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branch fix/bug-31311-pcase-doc deleted (was 10f869f)

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: branch fix/bug-31311-pcase-doc deleted (was 10f869f)
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2021 12:40:49 -0500 (EST)

ttn pushed a change to branch fix/bug-31311-pcase-doc.

       was  10f869f   touch up ‘Pattern-Matching Conditional’ intro para

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  10f869f   touch up ‘Pattern-Matching Conditional’ intro para
  discards  567342a   move ‘Pattern-Matching Conditional’ after ‘Combining 
  discards  2a1f380   (docstring) add (fn ...) for pcase-defmacro, to include 
  discards  50cd350   add some @group; rework backquote-style example para
  discards  4f5f3eb   reorg ‘Pattern-Matching Conditional’
  discards  4f78da6   touch up same-symbol caveat example explanation: avoid 
"The @code{or}"
  discards  28e35f2   touch up same-symbol caveat example explanation: include 
"lines 3-4"
  discards  68944b2   do ‘s/the \(@code{spin}\)/\1/’
  discards  7c68d9f   explain lexical binding requirement for ‘evaluate’ example
  discards  dd271a2   zonk "QPAT expressable as core patterns" para
  discards  53973de   refine QPAT table
  discards  455f990   start on Backquote-Style Patterns
  discards  4d4df12   expand text post ‘defmac pcase-defmacro’
  discards  684d82c   rewrite ‘defmac pcase-defmacro’ first para
  discards  3562c19   expand EXPVAL-in-docstring para
  discards  ef4a105   rewrite "The rest of this subsection..." para
  discards  f7570e3   add some @group
  discards  b870f3f   add some @group
  discards  701142f   add some missing @result{}
  discards  0133e9a   add some @group; rework example to use fewer lines
  discards  4008976   rework ‘or’ same-symbols para
  discards  712f4d7   formalize SEQPAT
  discards  9164317   present core pattern ‘and’ before ‘or’
  discards  f2c9983   explain ‘or’ same-symbols caveat
  discards  658699c   do ‘s/cl-case/case/g’
  discards  2b1cc77   drop "Here, " from ‘evaluate’ explanation
  discards  070b784   use ‘@result{}’ in ‘evaluate’ small-program session
  discards  e0cda90   rework ‘evaluate’ explanation
  discards  fbfabfb   add Issue comment; nfc
  discards  6abf621   add subsection ‘Extending @code{pcase}’
  discards  30a7b23   make para following ‘evaluate’ code a continuation
  discards  1ecece4   say "Syntax error" in last ‘evaluate’ BODY-FORM
  discards  1b67f5f   do ‘s/exp/form/g’ for ‘evaluate’ + explanation
  discards  71e4791   refill func ‘evaluate’ (less horiz, more vert)
  discards  707c81f   don't quote "equality test"; use instead "the equality 
  discards  3f614b6   rewrite intro
  discards  877cf63   bifurcate "U-pattern"
  discards  4cf4faa   (docstring) ensure backquote is output first
  discards  0f3563b   use @code instead of `docstring-style' quoting
  discards  ba2e20e   say non-@code{nil} instead of @code{t}
  discards  d2a0b3b   refine side-effect example
  discards  bdbe79a   minor clarifications
  discards  2db5695   for @var{symbol}, also mention unsuitability of keyword 
  discards  5b775cf   start to rewrite ‘or’
  discards  8884169   rewrite ‘and’
  discards  977bd10   expand @item "Side-effecting code..."
  discards  10de625   include ‘and’, ‘or’ in concept of ‘bigpat’
  discards  b5f07bc   demote "Caveats..." from heading to subheading; add intro 
  discards  484c3ae   add xref to ‘(cl) Conditionals’
  discards  5e2eeee   transform ‘get-return-code’ example
  discards  4ede733   refine example header, grouping
  discards  bd79b06   add anchor/heading to examples; fix typo
  discards  279d548   transform ‘let’ example
