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[elpa] master updated (2fb700c -> f664821)

From: Jackson Ray Hamilton
Subject: [elpa] master updated (2fb700c -> f664821)
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2015 01:09:27 +0000

jackson pushed a change to branch master.

      from  2fb700c   Merge commit '68bcaa8d8df5518217a3833fd1bb400c8225fe02' 
from hydra
       new  15b38a8   Cleanup.
       new  c4459fe   Fix faces on light tty backgrounds. Be more conservative 
about applying themes.
       new  807f484   Allow themes to be overridden, but warn.
       new  2875503   Write and pass tests for context-coloring-define-theme 
and recede and override properties.
       new  2b6d30e   Document context-coloring-define-theme.
       new  4c7082f   Spaces.
       new  ce5c6d9   Write and pass post-recede test.
       new  874982e   Update test names.
       new  06efd73   Fix assertion so tests fail.
       new  06a7606   Pass / update tests for warnings.
       new  2090e5d   Add missing case for a theme that does not set faces.
       new  23a12b8   Rename test.
       new  0f036c9   Improve documentation for themes.
       new  71a1a0c   Rename ambiguous "defined" to "originally set".
       new  6e6bc61   Rename themep to theme-p.
       new  ca7122c   Remove `when'.
       new  cda491a   Long lines.
       new  9d55bd6   Generalize assertions. Write failing test for disabling.
       new  2b687ae   Pass test for disabling.
       new  a197a8c   Add disclaimer about precedence.
       new  6eef78b   Add spacegray theme.
       new  3bd7e26   Add anti-zenburn theme.
       new  35b3e71   Add ample theme.
       new  0b42ae1   Add grandshell theme.
       new  0b8d03d   Update readme.
       new  fb14816   Update readme.
       new  2889b27   Mark unused lexical argument.
       new  352a8b0   Delete deprecated function.
       new  c2b6999   Version 5.0.0.
       new  6f3ad75   Update test function documentation.
       new  f664821   Merge commit '6f3ad757155b9b3089aba55ee6102ecc9bed647d' 
from context-coloring

Summary of changes:
 packages/context-coloring/README.md                |   12 +-
 packages/context-coloring/context-coloring.el      |  333 ++++++++++++++----
 .../context-coloring/test/context-coloring-test.el |  384 +++++++++++++++++++-
 3 files changed, 643 insertions(+), 86 deletions(-)

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