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[elpa] branch externals/chess created (now 239405f)

From: Mario Lang
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/chess created (now 239405f)
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 20:38:21 +0000

mlang pushed a change to branch externals/chess
in repository elpa.

        at  239405f   Remove old file.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  f115e46   Initial revision
       new  059e5ed   Playing against crafty now works.
       new  f4bd516   *** no comment ***
       new  0ee4f14   Added chess-pgn-mode code from chess-pgn-mode.el, and 
deleted that file.
       new  78bc42b   *** no comment ***
       new  4cd8019   Fix to chess engine support.
       new  ffbe15a   *** no comment ***
       new  492444f   Added .texi generation.
       new  4b7ca17   Started chess.el library API documentation.
       new  fd30bf2   Fix syntax errors.
       new  63ec143   Removed some redundant functions.
       new  1888399   Made `chess-pgn-insert-plies' more useful as a standalone.
       new  7f946fe   Added chess-game-side-to-move back.
       new  4c7c3de   Added chess-game-side-to-move back.
       new  7b7eae8   Moved docs over from OVERVIEW file.
       new  fb0d8b3   Moved ics1 and plain into one module.
       new  934e360   Moved ics1 and plain into chess-ascii.
       new  442c62f   Fixed a copyright date.
       new  871e9bb   changes
       new  fc23f82   Made the display code into part of the core library.
       new  8dcb4bf   *** no comment ***
       new  594b6ec   Got the independent display code working.
       new  fdc1cea   *** no comment ***
       new  1d6b674   *** no comment ***
       new  ce1b9fa   Updated chess-plain
       new  4c810e6   *** no comment ***
       new  6dbb90e   *** no comment ***
       new  34a5959   *** no comment ***
       new  1a9ad51   more fixes
       new  3fb06ce   more fixes
       new  64c93c5   changed interface to chess-game-create
       new  6df6747   comment update
       new  682348e   Permit access to display session variable
       new  f4e9c77   Coded engines as a separate library.  Still work to be 
done here.
       new  bc1b6e4   More work to get engines working.
       new  c7e39a2   Gnuchess can be played against (up until a pawn take 
       new  c3f24aa   *** no comment ***
       new  af77479   bug fixes
       new  67a7fe2   fixed conversion of pawn captures
       new  750eea1   *** no comment ***
       new  b148d84   A workaround fix for a bug that prevents the RTL from 
       new  2ef00c4   Simplified the event model, and removed session objects.  
Now everything just revolves around a game.  Gnuchess is now playable to the 
end, except don't make moves that leave your king in check!  The engine still 
doesn't check for this yet.
       new  7ef0297   Prune from the returned candidates list moves which would 
leave the king in check.  NOTE: This function is getting slow these days.
       new  1198beb   Games are now playable to the end.
       new  7c78603   *** no comment ***
       new  b9c4e85   *** no comment ***
       new  48b77c4   *** no comment ***
       new  b60fd83   Simplified the code, removed the 'search-function' 
nonsense.  Even the wackiest chess variants use standard move notation. 
`chess-ply-create' now fully validates and annotates the plies that it creates, 
based on the initial piece move (such as the king, in the case of castling).
       new  f3fb032   Bug fixes.
       new  0d6259a   Beautify output
       new  5ed91ab   *** no comment ***
       new  fe851e2   Added support for network play
       new  9de2208   Bug fixes to the ics1 display
       new  55992a5   added support for pawn promotion and en-passant captures
       new  54d6657   added castling keywords
       new  69ee4a4   Output tags in typical order
       new  24c4140   *** no comment ***
       new  62425d4   Added support for playing out puzzle collections.
       new  2465fa5   clean up
       new  e4cff59   Added a 'dist' target
       new  79c46a1   *** no comment ***
       new  a13869d   *** no comment ***
       new  4d85f39   *** no comment ***
       new  b81694c   *** no comment ***
       new  92b3f63   *** no comment ***
       new  4afe8af   *** no comment ***
       new  610076a   *** no comment ***
       new  b0714ff   *** no comment ***
       new  110d188   *** no comment ***
       new  51cf0ef   *** no comment ***
       new  415d495   *** no comment ***
       new  2d57b22   *** no comment ***
       new  c3b172f   *** no comment ***
       new  92190e8   *** no comment ***
       new  717172c   *** no comment ***
       new  3a56cbd   *** no comment ***
       new  1d12432   *** no comment ***
       new  5c3a8ac   *** no comment ***
       new  fc5fb5a   *** no comment ***
       new  2500b8c   *** no comment ***
       new  e32c980   *** no comment ***
       new  c0e0c41   *** no comment ***
       new  9ad8812   *** no comment ***
       new  c8035b4   *** no comment ***
       new  19df9ca   *** no comment ***
       new  380ab5a   *** no comment ***
       new  e0254e1   *** no comment ***
       new  7aee2f1   *** no comment ***
       new  2eef64d   Added code to announce moves verbally
       new  ecaf5a3   *** no comment ***
       new  c675446   *** no comment ***
       new  f105ea9   *** no comment ***
       new  cb29285   *** no comment ***
       new  039172c   added `chess-game-set-start-position'
       new  244bfdc   Add support for generating randomized starting position, 
ala Fischer Random.
       new  daa3d1c   *** no comment ***
       new  59c419c   added a workaround so that fischer random positions are 
       new  857af45   *** no comment ***
       new  a62a682   added an IRC bot engine
       new  efea26a   *** no comment ***
       new  2f9a87a   *** no comment ***
       new  18f2284   *** no comment ***
       new  6b8ac5a   Bug fixes and the beginnings of ICS client support
       new  7b39c4f   Bug fixes and more ICS client support
       new  b5ad949   *** no comment ***
       new  2aaa136   *** no comment ***
       new  e6ab873   *** no comment ***
       new  5ff6225   *** no comment ***
       new  0d88aac   *** no comment ***
       new  a38688d   *** no comment ***
       new  456d3cd   *** no comment ***
       new  4a5de0c   *** no comment ***
       new  91a1e2d   *** no comment ***
       new  0a7fa45   *** no comment ***
       new  44e4db2   *** no comment ***
       new  e72de81   *** no comment ***
       new  eb5e0a5   *** no comment ***
       new  7b32161   *** no comment ***
       new  563a6f6   Popping up of chess display has been entirely reworked.
       new  054d7db   *** no comment ***
       new  4c79e4f   *** no comment ***
       new  cdcddcb   *** no comment ***
       new  23808ae   *** no comment ***
       new  3b72d98   *** no comment ***
       new  92dd9a7   handle display cloning
       new  0bad9bd   Support smart killing/yanking
       new  1531a69   *** no comment ***
       new  4bbb87f   bug fixes
       new  fa6d992   *** no comment ***
       new  d50c928   lots of work, several new event types, better support in 
chess-engine for establishing the starting game position
       new  0eedce0   *** no comment ***
       new  a827a19   *** no comment ***
       new  fa6fd6d   handle a move sent to an engine that has no game/position 
intelligently.  This can be used for receiving moves, but not recording them.
