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[elpa] master updated (201a84f -> 11b8201)

From: Rocky Bernstein
Subject: [elpa] master updated (201a84f -> 11b8201)
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 23:23:25 +0000

rocky pushed a change to branch master.

      from  201a84f   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  b3736ac   Remove realgud and dependents as a git submodule
       new  69166d1   Rework test-unit into something even simpler.
       new  6c10908   Not quite working correctly. But closer.
       new  a409d39   Rewrite more.
       new  cb27817   Start writing tests for the test framework!
       new  97a3142   "context" -> test-simple-info. Allow passing such a 
       new  af0a7c1   Much improved. "make check-short" added. Give elapsed 
time in microseconds. test-imple-verbosity controls output verboseness. More 
normal test output now.
       new  999bc30   Add test-eql and test-eq. Small improvement in 
interactive use.
       new  b3485db   Insert file or buffer name into test info.
       new  f32eac2   Insert file or buffer name into test info.
       new  5664d10   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ea7f5a7   test-simple no longer requires (test-simple-start). Just 
start. Straighten out Makefile system for making tests/checks.
       new  602885e   Update what's afoot
       new  8e6c4a6   Update what's afoot
       new  f0e62be   Fill in a little more.
       new  e0226df   Correct textile markup
       new  7f3eb8b   See what happens with TAP output.
       new  56bf795   Allow optional start-msg on test-simple-start
       new  d0425b1   Merge branch 'TAP'; commit '7f3eb8b'
       new  9e91990   Add a simple example showing how to use.
       new  4cc29a8   textile doesn't do backtick.
       new  8a5062a   See above
       new  64c649a   The grammar again
       new  dd9f6f3   The grammar again
       new  8f66728   The grammar again
       new  817fac3   Remove trailing whitespace.
       new  486e0a0   Add required version header.
       new  5df0985   Run buffer through checkdoc.
       new  2ccbb4a   Merge pull request #1 from expez/package
       new  e8a00fe   Thanks to Lars expez
       new  3575f69   Add a couple of autoloads
       new  0f01b8d   Reinstate old elisp-comp.
       new  e147319   Revise documentation.
       new  09bb0c6   More doc fixes
       new  20832e4   Yet more doc text tweaking
       new  43802d5   Go over install instructions.
       new  758b3df   One more change
       new  543e847   Go over install-from-git.sh
       new  f6a8a8c   install-from-git.sh: forgot to set protocol. rest: 
Attempt to figure out a reasonable lispdir setting (--with-lispdir).
       new  30be4ec   tidy organization of configure.ac
       new  8dffab4   We don't need test-unit for test-simple!
       new  16b8f07   Go over documentation yet again.
       new  f946582   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  ab93a0f   Try travis
       new  ec05598   Is this .travis.yml okay now?
       new  92ab0d9   Try travis build with emacs23-nox
       new  486dd49   This emacs package doesn't need any other of my emacs 
       new  51c72ae   Correct travis status image link
       new  42ad101   Put back in git clone of emacs-test-simple
       new  70fed98   Add coderwall endorse
       new  30c3205   Try using Carton packaging
       new  3512f41   grammar typo
       new  282548d   autoconf, fall back to default datadir install location
       new  cd1363c   Merge pull request #3 from elbeardmorez/ac-lispdir
       new  d78e3bb   autoreconf, don't force update
       new  9bdf603   Merge pull request #2 from elbeardmorez/autoreconf
       new  1242981   assert-raises was passing an extra arg to assert-t.
       new  a805b7a   Fix configure --prefix
       new  4819d79   Merge pull request #4 from mar-kolya/fix-configure-prefix
       new  fc1479e   Go over Makefile.am. Add check-terse and install-terse
       new  11fedd2   1.0 release
       new  75eea25   Release 1.0
       new  ca75b19   Add 'packages/test-simple/' from commit 
       new  e3b283f   Track original positions in the face of possible edits. 
Intended use in debugging where one might edit the file but continue editing.
       new  e3d8b3f   Fill out code. loc-changes-goto now updates 
loc-changes-alist. Some names have changed. loc-changes-clear-buffer is now 
       new  0ff057c   loc-change-reset-position - updates line number to 
current point. Break out loc-changes-add-elt
       new  ed4aa23   Add column positioning in line.
       new  65a7bdb   Add --enable-maintainer-mode to configure when autogen.sh 
is run.
       new  217c308   Don't overwrite elisp-comp.
       new  214e6dc   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  f30ef11   Make INSTALL less generic and more Emacs-specific.
       new  9611e53   Add install-from-git script
       new  ccbb771   Customize more for Emacs
       new  b34fc99   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  5a4caf6   Makefile.am: Emacs 24 tolerance. install-from-git.sh be 
ready to convert to test-simple. loc-changes.el: not sure if we really need 
this redisplay.
       new  066e53a   Convert from test-unit to test-simple
       new  fd4031d   Add check-short target
       new  a322387   Makefile hacking. Go over tests. elisp-comp got borked 
       new  d740ec1   Makefile hacking.
       new  f9245fe   Delete trailing whitespace.
       new  56cb18a   Add license, version, author and repo url.
       new  7f547c2   Add sections for header, code, commentary and footer.
       new  9425cc2   Merge pull request #3 from expez/package
       new  ae13e71   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  6d86b3f   Makefile.am got borked in merge.
       new  fbc1029   Remove more shmutz
       new  a22f735   Administrivia
       new  97fe7d3   Thanks go to Lars Andersen.
       new  e08f27c   More wordsmithing.
       new  f63993b   Go over doc. Add autoloads making more interactive 
       new  ac3c975   Try using carton
       new  6e239c9   Try travis
       new  558e036   Need development dependency on test-simple
       new  feff500   travis 3rd try
       new  ce5b8c5   Add travis build-status png
       new  6edbc83   Try to generalize travis file to make it more robust.
       new  f89be50   Travis 2nd try
       new  09bb99a   Travis 3rd try
       new  1aa7e32   Travis 4th try
       new  fe217bb   Travis 5th try
       new  f915472   Comment out a debug "echo"
       new  df50b65   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  80b5934   Version 1.0 release
       new  2a0cf1a   Travis fix - 1st attempt.
       new  8447baf   Bump version
       new  af43c43   Add 'packages/loc-changes/' from commit 
       new  75cbd64   Relative loads for Emacs Lisp files. Adds functions 
__FILE__ and load-relative.
       new  ab11fd5   Allow load-relative to accept a list of strings of files 
to load.
       new  03682a1   Add require-relative.
       new  4784bc3   test-load.el: I think we need to expand the filename 
before calling load. behave.el: reduce dependency on spec part.
       new  e34c09b   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  28e89ae   Add require-relative.
       new  60cc558   test-load.el: add a require-relative test behave.el: sync 
up with emacs-dbgr - one bug removed.
       new  5ad6045   load-relative.el: Use current-load-list to get 
loaded/eval'd file name. It is perhaps is the most reliable but also the most 
low-level and it is an undocumented API. Update doc strings to record what we 
now understand. Allow an optional symbol -- just in case. Update tests.
       new  498ef1c   Used in testing require-relative
       new  48b2617   Also try #$ - "the name of this file as a string". Thanks 
due to grischka for the suggestion.
       new  3ad6e07   Update __FILE__ docstring comment.
       new  b2d9a14   Go over __FILE__ test ordering and more comments to as to 
why we do what we do.
       new  8286c11   Add macro to handle relative requires using a list. And 
use this list eval-when-compile to remove the undefined function messages in 
       new  c644149   Working towards a more perfect __FILE__. Perhaps I am 
flailing here. Need much better tests.
       new  af42a27   Bug: was not require-relative when not at compile time.
       new  584903a   Add first __FILE__ test.
       new  dcaccee   Another test of (__FILE__). Make test-load more 
       new  998a570   load-relative.el: Add provide-me and make GPL v3. README: 
expand and turn into red-cloth markup.
       new  ecfca54   See if changing the name from README to README.markup 
gives github a clue
       new  2746bb6   Nope changing the name made things worse.
       new  189b3c5   Turn README back into text. Add special redcloth version.
       new  3b3527d   Doc string fix.
       new  2e56ab0   Minimal test of provide-me.
       new  fa34522   Add optional prefix to require-relative, require-relative 
and provide-me which will add that prefix to the feature name.
       new  edd4d9f   Add provision for getting __FILE__ when we are byte 
       new  aa57721   Show number of assertions run.
       new  66db125   behave.el: fix incorrect initialization on 
       new  c567c97   Add assert-raises.
       new  f981df8   Try using .md extension for doc.
       new  7db1e95   Try textile for readme
       new  b202988   Reformat without line breaks
       new  82831ef   Include textile README in distribution tarball
       new  f9d93f6   Fix package name typo.
       new  9458440   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  543bf6e   Administrivia.
       new  26c13aa   Remove local behave.el in favor of new installed package 
       new  ff16741   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  41cb525   elisp-comp is now in the repository
       new  8171817   Add --enable-maintainer-mode to configure when running 
       new  e8dbbea   Don't overwrigte elisp-comp.
       new  ccb1562   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  1d3e523   Add Emacs Lisp Code Archive (ELCA) meta-comments.
       new  a0c6153   Administrivia. Add COPYING, update README and .gitignore, 
bump version number.
       new  04e9441   Make INSTALL less generic and more specific to Emacs
       new  ba33b5d   Customize more for emacs.
       new  c93e44f   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  bacecf4   git Administrivia.
       new  4c2d0c9   More Administrivia
       new  d4d0228   Add install-from-git script
       new  09d8fcf   start autoload-relative.
       new  2d6b6b1   Add an additional require-relative-list involving a 
parent directory.
       new  b823e76   Small changes
       new  191b8ae   The grammar she is hard.
       new  f1e6d0a   Convert some test-unit to test-simple. Makefile.am, 
make-check-filter.rb: add check-short target
       new  86bf31b   Add more remake --task comments to Makefile.
       new  28aa60e   Convert to test-simple.
       new  7de0162   load-relative.el: beef up documentation. 
install-from-git.sh: remove test-unit, allow a GIT protocol to be specified.
       new  0919a51   Remove trailing whitespace.
       new  1183fd0   Change to proper version header format.
       new  9b1eb88   Add marker for code.
       new  d5afdd4   Add autoload directives.
       new  7d18cd6   Merge pull request #2 from expez/package
       new  9654e71   Give thanks to Lars Anderson
       new  ff106d6   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  0407199   More doc tweaking
       new  dc45ca5   README.md, load-relative.el: Go over documentation. 
Makefile.am: add targets test and test-short
       new  a32cbe0   Fix up table of contents
       new  10bb8ae   Markdown tagging problems
       new  51db90a   Markdown tagging problems - take 2
       new  5999f88   Markdown tagging problems - take 3. One last wafer-thin 
       new  902299b   Markdown tagging problems - take 4. One last wafer-thin 
       new  93e3d9b   A couple more typos.
       new  a9e7ee4   More doc fixes. Sigh. The English she is too much for me.
       new  de053ac   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  e6e3930   Grammar typo.
       new  1d8153e   Try travis
       new  56b9242   Display travis status
       new  d5734d0   2nd try at travis
       new  d44942e   Try using Carton. 3rd try at travis
       new  93f87d2   Try using Carton. 4th try at travis
       new  629343c   5th try at travis
       new  bab8a92   6th try at travis
       new  abcfd52   7th try at travis - but expected to fail
       new  5c86dc2   8th try at travis - also expected to fail
       new  73e7a20   9th try at travis - possibly will fail
       new  394fbae   10th try at travis - possibly will fail
       new  97b7428   12th try at travis - possibly will fail
       new  497513c   11th try at travis - possibly will fail
       new  566719d   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  61f1f3b   14th try at travis - possibly will fail
       new  739af93   15th try at travis - possibly will fail
       new  716ffe1   16th try at travis - possibly will fail
       new  c7917e8   18th try at travis - possibly will fail
       new  f175679   Ignore elpa directory
       new  11ededf   Try to generalize travis build a little. More is needed
       new  c2e2b12   More ignore
       new  8530b39   Update README.md
       new  0ec845e   Revise Makefile using elget for travis.
       new  30b4869   Release 1.0
       new  15ffaa9   Release 1.0
       new  e9090f6   Add 'packages/load-relative/' from commit 
       new  04e0619   Start the Grand Unified Debugger Rewrite.
       new  6413c24   dbgr-track-mode minimally works.
       new  6d9639c   dbgr-track-mode sets status dynamically based on debugger 
       new  7e6b04b   dbgr-track-mode.el: simplify mode hook code by using 
define-minor-mode macro more effectively.
       new  06f469a   test/behave.el: add expect-equal, expect-t, expect-nil 
and show actual + expected on error dbgr-core.el: move option parsing here 
rbdbgr-core.el: fn-name typo; adjust for new dbgr-core test-core.el: add more 
rbdbgr-file-mode tests
       new  e88d334   Use save-current-buffer. clean up dbgr-track-mode.el and 
misc small fixes.
       new  93cf41d   Start dbgr-exec-shell and dbgr-term-sential - creation of 
an eterm shell to run debugger in.
       new  cb9f7bf   Closer to having command rbdbgr working.
       new  6af7f0f   More detailed command-line parsing. Warning - is in 
intermediate state.
       new  e9f35ee   For now rbdbgr uses term.el for its process buffer. 
