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[Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lisp/composite.el,v

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: [Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lisp/composite.el,v
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2008 00:53:01 +0000

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/emacs
Module name:    emacs
Changes by:     Kenichi Handa <handa>   08/09/05 00:53:01

Index: composite.el
RCS file: /cvsroot/emacs/emacs/lisp/composite.el,v
retrieving revision 1.35
retrieving revision 1.36
diff -u -b -r1.35 -r1.36
--- composite.el        29 Aug 2008 07:59:03 -0000      1.35
+++ composite.el        5 Sep 2008 00:53:00 -0000       1.36
@@ -294,7 +294,7 @@
 of FROM, TO, and VALID-P.
 FROM and TO specify the range of text that has the same `composition'
-property, VALID-P is non-nil if and only if this composition is valid.
+property, VALID-P is t if this composition is valid, and nil if not.
 If there's no composition at POS, and the optional 2nd argument LIMIT
 is non-nil, search for a composition toward LIMIT.
@@ -318,9 +318,16 @@
 MOD-FUNC is a modification function of the composition.
-WIDTH is a number of columns the composition occupies on the screen."
+WIDTH is a number of columns the composition occupies on the screen.
+When Automatic Compostion mode is on, this function also finds a
+chunk of text that is automatically composed.  If such a chunk is
+found closer to POS than the position that has `composition'
+property, the value is a list of FROM, TO, and a glyph gstring
+the specify how the chunk is composed.  See the function
+`composition-get-gstring' for the format of the glyph string."
   (let ((result (find-composition-internal pos limit string detail-p)))
-    (if (and detail-p result (nth 2 result) (not (nth 3 result)))
+    (if (and detail-p (> (length result) 3) (nth 2 result) (not (nth 3 
        ;; This is a valid rule-base composition.
        (decode-composition-components (nth 2 result) 'nocopy))

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