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[elpa] branch externals/rudel created (now 1315b23)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/rudel created (now 1315b23)
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 04:13:17 +0000

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/rudel
in repository elpa.

        at  1315b23   Made rudel icon directory configurable at runtime   Patch 
by ulm; can be found here:   
 * rudel-icons.el (header): updated copyright   (rudel-icons-directory): use 
`defvar' instead of `defconst'   (rudel-defimage): dynamically bind 
`image-load-path' to the value   `rudel-icons-directory'

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  caab82a   initial revision
       new  49be730   * obby (directory): new directory for files belonging to 
the obby   backend * rudel-obby.el (whole file): moved to `obby' directory * 
obby/rudel-obby.el (whole file): moved here from parent directory
       new  81275b9   * Changelog (whole file): renamed to `ChangeLog' * 
ChangeLog (whole file): fixed name
       new  c4cb719   * INSTALL (whole file): added
       new  ebdce8c   * rudel.el (whole file): fixed some comments, removed 
some test   code   (rudel-version): new variable; global Rudel version   
(rudel-sessions): removed; we only allow one session for now   (rudel-session): 
cleaned up   (rudel-session::rudel-end): cleaned up; added some comments   
(rudel-session::rudel-add-user): cosmetic changes   
(rudel-session::rudel-remove-user): cosmetic changes   
(rudel-session::rudel-find-user): cosmetic changes   
(rudel-session::rudel-add-docum [...]
       new  18ccf51   * rudel.el (whole file): cleanup up some obsolete code
       new  f4dc78f   * README (whole file): some initial notes * INSTALL 
(whole file): some initial notes
       new  5e25f54   * obby/rudel-obby.el (whole file): improved comments   
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): removed :override tag;   added 
comments   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): removed :override tag; use   
`make-network-process' instead of `open-network-stream' and attach   filter and 
sentinel right away; removed some debug code   
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-disconnect): removed :override tag   
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-subscribe-to): removed :override tag   (rude [...]
       new  2c108bd   * rudel.el (whole file): improved comments   
(rudel-backend::make-document): new function create an appropriate   document 
object for the backend   (rudel-session::rudel-end): added documentation string 
  (rudel-session::rudel-add-user): added documentation string   
(rudel-session::rudel-remove-user): added documentation string   
(rudel-session::rudel-remove-document): new method; remove document   from 
session   (rudel-connection::rudel-publish): new function; calle [...]
       new  3aa843f   * rudel-interactive.el (whole file): user interaction 
functions used   by all Rudel components * rudel-util.el (whole file): utility 
functions used by all Rudel   components
       new  510d14d   * rudel-interactive.el (whole file): user interaction 
functions used by   all Rudel components
       new  b7b8c47   * rudel-mode.el (whole file): improved comments   
(rudel-read-{backend, document}): moved to rudel-interactive.el   
(rudel-minor-keymap): added key binding for `rudel-change-color';   added 
`options' menu item
       new  d62d578   * rudel-speedbar.el (whole file): cleanup; improved 
       new  24769b4   * rudel-util.el (rudel-socket-owner::rudel-state-change): 
called when   the state of the connection changes   
(rudel-socket-owner::rudel-close): called when the connection is   closed   
(rudel-sentinel-dispatch): the argument is a message, not the actual   state, 
the state is retrieved with `process-state'
       new  a8dddcb   * rudel.el (rudel-connection::rudel-change-color-): new 
method handles   color changes   (rudel-change-color): added basic 
implementation, which checks the   backend, asks the user for a new color and 
calls the connection   object
       new  56060ff   * obby/rudel-obby.el (whole file): moved class 
`rudel-obby-connection'   and related methods into file `rudel-obby-client.el'  
 (rudel-obby-backend): added capability `track-subscriptions'   
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): require `rudel-obby-client'   before 
constructing the connection object * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (new file): 
moved class   `rudel-obby-connection' and related methods into this file
       new  5a55d6b   * rudel-mode.el (rudel-minor-keymap): Fixed invalid menu 
       new  3e17f12   * rudel-util.el (rudel-state-change): cleanup; added 
       new  79eb6cb   * obby/rudel-obby.el (includes): require `rudel-util' 
instead of `rudel'   (rudel-connect): attach connection to socket object   
(rudel-obby-document): removed slot `subscribed' as it is now   contained in 
the base class `rudel-document'   (rudel-obby-escape-string): call 
`rudel-obby-replace-in-string'   instead of `obby-replace-in-string'   
(rudel-obby-unescape-string): call `rudel-obby-replace-in-string'   instead of 
`obby-replace-in-string' * obby/rudel-obby-clien [...]
       new  380c2ba   * rudel.el (customization): added customization group 
definition for   `rudel'
       new  5c946f1   * rudel.el (rudel-allocate-buffer-function): 
customization option for   buffer allocation function   (rudel-subscribe): call 
buffer allocation function instead of just   using the provided name * 
rudel-interactive.el (rudel-allocate-buffer-clear-existing): new   function; in 
case of a conflict, allocate buffer for subscription by   clearing the existing 
buffer   (rudel-allocate-buffer-make-unique): new function; in case of a   
conflict, allocate buffer for subscripti [...]
       new  2613cae   * rudel-overlay.el (new file): functions for managing 
overlays,   which   indicate the authors of contributions in collaborative 
       new  0ee3a34   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-document): cleanup; 
improved   documentation strings
       new  ed088c5   * rudel.el (class rudel-session): converted to base class 
for other   session classes; removed slots `connection' and `self' which are   
specific for client sessions   (rudel-session::rudel-end): empty now; derived 
classes do the work   (rudel-session::rudel-add-user): use `object-add-to-list' 
  (rudel-session::rudel-remove-user): use `object-remove-from-list'   
(rudel-session::rudel-add-document): use `object-add-to-list'   
(rudel-session::rudel-remove-document): us [...]
       new  d22c92f   * rudel-interactive.el (header section): added file 
       new  26edaf1   * rudel-mode.el (header section): added keywords
       new  9a98c63   * obby/rudel-obby.el (header section): fixed history   
(rudel-obby-version): new constant; holds version of the obby backend   
(rudel-obby-protocol-version): new constant; holds the obby protocol   version 
understood by the backend   (rudel-obby-document::rudel-both-ids): new method; 
useful when   locating documents by means of owner and document id
       new  3294097   * obby/rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-host-info):   new   method; ask user for port 
number   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-host): new method; require obby server   
component, make the network process and construct the server * 
obby/rudel-obby-server.el (new file): initial revision of obby   server for 
rudel * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (header section): added keyword and   x-rcs   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-publish): new method; send document to   server   
( [...]
       new  57b6b39   * rudel-interactive.el (rudel-read-user-name): new 
function; read a   user name; could be used to enforce certain constraints on 
the name   (rudel-read-user-color): new function; read a user color; could be   
used to enforce certain constraints on the color
       new  695077c   * rudel.el (rudel-session::rudel-unsubscribed-documents): 
new method;   returns documents, to which the user associated with the session 
is   not yet subscribed   (rudel-subscribe): when called interactively, use   
`rudel-unsubscribed-documents' to offer only unsubscribed documents   in 
completing read
       new  faa8652   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-host): 
cleanup * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-local-insert): accept arguments   `position' and 
`data' instead of `from', `to' and `what'; since * position is zero-based, 
transmit it literally   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-local-delete): instead of 
`from' and   `to' accept argument `position'; since position is   zero-based. 
transmit it literally   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/obby_do [...]
       new  25690a2   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/subscribe): send   individual 
buffer chunks with their respective authors instead of   one large string 
without author information * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-chunks): new 
method; return a     list   of buffer position ranges and the respective 
authors, that       wrote   the text
       new  4df688d   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-chunks): fixed void 
variable   `chunks-' -> `augmented-chunks'
       new  57430fd   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el 
(rudel-obby-server::next-client-id): first   id should be 1, not 0; fixed 
initform accordingly   (rudel-obby-server::next-user-id): first id should be 1, 
not 0;   fixed initform accordingly
       new  1425b74   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/ins): broadcast   only to 
clients, which are subscribed to the document; send user id   of author instead 
of client id   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/del): 
broadcast   only to clients, which are subscribed to the document; send user id 
  of author instead of client id   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-subscribed-clients-not-self): new method;   return a 
list of clients  [...]
       new  b285d67   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/net6_client_login): transmit number   of 
synchronization items; transmit list of disconnected users
       new  600db5c   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-user): added missing 
accessor   `rudel-connected'
       new  1360efb   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-detach-from-buffer): do 
nothing, if   the document is not attached to any buffer
       new  2b7f8f7   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-long-message-threshold): 
new   variable; threshold for message size, above which messages are sent   in 
multiple chunks   (rudel-obby-long-message-chunk-size): Chunk size used, when 
chunking   long messages.   (rudel-obby-user::client-id): allow value nil; 
added accessor; added   documentation string   (rudel-obby-send): new function; 
handles low-level aspects of   sending obby protocol messages * 
obby/rudel-obby-util.el: new file; co [...]
       new  87c63b4   * INSTALL (REQUIREMENTS): proper list of requirements and 
sources from   which they can be obtained   (INSTALLING): initial version of 
installation instructions   (COMPLETING): some notes about compiling * README 
(INTRODUCTION): short introduction   (GETTING STARTED): some notes about 
enabling Rudel, joining and   hosting sessions
       new  d596479   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el 
rudel-obby-socket-owner::rudel-receive):   improved documentation string
       new  7acaef1   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-change-color-): new function;   implements 
changing the color
       new  159f148   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-user::client-id): added 
rationale for   type (or null integer) * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_client_join): added   documentation 
string; cosmetic changes   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_client_part): use accessor   
`rudel-client-id' when searching for the user object; set client-id   to nil in 
the user object; added documentation string   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/obby_sync_us [...]
       new  8b8e5f3   * jupiter/jupiter.el (new file): core Jupiter algorithm * 
jupiter/jupiter-operation.el (new file): base class for Jupiter   operations * 
jupiter/jupiter-insert.el (new file): insert operation for Jupiter   algorithm 
* jupiter/jupiter-delete.el (new file): delete operation for Jupiter   
algorithm * jupiter/jupiter-nop.el (new file): no-operation for Jupiter   
algorithm * jupiter/jupiter-compound.el (new file): compound operation for   
Jupiter algorithm
       new  4938064   * rudel-interactive.el (header): added keywords to file 
header comment
       new  8287415   * rudel.el, rudel-util.el, rudel-telepathy.el, 
rudel-speedbar.el,   rudel-overlay.el, rudel-mode.el, jupiter/jupiter.el,   
jupiter/jupiter-operation.el, jupiter/jupiter-nop.el,   
jupiter/jupiter-insert.el, jupiter/jupiter-delete.el,   
jupiter/jupiter-compound.el, obby/rudel-obby.el,   obby/rudel-obby-util.el, 
obby/rudel-obby-server.el,   obby/rudel-obby-client.el (header): changed email 
address   <address@hidden> ->   <address@hidden>
       new  4e649b1   * rudel-interactive.el (rudel-read-user): added comments  
 (rudel-allocate-buffer-clear-existing): added documentation string   
(rudel-allocate-buffer-make-unique): added documentation string
       new  0a4cd54   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (rudel-obby-connection): 
removed redundant   slot `socket' (inherited from base class)
       new  226afa1   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-document::revision): 
removed; The   slot is no longer needed * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (require 
jupiter): uses jupiter algorithm   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document_create): add a jupiter   context 
for the document   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/subscribe): add 
a   jupiter context for the document   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/unsubscribe): remove   the jupiter 
context associated to the do [...]
       new  b5de058   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (generic rudel-message): made 
the method a   generic function and updated the documentation string
       new  d767254   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (rudel-obby-dispatch): new 
functions;   dispatches to class methods based on message name; handles errors  
 properly * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (rudel-obby-client::rudel-message):    
use   `rudel-obby-dispatch' to dispatch message   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document): use   `rudel-obby-dispatch' to 
dispatch message   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record): use   
`rudel-obby-dispatch' to dispatch message * obby/rudel-ob [...]
       new  7cbcf51   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-remove-context): improved   documentation string  
 (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-publish): added a comment   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-subscribe-to): added some comments;   cleaned up 
code   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-unsubscribe-from): added a comment   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_ping): added documentation   string   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_encryption): added   documentat [...]
       new  5cb224b   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-long-message-threshold): 
Added   documentation string   (rudel-obby-long-message-chunk-size): Added 
documentation string   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): Do not set process 
object; this   is done in the `initialize-instance' method of the base class   
(rudel-obby-format-color): retrieve color components with   `color-values'
       new  d8f71e0   * rudel-mode.el (rudel-minor-keymap): Separated session   
participation   and hosting items
       new  40df195   * rudel-mode.el (rudel-minor-keymap): cosmetic changes
       new  9fdcf9b   * rudel-overlay.el (header): fixed version   (whole 
file): cosmetic changes   (rudel-author-overlay-p): added documentation string  
 (rudel-author-overlays): added documentation string
       new  91205fc   * rudel.el (rudel-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): 
changed from   method to generic   (rudel-backend::rudel-connect): changed from 
method to generic   (rudel-backend::rudel-ask-host-info): changed from method 
to generic   (rudel-backend::rudel-host): changed from method to generic   
(rudel-backend::rudel-make-document): changed from method to generic   
(rudel-session::rudel-disconnect): changed from method to generic   
(rudel-session::rudel-change-color-): changed f [...]
       new  c0ec7e9   * jupiter/jupiter-insert.el 
(jupiter-insert::jupiter-transform): fixed   two offset calculations * 
jupiter/jupiter-delete.el (jupiter-delete::jupiter-transform): fixed   offset 
       new  da5a6d8   * rudel-interactive.el (rudel-read-backend): fixed typo
       new  8c757ba   * rudel.el (rudel-default-username): Default name used 
when prompting   for user name; required by rudel-interactive
       new  14db49d   * jupiter/jupiter-compound.el (jupiter-compound): now 
derived from   jupiter-operation; should have been right from the start
       new  45cede3   * jupiter/jupiter-delete.el 
(jupiter-delete::jupiter-transform): in   inner cond, use matching pattern but 
empty body for no-operation   cases; in outer cond handle, jupiter-nop
       new  5bd6f51   * jupiter/jupiter-insert.el 
(jupiter-insert::jupiter-transform):   handle jupiter-nop
       new  17bdbf7   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/ins): use   
`rudel-remote-operation' instead of `rudel-remote-insert'   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/del): use   
`rudel-remote-operation' instead of `rudel-remote-delete' * 
obby/rudel-obby-client.el (include rudel-operations): for   rudel-insert-op and 
rudel-delete-op   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/obby_document/sync_chunk): 
use   `rudel-remote-operation' wi [...]
       new  68e5919   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-attach-to-buffer): 
renamed some   variables; added documentation string   
(rudel-document::rudel-insert): improved documentation string   
(rudel-document::rudel-chunks): do not create chunks when buffer   string is 
empty; improved comments   (rudel-choose-backend): compare number using `=' not 
       new  376abc0   * jupiter/jupiter-insert.el 
(jupiter-insert::jupiter-transform):   improved some comments
       new  da5d18d   * jupiter/jupiter.el 
(jupiter-context::jupiter-remote-operation):   improved documentation string; 
cosmetic changes
       new  6a4cd62   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/ins): added   documentation 
string   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/del): added   
documentation string   (rudel-obby-server): cosmetic change
       new  a2431f3   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/subscribe): minor   rearrangement 
of expressions   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/unsubscribe): 
minor   rearrangement of expressions
       new  24efaeb   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-attach-to-buffer): 
fixed incorrect   slot reference
       new  978147f   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-chunks): fixed invalid 
access to   last chunk for empty buffer
       new  62f9c07   * rudel-operators.el 
(rudel-overlay-operators::rudel-insert): Fixed   computation of insertion 
offset when appending to the end of the   buffer string
       new  1d7f409   * obby/rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info)   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-host, 
rudel-obby-replace-in-string) * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (rudel-obby-dispatch) * 
obby/rudel-obby-server.el (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document)   
(rudel-obby-server::rudel-broadcast, rudel-obby-server::rudel-make-user) * 
obby/rudel-obby-client.el (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_client_join)  
 (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/obby_document) * jupiter/ [...]
       new  1a261ba   * INSTALL (REQUIREMENTS): added note that CVS version of 
cedet is   required   (INSTALLING): added subdirectories jupiter and obby in 
load path   listing; fixed name of autoload file
       new  8dd6684   * rudel.el (include eieio-speedbar): I need it for now; I 
should get   rid of it later
       new  4dbf3c7   * obby/rudel-obby.el (require rudel) * 
obby/rudel-obby-util.el (require rudel) * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (require 
rudel-obby): make compilation   succeed
       new  3cb83be   * obby/Project.ede (new file): EDE project file for obby 
subproject * jupiter/Project.ede (new file): EDE project file for jupiter   
subproject * Project.ede (new file): EDE project file for Rudel
       new  1d2f487   * obby/Makefile (new file): Makefile for obby subproject 
* jupiter/Makefile (new file): Makefile for jupiter subproject * Makefile (new 
file): Makefile for Rudel
       new  7b62a0f   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-compat): require rudel-compat 
for   `read-color' * rudel.el (rudel-compat): require rudel-compat for 
`read-color' * rudel-interactive.el (rudel-compat): require rudel-compat for   
`read-color' * rudel-compat.el (new file): compatibility code * Project.ede 
(rudel): added rudel-compat.el * Makefile (rudel_LISP): regenerated: added 
       new  1ca0db5   * rudel-compat.el (header): fixed email address, 
keywords, legal   notice and file commentary
       new  a68f2df   * obby/rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): ask   whether to encrypt the 
connection   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): create connection object   
capable of StartTLS encryption when encryption was requested * 
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_encryption): do not fail   when the 
server requests encryption   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_encryption_begin): start TLS   
encryption for the connection   [...]
       new  08f7eb3   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (generic 
rudel-operation->message): new   generic function; serializes an operation   
(jupiter-insert::rudel-operation->message): new method   
(jupiter-delete::rudel-operation->message): new method   
(jupiter-compound::rudel-operation->message): new method   
(jupiter-nop::rudel-operation->message): new method   
(rudel-message->operation): new function; deserializes an operation   from a 
received message * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   (rudel-o [...]
       new  9b3f713   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el 
(rudel-obby/net6_client_join): stylistic   change
       new  d1d94e2   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el 
(rudel-obby/obby_document/rename): new   method; dummy implementation
       new  27e55be   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-attach-to-buffer): use  
 `rudel-set-buffer-document'   (rudel-document::rudel-detach-from-buffer): use  
 `rudel-set-buffer-document'   (rudel-buffer-has-document-p): new function; 
test whether a buffer   has an associated document object   
(rudel-buffer-document): new function; returns associated document   object of 
a buffer   (rudel-set-buffer-document): new functions; sets associated document 
  object of a buffer   (rudel-handle-b [...]