  discards  e276ce7   transform ‘guard’ example
  discards  ff41db6   (docstring) quote ‘pcase’ in QPAT docstring
  discards  f2610c6   for ‘app’, refine comparison w/ ‘pred’
  discards  0dffb69   (docstring) do s/predicate function/predicate/g, 
  discards  dc4b413   do ‘s/predfun/function/g’
  discards  15378c3   do ‘s/predicate function/predicate/’
  discards  c0f0f18   zonk later ‘@var{expval}’ introduction (superseded)
  discards  0f1c170   settle on ‘@defmac pcase’ text
  discards  b3fb63e   zonk "Depending on the pattern" para (superseded by 
SYMBOL expansion)
  discards  492dd6c   use ‘@var{and}’, ‘@var{symbol}’ as proper noun
  discards  abf7e6a   zonk "side-effecting" Issue comment lines
  discards  d5dfe0e   expand on SYMBOL
  discards  5c3da48   (docstring) [2nd para] use ‘PATTERN’ as proper noun
  discards  2eb044b   (docstring) move ‘or’ and ‘and’ to end of table
  discards  ca86dce   in U-pattern table, do ‘s/upattern/pattern/g’
  discards  1c84726   move ‘app’ to immediately follow ‘pred’
  discards  985c4ce   refine ‘(let ...)’ @item
  discards  352c1de   (docstring) small refinements
  discards  5fc0f24   mention unsuitability of ‘t’, ‘nil’ as SYMBOL pattern
  discards  df05494   objects are self-quoting, not types
  discards  381ea05   (docstring) split middle
  discards  24b02d2   (docstring) zonk inline Issue
  discards  42ee34d   add comment: pine for ‘backquote’ first in generated 
docs; nfc
  discards  26b1fa0   say ‘doc’ instead of ‘docstring’; move before ‘&rest’
  discards  75ed6d2   use ‘EXPVAL’ in ‘pcase-defmacro’ et al docstrings
  discards  e436b49   for structural / Q-pattern, replace "atom" w/ SYMBOL, 
  discards  c5076a2   convert a few "the @foo{bar}" into simply "@foo{bar}"
  discards  5bbbcf4   move table of PREDFUN forms into ‘pred’ item; refine
  discards  3a1f07e   (docstring) do ‘s/applied to/called on/g’
  discards  b93c07e   (docstring) add inline Issue re sub-patterns of 
structural patterns
  discards  c6e9b97   add some Issue comments; nfc
  discards  5c630d9   in table, move ‘_’ first
  discards  82791b1   (docstring) move ‘FUN’ para after after logical pattern 
table; refine
  discards  c3d1896   (docstring) rework middle
  discards  9449c39   pxref ‘Lambda Expressions’
  discards  f927f6a   (docstring) move { 'VAL, KEYWORD, INTEGER, STRING } prior 
  discards  edae74f   (docstring) update elisp.info ref
  discards  dc67ead   (docstring) use ‘EXPVAL’ more
  discards  80ed201   (docstring) explode "ATOM"; flatten; zonk "match 
themselves" sentence
  discards  fa03d3a   (docstring) rewrite first para
  discards  fdbdb64   more @var{expval} insinuation
  discards  dcb6d91   further refinement: introduce @var{expval}; GSR
  discards  0f42499   refine "value being matched" note
  discards  7b00deb   add @cindex entry for ‘backquote’
  discards  1181796   do ‘s/UPattern/U-pattern/g’, ‘s/QPattern/Q-pattern/g’
  discards  bbee799   prune ‘@defmac pcase’
  discards  2f6ba6c   s/illustrative//
  discards  faaf3fc   add @noindent for sentence bridging func form table and 
  discards  ab17d9a   reorg function form table
  discards  3539fef   rename node/subsection to "Pattern-Matching Conditional"
  discards  e8dd2a7   s/number/integer/ per feedback from Michael Heerdegen 
  discards  8929957   explode first ‘@def pcase’ para
  discards  702131a   add blank line before each @item in @table
  discards  f870e5e   move UPattern and QPattern tables outside of @defmac pcase
  discards  32eee97   rewrite @item @var{atom}
  discards  46d5824   add blank line before each @item in @table

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