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[elpa] master updated (c8087b9 -> dc9644e)

From: Jackson Ray Hamilton
Subject: [elpa] master updated (c8087b9 -> dc9644e)
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 18:29:19 +0000

jackson pushed a change to branch master.

      from  c8087b9   Handle blocked bugs in debbugs
       new  222276b   Init.
       new  5fd312b   More planning and research.
       new  099e8c1   Write basic tokenizer cli.
       new  615ce2c   Wow, actually works.
       new  397ef04   Detect globals.
       new  aaf199e   Fix global wraparound.
       new  fd4b629   Add mode.
       new  a72314c   Write temp files.
       new  0a4248b   Update chunk size.
       new  98df7db   Optimize cli a little bit.
       new  e3fc05a   Create bin and scripts directories.
       new  7ac8db6   Fix a bug where strings were matched.
       new  ebc0b99   Add rollover font lock optimization.
       new  6e991c4   Fix off-by-one error.
       new  35453e0   Only color changed regions.
       new  806398e   Use asynchronous command execution strategy.
       new  409a05b   Enable font lock again.
       new  6a2a7df   Use idle timers instead of font lock.
       new  b35380b   Vastly improve idle timer strategy.
       new  809d48b   Minor tweaks.
       new  09166f9   Some progress, probably have to switch back to lexical.
       new  d0f5470   Successfully lexically bind buffer.
       new  97194c7   Apply tokens with lexically-bound buffer as current.
       new  6d79b91   Idly colorizing after changes working. Cancelling 
seemingly not working.
       new  e448e2f   Cancelling working.
       new  ffd69f5   Minutia.
       new  f349ecb   Minutia.
       new  169b1f4   Set JSLint options to not care.
       new  d372de1   Clean up cruft.
       new  cce215d   Add readme.
       new  df36161   Fix screenshot link.
       new  b1b7f9d   Optimize tokens by connecting tail ends.
       new  b4b86ac   Fix after-change-functions with add-hook. Fix nulls.
       new  bd8fc87   Restore test files. Start on uglify tokenizer.
       new  f482c62   Use remove-text-properties as a temporary comment fix.
       new  f75af43   Fix installation instructions.
       new  3e6f2cf   Cleanup.
       new  fef44f5   Fix broken link.
       new  16e984c   Update installation instructions.
       new  c2114e9   Uglify tokenizer now working.
       new  eb14005   Rename scopify to scopifier. Use vectors.
       new  e4ee2ec   Catch parse errors.
       new  2cdd91e   Write new scopifier with comment detection.
       new  6cd2827   Cleanup old scopifier.
       new  615163a   Update screenshot.
       new  148e55b   Readme updates.
       new  f4e075f   Readme updates.
       new  40c9d93   Readme updates.
       new  d881130   Rename test.
       new  c9a7a2d   Add tail-end optimization.
       new  ff988f3   Fix duplicate tokens and tail-end bug.
       new  2b8bc05   Remove buggy tail optimization. Move stdin cruft to cli.
       new  d2114ae   Remove indentation level.
       new  028370d   Refactor to be more functional.
       new  0e64e85   Simplify to 2 arrays.
       new  348b4ca   Teeny.
       new  d48e8cc   Add benchmark.
       new  0143a29   Leverage .jslintrc files.
       new  38f0821   Perf with ugly for loops.
       new  0ab3ed5   And it still made no difference.
       new  f07ce20   Revert back to functions.
       new  7c8e32c   Restore microooptimized, add more benchmarks, add tests.
       new  c1f9f11   Switch to concat.
       new  a02fe9f   Switch to microoptimized.
       new  65e4763   Just push to a single tokens array.
       new  cb8b1f2   Add light color scheme.
       new  7a49f9f   Make comments italic.
       new  c81c3fd   Make declarations bold.
       new  18e35dd   Shift token properties.
       new  eb2e6b3   Formalize italic support.
       new  ea3fd79   Make implicit global variables bold.
       new  67637bf   Update test fixture.
       new  1039a74   Update microoptimized version.
       new  59b1c99   Documentation and cleanup.
       new  28667b8   Move microoptimized scopifier into the limelight.