       new  0a93814   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el 
(rudel-obby/net6_encryption_failed): only   fail if encryption has been 
requested in the first place. otherwise,   just carry on
       new  bf8f123   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el 
(rudel-obby-server::rudel-remove-client):   Make sure there is a user object 
before setting the status to   offline
       new  0ee3652   * rudel.el (rudel-document): minor cleanup   
(rudel-document::rudel-attach-to-buffer): stylistic changes   
(rudel-document::rudel-detach-from-buffer): fixed argument order in   call to 
       new  9463dd9   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-attach-to-buffer): add 
hook to   detach document from the buffer when the buffer is killed   
(rudel-document::rudel-detach-from-buffer): remove unpublish   function kill 
buffer hook
       new  df3d08d   * obby/rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-make-document):   specify value 1 for slot suffix   
(rudel-obby-document::suffix): new slot; contains the suffix number   of the 
document   (rudel-obby-document::rudel-unique-name): new method; return unique  
 name based on document name and suffix * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/obby_sync_doclist_document): do   not ignore 
the suffix when creating the document object   (rudel-obby-conne [...]
       new  aa8b16c   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_client_part): do not crash   if the 
client id cannot be found
       new  ac9fe5a   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (header): Fixed version (1.0 
-> 0.1)   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/split):   
introduced temporary variable
       new  93a5499   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (header): Fixed version (1.0 -> 
       new  271baae   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_client_part): fixed typo in   variable 
name client-id-numeric
       new  227864d   * rudel-mode.el (rudel-minor-keymap): added some comments 
  (global-rudel-minor-mode): extended documentation string; cleaned up   code; 
added comments
       new  f3c8f1d   * rudel.el (rudel-handle-buffer-change): There are three 
cases now:   insert, delete and arbitrary changes; arbitrary changes generate a 
  delete and insert operation Closes #35, #36
       new  bf58ef1   * rudel.el (rudel-buffer-has-document-p): use 
`buffer-local-value'   (rudel-buffer-document): use `buffer-local-value'   
(rudel-set-buffer-document): added documentation string
       new  9386224   * rudel.el (rudel-buffer-document): mark as permanent 
local variable   to prevent deletion in the event of a major-mode change   
(rudel-document::rudel-attach-to-buffer): add (buffer-locally)   
`rudel-handle-major-mode-change' to 'change-major-mode-hook' such   that it can 
repair damage caused by major-mode changes   
remove`rudel-handle-major-mode-change' from 'change-major-mode-hook'   
(rudel-mode-changed-buffers) new va [...]
       new  1828d22   * rudel.el (require rudel-interactive): interactive 
functions use   `rudel-read-backend' and `rudel-read-document'
       new  29af100   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (rudel-obby-dispatch): moved 
inside file   (with-parsed-arguments): new macro; executed forms with variables 
  bound to parsed arguments
       new  38b1b21   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (require jupiter): silence byte 
       new  d836837   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_client_part): use `eql', not   `=' when 
calling `rudel-find-user' since the client id can be        nil
       new  1eae31a   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_client_join): use   
`with-parsed-arguments'   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/net6_client_part): 
use   `with-parsed-arguments'   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/obby_welcome): use   `with-parsed-arguments' 
  (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/obby_sync_init): use   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-obby/obby_sync_usertable_user): use   
`with-parsed-arguments'   (rudel-ob [...]
       new  6be76d5   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (require cl): now required   
(generic rudel-obby-char->byte): new generic; char positions -> byte   
positions   (jupiter-insert::rudel-obby-char->byte): new method; char positions 
  -> byte positions   (jupiter-delete::rudel-obby-char->byte): new method; char 
positions   -> byte positions   (jupiter-compound::rudel-obby-char->byte): new 
method; char   positions -> byte positions   
(jupiter-nop::rudel-obby-char->byte): new method; char positi [...]
       new  c6efa69   * obby/rudel-obby.el (header): fixed license text * 
obby/rudel-obby-util.el (header): fixed license text * 
obby/rudel-obby-server.el (header): fixed license text * 
obby/rudel-obby-client.el (header): fixed license text * jupiter/jupiter.el 
(header): fixed license text * jupiter/jupiter-operation.el (header): fixed 
license text * jupiter/jupiter-nop.el (header): fixed license text * 
jupiter/jupiter-insert.el (header): fixed license text * 
jupiter/jupiter-delete.el (he [...]
       new  5680000   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document_create): find unique   suffix for 
the new document; send suffix to clients closes #42
       new  f4327ca   * www/compatibility.html (new file): compatibility 
information * www/index.html (new file): start page * www/style.css (new file): 
stylesheet * www/images/development.png (new file): development icon * 
www/images/development.svg (new file): development icon * 
www/images/download.png (new file): download icon * www/images/download.svg 
(new file): download icon * www/images/email-link.png (new file): icon for 
email links * www/images/external-link.png (new file): icon  [...]
       new  dc98377   moved www stuff out of trunk and into root
       new  3a6b642   * INSTALL (section REQUIREMENTS): removed ERT which is 
not currently   used   (section INSTALL): some wording and file name fixes   
(section COMPILING): precise make command
       new  90194a8   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-local-operation): fixed wording in   comment
       new  6cc69fe   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (header): fixed version
       new  a58bfd3   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/net6_client_login): use   
`with-parsed-arguments'   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_user_colour): use 
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document_create): use   
`with-parsed-arguments'   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document): use   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/subscribe): use   
`with-parsed-arguments'   (rudel-obby-client::ru [...]
       new  f17b949   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document_create): send   document/rename 
message to client when the document suffix changes
       new  e315579   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/net6_client_login): send suffices of   
synchronized documents
       new  2401df8   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (require cl): required
       new  ba31e43   * rudel.el (rudel-user::rudel-color): added accessor 
       new  b459ab1   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (require rudel-obby-errors): 
now required   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/net6_client_login): check 
username   and color before adding the client   
(rudel-obby-server::rudel-check-username-and-color): new method;   make sure 
username and color are valid and there are no duplicates * 
obby/rudel-obby-errors.el (new file): error data for the obby   backend * 
obby/Project.ede (rudel/obby): added rudel-obby-errors.el * obby/Makefile 
(obby_LISP [...]
       new  ee07b53   * rudel-errors.el (new file): error data * 
rudel-state-machine.el (new file): a simple finite state machine   
implementation * Project.ede (target rudel): added rudel-errors.el and   
rudel-state-machine.el * Makefile (target rudel_LISP): added rudel-errors.el 
and   rudel-state-machine.el
       new  137e057   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (whole file): whitespace 
cleanup * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (require rudel-obby): removed; unnecessary 
(rudel-obby-connection::initialize-instance): use &rest for `slots' * argument; 
cosmetic changes   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-change-color-): use own 
`rudel-send'   method instead of the socket's   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-subscribe-to): cosmetic changes   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-unsubscribe-from): cosmetic changes   (rudel [...]
       new  db78e72   * rudel-telepathy.el (whole file): moved to   
telepathy/rudel-telepathy.el * telepathy/rudel-telepathy.el (whole file): moved 
from   rudel-telepathy.el
       new  de8c540   * rudel-mode.el (require easy-mmode): used to define 
global rudel   minor mode   (rudel-minor-keymap): cosmetic changes   
(global-rudel-minor-mode): use `define-minor-mode' to define the   mode   
(whole file): whitespace cleanup
       new  7c2c877   * rudel-mode.el (global-rudel-minor-mode): removed; the 
variable is   created by `define-minor-mode'   (minor-mode-alist): managed by 
       new  729d6c0   * rudel-util.el (require rudel-errors): required for 
dispatch errors   (symbol rudel-dispatch-error): new condition symbol for 
dispatch   errors   (rudel-dispatch): new function; dispatch to method based on 
method   name   (whole file): whitespace fixes
       new  49e424d   * obby/rudel-obby-state.el (new file): finite state 
machine states for   the rudel backend * obby/Project.ede (target rudel/obby): 
added rudel-obby-state.el * obby/Makefile (target obby_LISP): added 
       new  49b213b   * rudel-state-machine.el 
(rudel-state-machine::initialize-instance):   find start state in slots and 
switch into it   (while-file): whitespace fixes
       new  f0b7d07   * obby/rudel-obby-state.el (rudel-obby-document-handler): 
new class;   mixin class that provides handling of obby 'document' messages
       new  2e6c4f8   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (require 
rudel-state-machine): the   connection now is a state machine   (require 
rudel-obby-errors): used when analyzing login failures   (require 
rudel-obby-state): useful base classes for states   
(rudel-obby-client-state-new): new class; initial state of new   connections   
(rudel-obby-client-state-encryption-negotiate): new class; first   encryption 
state   (rudel-obby-client-state-encryption-start): new class; second   
encryption sta [...]
       new  3378fb1   * README (INTRODUCTION): extended a bit   (JOINING A 
SESSION): added prompt/input example and an explanation   of encryption issues 
in the obby backend   (KNOWN BUGS): new section; no known bugs yet, though
       new  eac6c28   * rudel-tls.el (rudel-tls-start-tls): added a message   
(rudel-tls-wait-handshake): switch to filter `rudel-tls-established'   instead 
of restoring the original filter   (rudel-tls-established): new function; 
filters GNUTls messages in   encrypted connections   (whole file): whitespace 
       new  f6562b3   * INSTALL (REQUIREMENTS): added Emacs itself and GNUTls
       new  0997a5b   * obby/rudel-obby.el (class rudel-obby-backend): better   
documentation   string   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): added 
documentation   string   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): added 
documentation string   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-host-info): added 
documentation   string   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-host): added documentation 
string   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-make-document): added documentation   
string   (rudel-obby-send): cosmetic changes  [...]
       new  1e93661   * rudel-state-machine.el (rudel-no-start-state): new 
error symbol   (rudel-state-machine::initialize-instance): try hard to find a   
suitable start sate; call `rudel-switch' instead of just `rudel-enter'   
(rudel-state-machine::rudel-switch): always return the new current   state; 
accept successor state from `rudel-enter'   
(rudel-state-machine::object-print): new method; add current state   of state 
machine to string representation   (rudel-state-machine::rudel-stat [...]
       new  46ee97d   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (with-parsed-arguments): added 
debug   declaration   (whole file): whitespace fixes * rudel-util.el 
(rudel-assemble-line-fragments): added debug   declaration   
(rudel-loop-lines): added debug declaration   (rudel-loop-chunks): fixed 
documentation string; added debug   declaration
       new  5d72a78   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-joining::rudel-enter): return nil   
(rudel-obby-client-state-join-failed::rudel-enter): return nil   
(rudel-obby-client-state-session-synching::rudel-enter): return nil   
(rudel-obby-client-state-session-synching::object-print): new   method; add 
number of remaining items to string representation   
(rudel-obby-client-state-subscribing::rudel-enter): nil   
(rudel-obby-client-state-document-synching::rudel-enter):  [...]
       new  ef2fd8b   * obby/rudel-obby-state.el (rudel-enter): return nil
       new  98833c5   * ChangeLog (whole file): updated
       new  07fe98c   * rudel-speedbar.el (eieio-speedbar-object-buttonname): 
use   `rudel-unique-name' instead of `object-name-string'
       new  113941e   * rudel.el (rudel-session::rudel-find-user): added 
documentation   string; cosmetic changes   
(rudel-session::rudel-find-document): added documentation string;   cosmetic 
changes   (whole file): whitespace fixes
       new  9817be9   * jupiter/jupiter-insert.el 
(jupiter-insert::jupiter-transform):   cosmetic changes   (whole file): 
whitespace fixes
       new  c7d7763   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): 
only start   the network process after everything is ready; wait for the   
connection state machine to reach a success or error state   
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-host): cosmetic changes   (class rudel-obby-user): 
cosmetic changes * rudel.el (rudel-join-session): reversed order of creation 
for   session and connection; do not catch errors to give error messages a   
chance closes: #10
       new  c82afb2   * obby/rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-document::rudel-unique-name): Check   `next-method-p' before 
calling the next method * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::initialize-instance): Check   `next-method-p' before 
calling the next method   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-register-state): Check 
`next-method-p'   before calling the next method   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-disconnect): Check `next-method-p'   before 
calling the next method * rudel.el (rudel- [...]
       new  178eac3   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-detach-from-buffer): 
call   `rudel-overlays-remove-all'; remove `rudel-unpublish-buffer'   hook 
early * rudel-overlay.el (rudel-overlays-remove-all): new function; remove   
all overlays from the current buffer   (whole file): cosmetic changes; typo 
fixes; whitespace fixes closes: #39
       new  362f353   * rudel-state-machine.el 
(rudel-state-machine::initialize-instance):   use &rest slots instead of just 
slots closes: #49
       new  3278a69   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/net6_client_login): use slot   :object-name 
instead of calling object-name-string   (rudel-obby-server::rudel-add-context): 
use slot :object-name   instead of calling object-name-string * 
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document/rename): use   slot 
:object-name instead of calling object-name-string   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-add-context): use slot :object-name [...]
       new  a42252e   * jupiter/Makefile (whole file): regenerated; reflects 
CEDET changes * rudel-backend.el (new file): generic backend management, query 
and   loading functions * Project.ede (target rudel): added rudel-backend.el to 
sources * Makefile (rudel_LISP): added rudel-backend.el
       new  d491020   * rudel-backend.el 
(rudel-backend-factory::rudel-get-backend):   improved documentation string   
(rudel-backend-factory::rudel-suitable-backends): improved   documentation 
string   (rudel-backend-suitable-backends): improved documentation string   
(rudel-backend-choose): When only one backend matches, do not     check   
interactivity using `interactive-p', that does not work; call   `sit-for' 
       new  349c037   * rudel-protocol.el (new file): interface for Rudel 
protocol backends * Project.ede (target rudel): added rudel-protocol.el * 
Makefile (rudel_LISP): added rudel-protocol.el
       new  ff09064   * obby/rudel-obby.el (require rudel-backend): now 
necessary   (require rudel-protocol): now necessary   (class 
rudel-obby-backend): now derived from `rudel-backend';   autoloaded   
(autoloading): use `rudel-add-backend' * rudel.el (require rudel-backend): 
backends have their own file   (class rudel-backend): moved to rudel-backend.el 
  (rudel-load-backends): moved to rudel-backend.el   (rudel-suitable-backends): 
moved to rudel-backend.el   (rudel-choose-backend): mov [...]
       new  4a2fcc6   * rudel-state-machine.el (header section commentary): 
updated   (rudel-state-machine::initialize-instance): use   
`rudel--switch-to-return-value' to allow immediate switch to another   state   
(rudel-state-machine::rudel-switch): use   `rudel--switch-to-return-value' to 
switch to successor state   
(rudel-state-machine::rudel--switch-to-return-value): new function   switch to 
successor state for different kinds of specifications of   the successor state
       new  0d2cc56   * rudel.el (include eieio-base): needed for eieio-named
       new  d49dbe6   * rudel.el (file header): added project URL   (whole 
file): improved some comments
       new  d11f2df   * rudel-interactive.el (rudel-read-backend): argument 
backends is no   longer optional; always return a cons of backend name and 
object;   updated documentation string   (whole file): whitespace fixes * 
rudel-backend.el (rudel-backend-choose): always return a cons of   backend name 
and object; updated documentation string
       new  db080e6   * rudel-interactive.el (rudel-read-session): new 
function; read   session by name and return it
       new  727b06e   * rudel-backend.el (rudel-backend-cons-p): new function; 
checks   whether a cons consists of a backend name and object
       new  7463950   * rudel-interactive.el (rudel-read-session): discriminate 
sessions   vs. session generating objects using `rudel-backend-cons-p'
       new  f61edb5   * rudel.el (include rudel-session-initiation): required 
for   `rudel-join-session'   (rudel-join-session): mostly rewritten; moved user 
interaction to   `interactive' form * rudel-session-initiation.el (new file): 
session initiation backend   interface and high-level programming interface * 
Project.ede (target rudel): added rudel-session-initiation.el * Makefile 
(rudel_LISP): added rudel-session-initiation.el closes: #22
       new  e27a687   * ChangeLog (whole file): updated
       new  43f9dee   * rudel-backend.el (rudel-backend-factory): do not 
initialize backends   with lambda expression   
(rudel-backend-factory::initialize-instance): new method; initialize   backends 
  (rudel-backend-cons-p): use `object-p' instead of `eieio-object-p'   
(rudel-backend-dump): changed format slightly
       new  b40e2f8   * Project.ede (project rudel): bumped version to 0.2; 
added mailing   list and path to web files
       new  9d39037   * obby/rudel-obby.el (header): extended commentary and 
history   (rudel-obby-version): bumped to 0.2   
(rudel-obby-backend::initialize-instance): set :version slot in   constructor 
instead of using obsolete lambda expression in initform
       new  1098e38   * rudel-backend.el 
(rudel-backend-factory::rudel-get-backend): return   backend as a cons   
(rudel-backend-get): new function; convenience function for getting   backends
       new  45bc4c2   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-ask-connect-info): added 
optional argument   info; do not ask for things that are already specified in 
info   (autoload): register obby service with the Zeroconf backend * 
zeroconf/rudel-zeroconf.el (new file): Zeroconf session initiation   for Rudel 
* zeroconf/Project.ede (new file): subproject zeroconf * rudel.el 
(rudel-join-session): call `rudel-ask-info' to augment   connect info * 
Project.ede (target autoloads): added directory zeroco [...]
       new  022a759   * telepathy/rudel-telepathy.el (header): added file 
comment * obby/rudel-obby-state.el (header): fixed email address   (whole 
file): whitespace fixes * jupiter/jupiter.el (header): cosmetic changes   
(whole file): whitespace fixes * rudel-util.el (header): cosmetic changes * 
rudel-mode.el (header): cosmetic changes * rudel-errors.el (header): fixed type 
  (whole file): whitespace fixes closes: #50
       new  e6964d5   * rudel.el (rudel-host-session): the backend object is 
the cdr of the   result of `rudel-backend-choose'
       new  24e5d72   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-document-synching::object-print): fixed   slot name 
       new  074968d   * rudel-overlay.el (rudel-make-author-overlay): use 
`intern' instead   of `make-symbol' when allocating the face name; this way, 
faces can   actually be created lazily   (rudel-overlay-make-face): call 
`make-face' for the new face
       new  6d3d117   * rudel-overlay.el (rudel-overlay-author-display): option 
that   controls display of author overlays   (rudel-make-author-overlay): call  
 `rudel-overlay-author-set-properties' to set the overlay properties   
(rudel-overlay-author-set-properties): new function; set overlay   properties; 
respects rudel-overlay-author-display   (rudel-overlay-author-update): new 
function; update overlay   properties based on associated user object   
(rudel-overlay-options-changed): new [...]