However term.el doesn't have an output filter function - yet.
       new  a60df02   More work on term mode.
       new  a5f4b78   rbdbgr via comint now works.
       new  c12b465   Don't kill existing processes in processe buffers when 
rerunning the same command Showing location negotiates the buffers correctly 
       new  4d746f0   Add a 2nd debugger. In the process DRY and make common 
some code.
       new  443cd4c   behave.el: expect- => assert- . DRY assert-t.
       new  bea91f0   Tidy behave.el a little bit more.
       new  74e7221   Add an optional message parmater on assert-... .
       new  d8e571c   Save the last invocation as a buffer-local variable in 
the process buffer.
       new  736f9ce   Keep history of pydbgr, rbdbgr invocations and modify 
minibuffer mode map to do filename completion. FIXME: need to DRY this code.
       new  2d3ec52   dbgr-regexp.el: regexp bug fixes for rdebug. 
dbgr-track-mode.el: docstring typo dbgr-track.el: don't run hooks if 
dbgr-track-mode is not set.
       new  e7276ec   Put overla/arrow/fringe arrow on current location in 
source window.
       new  5701e58   Set debugger buffer-local variables for command/process 
and source buffers. Set default directory in command buffer. Source buffer now 
has last command invocation and a pointer to the process buffer.
       new  ef71c67   Clean up code with sets buffer-local variables in 
scriptbuf and procbuf. Although this is a big improvement, more work is needed.
       new  fc0faa2   Start to use load-relative. dbgr-core.el: fix bug in 
       new  e314654   Use load-relative with lists of files when possible.
       new  97bd5c1   Use require-relative now.
       new  c764480   Better load-relative uses and remove a failing require.
       new  645fa70   Remove byte-compile warnings.
       new  5bed7fe   dbgr-exec-shell Deal with nil directory in command 
       new  e0c0afa   switch-buffer -> set-buffer so we don't mess up window 
       new  158c3ff   Keep (historical) process buffer position in sync with 
historical source buffer position. Warning: this needs refactorization.
       new  9912aa7   Move command process mark into location structure. More 
work is needed.
       new  cd13000   dbgr-loc.el: fix M-up/down motion in command buffer to 
match mark ruby/rbdbgr.el: remove bogus (shell-mode).
       new  4e0fe07   behave.el: was not passing assertion message to assert-t 
Store debugger name inside script buffers. Command invocation to come... 
dbgr-window.el: add provide for my name. Start helper file. xx-p -> xx? because 
it is cooler.
       new  9a48c54   procbuf -> cmdbuf
       new  7ff906a   First cut at saving command arguments in script buffer. 
Much improved but More work needed.
       new  a54caf6   */*-core.el Common routine to query for command line. 
dbgr-cmdf.el: fix bugs in command-line retrieval.
       new  d7984ec   Used in testing require-relative
       new  c430b02   Switch to using require-relative instead of 
       new  0d74694   Add Makefiles in python and ruby. Remove byte-compile 
warnings in python and ruby. dbgr-track.el: goto-... -> dbgr-goto
       new  f11ba71   Sentinel should detect deleted buffers. comint output 
hooks were not installed in pydbgr and rbdbgr.
       new  8bed313   Mostly administrivia.
       new  964c0d2   Fix up install so that we go to our own directory and 
have language-specific directories underneath that.
       new  2866294   Start cmdbuf tests. Add predicates to see if a buffer is 
a debugger script or command.
       new  1690dad   dbg-buffer.el: Start buffer access routines Start to 
reduce declare-functions by getting definitions more directly.
       new  6791d1e   Start to use require-relative-list more. Note: 
require-relative-list has problems when used in subdirectories python or ruby. 
But for '.' -like require relative, it is fine.
       new  8c4479e   Start routines which allow us to send commands to the 
debugger process: dbgr-send-command. Right now though, It is not inserting into 
the buffer nor the output filter function to kick in.
       new  d4097fa   Add with-current-buffer-safe to guard against deleted 
buffers. Set/save comint-prompt-regexp. Correct debugger prompts which are not 
the same as location matching patterns. Workaround problem in loading 
pydbg/rbdbgr not pulling in all files. Include python regexp test.
       new  5b7c443   Bug fix: minibuffer history was not saving prior of 
debugger invocations. scriptbuf -> srcbuf.
       new  d3f2823   dbgr-command-send now echos its output. prompt is set 
correctly for rbdbgr and pydbgr.
       new  4622347   dbgr-sget: start to simplify access to defstruct fields. 
More cmdbuf tests.
       new  7c8473f   dbgr-cmdbuf: minor fixes. SMake more use simplified 
defstruct access, add dbgr-cmdbuf? rbdbgr: pass in pat-hash to get set 
       new  02cae0f   Push forward with simpler access to struct fields. 
pydbgr, rbdbgr: remove compilation bug/warning.
       new  ac1ede4   Simpilify struct access even more by removing "dbgr-" 
prefix. I like things to look real simple.
       new  efa3d27   Hoist some common code. Missing a require in rbdbgr.el 
and remove an extra prvide in pydbgr.el
       new  813537a   Minor
       new  fc4e29d   dbgr-set-arrow: add optional indicator pair
       new  66e271b   Add dbgr-expand-format-string
       new  6384006   Make dbgr-command interactive.
       new  97d79fd   Don't issue message if we are in a command buffer Fill in 
test cases more.
       new  ea0365f   Add dbgr-define-command and some common gdb-commands.
       new  b27771f   I think the bug in load-relative may have been the cause 
of some of the weirdness found here.
       new  c2b21e7   Create a global hash which contains regular expression 
information for each of the debuggers. Each debugger has a regular expression 
to match a prompt location and a regular expression for the prompt string that 
comint uses. However there may be other regular expressions for things like 
stack traces.
       new  53c0a63   Correct bugs in and clean up track-mode setting and 
debugger invocation.
       new  5df6fd7   Since elisp-comp has been fixed we can use 
require-relative-list in subdirectories. Reinstate compiling them. DRY code 
       new  d75b9b6   Small bugfix.
       new  6058e22   Bugs I probably would have caught if I had done more 
thorough unit testing.
       new  165de44   Attempt more realistic tests.
       new  583c605   rbdbgr-core.el: fix invalid fn name dbgr-arrow.el: start 
allow location history in fringe.
       new  2f3cae2   Fringe arrow cleanup and simplification in advance of 
reworking to add a source buffer-local variable of ring of history positions 
and marking them in the fringe in both the source and command buffers.
       new  2bcaf6c   Improve arrow interface to just the essentials. Remove 
arrow when leaving dbgr-track-mode.
       new  b3190c2   dbgr-arrow -> dbgr-fringe. Simplify a tad more.
       new  93fff5a   Add history of locations stopped (last 3) in the fringe. 
Also some associated simplification and cleanup around this code.
       new  4337999   Don't set older marks if the are at the same position as 
newer ones.
       new  44456b6   dbgr-fringe.el: remove duplicate test. This needs to be 
done at a higher level. Empirically get fringe history access correct, until I 
better understand what's wrong. dbgr-cmds.el: add more gdb commands. Use them 
in the python and ruby debuggers.
       new  171cbda   Test changes since we no longer remove duplicate 
       new  a038f04   Set fringe arrows for dedicated command buffers.
       new  9538cb6   dbgr-send-process: send a debugger command and redirect 
output to a temporary buffer. The hope is that this is will be a cleaner way to 
make a request and get an answer - no comint filters are involved.
       new  83e41d3   (provide 'xxx) -> (provide-me). This ensures we get it 
right. Start to fold in Anders' shortkey mode and keybindings and all that 
other great stuff.
       new  2153c0b   Bang on short-key mode. Add variable in command buffer 
which tell whether to add a cmmand to the history or and to end up in the 
command buffer. Bugs in dbgr-define-command fixed. provide-me used more often.
       new  ec830f9   Remove dbgr- from filenames, although the files still 
provide with a dbgr- prefix thanks to recent changes to load-relative.
       new  4989779   docstring name regularization.
       new  ff18688   Deal with process sentinel as part of turning on 
dbgr-track-mode so that we catch process hangup dbgr-track-mode (as well as 
running the debugger from the outset).
       new  2a5484c   dbgr-loc.el -> dbgr.el
       new  8576cc5   Force going to the current source-code line when in the 
case that buffer is already visible. No doubt there will be more work on this.
       new  b4082f4   Need to use require-relative-list with prefix?
       new  e27d040   send.el: docstring elaboration. test-send.el: Add test of 
dbgr-define-command. Show number of assertions run.
       new  b386517   behave.el: fix incorrect initializion of assert count. 
test-send.el: Check docstring is set on dbgr-define-command
       new  3b03b03   elisp-comp: remove temp script. Makefile.am: Wasn't 
running cmdbuf test. helper.el: current best guess at a setter method.
       new  725e6ea   Remove spurious warning.
       new  62e27c4   Bang on (source) window update and display. Less 
disruption of windows on update. Add variable in cmdbuf to track shortkey mode.
       new  b5f95ed   Fix up and simplify short-key mode so the setting is 
saved in the process buffer and propagated to the source buffers encountered.
       new  6e28ac0   Keep command buffer position and source location position 
in sync when moving back in the history of positions. See docstring of 
dbgr-track-hist-fn-internal for which windows get displayed. DRY code a little.
       new  0a3ec2a   Handle some error cases, and fix source tracking created 
in DRYing code. fringe.el: handle deleting the buffer we are trying to update 
the fringe arrow for track-mode.el: handle error case where we invoke 
dbgr-track-mode in a non-process buffer. track.el: need to switch to source 
buffer to query overlay arrow.
       new  211d114   Make gdb commands more short-key friendly - that is can 
be called from the source window. Add newer-frame: "<" and older frame ">".
       new  c17c3fb   Start adding flags to command-send to indicate whether to 
record history, and whether we have a frame-changing command. Do more error 
checking in command-send for running processes and so on. Add more commands and 
keys bindings to short-key.
       new  5ab5700   Make rbdbgr-track-mode.el stand on its own.
       new  e968d75   track.el: Fix bug in dbgr-goto-line-for-loc-pat key.el, 
track-mode.el: temporary workaround for VMware keybinding mess up.
       new  6ef3aac   Small changes.
       new  23a92f6   rdebug.el: make more user-friendly for interactive 
dbgr-track-from-region calls.
       new  24a85cc   Make dbgr-track-from-region more interactive useful: call 
the location tracking routine adjust the display.
       new  0d01d40   dbgr-fringe-history-unset -> 
dbgr-fringe-erase-history-arrows. Also let it be used as a command.
       new  816e14b   Give error message when track-from-region on a 
non-debugger command buffer.
       new  c568a30   Remove local behave.el in favor of new test-unit package.
       new  38d7a24   behave -> test-unit
       new  d816b3e   dbgr.el - loads everything (via load-relative). Push dbgr 
source files into dbgr which is where they are installed. Cleaner this way.
       new  60a452f   Use loc-changes-goto of new package loc-changes to find 
line number positions. loc-changes-goto is more tolerant of buffer 
       new  83fee3a   Don't overwrite elisp-comp.
       new  e0c785a   Start to add menu commands. gdb command "finish" added.
       new  ebc46fe   Get menus under control. Works now in "short-key" mode. 
Help is provided too!
       new  50ec47a   Some debugger commands prompt. So we need to make sure we 
show the command buffer for those.
       new  4f8e527   Start working on breakpoint icons. "make test" works 
inside dbgr directory.
       new  ae3c3d1   Small improvements (?) towards getting breakpoint icons 
       new  9d28bec   More display/remove cleanup.
       new  406c8b9   Add breakpoint handling test.
       new  0f32671   Attempt to move forward in tracking breakpoints setting.
       new  0626f17   Remove erroneous message.
       new  ccf7d3f   Makefile is derived
       new  43d136d   Add breakpoint tracking for rdebug.
       new  af17087   Add breakpoint regexp for rdebug.
       new  3a2b32c   Add breakpoint tracking regexp.
       new  01d88ae   Breakpont fixes. Show only one breakpoint icon in margin. 