       new  e0d27e1   added support in chess-link.el to link two engines 
together.  if both are computers, then they will play head to head
       new  a48ad3a   *** no comment ***
       new  e9f9787   *** no comment ***
       new  5fbbfaf   *** no comment ***
       new  a076901   Added support for aborting a game.  Use A or N from a 
       new  e068871   added a sentinel
       new  54ec8ab   *** no comment ***
       new  da4dceb   *** no comment ***
       new  3375c5f   added undo support
       new  e37d246   *** no comment ***
       new  d88c0d8   *** no comment ***
       new  ade1d16   more fixes to draw support
       new  b95fa9f   *** no comment ***
       new  899d559   *** no comment ***
       new  2416185   *** no comment ***
       new  d051395   *** no comment ***
       new  4bf6360   *** no comment ***
       new  232756b   *** no comment ***
       new  03bbced   *** no comment ***
       new  144ac75   *** no comment ***
       new  7e2df42   *** no comment ***
       new  38218ba   *** no comment ***
       new  da048ee   *** no comment ***
       new  d9fa38e   *** no comment ***
       new  c934319   *** no comment ***
       new  4a0a33a   *** no comment ***
       new  dafc4bc   *** no comment ***
       new  18cadd5   *** no comment ***
       new  efeb1b7   *** no comment ***
       new  cdba8a5   *** no comment ***
       new  e66b028   optimizations and bug fixes
       new  de037ad   *** no comment ***
       new  c6d397d   *** no comment ***
       new  ee6f32e   *** no comment ***
       new  30692f1   *** no comment ***
       new  a63c056   *** no comment ***
       new  99d0a82   *** no comment ***
       new  758e770   *** no comment ***
       new  5df2968   *** no comment ***
       new  787513e   *** no comment ***
       new  9a661c0   *** no comment ***
       new  1496cc9   *** no comment ***
       new  65471cf   *** no comment ***
       new  da528eb   *** no comment ***
       new  6495844   bug fixes
       new  6f1dce9   *** no comment ***
       new  cd53b65   *** no comment ***
       new  867ac57   *** no comment ***
       new  8c74ac5   *** no comment ***
       new  9120ad9   *** no comment ***
       new  1b173a3   bumped minor rev
       new  3ab3e41   *** no comment ***
       new  3058b30   totally rewrote chess-legal-plies to be vastly more 
       new  b6808a7   rewrote keyboard shortcutting in terms of the new 
chess-legal-plies; added support for mouse drag events on e21
       new  b3fec64   *** no comment ***
       new  acd0fdb   *** no comment ***
       new  9b33649   displays and engines now always have a single object 
associated with them
       new  2725f73   added support for highlighting legal plies
       new  53db61f   added support for highlighting legal plies
       new  fba3a7b   *** no comment ***
       new  f4639c9   *** no comment ***
       new  7e96038   added message catalog support
       new  06f6919   *** no comment ***
       new  0d0b553   *** no comment ***
       new  d881274   *** no comment ***
       new  d5e9f0a   *** no comment ***
       new  b3d24ad   *** no comment ***
       new  af2d89a   *** no comment ***
       new  5a0a6d1   *** no comment ***
       new  f7aafe3   *** no comment ***
       new  4aa1c73   *** no comment ***
       new  db5b94f   *** no comment ***
       new  4f7271d   *** no comment ***
       new  e15c5ad   *** no comment ***
       new  7365cd3   *** no comment ***
       new  b24315b   *** no comment ***
       new  fa48465   *** no comment ***
       new  8e27000   *** no comment ***
       new  e9568bd   *** no comment ***
       new  7ec02c0   *** no comment ***
       new  d123dde   *** no comment ***
       new  82a87e7   *** no comment ***
       new  6fbcc92   *** no comment ***
       new  ef7c29d   *** no comment ***
       new  9d1e141   *** no comment ***
       new  2ad08a6   *** no comment ***
       new  1bd7dd3   *** no comment ***
       new  4cd0b11   *** no comment ***
       new  2dcd86e   bumped minor rev
       new  5c8499d   *** no comment ***
       new  a4fb584   Added comments to chess-parse-ics12 to describe the format
       new  8b3169b   Added var chess-plain-spacing (default 0) to be able to 
widen the board. (I am sure that broke highlighting)
       new  7979edb   Removed `chess-with-current-buffer', since it is now in 
       new  172b99f   whitespace fix
       new  6f3b398   new file
       new  cc68c73   *** no comment ***
       new  8163f20   Keep the :which determiner, if ever we calculate it in 
       new  5279f96   Compute the mode-line text only once, whenever the 
current game index is changed.  This saves hundreds of calls to 
chess-ply-to-algebraic, which were occurring simply because of mode-line 
       new  39f3f7f   *** no comment ***
       new  6bb61cd   bumped minor rev
       new  40eddef   *** no comment ***
       new  bd0bd19   Major speed improvement and efficiency work.  
chess-legal-plies is much more memory conservative now.  Reduced recursion in 
chess-search-position by a slight bit.
       new  583b7b5   Only set process-filter if it isn't already set to 
       new  094fe3b   CR stripping removed/commented.
       new  146b366   german messages (no idea on how to synth yet :) )
       new  7355cb4   set en-passent status
       new  f9e74f0   *** no comment ***
       new  6d89a63   *** no comment ***
       new  1265ac3   *** no comment ***
       new  c9dc568   Removed the $ Revision strings; they are no longer 
necessary since I tag every revision that I upload.
       new  b0ddd7b   *** no comment ***
       new  fb6756c   Send the "set style 12" command immediately, rather than 
after the first move.
       new  dc75ae4   Only send startup commands after login has succeeded.
       new  42fa3e2   *** no comment ***
       new  ae285cb   (chess-ics12-parse): Was relying on a variable that 
wasn't set!
       new  d36b2e9   *** no comment ***
       new  3164609   *** no comment ***
       new  03a8a6e   *** no comment ***
       new  6c185d0   *** no comment ***
       new  3599f75   (chess-ics-regexp-alist): Added a handler to capture the 
guest id when logging in anonymously.
       new  587109a   *** no comment ***
       new  77be594   (chess-display-handler): Set the side-to-move text to a 
reasonable default.
       new  dcd2674   *** no comment ***
       new  44debed   *** no comment ***
       new  97e9758   (chess-link): Fixed an error in display creation, and 
which game was used.
       new  bca543d   bug fix
       new  bead8ff   (chess-ics-handle-move): Record the white and black 
remaining time as returned from the server.
       new  09b40f4   *** no comment ***
       new  2f905a7   *** no comment ***
       new  df9a0f1   (chess-clock-handler): Use `chess-ply-set-keyword', to 
avoid double-adding keywords.
       new  42c0fd5   (chess-ply-set-keyword): Added a new function for setting 
a ply's keyword, with an optional value (must be non-nil for setting with a 
value to occur).
       new  8772e27   *** no comment ***
       new  9c2237f   (chess-pgn-mode): Only make bold the result text, not 
every move.
       new  7c74ccf   *** no comment ***
       new  42d3479   Report checkmate in the modeline correctly.
       new  8b18679   Fixed pos status not being updated.
       new  64bf731   whitespace changes
       new  c15b41f   *** no comment ***
       new  467db22   *** no comment ***
       new  63e44a6   Don't popup the display if it's not necessary to do so.
       new  bc2e504   More efficiency improvements.