       new  fd9ef44   * rudel-overlay.el (rudel-overlay-author-set-properties): 
call   `rudel-overlay-make-face-symbol'   (rudel-overlay-make-face-symbol): new 
function; return face symbol
       new  f013865   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_user_colour): set   face 
attributes * rudel.el (rudel-change-color): set face attributes * 
rudel-overlay.el (rudel-overlay-make-face): use   
`rudel-overlay-set-face-attributes'   (rudel-overlay-set-face-attributes): new 
function; set face   attributes closes: #23
       new  3f8cb3d   * rudel-state-machine.el (require working): needed by   
       new  b3386b6   * obby/rudel-obby-state.el 
(rudel-obby-state::rudel-accept): fixed   format of warning message
       new  e8b93af   * rudel.el (rudel-join-session): renamed local variable 
backend to   session-initiation-backend
       new  2cd5d0e   * icons/plaintext.svg (new file): plaintext icon * 
icons/person.svg (new file): person icon * icons/encrypted.svg (new file): 
encrypted icon * icons/document.svg (new file): document icon * 
icons/disconnected.svg (new file): disconnected icon * icons/connected.svg (new 
file): connected icon * rudel-icons.el (new file): loading icons * Project.ede 
(target rudel): added rudel-icons.el
       new  7a8c957   * rudel-util.el (rudel-hook-object): new class; abstract 
mixin for   classes that offer hooks   (rudel-hook-object::object-add-hook): 
new method; add function to   hook list   
(rudel-hook-object::object-remove-hook): new method; remove function   from 
hook list   (rudel-hook-object::object-run-hook-with-args): new method; run 
hook   functions
       new  033e190   * obby/rudel-obby.el (header): cosmetic changes   
(include rudel-icons): `rudel-display-string' uses icons   
(rudel-obby-user::eieio-speedbar-object-buttonname): use   
`rudel-display-string'   (rudel-obby-user::rudel-display-string): new method; 
textual   representation of user object   (rudel-obby-parse-message): cosmetic 
changes * rudel.el (include rudel-icons): `rudel-display-string' uses icons   
(rudel-user::rudel-display-string): new method; textual   representa [...]
       new  6c29525   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document/subscribe):   call 
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document/unsubscribe):   call 
`rudel-remove-user' * rudel.el (class rudel-document): mixin rudel-hook-object  
 (rudel-document::subscribe-hook): new slot; subscribe-hook function   list   
(rudel-document::unsubscribe-hook): new slot; unsubscribe-hook   function list  
 (rudel-document::rudel-add-user [...]
       new  59ef0ce   * obby/rudel-obby.el   
(rudel-obby-user::eieio-speedbar-object-buttonname): fixed typo
       new  db22f04   * rudel.el (rudel-document::attach-hook): new slot; 
attach hook   function list   (rudel-document::detach-hook): new slot; detach 
hook function list   (rudel-document::rudel-attach-to-buffer): run hook 
`attach-hook'   (rudel-document::rudel-detach-from-buffer): run hook 
`detach-hook'   (rudel-document::rudel-add-user): improved documentation string 
  (rudel-document::rudel-remove-user): improved documentation string
       new  76db866   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_user_colour): cosmetic changes   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/subscribe): use   `rudel-add-user' 
  (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/unsubscribe): use   
`rudel-remove-user'   (rudel-obby-server::rudel-check-username-and-color): 
whitespace   fixes
       new  d228dfe   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_user_colour): run change   hook after 
setting slot   (rudel-obby-server::rudel-remove-client): run change hook after  
 setting slot * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/net6_client_part): run   change hook 
after setting slots   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_user_colour): run   change hook 
after setting slot * rudel.el (class rudel-user): derive from ` [...]
       new  ec7f82d   * INSTALL (REQUIREMENTS): precise CEDET release version
       new  57e5376   * rudel.el (rudel-session::add-document-hook): new slot; 
run when a   document gets added to the session   
(rudel-session::remove-document-hook): new slot; run when a document   gets 
removed from the session   (rudel-session::rudel-add-document): run add 
document hook   (rudel-session::rudel-remove-document): run remove document 
hook   (rudel-document::unsubscribe-hook): fixed initarg subscribe-hook ->   
       new  4b4fb7d   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-document-synching::remaining-bytes): fixed   initarg 
num-bytes -> remaining-bytes
       new  86c92a2   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/subscribe): send number   of bytes 
instead of number of characters
       new  b24f67c   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document_create): call   
`generate-new-buffer-name' on complete buffer name; not just name   part
       new  2abf36b   * rudel.el (rudel-session-start-hook): new variable; 
session start   hook function list   (rudel-session-end-hook): new variable; 
session end hook function   list   (rudel-join-session): run session start hook 
  (rudel-end-session): run session end hook
       new  2521f3a   * ChangeLog (whole file): updated
       new  ca8e607   * rudel.el (rudel-session::add-user-hook): new slot; add 
user hook   function list   (rudel-session::remove-user-hook): new slot; remove 
user hook   function list   (rudel-session::add-document-hook): updated 
documentation string   (rudel-session::remove-document-hook): updated 
documentation string   (rudel-session::rudel-add-user): run add user hook   
(rudel-session::rudel-remove-user): run remove user hook
       new  9b0b4ac   * . (property svn:ignore): added patterns * jupiter 
(property svn:ignore): added patterns * obby (property svn:ignore): added 
       new  0bd2f4f   * rudel-mode.el (rudel-header-subscriptions-use-images): 
new variable;   controls whether images are used when formatting user names   
(rudel-header-subscriptions-separator): new variable; separator used   when 
formatting user names   (rudel-header-subscriptions--make-format): new 
function; make a   format object for header line   
(rudel-header-subscriptions--update-from-document): new function;   update 
header line from document   (rudel-header-subscriptions--update [...]
       new  d97ab05   * rudel-overlay.el (rudel-overlay-set-face-attributes): 
check the face   actually exists closes: #54
       new  27f81c9   * rudel.el (rudel-change-color): run the change hook of 
the self user
       new  4a3f20b   * wave/rudel-wave.el (whole file): new file; main class 
of the wave   backend * wave/Project.ede (whole file): new file; project file 
for the wave   subproject * wave/Makefile (whole file): new file; generated 
Makefile for the   wave subproject * Project.ede (target autoloads): added wave 
directory * Makefile (LOADDIRS): added wave and zeroconf directories   
(VERSION): bumped to 0.2   (target all): added wave and zeroconf   (tags): 
descend into zeroconf and wave dire [...]
       new  ca28448   * zeroconf/Makefile (whole file): new file; generated 
Makefile for the   zeroconf subproject
       new  1561c77   * rudel-mode.el (rudel-header-subscriptions-minor-mode): 
improved   documentation string
       new  65905b6   * rudel.el (require rudel-hooks): required or hook 
variables   (rudel-session-start-hook): moved to rudel-hooks.el   
(rudel-session-end-hook): moved to rudel-hooks.el * rudel-hooks.el (whole 
file): new file; contains hook variables   and mapping from object hooks to 
global hooks * Project.ede (target rudel): added file rudel-hooks.el * Makefile 
(target rudel_LISP): added file rudel-hooks.el
       new  be024d8   * rudel-mode.el (header): list all provided modes; bump 
version   (require rudel-hooks): required for global hooks   
(rudel-mode-line-publish-state-string): new variable; buffer local,   holds 
publish state string for buffer   
(rudel-mode-line-publish-state--add-indicator-to-mode-line): new   function; 
add publish state indicator to mode line   
(rudel-mode-line-publish-state--remove-indicator-from-mode-line):   new 
function; remove publish state indicator from mode l [...]
       new  ac88eeb   * rudel-interactive.el (rudel-read-document): added 
comment   (rudel-allocate-buffer-clear-existing): handle the case in which   
case a buffer with the desired name exists and is attached to a   different 
document; added some comments
       new  cc38fbd   * doc/Project.ede (whole file): new file; project file 
for the   documentation directory * doc/Makefile (whole file): new file; 
generated Makefile for the   documentation directory * doc/card.tex (whole 
file): new file; reference card for Rudel;   source * doc/card.pdf (whole 
file): new file; reference card for Rudel; PDF closes: #2
       new  cf9f548   * rudel-util.el (property svn:executable): removed 
property * rudel-overlay.el (property svn:executable): removed property
       new  0b64ba7   * rudel.el (require rudel-util): required for 
       new  ec9bfb9   * INSTALL (REQUIREMENTS): mention Avahi
       new  317f17e   * telepathy/rudel-telepathy.el (header): fixes   (require 
rudel-backend): required, since we define a backend   (require 
rudel-transport): it is a transport backend   (class rudel-telepathy-backend): 
derived from   rudel-transport-backend   
(rudel-telepathy-backend::initialize-instance): new method; set   version slot  
 (autoloading): upgraded to new backend registration style
       new  0d0c30a   * zeroconf/Makefile (whole file): regenerated * 
wave/Makefile (whole file): regenerated * Makefile (target all): build target 
doc   (target doc): new target; build documentation   (target tags): build 
target tags in doc directory   (target dist): build target dist in doc directory
       new  822e5d7   * jupiter (property svn:ignore): added compile script * 
wave (property svn:ignore): added *.elc and compile script * zeroconf (property 
svn:ignore): added *.elc and compile script
       new  1229534   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/net6_client_join): check   whether we 
have a user object for the specified user id; modify the   existing object if 
there is one closes: #44
       new  d1192e4   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document_remove):   implemented, 
was stub; untested though closes: #45
       new  69b1294   * rudel-util.el (rudel-socket-owner::rudel-state-change): 
cover more   states
       new  599c1a8   * rudel.el (rudel-session::end-hook): new slot; stores 
handlers of the   end hook   (rudel-session::rudel-end): run end hook   
(rudel-session::rudel-join-session): install handler on session end   hook to 
set `rudel-current-session' to nil   (rudel-session::rudel-end-session): no 
need to run   rudel-session-end-hook or reset `rudel-current-session' * 
rudel-hooks.el (rudel-hooks--session-start): add handler for the end   hook of 
the session   (rudel-hooks--session-end [...]
       new  14ebabf   * rudel-mode.el   
(rudel-mode-line-publish-state-unpublished-string):   new customization option; 
string used to indicate that a buffer is   not published   
(rudel-mode-line-publish-state-published-string): new customization   option; 
string used to indicate that a buffer is published   
(rudel-mode-line-publish-state--update-string): use   
`rudel-mode-line-publish-state-unpublished-string' and   
       new  052eed4   * rudel-mode.el 
(rudel-header-subscriptions--update-from-document):   force mode line update   
(rudel-header-subscriptions--update-from-buffer): force mode line   update   
(rudel-header-subscriptions-minor-mode): force mode line update
       new  2da7bf2   * rudel-mode.el (rudel-header-subscriptions-minor-mode): 
check whether   the document is attached to a buffer when enabling or disabling 
the   mode   (rudel-header-subscriptions--add-document): enable header   
subscriptions mode when the document is attached to a buffer   
(rudel-header-subscriptions--remove-document): disable header   subscriptions 
mode when the document is attached to a buffer   
(rudel-mode-line-publish-state--options-changed): new function;   calle [...]
       new  eadc455   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/del): swapped   local and 
remote revisions in the operation name to be consistent   with record/ins; does 
not affect behavior
       new  9715e28   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/ins): construct   the 
operation and use `rudel-remote-operation'   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record/del): construct   the 
operation and use `rudel-remote-operation'   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-remote-operation): new method; transform   and apply 
an operation object to the server-side document; send   operation to all other 
clients   (rudel-obby-server::rudel-broadcast [...]
       new  83fb0e0   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (header): added header 
comment   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document_create): changed   
documentation comment   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/subscribe): changed   
documentation comment; cosmetic changes   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/unsubscribe): cosmetic   changes   
(rudel-obby-server::initialize-instance): do not run :after; call   next method 
  (rudel-obby-server::rudel-broadcast): signal wrong- [...]
       new  41d3e8b   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el 
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-broadcast):   cosmetic changes   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/net6_client_login): cosmetic changes;   improved 
comments   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document): changed documentation 
  string; cosmetic changes   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-obby/obby_document/record): added a   comment   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-remote-operation): improved comments
       new  5e5347f   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-client::rudel-remote-operation): added byte -> char   conversion 
before the operation is applied to the server-side   document; updated comments 
closes: #56
       new  071db2e   * Project.ede (target rudel): added rudel-transport.el * 
Makefile (target rudel_LISP): added rudel-transport.el * rudel-transport.el 
(whole file): new file; interface for transport   backends
       new  11f0ff3   * obby/rudel-obby-errors.el 
(rudel-obby-error-wrong-global-password):   new constant; error code for wrong 
global password   (rudel-obby-error-wrong-user-password): new constant; error 
code for   wrong user password   (rudel-obby-error-protocol-version-mismatch): 
new constant; error   code for protocol version mismatch   
(rudel-obby-error-not-encrypted): new constant; error code for not   encrypted
       new  2055bc1   * obby/rudel-obby-debug.el (whole file): new file; 
debugging functions   for the obby backend * rudel-debug.el (whole file): new 
file; debugging functions
       new  bd5501c   * obby/rudel-obby-errors.el   
(rudel-obby-error-wrong-global-password): fixed error code   
(rudel-obby-error-wrong-user-password): fixed error code   
(rudel-obby-error-protocol-version-mismatch): fixed error code   
(rudel-obby-error-not-encrypted): fixed error code * obby/rudel-obby-client.el  
 (rudel-obby-client-state-joining::rudel-obby/net6_login_failed):   recognize 
wrong global/user password error codes
       new  7ac5208   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-ask-connect-info): ask for 
global and user   passwords * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-joining::rudel-enter): transmit global and   user 
passwords when available addresses: #15, #16
       new  7436de5   * rudel-tls.el (rudel-tls-start-tls): changed displayed 
message   (rudel-tls-wait-init): ignore all lines until "- Simple Client   
Mode.*" is received; then switch back old filter   (rudel-tls-wait-handshake): 
ignore all lines until "-       Compression.*"   is received; then switch to 
established filter   (rudel-tls-established): do not ignore any lines other 
than "- Peer   has closed the GNUTLS connection"
       new  e6abb67   * rudel-interactive.el 
(rudel-allocate-buffer-clear-existing): added   missing whitespace in prompt 
       new  7715ea7   * obby/rudel-obby-state.el (rudel-obby/net6_ping): return 
nil to   prevent erratic behavior of the state machine
       new  f051068   * rudel.el (rudel-client-session::connection): allow nil 
value   (rudel-client-session::rudel-end): only try to disconnect the   
connection if it is non-nil; ignore errors during disconnect
       new  5d1dd6e   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
do not require rudel-tls; do not try to start TLS encryption if the   
connection does not support it * rudel-tls.el (rudel-tls-make-process): mark 
process as supporting   TLS encryption
       new  8352bbc   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): 
new error   state they-finalized; handle join-failed error specially * 
obby/rudel-obby-client.el (rudel-obby-client-state-join-failed):   improved 
comments   (rudel-obby-client-state-they-finalized): new state class; used to   
indicate that the connection was closed by the peer   
(rudel-obby-client-connection-states): added they-finalized   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-close): switch state machine to   they-f [...]
       new  46104c6   * obby/rudel-obby-state.el 
(rudel-obby-server-connection-state): new   class; base class for server 
connection states   (rudel-obby-server-connection-state::rudel-broadcast): new 
method;   broadcast message to a set of receivers
       new  b617b14   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (require rudel-chat): used 
when handling   chat messages   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_message): new method;   handles 
obby 'message' messages by dispatching to   `rudel-chat-dispatch-message' * 
rudel-chat.el (whole file): new file; handling of incoming chat   messages * 
Project.ede (target rudel): added rudel-chat.el * Makefile (target rudel_LISP): 
added rudel-chat.el
       new  2ca1580   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (rudel-obby-dispatch): use 
`display-warning'   instead of `warn' * obby/rudel-obby-state.el 
(rudel-obby-state::rudel-accept): use   `display-warning' instead of `warn'   
(rudel-obby-document-handler::rudel-obby/obby_document): use   
`display-warning' instead of `warn' * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/net6_client_part): use   
`display-warning' instead of `warn'   (rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby 
       new  16789fe   * rudel-debug.el (header): fixed meta-data and license   
(rudel-debug-sent-data-face): added documentation string   
(rudel-debug-received-data-face): added documentation string   
(rudel-debug-received-processed-data-face): added documentation   string   
(rudel-debug-state-face): added documentation string   
(rudel-debug-special-face): added documentation string   
(rudel-suspend-session-socket): added documentation string   
(rudel-resume-session-socket): added documen [...]
       new  6ffd6db   * rudel-chat.el (rudel-chat-buffer-name): new constant; 
name chat log   buffer   (rudel-chat-handle-buffer): raise buffer when logging 
a chat message
       new  a2b85e1   * rudel-session-initiation.el 
(rudel-configured-sessions): new   customization option; contains a list of 
session information lists   (rudel-ask-protocol-backend::initialize-instance): 
maybe call next   method   (rudel-configured-sessions-version): new constant; 
version of the   configured-sessions backend   
(rudel-configured-sessions-backend): new class; configured-sessions   backend   
(rudel-configured-sessions-backend::initialize-instance): new   method; set 
versi [...]
       new  a85eb56   * rudel-session-initiation.el   
(rudel-configured-sessions-backend::rudel-discover): fixed a bug   that dropped 
the last option in each configured session
       new  6c53e0b   * rudel-session-initiation.el 
(rudel-configured-sessions): more   precise specification of the customization 
       new  816322d   * rudel-session-initiation.el   
(rudel-configured-sessions-backend::rudel-discover): let   
`rudel-session-initiation-adjust-info' do the heavy lifting   
(rudel-session-initiation-adjust-info): new function; adjust   arguments that 
need adjusting in a session information property list
       new  fadf226   * obby/rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info):   check for :global-password and 
:user-password correctly; do not put   them into the list when they are ""   
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): comment
       new  b6982bf   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (header): better 
documentation   (require rudel-state-machine): now required for state machine 
style   handling of client connections   (require rudel-obby-state): now 
required; provides base class for   states   (rudel-obby-server-state-new): new 
class; client connection state   new   
(rudel-obby-server-state-encryption-negotiate): new class; client   connection 
state for negotiating encryption   (rudel-obby-server-state-before-join): new 
       new  b9cbc1a   Added compile.el and loaddefs.el.
