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[Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lib-src/ChangeLog,v

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: [Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lib-src/ChangeLog,v
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 01:16:59 +0000

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/emacs
Module name:    emacs
Changes by:     Juanma Barranquero <lektu>      08/09/24 01:16:50

Index: lib-src/ChangeLog
RCS file: /cvsroot/emacs/emacs/lib-src/ChangeLog,v
retrieving revision 2.485
retrieving revision 2.486
diff -u -b -r2.485 -r2.486
--- lib-src/ChangeLog   19 Sep 2008 15:50:17 -0000      2.485
+++ lib-src/ChangeLog   24 Sep 2008 01:16:21 -0000      2.486
@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@
 2008-08-07  Dan Nicolaescu  <address@hidden>
-       not special case for NS_IMPL_COCOA.
+       Do not special case for NS_IMPL_COCOA.
 2008-07-16  Adrian Robert  <address@hidden>
@@ -766,7 +766,7 @@
        set up TCP sockets.
        (set_local_socket): New function to create and set up Unix
        socket (code moved from previous implementation).
-       (set_socket): New function to chose between TCP and Unix sockets.
+       (set_socket): New function to choose between TCP and Unix sockets.
        (main): Use SEND_STRING and SEND_QUOTED.  Most code moved to
        set_local_socket.  Use set_socket.  Get answers from server.el with
        recv(), not file stream functions.
@@ -966,7 +966,7 @@
 2005-09-15  Richard M. Stallman  <address@hidden>
        * Makefile.in (update-game-score.o): New target.
-       Compile and link this progranm separately.
+       Compile and link this program separately.
        (update-game-score${EXEEXT}): Use GETOPTDEPTS.
 2005-09-11  Jason Rumney  <address@hidden>
@@ -1312,7 +1312,7 @@
 2003-02-15  Richard M. Stallman  <address@hidden>
        * cvtmail.c: Cast result of malloc and realloc.
-       Don't include stdlib.h, becuase config.h does.
+       Don't include stdlib.h, because config.h does.
        (malloc, realloc): Declarations deleted.
        * yow.c (yow): Cast result of malloc and realloc.
@@ -1383,7 +1383,7 @@
        * getopt.c (const): Move outside !HAVE_CONFIG_H conditional.
        (libintl.h): Include this if _LIBC.  Otherwise include gettext.h.
        (wchar.h): Include, maybe.
-       (attribute_hidden): Define if not defind.
+       (attribute_hidden): Define if not defined.
        (__getopt_initialized): Use attribute_hidden.
        (__libc_argc, __libc_argv): Renamed from original_argc, etc.
        (__getopt_nonoption_flags, nonoption_flags_max_len)
@@ -1603,7 +1603,7 @@
        (main): Treat -c option as a backward compatibility hack.
        (main, find_entries): Init and free filebuf.
        (find_entries): Call regex_tag_multiline after the regular parser.
-       (scan_separators): Check for untermintaed regexp and return NULL.
+       (scan_separators): Check for unterminated regexp and return NULL.
        (analyse_regex, add_regex): Remove the ignore_case argument, which
        is now a modifier to the regexp.  All callers changed.
        (add_regex): Manage the regexp modifiers.
@@ -1646,7 +1646,7 @@
        * etags.c: Improvements and bug squashing in TeX handling.
        (TeX_commands): Skip comments.
-       (TEX_defenv): Now contains more contructs.
+       (TEX_defenv): Now contains more constructs.
        (TEX_cmt): Make it a static char and move it before TeX_commands.
        (TeX_commands): Shorten the tag to the brace after the name.
        (TeX_commands): Names now include the initial backslash.
@@ -1732,7 +1732,7 @@
        * etags.c (get_language_from_filename): Add one argument.
        (strcaseeq): New function.
-       (get_language_from_filename): Use it to do a case insenstitive
+       (get_language_from_filename): Use it to do a case insensitive
        comparison if called with appropriate args.
        (find_entries): Try with case insensitive match.