       new  83513cb   Lots of painting improvements for displays, to improve 
       new  f39edf2   *** no comment ***
       new  60422a3   Further speed tweaks
       new  0ea5de2   Paint moves before they are applied.  Otherwise, there 
could be a slowdown in transmitting the move to the other listening modules.
       new  d52df70   *** no comment ***
       new  94d73f1   *** no comment ***
       new  de956a9   bumped minor rev
       new  0a7853b   bumped minor rev
       new  4d1c4c7   *** no comment ***
       new  c171394   More general bug fixing, efficiency improvements, etc.
       new  2899d1a   correct en-passent parsing
       new  2b0db13   simple docs changes
       new  563cf20   Many efficiency improvements and bug fixes.
       new  11b367e   *** no comment ***
       new  f2d2f50   *** no comment ***
       new  8db1134   *** no comment ***
       new  3a673d5   *** no comment ***
       new  1b2d387   *** no comment ***
       new  322736a   whitespace fix
       new  deb36c3   whitespace fix
       new  0f505fc   *** no comment ***
       new  3950662   *** no comment ***
       new  5e7133d   *** no comment ***
       new  4e0af8d   Fixes and other work.
       new  3feb62f   *** no comment ***
       new  e937a8a   *** no comment ***
       new  668caa6   *** no comment ***
       new  71333ba   bumped minor rev
       new  171cc1a   *** no comment ***
       new  62c13bc   Bug fixes and reducing the TODO list.
       new  7987c62   bug fixes
       new  64b12cc   bumped minor rev
       new  4dd3f21   *** no comment ***
       new  9a6e8e6   minor doc changes
       new  f3ea1b8   set the engine option so that crafty doesn't resign
       new  e733086   added support for setting EPD codes
       new  92bddf3   added support for a 'resign' option
       new  d350ae5   deactive a game when it is drawn
       new  54a2f9b   filter improvements
       new  f6aa1f4   fixes, and use the new filtering code in chess-engine
       new  4f77cad   *** no comment ***
       new  22bd8fd   *** no comment ***
       new  f176d63   *** no comment ***
       new  13f526d   *** no comment ***
       new  b5ac312   *** no comment ***
       new  6f87d13   *** no comment ***
       new  cba1f27   *** no comment ***
       new  f996624   *** no comment ***
       new  da58e86   *** no comment ***
       new  f7cd882   *** no comment ***
       new  8aecfcc   Whitespace fixes
       new  699d9f0   *** no comment ***
       new  d1dac42   fix
       new  57b8e09   fixes to the ICS client
       new  4f0a109   bumped minor rev
       new  58d327f   *** no comment ***
       new  a08a970   *** no comment ***
       new  0fe55d3   *** no comment ***
       new  599cd3f   *** no comment ***
       new  68157cc   *** no comment ***
       new  c32bc8f   *** no comment ***
       new  738ff9a   *** no comment ***
       new  0e302a8   fixes
       new  6fe3209   *** no comment ***
       new  b6f3fae   bug fixes
       new  85db792   *** no comment ***
       new  0690915   *** no comment ***
       new  7248e5c   *** no comment ***
       new  80ab4ce   *** no comment ***
       new  3ca6ba4   little trans step
       new  f8cec44   *** no comment ***
       new  d4993c5   bug fixes
       new  07df6a3   removed dependencies on cl
       new  27333d1   bumped minor rev
       new  bb13719   *** no comment ***
       new  1802057   *** no comment ***
       new  f6fcd3b   Sped up autosaving by a huge amount; also, allow 
auto-saving to be disabled (it's not necessary when playing on ICS, for 
       new  fde9ea1   Tiny code rearrangement.  If chess-ply-castling-changes 
fails, no ply create will be attempted.
       new  1d120c9   Tiny code rearrangement.
       new  f8d538d   added a small comment
       new  02e52ee   disable autosaving during login, and determine 
check/checkmate from the ics12 move text.
       new  981f185   use chess-engine-convert-algebraic
       new  6ac4f8f   *** no comment ***
       new  f5eca67   fixed bug in popup logic
       new  3f7a1c5   *** no comment ***
       new  0a4f401   *** no comment ***
       new  4197d08   *** no comment ***
       new  652c8b3   *** no comment ***
       new  4917d45   autosaving is now much more efficient, and correct; still 
have to get it correct for chess-network, though
       new  986af48   *** no comment ***
       new  b605ecc   Allow autosaving of completed games to databases
       new  3d3bbb7   Announce pawn promotions
       new  b496981   fixes
       new  3408e2c   *** no comment ***
       new  08c2fd9   *** no comment ***
       new  79daa6e   bumped minor rev
       new  4ff2ad3   *** no comment ***
       new  5fe6d24   *** no comment ***
       new  ecb9d2a   *** no comment ***
       new  9110a47   *** no comment ***
       new  c649d12   *** no comment ***
       new  22b47d6   *** no comment ***
       new  3169a81   *** no comment ***
       new  f43a2eb   added code for forfeiting on time
       new  1364583   bumped minor rev
       new  b975d12   *** no comment ***
       new  3be043d   *** no comment ***
       new  a581177   *** no comment ***
       new  a9677a1   *** no comment ***
       new  2559900   *** no comment ***
       new  86493ef   *** no comment ***
       new  59d1008   miscellaneous fixes
       new  dbd2eed   Removed dependency on cl's `position' function.
       new  18fcef8   *** no comment ***
       new  5ec66ea   *** no comment ***
       new  fd53801   *** no comment ***
       new  17b4591   Make illegal chess moves (on a chess display) a message 
instead of an error.
       new  5badda2   *** no comment ***
       new  36f7cba   various small bug fixes
       new  1c6731f   bumped minor rev
       new  033a905   *** no comment ***
       new  252f5a8   *** no comment ***
       new  3e63522   *** no comment ***
       new  e4f2150   *** no comment ***
       new  95b9481   fix for when opponent calls flag
       new  28c6003   *** no comment ***
       new  91aa11b   *** no comment ***
       new  e9717a4   *** no comment ***
       new  41a30dd   *** no comment ***
       new  0338f62   *** no comment ***
       new  1f61034   *** no comment ***
       new  bc64537   Avoided binding issue.
       new  9972297   Check chess-sound-program before using it.
       new  d312f3e   *** no comment ***
       new  2b2e652   *** no comment ***
       new  c62ba32   Translate some strings
       new  7da0d19   Catch the module-not-found error
       new  0ab4a2f   (chess-create-modules): Add docstring
       new  90a024f   (chess-plain-piece-text): Simplyfied a bit 
(chess-plain-draw-square): Doc fix
       new  e1ac86b   Add status code to check for open server sockets.
       new  1caa30a   Add missing string-to-int form.
       new  1d21056   Use a more specific signal rather than `error'.
