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[elpa] master updated (714fc5b -> 90473ac)

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: [elpa] master updated (714fc5b -> 90473ac)
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 18:38:43 +0000

malabarba pushed a change to branch master.

      from  714fc5b   Rephrases a comment in seq.el about the order of the 
       new  3a0cc9b   Initial commit
       new  36abeb1   First Commit.
       new  d48181e   Readme
       new  29bbd66   Changed Lighter
       new  b97643c   Shorten package description
       new  32387c7   Merge pull request #1 from purcell/patch-1
       new  7854cfc   Replace ’ by '
       new  2e993b8   Remove trailing whitespace
       new  82bf8bd   Merge pull request #2 from Silex/master
       new  4c2f34e   Add excluded mode Fix point not moving with indent
       new  3a4b76a   Merge branch 'dev'
       new  027e7ed   Add variable dont-indent-if, so the user can prevent 
       new  eaa8cee   Whitespace
       new  f23224a   Reactivate `electric-indent-mode'.
       new  7cd4e57   Fix Version
       new  964bfae   Add yaml mode to excluded modes.
       new  7c3cb86   Add demo screenshot
       new  759f365   Merge pull request #8 from tuhdo/master
       new  a1429e5   Fix variable I forgot to namespace
       new  aebe081   Improve css-mode support
       new  a07019e   Move up the screencast
       new  ebcafdb   Version Bump
       new  1c74518   Fix last-command -> this-command bug
       new  8af72c5   Factor out the soft part into a macro.
       new  201ec03   Indent changed region instead of defun for modes which 
aren't emacs-lisp.
       new  e4d3601   Implement a smarter engine for non-lisp modes.
       new  6e1d5a1   Merge pull request #12 from Bruce-Connor/region-indent
       new  81fadf1   Add modes to prefer defun.
       new  215ddf7   Don't use do-softly for now.
       new  e774765   Merge branch 'region-indent'
       new  7762250   Don't indent on empty line.
       new  820db3c   Don't indent inside comments, but allow as an option.
       new  d3948b0   Don't execute syntax-ppss if the controlling variable is 
       new  c15c56d   Skip empty lines when indenting blocks
       new  82c5d78   Merge pull request #17 from pmachata/master
       new  b4b8dc3   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  7d8d0d2   Version bump
       new  c35bc62   Skip indenting lines only barely touched by changed 
       new  130b938   Redundant group specification.
       new  c4957eb   Fix bug on buffers with no final newline.
       new  6a4296b   Add demo for non-Lisp mode
       new  69b5adc   Merge pull request #20 from tuhdo/master
       new  34d80b4   Remove apology
       new  c81d5c2   Add erc-mode to excluded-modes
       new  45d25c3   List dependency in the Readme
       new  e169391   Prevent electric indenting on ruby-mode
       new  278084b   Add more to excluded-modes
       new  d0a4bae   Typo
       new  63121eb   Restore point even when errors.
       new  32f6156   Rename changed-list to -changed-list
       new  94d84bc   Doc
       new  2a9c593   Remove old special treatment for css-mode
       new  7a4794a   Use the do-softly macro
       new  675224c   Rename gifs
       new  ecfbf94   Define new delete-backward bound to backspace. Fixes #25
       new  a8e467c   Quick fix for the buggy map. Fixes #26
       new  105e746   Another quickfix
       new  726291c   Redo fix for #25 Awesome tip from @tsdh!
       new  f70f0ff   Don't indent in strings (fixes #27)
       new  dae81af   Merge pull request #28 from tsdh/master
       new  eefeecc   Add diff-mode and makefile-mode to excluded-modes.
       new  6e345d2   Merge pull request #29 from tsdh/master
       new  e4a4026   Prevent that to replace the 'message' func to 'ignore' 
       new  ae996bb   Merge pull request #30 from vmfhrmfoaj/master
       new  b3881a6   Readme
       new  e9fea53   Fix corner-case with thing-at-point
       new  9e81033   Indentation
       new  f78f191   Version Bump
       new  095f778   Add Custom-mode to excluded modes
       new  2e39474   Add shells to excluded modes
       new  46f2010   Don't indent smerge-mode
       new  35977d8   Version bump
       new  b4c2aec   Add more excluded modes
       new  57b0cf7   Merge pull request #34 from davidshepherd7/patch-1
       new  cd2b454   Exclude sass-mode and slim-mode
       new  7d7d94a   Merge pull request #35 from purcell/patch-3
       new  3761b64   Add conf-mode to excluded modes.
       new  76c10da   Don't turn on if electric-indent-inhibit is set
       new  1aa6d72   Button on readme
       new  fadd08f   Readme
       new  696b163   Add dos-mode and netcmd-mode to excluded modes as per #9
       new  6011856   Readme
       new  de24113   Update non-Lisp example with better demo
       new  b63eb88   Merge pull request #37 from tuhdo/master
       new  585a610   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  b0026c8   Stop using electric-indent-inhibit
       new  3a252c8   Don't activate in text-mode or fundamental-mode
       new  2d50786   Exclude TeX-output-mode
       new  723cd45   Version bump
       new  a298d3f   Add cider-repl-mode to excluded modes
       new  a149216   add gmake-mode to excluded modes
       new  2019662   Merge pull request #43 from expez/disable-in-gmake-mode
       new  b1c1d20   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  d13e986   Couple more excluded modes
       new  02da62c   Update email and GH username.
       new  fae66eb   Optimize syntax-ppss calls
       new  05467f2   Add clojure-mode to modes-to-prefer-defun
       new  f316634   Checkdoc
       new  e2eb5f5   Remove unused macro.
       new  2a4b617   Remove unneeded require.
       new  18c07a9   More style and doc changes
       new  72796c6   Version bump -> 1.0
       new  482f49e   Add 'packages/aggressive-indent/' from commit 
       new  b1962f1   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  d8a9a0c   Fix the version
       new  3852862   Merge commit 'd8a9a0c201f6abbe22a358cec4793e213bdd3685'
       new  e66862f   Fix typo
       new  90473ac   Merge commit 'e66862ffc4a7f729db4fb851652d1c32ce41c1b3'

Summary of changes:
 packages/aggressive-indent/README.md            |   64 ++++
 packages/aggressive-indent/aggressive-indent.el |  389 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 packages/aggressive-indent/c-example.gif        |  Bin 0 -> 88739 bytes
 packages/aggressive-indent/lisp-example.gif     |  Bin 0 -> 493302 bytes
 4 files changed, 453 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/aggressive-indent/README.md
 create mode 100644 packages/aggressive-indent/aggressive-indent.el
 create mode 100644 packages/aggressive-indent/c-example.gif
 create mode 100644 packages/aggressive-indent/lisp-example.gif

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