Store breakpoint number as a number, not a string. Show breakpoint in help 
string. Add a dbgr-track-bp-loc test.
       new  ec40103   Start gdb mode.
       new  d65db64   loc.el: add place holder for column number 
test-regexp-gdb.el: start unit test for gdb.
       new  27bf28e   Fill out more gdb interaction via dbgr.
       new  f81259e   Administrivia
       new  e53c076   Tolerate missing source file. Need to do better though 
between file.el: dbgr-file-loc-from-line and dbgr/track.el
       new  c8a292a   Add fields for address, and character offset.
       new  80fe00d   gdb.el: expand script filename. core.el: docstring fix.
       new  f9e4577   cmdbuf.el: Save source buffers associated with a given 
command buffer. track.el: ditto. dbgr-track-from-region(): check that cmdbuf is 
a cmdbuf.
       new  8ab0250   Start a reset routine.
       new  9f9e4f7   Add reset by default to dbg-exec-shell.
       new  9fb9f7e   dbgr.el test-dbgr.el: Add ability to get list of feature 
loaded with dbgr and unload them. This makes it possible to reload dbgr without 
leaving the Emacs. bp.el: More work needed on testing.
       new  b205019   dbr.el: dbgr-loaded-features is a command.
       new  23f11b6   Start to remove dbgr-cmdbuf-info loc-regexp, file-group 
and line-group. Add pat for in rbdbgr a deleted breakpoint.
       new  b066f74   Move forward towards handling breakpoints: Keep a list of 
breakpoints in cmdbuf, add menu item to set a breakpoint
       new  c75f4b8   Move forward on breakpoints. Add breakpoint list to 
cmdbuf and menu items for breakpoint
       new  d30c66b   Start rdebug. Will probably reorganize directories down 
the line.
       new  d59dba9   Base the specific debugger track-mode-maps on the generic 
track-mode map. Start a track-mode unit test.
       new  ace992f   key.el: add key to set breakpoints lochist.el: larger 
default history ring .gitignore, Makefile: is derived from Makefile.am
       new  b3be821   All common code now pushed to common directory one level 
don. First part an overall filesystem reorganization. Later on we will remove 
init, and rename python to pydbgr, and add pydb.
       new  81c628c   directory python -> pydbgr. Debugger-specific file anme 
       new  f720e10   One more python->pydbgr
       new  04de404   Add "dbgr-" prefix to keep namespace separate from other 
standalones, e.g. dbg-gdb vs gdb.
       new  f5348a7   Forgot one python->pydbgr
       new  cd22e2d   Update README to note dependencies and what debugger's 
we've got.
       new  b1f85e1   common/init/rbdbgr.el: prompt pattern has changed 
Makefile.am: wasn't testing rbdbgr reset: Add more provide's in init files.
       new  ddf0bee   Add "provide-me" for pydb
       new  ef23e59   Add routine from rdebug to parse out command line options 
and get script name.
       new  10565c9   Comment typo
       new  cc9aa87   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  77a7338   automess needs a README.
       new  dd7298a   M-x rdebug -> M-x dbgr-rdebug so as not to conflict with 
the older rdebug code.
       new  c47177d   As suggesting a Ruby file in pydbgr. Add test for this 
       new  81f2cb7   .rb -> .py
       new  0cb7def   shortkey.el: Shortkey 'b' to set a breakpoint. (Don't 
have delete or toggle yet). pydbgr.el Add regexp for breakpoint set and deleted.
       new  1a6ee3c   shortkey.el: Add 'c' for 'continue.
       new  6a1c087   M-[insert] toggles dbgr-short-key-mode as well. And when 
you aren't in short-key mode, it works too -- provided the buffer has an 
associated debugger.
       new  1f88071   Add link to detailed installation instructions. Thanks to 
Andrea Crotti for the suggestion.
       new  691fe66   Better textile linking.
       new  65f7c37   Typo
       new  e8f5ae7   More specific installation instructions.
       new  f13f697   Test to make sure we have emacs 23 or greater.
       new  7122e4f   Set default value for EMACS to, well, "emacs".
       new  120640c   Check for required prerequisite packages.
       new  bfaebe7   Customize more for Emacs.
       new  b8feec7   Add command to position on control-frame traceback.
       new  a8adf28   rbdbgr/core.el Match function name listed in 
       new  9c46115   traceback -> backtrace which is what I think it's called 
in Ruby (i.e. rb_backtrace) and use C-c!b which I think is more mnemonic than 
       new  578421e   More keys for M-up. My PC keyboard has a messed-up 
up-arrow. So allow Kp-up as well.
       new  35647f6   Found one more C-c! -> C-c!!
       new  8f17365   init/rbdbgr.el: lfp and dfp are *hex* addresses. 
Makefile.am: clean now removes compiled lisp files teste-regexp-rbdbgr.el: 
previously renamed key from traceback to backtrace -- Ooops
       new  f978122   Add test for MS prompt locations (with drive letter and 
backslash) and non-MS prompt location without drive and forward slash.
       new  aac0a22   Add <module> onto the end - just in case.
       new  1a188fd   Wasn't picking up variable set by xxx-command-name. See 
comment in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3764575/using-pydbgr-with-emacs
       new  fe5e61d   Add trepan and trepanx debuggers.
       new  4229f46   Growing pains related to adding trepan(x).
       new  70049d7   key.el: Add "b" for break in shortkey mode. 
test-rdebug.el: fix up faulty cut-n-paste: python -> ruby; pydbgr => rdebug 
pydbgr.el, test-regexp-pydbgr.el traceback -> backtrace
       new  ae90f13   Debugger common keys are now set in source-code windows. 
Figured out how to use debugger keymaps in command window, and setting 
debugger-specific command buffer keys.  However more work is needed here and we 
really need to DRY code.
       new  acaaf78   Work on getting debugger-specific minor-mode keymaps 
working. Some of the prior workarounds were remove. Still really need to DRY 
code. Try C-c SPC for break.
       new  45254eb   rbdbgr -> trepanning
       new  58eff07   DRY track mode code. Add M-kp-up and M-kp-down in 
standard keys.
       new  6ad5543   Use expanded file name in 'break' command. See also 
previous commit message since it appears that many changes didn't get pushed 
from that.
       new  39ab077   Add customizable variable "short-key-on-tracing?" which 
will set short-key mode for any source buffer that is traced into.
       new  6a70f98   Do better with respect to cleaning up on process end: 
Remove fringe arrows, short-key-mode and breakpoints in source buffers.
       new  a166bb3   short-key-on-tracing? -> dbgr-short-key-on-tracing?
       new  ecc47b0   core.el: Allow python.exe as an interpreter name on 
Microsoft.          Allow cli.py as alternative to pydbgr rdebug/*: Adminstrivia
       new  68f0824   Suppress and emacs warning.
       new  ddda5b8   Work on terminating gracefully. cmds.el: Add 
dbgr-terminate (reset debugger information) to dbgr-cmd-quit. core.el: Create 
dbgr-terminate to encapsulate what needs to be done on reset. shortkey.el: use 
0 to turn off mode. debugger/cmds.el: call define-gdb-like-commands explicitly 
trepan/cmds.el: use quit! instead of quit.
       new  8fd0b66   Tolerate .exe on ruby interpreter for Microsoft.
       new  4ef97b5   Better initial suggestion of language file to debug by 
searching visited buffers.
       new  e1d70b8   DRY via dbgr-suggest-lang-file. Fix up tests related to 
this region.
       new  78a834f   Small bug in recognizing if pydbgr or cli.py given
       new  f1ec1c1   Start working on commands that divert output. We will use 
this for auxiliary status buffers for breakponts or backtrace, etc.
       new  03b901b   Work on sending commands for status whose output needs to 
be diverted and sent to a special buffer, like "backtrace"
       new  770de88   Fix dbgr-track-mode-vars macro.
       new  03738c5   Add dbgr-reload-features which is really what we probably 
want rather than dbgr-unload-features.
       new  78c5372   More progress on diverting output.
       new  8339401   Fix problem with divert-output sequencing problem which 
caused old output to be used.
       new  11f458e   Start to add copyright.
       new  ec61a98   Start zshdb debugger support.
       new  dce0e20   Administrivia around adding zshdb properly.
       new  4c2b822   Move buffer-related files into a separate directory. Will 
help future growth.
       new  fe2b8b7   Start to move init/*.el into respective debugger-specific 
       new  8243174   Move init/pydbgr.el to pydbgr/init.el. zshdb/*.el: 
Correct some mistakes in moving from before. buffer/backtrace.el: Make this 
loadable without error.
       new  01e9302   common/init/rdebug.el -> rdebug/init.el
       new  53e3af3   Work on backtrace buffer and mode. More to come...
       new  070589b   common/init/trepan.el -> trepan/init.el backtrace.el: 
remove compile warnings by commenting out future code
       new  e2235c5   Add font-lock faces to backtrace buffer. Attempt to do 
for command, but more work is needed.
       new  a186e01   Add 1st fontify test.
       new  8d76520   More regourous rdebug backtrace font-lock-default tests. 
Start work on trepan backtrace font-lock-default.
       new  46081bb   trepan backtrace font-lock-default is more correct.
       new  b65fbe1   Better backtrace font-lock defaults. Start working on 
pydbgr backtrace font-lock.
       new  80e80d3   Work on pydbgr font-lock-defaults. Comments regexps 
       new  63be67e   Start font lock for zshdb.
       new  839dc4c   common/init/trepanx.el -> trepanx/init.el Add 
font-lock-default test.
       new  9958c14   traceback->backtrace Start to DRY common language regular 
       new  73d7ea5   Remove rbdbgr. Nevering-ending struggle to DRY code more.
       new  8488fef   DRY Makefile.am code.
       new  8a09539   move debugger-specific code down to a debugger directory.
       new  170e346   common/init/gdb.el -> debugger/gdb/init.el gdb-pat-hash 
-> dbgr-gdb-pat-hash
       new  67ccdf9   Remove output for internal-status commands like 
dbgr-backtrace-init. Front-end command names now universally start dbgr-, e.g. 
dbgr-trepan with most having aliases to shorter name, e.g. trepan. The 
exception is "gdb" which doesn't have an alias, since "gdb" is a 
well-established and Emacs command. Go over Makefile's yet again.
       new  ffdbc6e   Dry some code bound to ruby keys. Should do the same for 
       new  b36f648   One more place to fold in ruby-specific traceback key 
       new  dfd3a25   Now redundant (and wrong) line.
       new  86379e6   This time, for sure!
       new  32bbcd9   Fix an annoying bug where we weren't tracking changes in 
the source buffer.
       new  0cc40ca   This time, for sure?
       new  a233c7e   Keymap definition (which was probably improper) is 
messing up define-minor-mode so leave that out for now. rename keymap variable 
to a value which I hope is picked up automagically.
       new  8432dab   keybindings now work properly for specific debugger track 
modes. Could be better, but this is a start and a big improvement.
       new  4bd44fc   Fix some small bugs
       new  b3318da   Parent map of track-mode come from shell, not comint. 
Correct rubinius backtrace regexp.
       new  ba1ec82   track.el: call up debugger-specific track mode 
track-mode.el: experiment with more robust mode hook.
       new  9883753   Small Doc string fixes from cut-and-paste.
       new  6e7b42b   Work on trepanx regexp test
       new  08785e6   Add emacs debugger as a full-fledged front-end.
       new  513da13   Start to add text properties to backtrace buffer. Much 
more is needed. Start adding string examples of things matching trepan regexps.
       new  85d8229   Parses backtrace lines (more) correctly now. Add text 
property for frame number and. goto-frame now works.
       new  64b8859   Work on trepanx regexps for backtrace. (Might have broken 
trepan regexps)
       new  f29cccd   Go over rdebug for backtrace buffer regexp and improve 
other regexps.
       new  8410786   Add trepan frame regexp tests.
       new  26e7c23   Create ring of frame positions. Next/prev motion uses 
this. Also we have places to store additional properties.
       new  2bf7acf   Add backtrace parsing for bashdb. Make backtrace parsing 
more robust. Add keys for display refresh and to move to selected frame.
       new  7142962   Add  zshdb "backtrace"/frame regexp. So 
dbgr-backtrace-init now works for zshdb.
       new  a33316d   Update trepanx location regexp which recently changed.
       new  3efa890   location regexp for trepan changed. Also add zshdb regexp 
       new  55b19d3   Command name typo: should be dbgr-trepanx rather than 
       new  b37e43c   ruby.el: add pattern for rails traceback. source.el: 
don't assume we have a local keymap test-* DRY a little.
       new  b9bf7d7   dbgr-track-set-debugger: handle setting 
dbg-gdb-track-mode as a special case
       new  79f85c2   Start a language file for Python (even though right now 
we only have one debugger pydbgr).
       new  a19a4a1   Add rubinius X-agent backtrace regexp.
       new  f2ee2bf   Keymaps for more of the kinds of backtraces
       new  90fc4b3   backtrack-mode: like track-mode but there doesn't have to 
be an associated process. This could be used for log files or processes that 
have terminated.
       new  c3192d0   Start to make GNU Makefile debugger, remake a 
full-fledged entry. Previously we just had a couple of regexps.
       new  f02c46d   Add kshdb to list of full-support debuggers. Moved and 
expanded from common/init/kshdb.el
       new  e8702c7   Add program to install from git
       new  8ca3029   Add program to install from git - full list this time
       new  23a0d77   Improve breakpoint tracking for remake 3.82.
       new  4f46448   Load remake debugger.
       new  d2ced02   Minor fixes from cut-n-paste
       new  dc09c88   Added event icons
       new  af1d61f   Correct remake location tracking.
       new  11eba40   We can now run "dbgr-remake" to get a top-level remake 
       new  0d3b822   Start perldb track mode. I don't think there's another 
one out there. Makefile.am: DRY check code - thanks to "remake" for helping me 
figure this out.
       new  6866620   Better GNU Makefile file selection priorities. Shorter 
Makefile patter suggested by Yaroslav Halchenko.
       new  7a261aa   Better GNU Makefile file selection priorities. Shorter 
Makefile patter suggestged by Yaroslav Halchenko.
       new  0d37138   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  deb3b6b   Provide a way to remap common commands like quit->quit!. 