       new  de25d1c   Change regexp to ^login, makes autologon work
       new  89d67eb   No it didnt (revert) bah
       new  05ea8dd   Some ICS things
       new  2a177a7   *** no comment ***
       new  17e1fee   Explicitly look for gnuchess in /usr/games
       new  0d09274   crafty is broken
       new  7ab11b1   display nogeneral seems to no longer display computer 
moves on newer crafties.  At least removing display nogeneral makes crafty work 
       new  982430e   Insert STRING in chess-engine-send, makes debugging easier
       new  e89ce01   requires chess-pos
       new  42b4b7d   New function chess-pos-read-epd-file, which parses an epd 
file into a list of positions
       new  5bbbbe1   crafty is fixed again
       new  1cacbb6   grrr, circular require
       new  7695c7e   Set status of next-pos according to changes of ply
       new  98beb39   first version of a alpha-beta puring search ai
       new  a4e7a18   still not working properly (only display is broken)
       new  0b042da   add three paragraphs from chess-pos.el commentary
       new  46ec5aa   next-pos has correct status now, added chess-file (epd) 
       new  0795b98   checkdoc attempt, some ver ysimple (I hope correct) 
docstrings added
       new  67edb00   It mostly works now, only remaining problem is that the 
players move is only displayed after the engine found a reply.
       new  bf63134   *
       new  d088e57   document chess-game-side-to-move
       new  4da6564   add &optional index to chess-var-side-to-move (sync with 
chess-game-side-to-move) and document it, mirroring chess-game-side-to-move 
       new  f78cc06   add @c lispfun for chess-ply-source and chess-ply-target
       new  e867c4e   some docstrings
       new  9c81492   Require cl and add message calls
       new  d5ccbd3   skels for chess-database
       new  6c6ac9f   add chess-fischer-random-position into the Creating 
Positions Manual Section
       new  da5e80b   make chess-display-create interactive, and document 
       new  70a91a7   remov chess-pos-read-epd-file
       new  0194793   new file, implements opcodes am, bm, ce, pm and pv
       new  a0a3564   New function chess-var-to-algebraic
       new  dbe183e   use `chess-var-to-algebraic'.
       new  4b14519   require 'chess-var
       new  d33156d   use zerop
       new  3496c99   support (convert) opcodes sm and sv
       new  63197d8   speed up chess-epd-read-file by using nconc
       new  8ac8952   Use Crafty's xboard protocol layer for communication: 
Since recent >19.x crafty, there is something strange going on with display 
nogeneral.  Another bug which appears sometimes is that crafty (in its own mode 
of displaying stuff) echos the oponent move (our move) which raises an error 
(obviously). xboard mode is really a lot easier to parse, and I even managed to 
keep the 'evaluate event without any problems.
       new  4b28b33   a change to the faces and a fix for chess-plain-spacing > 
0 and file naming, all from kanaldrache, thanks
       new  2a6a2ad   blah, this isnt healthy.
       new  13ae769   Support for xboards analyze mode. (chess-engine-command 
crafty 'analyze t) enables analyze mode and eventually sets 
chess-crafty-analyzing-p to t. When new predicted variations arrive, 
corresponding epd opcodes are set for (chess-engine-position nil): acd, ce, pv 
(acn is not set because it is likely that it overflows the emacs integer 
bounds, and I am not yet sure what to do about this.) (chess-engine-command 
crafty 'analyze nil) turns analyze mode off again.
       new  3a165b4   Fix a bug in chess-game-seq (at least I think it is 
supposed to work like it does ow)
       new  8acaeea   On GNU Emacs 21.3, :eval in mode-line-data seems only to 
work if it directly appears in mode-line-format.  chess-display indirectly 
referenced chess-display-mode-line-format by setting mode-line-format to that 
symbol.  If we set mode-line-format to the value of 
chess-display-mode-line-format, the mode-line comes to life again!
       new  e83c64f   In chess-engine-default-handler, when 'match is accepted, 
we were calling (chess-engine-command nil 'accept chess-full-name) which doesnt 
make much sense, and breaks chess-ics game accepting. change it to `name', to 
pass the opponent name for whom we are accepting a match request.
       new  81ae4e2   (chess-ics-handler): Read the password before opening the 
connection. This corrects a race where the password can be unknown when the 
prompt appears because the user hasnt finished typing yet... 
(chess-ics12-parse): Use `pop' to make stuff simpler and use `mapc' to get 
castling info. Indent chess-ics-regexp-alist differently.
       new  87d6ebe   fixed messed up parens
       new  f92e8d9   (chess-clock-tick-tock): Do not decrease time if 
(chess-game-status chess-module-game) is non-nil.
       new  d1415ce   Merge chess-ics-parse-ics12 and chess-ics-handle-move 
into a new function chess-ics-handle-ics12, which is a lot easier to read now. 
Also make the <12> regexp a bit more strict to avoid false positives.
       new  e8f4302   set epd opcode ce from material-value and checkmate info
       new  9abf410   pv information calculated using crafty 19.8 with about 30 
minutes time per position
       new  7b407f6   (chess-ics-server-list): Added some more servers. 
(chess-ics-regexp-alist): Make guest login on chessclub.com work. 
(chess-ics-handle-ics12): Retrieve TimeControl info from the ics12 board and 
set TimeControl game tag when initial board is seen.
       new  9605600   pv information computed using crafty 19.8 on a 2 cpu xeon 
2.6GHZ system using 40 minutes time for each position
       new  7be5c00   (chess-display-set-index): If INDEX is greater than 
chess-game-index, and the last ply is not final, we emit a 'forward 
chess-module-game event to give ics a chance to issue "forward\n". This makes 
'.' work as expected in examined games.
       new  b4e9d4f   Initial skeleton for Game Creating messages. Support 
relation-type -2 (Examining game). Handle the 'forward event. (Now you can use 
the "examine" command on FICS, and simply  type '.' in the ChessBoard display 
to forward through the game.)
       new  93c61f7   `let'-bind case-fold-search nil in 
chess-algebraic-to-ply: This fixes a bug where b8c6 is parsed to c7-c6.
       new  b6f3b4d   Module for the sjeng engine (promotion still doesnt work.)
       new  b957ef4   elisp header + homepage link
       new  173fe0e   adding description of the module system
       new  0c75dbe   (chess-engine-create): Use `insern-soft' instead of 
`intern' to copy the engine-regexp-alist.
       new  42660d3   We no longer need to dedvar chess-ai-regexp-alist with a 
nil value.
       new  ded15b4   rewrite this module such that it does not act as an 
engine, rather it invoked chess-sessions as needed.  You need to use M-x 
chess-ics RET instead of C-u M-x chess RET ics RET now.  Additionally, rewrite 
chess-ics-handle-ics12 such that it can handle the refresh command, and moves 
entered manually in the ICS buffer
       new  c2bca74   minor change
       new  87bea61   tidying
       new  2c6e900   (chess-pos-to-fen): Dont emit a trailing / on rank 8.
       new  8aee405   catch manually typed resign and fix a bug where only one 
game could be played each session.
       new  c81471c   FEN notation actually specifies that field four (en 
passant) should denote the target square of the immenent capture, not the 
square of the piece about to be taken
       new  c6853e8   opening classification module based on the scid.eco file 
from scid 3.5
       new  680f022   fixes to make chess-scid read parsing work
       new  08de993   docstring fixes + a redo of chess-game-seq
       new  9775676   dont barf on unbound chess-module-regexp-alist, and add 
some docstrings
       new  1a08d7e   support query tree-search
       new  1b870e3   use apply in chess-database-query
       new  01d81ba   Added an argument to chess-search-position, so that if we 
are searching for the source of an algebraic move, and it is not a castle, then 
do not check castle moves.