       new  5d2a810   Add loaddefs for autoloading.
       new  c20857d   Note that all connections to Gobby servers require TLS.
       new  a10ef00   Update install notes for new build process.
       new  fde9282   Removed CEDET's autogenerated makefiles
       new  86e97de   Update ChangeLog.
       new  67aee97   Moved compile.el to rudel-compile.el, duh.
       new  8f31365   merged phil's installation improvements
       new  0a88e73   * rudel-compile.el (header): added copyright and meta 
data   (code): let-bind rudel-dir; call `byte-recompile-directory' just   once 
since it operates recursively
       new  8a913c5   * INSTALL (REQUIREMENTS): wording   (INSTALLING): mention 
other things that cause rudel to be   autoloaded; minor cosmetic changes   
(COMPILING): fixed filename compile.el -> rudel-compile.el * ChangeLog: updated
       new  2b8abd7   * ChangeLog: fixed zapped content
       new  7d6d4f4   * .bzrignore: new file; ignore byte-code (pattern *.elc)
       new  684691b   * .bzrignore: added Makefile
       new  5bfb6eb   * rudel-session-initiation.el 
(rudel-configured-sessions): improved   documentation string
       new  84e3210   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-server-state-before-join::rudel-obby/net6_client_login):   accept 
two additional arguments: global-password and user-password
       new  fd7f714   * rudel-compat.el (progress-pulse-values): new variable; 
indicator   strings used by pulsing progress reporter   
(make-progress-reporter-pulse): new function; creates pulsing   progress 
reporter   (progress-reporter-pulse): new function; updates pulsing progress   
       new  ede761d   * rudel-compat.el: only define pulsing progress reporter 
when Emacs   does not have one itself   (header): downcased keywords   
(make-pulsing-progress-reporter): renamed   `make-progress-reporter-pulse' -> 
`make-pulsing-progress-reporter';   cosmetic changes; explanatory   comment   
(progress-reporter-pulse): added documentation string
       new  c24b82f   * rudel-state-machine.el (rudel-state-wait): fixed 
progress range [0,   100] -> [0, 1]; fixed reference to reporter object * 
obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-send): removed remnants of calls to   
`working-*' functions; call `progress-reporter-pulse' just before   
       new  1a6d326   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el 
(rudel-obby/net6_client_part): promoted   warning severity to :warning   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document_remove):   fixed lookup 
of document; added warning message in case it is not   found   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document/rename):   promoted 
warning severity to :warning   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-unpublish): new 
method; ask server to   remove a document
       new  048ca7d   * rudel.el (rudel-session::rudel-remove-document): when 
necessary,   detach document first; added documentation string   
(rudel-document::rudel-attached-p): new method; return non-nil when   document 
is attached to a buffer
       new  b3a2619   * ChangeLog: updated
       new  cf36989   * rudel-compat.el (progress-reporter-pulse): store index 
as float
       new  54b045c   * rudel-state-machine.el (rudel-state-wait): accept 
callback function   instead of message; adjusted documentation string * 
obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): when calling   
`rudel-state-wait', provide a callback; the callback controls a   progress 
reporter * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-subscribe-to): when calling   `rudel-state-wait', 
provide a callback; the callback controls a   progress reporter
       new  69c5a6f   * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document_create):   cosmetic 
changes of printed messages   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document_remove):   cosmetic 
changes of printed messages
       new  1ce98b8   merged state machine callback changes
       new  1a1f02f   * rudel-compat.el (make-pulsing-progress-reporter): 
removed;   `make-progress-reporter' is sufficient   (progress-reporter-pulse): 
store index in the car of the reporter;   set last update time of the reporter 
* obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-connect): use `make-progress-reporter'   instead of 
`make-pulsing-progress-reporter' * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::rudel-subscribe-to): cosmetic changes in   status 
       new  4ef27b9   * ChangeLog: updated
       new  12e11f1     * rudel-compat.el: Use updated progress reporters     
(progress-reporter-update): may be used by pulsing reporters too     
(make-progress-reporter): nil max value returns pulsing reporter     
(progress-reporter-force-update): may be used by pulsing reporters too     
(progress-reporter-pulsing-p): added     (progress-reporter-pulse): removed 
message change option
       new  418467c     * rudel-state-machine.el (rudel-state-wait): update 
progress     reporter usage to match rudel-compat.el
       new  f451f5f     INSTALL: Mention CEDET's inclusion in Emacs.
       new  51a7f64   Merge trunk to progress reporter branch.
       new  e5d52d0     README: Mention Eshell issue and license.
       new  cc48985   merged phil's progress reporting and readme changes
       new  0b7b3d5   * INSTALL (COMPILING): fixed typo
       new  c639073   * rudel.el (rudel-version): use list representation 
instead of float   (rudel-allocate-buffer-function): added documentation string
       new  7ed8053     rudel-loaddefs.el: Add autoloads for rudel-host-session 
and rudel-speedbar.
       new  2c19361     * README (INTRODUCTION): emphasize obby backend being 
the only     supported one so far, (JOINING): update example session with     
       new  b66ec82     README (JOINING): Mention `rudel-configured-sessions' 
       new  c9734d0   * doc/card.tex (Joining a Session ...): added global and 
user   passwords * doc/card.pdf: regenerated
       new  b7470b5   merged phil's README changes and jan's earlier changes
       new  976afc4   * ChangeLog: updated
       new  abe53db   * doc/card.tex (Session Initiation): mention configured 
sessions;   explain Zeroconf-advertised session in more detail
       new  a4a10c0   * ChangeLog: updated
       new  4919a43   * jupiter/jupiter.el (header): downcased keywords   
(object-print): new method; add revisions and log length to string * 
jupiter/jupiter-nop.el (header): downcased keywords; cosmetic   representation 
changes to "commentary" section * jupiter/jupiter-insert.el (header): downcased 
keywords; cosmetic   changes to "commentary" section   (object-print): new 
method; add start, end, length and data to   string representation * 
jupiter/jupiter-delete.el (header): downcased k [...]
       new  d0c27c2   * jupiter/jupiter-delete.el 
(jupiter-delete::jupiter-transform): fixed   error message
       new  751ad8e     * rudel-loaddefs.el: Only require rudel-zeroconf if 
zeroconf is available.
       new  22b76ab     * rudel-mode.el, rudel-overlay.el: Move use of :safe 
flag from     defcustom to a separate put. Required for Emacs 22 compatibility.
       new  d3838a9   * TODO: new file; TODO items for future development and 
       new  4cdb09c     rudel-compat.el: Add string-match-p if not present. (< 
Emacs 23)
       new  e930959     * rudel-compat.el: add rudel-get-coding-system wrapper 
function.   * rudel-obby-util.el (with-parsed-args): Replace call to     
Emacs23-specific coding-system-from-name function with     
       new  3292cdd     * rudel-mode.el 
(rudel-mode-line-publish-state--add-indicator-to-mode-line):   Replace 
reference to mode-line indicator that was not present in Emacs 22.
       new  8ee3086   * TODO: whitespace fixes   (Milestone rudel-0.4): new; 
focus on telepathy transport   (Milestone rudel-0.3): added infinote, document 
       new  63d8a4f   * rudel.el (rudel-version): bumped to 0.3 * Project.ede 
(project rudel): bumped version to 0.3
       new  a8b2b15   * TODO (Future): added BEEP and SubEthaEdit tasks
       new  d8e5ede   * TODO: added closed-status to closed issues   (Future): 
multi-frame BEEP messages; notification mechanism   (Milestone rudel-0.3): 
multiple username/password attempts
       new  c33abc6   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-backend::capabilities): 
added encrypt   capability
       new  95dc598   * rudel-transport-util.el: new file; utility functions 
for   implementing transport functionality * Project.ede (target rudel): added 
       new  e9495ed   * rudel-transport-util.el (header): fixed license text; 
extended   commentary   (require rudel-transport): require for class 
`rudel-transport'   (rudel-transport-filter): new class; base class for 
transport   filters   (rudel-assembling-transport-filter): new class; assembles 
received   data fragments into messages   (rudel-parsing-transport-filter): new 
class; applies parse/generate   function to received/sent data
       new  61b12d7   * rudel-transport-util.el 
(rudel-progress-reporting-transport-filter):   new class; progress reporting 
transport filter
       new  f8905c3   * rudel-transport-util.el   
(rudel-assembling-transport-filter::assembly-function): removed   initform and 
accessor   (rudel-transport-make-filter-stack): new function; construct a stack 
  of transport filters according to a specification
       new  a5209f5   * rudel-transport-util.el (initialize-instance): in 
generated handler,   do not loop over fragments
       new  ad0afcc   * rudel-transport.el: socket-like interface for 
transports   (header): downcased keywords; expanded "Commentary" section   
(rudel-transport::rudel-set-filter): renamed   `rudel-transport-set-handler' -> 
rudel-set-filter   (rudel-transport::rudel-set-sentinel): new method; like   
`set-process-sentinel'   (rudel-send): renamed `rudel-transport-send' -> 
`rudel-send'   (rudel-transport::rudel-start): new method start stopped 
transport   (rudel-transport-backend::rudel-ma [...]
       new  d3e0f92   * rudel-transport-util.el 
(rudel-transport-filter::slot-missing): new   method; makes slots of the 
underlying transport available as virtual   slots of the filter   
(rudel-progress-reporting-transport-filter::reporter): fixed initarg
       new  53d5cf6   * rudel-transport.el 
(rudel-transport-backend::rudel-make-connection):   added optional argument 
callback; improved documentation string   
(rudel-transport-backend::rudel-wait-for-connections): added   argument 
dispatch; fixed and improved documentation string
       new  fcd4c4f   * rudel-transport-util.el 
(rudel-transport-filter::filter): use reader   and writer instead of accessor; 
removed `rudel-set-filter' method   (rudel-transport-filter::sentinel): use 
reader and writer instead of   accessor; removed `rudel-set-sentinel method   
(rudel-transport-filter::no-applicable-method): delegate method   calls to 
underlying transport   (rudel-assembling-transport-filter::buffer): changed 
type to list
       new  5afaace   * rudel-transport.el (require rudel-errors): new require; 
for   condition names   (rudel-malformed-message): new error condition
       new  de6bd92   * rudel-transport.el 
(rudel-transport-backend::rudel-make-connection):   added argument 
info-callback; renamed argument callback ->   progress-callback; improved and 
extended documentation string   
(rudel-transport-backend::rudel-wait-for-connections): documentation   string 
       new  8250c3f   * rudel-transport-util.el (header): cosmetic changes   
(rudel-parsing-transport-filter::parse-function): added reader and   writer   
(rudel-parsing-transport-filter::generate-function): added reader   and writer
       new  6284890   * rudel-transport.el (rudel-wait-for-connections): 
renamed argument   dispatch -> dispatch-callback
       new  b6b3ddd   * rudel-transport-util.el   
(rudel-assembling-transport-filter::fragment-function): new slot;   optional 
fragmentation function   (rudel-assembling-transport-filter::rudel-send): if 
there is a   fragmentation function, use it   
(rudel-injecting-transport-filter): new class; inject data using   method calls 
instead of receiving it from an underlying transport   
(rudel-injecting-transport-filter::rudel-inject): new method; inject   data 
into transport filter
       new  dc3d799   * rudel-transport-util.el (require rudel-errors): 
required for   `rudel-error' condition   (rudel-invalid-state): new condition   
(rudel-buffering-transport-filter): new class; a transport filter   that can 
queue incoming and outgoing data   
(rudel-buffering-transport-filter::initialize-instance): new method;   
initialize slots and install filter   
(rudel-buffering-transport-filter::rudel-send): new method send or   queue data 
  (rudel-buffering-transport-filter::rud [...]
       new  950f96e   * rudel-transport.el (header): updated history section   
(require rudel-errors): added a commit
       new  3c66ccc   * rudel-transport-util.el 
(rudel-transport-filter::slot-missing):   added virtual slot :root-transport 
that recursively finds the   underlying transport
       new  475298e   * rudel-backend.el (rudel-backend-factory): added 
autoload cookie
       new  9c9bc3a   * rudel-compat.el: reordered top-level forms and added 
some section   headers   (header): history section
       new  f99bcc7   * rudel-interactive.el (header): history-section   
(require rudel-backend): required for `rudel-backend-cons-p' to   silence the 
       new  16f1fea   * rudel-session-initiation.el 
(rudel-session-initiation-advertise):   fixed use of `some'
       new  12ca427   * rudel-transport-util.el (rudel-long-message-threshold): 
  (rudel-long-message-chunk-size): new constants; used by   
(rudel-progress-reporting-transport-filter::rudel-send): call   `rudel-send' 
       new  28afef5   * rudel-util.el (rudel-assemble-fragments): new macro; 
assemble   complete fragments from data and store partial fragments; used by   
assembling transport filter
       new  3d29b6b   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-remove-user): fixed 
invalid this  reference
       new  97ce53e   * jupiter/jupiter-insert.el (header): history section   
(require jupiter-nop): added; cross-operation dependency * 
jupiter/jupiter-delete.el (header): history section   (require jupiter-nop):   
(require jupiter-insert): added; cross-operation dependency
       new  3109255   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-display-string): fixed 
invalid format   specifier
       new  4a9fda2   * rudel-loaddefs.el: removed; this file is now generated 
by rudel-compile.el * rudel-compile.el (header): extended commentary section; 
added 0.2 to   history section   (top-level): added generation of autoloads in 
       new  1ca4ed7   * rudel-debug.el (require eieio): silence byte-compiler   
(rudel-debug-received-processed-data-face): removed; will be   distinguished by 
other means   (rudel-debug-tag-faces): removed entry for received-processed 
face   (rudel-debug-stream-insert): whitespace cleanup * 
obby/rudel-obby-debug.el   (rudel-obby-socket-owner::rudel-message :before): 
use tag :received   instead of :received-processed
       new  4d530e8   * socket/rudel-socket.el: new file; socket transport 
backend for   Rudel; currently provides TCP-based transport * 
socket/Project.ede: new file; project file for socket transport   backend * 
rudel-compile.el (top-level): add socket directory to `load-path'   when 
compiling * Project.ede (target autoloads): added directory socket
       new  c2554ea   * socket/rudel-socket.el (rudel-make-connection): call   
`make-network-process' properly; return created transport object
       new  4a80407   * socket/rudel-socket.el 
(rudel-tcp-backend::rudel-make-connection):   create a stopped network process  
 (this rudel-socket-transport::handler): removed; renamed handler ->   filter   
(this rudel-socket-transport::filter): new slot; like process filter   (this 
rudel-socket-transport::sentinel): new slot; like process   sentinel   (this 
rudel-socket-transport::rudel-transport-send):   (this 
rudel-socket-transport::rudel-send): renamed method   `rudel-transport-send'  
       new  fee87be   * socket/rudel-socket.el 
(rudel-tcp-backend::capabilities): added   capabilities
       new  eac69e6   * socket/rudel-socket.el (require cl): required for 
`every'   (rudel-tcp-backend::rudel-make-connection): added arguments   
info-callback and progress-callback; call info-callback when info   elements 
are missing
       new  ad7f65a   * socket/rudel-socket.el (rudel-make-connection): made 
object name of   transport object more unique
       new  3615c69   * socket/rudel-socket.el 
(rudel-tcp-backend::initialize-instance):   added documentation string
       new  516d7d6   * socket/rudel-socket.el (header): added version 0.2 to 
history   (rudel-tcp-version): renamed `rudel-socket-transport-version' ->   
`rudel-tcp-version'; bumped to 0.2   (rudel-socket-transport::filter): removed; 
stored in process object   (rudel-socket-transport::sentinel): removed; stored 
in process   object   (rudel-socket-transport::rudel-filter): new method; 
retrieve filter   from process   (rudel-socket-transport::rudel-set-filter): 
set filter of process   (rud [...]
       new  0b5f045   * socket/rudel-socket.el   
(rudel-tcp-backend::rudel-wait-for-connections): new method; wait   for 
incoming connections and dispatch to callback   (rudel-tcp-handle-connect): new 
function; helper function to wrap   incoming connection sockets in transport 
       new  181dba6   * rudel-state-machine.el 
(rudel-state-machine::initialize-instance):   new method; remove :start initarg 
  (rudel-state-machine::initialize-instance :after): allow :start   initarg to 
specify arguments to start state
       new  03c4ede   * rudel-state-machine.el 
(rudel-state-machine::initialize-instance):   value of :start can now be a 
rudel-state-child, a symbol, or a list   starting with a symbol; improved 
documentation string documentation   string   
(rudel-state-machine::object-print): pass strings argument to next   method
       new  bbb3cc4   * rudel-state-machine.el 
(rudel-state-machine::initialize-instance):   use 
`rudel-state-machine-strip-initargs' to get rid of virtual   initargs   
(rudel-state-machine-strip-initargs): new function; remove certain   initargs 
from a property list of initargs
       new  f1ef283   * rudel-compat.el (progress-spinner-values):   
(progress-reporter-spinner-p):   (progress-reporter-force-update):   
(progress-reporter-update):   (progress-reporter-spin):   
(make-progress-reporter): always define these functions since the   spinning 
progress reporter patch has not been accepted anyway
       new  15794ff   * obby/doc/server-connection-states.cogre: new file; 
states of the   state machine used by server connections * 
obby/doc/client-connection-states.cogre: new file; states of the   state 
machine used by client connections
       new  f4df397   * obby/rudel-obby-state.el 
(rudel-obby-state::connection): allow   objects of any type to be used as 
associated connection
       new  69e91ac   * tls/rudel-tls.el: moved to tls directory * 
tls/Project.ede (target tls): added rudel-tls.el * Project.ede (target 
autoloads): added tls directory   (target compile): removed rudel-tls.el
       new  9380164   * rudel-util.el (rudel-loop-fragments): new macro; call a 
form for   each fragment
       new  73720a0   * tls/rudel-tls.el (rudel-tls-wait-init): use   
`rudel-assemble-fragments' instead of   `rudel-assemble-line-fragments'; use 
`rudel-loop-fragments' instead   of `rudel-loop-lines'   
(rudel-tls-wait-handshake): use `rudel-assemble-fragments' instead   of 
`rudel-assemble-line-fragments'; use `rudel-loop-fragments'   instead of 
`rudel-loop-lines'   (rudel-tls-established): use `rudel-assemble-fragments' 
instead of   `rudel-assemble-line-fragments'; use `rudel-loop-fragm [...]