This was a longstanding annoyance.
       new  daaf408   More complete customization of command strings used for 
basic (gdb-like) command set. This is much needed in perldb which is very 
different. More complete dbgr-perldb mode. Add positioning at a backtrace line 
in POSIX shells and perldb.
       new  6a9fcea   Start to DRY POSIX shell code. Add a shell command.
       new  a994b19   One more small step towards DRYing code.
       new  44f6e00   Messed up on some parameters in 'dbgr-define-command'
       new  b0316cf   Breakpoint text for trepan and trepanx have changed. 
Other small changes.
       new  f6a5839   Add "Debugger" menu in track-mode
       new  c6c8374   Add positioning on fringe arrows 1,2,3: C-c-l or shortkey 
'l'. Add custom remake "break" command.
       new  815deac   Add custom remake "break" command. Add "up" and "down" in 
debugger menus.
       new  bc63390   Clean up command handling somewhat. We now should handle 
custom commands via the command has (e.g. for perldb) more correctly. More 
debugger menu items.
       new  0a2e117   Update list of suppported debuggers and add more 
reference links.
       new  fba2fe7   Add key C to go into a command window from a source window
       new  c5a345d   Add dbg-cmd-eval-region. Add %s to dbgr-expand-format. 
Add goto arrows 1, 2, and 3. More items in Debugger menu.
       new  7b12bcb   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  ecee0c1   Add short-key to go to source window. Reorder menu items.
       new  1f56486   Set a default filename for the process show buffer name
       new  75c001c   Add a test for the part that was failin gin the last 
commit. A bit hoaky, but better than nothing I guess.
       new  e9bc266   Strip shell* from backtrace buffer name. Add a pointer to 
the backtrace buffer from the command buffer. Start to simplificy cmdbuf-info 
assignment routines.
       new  cc64083   Only update arrows if they are set.
       new  8c0c463   Internal function is *not* a command
       new  9cd8827   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  f90bbcd   Backtrace buffer now has debugger menu and is listed in 
the debugger mentu. Add command to show the backtrace frame without distribuing 
the source buffer. Remove verbosity in command buffer field setting routines.
       new  db19748   Add bracktrace buffer regexps for remake debugger. 
font-lock regexps are not right though.
       new  e58c68d   Correct font-lock regexps for remake backtrace.
       new  15a1f8c   Add remake-goto-backtrace-line. Note weird distinction 
between debugger backtrace and programming lanugage backtrace. Need to do more 
       new  7829f45   regexp key "frame" -> "debugger-backtrace". Remove some 
redundant goto-backtrace routines.
       new  597c4f9   regexp key "backtrace" -> "lang-backtrace" to distinguis 
better from "debugger-backtrace". Remove more redundant code.
       new  ba99b9b   Simplify dbgr-srcbuf-info field setters
       new  e476545   Add macro to create defstruct setter functions. source.el 
changed. command.el needs to be changed.
       new  73bbb3d   Use macro to create defstruct setters. Add describe 
routine for defstruct.
       new  9bf9c83   DRY initial debugger-start code somewhat.
       new  84e4d10   Start dealing with debuggers that don't give a frame 
number like Perl. DRY debugger invocations for kshdb, and zshdb. cmds.el: add a 
backtrace command.
       new  b57b8ba   Some more small perldb customizations.
       new  96f24fc   More perl backtrace hacking. trepan.el: DRY like the 
       new  601babf   Set selected frame indicator re in init.el Add font-lock 
for Perl frames.
       new  d73c48e   Add gdb debugger backtrace regexpl. More to come
       new  e00deac   Font-lock for gdb.
       new  e1a982d   Supprse insert keys in sparse, read-only keymaps 
shortkey, and backtrace. Add backtrace tests for gdb. Other small cleanups.
       new  7a2abb1   Add mark in command buffer to indicate whether it thinks 
we are running a debugger.
       new  383909e   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  5338d4e   Put color in running status for track mode.
       new  9e1cd95   Add "make check-short" which reduces unuseful output from 
"make check". Correct problem in trepan init.el: (format ...) doesn't work here.
       new  f84ad7b   Correct default "break" command. Add a "kill" command. 
Correct some docstrings.
       new  ec9f102   Somehow had lost hash key for gdb debugger.
       new  bba65ec   Possibly some of the source update redisplay problems has 
been fixed. Add ability to understand what frame we might be in. Done for 
trepan.el. Others may follow. Add Emacs command to toggle whether we stay in 
source or not and better support for cmdbuf-info-describe. gdb/init.d fix 
cut-and-paste error.
       new  4427071   Beef up describe for source buffers.
       new  e7ffb04   Give a message if we fail to find a backtrace position
       new  4de4c89   YARV 1.9.2 regexp for lang backtrace
       new  d3ee31c   Makefile.am: Add --tasks/tasks and *short targets. move 
routine from source to helper to remove compile warning.
       new  8fdeb4f   Look for termination message in track mode and use that 
to terminate debugging.
       new  019fd75   Add routine to toggle cmdbuf in-debugger? state. Add 
temporary key for backtrace. Workaround bug in turning off dbgr-track-mode. 
Test shortkey customization per debugger. As always much more is needed.
       new  50aa9ce   Guard against an uninitialized marker variable in window 
       new  93f4129   Attempt to address recently-encountered another window 
position bug.
       new  ca1fd14   Guard against struct not getting set in setter macro.
       new  19943b3   Tweak gdb expression for those encountered.
       new  eaf19f7   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  d3af5fc   Add Ruby dollar-bang as its own thing.
       new  03250b4   C-c!! for is a dollar-bang line, not a lang line. Don't 
go into shortkey automatically unless called from a shell hook. Add more sanity 
checks to handle error conditions better such as recovery from setting a bad 
debugger name.
       new  58dcd29   ruby-goto-dollar-bang-line not 
       new  8665931   Another cut-and-paste error from trepan to trepanx
       new  106bf62   Switch to buffer even when dbgr-exec-shell fails.
       new  e4e5094   track.el: give a messages if location regexp fails to 
match a position. file.el: use compilation-find-file to resolve partial 
       new  dc2f10c   Go over customization groups. Add top-level dbgr group 
and individual debuggers hang off of this now.
       new  eda0fe1   ruby.el, trepan/init.el: Add syntax error pattern for 1.9 
YARV track.el: when loc-matching fails show message returned.
       new  5361365   Two bugs and a Makefile change. track hook can be called 
twice with second time no change. Guard for that. (use-local-map) returns nil 
so use (current-local-map) again. In Makefiles: add "short" targets via an 
included common.mk more often.
       new  8d64ce2   In track-mode, silence failing re position matching 
       new  5368ba5   'C' dbgr-window-undisturb-src should select the command 
window, not just show it. Be more agressive about not using a minibuffer 
window, even if it is active.
       new  974f425   Add bidinng "C-c S" to go into source window from command 
window. ("frame 0" is lame.) Add commnd to reset source window.
       new  addd91a   dbgr-cmd-quit resets source information in source buffers 
whenone can't find a command buffer for it.
       new  ed48f0a   A couple of rdebug/ruby pattern name and variable fixes.
       new  36f1966   Start support for trepan8 which is mostly like trepanx 
and rdebug (but probably will later have a bit of trepan in it.)
       new  66f3bc2   Administrivia.
       new  04ccad4   More administrivia
       new  670ffa6   Add a simple enable and disable of track mode which is 
useful in a rails console.
       new  a40ec21   Add rb8-trepanning to list of debuggers we support.
       new  8609ad2   More clear about Ruby 1.8
       new  aea6902   Reinstate old elisp-comp. WE NEED A MODIFIED elisp-comp!
       new  4b09b6e   Start perl trepan debugger mode (trepanpl).
       new  b61badc   Create common Perl language file. Add pattern for Perl 
error message.
       new  028944e   Add ability to ignore file in tracking based on a re. For 
example (eval) in Ruby 1.8 or (eval 10)[../foo/bar.pl:10] in Perl. Todo: add 
<string> in Python.
       new  ae42251   Allow the use of "su - root" if sudo isn't found of if we 
just want to "su - root" instead of using sudo.
       new  3ae90f5    Allow the use of "su - root" if sudo is not found of if 
we just want to "su - root" instead of using sudo.
       new  c849a80   Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  4a685d3   Add perldb and perl5db aliases.
       new  18d9a6c   Command completion of debuggers in dbgr-track-mode. Also 
allow perl5db for as an synonym for perldb.
       new  a2ed07f   Use same list of debuggers in backtrack-mode.el and make 
it use completing read too.
       new  9a010fe   Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  16ae33d   Use completing read on debugger name. trepanpl-> 
trepan.pl. Possibly more uses of trepanpl -> trepan.pl later.
       new  de59b90   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr 
trepanpl -> trepan.pl
       new  c3b78f0   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  36bdcc2   Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  acc38e7   trepanpl directory rename to trepan.pl
       new  8ab090c   Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  8ca1c77   Add command that's like "q" quit that gets you out of 
shortkey mode, but doesn't issue a debugger command.
       new  ef29668   Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  364fbe8   use dbgr-track-mode-off instead of passing 0 to 
dbgr-track-mode. declare-function arguments seem to have added a "file" 
       new  9c607cb   dbgr-terminate, dbg-terminate-srcbuf Coerce string buffer 
name into a buffer.
       new  803e375   Futzing around.
       new  6386c0c   Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  c0929a5   Document Makefile (via Makefile.am and remake)
       new  27a0f93   fix link + add missing word
       new  0a58531   Merge pull request #1 from Erkan-Yilmaz/master
       new  94c29c7   Note we support Devel::Trepan. shortkey.el: some change 
from a while ago.
       new  cb462ae   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  f47333d   Add doc comment to "check-short" target.
       new  eeacb3b   Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  08a0099   Use long form options to pass to emacs
       new  ef076bb   I think I'vce now addressed this annoying bug where 
leaving debuggers leaves the source window in short-key-mode (and read only).
       new  6cc8387   Add link to "how to use"
       new  425f031   Better wording"
       new  03e992a   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  938502a   Add dbgr-srcbuf-info-describe(). And revise 
       new  3fa471c   Add describe funciton to loc. Show full history ring 
       new  09f8c41   One more incorrect use of dbgr-track-mode call.
       new  4a29c6f   Set debug-track-mode properly.
       new  26e6273   Add stock Python debugger.
       new  f442d8b   loc.el: we don't need no stinking id's. 
test-regexp-pdb.el: correct typo prompt_str -> prompt-str test-trepan: add 
initialization of promp-str
       new  d409bf9   An experiment in gettint both track-mode working from 
shell invocation and emacs invocation.
       new  b00377c   Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  70e5ea8   Defensive programming
       new  4af939e   Makefile.am: adjust options because in Emacs 24 --quick 
doesn't include site file loc.el: small grammar thing.
       new  1bd9a45   Convert two more tests from test-unit to test-simple.
       new  0dbfd5a   Make use of return value of defvar's return value in 
       new  a8a71c8   Start replacing test-unit with test-simple.
       new  52fd17e   A couple more tests converted to test-simple.
       new  c57c032   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  459eaf3   test-simple-clear -> test-simple-start
       new  c8ea5ee   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  e1b852a   A couple more test-unit tests converted to test-simple
       new  8a42eaa   One more test-unit -> test-simple
       new  9abf559   Start to use buffer-local-variable's in tests. This 
reduces the global scope pollution.
       new  320a022   Small change
       new  d0251a1   One more test-unit->test-simple
       new  f3b2e23   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  39f1487   make-check-filter.rb: filter out some "remake" lines. 