       new  3e425d2   new function chess-database-filename, also support it in 
scid and file dbs
       new  6360b76   (chess-pos-legal-candidates): Remove the opponent pawn if 
we are capturing en passant.  This fixes a bug where chess-legal-plies does not 
find an en passant if the pawn to be captured is giving check
       new  c4dfc98   (chess-pos-move): There was a bug in castling removal 
when a Rook moved, now compare chess-pos-can-castle and the source square of 
the moving piece to figure out if we need to remove castling priveledges
       new  bd9dbd1   add in minimal docs for FEN, algebraic notation, and ICS
       new  64471a1   a little sync with reality
       new  c4e28f4   some reality sync
       new  e482568   we can use chess-display-set-from-fen here
       new  44319e1   reindent
       new  bfaf7ec   we now have the individual moves in the source file, and 
get the final pos at compile time
       new  5669ace   uncomment the remaining failure cases, chess-algebraic 
handles that now
       new  53df347   minor stuff
       new  70b05ca   minor fixes
       new  8488df3   chess-gnuchess-path is a user-option
       new  783fbf1   docfix
       new  dcfba77   chess-ai is a submodule of chess-common
       new  f457317   commentary synced with reality of FEN standard
       new  60615e2   proofread fixed
       new  99464fb   docfixes
       new  a409c96   (chess-display-create): More docs.
       new  855ab79   (chess-engine-create), (chess-engine-command): 
Docstrings. (chess-engine-filter): bind case-fold-search to nil.
       new  62bedef   (chess-search-position): document arguments check-only 
and no-castling.
       new  065d2cb   temporarily disable the condition-case in the main 
startup function, some strange engine errors are caught and hard to debug with 
this, also add chess-opening and chess-ai to the default modules
       new  a3fea58   set interface emacs-chess VERSION
       new  2ba0722   (chess-ply-castling-changes): When doing a long castle, 
only check if the king can move to the d or c file without being in check.  
According to the crafty-list, it is legal to do a long castle if some opponent 
piece is attacking the b file.
       new  0da121d   nothing noteworthy
       new  5e0de78   sync with cvslog
       new  3e45016   prepare for b4
       new  73346cc   bumped minor rev
       new  f326e79   Handle seek announcements by making the "play xxx" string 
       new  1573a35   prettify chan-tells
       new  a0fc6e9   Now finally handle seek announcements and removals. THis 
time, we put stuff in comint-preoutput-filter-functions to save lots of 
unnecessary regexp matches.
       new  28eee95   Fixed a typo.
       new  a71f5db   (chess-module-destroy): chess-module-detach-game was 
called outside of the module buffer with argument nil, which obviously fails.
       new  2e58a22   iset startpos 1 makes requesting the movelist work for 
games which were started from bsetup positions. Attempt to route kibitzes to 
chess-announce. Some other fixes to increase ICC compatibility.
       new  fc066af   Make the preceeding ply in the mode-line a little more 
       new  a5baccf   (chess-ics-initial-commands): New defcustom to make the 
init-strings sent after login configurable. 
(chess-ics-movelist-start-position): New buffer-local variable which defaults 
to `chess-starting-position'.  Its value (if non-nil) is used to initialize the 
board when seeing a movelist header. This is to allow for servers which have 
the equivalent of "iset startpos 1" on FICS, which tells the server to 
automatically send the initial position before sending a movelist [...]
       new  4900941   (chess-announce-handler): On event 'kibitz, talk.
       new  36ed418   (chess-tutorial): Simplify and add autoload.
       new  5ada7a8   update
       new  b07fe1b   some notes added
       new  7398595   sort of pseudobarf on refresh to easy finding of the 
obscure observe bug, and set back-moved-first game-data always, so that it even 
works if a game is reset to a new starting position
       new  130c3e1   Handle .epd and .pgn files in the chess-file module.  
Achieved by setting a buffer-local variable chess-file-type to either 'pgn or 
'epd on 'open, and use this info to dispatch correctly. This change makes it 
possible to load .epd files with the chess-puzzle function for instance.
       new  c5630a5   (chess-game-to-epd): New defsubst to convert a game 
object to an EPD string (or insert it). (chess-epd-to-game): Analogous to the 
above. (chess-epd-parse): Use `chess-fen-regexp'.
       new  302dcbe   (chess-fen-regexp): New constant.
       new  2188ee0   Remove chess-epd, that just has been done
       new  9ae1249   docstrings, + a silly paren fix
       new  5602c8c   more docs!
       new  7ce6085   more docs ('bout epd)
       new  2cde330   (chess-puzzle): Disable autosave.         
(chess-puzzle-show-solution): New function (bound to ? in puzzle        
displays) for showing a solution (if one is known).  This typically     only 
works for EPD databases with either bm or pv information.  Displaying of 
annotations is not yet done.
       new  05e67fc   docstring
       new  956a39c   require chess-epd
       new  6d80bc7   (chess-display-paint-move): Handle :en-passant    
captures (remove the captured pawn from the board).
       new  85d6782   en passant captures are now fixed in chess-display
       new  42f4d7a   chess-file concerns removed
       new  eeed018   (chess-crafty-handler): Add search-depth and search-time 
engine options.
       new  239d823   update changelog
       new  64baf84   assume maintainership, change url to point to 
sourceforge, and remove emacs20 and xemacs21 from compatibility list
       new  7b11cf3   Corrected some invalid calls to `format'.
       new  b07affe   Fixed several byte-compilation errors.  Mario: What is 
       new  d3bd00b   There is no longer a `byte-compiling-files-p' function on 
Emacs 21.3. At least, it's not on mine.  Another way needs to be found to stub 
about assert calls in the byte-compiled chess.el.
       new  1391864   (chess-engine-filter): Only process output if it is 
newline terminated (this fixed phalanx).
       new  cbe7fe1   chess-ics-sought-mode-map: new variable
       new  4c8b441   *** no comment ***
       new  3a86da9   set chess-engine-entire-lines t
       new  20cf092   (chess-engine-entire-lines): New variable. 
(chess-engine-filter): handle it.
       new  789019e   *** no comment ***
       new  c0a3d26   update
       new  9f2dba6   (chess-pos-passed-pawns): New function.
       new  744dd03   (chess-display-highlight-passed-pawns): New interactive 
       new  ea4680d   chess-engine-entire-lines was a cure for the wrong 
illness, removed
       new  1f8db93   (chess-engine-filter): We were calling `forward-line' 
unconditionally.  However, there is a race condition, namely, if the last line 
does not end with a newline, forward-line will skip to eob, therefore, engine 
regexps will simply be missed.  Fixed. (chess-engine-entire-lines): This was a 
fix for the wrong problem, removed.
       new  f744f8a   Require 'rx when compiling. (chess-ics-style12-regexp): 
New constant regexp which matches a style12 string (subgroup 1 to 32). 
(chess-ics-matcher-alist): Use it. (chess-ics-matcher-alist): Destroy game 
object if we see a "no longer examining..." message. 
