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[elpa] master dfdb89c 054/177: remove erroneous #+BEGIN/END_QUOTE

From: João Távora
Subject: [elpa] master dfdb89c 054/177: remove erroneous #+BEGIN/END_QUOTE
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2015 15:40:47 +0000

branch: master
commit dfdb89c61cee3f9d228a7e3ddb1e36560aa0a3c8
Author: Noam Postavsky <address@hidden>
Commit: Noam Postavsky <address@hidden>

    remove erroneous #+BEGIN/END_QUOTE
    pandoc decided to add those for some reason
 doc/index.org               |   10 ----------
 doc/snippet-development.org |    6 ------
 2 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/index.org b/doc/index.org
index 54ec232..a3c6dcf 100644
--- a/doc/index.org
+++ b/doc/index.org
@@ -88,36 +88,26 @@
    The documentation has been split into separate parts:
    1. [[file:snippet-organization.org][Organizing Snippets]]
-      #+BEGIN_QUOTE
       Describes ways to organize your snippets in the hard disk.
-      #+END_QUOTE
    2. [[file:snippet-expansion.org][Expanding Snippets]]
-      #+BEGIN_QUOTE
       Describes how YASnippet chooses snippets for expansion at point.
       Maybe, you'll want some snippets to be expanded in a particular mode,
       or only under certain conditions, or be prompted using =ido=, etc...
-      #+END_QUOTE
    3. [[file:snippet-development.org][Writing Snippets]]
-      #+BEGIN_QUOTE
       Describes the YASnippet definition syntax, which is very close (but
       not equivalent) to Textmate's. Includes a section about converting
       TextMate snippets.
-      #+END_QUOTE
    4. [[file:snippet-menu.org][The YASnippet menu]]
-      #+BEGIN_QUOTE
       Explains how to use the YASnippet menu to explore, learn and modify
-      #+END_QUOTE
    5. [[file:snippet-reference.org][YASnippet Symbol Reference]]
-      #+BEGIN_QUOTE
       An automatically generated listing of all YASnippet commands,
       (customization) variables, and functions.
-      #+END_QUOTE
 ** Bugs, discussion, contributions, etc
diff --git a/doc/snippet-development.org b/doc/snippet-development.org
index f0ab132..f85ee05 100644
--- a/doc/snippet-development.org
+++ b/doc/snippet-development.org
@@ -40,20 +40,16 @@ Two commands are defined in this mode:
 -  =M-x yas-load-snippet-buffer=
      When editing a snippet, this loads the snippet into the correct
      mode and menu. Bound to =C-c C-c= by default while in
 -  =M-x yas-tryout-snippet=
      When editing a snippet, this opens a new empty buffer, sets it to
      the appropriate major mode and inserts the snippet there, so you
      can see what it looks like. This is bound to =C-c C-t= while in
 There are also /snippets for writing snippets/: =vars=, =$f= and =$m=
@@ -411,14 +407,12 @@ performs the normal Emacs =delete-char= command.
 There are a couple of tools that take TextMate's ".tmSnippet" xml files
 and create YASnippet definitions:
 python script by Jeff Wheeler]]
   -  a 
tool]] , =textmate_import.rb= adapted from 
      which I have uploaded to the repository.
 In this section, i'll shortly cover the *second* option.

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