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emacs-27 72f87f8: NS port documentation updates

From: Alan Third
Subject: emacs-27 72f87f8: NS port documentation updates
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2020 09:42:04 -0500 (EST)

branch: emacs-27
commit 72f87f88739befce2adf202749b7d651a8ef1551
Author: Alan Third <address@hidden>
Commit: Alan Third <address@hidden>

    NS port documentation updates
    * doc/emacs/macos.texi (Mac / GNUstep Customization): Document some
    more of the ns- variables and remove incorrect font back-end
    * etc/NEWS: Update the documentation status of macOS news entries.
 doc/emacs/macos.texi | 69 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 etc/NEWS             |  4 +++
 2 files changed, 62 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/emacs/macos.texi b/doc/emacs/macos.texi
index ae1b8d6..00daa8b 100644
--- a/doc/emacs/macos.texi
+++ b/doc/emacs/macos.texi
@@ -143,6 +143,64 @@ The variables for right-hand keys, like 
 may also be set to @code{left}, which means to use the same behavior as
 the corresponding left-hand key.
+@subsection Frame Variables
+@table @code
+@vindex ns-use-proxy-icon
+@item ns-use-proxy-icon
+This variable specifies whether to display the proxy icon in the
+@vindex ns-confirm-quit
+@item ns-confirm-quit
+This variable specifies whether to display a graphical confirmation
+dialogue on quitting.
+@vindex ns-auto-hide-menu-bar
+@item ns-auto-hide-menu-bar
+This variable specifies whether the macOS menu bar is hidden when an
+Emacs frame is selected.  If non-nil the menu bar is not shown unless
+the mouse pointer is moved near to the top of the screen.
+@vindex ns-use-native-fullscreen
+@item ns-use-native-fullscreen
+This variable controls whether to use native, or non-native
+fullscreen.  Native fullscreen is only available on macOS 10.7 and
+@end table
+@subsection macOS Trackpad/Mousewheel Variables
+These variables only apply to macOS 10.7 (Lion) and above.
+@table @code
+@vindex ns-use-mwheel-acceleration
+@item ns-use-mwheel-acceleration
+This variable controls whether Emacs ignores the system mousewheel
+acceleration.  When nil each `click' of the mousewheel will correspond
+exactly with one mousewheel event.  When non-nil, the default, each
+`click' may correspond with more than one mousewheel event, depending
+on the user's input.
+@vindex ns-use-mwheel-momentum
+@item ns-use-mwheel-momentum
+This variable controls whether Emacs ignores the system `momentum'
+when scrolling using a trackpad.  When non-nil, the default, scrolling
+rapidly may result in the buffer continuing to scroll for a short
+while after the user has lifted their fingers off the trackpad.
+@vindex ns-mwheel-line-height
+@item ns-mwheel-line-height
+This variable controls the sensitivity of scrolling with the trackpad.
+Apple trackpads scroll by pixels, not lines, so Emacs converts the
+system's pixel values into lines.  When set to a number, this variable
+sets the number of pixels Emacs will consider as one line.  When nil
+or a non-number the default line height is used.
+Setting a lower number makes the trackpad more sensitive, and a higher
+number makes the trackpad less sensitive.
+@end table
 @subsection Font Panel
 @findex ns-popup-font-panel
@@ -153,17 +211,6 @@ recently used or clicked on.
 @c  To make the setting permanent, use @samp{Save Options} in the
 @c Options menu, or run @code{menu-bar-options-save}.
-@cindex Core Text, on macOS
-@cindex font backend, on macOS
-In macOS, Emacs uses a Core Text based font backend
-by default.  If you prefer the older font style, enter the following
-at the command-line before starting Emacs:
-% defaults write org.gnu.Emacs FontBackend ns
-@end example
 @node Mac / GNUstep Events
 @section Windowing System Events under macOS / GNUstep
 @cindex events on macOS
diff --git a/etc/NEWS b/etc/NEWS
index cfa946f..1eff926 100644
--- a/etc/NEWS
+++ b/etc/NEWS
@@ -3649,15 +3649,18 @@ signal 'user-error' if there is no buffer to switch to.
 ** Battery status is now supported in all Cygwin builds.
 Previously it was supported only in the Cygwin-w32 build.
 ** Emacs now handles key combinations involving the macOS "command"
 and "option" modifier keys more correctly.
 ** MacOS modifier key behavior is now more adjustable.
 The behavior of the macOS "Option", "Command", "Control" and
 "Function" keys can now be specified separately for use with
 ordinary keys, function keys and mouse clicks.  This allows using them
 in their standard macOS way for composing characters.
 ** The special handling of 'frame-title-format' on NS where setting it
 to t would enable the macOS proxy icon has been replaced with a
 separate variable, 'ns-use-proxy-icon'.  'frame-title-format' will now
@@ -3708,6 +3711,7 @@ modifier keys in line with Apples guidelines.  This makes 
the drag and
 drop behavior more consistent, as previously the sending application
 was able to 'set' modifiers without the knowledge of the user.
 ** On NS multicolor font display is enabled again since it is also
 implemented in Emacs on free operating systems via Cairo drawing.

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