test-unit -> test-simple
       new  e23330c   Install test-simple as a prerequisite
       new  84ee930   finge.el: another gaurd around defining a fringe bitmap. 
configure.ac: make sure we don't smash INSTALL et all.
       new  02ff74d   Allow running on Emacs where we can't display images.
       new  b164c5a   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  baccc47   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  cf4f367   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  64e7f88   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  4c3f892   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  8a28309   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  8bdf3c3   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  ef8b76d   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  51a12eb   test-unit -> test-simple
       new  0f1d059   No more test-unit. Yay!
       new  9cbef50   DRY regexp tests a tiny bit.
       new  53acebf   DRY test code.
       new  593dd3e   DRY code. Make "make distcheck" work.
       new  5d734d6   DRY more.
       new  769a4ca   DRY test backtace code by putting more common stuff in 
       new  7841a74   More on prompt regexps start trepan.pl regexp test.
       new  a9300ca   trepan.pl/init.el: correct breakpoint regexp. 
test-regexp-trepan*.el: DRY code by putting more in regexp-helper.el
       new  67b27ae   trepan.pl location regexp has changed. Start tests for 
trepan.pl too.
       new  0f34b06   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  3a7fc6b   Fix bug in showing breakpoint location when we have a 
display and not when we don't. This time, for sure!
       new  4865182   Should have been part of last commit.
       new  9b44f63   One more wafer-thin change
       new  3cd7554   Untabify
       new  c7a68db   Small changes.
       new  ea085cd   Add last-resort parameter to suggest a file to run 
inrepan.pl: core
       new  c11b102   Small change - trepanx suggests trepanx when it can't 
find another ruby program.
       new  ca0e744   dbgr-rdebug wasn't running commit-mode track hooks. Issue 
#4. Also suggest rdebug as a Ruby program to debug when we can't find anything 
       new  a1ec218   Guard against trying to show a breakpoint enabed/disabled 
image when find-image couldn't find one. Issue #4.
       new  f219e99   Allow more image formats and separate it into its own 
file. cmds.el: remove function warning compile message.
       new  a25af25   Allow more image formats and separate it into its own 
file. cmds.el: remove function warning compile message.
       new  7365e96   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  0995521   Allow more image formats and separate it into its own 
file. cmds.el: remove function warning compile message.
       new  128e80a   Delay testing display until first use. More work is 
       new  b1d0c94   Correct trepan.pl breakpoint command. Change fringe 
string in preparation for toggling breakpoint fringe area.
       new  b07e92e   configure.ac: test-unit isn't required anymore. 
test-simple is.
       new  d940e1e   Allow configure options to get passed to 
       new  428e207   Remove old init directory and convert last debugger pydb 
to new format.
       new  d88d004   More pydb debugger fixes. Think it works now.
       new  0c8224a   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  bdc851f   Had forgot to turn on mode location tracking.
       new  25949f0   Allow file remapping in newer pydbgr
       new  9eda28a   Add missing eval-when-compile cl to regexp.el
       new  e3b1108   Fix incorrect load paths in perldb
       new  55610f2   Allow ENV vars to influence git2cl and ruby. Add 
install-short target.
       new  b956bff   Add GIT_PROTOCOL env var to specify git:// vs http://. 
Document this stuff better
       new  c435127   Tidy and comment Makefile.am
       new  9e522b6   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  4092b74   Don't use -v on ln -s command
       new  0c7b0a8   Add trepan3k debugger
       new  f97b91a   Don't create elc files in a temp directory. This messes 
up the load relative stuff.
       new  d11bce7   Package description.
       new  ee91064   Merge pull request #12 from expez/package
       new  1f9d143   Fix typo in package declaration.
       new  ac7679d   Merge pull request #13 from expez/package
       new  17fdf26   Start the massive rename dbgr -> realgud
       new  dae6210   realgud.el, autogen.el: More things to make dbgr->realgud 
renmaming work. README.textile->README.md: revise.
       new  6bf5085   Move table to wiki.
       new  63284c8   Fix markup
       new  1dc365b   Merge pull request #14 from rocky/realgud
       new  4ae369f   More name change artifacts
       new  18b000b   Why did I take so long to include this THANKS file?
       new  1ba0fc3   Small doc-like changes.
       new  562740b   realgud.el: More doc tweaking. test-regexp-pydbgr.el: 
remove artifact from dbgr->realgud rename.
       new  8d444a3   realgud-pkg.el: add dependency on cl-lib.
       new  24ac40b   Revise description so it doesn't say the same thing as 
the summary.
       new  8088461   Add trepan2 for Python 2.x - -really copied/renamed from 
       new  c827b19   compute-lispdir.sh, configure.ac: Figure out a reasonable 
lisp directory (--with-lispdir). realgud/common/*.el: group is 'realgud, not 
       new  9ed7938   One more typo
       new  ab1e893   file.el, test-file.el: when we remap files remember what 
we answered. debugger/*: make (interactive) and testing work together. 
track.el: start ansi-term tolerance.
       new  618fba7   Administration build stuff
       new  2b20bbd   Add a coderwall endorse
       new  6d56db5   Start Go language interpreter debugger gub.
       new  b9584c2   Better (but not good) gub invocation settings
       new  041fb64   Correct gub regexp
       new  cf0eee4   Add C-x C-q to turn off shortkey mode.
       new  e6ad39d   See above.
       new  da4e0fb   Disallow filenames in location tracking that start with a 
       new  d27cb64   More gub customization
       new  51546ec   Reduce test warnings.
       new  72c30bc   More testing stuff
       new  6140d4b   gub prompt changed. Address some of the too-numerous 
       new  c14c579   Remove more free-variable warnings
       new  dc73cba   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  bcb4efd   Make MELPA happy at the expense of making emacs's byte 
compiler less happy.
       new  d8bdb23   Try using Carton instead of realgud-pkg.el as suggested 
by Steve Purcell
       new  27b1e25   Small changes: update version, list of debuggers 
supported and ignore package (*-pkg.el) files.
       new  e33519b   Attempt to fix up gub invocation
       new  2fe679f   Top-level gub.sh to run the debugger from the outset now 
       new  fef3185   Change pattern for gub deleted breakpoint
       new  19a9dde   Use long command names in gub
       new  e0a0528   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  27fbf79   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  fe88dcd   Attempt to fix running trepanx-track-mode in shell. DRY 
code a little.
       new  f014680   Try travis
       new  d56ddf4   Travis 2nd try
       new  7dc1457   Travis 3rd try
       new  9df4979   Travis 4th try
       new  20cf44a   Travis 5th try
       new  ef7d052   Travis 6th try
       new  f6457dc   Include travis build status in README.md
       new  f561dbb   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  a785e8f   Carton moved around stuff
       new  b8adf28   More travis hacking.
       new  775c563   More travis hacking.
       new  21b1205   More travis hacking.
       new  93f627e   More travis hacking.
       new  5df8647   More travis hacking.
       new  2e74ce8   More travis hacking.
       new  ba988e3   More travis hacking.
       new  6876896   More travis hacking.
       new  ef6c50b   More travis hacking.
       new  f813752   More travis hacking.
       new  42e5a42   More travis hacking.
       new  7006567   autoconf, fall back to default datadir install location
       new  aa0de88   Merge pull request #16 from elbeardmorez/ac-lispdir
       new  70432a6   realgud.el: Don't try to load gub for now. It's broken 
and melpa doesn't know about it either. install-from-git.sh remove old git 
repositories before (re-)pulling them. Use https protocol by default on git 
command. configure.ac: add --with-emacs option. Check for cl-lib in emacs.
       new  6b45081   Try only emacs 24 for now. See github.com/magit for how 
we might use emacs 23
       new  7465e4d   I said use 24.3 for emacs testing
       new  a649cc6   Looks like "carton" install now uses python rather than sh
       new  bd41339   Wrong version number for emacs in .travis
       new  478af3c   Wrong path for cask in .travis
       new  80b43f1   carton is now called cask? (travis yet again)
       new  099a03a   I hate travis
       new  e53dfae   Fix up spelling when giving an error and regularize 
options given to emacs between compute-lispdir.sh and configure.ac
       new  4099a09   Add golang backtrace regexp
       new  ad451c9   core.el: fix bugs in parsing gub command. gub.el: Set 
default gub command to something reasonable track-mode.el: remove some warnings 
by defining non-local functions
       new  4ae35da   Fix gub parse args - this time, for sure! Fix tests to 
reduce warnings although they are still run rampant.
       new  d318c55   Reduce the number of warnings in the test directiory. One 
legit bug in realgud/bashdb/init.el was found/fixed though.
       new  e7d71f1   Add gub panic backtrace line
       new  f345bdf   Mostly more declare-function statements
       new  8171b81   Remove more warnings in test programs
       new  a0ca220   Reduce warnings in tests.
       new  7f4a5a9   Reduce warnings focused mostly in directory debugger
       new  2af1342   Reduce warnings
       new  6f9745c   reduce gratuitous warnings which prevented us from 
catching a real one that we 've just also fixed.
       new  d0a3b00   Modify "Failed to invoke shell command" to be more 
explicit about args
       new  3475517   Work in Progress. Move a little forward on parsing 
breakpoint deletions
       new  47c3a2c   Deleting breakpoints now implemented.
       new  df8f77b   Try to reduce some of the warnings. I hate the Emacs 
compiler's spurious warnings.
       new  19a8b65   Reduce warnings. See previous commit
       new  c7d9b27   Add interface for debugger "delete" "enable" and "disable"
       new  78e808e   Work on "delete" shortkey
       new  b31bfba   Make realgud-cmd-delete really work when tied to a key.
       new  6826637   Add [delete] as a breakpoint delete key
       new  9f56eba   source.el: realgud-srcbuf-init-or-update - add source 
buffer to command buffers's list of source buffers. cmds.el: delete can 
sometimes prompt.
       new  6bd76ac   Give a message when we try we run deletel breakpoint on a 
line with no breakpoints on it
       new  5e85389   elisp-comp: recompile only if necessary. realgud.el: add 
dependent packages. rest: reduce warnings by adding declare-function.
       new  153b4d2   realgud.el: forgot quotes fournd required package name. 
cmds.el: reduce warnings.
       new  dd3d7f7   Messed up on let syntax.
       new  81a11a2   Package names should be symbols, not strings.
       new  57aeacc   correct regexp for matching a bashdb deleted breakpoint.
       new  7aae7f8   core.el: nil out breakpoints. test-regexp-bashdb.el: was 
picking up wrong regexp pat in test
       new  67af15a   Remove debugger-name and cmd-args fields from srcbuf. If 
you need it, get it from the command buffer.
       new  c9db981   Extraneous ' on loc-change symbol
       new  8491380   Yet another attempt to get package-requires correct for 
       new  af7dbc5   See if travis works via el-get
       new  b4dd5bb   2nd try via el-get at travis
       new  ae079f1   3rd travis try via el-get
       new  7813878   4th travis try via el-get
       new  9b0ae7d   Yet another try to get travis working
       new  57a1a61   Travis yet again. Try to get emacs24 in there at least
       new  194c0d0   Add help to Makefile
       new  a4172bf   reinstate Travis
       new  e601cf7   core.el: srcbuf-init function call had simplified and I 
missed this call. helper.el: add more declare-functions.
       new  72de9a4   Reduce warnings
       new  a2a6963   Add go debugger gub. (MELPA recipe is now in git.) Remove 
       new  223f5c7   Save last end position. More warnings removed.
       new  7693c25   Reduce warnings
       new  9744d03   Think I have the reappearing breakpoint problem solved, 
by setting last-input-end set properly. Should this be called last-input-start 
       new  c6f6d2c   Correct trepan.pl location regexp
       new  cd8c613   Set in debugger after debugger process gets started.
       new  84f1e27   Update README.md
       new  b0577cc   Update README.md
       new  49e985e   Update README.md
       new  032864c   I hate conflicted merges
       new  688a83c   Yet another attempt to narrow the track region and reduce 
compile warnings.
       new  869b6af   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  36089a1   Remove more warnings
       new  33c1b7c   fix source buffer erroneously receiving focus
       new  520d19b   Merge pull request #25 from elbeardmorez/cmdbuf-focus
       new  de7e4af   A couple more warnings removed
       new  12c3d03   shortkey, clean up 'realgud-short-key-mode-setup' 
(whitespace only)
       new  e034855   shortkey, add mode hook call at setup
       new  5177850   Merge pull request #23 from elbeardmorez/shortkey-hook
       new  87da532   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  1571d00   add customisable variable to control source buffer locking
       new  153c707   Merge pull request #26 from elbeardmorez/srcbuf-lock
       new  995258a   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  0182bca   Improve package documentation
       new  f80e3c3   debugger/<name>/<name>.el Group name changed from dbgr to 
       new  1e3a776   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  717da5b   Need to add URL to docstring URLs
       new  43218a6   One more URL tag.