       new  5089c54   * socket/rudel-socket.el (footer): changed provided 
feature rudel-tcp   -> rudel-socket; changed comment
       new  887cbea   * rudel-util.el: (rudel-assemble-lines): new function 
assemble   complete lines from string fragments
       new  47b226e   * rudel-compile.el (top-level): added tls directory to 
list of   directories with autoloads * tls/rudel-tls.el (header): added 0.2 to 
version section   (require rudel-socket): required since base class of   
`rudel-start-tls-transport'   (rudel-start-tls-transport): new class; socket 
transport with START   TLS ability   
(rudel-start-tls-transport::rudel-enable-encryption): new method;   enable TLS 
encryption   (rudel-start-tls-backend): new class; START TLS transport  [...]
       new  689f06e   added initial support for the transport abstraction to 
affected components * obby/rudel-obby-client (require rudel-tls): required for 
STARTTLS   encryption * obby/rudel-obby.el (header): added version 0.3 to 
history section   (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): return info 
list   containing entries for transport and protocol backend   
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): added transport argument; use   transport 
object instead of creating a socket   (zeroco [...]
       new  9f89ebc   * rudel.el (rudel-join-session): do not call 
`rudel-ask-connect-info'   as this is done by the protocol backend when needed 
* rudel-protocol.el (generic rudel-connect): added arguments   info-callback 
and progress-callback; updated documentation string * obby/rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): added   arguments info-callback and 
progress-callback; removed progress   reporter, since callback is used instead; 
in case of recoverable   errors, do not sign [...]
       new  28adea1   * rudel.el (rudel-join-session): use   
`rudel-make-state-progress-callback' to construct callbacks   for connecting 
and joining operations * rudel-interactive.el 
(rudel-make-state-progress-callback): new   function; return a callback 
suitable for `rudel-state-wait'
       new  72f504f   * rudel-session-initiation.el (header): bumped version to 
0.2 in   history section   (rudel-configured-sessions): added 
:transport-backend and   :protocol-backend in type specification and 
documentation string   (rudel-ask-protocol-version): bumped version to 0.2   
(rudel-ask-protocol-backend::rudel-discover): handle transport and   protocol 
backend   (rudel-configured-sessions-version): bumped version to 0.2   
(rudel-session-initiation-adjust-info): handle :transpor [...]
       new  d796cb0   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-default-port): new 
constant; used   as default when reading the port number   
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): use specialized read   functions; 
handle transport and protocol backend better
       new  2100510   * tls/rudel-tls.el 
(rudel-start-tls-backend::rudel-make-connection):   create transport object of 
class `rudel-start-tls-transport' not   `rudel-socket-transport'
       new  071dca7   * socket/rudel-socket.el   
(rudel-tcp-backend::rudel-wait-for-connections): when creating the   network 
process, set filter and sentinel to `ignore'
       new  1deac99   * rudel.el (rudel-host-session): determine a transport 
and a protocol   backend; ask the protocol backend to create the session * 
rudel-util.el (rudel-socket-owner):   (rudel-filter-dispatch):   
(rudel-sentinel-dispatch): removed; made obsolete by transports * 
rudel-protocol.el (rudel-protocol-backend::rudel-host): added   backend 
argument, which is the transport backend; updated   documentation string * 
rudel-debug.el (rudel-state-machine::rudel-state-change): attac [...]
       new  035e2b7   * socket/rudel-socket.el (rudel-socket-listener): new 
class;   implements `rudel-listener'   
(rudel-tcp-backend::rudel-wait-for-connections): removed argument   
dispatch-callback; added argument info-callback; ensure info   contains 
required properties; create a listener socket and pass it   to a new listener 
object * rudel.el (rudel-host-session): added argument info; generate empty   
info list in interactive form; create a listener object and pass it   to the 
proto [...]
       new  0c217b6   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el 
(rudel-obby-client::initialize-instance):   removed &rest from slots argument; 
updated documentation string   (rudel-obby-client::rudel-broadcast): renamed 
argument arguments ->   args; updated documentation string   
(rudel-obby-server::initialize-instance): removed &rest from slots   argument; 
added documentation string
       new  7951cde   * rudel-util.el (header): expanded commentary section; 
bumped version   to 0.2   (rudel-impersonator): new class; allows derived 
classes to   transparently access slots of a target object   (rudel-delegator): 
new class; allows derived classes to let methods   of a target object appear as 
their own
       new  31b1982   * rudel-util.el (rudel-delegator): removed base class 
`rudel-state';   should not have been there
       new  8851662   * socket/rudel-socket.el (require cl): added 
`eval-when-compile' to   the require
       new  f4e498d   * obby/rudel-obby-util.el (header): updated keywords; 
extended   commentary section; cosmetic changes to history section   
(rudel-obby-dispatch): removed; obsolete * obby/rudel-obby-state.el (header): 
updated keywords   (rudel-obby-document-handler): make abstract   
(rudel-obby-document-handler::document-container-slot): new slot;   name of 
slot which holds the object with the document list   
(rudel-obby-document-handler::rudel-obby/obby_document): find   document li 
       new  963c951   * obby/rudel-obby-errors.el (require rudel-errors): not 
really   required, but logical   (rudel-obby-invalid-username):   
(rudel-obby-username-in-use):   (rudel-obby-color-in-use): new error symbols
       new  b30d367   * rudel.el (rudel-host-session): added mandatory argument 
info;   interactive specification uses `rudel-backend-choose' and   
`rudel-ask-host-info' to assemble a suitable value for info
       new  fea6f03   * rudel.el (rudel-host-session): use cdrs of backend cells
       new  9e22574   merged trunk changes from sourceforge
       new  2566131   * rudel-backend.el (rudel-backend-choose): mention which 
kind of   backend we are asking for
       new  29a8f27   * rudel-compile.el (require bytecomp): make sure we can 
redefine   `byte-compile-cl-warn'   (top level): redefine 
`byte-compile-cl-warn' to silence   byte-compiler
       new  29f4d61   * rudel-util.el (rudel-impersonator::slot-missing): fixed 
slot name   `impersonating-target-slot' -> `impersonation-target-slot'
       new  40a400a   * TODO (Future): added display of error message property, 
  synchronization of objects; moved BEEP transport to 0.4   (Milestone 0.3): 
added TLS does not start in stopped state, zeroconf   delay, connection reset 
problem, use transports
       new  ded7d7e   * rudel.el (rudel-host-session): pass partial info list 
to   `rudel-ask-host-info'; cleanup; extended documentation string * 
obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-host-info): try   extract 
address and port from info list before prompting
       new  15faef2   * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-ask-connect-info): when 
extracting   properties from info list, there is no need to ensure info being   
       new  aaec1a6   * rudel.el (rudel-user::rudel-change-notify): new method; 
run change   hook * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-server-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_user_colour): call   
`rudel-change-notify' instead of `object-run-hook-with-args' after   modifying 
the user object * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-rudel-obby/net6_client_join):   call 
`rudel-change-notify' after modifying the user object
       new  19b196e   * rudel-debug.el (local variables): prevent 
byte-compilation * obby/rudel-obby-debug.el (header): downcased keywords   
(local variables): prevent byte-compilation
       new  bed1352   * doc/notes-for-developers.org: new file; some notes 
which may be   relevant for Rudel developers
       new  9cf0876   * INSTALL (INSTALLING): link to REQUIREMENTS   
(COMPILING): link to rudel-compile.el
       new  54fb6dd   * obby/rudel-obby-server.el   
(rudel-obby-server-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document/record): use   
`rudel-dispatch' instead of `rudel-obby-dispatch'
       new  4511233   * TODO (Future): removed duplicate task SubEthaEdit 
client   functionality   (Milestone 0.3): use transports is done
       new  775c257   * rudel.el (rudel-user::rudel-display-string): moved to   
rudel-display.el * rudel-display.el: new file; functions that create text   
representations of Rudel objects * obby/rudel-obby-display.el: new file; 
functions that create text   representations of obby objects * obby/Project.ede 
(target obby): added rudel-display.el * Project.ede (target rudel): added 
       new  2caa254   * obby/rudel-obby-state.el (header): fixed history   
(rudel-obby-document-handler::rudel-obby/obby_document): go through   the 
connection object for now * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-document-synching::document-container-slot):   set 
initial value to 'session
       new  967e608   * rudel-mode.el (require rudel-display): required for   
`rudel-display-string' * rudel-display.el (require rudel): required to ensure 
`rudel-user'   and `rudel-document' are defined * obby/rudel-obby.el (require 
rudel-obby-display): make sure   `rudel-display-string' is defined for obby 
classes * obby/rudel-obby-display.el (require rudel-obby): required to ensure   
`rudel-obby-user' is defined
       new  1abb62f   * obby/rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-user::rudel-display-string): removed;   now in 
       new  7aa67c6   * rudel-session-initiation.el   
(rudel-ask-protocol-backend::rudel-discover): pass partial info list   to 
`rudel-ask-connect-info' instead of append the lists manually
       new  63ec804   * rudel-speedbar.el (header): fixed history   
(rudel-speedbar-key-map): updated documentation string   (rudel-speedbar-menu): 
renamed Compile -> Subscribed; dummy entry   for now   
(rudel-project::eieio-speedbar-object-children):   (rudel-file-find):   
(rudel-create-tag-buttons):   (r [...]
       new  7ef071d   * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-insert):   
(rudel-document::rudel-delete): use `with-current-buffer' and   
`save-excursion' instead of `save-excursion' and `set-buffer' * 
rudel-backend.el (rudel-backend-dump): removed pointless use of   
       new  2378958   * TODO (Milestone 0.4): new task integrate unit tests
       new  d16319e   * rudel-icons.el (rudel-icons-directory): compute icons 
directory name   based on load file name of rudel-icons.el
       new  c0693f5   * tls/rudel-tls.el (rudel-tls-make-process): stop the 
process object   after creation
       new  93f533b   * tls/rudel-tls.el (rudel-start-tls-backend): added 
capability encrypt
       new  62a6da3   * socket/rudel-socket.el 
(rudel-socket-transport::filter): new slot;   store original filter function   
(rudel-socket-transport::sentinel): new slot; store original   sentinel 
function   (rudel-socket-transport::initialize-instance): new method; install   
dispatch functions for filter and sentinel   
(rudel-socket-transport::rudel-set-sen [...]
       new  5e57910   * rudel-compile.el (local variables): prevent 
       new  5b0b716   * TODO (Future): added backend factory hooks   (Milestone 
0.3): added read-only buffer problem and srecode field   edit problem
       new  1068a75   * rudel-transport-util.el   
(rudel-buffering-transport-filter::initialize-instance): forward   sentinel 
events to user-provided handler
       new  70e1b73   * socket/rudel-socket.el   
(rudel-socket-transport::initialize-instance): in sentinel, include   finished 
in the list of "close indicators"
       new  485932b   * rudel-debug.el (require rudel-state-machine): required 
since state   machine methods are instrumented
       new  8a612f1   Better handling of session termination and connection 
aborts * obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): new error   
states we-finalized and disconnect; signal proper errors for error   states 
they-finalized and we-finalized * obby/rudel-obby-server.el 
(rudel-obby-client::initialize-instance):   install a sentinel that closes the 
connection * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (rudel-obby-client-state-we-finalized):  
 used to indicate that we closed the connecti [...]
       new  8da8454   Use `process-put' and `process-get' instead 
`rudel-set-process-object' and `rudel-process-object' * tls/rudel-tls.el 
(rudel-tls-make-process):   (rudel-tls-start-tls):   (rudel-tls-wait-init):   
(rudel-tls-wait-handshake):   (rudel-tls-established): use `process-put' and 
`process-get' instead   `rudel-set-process-object' and `rudel-process-object'
       new  72d6ff0   Removed unused functions * rudel-util.el 
(rudel-process-object):   (rudel-set-process-object): removed; this is handled 
by   `process-get' and `process-put'
       new  6169ce2   Autoload load path manipulation * rudel-compile.el (top 
level): added autoloaded form that adds Rudel   directories to `load-path'
       new  a17133a   * TODO (Milestone 0.3): connection reset problem fixed
       new  e606758   Load file name determination * rudel-compile.el (top 
level autoload):   (top level): changed load file name determination
       new  bae988f   Added rudel-xml.el * Project.ede (target compile): added 
rudel-xml.el * rudel-xml.el: new file; XML functions for Rudel
       new  1cd374f   Some cleanup in rudel-xml.el * rudel-xml.el (header): 
started commentary section   (do-tag-children): use `nth' instead of `car' and 
`cadr'   (rudel-xml-toplevel-tag-positions):   (rudel-xml-toplevel-tags): added 
documentation string
       new  6698011   Include XMPP backend in compilation and autoload 
generation * rudel-compile.el (top level autoload):   (top level): added xmpp 
       new  020f298   Added pretty-print argument to `xml->string' * 
rudel-xml.el (xml->string): added optional argument pretty-print
       new  88d22b3   Added `rudel-xml-assemble-tags' * rudel-xml.el 
(rudel-xml-assemble-tags): assemble complete XML tags   from strings
       new  7514e21   Added XMPP backend * Project.ede (target autoloads): 
added directory xmpp * xmpp/Project.ede: new file; project file for xmpp 
subproject * xmpp/rudel-xmpp-debug.el: new file; XMPP debugging functions * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el: new file; SALS authentication mechanisms * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-state.el: new file; base class for XMPP state   machine states 
* xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tls.el: new file; TLS encryption for XMPP transport * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tunnel.el: new file; XMPP tunnel t [...]
       new  ea46ee7   Do not detach documents that have no buffer * rudel.el 
(header): updated copyright   (rudel-session::rudel-remove-document): use   
`rudel-maybe-detach-from-buffer' instead of an explicit check   
(rudel-client-session::rudel-end): use   `rudel-maybe-detach-from-buffer' 
instead of blindly detaching all   documents   
(rudel-document::rudel-detach-from-buffer): do not check whether   buffer is 
non-nil; it is now an error to call this method when   buffer is nil   (rudel- 
       new  7ffaab7   Removed last traces of progress reporters * 
rudel-state-machine.el (header): updated copyright   (require rudel-compat): 
removed; no longer required   (rudel-state-wait): mention callback instead of 
progress reporter in   comment
       new  b749cdf   Added task for comment functionality * TODO (Future): 
added task for comment functionality
       new  e97bffd   Added line breaks in long comment in rudel-xmpp-util.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-util.el (rudel-xmpp-assemble-stream): added line   breaks in 
long comment
       new  b91e38b   Cosmetic changes in xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el   (rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-start::rudel-enter): added 
documentation   string; cosmetic changes   
(rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-try-one::rudel-enter): added documentation   string   
(rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-step::rudel-enter): added   documentation 
string   (rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-step::rudel-accept): added   
documentation string; added some comments   (rudel-xmpp-sasl-states): new 
variable; [...]
       new  0a446b2   Renamed rudel-connect -> rudel-make-connection in 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el * xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el 
(rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection):   renamed `rudel-connect' -> 
`rudel-make-connection'   (rudel-xmpp-state-new): added documentation string   
(rudel-xmpp-state-negotiate-stream): added documentation string   
(rudel-xmpp-state-negotiate-stream::success-state): added   documentation 
string   (rudel-xmpp-state-negotiate-stream::rudel-enter): fixed comment
       new  70b69bd   Added documentation string in xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tunnel.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tunnel.el (rudel-xmpp-tunnel-transport): added   documentation 
       new  6d8bcde   Added state list to xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tls.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tls.el (rudel-xmpp-tls-states): new variable; list   of 
TLS-related states   (rudel-xmpp-states): use `add-to-list' to add the states
       new  21915a5   Added sanity check to rudel-{join, host}-session * 
rudel-errors.el (rudel-incomplete-info): new error symbol * rudel.el 
(rudel-join-session): added sanity checks for info argument   
(rudel-host-session): added sanity checks for info argument
       new  ff7bf22   Minor fixes in rudel-session-initiation.el * 
rudel-session-initiation.el (header): updated copyright   
(rudel-session-initiation-discover): fixed documentation string   
(rudel-configured-sessions-backend::initialize-instance): removed   &rest from 
slots argument
       new  6eba1ea   Added autoload cookie to rudel-xmpp-backend * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (rudel-xmpp-backend): added autoload cookie
       new  d362a12   Fix rudel-progress-reporting-transport-filter * 
rudel-transport-util.el (header): updated copyright; updated   commentary 
section   (rudel-progress-reporting-transport-filter::initialize-instance):   
install a handler in the underlying transport
       new  309cc74   Added writer for rudel-set-dispatcher in 
socket/rudel-socket.el * socket/rudel-socket.el (header): updated copyright   
(rudel-socket-listener::dispatch): added writer   `rudel-set-dispatcher'   
(rudel-socket-listener::rudel-set-dispatcher): removed; replaced by   automatic 
       new  19abf7e   Added rudel-ask-connect-info for transport backends * 
rudel-transport.el (rudel-ask-connect-info): new generic function;   obtain 
required information for making a connection * socket/rudel-socket.el 
(rudel-tcp-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): * tls/rudel-tls.el 
(rudel-start-tls-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): * xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el 
(rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): new   method; ask for hostname 
and port
       new  0026d5c   Let transport ask for connect info in 
rudel-ask-protocol-backend * rudel-session-initiation.el   
(rudel-ask-protocol-backend::rudel-discover): call   `rudel-ask-connect-info' 
of the transport backend in addition to the   protocol backend
       new  c1a28ce   Improved robustness of rudel-session-initiation-discover 
* rudel-session-initiation.el (rudel-session-initiation-discover): try   to 
find specified backend in primary and fallback backend lists
       new  c678275   Let transport ask for connect info in rudel-join-session 
* rudel.el (rudel-join-session): use `rudel-ask-connect-info' as   
info-callback when calling `rudel-make-connection'
       new  e23ab76   Fixed call to object-run-hook... in 
rudel-detach-from-buffer * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-detach-from-buffer): 
pass the saved   buffer to `object-run-hook-with-args' properly
       new  657ada3   New collecting transport filter * rudel-transport-util.el 
(header): mention collecting transport   filter in commentary and history 
section   (rudel-collecting-transport-filter): new class; queue data until a   
certain amount is available for transmission
       new  c30ba7d   Fixed typo in rudel-collecting-transport-filter::delay * 
rudel-transport-util.el (rudel-collecting-transport-filter::delay):   fixed 
typo in :initform
       new  e049909   Fixed problems in rudel-after-major-mode-change * 
rudel.el (rudel-after-major-mode-change): when repairing document   <-> buffer 
relations, ignore deleted buffers; reset   `rudel-mode-changed-buffers' after 
all buffers have been processed
       new  2246439   Fixed a typo in documentation string of 
rudel-make-connection * rudel-transport.el 
(rudel-transport-backend::rudel-make-connection):   fixed a typo in the 
documentation string
       new  0c32118   Fixed error symbol rudel-obby-username-invalid in obby 
client * obby/rudel-obby.el (header): updated copyright   
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-connect): fixed error symbol   
rudel-obby-username-invalid -> rudel-obby-invalid-username * 
obby/rudel-obby-client.el (header): updated copyright   
(rudel-obby-client-state-joining::rudel-obby/net6_login_failed):   fixed error 
symbol rudel-obby-username-invalid ->   rudel-obby-invalid-username
       new  dd064b9   Handle invalid color on the obby protocol level * 
obby/rudel-obby.el (rudel-connect): check for   `rudel-obby-invalid-color' and 
reset the color value in that case * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (header): 
updated copyright   (rudel-check-username-and-color): send value of   
`rudel-obby-error-color' when the color is invalid * obby/rudel-obby-errors.el 
(header): updated copyright   (rudel-obby-invalid-color): new condition symbol; 
used to indicated   an invalid color   ( [...]
