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master 1f24519 1/2: Allow storing SMTP variables when queueing mail

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: master 1f24519 1/2: Allow storing SMTP variables when queueing mail
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 14:18:34 -0400 (EDT)

branch: master
commit 1f24519735d5413916962ff659d78b7333904e11
Author: Lars Ingebrigtsen <larsi@gnus.org>
Commit: Lars Ingebrigtsen <larsi@gnus.org>

    Allow storing SMTP variables when queueing mail
    * doc/misc/smtpmail.texi (Queued delivery): Document it (bug#49709).
    * lisp/gnus/message.el (message-multi-smtp-send-mail): Store
    * lisp/mail/smtpmail.el (smtpmail-queue-mail): Mention it.
    (smtpmail-store-queue-variables): New variable.
    (smtpmail-send-it): Store SMTP variables if requested.
    (smtpmail-send-queued-mail): Restore variables.
 doc/misc/smtpmail.texi | 10 +++++++
 etc/NEWS               |  5 ++++
 lisp/gnus/message.el   |  4 ++-
 lisp/mail/smtpmail.el  | 80 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 4 files changed, 69 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/misc/smtpmail.texi b/doc/misc/smtpmail.texi
index dd481d2..8a19744 100644
--- a/doc/misc/smtpmail.texi
+++ b/doc/misc/smtpmail.texi
@@ -338,6 +338,16 @@ not sent immediately but rather queued in the directory
 @code{smtpmail-send-queued-mail} (typically when you connect to the
+@item smtpmail-store-queue-variables
+@vindex smtpmail-store-queue-variables
+  Normally the queue will be dispatched with the values of the
+@acronym{SMTP} variables that are in effect when @kbd{M-x
+smtpmail-send-queued-mail} is executed, but if this
+@code{smtpmail-store-queue-variables} is non-@code{nil}, the values
+for @code{smtpmail-smtp-server} (etc.) will be stored when the mail is
+queued, and then used when actually sending the mail.  This can be
+useful if you have a complex outgoing mail setup.
 @item smtpmail-queue-dir
 @vindex smtpmail-queue-dir
   The variable @code{smtpmail-queue-dir} specifies the name of the
diff --git a/etc/NEWS b/etc/NEWS
index c724945..7d082f6 100644
--- a/etc/NEWS
+++ b/etc/NEWS
@@ -1144,6 +1144,11 @@ take the actual screenshot, and defaults to "ImageMagick 
 ** Smtpmail
+*** New user option 'smtpmail-store-queue-variables'.
+If non-nil, SMTP variables will be stored in the queue and then used
+when sending with 'M-x smtpmail-send-queued-mail'.
 *** Allow direct selection of smtp authentication mechanism.
 A server entry retrieved by auth-source can request a desired smtp
 authentication mechanism by setting a value for the key 'smtp-auth'.
diff --git a/lisp/gnus/message.el b/lisp/gnus/message.el
index cdabdef..9baf09b 100644
--- a/lisp/gnus/message.el
+++ b/lisp/gnus/message.el
@@ -4922,6 +4922,7 @@ Each line should be no more than 79 characters long."
 (defvar smtpmail-smtp-service)
 (defvar smtpmail-smtp-user)
 (defvar smtpmail-stream-type)
+(defvar smtpmail-store-queue-variables)
 (defun message-multi-smtp-send-mail ()
   "Send the current buffer to `message-send-mail-function'.
@@ -4937,7 +4938,8 @@ that instead."
        ((equal (car method) "smtp")
        (require 'smtpmail)
-       (let* ((smtpmail-smtp-server (nth 1 method))
+       (let* ((smtpmail-store-queue-variables t)
+               (smtpmail-smtp-server (nth 1 method))
               (service (nth 2 method))
               (port (string-to-number service))
               ;; If we're talking to the TLS SMTP port, then force a
diff --git a/lisp/mail/smtpmail.el b/lisp/mail/smtpmail.el
index c1e2280..133a2e1 100644
--- a/lisp/mail/smtpmail.el
+++ b/lisp/mail/smtpmail.el
@@ -135,8 +135,9 @@ Used for the value of `sendmail-coding-system' when
 (defcustom smtpmail-queue-mail nil
   "Non-nil means mail is queued; otherwise it is sent immediately.
-If queued, it is stored in the directory `smtpmail-queue-dir'
-and sent with `smtpmail-send-queued-mail'."
+If queued, it is stored in the directory `smtpmail-queue-dir' and
+sent with `smtpmail-send-queued-mail'.  Also see
   :type 'boolean)
 (defcustom smtpmail-queue-dir "~/Mail/queued-mail/"
@@ -173,10 +174,21 @@ mean \"try again\"."
   :type 'integer
   :version "27.1")
+(defcustom smtpmail-store-queue-variables nil
+  "If non-nil, store SMTP variables when queueing mail.
+These will then be used when sending the queue."
+  :type 'boolean
+  :version "28.1")
 ;;; Variables
 (defvar smtpmail-address-buffer)
-(defvar smtpmail-recipient-address-list)
+(defvar smtpmail-recipient-address-list nil)
+(defvar smtpmail--stored-queue-variables
