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branch feature/icomplete-vertical deleted (was 324683d)

From: Jimmy Aguilar Mena
Subject: branch feature/icomplete-vertical deleted (was 324683d)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 12:59:22 -0400 (EDT)

ergus pushed a change to branch feature/icomplete-vertical.

       was  324683d   icomplete--format-function process substring with prefix.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  324683d   icomplete--format-function process substring with prefix.
  discards  361946d   Icomplete vertical respect icomplete-hide-common-prefix.
  discards  91b2a03   Fix error in formatting when completion was function %
  discards  f80a97f   Rename internal variables to follow convention.
  discards  6d91416   Make some variable local or custom.
  discards  337a5f9   convert icomplete-tidy-shadowed-file-names in a custom
  discards  438a0b3   Improve formated size calculation
  discards  7568436   Fix previous commit.
  discards  4678b15   Improve vertical height calculation when not in minibuffer
  discards  b64a4c9   Fix icomplete prompt not visible in icomplete-vertical 
  discards  dce9b28   Add special management of first candidate
  discards  fc839ec   Add icomplete--format-function to format items.
  discards  6ec1ac1   icomplete add item format.
  discards  4de4123   Add modified local map for icomplete.
  discards  e2ffe81   icomplete-vertical code simplify
  discards  d76b5ae   Icomplete-vertical fix first candidate and 
  discards  157895a   Improve icomplete-vertical implementation.
  discards  da9b365   WIP_minor
  discards  0657616   Add variables for icomplete indicators.

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