       new  b1e7a1d   Switch to 1-dimensional array.
       new  10d7726   Use custom JSON parser.
       new  07fe42c   Vconcat.
       new  49f5e3e   Use alist of faces.
       new  f9eb4a1   Revert "Use alist of faces."
       new  183ac4e   Add emacs benchmark.
       new  099f434   Add optimizations for byte-compilation.
       new  426a7cd   Fix regression where existent definitions were missed.
       new  820becb   Fix test.
       new  0bfdbcd   Remove naive timers.
       new  4874e1e   Improve documentation and Makefile.
       new  a0139c3   Cleanup Makefile.
       new  fb57258   Reorder readme.
       new  8615688   Create tests.
       new  43d2ca0   Remove unused monad.
       new  f50880d   Update header.
       new  f8120d4   Update scenarios. Update readme.
       new  ab13a16   Add back optional timer. Improve docs.
       new  f3e4d7b   Improve benchmarks.
       new  9f39f5c   More benchmark improvements.
       new  a321d8b   Update screenshot.
       new  9ad5fb2   Update benchmark times.
       new  d78046d   Include external libraries.
       new  53cf944   Remove make from instructions.
       new  c8a1710   Add message about needing Node.js.
       new  3cd5c31   Typos.
       new  ab083f4   Simplify package.json.
       new  c7d1adf   Refactor Makefile.
       new  0830f53   Merge branch 'develop'
       new  46f0986   Update readme.
       new  0960e18   Spelling.
       new  1c47db9   Fix link.
       new  d430804   Add tty faces.
       new  79513b2   Remove styling from faces.
       new  7954efc   Rename instances of depth to level.
       new  c595539   Shift and darken colors for light color scheme.
       new  a2b6a5a   Use defvar-local.
       new  d339677   Strip BOM.
       new  146c096   Merge branch 'develop' into feature/color-schemer
       new  d813892   Add color-schemer utility.
       new  c6ea2eb   Add degree sign.
       new  fae85f9   Add code samples.
       new  b51c36d   New experimental color scheme.
       new  3031e54   Extend range; fix modulo bug.
       new  e58833f   Refactor and document.
       new  ed2c33d   Merge branch 'feature/color-schemer' into develop
       new  1b7e0a5   Make context-coloring-face-count customizable. Add some 
dummy faces.
       new  faea355   Cleanup and improve tests.
       new  2bb4d12   More cleanup.
       new  9693c56   Move fixture into its own file.
       new  f7f4fe8   Improve elisp tests.
       new  8982c75   Merge branch 'feature/tests' into develop
       new  fe2bd04   Multiple vars.
       new  aa5cca3   Multiple vars. Rename.
       new  dc8e99c   Function name.
       new  459987e   Generalize for different major modes. Remove dirty 
       new  2341708   Reorganize JavaScript files.
       new  b190309   Update documentation to be language-agnostic.
       new  6f34a6a   Update screenshot.
       new  9e14226   Merge branch 'feature/language-generalization' into 
       new  cb0644a   Cleanup JavaScript tests.
       new  f77870d   Add language support documentation.
       new  5a7fc32   Documentation.
       new  1ceb460   Documentation.
       new  4b2e1db   Documentation.
       new  f836bd2   Add js2-mode test.
       new  3f1bae9   Make js2-mode read-only.
       new  f7b5d33   Add skeletal support for js2-mode scopification.
       new  76122df   Write js2 scopifier.
       new  4c5f3ab   Fix first-run bug, passing js2-mode test.
       new  5fcd757   Refactor to use more resilient dispatch strategy.
       new  4be9ec8   Documentation.
       new  9f87a03   Actually colorize complex files.
       new  549e523   Add failing test for block scopes.
       new  16cee40   Pass test for block scopes.
       new  bdfdbe4   Improve benchmarks.
       new  4d73262   Speed up local name lookup.
       new  6c8175e   Update compilation.
       new  d301048   Update compilation again.
       new  9e7ee77   Add catch test. Don't uncolorize.
       new  221b583   Update hooking strategy.
       new  fc81cf9   Don't use timers for js2-mode.
       new  e06fbe9   Add comment support for js2-mode.
