
+Node: Who You Are24247
+Node: Lisp History26946
+Node: Note for Novices27697
+Node: Thank You30156
+Node: List Processing30637
+Ref: List Processing-Footnote-131530
+Node: Lisp Lists31733
+Node: Numbers Lists32443
+Node: Lisp Atoms33470
+Node: Whitespace in Lists37132
+Node: Typing Lists38373
+Node: Run a Program39453
+Node: Making Errors41865
+Node: Names & Definitions46779
+Node: Lisp Interpreter48613
+Node: Complications49666
+Node: Byte Compiling51210
+Node: Evaluation52253
+Node: Evaluating Inner Lists53909
+Node: Variables56370
+Node: fill-column Example57723
+Node: Void Function59202
+Node: Void Variable60309
+Node: Arguments62088
+Ref: Arguments-Footnote-163329
+Node: Data types64141
+Node: Args as Variable or List66105
+Node: Variable Number of Arguments67625
+Node: Wrong Type of Argument68430
+Ref: Wrong Type of Argument-Footnote-171807
+Node: message71874
+Ref: message-Footnote-175667
+Node: set & setq75841
+Node: Using set76423
+Node: Using setq78662
+Node: Counting80779
+Node: Summary82720
+Node: Error Message Exercises84493
+Node: Practicing Evaluation84990
+Node: How to Evaluate85821
+Node: Buffer Names87320
+Node: Getting Buffers92913
+Ref: Getting Buffers-Footnote-195385
+Node: Switching Buffers95603
+Ref: Switching Buffers-Footnote-198858
+Ref: Switching Buffers-Footnote-299130
+Node: Buffer Size & Locations99787
+Node: Evaluation Exercise101772
+Node: Writing Defuns102043
+Node: Primitive Functions102890
+Node: defun104059
+Node: Install110503
+Node: Effect of installation111767
+Node: Change a defun112560
+Node: Interactive114227
+Node: Interactive multiply-by-seven115224
+Node: multiply-by-seven in detail117032
+Node: Interactive Options119649
+Node: Permanent Installation122700
+Node: let124780
+Node: Prevent confusion126047
+Node: Parts of let Expression127911
+Node: Sample let Expression129430
+Ref: Sample let Expression-Footnote-1131160
+Node: Uninitialized let Variables131408
+Node: if132938
+Node: if in more detail133732
+Node: type-of-animal in detail136440
+Node: else138860
+Node: Truth & Falsehood141641
+Node: nil explained142489
+Node: save-excursion144489
+Node: Point and mark145177
+Node: Template for save-excursion148134
+Node: Review149366
+Node: defun Exercises157102
+Node: Buffer Walk Through157517
+Node: Finding More158301
+Node: simplified-beginning-of-buffer162161
+Node: mark-whole-buffer166501
+Node: mark-whole-buffer overview167255
+Node: Body of mark-whole-buffer168614
+Node: append-to-buffer171615
+Node: append-to-buffer overview172158
+Node: append interactive174813
+Node: append-to-buffer body177164
+Node: append save-excursion179204
+Node: Buffer Related Review183970
+Node: Buffer Exercises185899
+Node: More Complex186332
+Node: copy-to-buffer187033
+Node: insert-buffer189608
+Node: insert-buffer code190606
+Node: insert-buffer interactive191605
+Node: Read-only buffer192010
+Node: b for interactive192622
+Node: insert-buffer body193717
+Node: if & or194859
+Node: Insert or197830
+Node: Insert let200029
+Node: New insert-buffer203657
+Node: beginning-of-buffer204808
+Node: Optional Arguments206294
+Node: beginning-of-buffer opt arg209529
+Node: Disentangle beginning-of-buffer210362
+Node: Large buffer case211606
+Node: Small buffer case214037
+Node: beginning-of-buffer complete215650
+Node: Second Buffer Related Review218513
+Node: optional Exercise220137
+Node: Narrowing & Widening220597
+Node: Narrowing advantages221055
+Node: save-restriction222933
+Node: what-line224816
+Node: narrow Exercise228818
+Node: car cdr & cons229777
+Node: Strange Names230437
+Node: car & cdr231436
+Node: cons235619
+Node: Build a list236470
+Ref: Build a list-Footnote-1237958
+Node: length238135
+Node: nthcdr239613
+Node: nth242405
+Node: setcar243724
+Node: setcdr245925
+Node: cons Exercise247381
+Node: Cutting & Storing Text247741
+Node: Storing Text248710
+Node: zap-to-char250722
+Node: Complete zap-to-char251583
+Node: zap-to-char interactive253483
+Node: zap-to-char body254955
+Node: search-forward256539
+Node: progn259479
+Node: Summing up zap-to-char261124
+Node: kill-region262201
+Node: Complete kill-region263060
+Node: condition-case267176
+Node: Lisp macro269650
+Node: copy-region-as-kill271701
+Node: Complete copy-region-as-kill272487
+Node: copy-region-as-kill body275238
+Node: last-command & this-command276205
+Node: kill-append function278454
+Node: kill-new function282423
+Node: Digression into C292644
+Ref: Digression into C-Footnote-1297997
+Node: defvar298169
+Node: See variable current value299621