       new  ef99509   New class rudel-xmpp-state-tls-start * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tls.el (header): added commentary   (require rudel-tls): 
removed; require it when needed   (rudel-xmpp-state-tls-start): new class; 
state used to enable TLS    encryption for a connection   
(rudel-xmpp-state-tls-start::rudel-enter): new method; enable TLS   encryption 
for the associated connection and switch to authenticated   state   
(add-to-list rudel-xmpp-states): fixed typo
       new  8f26fc9   Fixed error in rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-start::rudel-enter * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el (rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-start::rudel-enter):   use 
`let*' instead of     `let'   (rudel-xmpp-sasl-states): added documentation 
       new  3d5a9d5   Added RFC 3921 to xmpp documentation * xmpp/doc/rfc3921: 
new file; XMPP messaging and presence RFC
       new  ea92b27   Minor cleanup in xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el   (rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-step::rudel-accept): 
minor cleanup
       new  cd57dca   Added notes file to xmpp documentation * 
xmpp/doc/notes.org: new file; notes concerning the XMPP backend
       new  be7f5ed   Fixed license of xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el * xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el 
(header): fixed license
       new  519cc29   Support specifying a host and JID in the XMPP transport * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): ask   for JID 
and return it   (rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection): extract jid 
property;   pass host, jid and start state to transport constructor   
(rudel-xmpp-state-new::rudel-enter): accept arguments to and jid;   pass to 
negotiate-stream state   (rudel-xmpp-state-negotiate-stream::rudel-enter): 
accept to and jid   arguments; use to an [...]
       new  9001a26   Improved XMPP SASL implementation * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el (rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-start::rudel-enter):   accept 
additional arguments and pass them to sasl-try-one successor   
(rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-try-one::rudel-enter): accept additional   arguments 
name and server and pass them to sasl-try-one when   self-transitioning   
(rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-start::rudel-enter): accept   additional 
arguments name and server and use them when calling   `sasl-make-client [...]
       new  33c2967   Removed function 
rudel-xmpp-state::rudel-set-assembly-function * xmpp/rudel-xmpp-state.el   
(rudel-xmpp-state::rudel-set-assembly-function): obsolete; removed
       new  fc5d56b   XMPP backend improvements * xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (header): 
added commentary section (require   rudel-state-machine): required for the 
state classes   (require rudel-tcp): required since the TCP transport underlies 
the   XMPP transport   (rudel-xmpp-transport-version): bumped to 0.2   
(rudel-xmpp-backend): added documentation string   
(rudel-xmpp-backend::initialize-instance): removed &rest from slots;   added 
documentation string   (rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-conne [...]
       new  40d130a   Improved rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection): call   
info-callback when info elements are missing; improved documentation   string; 
added comments
       new  7a354bc   Analyze XMPP failures in 
rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-step * xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el (require 
base64):removed; nonsense   
(rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-step::rudel-accept): analyze   failure 
responses more thoroughly
       new  48608fb   Added connect capability to XMPP backend * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (rudel-xmpp-backend::capabilities): added   capability 
       new  6b24b83   Updated header of xmpp/rudel-xmpp-debug.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-debug.el (header): added xmpp keyword; fixed   commentary
       new  78730a7   Removed require base64 from xmpp/rudel-xmpp-debug.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-debug.el (require base64): removed; fantasy library   does not 
       new  2187248   Minor improvement in xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection):   better object 
name for transport object   (rudel-xmpp-state-established): added documentation 
string   (rudel-xmpp-state-established::rudel-accept): use filter slot of the   
transport object
       new  5ffa864   Add SASL XMPP states when rudel-xmpp gets loaded * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el (state registration): add SASL states to   state list 
after loading of rudel-xmpp
       new  1542514   Removed require base64 from xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tunnel.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tunnel.el (require base64): removed; fantasy library   does not 
       new  f8d7f8c   Fixed require for rudel-socket in xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (require rudel-socket): changed rudel-tcp ->   rudel-socket
       new  ea5c2c3   Prevent byte-compilation of xmpp/rudel-xmpp-debug.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-debug.el (local variables): prevent byte-compilation
       new  7e7a300   Repair filter in 
rudel-start-tls-transport::initialize-instance * tls/rudel-tls.el 
(rudel-start-tls-transport::initialize-instance):   reinstall 
`rudel-tls-wait-init' which get overwritten by the   superclass
       new  2f24826   Switch stream to string mode in 
rudel-xmpp-state-we-finalize * xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el   
(rudel-xmpp-state-negotiate-stream::rudel-accept): fixed a comment   
(rudel-xmpp-state-we-finalize::rudel-enter): set generate function   to 
identity before trying to send a string
       new  82db0d5   Fix use of XML library in rudel-xmpp-state::rudel-accept 
* xmpp/rudel-xmpp-state.el (rudel-xmpp-state::rudel-accept): use   
`xml-node-name' instead of `xml-tag-name'; tag name is   'stream:error, not 
       new  3272004   Better error and response data handling in 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el * xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el   
(rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-start::rudel-enter): send "initial   response" 
in auth element, if the mechanism wants that   
(rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-step::rudel-accept): handle   invalid-authzid; 
use `xml-node-name' instead of `xml-tag-name'
       new  519a23f   Updated TODO * TODO (Future):   (Milestone 0.4): minor 
adjustments   (Milestone 0.3): new task, integrate new debugging framework; new 
  task, add XMPP transport backend; minor adjustments
       new  4c57475   Integrated new debugging framework * rudel-debug.el 
(header): updated copyright; fixed keywords; extended   commentary section; 
added 0.2 to history section   (require rudel-transport-util):   (require 
rudel-socket): now required, since we install methods   
(rudel-debug-tag-faces): changed from constant to variable   
(rudel-state-change :before):   (rudel-debug-stream-name):   
(rudel-debug-stream-insert): removed; replaced by   
`rudel-debug-write-to-stream' and `rude [...]
       new  90cf652   Initial import of Adopted algorithm * Project.ede 
(autoloads): added adopted directory * rudel-compile.el (header): updated 
copyright   (top level autoload):   (top level): added adopted directory * 
adopted/Project.ede: new file; project file adopted subdirectory * 
adopted/adopted.el: new file; Adopted algorithm entry point * 
adopted/adopted-operation.el: new file; Adopted operation base class * 
adopted/adopted-nop.el: new file; Adopted no operation class * adopted/a [...]
       new  235a211   Added operation classes for point, range, cursor and 
selection * rudel-operations.el (header): updated copyright; fixed and extended 
  commentary section; bumped version to 0.2   (rudel-point-operation): new 
abstract class; base class for   point-type operations   
(rudel-range-operation): new abstract class; base class for   range-type 
operations   (rudel-insert-op): now subclass of rudel-point-operation   
(rudel-delete-op): now subclass of rudel-range-operation   (r [...]
       new  d870e73   Initial import of infinote backend * Project.ede (target 
autoloads): added infinote directory * rudel-compile.el (top level autoload):   
(top level): added infinote directory * infinote/Project.ede: mew file; project 
file for * infinote/rudel-infinote.el: new file; infinote backend main file * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-util.el: new file; infinote backend   miscellaneous 
functions * infinote/rudel-infinote-user.el: new file; infinote user class * 
infinote/rudel-infinote [...]
       new  7c4c081   Added docstrings in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group-directory.el * 
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-idle): added documentation string   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-idle::rudel-infinote/sync-in):   return nil to 
avoid state switch   (rudel-infinote-directory-state-exploring): added 
documentation   string   (rudel-infinote-directory-state-subscribing): added 
documentation   string
       new  9639479   Extended rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-receive 
* infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el (header): fixed X-RCS field   
(rudel-receive): enabled handler code; use `display-warning' instead   of `warn'
       new  a5d8ee5   Fixed some comments in infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el 
* infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-subscribe-to): fixed   some comments
       new  d521e41   Fixed use of rudel-state-wait in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-publish): added a comment   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-subscribe-to): fixed use of   
`rudel-state-wait'; added more comments
       new  db120f0   Provide customization to append chat messages at top or 
bottom * rudel-chat.el (header): updated copyright   
(rudel-chat-handler-function): split "log into buffer" behavior into   "append 
at bottom" and "appending at top"   (rudel-chat-handle-buffer-top): renamed 
`rudel-chat-handle-buffer ->   `rudel-chat-handle-buffer-top   
(rudel-chat-handle-buffer-bottom): new function; append chat   messages at 
bottom of target buffer
       new  cb49027   Fixed docstring typo in infinote/rudel-infinote.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote.el (rudel-connect): fixed typo in docstring   obby -> 
       new  02578a7   Added standard draft for XEP-0047: In-Band Bytestreams to 
xmpp/doc * xmpp/doc/xep-0047.html: new file; standard draft for XEP-0047:   
In-Band Bytestreams
       new  cba431b   Added task to investigate XEP 0047 for xmpp tunnel to 
TODO * TODO (Future): added task to investigate XEP 0047 for xmpp tunnel
       new  fd8b9bd   Added "Commentary" comment to 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el (header): 
added a "Commentary"   comment
       new  f3736a6   Extended capability list of infinote backend * 
infinote/rudel-infinote.el (rudel-infinote-backend::capabilities):   added 
group-undo capability   (rudel-infinote-backend::rudel-connect): better object 
name for the   created connection object
       new  342c113   Infinote mock user has to be of class rudel-infinote-user 
* infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el (require rudel-infinote-user):   required 
for mock user creation   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::initialize-instance): mock user   has to be 
an object of class rudel-infinote-user
       new  41befbb   Require rudel-infinote-state, not rudel-infinote-states * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el (require rudel-infinote-state):   fixed 
require rudel-infinote-states -> rudel-infinote-state
       new  3339eff   Handle all object types when writing to debug streams * 
rudel-debug.el (rudel-debug-write-to-stream): handle object types   other than 
string and object by calling `prin1-to-string'
       new  30da45e   Improved some error messages in obby backend * 
obby/rudel-obby-state.el (header): updated copyright   
(rudel-obby-document-handler::rudel-obby/obby_document): improved   error 
message * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (header): updated copyright   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document/record):   improved 
error messages
       new  4f8bb27   Added draft of package diagram describing Rudel's 
architecture * doc/architecture.svg: new draft of a package diagram; 
architectural   overview * doc/architecture.png: generated
       new  49b849c   Added tasks concerning data queuing and new hooks to TODO 
* TODO (Future): new task, provide additional hooks; new task, always   queue 
outgoing data first; new task, display queued data
       new  a328de6   Improved some error messages in infinote backend * 
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-add-document): improved   error 
       new  fea68f2   Updated copyright, year and version in reference card * 
doc/card.tex (header): updated version and copyright   (constants): updated 
version and copyright * doc/card.pdf: regenerated
       new  5b87f2d   Ensure self user is present in after sync in obby backend 
* obby/rudel-obby-client.el (rudel-obby/obby_sync_final): switch to   
we-finalized when the self user is missing
       new  e54a6aa   Removed &rest from initialize-instance in 
obby/rudel-obby.el * obby/rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-backend::initialize-instance):   removed &rest from slots arguments
       new  75c57af   Project files for telepathy backend * Project.ede (target 
autoloads): added telepathy * telepathy/Project.ede: new file; project file for 
telepathy   sub-directory * telepathy/rudel-telepathy.el (header): updated 
copyright; updated   version   (rudel-telepathy-backend::initialize-instance): 
removed &rest from   slots argument * rudel-compile.el (top level autoloads):   
(top level): added telepathy sub-directory
       new  df7886c   Removed invalid files from infinote/Project.ede * 
infinote/Project.ede (target infinote): removed invalid files   
rudel-infinote-server.el and rudel-infinote-document-group.el
       new  29f923b   Added node base class rudel-infinote-node to infinote 
backend * infinote/Project.ede (target infinote): added   
rudel-infinote-node.el; renamed rudel-infinote-directory-document.el   to 
rudel-infinote-node-directory.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-node.el: new file; 
contains   `rudel-infinote-node' class which is the base class for all node   
classes * infinote/rudel-infinote-node-directory.el: renamed   
`rudel-infinote-directory-document.el' ->   `rudel-infinote-node-d [...]
       new  988d0fe   Added directory infinote/doc for infinote backend 
documentation * infinote/doc: new directory; for documentation concerning the   
infinote backend
       new  a456769   Added ideas (passwords, buffer names) to Future milestone 
in TODO * TODO (Future): new task; obtain password from auth-source.el or   
secrets.el; new task; when subscribing to a document set the buffer   filename
       new  005192f   Fixed error in rudel-session-initiation-adjust-info * 
rudel-session-initiation.el (rudel-session-initiation-adjust-info):   push 
elements onto intermediate result in reverse order, then   reverse the whole 
       new  4730424   Escaped parentheses in docstring in 
rudel-session-initiation.el * rudel-session-initiation.el 
(rudel-configured-sessions): escaped   parentheses in documentation string
       new  e3353d5   Added idea multiple listeners to Future milestone in TODO 
* TODO (Future): new task; allow multiple transport listeners to be   
associated with a server session
       new  bcd0e0c   Added rudel-adebug-discover to rudel-debug.el * 
rudel-debug.el (rudel-adebug-discover): new function; analyze   discoverable 
session in a data debug buffer
       new  40807a3   Removed &rest from initialize-instance in 
wave/rudel-wave.el * wave/rudel-wave.el (header): updated copyright   
(rudel-wave-backend::initialize-instance): remove &rest from   arguments
       new  3416b3e   Escaped parens in a docstring in rudel-util.el * 
rudel-util.el (header): updated copyright   (rudel-assemble-lines): Escaped 
top-level-looking parenthesis in   documentation string
       new  13871d4   Fixed spelling error in docstring in rudel-util.el * 
rudel-util.el (rudel-dispatch): fixed spelling error in   documentation string
       new  7c5ed08   Fixed typo in a docstring in xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info):   fixed typo 
in documentation string
       new  4b16081   Added &rest args to rudel-xmpp-state::rudel-enter * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-state.el (rudel-xmpp-state::rudel-enter): added   &rest args
       new  85e9a9a   Added idle state and shelving of data to XMPP transport * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (rudel-xmpp-state-established::rudel-enter):   removed; 
handled by method specialized on base class   
(rudel-xmpp-state-established::rudel-accept): new method; store   received data 
for later processing in successor states   (rudel-xmpp-state-idle): new class; 
idle state; the transport enters   this state after establishing the connection 
  (rudel-xmpp-state-idle::rudel-enter): new method; p [...]
       new  7eb298d   Added idea consolidate operations before sending to TODO 
* TODO (Future): new task; delay and consolidate operations before   sending in 
order to conserve bandwidth
       new  7e8c11f   Updated fragment assembling and looping functions * 
rudel-util.el (rudel-assemble-line-fragments): removed; replaced by   generic 
`rudel-assemble-fragments'   (rudel-assemble-fragments): simplified; call 
function with two   arguments instead of a list   (rudel-assemble-lines): take 
two arguments, data and storage   (rudel-loop-lines): removed; replaced by 
generic   `rudel-loop-fragments' * rudel-xml.el (rudel-xml-assemble-tags): take 
two arguments, data and   storage [...]
       new  2de2d15   Added docstrings to rudel-obby-server in 
obby/rudel-obby-server.el * obby/rudel-obby-server.el 
(rudel-obby-server::clients):   (rudel-obby-server::next-client-id):   
(rudel-obby-server::next-user-id):   (rudel-obby-server::contexts): added 
documentation strings
       new  117d78f   Minor whitespace cleanup in rudel.el * rudel.el 
(rudel-allocate-buffer-function): whitespace cleanup
       new  f95bc0c   Added idea enable modes by default? in TODO * TODO 
(Milestone 0.3): new task; enable modes by default?
       new  163b5c5   Quote in rudel-operation->xml in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-util.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-util.el   
(adopted-compound::rudel-operation->xml): fixed missing quote of   split 
element in XML generation
       new  f508709   Seq. number parsing/generation in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-util.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-util.el   
(rudel-infinote-parse-sequence-number): new function; parse infinote   sequence 
number   (rudel-infinote-generate-sequence-number): new function; generate   
infinote sequence number
       new  01f06a5   Check color on entering joining state in 
obby/rudel-obby-client.el * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-joining::rudel-enter): check color before   trying to 
login; switch to failure state if the color is invalid
       new  cdf5c4d   Delegation for group states in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el (require 
rudel-util): new require;   for rudel-impersonator and rudel-delegator   
(rudel-infinote-group-state): added superclasses   `rudel-impersonator' and 
`rudel-delegator'   (rudel-infinote-group-state::impersonation-target-slot): 
new slot   specification; specify group as impersonation target   
(rudel-infinote-group-state::delegation-target-slot): new slot   specif [...]
       new  0369e59   New state in infinote/rudel-infinote-group-directory.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group-directory.el (require xml):   (require 
rudel-xml): new require; used for XML processing   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-new): new class; initial state of   the 
infinote directory group   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-new::rudel-infinote/welcome): new   method; 
handle infinote welcome message   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-exploring::rudel-enter): use   sequence number 
of gr [...]