        (process_file): Bug fixed.
@@ -1756,7 +1756,7 @@
        to a file description structure.
        (curfile, curfiledir, curtagfname, curlang, nocharno)
        (forced_lang): Global variables removed in favor of fdhead and
-       curfdp, pointers to file description strucures.
+       curfdp, pointers to file description structures.
        (longopts, main, print_help): Use the CTAGS conditional to include
        or exclude options that work on etags or ctags only.
        (process_file, find_entries, pfnote, add_node, put_entries)
@@ -2645,7 +2645,7 @@
        * etags.c (iswhite): Redefine not to consider '\0' as white
        space, and use it throughout in place of isspace, thus preventing a
        potential signed char to int conversion problem.
-       (MSDOS): #undefine befere redefining
+       (MSDOS): #undefine before redefining.
 2000-02-04  Francesco Potortì  <address@hidden>
@@ -3374,7 +3374,7 @@
        (init): Cleanup and init _nin.
        (new_pfnote): New function.
        (make_C_tag) [traditional_tag_style]: Use it.
-       (traditional_tag_style): Costant set to TRUE for now.
+       (traditional_tag_style): Constant set to TRUE for now.
 1997-05-14  Francesco Potortì  <address@hidden>
@@ -3699,11 +3699,11 @@
        (datearg): When computing default from ChangeLog, handle ISO format
        dates in addition to old-fashioned dates from Emacs 19.31 and earlier.
        Don't worry about hh:mm:ss since the resolution is now by day.
-       Use emtpy datearg, not empty rlog_options, to decide whether to pass
+       Use empty datearg, not empty rlog_options, to decide whether to pass
        "$datearg" option to $rlog.
        (logTZ): New variable, set to TZ specified by change-log-time-zone-rule.
        (month_data): Remove `mo'; no longer needed.
-       (rlog_options): Use -zLT for localltime output, if `rlog' supports it.
+       (rlog_options): Use -zLT for localtime output, if `rlog' supports it.
        Match `revision' line of rlog output more accurately.
@@ -3920,9 +3920,9 @@
 1996-03-08  Anders Lindgren  <address@hidden>
-       * etags.c: New Languange Erlang added.
-       (Erlang_functions, erlang_func, erlang_attribute, erlang_atom,
-       erlang_white): New functions.
+       * etags.c: New Language Erlang added.
+       (Erlang_functions, erlang_func, erlang_attribute, erlang_atom)
+       (erlang_white): New functions.
        (Erlang_suffixes): New suffix list.
        (lang_names): Erlang entry added.
        (prolog_getit): Accepts headers spanning several lines.
@@ -5101,7 +5101,7 @@
        * etags.c (absolute_pathnames, cwd): Added global vars.
        (longopts, print_help, main, process_file): Put absolute filenames
        in the tag file if the -A --absolute-pathnames option is used.
-       (print_help): Alfabetically order the options.
+       (print_help): Alphabetically order the options.
        (malloc, realloc, strcpy, strncpy, strcmp): Remove extern declar.
 1994-02-09  Richard Stallman  (address@hidden)
@@ -5322,7 +5322,7 @@
 1993-09-14  Brian Fox  (address@hidden)
-       * Makefile.in (archlibdir): Only install execuatables internally
+       * Makefile.in (archlibdir): Only install executables internally
        used by emacs; don't install bindir binaries here.
 1993-09-24  Paul Eggert  (address@hidden)
@@ -5678,7 +5678,7 @@
        * test-distrib.c (main): Take the name of the distribution file to
        test from the command line.
-       * timer.c: Fix mispellings of get_date function's name.
+       * timer.c: Fix misspellings of get_date function's name.
 1993-05-12  Roland McGrath  (address@hidden)
@@ -6063,7 +6063,7 @@
 1992-04-20  Jim Blandy  (address@hidden)
-       * etags.c (print_help): Remember not to imbed raw newlines in
+       * etags.c (print_help): Remember not to embed raw newlines in
        strings - end the lines with `\n\'.
 1992-04-17  Jim Blandy  (address@hidden)

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