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[elpa] master updated (3b749e8 -> f52a5e5)

From: Jackson Ray Hamilton
Subject: [elpa] master updated (3b749e8 -> f52a5e5)
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 08:19:31 +0000

jackson pushed a change to branch master.

      from  3b749e8   * sml-mode/sml-mode.el: Bump version to make a new release
       new  75e624c   Todo.
       new  880ab8a   Use `maximum-face' instead of `face-count'.
       new  bd11b35   Avoid using the `font-lock-string-face' color for zenburn.
       new  ebbc2f1   Fix documentation for `context-coloring-maximum-face'.
       new  62c38d8   Fix comment.
       new  e451d29   Restore original `context-coloring-maximum-face' value.
       new  351142e   More disciplined use of `if'.
       new  a1b7f3e   Define extra faces in 
       new  ca15a60   Whitespace.
       new  e5d512f   "Misfeature."
       new  e68d00b   Whitespace.
       new  c125d9f   Reorganize defvars and defcustoms.
       new  0681e94   Remove `set-colors' and `set-colors-default'.
       new  3805110   Reorganize faces. Remove eval macroexpand.
       new  a49b024   Whitespace.
       new  25a8d13   Documentation.
       new  4c3d1da   Rename `defface-default' to `defface-neutral'.
       new  8367e19   Rename `level-face' functions.
       new  bae456d   Use imperative for documentation.
       new  a7db850   Cleanup documentation.
       new  8e5674f   Cleanup documentation.
       new  3d91840   Remove `context-coloring-benchmark-colorization'.
       new  45c0d1a   Add `:setup' and `:teardown' properties to dispatches.
       new  e2d3320   Add `uncompile' Makefile task.
       new  f4e1cbc   Version 6.0.0.
       new  f52a5e5   Merge commit 'f4e1cbc5386fbf197ff8bcb6a9275f17c9cbe8e4' 
from context-coloring

Summary of changes:
 packages/context-coloring/Makefile                 |   11 +-
 .../benchmark/context-coloring-benchmark.el        |   24 +-
 packages/context-coloring/context-coloring.el      |  378 ++++++++++----------
 .../context-coloring/test/context-coloring-test.el |  147 ++++----
 4 files changed, 287 insertions(+), 273 deletions(-)

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