(chess-ics-handle-style12): Rewrite using `match-string' instead of `pop' based 
on the new regexp above. (chess-ics-handle-style12): No longer `message' parse 
errors, rather keep the failed board in the buffer, and a [...]
       new  9b98e6c   (chess-ics-ads-removed): We need to be a lot more careful 
when deleteing stuff on a preoutput-filter-function.  Fixed this, which also 
fixes all the remaining cases of missed boards.  LectureBot ran through three 
Lectures without any bug, which seems good!
       new  da3b039   update
       new  193a952   *** no comment ***
       new  5df12aa   *** no comment ***
       new  65de552   reward passed pawns, and make the code a bit faster
       new  d2737cb   (chess-eval-static): Primitive mobility handling, makes 
play a lot more aggressive :)
       new  769a82f   more stability improvements
       new  fe7033c   phalanx has no "resign" commands, so only set game-data 
active to nil for now
       new  4a8ef03   add elisp header and homepage link
       new  f929ddb   Enhance ICC support: Make "backs up" message work. 
Rudimentary level2 datagram support through chess-ics-icc-preoutput-filter. New 
variable chess-ics-icc-datagrams to define which datagrams should be requested 
upon login. New variable chess-ics-server-type which defaults to FICS, and gets 
set to ICC when we encounter an ICC server. Handle DG_KIBITZ by translating 
them to the FICS representation. Handle movelist request through 
       new  6d94fa3   fix kibitzes on icc
       new  1ab4b34   better icc datagram support
       new  1f6d1e5   put byte-compiling-files-p back in
       new  20bfd26   (chess-eval-static). Try to reward passed pawns and piece 
       new  eafa7a5   (chess-legal-plies): Add :candidates keyword to avoid 
calls to chess-search-position if the caller already knows the piece indices
       new  fc8eb1e   update
       new  ef79bcf   remove chess-opening from chess-default-modules for now, 
if it is loaded uncompiled, it creates problems for the user, so leave it out 
by default for now.  People who want this just need to put it back in, and make 
sure they are getting a compiled .elc file
       new  368d79f   bumped minor rev
       new  b3dec25   support DG_TAKEBACK and DG_BACKWARD
       new  397398a   laptop sync
       new  4ffcb34   bah, recursive loading...chess-pgn.el
       new  06c041e   *** no comment ***
       new  15fbb6f   bug in pgn font-locking (Klaus Straubinger 
       new  4da693b   Make comment-start and comment-end explicitly 
buffer-local (ks)
       new  398cfb8   require chess-message whereever necessary (ks)
       new  a106a9a   Update ChangeLog
       new  d69e38c   Implement resign/takeback/draw/flag announcements for ics 
       new  d28062d   exclude scid-browser.el from compilation for now
       new  b47066b   (chess-display-popup-in-frame): Added a `font' parameter, 
so that the font can be set in new chessboard frames (which is necessary to get 
the pixel height/width right).
       new  43f581f   (chess-ics-sought-add): Added this routine to factor out 
a lot of duplicated code.
       new  c3789d8   (chess-ics1-popup): Added `font' argument in call to 
       new  e2aa9a7   (chess-images-determine-size): On Macs and Windows, 
reduce the screen height by 80 instead of just 20, to account for the 
Start/Status bar. (chess-images-popup): Pass in a `font' to 
`chess-display-popup-in-frame', so that the pixel height for each graphical 
piece is computed correctly. (chess-images-change-size): Foricbly popup the 
chess buffer when changing the size of graphical pieces.
       new  0ff2c29   (chess-input-shortcut): If a character is typed that is 
not a legal start of a move (which only happens if it's not bound to anything 
else), just ignore it.
       new  8bc8dc6   *** no comment ***
       new  8707541   (chess-plain-popup): Pass nil for the `font' argument to 
`chess-display-popup-in-frame', since we don't care what the size of the font 
is with textual chessboards.
       new  176128e   Removed CVS-related artifacts
       new  9c7bf5a   Added chess-log.el, as an aid to debugging.
       new  f0f3896   Added recursive reference to sound and piece assets via 
       new  9cd4c61   Renamed chess-opening.el to chess-eco.el.
       new  7e5230b   Changed to using an autoconf/automake setup for building. 
 This precipitated many changes to the code, including:
       new  3187bd1   Several changes to fix byte-compile warnings, changed 
some iso-8859-1 encoded files to UTF-8, and switched to using 
insert-file-contents instead of the -literally variant (which doesn't respect 
content encodings).
       new  e0c05c5   Several changes in order for 'make distcheck' to work.
       new  aa10b71   last-triggers was never used, it was suppose to refer to 
last-session, a LET-bound variable.
       new  a89c894   Only paint a move after it's been made.
       new  c397263   Silently ignore refresh directives in the ICS protocol.
       new  bbfcd6d   Don't report an error if the user's sound reporting 
function fails to work. This is needed on OS X, which has the `play-sound-file` 
function, but when called reports an error that sound support is not available.
       new  6eb1267   Ignore the TAGS file.
       new  0fc0cec   Rearranged some code just to make it easier to read.
       new  6aca768   Ignore the file products of playing with Crafty.
       new  b7e550c   Merged PLAN into TODO, and changed it into an org-mode 
file.  It still needs further conversion, however.
       new  ce58cd7   Make `chess-display-side-to-move' a risky-local-variable. 
 This fixes the problem of the background not being set in the modeline.
       new  a62df17   Instead of ignoring ICS refresh commands, use them as a 
chance to ensure that what we think is the current game position really is.
       new  a13cef5   Correctly indent `chess-with-current-buffer' in lisp-mode.
       new  fdd8601   Added optional code for highlighting the last move.
       new  d66017a   Added some new TODOs.
       new  38d158d   Quick title fix to the TODO file.
       new  2345472   Moved some code around to follow better Lisp style.
       new  10f2825   chess-test is now invoked with the name of the database 
to read.
       new  efe1fcc   Removed some trailing whitespace.
       new  04f8330   Several fixes to the scid (aka ChessDB) interaction 
       new  43bbaca   Wrote a testing function for emacs-chess, which computes 
the legality of plies for a database of known legal games.
       new  df9a2a8   Increased the verbosity and number of errors generated 
for incorrectly parsed PGN games.
       new  c205812   Ignore the chess-test script.
       new  a2f1f41   Except for when making moves interactively (with 
chess-display-manual-move), it is an error if a ply implies a promotion but not 
:promote keyword is passed to indication which piece to promote to.
       new  8ec9434   Allow the stress tests to be run across a specific range:
       new  a2f9b42   Several improvements to how tests are run.
       new  059d4da   Added a basic file of 400 historic games, which gets used 
as the baseline test set if the large database is not present.
       new  2d58857   If the COUNT is less than zero, run all the remaining 
       new  e02e36b   Report a clearer error in the case of an algebraic 
queening move with an unspecified promotion.
       new  733d0c3   When a testing error occurs, mention the exact test that 
failed along with the cause.  Also, make it so that a failing test does not 
stop all the tests from running.
       new  41da778   Instead of using `read' to parse a PGN tag string, just 
clip off the leading and trailing quotes.
       new  c47696f   Updated the TODO file.
       new  0988ee7   Ignore the largedb files if a user has installed them.
       new  592dcf0   Removed historical note, since there is a better story in 
       new  e4d2cd5   Removed the unnecessary chess-incr-index* function.