       new  86e6a1e   Warn for dispatch errors in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el   
(rudel-infinote-group-state::rudel-accept): handle dispatch errors   by 
displaying a warning
       new  c653f35   Require warnings library where display-warning is used * 
rudel-backend.el (header): updated copyright   (require warnings): * 
obby/rudel-obby-state.el (require warnings): * obby/rudel-obby-client.el 
(require warnings): * infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el (require warnings): * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group-directory.el (require warnings): * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el (require warnings): new require;   this is 
needed since display-warning is used
       new  9764041   Use `display-warning' in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group-directory.el * 
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-exploring::rudel-infinote/explore-end):   use 
`display-warning' instead of `warn'
       new  d472694   Cleanup in infinote/rudel-infinote-group-text-document.el 
* infinote/rudel-infinote-group-text-document.el   
(rudel-infinote-group-text-document-states): fixed comment   
(rudel-infinote-group-text-document::initialize-instance): leave   
initialization of state list to state-machine class
       new  d2fda6b   Fixed parentheses in infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el (rudel-infinote-embed-in-group):   fixed 
       new  6169a5f   Fixed state list in rudel-infinote-backend::rudel-connect 
* infinote/rudel-infinote.el (rudel-infinote-backend::rudel-connect):   wait 
for transport to go to idle state, instead of established;   expect 
disconnected error state
       new  2464b9b   Silence the byte-compiler in obby/rudel-obby-server.el * 
obby/rudel-obby-server.el (require rudel-obby): required to silence   the 
       new  2232c39   Removed class rudel-infinote-group-state in 
rudel-infinote-state.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-state.el (header): added file 
commentary   (rudel-infinote-group-state): removed class; this is now handled 
in   rudel-infinote-group.el
       new  68b34fd   Improved comment in 
rudel-infinote-group-state::rudel-accept * infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el   
(rudel-infinote-group-state::rudel-accept): improved a comment
       new  5a20df7   Sequence numbers start at 1 in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::sequence-number): start at 1, not   0
       new  1322880   Fixed invalid state switch in xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp.el (rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection): call   
`rudel-start' of the TCP transport, not the XMPP transport   
(rudel-xmpp-state-negotiate-stream::rudel-enter): removed whitespace   in 
stream template string
       new  00b3f87   Added error conditions for the infinote backend * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-errors.el: new file; contains definitions of   error 
conditions for the infinote backend * infinote/Project.ede (target infinote): 
added   rudel-infinote-errors.el
       new  eb14740   Signal proper errors in infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el 
* infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el (require cl): new require; we use   cl 
functions   (require rudel-infinote-errors): new require; for specialized   
infinote errors   (rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-add-document): when 
we   cannot find a parent node, signal rudel-infinote-no-such-node; added   a 
       new  232fc32   Methods of rudel-infinote-client to find, add, remove 
nodes * infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-find-node): new method;   find node by 
its id or by other criteria   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-add-node): added   documentation 
string   (rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-remove-node): new method;   
remove a node
       new  75d5f73   Extended rudel-remove-group infinote/in 
rudel-infinote-client.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-remove-group): changed   argument to 
allow for group name or group object; added   documentation string
       new  bad2c7f   Docstrings of groups and nodes of 
rudel-infinote-client-connection * infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::groups): added documentation   string   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::nodes): added documentation   string
       new  bba1100   Improved creation of root node in 
rudel-infinote-client-connection * infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::initialize-instance): add the   root 
directory as a node, not as a document
       new  3c59474   Renamed -document to -node in 
rudel-infinote-group-directory.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-group-directory.el  
 (rudel-infinote-directory-state-idle::rudel-infinote/add-node): call   
rudel-add-node instead of rudel-add-document   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-exploring::rudel-infinote/add-node):   call 
rudel-add-node instead of rudel-add-document   
(rudel-infinote-group-directory::rudel-add-node): renamed   rudel-add-document 
-> rudel-add-node   (rudel-infinote-grou [...]
       new  5a39bd8   Renamed r-add-document -> r-add-new-node in 
-infinote-client.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-add-new-node): renamed   
rudel-add-document -> rudel-add-new-node; added comments
       new  6a8374c   Fixed slot in 
rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-find-node * 
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-find-node): fixed name of   slot 
documents -> nodes
       new  748efc7   Moved rudel-unique-name from infinote-document to 
infinote-node * infinote/rudel-infinote-node.el   
(rudel-infinote-node::rudel-unique-name): new method; move to   
rudel-infinote-note from rudel-infinote-document * 
(rudel-infinote-document::rudel-unique-name): removed; moved to   
       new  1d485d4   Add new nodes to list in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-add-new-node): call   rudel-add-node 
to add the new nodes to the node list of the client   connection
       new  46a328e   Updated IRC, TLS and infinote related issues in TODO * 
TODO (Future): added task for IRC backend   (Milestone 0.3): marked TLS start 
state problem as fixed; marked   document tree-related tasks as started
       new  bf3973c   Fixed class name in methods in xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tunnel.el 
* xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tunnel.el (rudel-xmpp-tunnel-transport::rudel-send):   
(rudel-xmpp-tunnel-transport::rudel-message): fixed class name in   method 
definition rudel-xmpp-transport ->   rudel-xmpp-tunnel-transport
       new  b187d01   Fixed XMPP TLS state name in xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tls.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-tls.el (rudel-xmpp-tls-states): fixed class name for   
start-tls state rudel-xmpp-start-tls-start ->   rudel-xmpp-state-tls-start
       new  21d4333   Fixed header sections in rudel-operators.el * 
rudel-operators.el (header): updated copyright; minor improvements   in 
commentary section; minor improvements in history section
       new  a599f82   Added branches as tags and other updates in TODO * TODO 
(Future): added tasks typing notification, document history,   session log, 
activity indicator, tracking of chunk modifications,   peer view indication; 
added branch tags   (Milestone 0.4): added branch tags
       new  01d7fc9   Small fixes and improvements in README * README 
(INTRODUCTION): fixed a typo   (GETTING STARTED): added comment about enabling  
 global-rudel-minor-mode in .emacs; added markup to example
       new  58c0091   Improved docstring of global-rudel-minor-mode in 
rudel-mode.el * rudel-mode.el (header): updated copyright   
(rudel-header-subscriptions--add-user): renamed lexical-let binding   for 
clarity   (global-rudel-minor-mode): Added key bindings to documentation   
       new  8840de5   Disabled query on exit for TLS and socket transport 
processes * tls/rudel-tls.el (rudel-tls-make-process): set query on exit flag 
of   the process to nil * socket/rudel-socket.el 
(rudel-tcp-backend::rudel-wait-for-connections): set :noquery flag   of the new 
       new  5a30946   Added some related work to doc/notes-for-developers.org * 
doc/notes-for-developers.org (Related Work): new section; some links   to 
related work
       new  14a0b21   Improved documentation string of class 
rudel-infinote-node * infinote/rudel-infinote-node.el (rudel-infinote-node): 
improved   documentation string
       new  0d8569b   Wait for idle state in 
rudel-infinote-backend::rudel-connect * infinote/rudel-infinote.el 
(rudel-infinote-backend::rudel-connect):   wait for the infinote connection 
object to enter its idle state
       new  efbd9db   Improved arg handling rudel-find-{user, document} in 
rudel.el * rudel.el (rudel-session::rudel-find-user):   
(rudel-session::rudel-find-document): handle optional arguments more   
efficiently   (rudel-user): added a comment
       new  45b9377   Added clickable status icon task to milestone Future in 
TODO * TODO (Future): added status icon should be clickable task; document   
history is in irc branch
       new  c66a970   Small improvements and updates in doc/card.tex * 
doc/card.tex (macros): removed metabox macro; renamed \ccc ->   \prefix   
(Backends): improved wording; added infinote and IRC backends   (Examples): 
reorganized; added prompts for transport and protocol   backends   (Debugging): 
new section; explain dumping backends and loading the   debug library * 
doc/card.pdf: regenerated
       new  ed32ace   Added version to header in rudel.el and update rule to 
Project.ede * rudel.el (header): added Version field * Project.ede (target 
rudel): added rudel.el to :versionsource
       new  8bb5fe5   Minor fixes and improvements in obby/rudel-obby-client.el 
* obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/net6_client_join): use   test = when 
locating user; improved comment   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document_create):   added TODO 
item regarding not displaying messages from the backend   
(rudel-obby-client-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document/rename):   improved 
documentation string   (rudel-obby-client-state-session-sy [...]
       new  4429ceb   Removed &rest from slots arg of init-inst of 
rudel-obby-connection * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
(rudel-obby-connection::initialize-instance): removed &rest from   slots 
       new  16df309   Cosmetic changes and doc improvements in 
obby/rudel-obby-client.el * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
improved comment; cosmetic changes   (rudel-obby/obby_document/sync_chunk): 
improved documentation   string; changed let* -> let; use zerop instead of = 
... 0; added a   comment   (rudel-obby-connection::rudel-publish): added a 
documentation string
       new  cc8067a   Pass new session to session initiation in 
rudel-host-session * rudel.el (rudel-host-session): call   
rudel-session-initiation-advertise when the new session object has   been 
       new  b1b5896   Warn if document does not exist when handling 
obby_document msg * obby/rudel-obby-server.el (require warnings): new require; 
used to   display warning messages   
(rudel-obby-server-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document): check   whether the 
document does exist; display a warning if it does not
       new  80e2ee3   Associated rudel-unsubscribed-documents to 
rudel-client-session * rudel.el 
(rudel-client-session::rudel-unsubscribed-documents):   changed specializer 
rudel-session -> rudel-client-session   (rudel-document::rudel-chunks): write 
functions with #' syntax   (rudel-mode-changed-buffers): reflowed documentation 
       new  e46b03e   Added some branch tags in TODO * TODO (Future): added 
branch tags; multiple listeners task is started   (Milestone 0.4): added branch 
       new  eaf8a04   Allow access to text child nodes in with-tag-attrs * 
rudel-xml.el (with-tag-attrs): allow second position in binding   specification 
to text; look up child text node
       new  8f1d625   Added documentation and comments in rudel-xml.el * 
rudel-xml.el (do-tag-children): added documentation string   
(rudel-xml-toplevel-tag-positions): Improved documentation string;   added some 
       new  0b9f372   Make xml->string not pretty-print unless requested * 
rudel-xml.el (xml->string): use new utility function   rudel-xml-print-node 
when not pretty-printing   (rudel-xml-print-node): new utility function; print 
XML node   (rudel-xml-print-attr): new utility function; print XML attribute
       new  54f96f5   Improved customization group definition in rudel.el * 
rudel.el (defgroup rudel): added group communication and :link s to   the 
library, the Sourceforge project page and the Emacs Wiki page
       new  d80268f   Match response types with case in rudel-xmpp-sasl.el * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el   (rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-step::rudel-accept): 
use `case'   instead of `cond' when matching response types
       new  ea68a91   Added contents of header commentary section in 
rudel-xmpp-sasl.el * xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el (header): added contents of 
commentary   section
       new  6df5a6e   New function rudel-obtain-password, used in XMPP SASL 
mechanism * rudel-interactive.el (rudel-obtain-password): new function; try to  
 obtain from different sources, falling back to prompting the user * 
xmpp/rudel-xmpp-sasl.el   (rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-step::rudel-accept): 
bind   `sasl-read-passphrase' to `rudel-obtain-sasl-password' to make it   
(rudel-xmpp-state-sasl-mechanism-step::rudel-obtain-sasl-password):   call 
`rudel-obtain-password'  [...]
       new  edefcd4   Improved docstring of method 
rudel-obby/obby_document/sync_init * obby/rudel-obby-client.el   
improved documentation string
       new  9073b8b   Added class rudel-infinote-sequence-number-group * 
rudel-infinote-group.el (rudel-infinote-group-state::rudel-send):   removed; 
get delegated automatically   (rudel-infinote-sequence-number-group): new 
class; added   automatically incrementing sequence numbers to messages sent 
through   the group
       new  df521f0   More data in warnings in 
rudel-infinote-group-state::rudel-accept * rudel-infinote-group.el 
(rudel-infinote-group-state::rudel-accept):   include more data in warning 
messages for failed requests
       new  7e28832   Added documentation strings in rudel-infinote-group.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el (rudel-infinote-group): made   abstract; added 
documentation string   (rudel-infinote-embed-in-group): added documentation 
       new  5671860   Improved commentary section in rudel-infinote-group.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el (header): extended commentary   section; added 
0.2 to version section
       new  d47560c   Warning severity in rudel-infinote-group-directory.el * 
specify warning severity in call to `display-warning'
       new  a23d28a   Store sequence number and plugins in 
rudel-infinote/welcome * rudel-infinote-group-directory.el   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-new::sequence-number): new slot;   stores the 
sequence number transmitted by the remote side   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-new::plugins): new slot; stores the   plugin 
list transmitted by the remote side   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-new::rudel-infinote/welcome): store   sequence 
number and plugin list received form remote side
       new  1f40b3c   Store remote side id in rudel-infinote-group.el * 
(rudel-infinote-sequence-number-group::remote-id): new slot; stores   id 
assigned by remote side
       new  b09e31c   Added slot plugins to class 
rudel-infinote-client-connection * rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::plugins): new slot; list of   plugins 
advertised by the remote side   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::initialize-instance): minor   cleanup
       new  089f007   Removed obsolete method from rudel-infinote-client.el * 
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-register-state): removed   obsolete 
       new  fe1c1a0   Added methods rudel-self and rudel-find-user in rudel.el 
* rudel.el (rudel-client-session::rudel-self): new reader method;   returns the 
self user   (rudel-document::rudel-find-user): new method; finds ands returns a 
  specified user
       new  631f973   Use self user in rudel-local-operation in 
rudel-infinote-client.el * rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-local-operation): obtain   self user 
from session object
       new  28d7ced   New rudel-make-and-add-group in 
rudel-infinote-group-directory.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-group-directory.el  
 (rudel-infinote-group-directory::rudel-add-node): changed call   
`rudel-add-new-node' -> `rudel-make-and-add-node' * 
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-make-and-add-group): new   method; 
create a new group object and add it to the list of groups   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-make-and-add-node): renamed [...]
       new  8eea100   Exploit auto sequence numbers in 
rudel-infinote-group-directory * rudel-infinote-group-directory.el   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-exploring::rudel-enter): do not add   sequence 
number to message since the super class of the group does   that automatically  
 (rudel-infinote-group-directory): changed superclass to   
`rudel-infinote-sequence-number-group' to get automatic sequence   number 
       new  f1b4ee7   Fixed parens in rudel-infinote-embed-in-request * 
rudel-infinote-util.el (rudel-infinote-parse-sequence-number):   validate input 
  (rudel-infinote-embed-in-request): fixed parens
       new  e94d840   Reversed order of superclasses of rudel-infinote-document 
* rudel-infinote-document.el (rudel-infinote-document): reversed order   of 
superclasses; added documentation string
       new  a2b9aa6   Subscription ack in rudel-infinote-group-directory.el * 
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-subscribing;:rudel-leave): new   method; send 
subscription acknowledgment
       new  09f28a1   Store and use id in rudel-infinote-group-directory.el * 
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-subscribing::id): new slot; stores   the id ob 
the target node of the subscription   
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-subscribing::rudel-enter): store id;   added 
documentation string   
  check the received id against the stored id; send message through   group
       new  f0a1cc9   Renamed group states in rudel-infinote-group-document.el 
* infinote/rudel-infinote-group-document.el   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle): renamed   
rudel-infinote-document-state-idle ->   
rudel-infinote-document-state-synchronizing ->   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-states): changed names of group   states
       new  8094a33   Handle user joining in rudel-infinote-group-document.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group-document.el (require warnings): new   require; 
required for displaying warnings   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle::rudel-infinote/user-join):   create 
a user object and add it to the document   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle::rudel-infinote/user-rejoin):   find 
the user in the document and update its slots; warn if the user   cannot be 
found   (rudel-infinote- [...]
       new  0362281   Added new class rudel-infinote-group-state-closed * 
rudel-infinote-group.el (rudel-infinote-group-state-closed): new   closed; 
groups enter this state when a close message is received   (this 
rudel-infinote-group-state-closed::rudel-accept): new method;   ignore all 
       new  30f3cc5   Added a 'closed' state to infinote group classes * 
(rudel-infinote-group-text-document-states): added closed state * 
(rudel-infinote-group-document-states): added closed state * 
(rudel-infinote-directory-state-new): added a comment   
(rudel-infinote-group-directory-states): added closed state
       new  b16fc1e   Added comments,  docs to rudel-infinote-group-document.el 
* infinote/rudel-infinote-group-document.el   
added comments and display a warning when the number of received   
synchronization items differs from the expected number   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-joining): added documentation   string
       new  303c5a9   Updated user state handlers in 
rudel-infinote-group-document.el * rudel-infinote-group-document.el   
 try to find the user in the list of subscribed user of the document   and 
update its status   
new method; handle 'user-color-change' message
       new  97e0733   Better updates of user status in 
rudel-infinote-group-document.el * rudel-infinote-group-document.el   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle::rudel-infinote/user-join):   update 
the status slot of the user   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-joining::rudel-infinote/user-join):   warn 
if the self user cannot be found
       new  d0e31b9   Fixed state superclasses in 
rudel-infinote-group-text-document.el * rudel-infinote-group-text-document.el   
(rudel-infinote-group-text-document-state-idle): fixed superclass   
rudel-infinote-document-state-idle ->   
(rudel-infinote-group-text-document-state-synchronizing): fixed   superclass 
rudel-infinote-document-state-synchronizing ->   
       new  3c960cb   New method rudel-document::rudel-clear-users for infinote 
backend * rudel.el (rudel-document::rudel-clear-users): new method; clear list  
 of subscribed users * infinote/rudel-infinote-group-document.el   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-synchronizing::rudel-enter):   use 
`rudel-clear-users'; users are added by the synchronization   process
       new  724e244   Added rudel-color.el and use it in infinote backend * 
rudel-color.el: new file; utility functions for color manipulation;   currently 
RGB <-> HSV conversion * Project.ede (target rudel): added rudel-color.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group-document.el (require rudel-color): new   require; 
used to convert hue values to RGB colors   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle::rudel-infinote/user-rej [...]
       new  d5a0042   Use correct users in infinote document group states idle, 
joining * infinote/rudel-infinote-group-document.el   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle::rudel-infinote/request):   retrieve 
user object from document object and use it in request   processing   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-joining::rudel-enter): do not   use a 
dummy user object, but the self object from the session
       new  9bf763f   Use correct users in requests of 
infinote-group-text-document * infinote/rudel-infinote-group-text-document.el   
  accept user argument; use passed in user object instead of dummy   user 
   use passed in user object instead of dummy user object   
(rudel-infinote-group-text-document-state-idle::ru [...]
