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branch feature/icomplete-vertical created (now 3ae232d)

From: Jimmy Aguilar Mena
Subject: branch feature/icomplete-vertical created (now 3ae232d)
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2020 22:58:13 -0400 (EDT)

ergus pushed a change to branch feature/icomplete-vertical.

        at  3ae232d   Icomplete improve vertical lines calculation.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  91dabb1   Add variables for icomplete indicators.
       new  6df116e   WIP_minor
       new  385c9d3   Improve icomplete-vertical implementation.
       new  6194070   Icomplete-vertical fix first candidate and 
       new  12b45f4   icomplete-vertical code simplify
       new  98d65aa   Add modified local map for icomplete.
       new  ca1d6ee   icomplete add item format.
       new  d1b38d8   Add icomplete--format-function to format items.
       new  fd92ea8   Add special management of first candidate
       new  8a3ee9a   Fix icomplete prompt not visible in icomplete-vertical 
       new  2e757af   Improve vertical height calculation when not in minibuffer
       new  9f6dfd8   Fix previous commit.
       new  2ca463f   Improve formated size calculation
       new  0c2cff3   convert icomplete-tidy-shadowed-file-names in a custom
       new  2f1dcaa   Make some variable local or custom.
       new  01c8197   Rename internal variables to follow convention.
       new  8bf2245   Fix error in formatting when completion was function %
       new  785d32a   Icomplete vertical respect icomplete-hide-common-prefix.
       new  1743b757  icomplete--format-function process substring with prefix.
       new  3ae232d   Icomplete improve vertical lines calculation.

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