       new  ff93c05   Added a TODO note: I found a test case for the failing 
       new  6fa65b1   Simplified some error text.
       new  955049f   Add a failing test I found in TWIC.
       new  660d0b6   Fix a "off-by-one" thinko, database indexes are zero 
       new  e2e7352   Remove the supposed failing game again since emacs-chess 
was actually right, the game violates the rules of chess.
       new  8892f20   Make game numbers displayed equal to indexes used in 
       new  115d729   Fix ics style12 regex.
       new  8d899ce   Simplified error message when an algebraic move fails to 
       new  82df326   chess-auto.el is built properly now.
       new  5bfeda5   Fontify chess-error and chess-with-current-buffer as 
       new  752977b   Only require 'cl when byte-compiling chess-ai.  We don't 
yet use the CL compatability functions at runtime.
       new  9fda7da   Off by one error in string clipping of tag values.
       new  20c1b3d   When byte-compiling chess-pos, set cl-optimize-speed to 
9.  This increases the computation of chess-eco.fen by up to 50% on my system.
       new  715cbc7   Erase the buffer before asking scid for a PGN position.  
What happens during running of the validation tests is that he buffer fills up 
before we can evaluate all the games.
       new  27ab149   Added a note about how to run the full test suite 
       new  9823c6a   Report an error if we fail to find the beginning of a 
game loaded from ChessDB, or fail to see its end.  Also, give up to 10 seconds 
to wait for the result to come from ChessDB, polling every second to look for 
new output.
       new  fce469f   Use the modulus of the read-count to govern when game 
counts are reported.
       new  e4e4d87   chess-scid now accepts a 0-based index, but uses a 
1-based index when talking to ChessDB.
       new  61df68c   The 'start' parameter passed in is now a 0-based index, 
like what is expected by chess-database.el.
       new  a8eeb9d   Highlight `chess-error' the same way as `error'.
       new  35fed4d   'make check' is now 0-based, like the rest of the 
database-related code.  Only in the display code (the top-level user interface) 
are database games presented using a 1-base system.
       new  a908813   Corrected game indices in the debug output.
       new  237a9d7   A COUNT of 0 now means "read to end of database", not -1, 
which Emacs was taking to be an option flag.
       new  eb66c58   Simplified the test runner's output, so it fits in 80 
       new  881370a   Don't highlight the opening paren for special chess-* 
       new  38ce38f   If a chess message cannot be found, let the user know 
which one.
       new  dfa8e3a   Updated TODO file.
       new  b651df3   Implemented a safer method for parsing algebraic moves, 
since for some reason we weren't always seeing the full move when using 
looking-at.  The way I do it now is to require some kind of whitespace after 
the SAN move text.
       new  4541aa9   Removed code that was appending text to the ends of 
variables, rather than using format string specifiers.
       new  1c0bd39   Added a few bugs to the TODO file.
       new  c9763c4   Added a code cleanup note.
       new  6a74a4b   Added TODO entries.
       new  10482f2   Added TODO note.
       new  57cfaeb   Added a TODO item about chess-scid-get-result failing on 
some machines.
       new  c9b1b0b   TODO item about unconditional disabling of assert.
       new  1ec887a   Updated TODO file.
       new  33d57dc   After a call to `chess-scid-get-result', clear the buffer 
so that we don't see the prompt that was output after that command when we 
enter this function the second time.
       new  387d6dd   Add more delays in case text has not appeared from the 
       new  32206cc   Sorted the TODO file.
       new  ea87ef9   Added missing `error' argument.
       new  6a4c5b1   Fixed another problem with the error reporting code.
       new  2c348fb   Added 'runtests', to simplify running on multi-core 
       new  4c8629e   Have 'make check' fail if there are any Lisp errors.
       new  f13ef5c   runtests now takes an argument, specifying how many CPUs 
are available.
       new  a1d7e22   Add PID into the tmpdir.
       new  3974d23   Use $(whoami), not $$, to distinguish emacs-chess tmp 
       new  e84cb96   Added a bug.
       new  81c84e9   char-valid-p is obsolete (as of Emacs 23.1); use 
characterp instead
       new  35f9eed   Updated TODO file
       new  d47fc66   Added run-tests.sh
       new  5216839   Added chess-ics2.el, from Dmitry "Troydm" Geurkov
       new  15fa000   The argument to @sp is not optional in Texinfo 5.1.
       new  4a73c7f   Load `cl' at compile time for `assert'.
       new  57a0226   Allow testsuite generation from "The Week In Chess" 
       new  d26e832   Do not interactively prompt for confirmation when opening 
a large PGN file.
       new  43b9c09   Mention `chess-default-engine' and prefix argument in 
`chess' docstring.
       new  3984a7f   Update submodule pieces
       new  63a0eac   Update .gitmodules
       new  6383bff   Fix (some) Emacs24 compatibility issues.
       new  dd40131   `last-command-char' is gone in Emacs24, it is 
`last-command-event' now.
       new  29f2f32   Do not use `delete-backward-char'.
       new  a99e2d0   Replace obsolete `time-to-seconds' with `float-time'.
       new  69b3e63   Check for internal-default-process-filter when deciding 
to install our default filter.
       new  1c16075   (incomplete) support for the stockfish engine.
       new  0e81156   Make engine searching work again.
       new  5a2cd0a   More UCI engines: fruit and glaurung.
       new  5130570   chess-pos-can-castle: Avoid error if there is no king on 
the board.
       new  6b148f8   Parse UCI long algebraic moves correctly.
       new  d25f243   Update phalanx URL.
       new  e4e34f4   Rename chess-engine-sentinal to chess-engine-sentinel and 
simplify a bit.
       new  8780008   Docstrings.
       new  77d9af8   chess-pgn-insert-and-show-position
       new  c13af40   Low level polyglot binary opening book support.
       new  1b21391   Optionally allow UCI engines to query a book provided by 
       new  4ea4535   Document and refactor chess-polyglot.el.
       new  a887851   An asterisk no longer signifies a user option.
       new  45011d1   More docstring fixes.
       new  ace6064   chess-uci: Choose a (random) move from the book.
       new  4f3b3c1   Fixes to polyglot code.
       new  866b08a   Simplify the search in chess-polyglot.el.
       new  6ece68a   Make the strength of book replies configurable.
       new  04cfa2a   Pacify byte compiler.
       new  422859f   Decompress a polyglot book file if it was compressed.
       new  35f132d   chess-uci.el: Use the post-move event to work around a 
display bug when the handler directly replies with a move because it was found 
in the book.
       new  a2ce2cd   Provide unicode box drawing characters as a possible 
choice for chess-plain-border-chars via custom :type.
       new  f3f4b5e   chess-plain-piece-chars: Provide some useful default 
settings via custom :type.
       new  49e083d   chess-plain-piece-chars: Include a suggestion for unicode 
       new  6cf486e   UCI engines *crash* on FENs with missing trailing spaces.
       new  045a93c   Try to fix a reentrancy bug in chess-display-move.
       new  0d02c90   Fix a rather serious bug in chess-pos-move:
       new  3d1c987   Try to fix 045a93cb98dfd320e756ea9d9799ea92f0900bc6 a 
different way.