       new  b4c220a   Always remove hooks.
       new  d4ddaa6   Use edge js2-mode.
       new  338716d   Refactor.
       new  a0ccc5c   Improve and pass catch test.
       new  4f57f0c   Improve global test.
       new  1d9cf42   Refactor tests.
       new  15bfad7   Renames.
       new  b468d1c   Improve block scope test. Rename and document block scope 
       new  665a54a   Add more js-mode tests.
       new  43f2e3b   Increase reliability of async tests.
       new  7473cc9   Improve documentation and error handling for async tests.
       new  c8fa33f   Improve async benchmarking.
       new  c1e9226   Reorganize lib.
       new  1f04586   Merge branch 'feature/js2-mode' into develop
       new  5e46686   Remove JS tests and benchmarks. Remove color schemer.
       new  4fee39d   Remove .jslintrc files.
       new  d411168   Revert to single var.
       new  903d938   Update readme.
       new  d1715b2   Remove .gitignore entry.
       new  441dde0   Cleanup, comments.
       new  6059dca   Add Travis CI.
       new  fadacd1   Add badge.
       new  e040ca0   Just use stable emacs.
       new  d27f2fe   Fix callback removal.
       new  e2ee311   Fix timer existence check.
       new  6ce2b63   Bump required js2-mode version.
       new  04f6f73   Documentation.
       new  b485897   Update benchmarks.
       new  7059157   Add note on byte compilation.
       new  28183e4   Readme.
       new  f15c193   Escape.
       new  87725bc   Positions.
       new  e05f044   Update js2-mode.
       new  eba74ae   Improve assertion functions.
       new  68824f6   Add failing test for key names.
       new  6755fdb   Pass test for key names.
       new  3c8f842   Write failing property lookup test.
       new  195fbe7   Improve assertion message.
       new  31ee972   Improve property lookup test.
       new  1f06301   Pass property lookup test.
       new  d82f357   Merge branch 'feature/name-nodes' into develop
       new  21cc6c6   Save benchmark logs to an untracked directory.
       new  7001dce   Use js2-node-top-level-decl-p as a fast track.
       new  27db37a   Use a hash table as a scope level fast track.
       new  1c0155f   Don't color name nodes in their own scope.
       new  de8eacd   Update benchmarks in readme.
       new  bef41e1   Merge branch 'feature/optimize-js2-mode' into develop
       new  6d24750   Update docs.
       new  63e2590   Merge branch 'develop'
       new  d44b426   Merge branch 'master' into develop
       new  196a6ed   Whoops.
       new  3cff176   Add failing key-value pair test.
       new  6e5e95a   Pass key-value pair test.
       new  5c8855f   Merge branch 'feature/key-values' into develop
       new  a2ba1ef   Version 2.0.1.
       new  7b2a4c8   Merge branch 'develop'
       new  887f4c7   Merge branch 'master' into develop
       new  32aacc9   Add customization interface.
       new  9a883e2   Version 2.1.0.
       new  6706bc2   Merge branch 'develop'
       new  96da8de   Merge branch 'master' into develop
       new  48ff468   Update linter.
       new  e210009   Flycheck link.
       new  1df629d   Enable rainbow-mode.
       new  3944181   Renames. Cleanup.
       new  f2ace00   Add faces dynamically. Stop looping around at the last 
       new  127b312   Remove rear-nonsticky.
       new  32fa415   Use `font-lock' for comments and strings.
       new  e09d9ad   Add tests for comments and strings.
       new  310aca4   Use `save-excursion' before fontifying.
       new  94bc0dc   Add note about comments and strings. Update screenshots.
       new  ef461da   Stop maintaining benchmarks in readme.
       new  d885920   Merge branch 'feature/comments-and-strings' into develop
       new  5908ce8   Fix readme.
       new  8665ff3   Simplify `context-coloring-set-colors'.
       new  73c82f9   Merge branch 'feature/set-colors' into develop
       new  03d111c   Cleanup.
       new  450aa85   Use macros to clean up tests.
       new  079a5a8   Document tests.
       new  c947690   Documentation. Cleanup. Copyright notices.
       new  5826178   Update the dispatch API.
       new  cae3b72   Document new dispatch API.
