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[elpa] master updated (da45e68 -> 39a27b6)

From: João Távora
Subject: [elpa] master updated (da45e68 -> 39a27b6)
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2015 15:40:22 +0000

capitaomorte pushed a change to branch master.

      from  da45e68   Merge commit '4a6a31d6d4d479720f4b66091892b0cda2377346' 
from hydra
       new  9709dbd   Add autoload cookies
       new  73701d9   Update packages/darkroom by merging its external subtree
       new  6ce6b24   fix: replace 'text' in 'yas-text' in bundled snippets
       new  ddaf9a9   Fix: cleanup yasnippet-tests.el
       new  a7d40ed   Closes #318: correctly implement YAS--MODES-TO-ACTIVATE
       new  ce50b3d   Closes #318: Don't use CL-LABELS for backward 
compatibility with older emacsen
       new  78c52fd   fix: shoosh warning with LETREC instead of LET
       new  3ec62ab   fix: please older emacsen, don't use LETREC after all
       new  8853127   Update manual.mdown
       new  1aac5fc   Merge pull request #407 from dongxiong/patch-1
       new  13cfdbc   fix: remove references to dropdown-list.el in Rakefile
       new  d963c41   Closes #406: correct docstring for yas-extra-modes
       new  90d4cae   inhibit change hooks during (insert content)
       new  6268cc2   add: test for issue #404
       new  7849ffc   fix: don't use universal-argument-num-events
       new  79f3656   fix font-lock-keywords syntax
       new  f21ddd1   remove redundant font-lock-keywords
       new  3bb1515   Merge pull request #409 from npostavs/font-lock
       new  6997922   Revert "inhibit change hooks during (insert content)"
       new  51e9e8e   wait till after content insertion to narrow
       new  5c76a0f   test middle-of-buffer snippet insertion
       new  6c3e029   Merge pull request #412 from npostavs/less-narrow
       new  43a484e   add: external test for issue #404
       new  32ee5cb   Closes #415: remove c-specific hacks, harmful on emacs 
       new  ffd497d   don't kill snippet buffer unless saved
       new  205b0e6   move snippet saving from loading to closing
       new  33dff9a   let C-c C-c save existing snippets too
       new  84b7e69   Merge pull request #423 from npostavs/load-snippet-ui
       new  d7b2b89   widen before deleting regions
       new  6ee3d2e   Closes #404: merge remote-tracking branch 'npostavs/widen'
       new  d5d6e45   Feature: de/activate-extra-mode
       new  0f67c07   Merge pull request #424 from ljos/de/activate-extra-mode
       new  f5457df   Go back to org manual
       new  a4a7e5e   fix typo: .yas.parents -> .yas-parents
       new  bc4cfbb   yas/ -> yas-
       new  b20f0a4   fix exporting of doc strings for org manual
       new  fdd550a   Fix screencast link.
       new  8e8320f   remove reference to yas-trigger-key
       new  3002594   Merge pull request #430 from npostavs/org-doc
       new  042837d   Migrate to snippets maintained by the TextMate community
       new  81e26b4   Merge pull request #431 from 
       new  c7c6516   don't use link abbreviations
       new  d451fef   rename manual.org to index.org
       new  f6cace0   convert old rst manuals to org mode
       new  5acc976   split symbol reference into separate file
       new  875ef77   move index.org subsection into snippet-organization.org
       new  fd8423c   fix links
       new  7b82424   move index.org subsection into snippet-expansion.org
       new  e46d9c7   link to docstring ref; fix other links, formatting
       new  2f7bb6c   move images to the section they describe
       new  8f1fa08   replace obsolete refs
       new  08a44b4   add code examples for snippet-expansion.rst
       new  eaeb6ff   more links to docstrings, don't repeat docstrings
       new  63873e7   snippet-menu.org: links, formatting, obsolete refs
       new  da9852a   {snippet-development,faq}.org: fixup pandoc output
       new  dfdb89c   remove erroneous #+BEGIN/END_QUOTE
       new  0aebb41   move top heading to title
       new  07b1d39   move #+STARTUP to org-setup.inc; add #+LINK_HOME
       new  fd3fa39   publish org doc from Rakefile
       new  8d7c9a6   retrieve function documentation correctly
       new  eaa3141   fix docstring extraction for "fancy" docs
       new  2c237cc   check function doc before variable doc
       new  860858d   Merge pull request #436 from npostavs/autodoc-1,2
       new  46c378d   format args in docstrings as =code=, not /italic/
       new  21914cf   yas--document-symbol: reindent
       new  f86529c   only crosslink exported symbols
       new  a9e3035   docstring fixes
       new  eda8330   only /italicize/ words completely in upper case
       new  4f27187   refactor: removed extras and snippets tree, both point to 
       new  1cf9168   Merge branch 'unclutter': snippets and textmate 
importation snippets are now submodules
       new  6927f69   minor: README.mdown link
       new  c61f81f   Closes #439: add a faq question about redefining keys
       new  0f8007e   Simplify: index.org no longer repeats info in the README
       new  582e368   minor: cosmetic fixes to manual
       new  0a9885e   markup suffixed variable names, eg SUBEXPth
       new  7d4e4aa   Closes #440: don't use  `make-variable-buffer-local' for 
       new  7518cb4   rake doc:upload: check for wrong/incomplete rev
       new  d89e837   add top level menu, minimal styling
       new  260ecf9   fix a faq title
       new  b944cc9   fix rake doc:upload
       new  46b4a02   doc:upload stylesheets/*.css to gh-pages
       new  90e7595   yas-text export twice
       new  ba0b02f   Merge pull request #446 from dongxiong/patch-2
       new  6c752a1   populate yas--exported-syms based on sym prefix
       new  0567c93   Merge pull request #442 from npostavs/auto-export
       new  c18672a   Closes #447: only call command beyond yasnippet if it 
       new  24d7a67   fix typo