       new  eced868   Add key bindings track-mode doc -- up to debugger pydbgr; 
the other debuggers I still need to do.
       new  7d641b4   Finish and Beef up track-mode docstrings. Remove more 
       new  9ed0bda   One more package doc change
       new  eefc2fd   (if ... (progn ...)) => (when ... ) where appropriate.
       new  c5f2caa   Went too far last if->when commit.
       new  2c94c8f   Comments reflected Ruby inheritence. Simplify regexp.
       new  fff84b7   Start to handle nodejs debugger. Not nearly done though.
       new  f5a0c91   Get source location tracking working. Short-mode keys 
still need a bit of work.
       new  dff06cd   More conversion
       new  7ad2410   Sync with master branch
       new  a6cb338   shortkey.el: Allow for shortkey mode to be custom to the 
particular debugger. cmds.el: Add no-arg versions of step and next perldb: typo 
in variable name. But more work is needed.
       new  0e26a66   Make sure custom.el gets pulled in.
       new  d07808d   core.el: qualify names with realgud- more often 
track-mode.el: add routine to filter extraneous ansi escape sequences in "node 
       new  b806c42   Add test of new function get-short-key-mode-map
       new  0902963   Better return value on prompt-match()
       new  d02a47b   A couple more "declare-function"s
       new  47875fb   Merge commit 'd02a47b' into nodejs
       new  f125fbb   Try emacs snapshot
       new  23762b2   Can't use snapshot. I don't think we need to pull in 
       new  7bc394c   Work on nodejs debug invocation. gdb fixes.
       new  e268f56   Hook in nodejs.
       new  67bd3f8   Some small fixes.
       new  9554ee1   Forgot to pull in node.js debugger code.
       new  9f26923   nodejs/core.el: match js-mode properly on file 
recommendations. lang.el: use when and unless better. realgud.el: force a load 
ao custom.el
       new  818bec2   Reduce warnings
       new  9a16fee   Go over specific short-key-mode maps. Had to nuke 
realgud- prefix in some cases. Add shortkey T for backtrace.
       new  da09ffe   shortkey.el: remove '.' from mode var name (for 
trepan.pl). remake: misc fixes and add backtrace cmds.el: correct docstring for 
realgud-cmd-backtrace nodejs/init.el: correct regexp for brkpt-set trepan.pl, 
perldb: correct langauge used.
       new  655cedf   Add backtrace to zshdb
       new  dbcb52f   shortkey has to nuke its local map when going out of 
       new  456a608   start to use : to separate pacakge from reset. e.g.k 
realgud-trepan -> realgud:trepan
       new  f3602f0   Work on zshdb and gdb for newer naming conventions
       new  23f73f3   Go over remake and gdb
       new  ebdda91f  Use realgud:*debugger* rather than realgud-*debugger* for 
remaining debuggers.
       new  612d684   Use json to show command remap hash. Document 
fake-output-filter(process string.
       new  3513837   Mostly minor doc changes on top-level debugger 
invocation. TODO: add an auxiliary function to realgud-run-process that can 
handle interpreter (perl, python, ruby) + debugger name or just debugger name
       new  ee6d558   source.el: Remove srcbuf-describe in source which was 
duplicated in helper. Remove a compiler warning for buffer-killed? core.el: Add 
debugger name in error a comint shell error message rest: Use colon (:) for 
package delimiter on some "describe" functions.
       new  06a9f47   More ignore
       new  bb6ccf5   Make sure we keep separate two invocations that 
cannonicalize to the same command buffer. For example "bashdb /etc/profile" and 
"bashdb /tmp/profile" will canonicalize to buffer "*bashdb profile shell*", but 
these must remain distinct. We uniquify the former buffer.
       new  546666f   pdb.el: Expand script name in pdb via pdb parseing 
routine. rest: this Adds a dependency on the list-utils package for 
       new  1340f57   Correct docstring for pdb-parse-args
       new  5af05ad   Change leading - to : for namespace separation more
       new  458ff26   Expand path elements in bashdb
       new  cee17c3   Expand path-like elements in trepan.pl. Use trepan.pl 
command parsing routine more fully now.
       new  3edd2d8   Expand path elements in zshdb
       new  4374707   Add Filename expansion on nodejs script name
       new  f493c36   Start to DRY top-level debugger run code.
       new  ced5ee2   DRY nodejs top-level command with newly-created 
realgud:run-debugger. Improve bashdb parsing to handle bash --debugger variant. 
Improve error messages when a shell command invoking a debugger fails
       new  ab2e30b   Remove FIXME comment
       new  e158480   Small bashdb doc changes
       new  e546d03   Fix bugs in realgud-exec shell and nodejs-test.
       new  4a94926   DRY top-level invocation realgud:trepan. Only expand 
trepan.pl's script name if expansion finds the file. Otherwise, leave 
unchanged. core.el: add reaglud:expand-file-name-if-exists
       new  eb7a306   Small bug in trepan.pl parsing
       new  39c7394   Go over trepan2 and trepan3k to DRY top-level command and 
expand script names
       new  278a64a   Update copyright for this year on recently changed files
       new  2112012   DRY perldb and regularize debugger code more.
       new  adedc8e   run.el: run realgud-track-set-debugger after creating a 
new command buffer. make-rb-check-filter.rb: was failing in non-unicode strings 
(Elisp byte-compile code) when run with Ruby 1.9. rest: remove more warnings.
       new  27a06b4   trepanpl.el: experiment in setting the debugger-specific 
minibuffer history.
       new  da1decc   Guard more against bad data and set test to better 
reflect incomplete data. Should fix test-trepanpl test
       new  500a1b1   Fix up pydbgr and remake somewhat for recent changes
       new  5c6e55f   DRY/fix debugger invocation code. This time, mostly for 
remake and gdb
       new  57a2c60   Properly set the minibuffer history for each debugger.
       new  591fee7   Debugger name in test changed: realgud:trepanpl -> 
       new  98ed903   Make rdebug more like the others: use 
realgud:run-debugger and set name realgud:rdebug. In debugger docstrings, 
mention realgud:expand-with-file rather than expand-with-file.
       new  63c2cab   lochist.el: loc ation indexing was off by one (is zero 
origin) and we were testing out of bounds after access. track-mode.el: remove 
undefined function warnings. Don't go in to comint-mode if we are already in 
comint mode.
       new  0ee54b0   defcustom names use realgud: prefix, e.g. realgud:pdb 
instead of pdb. realgud-track-mode-{enable,disable} -> 
       new  660baf0   nodejs/core.el: Add nodemon as an acceptable debugger 
name for nodejs */core.el: customize-... -> realgud:customize-...
       new  e7f6e9b   nodejs.el: remove nodejs alias since nodejs is a command 
in nodejs-repl. Ignore npmp-debug.log. Corret nodejs minibuffer variable name. 
zshdb.el: correct name for location of zshdb-track-mode gcd.js: make 
interactive which forces us to stop.
       new  c1fd8cd   Go over customization groups and add realgud: namespace. 
Assume a minimum of Emacs 24 now
       new  0fb8ec1   Commands to associate a source buffer to a command buffer 
and vice versa.
       new  e98834f   Remove last vestiges of use of "dbgr" in doc strings and 
a couple of defcustom group fixes
       new  66e27fe   Do not enable short key mode if debugger is not running
       new  6277f92   Clean things up when debugger buffer is killed
       new  2c5fe0c   Merge pull request #29 from mar-kolya/kill-buffer-fixes
       new  3c58c01   Work around "trepan-short-key-mode-map undefined problem 
in tests-srcbuf; add yet another definition in fringe to make a warning go away
       new  2054e18   realgud:kill-buffer-hook : Only terminate if we are in a 
command buffer. Don't do anything for killing source buffers.
       new  4f0d2c6   Makefile.am: more .PHONY targets. Set 
       new  46efa1e   realgud-track-set-debugger->realgud:track-set-debugger.  
Namespace one command-name at a time. track.el: remove undeclared fn warnings.
       new  c188f2f   helper.el: add realgud:debugger-name-transform to adjust 
between the descrepancies between our internal debugger-name prefix and the 
real debugger name bp.el an "if" was previously erroreously translated into 
"when" shortkey.el: use realgud:debugger-name-transform gdb.el: missing a 
parameter on realgud:run-process
       new  f133e93   A better (but still not ideal) 
       new  67f7797   Correct name of trepan2 minibuffer history variable
       new  ef55940   More aggressive about clearing source-buffer marks on 
termination. More realgud- -> realgud: name changes. Try to remove more warnings
       new  4527d2f   Add key bindings for realgud:goto-lang-backtrace-line and 
realgud:goto-debugger-backtrace-line to trepan-track-mode.
       new  0d41bd6   Start storing source text in location structures. Use 
this for seeing if we are out of sync with the source.
       new  2f1d64a   remake/init.el: Try source line tracking *: 
realgud-track-from-region -> realgud:track-from-region track.el: correct 
garbled message to something grammatically correct but sometimes still garbled.
       new  71b57be   First cut at dealing with jdb
       new  d84aa2e   regexp.el: add field for class name, and stop event 
command.el: add callback to get parse location info. Needed for java 
trepan2,trepan3k: note that <string> is a pseudo-fiile jdb: closer, but not 
functional yet.
       new  b901388   track.el: "Unable to match.." message was wrong. Deal 
with no source-str better /init.el: start adding clear command send.el: start 
to add class name for upcoming jdb
       new  09437ce   Match on bashdb source text if that is there
       new  faf51cc   Strip out ansi color codes when saving source text.
       new  3ef47b2   run.el: remove stray character in error message zshdb: 
fix some stray typos, allow saving source code text.
       new  6fac963   Sync zshdb with bashdb. Get column numbers from source 
text if we can.
       new  42a19b1   Track trepan2 source code lines
       new  2d0f9af   bashdb, zshdb: correct setting cmd-hash. 
realgud-cmd-remap key is optional.
       new  3c1e57c   track.el: "Unable to match.." message was wrong. Deal 
with no source-str better /init.el: start adding clear command send.el: start 
to add class name for jdb
       new  7047b1b   Match on bashdb source text if that's there.
       new  bc5fbdf   Merge branch 'master' into jdb
       new  8afa37cb4 First semblance of a working jdb debugger interface.
       new  3221918   Merge branch 'jdb'
       new  605262c   common/track.el realgud-track-loc: correct if/else 
nesting core.eljdb.el: Use gud filename resolution via classpath gdb.el,jdb.el: 
reduce warnings treapn.pl: preface mode variables with realgud:trepanpl rather 
than trepanpl remove variable access error.
       new  d2c73f8   More work on jdb. Track source text and make track-mode 
       new  2d29f95   Update commentary.
       new  473b693   realgud.el: Add autoloads for jdb. jdb/track-mode: add 
realgud: prefix to mode map vars test/*: reduce warnings
       new  929d877   better prompt matching. Fix some track-mode handling bugs.
       new  1fbee89   Correct jdb backtrace location pattern
       new  766b890   {trepan2,jdb}/{core,init}.el: Start adding 
debugger-specific find-file routines. jdb needs it the most. trepan2 we are 
trying out now. Add debugger-specific file remaping hashes. test/*.el: reduce 
       new  180c30a   Bugs, bugs, bugs: file.el: wasn't passing filename on 
callback. track.el: stop ansi colors from source string core.el: wrong else 
nesting, wrong signature for realgud-file-loc-from-line track-mode.el: alias 
variable workaround test-regexp-gdb.el: reduce warnings
       new  8577bc9   helper.el: transform jdb to realgud:jdb core.el: use 
langauge-specific extensions in compilation-find-file track-mode.el: remove 
defvaralias for now.
       new  c8268b4   gdb: Guard against buffer-file-name returning nil
       new  d1b7cc1   Do a little better about saving column position 
information by stripping blanks and saving the column number in the position. 