       new  d1cb93b   Merge branch 'feature/dispatch' into develop
       new  4ac1eaa   Version 3.0.0.
       new  9fdc037   Merge branch 'develop'
       new  8300976   Merge branch 'master' into develop
       new  a0fefc4   Add themes. Prepare for ELPA. Version 3.1.0.
       new  f3ab262   Merge branch 'develop'
       new  555820b   Merge branch 'master' into develop
       new  574b955   Update sentence spacing.
       new  5cc5224   Update sentence spacing.
       new  b325b91   Add current directory to load path for compilation.
       new  75f6705   Fix on Windows.
       new  f9c3de8   Version 3.1.1.
       new  bbebea1   Merge branch 'develop'
       new  9fb06d8   Merge branch 'master' into develop
       new  83eb0e2   Externalize the JavaScript scopifier.
       new  97150a1   Update .elpaignore.
       new  941070c   Add `make deps`.
       new  d157167   Strip headers. Use make dependencies.
       new  ae2adc4   Merge themes into main file.
       new  a62e98e   Update header installation instructions.
       new  43bb3c1   Remove unnecessary file from .elpaignore.
       new  3d034f9   Merge branch 'develop'
       new  eaece82   Version 4.0.0.
       new  f2b5d79   Remove unnecessary .elpaignore.
       new  30a24f9   Add 'packages/context-coloring/' from commit 
       new  784910c   externals-list: Add context-coloring
       new  34fb7e9   Fix readme link.
       new  9e177bf   Update headers and documentation for 
       new  fedf885   Add note to readme about --version.
       new  a14be3c   Merge commit 'fedf88552990afa269366dfa4c3f5af6d1cdb7c2' 
from context-coloring
       new  dc9644e   Merge branch 'master' of git://git.sv.gnu.org/emacs/elpa

Summary of changes:
 externals-list                                     |    1 +
 packages/context-coloring/.gitignore               |    3 +
 packages/{company => context-coloring}/.travis.yml |   12 +-
 packages/context-coloring/Makefile                 |   37 +
 packages/context-coloring/README.md                |  170 +
 .../benchmark/context-coloring-benchmark.el        |  160 +
 .../benchmark/fixtures/.dir-locals.el              |    1 +
 .../benchmark/fixtures/async-0.9.0.js              | 1123 +++
 .../benchmark/fixtures/jquery-2.1.1.js             | 9190 ++++++++++++++++++++
 .../benchmark/fixtures/lodash-2.4.1.js             | 6785 +++++++++++++++
 .../benchmark/fixtures/mkdirp-0.5.0.js             |   97 +
 packages/context-coloring/context-coloring.el      |  607 ++
 packages/context-coloring/scopifier.png            |  Bin 0 -> 2609 bytes
 packages/context-coloring/screenshot.png           |  Bin 0 -> 22006 bytes
 .../scripts/download-dependencies.el               |   52 +
 .../context-coloring/test/context-coloring-test.el |  375 +
 .../context-coloring/test/fixtures/block-scopes.js |    6 +
 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/catch.js   |    8 +
 .../test/fixtures/comments-and-strings.js          |    3 +
 .../test/fixtures/function-scopes.js               |    5 +
 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/global.js  |    3 +
 .../context-coloring/test/fixtures/key-names.js    |    6 +
 .../context-coloring/test/fixtures/key-values.js   |    8 +
 .../test/fixtures/property-lookup.js               |    5 +
 24 files changed, 18650 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/.gitignore
 copy packages/{company => context-coloring}/.travis.yml (55%)
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/Makefile
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/README.md
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/benchmark/fixtures/.dir-locals.el
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/benchmark/fixtures/async-0.9.0.js
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/benchmark/fixtures/jquery-2.1.1.js
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/benchmark/fixtures/lodash-2.4.1.js
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/benchmark/fixtures/mkdirp-0.5.0.js
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/context-coloring.el
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/scopifier.png
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/screenshot.png
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/scripts/download-dependencies.el
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/context-coloring-test.el
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/block-scopes.js
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/catch.js
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/function-scopes.js
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/global.js
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/key-names.js
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/key-values.js
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/property-lookup.js

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