       new  22773c7   add a link to the symbol reference in top menu
       new  e190b08   Rakefile: don't fail with EMACS=t env setting
       new  df58222   yas--document-symbols: respect level arg, raise to 1
       new  78c8b5e   yas--document-symbol: fix no transform case
       new  4916657   Use https instead of ssh for submodules access
       new  f94c38e   Merge pull request #449 from nibua-r/https-submodules
       new  12b7f82   Add Travis CI and update tests. Start a Changelog.
       new  3002043   Sync git submodule for yasmate repo
       new  0f8c2ab   Add `yas-after-reload-hook' and run it at the end of 
       new  987942c   update snippets submodule
       new  c128580   yasnippet templates don't add newlines
       new  83c174c   Merge pull request #464 from kidd/master
       new  1fc858f   Remove experimental Changelog file
       new  4d220f7   Remove an obsolete hack notice
       new  3744f92   avoid double choices reversing
       new  4470110   display-fn isn't actually used for filtering
       new  c07db05   yas-x-prompt: remove dead code
       new  43a501a   remove yas--x-pretty-prompt-templates
       new  e7599b9   Merge pull request #466 from npostavs/no-reverse
       new  498cbe4   Closes #469: Don't use `yas--init-minor-keymap'
       new  d809e88   Revert "Closes #469: Don't use `yas--init-minor-keymap'"
       new  b36a4f7   Properly closes #469: Don't use `yas--init-minor-keymap'
       new  8e7295b   Closes #403: more uniform behaviour for `yas-use-menu'
       new  a4e04f9   update doc for org 8.x
       new  a0c2217   Merge pull request #473 from npostavs/org8
       new  4d9eee9   Simpler, more effective .travis file
       new  4473b4e   New test for cc-mode's fontification functions
       new  599a262   Closes #474: fix cc-mode fontification conflict
       new  4ccf133   Merge pull request #476 from npostavs/cc-fontify2
       new  a80033d   Refactor yas-good-grace error handling
       new  580e5c6   Don't lose error message when yas-good-grace is t
       new  8ced5c7   Remove type, expand-env from new snippet value
       new  f176027   Restore backquotes lost in rst -> org translation
       new  4c16eae   Document uuid directive
       new  6b04dad   Document type directive
       new  fe288a1   Fix publishing with org 7.9
       new  763f5fa   Closes #474: fix more cc-mode font-lock conflicts
       new  f98c527   Replace text -> yas-text in documentation
       new  e53ec1e   Make snippets submodule track master, update it
       new  e1ed662   Allow jit loading interactively
       new  2b24aea   Merge pull request #493 from npostavs/ijit
       new  0b7b34a   Closes #492, closes #494: Consider defalias when 
calculating parent modes
       new  7761dee   Closes #497: Allow functions as elements in 
       new  faed106   * yasnippet.el (yas-key-syntaxes): Improve documentation.
       new  de34d91   Closes #470, handle non-whitespace newlines
       new  280ece2   Add yas-shortest-key-until-whitespace
       new  10ecde1   Pass start point to yas-key-syntaxes functions
       new  5d10b5d   Add yas-longest-key-from-whitespace
       new  47a3d5f   Fix yas-key-syntaxes example functions docstrings.
       new  d982b70   Fix edge case in yas-longest-key-from-whitespace
       new  e60e8b5   Merge pull request #503 from npostavs/key-syntaxes
       new  f7ef023   Prevent disabling errors from recent 
`yas-current-syntaxes` logic
       new  1d4618b   Closes #504: Correctly discover  buffers needing snippets 
       new  5b59b80   Closes #495: Allow symbols as aliases in 
       new  be2f815   Closes #508: Ensure original point when evaluating 
       new  241465c   move eof footer to the actual eof
       new  37df653   yasnippet-debug.el: quiet byte-compiler
       new  70de821   enforce use of spaces for indentation
       new  cc64ff6   Merge pull request #514 from tarsius/master
       new  41cb5f5   Update snippets submodule
       new  6f7c915   Compatibility with custom-unlispify-remove-prefixes
       new  8e9bf3c   Merge pull request #518 from rnkn/master
       new  783cc33   Use cl-incf instead of cl
       new  08b044e   Merge pull request #519 from syohex/use-cl-macro
       new  e731451   Signal an error on recursive yas--fallback calls
       new  6877bc6   Merge pull request #524 from npostavs/fallback-loop
       new  70151f4   Closes #525, closes #526: Prevent some keybinding 
fallback loops
       new  6053db0   Closes #527: Unbreak case where yas-fallback-behaviour is 
a list
       new  e2b876b   Tweak README.mdown to simplify bug reporting paragraph
       new  b22961a   Update README.mdown
       new  51d4ed1   Update snippets submodule
       new  1c97671   Closes #536: Fix navigation to zero-length fields at 
snippet end
       new  596e6b2   Closes #537: Be lenient to extensions operating on 
snippet fields
       new  175e0a3   Clean up previous change
       new  50ca8d3   Update README.mdown
       new  bb6bbad   Add file doc/.nosearch
       new  e161fc0   Merge pull request #542 from tarsius/nosearch
       new  b62bdf3   Closes #546: backport `yas-initialize' and provide 
       new  07734a1   Clarify what happens with yas-new-snippet.
       new  197ef7f   Merge pull request #552 from treese/master
       new  3c13348   yas-expand-snippet: Clarify EXPAND-ENV
       new  21ffe4b   Merge pull request #559 from mineo/patch-1
       new  3e7b56e   Implements #566: Remove dead major modes code
       new  b9989f8   Add a CONTRIBUTING.md file
       new  fc5052b   Merge pull request #568 from npostavs/contrib
       new  d19ef74   Getting rid of low-level assumptions in yasnippet
       new  316435e   Closes #562: Deleting inner numberless snippet causes 
       new  885237a   Add useful development assertion
       new  a467019   `yas-minor-mode' assertion broke a test. Good. Fix it.
       new  39a27b6   Update packages/yasnippet by merging from its external 
upstream subtree

