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[elpa] 02/14: Update doc strings and comments

From: Leo Liu
Subject: [elpa] 02/14: Update doc strings and comments
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 09:41:39 +0000

leoliu pushed a commit to branch master
in repository elpa.

commit c1840d4c197c491b1863c706436459467340e63f
Author: Leo Liu <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri May 9 16:02:17 2014 +0800

    Update doc strings and comments
 README.rst |    5 +++--
 ggtags.el  |   10 ++++++++--
 2 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/README.rst b/README.rst
index 60af593..864f66e 100644
--- a/README.rst
+++ b/README.rst
@@ -32,8 +32,9 @@ Features
 #. Support `exuberant ctags <http://ctags.sourceforge.net/>`_ backend.
 #. Support all Global's output formats: ``grep``, ``ctags-x``,
    ``cscope`` etc.
-#. Support projects on remote hosts (e.g. via ``tramp``)
-#. Support eldoc
+#. Support projects on remote hosts (e.g. via ``tramp``).
+#. Support eldoc.
+#. Search ``GTAGSLIBPATH`` for references and symbols.
diff --git a/ggtags.el b/ggtags.el
index a450461..fa53843 100644
--- a/ggtags.el
+++ b/ggtags.el
@@ -122,9 +122,14 @@ REGEXP should match from the beginning of line."
   :safe 'stringp
   :group 'ggtags)
+;; See also: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gnu.global.bugs/1751
 (defcustom ggtags-use-project-gtagsconf t
   "Non-nil to use GTAGSCONF file found at project root.
-File .globalrc and gtags.conf are checked in order."
+File .globalrc and gtags.conf are checked in order.
+Note: GNU Global v6.2.13 has the feature of using gtags.conf at
+project root. Setting this variable to nil doesn't disable this
   :safe 'booleanp
   :type 'boolean
   :group 'ggtags)
@@ -948,7 +953,8 @@ Invert the match when called with a prefix arg 
     (ggtags-find-tag 'path (and invert-match "--invert-match")
                      "--" (ggtags-quote-pattern pattern))))
-;; NOTE: Coloured output in grep requested: http://goo.gl/Y9IcX
+;; Note: Coloured output requested in http://goo.gl/Y9IcX and appeared
+;; in global v6.2.12.
 (defun ggtags-find-tag-regexp (regexp directory)
   "List tags matching REGEXP in DIRECTORY (default to project root).
 When called interactively with a prefix, ask for the directory."

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