The fringe arrow however still messes moving the column to something other than 
       new  86bc91e   strip leading (and trailing) blanks in trepan and trepan2 
for their respective find files. Correct trepan2's call to 
realgud-file-loc-from-line. trepan now has its own find-file. Adjust some tests 
for current conditions.
       new  65c692f   With recent find-file additon to trepan, the test needs 
now to load trepan/core.el
       new  2cfd4a9   Release 1.0
       new  bc1a27b   Bump version and add melpa stable badge
       new  fdb5f20   Administrivia to make in stable Melpa work. realgud.el: 
update version numbers Makefile.am: remove duplicate code that snuck in. remove 
ChangeLog before remaking
       new  c28b1b6   Need to transform "tortoise" into "gub" for 
       new  652e302   realgud-run-process -> realgud:run-process
       new  7fcd01c   Start to redo our use of mode maps in order to reduce 
duplication in menu bar.Thanks to Nicolas Dudebout and then New York Emacs 
Meetup for help and pointing me in the right direction.
       new  2585686   When checking debugger use just the suffix. Could also 
try something like basename sans prefix.
       new  2da27be   helper.el: in debugger-name transformation use basically 
the basename without the extension. kshdb.el: realgud-run-process -> 
       new  1ef4a04   Remove zsh name references
       new  eb970ba   Need to back off of stripping filename extensions from 
       new  414cecc   Redo realgud:gdb-suggest-invocation
       new  a6028f7   Try docker non-sudo testing
       new  b561d57   Travis doesn't have emacs24 without sudo yet. Reinstate 
       new  66f5427   Add realgud:gdb-executable: attempt to see if a file is a 
binary using the "file" command.
       new  a255a91   Had a stupid bug, wrong variable name,  in trepan.pl 
       new  9085a30   Add Go language traceback pattern
       new  ec692fd   Cut-and-paste Typo in hash name.
       new  266913b   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  484ce0b   Remove mode hook from run-debugger call. Remove some  
__FILE__ warnings in tests.
       new  e9b8866   core.el: consider buffers with the right mode in 
suggest-invocation. *shdb/core.el: The right mode is sh(-mode), not 
Shell-Script which is what is displayed.
       new  5ca7d3c   More robust zshdb and bashdb test: make outside variable 
buffer-local for more replicable results
       new  986fc09   Think I now have debugger, and comint menus (signal, 
in/out.._) appearing only once now. Remove some more compile warnings and fix a 
bug it found in trepan/core.pl.
       new  3f7ff5b   remake: correct invocation. rest: respect custom variable 
       new  62f7eb5   Remove duplicate signal menu in shell, yet again. test-* 
remove compiler warnings and correct a wrong variable it found.
       new  787e431   Add key for "until". Disable shortkey commands that 
aren't relevant for source or command buffers. Reduce compile warnings in tests.
       new  812bd08   menu.el: add menu item for debugger information 
debugger/*.el wasn't setting up track-mode properly.
       new  ec519a2   Better last-resort values for script to debug? Use 
cmd-name which many times is written in the language the debugger accepts.
       new  f49ea39   gdb: wasn't getting into mode correctly menu.el: up/down 
mixed up again jdb/file.el: should have added this a while ago
       new  53da452   Add NYC Emacs Meetup and Nicolas Dudebout
       new  5a6208a   Add tool-bar. realgud-cmd- -> realgud:cmd-
       new  64d54b9   Add ability to go back up to 9 places in history with 
number keys. "u" and "d" shortkey binding messed up.
       new  eb39ce4   Save source text in location in for perldb and trepan.pl. 
Wrong minibuffer-history variable name in perldb. Beef up regexp testing in 
test-regexp-perldb. Same needs to be done in test-regexp-trepanp. 
require-relative -> load-relative (which is the right name)
       new  c51160f   Don't update history ring if source location position is 
the same as the last position entered.
       new  e577285   Start to add text properties to command buffer description
       new  ec97cdc   Better tagging of filenames and marks inside command info 
describe. We're now formatting this as markdown too. Thanks to wasamasa for the 
suggestion to use buttons.el
       new  f07fad4   Redo debugger describe info as Org mode (from markdown 
       new  9fa5ab7   Start info mode as a derived mode off of org-mode. 
backtrace*.el Add short keys to Info and quit in backtrace. Start buffer name 
with *Backtrace.
       new  2eb637e   loc.el: Resolve problem where displayed window was not 
updating goto-char location. window.el: simplify logic using loc code. test-*: 
reduce more warnings
       new  9146784   mouse button in backtrace buffer works now. Name of 
buffer change to start with *Backtrace
       new  8652ec0   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  bf97742   Back off realgud:loc-marker -> realgud-loc-marker. Didn't 
catch all uses.
       new  5d48688   Mostly add backtrace pattern for trepan2. Attempt to 
customize backtrack/backtrace menus.
       new  a32dcc3   test/gcd.py: allow it to work on python3. 
trpean3k/init.el: fix prompt pattern and allow backtrace, although this doesn't 
work properly.
       new  d17b9fe   Try not to delete prompot in diverting output. Add 
backtrack regexp for trepan2 and trepan3k (will go into next release)
       new  133db86   Remove coderwall endorse
       new  7be92f6   init.el: Need minimum match in backtrace regexps. 
backtrace.el: need to work off of unhighlighed strings
       new  dcc152a   follow.el loc..el: common routine mouse events to key off 
of text properties for files, frames and marks. backtrace: Bang more on 
backtrace buffer. Work on trepan2 backtrace regexp. Better trepan2 regexp 
       new  cfae4c7   DRY python trepan regexps. Add trepan3k regexp test.
       new  fc1c0c9   Work on trepan.pl backtrack patterns
       new  71ba456   Dry trepan2/trepan3 and zshdb/bashdb code by putting more 
common code in the lang files.
       new  9043368   In backtrace buffer create location structure after 
parsing lines. This information will be used instead of running a "frame" 
command. Add realgud:backtrace-describe
       new  d70ef4d   core: don't try to load into a buffer an ELF binary 
backtrace.el: fix parameter count mismatch
       new  ba9fd4c   Small change: realgud-window-bt -> realgud:window-bt
       new  3a94dae   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:rocky/emacs-dbgr
       new  de97b62   find-file-noselect is a function, not a variable
       new  36f7a4b   A couple of trepan bugs.
       new  3c7b38f   Remove dependency on list-utils
       new  f6b3818   Add GPL COPYING file
       new  297a966   Separate utility functions into its own file
       new  8367dcc   Add interactive command realgud:cmdbuf-associate to 
associate a source-code buffer with a command buffer. Probably not good enough, 
bujt it's a start.
       new  555ccc9   realgud:string-starts-with -> string-prefix-p. Thanks to 
Stefan Monnier for pointing this out.
       new  d811316   Fix breakage from changing from 
realgud:string-starts-with to string-prefix-p
       new  11b8201   Add 'packages/realgud/' from commit 

Summary of changes:
 .gitmodules                                        |   12 -
 packages/load-relative                             |    1 -
 packages/load-relative/.gitignore                  |   16 +
 packages/load-relative/.travis.yml                 |    8 +
 packages/load-relative/AUTHORS                     |    1 +
 COPYING => packages/load-relative/COPYING          |    0
 packages/load-relative/Carton                      |    6 +
 packages/load-relative/ChangeLog                   |  228 +++
 packages/load-relative/INSTALL                     |  246 +++
 packages/load-relative/Makefile.am                 |   37 +
 .../Support/.yas-skip => load-relative/NEWS}       |    0
 packages/load-relative/README.md                   |  113 ++
 packages/load-relative/THANKS                      |    1 +
 packages/load-relative/autogen.sh                  |    6 +
 packages/load-relative/common.mk                   |    5 +
 packages/load-relative/configure.ac                |   28 +
 packages/load-relative/el-get-install.el           |  105 ++
 packages/load-relative/elisp-comp                  |   87 +
 packages/load-relative/install-from-git.sh         |   99 ++
 packages/load-relative/load-relative.el            |  255 +++
 packages/load-relative/make-check-filter.rb        |   22 +
 packages/load-relative/test/.gitignore             |    3 +
 packages/load-relative/test/Makefile.am            |   64 +
 packages/load-relative/test/load-file1.el          |    3 +
 packages/load-relative/test/load-file2.el          |    1 +
 packages/load-relative/test/load-file3.el          |    1 +
 packages/load-relative/test/require-file1.el       |    1 +
 packages/load-relative/test/require-file2.el       |    1 +
 packages/load-relative/test/require-file3.el       |    1 +
 packages/load-relative/test/subdir/.gitignore      |    1 +
 packages/load-relative/test/subdir/Makefile        |    7 +
 .../test/subdir/test-require-list-from-subdir.el   |   18 +
 packages/load-relative/test/test-load.el           |   82 +
 packages/load-relative/test/test-require-list.el   |   12 +
 packages/loc-changes                               |    1 -
 packages/loc-changes/.gitignore                    |   13 +
 packages/loc-changes/.travis.yml                   |   18 +
 packages/loc-changes/AUTHORS                       |    1 +
 COPYING => packages/loc-changes/COPYING            |    0
 packages/loc-changes/Carton                        |    7 +
 packages/loc-changes/INSTALL                       |  246 +++
 packages/loc-changes/Makefile.am                   |   34 +
 .../Support/.yas-skip => loc-changes/NEWS}         |    0
 packages/loc-changes/README                        |    1 +
 packages/loc-changes/README.md                     |   15 +
 packages/loc-changes/THANKS                        |    1 +
 packages/loc-changes/autogen.sh                    |    6 +
 packages/loc-changes/common.mk                     |    5 +
 packages/loc-changes/configure.ac                  |   13 +
 packages/loc-changes/el-get-install.el             |  103 ++
 packages/loc-changes/elisp-comp                    |   93 ++
 packages/loc-changes/install-from-git.sh           |   36 +
 packages/loc-changes/loc-changes.el                |  226 +++
 packages/loc-changes/make-check-filter.rb          |   25 +
 packages/loc-changes/test/Makefile.am              |   43 +
 packages/loc-changes/test/sample.txt               |   14 +
 packages/loc-changes/test/test-basic.el            |   90 +
 packages/realgud                                   |    1 -
 packages/realgud/.gitignore                        |   22 +
 packages/realgud/.travis.yml                       |   16 +
 packages/realgud/AUTHORS                           |    1 +
 COPYING => packages/realgud/COPYING                |    0
 packages/realgud/ChangeLog                         | 1741 ++++++++++++++++++++
 packages/realgud/INSTALL                           |  250 +++
 packages/realgud/Makefile.am                       |   47 +
 .../objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => realgud/NEWS}   |    0
 packages/realgud/README.md                         |   17 +
 packages/realgud/THANKS                            |    7 +
 packages/realgud/autogen.sh                        |    7 +
 packages/realgud/common.mk                         |   10 +
 packages/realgud/compute-lispdir.sh                |   46 +
 packages/realgud/configure.ac                      |   89 +
 packages/realgud/el-get-install.el                 |  104 ++
 packages/realgud/elisp-comp                        |   93 ++
 packages/realgud/install-from-git.sh               |  102 ++
 packages/realgud/make-check-filter.rb              |   24 +
 packages/realgud/realgud.el                        |  192 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/Makefile.am               |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/Makefile.am        |    4 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/attach.el          |   54 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/backtrace-mode.el  |  101 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/backtrack-mode.el  |   98 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/bp-image-data.el   |  357 ++++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/bp.el              |  180 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/Makefile.am |    3 +
 .../realgud/realgud/common/buffer/backtrace.el     |  460 ++++++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/command.el  |  362 ++++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/helper.el   |  168 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/info.el     |   50 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/source.el   |  169 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/cmds.el            |  256 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/core.el            |  300 ++++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/custom.el          |   15 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/file.el            |  129 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/follow.el          |   37 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/fringe.el          |  198 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/helper.el          |   89 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/init.el            |   32 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/key.el             |  118 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/lang.el            |   98 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/loc.el             |  172 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/lochist.el         |  132 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/menu.el            |  170 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/regexp.el          |   48 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/reset.el           |   45 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/run.el             |  174 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/send.el            |  222 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/shortkey.el        |  218 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/track-mode.el      |  205 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/track.el           |  678 ++++++++
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/utils.el           |   18 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/common/window.el          |  167 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/Makefile.am      |    8 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/Makefile.am    |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/bashdb.el |   67 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/core.el   |  184 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/init.el   |   75 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/track-mode.el  |   59 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/common.mk        |    3 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/Makefile.am  |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/core.el      |  202 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/gdb.el       |   81 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/init.el      |  103 ++
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/track-mode.el     |   54 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/Makefile.am  |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/core.el      |  175 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/gub.el       |   67 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/init.el      |  173 ++
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/track-mode.el     |   78 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/Makefile.am  |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/README       |    2 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/backtrack-mode.el |   63 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/core.el      |  185 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/file.el      |  228 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/init.el      |  204 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/jdb.el       |   98 ++
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/track-mode.el     |   80 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/Makefile.am     |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/core.el    |  169 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/init.el    |  115 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/kshdb.el   |   62 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/track-mode.el   |   58 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/Makefile.am    |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/core.el   |  153 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/init.el   |  125 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/nodejs.el |   75 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/track-mode.el  |   82 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/Makefile.am  |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/core.el      |  161 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/init.el      |   99 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/pdb.el       |   64 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/track-mode.el     |   59 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/Makefile.am    |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/core.el   |  145 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/init.el   |   97 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/perldb.el |   64 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/track-mode.el  |   72 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/Makefile.am |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/core.el     |  160 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/init.el     |   99 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/pydb.el     |   63 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/track-mode.el    |   58 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/Makefile.am    |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/core.el   |  172 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/init.el   |   99 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/pydbgr.el |   64 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/track-mode.el  |   60 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/Makefile.am    |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/core.el   |  165 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/init.el   |  135 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/rdebug.el |  115 ++
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/track-mode.el  |   63 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/Makefile.am    |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/core.el   |  253 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/init.el   |  135 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/remake.el |   71 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/track-mode.el  |   63 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/Makefile.am |    1 +
 .../realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/backtrack-mode.el   |   67 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/core.el     |  168 ++
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/init.el     |  219 +++
 .../realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/track-mode.el       |   74 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/trepanpl.el |   65 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/Makefile.am    |    1 +
 .../realgud/debugger/trepan/backtrack-mode.el      |   63 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/core.el   |  236 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/init.el   |  218 +++
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/track-mode.el  |   82 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/trepan.el |   58 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/Makefile.am   |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/core.el  |  227 +++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/init.el  |   81 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/track-mode.el |   63 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/trepan2.el    |   66 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan3k/Makefile.am  |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan3k/core.el |  173 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan3k/init.el |   79 +
 .../realgud/debugger/trepan3k/track-mode.el        |   63 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan3k/trepan3k.el  |   66 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/Makefile.am   |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/core.el  |  167 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/init.el  |  140 ++
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/track-mode.el |   57 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/trepan8.el    |   62 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/Makefile.am   |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/core.el  |  166 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/init.el  |  143 ++
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/track-mode.el |   61 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/trepanx.el    |   64 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/Makefile.am     |    1 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/core.el    |  176 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/init.el    |   75 +
 .../realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/track-mode.el   |   63 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/zshdb.el   |   73 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/Makefile.am          |    5 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/perl.el              |   54 +
 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/posix-shell.el       |  124 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/python.el            |  126 ++
 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/ruby.el              |  108 ++
 packages/realgud/test/.gitignore                   |    4 +
 packages/realgud/test/Makefile.am                  |   69 +
 packages/realgud/test/bt-helper.el                 |   46 +
 packages/realgud/test/gcd.js                       |   47 +
 packages/realgud/test/gcd.pl                       |   21 +
 packages/realgud/test/gcd.py                       |   41 +
 packages/realgud/test/gcd.rb                       |   19 +