+Node: defvar and asterisk301483
+Node: cons & search-fwd Review303252
+Node: search Exercises305766
+Node: List Implementation306488
+Node: Lists diagrammed307499
+Node: Symbols as Chest313466
+Node: List Exercise315452
+Node: Yanking315779
+Node: Kill Ring Overview316978
+Node: kill-ring-yank-pointer318625
+Node: yank nthcdr Exercises320974
+Node: Loops & Recursion321673
+Ref: Loops & Recursion-Footnote-1322633
+Node: while323132
+Node: Looping with while324220
+Node: Loop Example325976
+Node: print-elements-of-list329264
+Node: Incrementing Loop331710
+Node: Incrementing Example333229
+Node: Inc Example parts335595
+Node: Inc Example altogether339440
+Node: Decrementing Loop342855
+Node: Decrementing Example344127
+Node: Dec Example parts345603
+Node: Dec Example altogether347554
+Node: dolist dotimes349737
+Node: dolist350459
+Node: dotimes353504
+Node: Recursion355024
+Node: Building Robots355909
+Node: Recursive Definition Parts357616
+Node: Recursion with list359996
+Node: Recursive triangle function363524
+Node: Recursive Example arg of 1 or 2364792
+Node: Recursive Example arg of 3 or 4366996
+Node: Recursion with cond369924
+Node: Recursive Patterns372199
+Node: Every372596
+Node: Accumulate375030
+Node: Keep376263
+Node: No Deferment378116
+Node: No deferment solution380740
+Ref: No deferment solution-Footnote-1384606
+Ref: No deferment solution-Footnote-2384707
+Node: Looping exercise385199
+Node: Regexp Search386374
+Node: sentence-end388060
+Node: re-search-forward391709
+Node: forward-sentence394152
+Node: Complete forward-sentence394799
+Node: fwd-sentence while loops398175
+Node: fwd-sentence re-search401641
+Node: forward-paragraph403711
+Node: forward-paragraph in brief405275
+Node: fwd-para let406716
+Node: fwd-para while411864
+Node: etags420038
+Node: Regexp Review424307
+Node: re-search Exercises426629
+Node: Counting Words427380
+Node: Why Count Words427914
+Node: count-words-region428854
+Node: Design count-words-region429962
+Node: Whitespace Bug436373
+Node: recursive-count-words445647
+Node: Counting Exercise457450
+Node: Words in a defun457809
+Node: Divide and Conquer458940
+Node: Words and Symbols460162
+Node: Syntax462096
+Node: count-words-in-defun465666
+Node: Several defuns471673
+Node: Find a File473989
+Node: lengths-list-file476472
+Node: Several files481616
+Node: lengths-list-many-files482216
+Node: append484903
+Node: Several files recursively485495
+Node: Prepare the data488243
+Node: Sorting489915
+Node: Files List491510
+Node: Counting function definitions498739
+Node: Readying a Graph507767
+Node: Columns of a graph508867
+Node: graph-body-print522150
+Node: recursive-graph-body-print526746
+Node: Printed Axes529384
+Node: Line Graph Exercise530094
+Node: Emacs Initialization530271
+Node: Default Configuration531049
+Ref: Default Configuration-Footnote-1532997
+Node: Site-wide Init533294
+Node: defcustom535228
+Node: Beginning a .emacs File540679
+Node: Text and Auto-fill542993
+Node: Mail Aliases546786
+Node: Indent Tabs Mode547662
+Node: Keybindings548577
+Node: Keymaps551969
+Node: Loading Files554127
+Node: Autoload556951
+Node: Simple Extension559748
+Ref: Simple Extension-Footnote-1562990
+Node: X11 Colors563249
+Ref: X11 Colors-Footnote-1565065
+Node: Miscellaneous565216
+Node: Mode Line569316
+Node: Debugging574689
+Node: debug575254
+Node: debug-on-entry578250
+Node: debug-on-quit581316
+Node: edebug582277
+Node: Debugging Exercises586273
+Node: Conclusion587931
+Node: the-the593082
+Node: Kill Ring595798
+Node: current-kill597715
+Node: Understanding current-kill599878
+Node: Digression concerning error603322
+Node: Determining the Element604490
+Node: yank607913
+Node: yank-pop610822
+Node: ring file613218
+Node: Full Graph613559
+Node: Labelled Example614136
+Node: print-graph Varlist616110
+Node: print-Y-axis617757
+Node: Height of label618930
+Node: Compute a Remainder620889
+Node: Y Axis Element624619
+Node: Y-axis-column628160
+Node: print-Y-axis Penultimate629737
+Node: print-X-axis631580
+Node: Similarities differences632691
+Node: X Axis Tic Marks633491
+Node: Print Whole Graph640329
+Node: The final version641067
+Node: Test print-graph645290
+Node: Graphing words in defuns646868
+Node: lambda649415
+Node: mapcar651051
+Node: Another Bug653005
+Node: Final printed graph658447
+Node: Free Software and Free Manuals659359
+Node: GNU Free Documentation License665605
+Node: Index688028
+Node: About the Author722782
 End Tag Table

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