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[elpa] master 6e5e95a 211/271: Pass key-value pair test.

From: Jackson Ray Hamilton
Subject: [elpa] master 6e5e95a 211/271: Pass key-value pair test.
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 18:31:17 +0000

branch: master
commit 6e5e95a3c6eac613c3e9ef76b4874ea4c980e592
Author: Jackson Ray Hamilton <address@hidden>
Commit: Jackson Ray Hamilton <address@hidden>

    Pass key-value pair test.
 context-coloring.el |    3 ++-
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/context-coloring.el b/context-coloring.el
index bb3cb1e..ff3eae0 100644
--- a/context-coloring.el
+++ b/context-coloring.el
@@ -255,7 +255,8 @@ END (exclusive) with the face corresponding to LEVEL."
   (and (js2-name-node-p node)
        (let ((parent (js2-node-parent node)))
-         (not (or (js2-object-prop-node-p parent)
+         (not (or (and (js2-object-prop-node-p parent)
+                       (eq node (js2-object-prop-node-left parent)))
                   (and (js2-prop-get-node-p parent)
                        ;; For nested property lookup, the node on the left is a
                        ;; `js2-prop-get-node', so this always works.

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