       new  7530210   Added some docs in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-text-document.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-text-document.el (header): added commentary   section   
(rudel-infinote-text-document): added documentation string
       new  29448f6   Changed initarg of rudel-infinote-user::id to :id * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-user.el (rudel-infinote-user::id): changed   initarg to 
:id   (rudel-infinote-user::rudel-display-string): minor cosmetic changes
       new  b569215   Added rudel-make-{node, group} to rudel-infinote-backend 
* infinote/rudel-infinote.el   (rudel-infinote-backend::rudel-make-node): new 
method; create node   object according to specified type and properties   
(rudel-infinote-backend::rudel-make-group): new method; create group   object 
according to specified type and properties
       new  d962e24   Fixed incorrect parenthesis in rudel-infinote-user.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-user.el   (rudel-infinote-user::rudel-display-string): 
fixed incorrect   parenthesis
       new  a1d4191   Moved display functions of infinote backend into separate 
file * infinote/Project.ede (target infinote): added   
infinote/rudel-infinote-display.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-user.el   
(rudel-infinote-user::rudel-display-string): moved to file   
infinote/rudel-infinote-display.el * infinote/rudel-infinote-display.el: new 
file; display functions   for infinote objects
       new  b8d778e   * README (INTRODUCTION): mention header line   (GETTING 
STARTED): link to INSTALL and .emacs files; fixed typo   (LICENSE): spell out 
licensing terms   (file local settings): added show everything, author and title
       new  f5bafcc   Removed unused require in rudel-infinote-user.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-user.el (require rudel-icons): remove;   unused
       new  29a19b6   Added args to 
infinote-client-connection::rudel-make-and-add-group * rudel-infinote-client.el 
  (rudel-infinote-client-connection::initialize-instance): cosmetic   changes   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::rudel-make-and-add-group): accept   
additional arguments name, method and node
       new  3abe8ae   Added class rudel-infinote-document-user to infinote 
backend * rudel-infinote-user.el (require rudel-util): new require; for   
`rudel-impersonator' and `rudel-delegator'   (rudel-infinote-document-user): 
new class; specialized infinote user   class for documents; in infinote, user 
properties can vary on a   per-session basis
       new  128cd6e   Added reader rudel-set-id to 
rudel-infinote-document-user::id * rudel-infinote-user.el 
(rudel-infinote-document-user::id): added   reader `rudel-set-id'
       new  a431a77   Split accessor of rudel-user::color into reader and 
writer * rudel.el (rudel-user::color): split accessor into reader and writer
       new  bf7ec2a   Added handling of self user to rudel-infinote-document.el 
* infinote/rudel-infinote-document.el (rudel-infinote-document::self):   new 
slot; the self user of the document   
(rudel-infinote-document::rudel-add-user): new method; add a user to   the 
document, also adding it to the session if necessary   
(rudel-infinote-document::rudel-set-self): set the self user of the   document 
also setting the self user of the session if possible
       new  39e5c15   Only set :session-user if unset in 
rudel-infinote-document * infinote/rudel-infinote-document.el   
(rudel-infinote-document::rudel-add-user): only set the value of the   
:session-user slot if it unset
       new  e0cc3c3   Handle document users in 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group-document.el * 
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle::rudel-infinote/user-join):   display 
a warning if the user is already subscribed; do not use the   document slot 
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle::rudel-infinote/user-rejoin):   use 
writer methods to update user's slots; do not use the document   slot 
explicitly   (rudel-infinote-group-docume [...]
       new  242dd28   Specialize rudel-display-string on 
rudel-infinote-document-user * rudel-infinote-display.el   
(rudel-infinote-document-user::rudel-display-string): specialize for   
`rudel-infinote-document-user' instead of `rudel-infinote-user'
       new  51bdc5e   Handle document users in rudel-infinote-group-document.el 
* infinote/rudel-infinote-group-document.el   
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle::rudel-infinote/user-join):   display 
a warning if the user is already subscribed; do not use the   document slot 
(rudel-infinote-group-document-state-idle::rudel-infinote/user-rejoin):   use 
writer methods to update user's slots; do not use the document   slot 
explicitly   (rudel-infinote-group-document-state- [...]
       new  2845f17   Renamed doc/notes-for-developers.org -> 
doc/development.org * doc/development.org: renamed doc/notes-for-developers.org 
->   doc/development.org
       new  a282d79   Added reporting bugs and getting help section to README * 
README (REPORTING BUGS AND GETTING HELP): new section; explain how   to get help
       new  2d8b148   Initial version of the manual in doc/manual.org * 
doc/manual.org: new file; initial version of the manual
       new  8c713e8   Added new class rudel-hook-state-machine to 
rudel-state-machine.el * rudel-state-machine.el (header): fixed keyword; added 
version 0.2 to   history section   (require rudel-util): new require; used by 
the hook state machine   (rudel-state-machine::state): added writer method 
`rudel-set-state'   (rudel-state-machine::initialize-instance): use 
`rudel-set-state'   (rudel-state-machine::rudel-switch): use `rudel-set-state'  
 (rudel-hook-state-machine): new class; a state [...]
       new  5b35ff2   * doc/development.org (header): cosmetic changes   
(Rudel's Architecture): added architecture overview image   (Backends): fixed 
       new  0be5f72   Removed temporary slots id and status from 
rudel-infinote-user * infinote/rudel-infinote-user.el 
(rudel-infinote-user::id): removed;   was temporary   
(rudel-infinote-user::status): removed; was temporary
       new  b09b1aa   Improved docstring of 
rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection * rudel-xmpp.el 
(rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection): improved   documentation string
       new  0855a64   Improved session startup in 
infinote/rudel-infinote{,client}.el * infinote/rudel-infinote.el 
(rudel-infinote-backend::rudel-connect):   use `rudel-wait' to ensure the 
connection is ready for use; handle   missing :host property   
(rudel-infinote-backend::rudel-make-node): do not set the :group   slot when 
creating nodes * infinote/rudel-infinote-client.el   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection::initialize-instance): cosmetic   changes   
(rudel-infinote-client-connection [...]
       new  e837464   Added some docstrings in rudel-infinote-group.el * 
infinote/rudel-infinote-group.el (rudel-infinote-group::connection):   added 
documentation string   (rudel-infinote-group::rudel-register-state): added 
documentation   string   (rudel-infinote-group::rudel-send): added 
documentation string
       new  3ffdb10   Better handling of loading errors in rudel-backend.el * 
rudel-backend.el (header): minor fix in history   
(rudel-backend-factory::rudel-all-backends): added optional   argument 
only-loaded; only return unloaded backends if requested   
(rudel-backend-factory::rudel-suitable-backends): only consider   loaded 
backends   (rudel-backend-factory::rudel-load-backends): if the loading fails,  
 install the error message as a symbol property of the backend name   symbol   
(rud [...]
       new  4ed1166   Removed redundant checks in 
-backend-factory::-suitable-backends * rudel-backend.el 
(rudel-backend-factory::rudel-suitable-backends):   do not check the cdr being 
an object twice
       new  bbfd278   Mention Debian/Ubuntu packages in INSTALL * INSTALL 
(REQUIREMENTS): mention Debian/Ubuntu packages for   gnutls-cli and Avahi   
(footer): added settings startup, title and author
       new  97fc7f2   Hopefully fixed some notorious problems in 
rudel-compile.el * rudel-compile.el (require cl): new require; for flet   
(toplevel compilation): let-bind filename since there have been some   
compilation problems related to `filename' being void; inject   requires for cl 
and rudel-backend into rudel-loaddefs.el
       new  ece545c   New milestones and tags, reassigned items in TODO * TODO 
(Future): reassigned and updated some items   (Milestone rudel-0.5): new 
milestone   (Milestone rudel-0.4): added tag 0.4; scheduled tasks "show cursor  
 positions of other users", "integrate unit tests", "only read color   hue"; 
minor fixes   (Milestone rudel-0.3): added tag 0.3   (Milestone rudel-0.2): 
added tags 0.2 and released   (Milestone rudel-0.1): added tags 0.1 and released
       new  1270bc4   Require rudel-util.el in rudel-mode.el * rudel-mode.el 
(header): minor fix in history section   (require rudel-util): new require; for 
       new  fb50396   Signal error if gnutls-cli cannot be found in 
rudel-tls.el * tls/rudel-tls.el (rudel-tls-client-program): use 
`executable-find'   to set the default value of the option   
(rudel-start-tls-backend::initialize-instance): signal an error   unless 
`rudel-tls-client-program' has a usable value
       new  573aa29   Added require for rudel-util to rudel-hooks.el * 
rudel-hooks.el (header): updated copyright; minor fixes in history   section   
(require rudel-util): new require; for `object-add-hook' and   
       new  c470b9a   Minor fixes and improvements in rudel-overlay.el * 
rudel-overlay.el (header): updated copyright; minor fix in history   section   
(require eieio): new require; for `with-slots'   (rudel-author-overlay-face): 
removed leading * from documentation   string   
(rudel-overlay-options-changed): only map   `rudel-overlay-author-update' over 
author overlays
       new  d55a4e8   Only positive integers in 
rudel-obby-server::next-{client,user}-id * obby/rudel-obby-server.el 
(rudel-obby-server::next-client-id):   restrict values to positive numbers   
(rudel-obby-server::next-user-id): restrict values to positive   numbers
       new  1c06228   Added autoload cookie for class rudel-telepathy-backend * 
rudel-telepathy.el (rudel-telepathy-backend): added autoload cookie   for the 
       new  db98f31   Proper comments for local variables in README, INSTALL * 
README: added proper comments to local variables * INSTALL: added proper 
comments to local variables
       new  2d35f33   Access, parsing in with-tag-attrs more flexible in 
rudel-xml.el * rudel-xml.el (rudel-xml--node-component): new function; generate 
  code to access specific components of a node   (rudel-xml--parse-value): new 
function; parse extracted components   as a specified type   (with-tag-attrs): 
use `rudel-xml--node-component' and   `rudel-xml--parse-value' to generate 
access and parsing code
       new  3a57198   Use document handler in idle state in 
obby/rudel-obby-server.el * obby/rudel-obby-server.el 
(rudel-obby-server-state-idle): added   superclass rudel-obby-document-handler  
 (rudel-obby-server-state-idle::document-container-slot): set initarg   to 
'server   (rudel-obby-server-state-idle::rudel-obby/obby_document): removed;   
handled by superclass
       new  eee8baf   Do ask for unrelated info in obby backend's 
rudel-ask-connect-info * rudel-obby.el 
(rudel-obby-backend::rudel-ask-connect-info): do not   ask for transport 
backend, protocol backend, host or port; these are   obtained by the session 
initiation backend and the transport backend   respectively
       new  a0512a6   Use automatic delegation of methods and slots for obby 
states * obby/rudel-obby-state.el (rudel-obby-state): added superclasses   
rudel-impersonator and rudel-delegator   
(rudel-obby-state::impersonation-target-slot): new slot; target   object for 
slot delegation   (rudel-obby-state::delegation-target-slot): new slot; target 
object   for method delegation   (rudel-obby-state::rudel-send): removed; now 
delegated to delegation   target object * obby/rudel-obby-server.e [...]
       new  546a097   Handle failed slot delegation differently in 
rudel-impersonator * rudel-util.el (rudel-impersonator::slot-missing): if 
something goes   wrong when accessing the slot of the target object signal the 
error   from here
       new  aa1c811   Removed duplicate comment in rudel-join-session in 
rudel.el * rudel.el (rudel-join-session): removed duplicate comment
       new  06d4f7a   Represent missing self user as nil, not unbound in 
rudel.el * rudel.el (rudel-client-session::self): changed type to allow null   
value; added writer method `rudel-set-self'   
(rudel-client-session::rudel-unsubscribed-documents): check for self   being 
nil instead of the slot :self being bound
       new  dd26037   Return new buffer in rudel-backend-dump in 
rudel-backend.el * rudel-backend.el (rudel-backend-dump): return the created 
       new  6cf2b7a   Fix subscribe-hook for self in rudel-publish-buffer in 
rudel.el * rudel.el (rudel-publish-buffer): use `rudel-add-user' instead of   
`object-add-to-list' to add the self user to the new document; this   fixes a 
problem with the subscribe-hook not being run for the self   user
       new  fe54af0   Cosmetic fixes in TODO * TODO (Track last modification of 
chunks): added missing fields   (Backend factory hooks): likewise   (Histories 
for read functions): likewise   (Terminating sessions does not work): likewise  
 (Global mode-line publish state does not work): fixed typo
       new  0eb9279   Update state of some tasks in TODO * TODO (Allow users to 
insert comments): state changed TODO -> STARTED   (Transmit interactive 
function calls to peers): renamed and   rewritten; state changed TODO -> 
STARTED   (Use auth-source or secrets.el for passwords): state changed TODO ->  
       new  4f96767   Added task transmit text properties in TODO * TODO 
(Transmit text properties): new task
       new  3415235   Updates to INSTALL file. * INSTALL: Rearranged and 
updated instructions so they make more sense.
       new  09f6efe   Added .gitignore which contains the same contents as 
       new  4b882ce   Added a menu entry for rudel-backend-dump in 
rudel-mode.el * rudel-mode.el (rudel-minor-menu): added an entry for   
       new  20da916   Added load-path setup to injected code in 
rudel-compile.el * rudel-compile.el (top-level): moved load-path setup fragment 
with   auto-load cookie into code fragment that is added textually in   
post-processing step
       new  a57c14e   Added some tasks concerning user friendliness to TODO * 
TODO (Future): added new tasks "Remember inputs", "rename   
rudel-unpublish-buffer", "terminate server" and "rename   rudel-end-session"
       new  10c5503   Renamed rudel-unpublish-buffer to rudel-unsubscribe * 
rudel.el (rudel-attach-to-buffer): changed   rudel-unpublish-buffer to 
rudel-unsubscribe   (rudel-detach-from-buffer): likewise   (rudel-unsubscribe): 
likewise * rudel-mode.el (rudel-minor-keymap): likewise * rudel-interactive.el 
(rudel-allocate-buffer-clear-existing):   likewise
       new  e88fff7   Renamed rudel-end-session to rudel-leave-session * 
rudel.el (rudel-end-session): changed rudel-end-session to rudel-leave-session 
* rudel-mode.el (rudel-minor-keymap): likewise
       new  1e63016   Extensive documentation changes, new README sections * 
README: Extensive documentation changes, including   documentation for renamed 
functions and also:   (LISTING BACKENDS): new section   (SAVING AND REUSING 
section   (EXTRA MINOR MODES): new section
       new  3d6f586   merged Joe's changes
       new  e2d1144   Marked tasks as done and moved to 0.3 milestone in TODO * 
TODO (Milestone rudel-0.3): moved tasks "Rename rudel-end-session"   and 
"Rename rudel-unpublish-buffer" to this milestone from Future;   marked these 
tasks as done
       new  fe5cdf6   Revised architecture overview diagram * 
doc/architecture.svg: added operations and handlers * doc/architecture.png: 
       new  c08d0fa   Improved histories and default values of read functions * 
rudel-interactive.el (header): added version 0.3 to history section   
(rudel-read-backend): added category argument; construct history   symbol using 
`rudel-interactive--make-history-symbol'; construct the   prompt using 
`rudel-interactive--make-prompt'   (rudel-read-user-name-history): new 
variable; history of inputs read   by `rudel-read-user-name'   
(rudel-read-user): add a default value from the history if [...]
       new  df2078f   Improved histories and default values of socket read 
functions * socket/rudel-socket.el   (rudel-tcp-ask-connect-info-host-history): 
new variable; history of   hosts read   (rudel-tcp-ask-connect-info-port-last): 
new variable; last prompt   read   (rudel-ask-connect-info): use   
`rudel-tcp-ask-connect-info-host-history' and   
`rudel-tcp-ask-connect-info-port-last' to provide default inputs and   
histories for host and port reading
       new  b868485   Improved histories and default values of TLS read 
functions * tls/rudel-tls.el (rudel-tls-ask-connect-info-host-history): new   
variable; history of hosts read   (rudel-tls-ask-connect-info-port-last): new 
variable; last prompt   read   (rudel-ask-connect-info): use   
`rudel-tls-ask-connect-info-host-history' and   
`rudel-tls-ask-connect-info-port-last' to provide default inputs and   
histories for host and port reading
       new  f76942b   Added color choice issue and generic read function task 
to TODO * TODO (Future): added task "Generic read functions instead of ones in  
 each backend"   (Milestone rudel-0.3): added issue "Choosing an already taken 
color   can lead to missing update"
       new  fdde884   More related work and fixes in development.org * 
doc/development.org (Related Work): mention XML Sync Islands and   Google Wave  
 (Obby Backend): fixed caption text   (Infinote Backend): likewise   
(Settings): new section; contains settings; not exported
       new  af20f17   Fixed remaining references to rudel-unpublish-buffer * 
rudel-mode.el (rudel-minor-keymap): fixed reference to function   
`rudel-unpublish-buffer' -> `rudel-unsubscribe-buffer'   (rudel-minor-menu): 
       new  7862e95   Fixed remaining references to rudel-end-session * 
rudel-mode.el (rudel-minor-keymap): fixed reference to function   
`rudel-end-session' -> `rudel-leave-session'
       new  ebf2ec0   Updated tasks in TODO * TODO (Future): changed state of 
"Remember inputs and use as default   ..." TODO -> STARTED; new task "Advice 
buffer-list to show ...";   minor fixes in other tasks
       new  8228847   Rescheduled telepathy and infinote tasks in TODO * TODO 
(Milestone rudel-0.4): task "Infinote client functionality"   moved between 
milestones rudel-0.3 -> rudel-0.4; task "Support for   trees of documents" 
moved between milestones rudel-0.3 -> rudel-0.4   (Milestone rudel-0.3): task 
"Telepathy transport" moved between   milestones rudel-0.4 -> rudel-0.3;
       new  497727a   Added telepathy tasks to rudel-0.3 in TODO * TODO 
(Milestone rudel-0.3): added task "Telepathy session   initiation"; changed 
priority of task "Telepathy transport" to major
       new  d833edf   Added persistent sessions task in TODO * TODO (Future): 
added task "Persistent Sessions"
       new  e620e12   Better info callback in rudel-host-session in rudel.el * 
rudel.el (rudel-host-session): use `rudel-ask-listen-info' instead   of 
`ignore' as info-callback
       new  7115cdb   Reenabled byte-compilation in rudel-compile.el * 
rudel-compile.el (top-level): reenabled byte-compilation
       new  d02808f   Handle encryption a little better in 
obby/rudel-obby-client.el * obby/rudel-obby-client.el (header): updated 
copyright   (rudel-obby/net6_encryption_begin): display a warning message if an 
  encrypted connection has been requested but the selected transport   does not 
support encryption
       new  1315b23   Made rudel icon directory configurable at runtime   Patch 
by ulm; can be found here:   
 * rudel-icons.el (header): updated copyright   (rudel-icons-directory): use 
`defvar' instead of `defconst'   (rudel-defimage): dynamically bind 
`image-load-path' to the value   `rudel-icons-directory'

The 657 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
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