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[elpa] master updated (af29d76 -> 5aa7896)

From: Oleh Krehel
Subject: [elpa] master updated (af29d76 -> 5aa7896)
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 16:34:37 +0000

abo_abo pushed a change to branch master.

      from  af29d76   Merge commit 'a22acac260a93530f98b1fe84b4b5edc2a6bdc0e' 
from ace-window
       new  77c8e40   Add option to specify :hint in body
       new  9623625   hydra-ox.el (hydra-ox): Update parameter list
       new  b840227   Update `golden-ratio-mode' work-around
       new  88c7dc4   Fix wrong type argument in hydra-timeout
       new  a867927   "C-g" (`hydra-keyboard-quit' ) should run :post
       new  5c2f420   hydra-examples.el: Fixup
       new  bca2441   Makefile: Simplify
       new  58075f5   hydra-examples.el (hydra-buffer-menu): Fix example
       new  a071b60   README.md: update
       new  622c798   README.md: move some stuff to wiki, add more stuff
       new  7f4c835   README.md: finish up the rules
       new  c9432e8   README.md: describe docstring
       new  3f11348   README.md: Add toc
       new  556db52   Wiki link to the "Home" page instead.
       new  bfe65da   README.md: Fix up typos
       new  3c4b3fd   lv.el: Update truncation rules
       new  9f9dcf9   Bind [switch-frame] to `hydra-keyboard-quit'
       new  5e8c7f2   hydra.el (hydra--format): Extend key regex with ";:"
       new  543e97b   Fix switch-frame handling.
       new  3a77bf6   hydra-examples.el (hydra-apropos): Add.
       new  97d6987   Add hydra-rectangle example
       new  d44bf58   Don't bind `hydra-keyboard-quit' in foreign keymaps
       new  eb181fd   Call :post for :timeout
       new  8e4b1fa   lv.el (lv-message): Use setq-local for window-min-height
       new  30a073b   hydra.el (hydra-keyboard-quit): Clean up the message area
       new  498d78b   Set pink/amaranth override recursively
       new  7783f89   Minor fixes
       new  5aa7896   Merge commit '7783f89cdbb3e3ba57f232552729715148e0b9a1' 
from hydra

Summary of changes:
 packages/hydra/Makefile                            |    8 +-
 packages/hydra/README.md                           |  537 ++++++++++++--------
 packages/hydra/hydra-examples.el                   |  140 ++++--
 .../{company/test/all.el => hydra/hydra-init.el}   |   19 +-
 packages/hydra/hydra-ox.el                         |   10 +-
 packages/hydra/hydra-test.el                       |  348 +++++++------
 packages/hydra/hydra.el                            |  249 ++++++----
 packages/hydra/lv.el                               |   13 +-
 8 files changed, 794 insertions(+), 530 deletions(-)
 copy packages/{company/test/all.el => hydra/hydra-init.el} (71%)

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