Summary of changes:
 packages/darkroom/darkroom.el                      |    5 +-
 packages/yasnippet/.gitmodules                     |   16 +-
 packages/yasnippet/.travis.yml                     |   24 +
 packages/yasnippet/CONTRIBUTING.md                 |   27 +
 packages/yasnippet/README.mdown                    |  147 +-
 packages/yasnippet/Rakefile                        |   54 +-
 .../Support/.yas-skip => doc/doc/.nosearch}        |    0
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/faq.org                 |  158 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/index.org               |   47 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/nav-menu.html.inc       |   16 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/org-setup.inc           |   11 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-development.org |  424 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-expansion.org   |  262 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-menu.org        |   69 +
 .../yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-organization.org     |  121 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-reference.org   |   12 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/stylesheets/manual.css  |   26 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/manual.mdown                |  257 -
 packages/yasnippet/doc/yas-doc-helper.el           |  130 +-
 packages/yasnippet/extras/bundles/html-tmbundle    |    1 -
 packages/yasnippet/extras/bundles/rails-tmbundle   |    1 -
 packages/yasnippet/extras/bundles/ruby-tmbundle    |    1 -
 .../extras/imported/html-mode/.yas-setup.el        |  707 -
 .../extras/imported/objc-mode/.yas-setup.el        |  107 -
 .../extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/alldefs.txt  |59477 --------------------
 .../extras/imported/rails-mode/.yas-setup.el       | 1322 -
 .../extras/imported/ruby-mode/.yas-setup.el        | 1049 -
 packages/yasnippet/extras/textmate_import.rb       |  468 -
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet-debug.el              |    4 +
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet-tests.el              |  270 +-
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet.el                    | 1242 +-
 31 files changed, 2267 insertions(+), 64188 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/.travis.yml
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/CONTRIBUTING.md
 rename packages/yasnippet/{extras/imported/objc-mode/Support/.yas-skip => 
doc/doc/.nosearch} (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/faq.org
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/index.org
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/nav-menu.html.inc
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/org-setup.inc
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-development.org
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-expansion.org
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-menu.org
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-organization.org
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-reference.org
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/stylesheets/manual.css
 delete mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/manual.mdown
 delete mode 160000 packages/yasnippet/extras/bundles/html-tmbundle
 delete mode 160000 packages/yasnippet/extras/bundles/rails-tmbundle
 delete mode 160000 packages/yasnippet/extras/bundles/ruby-tmbundle
 delete mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/extras/imported/html-mode/.yas-setup.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/extras/imported/objc-mode/.yas-setup.el
 delete mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/extras/imported/rails-mode/.yas-setup.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/extras/imported/ruby-mode/.yas-setup.el
 delete mode 100755 packages/yasnippet/extras/textmate_import.rb

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