       new  a459d60   Refactor chess-plain-handler a bit.
       new  a2409e6   chess-pos.el: Reorder some definitions to pacify compiler.
       new  539d39a   chess-clock-tick-tock: Fix an error on first call.
       new  565e267   chess-rf-to-index: Fix assertion.
       new  a1dfd57   For some reason, chess-pos.el needs to be compiled first.
       new  ad80cdf   Eliminate a few compiler warnings due to missing require 
or cl runtime use.
       new  1fc044d   Fix ics seek ads removal.
       new  07bc0bd   Try to improve the promotion situation on ICS by allowing 
chess-ply to query for the promotion piece.
       new  10108c2   ICC seek removal was broken as well.
       new  2616e45   chess-ics.el: use tabulated-list-mode.
       new  5425563   chess-ics.el: Pacify compiler.
       new  69c4248   Fix docstrings.
       new  77ff256   TODO items done since we switched to tabulated-list-mode.
       new  2c25623   chess-search-position: Also consider opponent king moves 
when checking for check.
       new  b1a6e7a   chess-ai.el: Simpler search function, progress reporter 
and bug fixed.
       new  50dc110   chess-ai.el: Ply ordering + a bit of progress reporting.
       new  5e495b2   chess-legal-plies: If chess-ply-allow-interactive-query 
is nil, generate Q and N promotions.
       new  a11a3da   chess-ai.el: Quiescence search.
       new  fbc1b3f   chess-ai.el: Cleanup.
       new  4956480   chess-ai.el: Rename functions and fix a subtle bug in 
quiescence search termination.
       new  60b3040   chess-ai.el: Better top-level move ordering and 
quiescence pruning.
       new  0098cf4   chess-ai.el: Require cl-lib at runtime for cl-sort.
       new  e87a607   Build fruit and glaurung modules.
       new  536ff04   chess-ai.el: No need for cl-sort.
       new  76fac39   chess-ai.el: Oops, cl-delete-if only at runtime.
       new  6511a37   chess-polyglot.el: Ship default book file.
       new  9fd1428   chess-ai.el: Spare computing time by consulting the 
opening book.
       new  6f61ce5   chess-ics.el: Add guest login support for chess.net.
       new  351eeb1   chess-perft.el: move generator testing.
       new  e4613cc   chess-perft.el: ert tests to find move generator bugs.
       new  2be8f82   chess-legal-plies: Generate R and B promotions in addtion 
to Q and N.
       new  530b3c3   chess-legal-plies: Stop generating duplicate castling 
       new  f4fab47   chess-legal-plies: It is illegal to castle if the king is 
in check right now.
       new  fd3dffb   Add the perft makefile target for easy running of the 
       new  b66e365   chess-perft.el: Count en passant and promotion plies.
       new  a21f71e   chess-pos-move: Really remove castling ability if rook 
has been moved.
       new  b6158eb   chess-perft: Simplify en-passant checks.
       new  6cf13b7   Remove obsolete note.
       new  21c5106   chess-perft: Refactor to avoid repeatedly visiting the 
same list of plies at depth 1.
       new  6eaf295   Silly typo.
       new  532a164   chess-perft: Interactive spec and progress info.
       new  7da3645   chess-polyglot.el: Docs + one assert.
       new  684cd7e   chess-next-index: A 10x12 mailbox based function for 
advancing indices.
       new  b02e697   chess-pos.el: Define constant lists of directions various 
pieces can move to.
       new  6cd4c98   chess-knight-directions: New constant.
       new  bb92fb3   chess-pos.el: Convert 4 more chess-incr-index calls to 
       new  202da3e   chess-pos.el: Convert 2 more calls to chess-incr-index to 
       new  0a3b1be   chess-pos.el: Convert 3 more chess-incr-index calls to 
       new  99be487   chess-pos.el: Refactor/simplify 10x12 code.
       new  5d5498f   chess-pos.el: Collapse two chess-pos-piece-p calls into 
one chess-pos-piece call.
       new  a4027d3   chess-pos.el: Eliminate unused conditional.
       new  705227d   chess-search-position: Move castling check for rooks out 
of the direction loop.
       new  96d8fbc   chess-search-position: 20% performance improvement by 
treating ray pieces commonly.
       new  51a97ca   chess-perft.el: Add another test case with depth 5.
       new  e982307   chess-pos-search*: New function.
       new  a442c47   chess-legal-plies: Simplify the :color case.
       new  58f6486   chess-ics.el: oics definition.
       new  52e5787   docstring fixes.
       new  bbb21e6   Misc. fixes.
       new  b26efe0   chess-plain.el: Rename chess-plain-border-chars to 
       new  3f99a7d   chess-search-position: Merge K testing into BRQ testing.
       new  509a142   chess-ai-eval-static: Avoid checking for mate if we just 
count mobility.
       new  5bf47ea   chess-perft.el: Another test case to improve coverage.
       new  adaa9a2   chess-pos.el: Another 10% speedup by precalculating 
sliding piece rays.
       new  543b7d0   Simplify.
       new  2f0696b   Replace a few chess-incr-index calls with 
       new  580f8af   Remove obsolte note.
       new  851041d   Update URL.
       new  9879106   Avoid repeatedly calling chess-pos-en-passant.
       new  f489b5a   Update commentary.
       new  013b612   Convert some file headers to the standard form including 
       new  416acb4   Add proper file header.
       new  2366633   Add proper file header.
       new  f609b36   Add proper file header.
       new  bdd9724   Add proper file header.
       new  64c4327   Add proper file headers.
       new  77d6ff9   Proper file header and introductory commentary for 
       new  f4744d6   Add a peroper file header.
       new  5ba5aae   Upgrade to GPLv3.
       new  90d860f   Add "data" keyword and set copyright to FSF.
       new  63ca10a   Upgrade to GPLv3.
       new  23a506b   Add a proper file header.
       new  9f2c15b   Upgrade to GPLv3.
       new  0c1f382   Upgrade to GPLv3.
       new  7120b39   Add a proper file header.
       new  d7dd9e9   Add proper file header.
       new  e06b864   Upgrade to GPLv3.
       new  b9ff150   Add a proper file header.
       new  eb3693c   Add a proper file header.
       new  77ae4d6   Add a proper file header.
       new  b80ec2c   Add missing requires.
       new  940fce2   Add proper file header and a paragraph of commentary.
       new  8f0f204   Eliminate the circular dependency between chess-pos and 
       new  056edda   Upgrade to GPLv3 and make the Commentary section more 
       new  522b003   Update pieces submodule HEAD.
       new  92ca978   Add proper file headers, partly merged from ELPA.
       new  f06bf00   Upgrade to GPLv3+.
       new  4eae285   Upgrade to GPLv3+.
       new  dd30398   Declare requirement for cl-lib.
       new  5b5227a   Proper file header.
       new  a86bdee   Add remaining file headers, synced from ELPA.
       new  c0d7755   Remove files unnecessary or unfit for ELPA.
       new  682a68c   Generate info docs and eco.fen and set version to -1 for 
       new  2a9c4ce   Remove docs for EPD and PGN taken from elsewhere.
       new  6c8d13a   Add .elpaignore.
       new  239405f   Remove old file.

The 832 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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