 packages/realgud/test/gcd.sh                       |   25 +
 packages/realgud/test/gdb/bar.sh                   |    2 +
 .../Support/.yas-skip => realgud/test/gdb/baz}     |    0
 .../Support/.yas-skip => realgud/test/gdb/baz.c}   |    0
 .../Support/.yas-skip => realgud/test/gdb/foo}     |    0
 .../Support/.yas-skip => realgud/test/gdb/foo.c}   |    0
 packages/realgud/test/gdb/test2/bar.sh             |    2 +
 .../.yas-skip => realgud/test/gdb/test2/baz.c}     |    0
 packages/realgud/test/node_modules/gcd.js/gcd.js   |   47 +
 .../realgud/test/node_modules/gcd.js/package.json  |   12 +
 packages/realgud/test/regexp-helper.el             |   50 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bashdb.el               |   57 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bp.el                   |   56 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-pdb.el               |   42 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-pydb.el              |   41 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-pydbgr.el            |   40 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-rdebug.el            |   44 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-trepan.el            |   46 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-trepan2.el           |   40 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-trepan3k.el          |   40 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-trepanx.el           |   46 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-zshdb.el             |   35 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-buf-bt.el               |   24 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-buf-cmd.el              |   48 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-common-helper.el        |   28 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-core.el                 |   93 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-file.el                 |  125 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-gdb.el                  |   64 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-gub-core.el             |   19 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-jdb.el                  |   15 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-lang.el                 |   62 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-loc-regexp-gub.el       |   60 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-loc-regexp-trepan.el    |   80 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-loc-regexp-trepanpl.el  |  125 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-loc-regexp-trepanx.el   |   65 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-loc.el                  |   60 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-lochist.el              |  107 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-nodejs.el               |   34 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-pdb.el                  |   36 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-perldb.el               |   23 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-pydb.el                 |   15 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-pydbgr.el               |   35 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-rdebug.el               |   42 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-realgud.el              |   28 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-bashdb.el        |  108 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-gdb.el           |  108 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-gub.el           |   62 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-jdb.el           |   75 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-nodejs.el        |   57 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-pdb.el           |  104 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-perldb.el        |  188 +++
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-pydb.el          |   94 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-pydbgr.el        |   73 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-rdebug.el        |   41 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-remake.el        |   59 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-ruby.el          |   38 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepan.el        |  121 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepan2.el       |  164 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepan3k.el      |  164 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepanpl.el      |   86 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepanx.el       |   69 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-zshdb.el         |   67 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp.el               |   74 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-remake-core.el          |   35 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-remake.el               |   34 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-send.el                 |   58 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-shortkey.el             |   37 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-srcbuf.el               |   69 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-track-mode.el           |   61 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-track.el                |  116 ++
 packages/realgud/test/test-trepan2.el              |   42 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-trepan3k.el             |   34 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-trepanpl.el             |   47 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-utils.el                |   22 +
 packages/realgud/test/test-zshdb.el                |   55 +
 packages/test-simple                               |    1 -
 packages/test-simple/.gitignore                    |   14 +
 packages/test-simple/.travis.yml                   |    8 +
 packages/test-simple/AUTHORS                       |    2 +
 packages/test-simple/COPYING                       |  340 ++++
 packages/test-simple/Carton                        |    4 +
 .../Support/.yas-skip => test-simple/ChangeLog}    |    0
 packages/test-simple/INSTALL                       |   18 +
 packages/test-simple/Makefile.am                   |   46 +
 packages/test-simple/NEWS                          |    5 +
 packages/test-simple/README.md                     |   71 +
 packages/test-simple/THANKS                        |    1 +
 packages/test-simple/autogen.sh                    |    7 +
 packages/test-simple/common.mk                     |    5 +
 packages/test-simple/compute-lispdir.sh            |   46 +
 packages/test-simple/configure.ac                  |   44 +
 packages/test-simple/elisp-comp                    |   94 ++
 packages/test-simple/example/gcd.el                |   13 +
 packages/test-simple/example/test-gcd.el           |   20 +
 packages/test-simple/install-from-git.sh           |   94 ++
 packages/test-simple/make-check-filter.rb          |   21 +
 packages/test-simple/test-simple.el                |  336 ++++
 packages/test-simple/test/.gitignore               |    2 +
 packages/test-simple/test/Makefile.am              |   29 +
 packages/test-simple/test/test-basic.el            |   13 +
 packages/test-simple/test/test-fns.el              |   23 +
 packages/test-simple/test/test-no-clear.el         |   11 +
 328 files changed, 25748 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 .gitmodules
 delete mode 160000 packages/load-relative
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/.travis.yml
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/AUTHORS
 copy COPYING => packages/load-relative/COPYING (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/Carton
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/ChangeLog
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/INSTALL
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/Makefile.am
 copy packages/{yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
load-relative/NEWS} (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/README.md
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/THANKS
 create mode 100755 packages/load-relative/autogen.sh
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/common.mk
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/configure.ac
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/el-get-install.el
 create mode 100755 packages/load-relative/elisp-comp
 create mode 100755 packages/load-relative/install-from-git.sh
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/load-relative.el
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/make-check-filter.rb
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/load-file1.el
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/load-file2.el
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/load-file3.el
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/require-file1.el
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/require-file2.el
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/require-file3.el
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/subdir/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/subdir/Makefile
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/test-load.el
 create mode 100644 packages/load-relative/test/test-require-list.el
 delete mode 160000 packages/loc-changes
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/.travis.yml
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/AUTHORS
 copy COPYING => packages/loc-changes/COPYING (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/Carton
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/INSTALL
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/Makefile.am
 copy packages/{yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
loc-changes/NEWS} (100%)
 create mode 120000 packages/loc-changes/README
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/README.md
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/THANKS
 create mode 100755 packages/loc-changes/autogen.sh
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/common.mk
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/configure.ac
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/el-get-install.el
 create mode 100755 packages/loc-changes/elisp-comp
 create mode 100755 packages/loc-changes/install-from-git.sh
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/loc-changes.el
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/make-check-filter.rb
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/test/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/test/sample.txt
 create mode 100644 packages/loc-changes/test/test-basic.el
 delete mode 160000 packages/realgud
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/.travis.yml
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/AUTHORS
 copy COPYING => packages/realgud/COPYING (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/ChangeLog
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/INSTALL
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/Makefile.am
 copy packages/{yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
realgud/NEWS} (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/README.md
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/THANKS
 create mode 100755 packages/realgud/autogen.sh
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/common.mk
 create mode 100755 packages/realgud/compute-lispdir.sh
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/configure.ac
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/el-get-install.el
 create mode 100755 packages/realgud/elisp-comp
 create mode 100755 packages/realgud/install-from-git.sh
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/make-check-filter.rb
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/attach.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/backtrace-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/backtrack-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/bp-image-data.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/bp.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/backtrace.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/command.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/helper.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/info.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/buffer/source.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/cmds.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/custom.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/file.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/follow.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/fringe.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/helper.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/key.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/lang.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/loc.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/lochist.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/menu.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/regexp.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/reset.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/run.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/send.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/shortkey.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/track.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/utils.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/common/window.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/bashdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/bashdb/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/common.mk
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/gdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gdb/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/gub.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/gub/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/README
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/backtrack-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/file.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/jdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/jdb/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/kshdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/kshdb/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/nodejs.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/nodejs/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/pdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pdb/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/perldb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/perldb/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/pydb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydb/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/pydbgr.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/pydbgr/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/rdebug.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/rdebug/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/remake.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/remake/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan.pl/trepanpl.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/backtrack-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan/trepan.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan2/trepan2.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan3k/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan3k/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan3k/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan3k/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan3k/trepan3k.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepan8/trepan8.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/trepanx/trepanx.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/init.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/debugger/zshdb/zshdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/perl.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/posix-shell.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/python.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/realgud/lang/ruby.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/bt-helper.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/gcd.js
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/gcd.pl
 create mode 100755 packages/realgud/test/gcd.py
 create mode 100755 packages/realgud/test/gcd.rb
 create mode 100755 packages/realgud/test/gcd.sh
 create mode 100755 packages/realgud/test/gdb/bar.sh
 copy packages/{yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
realgud/test/gdb/baz} (100%)
 mode change 100644 => 100755
 copy packages/{yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
realgud/test/gdb/baz.c} (100%)
 copy packages/{yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
realgud/test/gdb/foo} (100%)
 mode change 100644 => 100755
 copy packages/{yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
realgud/test/gdb/foo.c} (100%)
 create mode 100755 packages/realgud/test/gdb/test2/bar.sh
 copy packages/{yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
realgud/test/gdb/test2/baz.c} (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/node_modules/gcd.js/gcd.js
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/node_modules/gcd.js/package.json
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/regexp-helper.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bashdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bp.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-pdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-pydb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-pydbgr.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-rdebug.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-trepan.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-trepan2.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-trepan3k.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-trepanx.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-bt-zshdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-buf-bt.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-buf-cmd.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-common-helper.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-file.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-gdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-gub-core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-jdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-lang.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-loc-regexp-gub.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-loc-regexp-trepan.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-loc-regexp-trepanpl.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-loc-regexp-trepanx.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-loc.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-lochist.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-nodejs.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-pdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-perldb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-pydb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-pydbgr.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-rdebug.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-realgud.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-bashdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-gdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-gub.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-jdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-nodejs.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-pdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-perldb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-pydb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-pydbgr.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-rdebug.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-remake.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-ruby.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepan.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepan2.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepan3k.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepanpl.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-trepanx.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp-zshdb.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-regexp.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-remake-core.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-remake.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-send.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-shortkey.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-srcbuf.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-track-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-track.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-trepan2.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-trepan3k.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-trepanpl.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-utils.el
 create mode 100644 packages/realgud/test/test-zshdb.el
 delete mode 160000 packages/test-simple
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/.travis.yml
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/AUTHORS
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/COPYING
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/Carton
 copy packages/{yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
test-simple/ChangeLog} (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/INSTALL
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/NEWS
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/README.md
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/THANKS
 create mode 100755 packages/test-simple/autogen.sh
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/common.mk
 create mode 100755 packages/test-simple/compute-lispdir.sh
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/configure.ac
 create mode 100755 packages/test-simple/elisp-comp
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/example/gcd.el
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/example/test-gcd.el
 create mode 100755 packages/test-simple/install-from-git.sh
 create mode 100755 packages/test-simple/make-check-filter.rb
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/test-simple.el
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/test/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/test/Makefile.am
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/test/test-basic.el
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/test/test-fns.el
 create mode 100644 packages/test-simple/test/test-no-clear.el

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