+  '(smtpmail-smtp-server
+    smtpmail-stream-type
+    smtpmail-smtp-service
+    smtpmail-smtp-user))
 (defvar smtpmail-queue-counter 0)
@@ -387,11 +399,17 @@ for `smtpmail-try-auth-method'.")
                 nil t)
                (insert-buffer-substring tembuf)
                (write-file file-data)
-                (write-region
-                 (concat "(setq smtpmail-recipient-address-list '"
-                        (prin1-to-string smtpmail-recipient-address-list)
-                        ")\n")
-                 nil file-elisp nil 'silent)
+                (let ((coding-system-for-write 'utf-8))
+                  (with-temp-buffer
+                    (insert "(setq ")
+                    (dolist (var (cons 'smtpmail-recipient-address-list
+                                       ;; Perhaps store the server etc.
+                                       (and smtpmail-store-queue-variables
+                                            smtpmail--stored-queue-variables)))
+                      (insert (format "     %s %S\n" var (symbol-value var))))
+                    (insert ")\n")
+                    (write-region (point-min) (point-max) file-elisp
+                                  nil 'silent)))
                (write-region (concat file-data "\n") nil
                               (expand-file-name smtpmail-queue-index-file
@@ -411,26 +429,30 @@ for `smtpmail-try-auth-method'.")
     (let (file-data file-elisp
           (qfile (expand-file-name smtpmail-queue-index-file
+          (stored (cons 'smtpmail-recipient-address-list
+                        smtpmail--stored-queue-variables))
+          smtpmail-recipient-address-list
+          (smtpmail-smtp-server smtpmail-smtp-server)
+          (smtpmail-stream-type smtpmail-stream-type)
+          (smtpmail-smtp-service smtpmail-smtp-service)
+          (smtpmail-smtp-user smtpmail-smtp-user)
       (insert-file-contents qfile)
       (goto-char (point-min))
       (while (not (eobp))
        (setq file-data (buffer-substring (point) (line-end-position)))
        (setq file-elisp (concat file-data ".el"))
-        ;; FIXME: Avoid `load' which can execute arbitrary code and is hence
-        ;; a source of security holes.  Better read the file and extract the
-        ;; data "by hand".
-       ;;(load file-elisp)
-        (with-temp-buffer
-          (insert-file-contents file-elisp)
-          (goto-char (point-min))
-          (pcase (read (current-buffer))
-            (`(setq smtpmail-recipient-address-list ',v)
-             (skip-chars-forward " \n\t")
-             (unless (eobp) (message "Ignoring trailing text in %S"
-                                     file-elisp))
-             (setq smtpmail-recipient-address-list v))
-            (sexp (error "Unexpected code in %S: %S" file-elisp sexp))))
+        (let ((coding-system-for-read 'utf-8))
+          (with-temp-buffer
+            (insert-file-contents file-elisp)
+            (let ((form (read (current-buffer))))
+              (when (or (not (consp form))
+                        (not (eq (car form) 'setq))
+                        (not (consp (cdr form))))
+                (error "Unexpected code in %S: %S" file-elisp form))
+              (cl-loop for (var val) on (cdr form) by #'cddr
+                       when (memq var stored)
+                       do (set var val)))))
        ;; Insert the message literally: it is already encoded as per
        ;; the MIME headers, and code conversions might guess the
        ;; encoding wrongly.
@@ -445,13 +467,13 @@ for `smtpmail-try-auth-method'.")
-            (if (not (null smtpmail-recipient-address-list))
-                (when (setq result (smtpmail-via-smtp
-                                   smtpmail-recipient-address-list
-                                   (current-buffer)))
-                 (error "Sending failed: %s"
-                         (smtpmail--sanitize-error-message result)))
-              (error "Sending failed; no recipients"))))
+            (if (not smtpmail-recipient-address-list)
+                (error "Sending failed; no recipients")
+              (when (setq result (smtpmail-via-smtp
+                                 smtpmail-recipient-address-list
+                                 (current-buffer)))
+               (error "Sending failed: %s"
+                       (smtpmail--sanitize-error-message result))))))
        (delete-file file-data)
        (delete-file file-elisp)
        (delete-region (point-at-bol) (point-at-bol 2)))

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