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[elpa] branch externals/dash deleted (was fb4a800)

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/dash deleted (was fb4a800)
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2015 20:20:51 +0000

phillord pushed a change to branch externals/dash.

       was  fb4a800   Added .elpaignore.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  fb4a800   Added .elpaignore.
  discards  19fbc24   Fix anaphoric -spice-list macro
  discards  ffa37bf   Merge pull request #129 from holomorph/docs
  discards  2db56f5   [-let] Add support for &as bindings (#115)
  discards  2cc124b   [-let] Generate better code when skipping conses
  discards  5219ac0   [-let] Eliminate useless re-binding of symbols when 
sources are immutable
  discards  9ebd172   [-let] Generate differently named symbols for temporary 
sources (makes readable generated code)
  discards  c61113b   [-let] Update outdated comment
  discards  36b7f49   [-let] Reuse the ignore-place predicate
  discards  40896b8   Fix the -let debug declaration
  discards  c61fc34   Add -remove-first/last, -map-first/last, 
  discards  b308794   [Fix #73] Add a mention of -filter to -keep docstring
  discards  cf7ca23   [Fix #97] Add -remove-item
  discards  a803dd5   Merge readme changes
  discards  1d4881f   Update README
  discards  3b63476   Move anaphoric function intro up into Functions section
  discards  2b69c14   Add dash.info and dash.texi to repo
  discards  8530742   Add @wasamasa and @occidens to list of contributors
  discards  81b808d   Ignore dash.elc
  discards  51a07b1   Merge pull request #127 from occidens/fixfn
  discards  1fde888   Merge pull request #125 from wasamasa/feature-some
  discards  3992e3c   Make `-fixfn' more robust at handling floats
  discards  4640a2a   Allow for approx comparison of floats in tests
  discards  e574465   Add `-some`
  discards  db784f8   Merge pull request #124 from occidens/skiptests
  discards  7d7a457   Allow run-tests.sh to skip tests
  discards  90056bd   Merge pull request #121 from holomorph/master
  discards  7bd6b3b   Add dir entry to texinfo template
  discards  349931e   Add @holomorph to list of contributors
  discards  733274f   Merge pull request #120 from holomorph/info-manual
  discards  4bd6273   Invoke makeinfo on the generated .texi
  discards  3a3f528   Add info manual
  discards  0ef7384   Merge pull request #114 from fbergroth/update-test-case
  discards  c34e4ab   Update invalid tests
  discards  7d62b1a   Make test suite independent of dash
  discards  07f0358   Add test case operator !!> for expected errors
  discards  92ed7ff   Use vendored ert only on emacs23
  discards  26c1bbe   Merge pull request #113 from 
  discards  1ccd2b4   Improve byte compilation test
  discards  afe2781   Merge pull request #109 from bbatsov/threading-indentation
  discards  5f879b3   Merge pull request #110 from bbatsov/comment-fix
  discards  2eefbec   Don't use an inline comment on a line of its own
  discards  9642c4a   [Fix #108] Sync indentation of threading forms with 
  discards  dab0d1c   Merge pull request #107 from 
  discards  c40fa44   Exclude byte compilation test on emacs23
  discards  a06e66e   Add test for clean byte compilation
  discards  b7c2f9a   Work around byte compiler in -if-let*
  discards  8d2227d   Silence unused variable warning in -table
  discards  faeb61a   Merge pull request #105 from fbergroth/debug-forms
  discards  47e11ae   Update docs
  discards  c134705   Fix compile warning
  discards  38ef86e   Update debug forms for -if-let and -when-let
  discards  446c522   Release 2.10.0
  discards  d459b49   Fix typo
  discards  5e9c1a9   Add Fredrik Bergroth to the list of contributors
  discards  c09c0f6   Merge branch 'more-destructuring' (#103) of 
  discards  d0c6fc0   Merge pull request #104 from fbergroth/linkify-docs
  discards  c7b4cff   Update readme.md
  discards  0c045f2   Highlight with el instead of cl
  discards  63fa64f   Add links to references in readme
  discards  8707aaf   Update docs
  discards  549bfd3   Reorder macros to make sure they are declared before 
being used
  discards  3bdf60b   Add some examples
  discards  03b98ca   Make -if-let and -when-let families destructure their 
  discards  75d29a2   Declare --iterate macro before using it. #102
  discards  4b63be1   Declare --mapcat macro before using it. #102
  discards  2436bf8   Add debug declaration on -lambda
  discards  9e1a667   Do not map nodes on conses (be consistent with tree map)
  discards  0310e0e   Update docs
  discards  31f321a   Release 2.9.0
  discards  40849a7   [-let] Remove stale comment
  discards  edb1e31   [-let] Add more tests
  discards  c1d555b   [-let] Optimize single-binding of vectors and kv
  discards  9ec1a02   [-let] Abstract the _ test into a function
  discards  db7f651   [-let] Simplify the conditions in dash--match-cons-1
  discards  f7664c6   [-let] Add &keys support for cons matcher
  discards  0fc5d73   [-let] Make the cons matcher temp-bind as late as possible
  discards  51a0c9f   [-let] Fix expansion of _ symbols in vector matcher
  discards  65a3736   [-let] Fix improper list non-symbol last argument handler
  discards  6f0bb7d   [-let] Fix dynamic scoping issue
  discards  f939201   [-let] Optimize shifting/binding of unused _ places
  discards  6f81492   [-lambda] Better error-handling
  discards  4d67b25   [-let] Do not reinvent `pop'
  discards  9065e1b   [-let] Final cdr shift optimization
  discards  7f2b3c7   [-lambda] test all match-forms before converting to 
regular lambda
  discards  05fa92f   [-let] Transpose nreverse/flatten
  discards  947ffda   Add support for &rest match for non-list sequences (like 
. for improper lists)
  discards  8f9fc41   Add support for multiple input arguments to -lambda
  discards  f0831d3   Add -lambda
  discards  a4be872   Add `-let` and `-let*`
  discards  b1e585d   Update copyright notice
  discards  2626840   Add -fixfn
  discards  ab99be6   Add -fix
  discards  3adad97   Add -non-nil
  discards  166bccd   Add -tree-map-nodes
  discards  d37947a   Add -tree-seq
  discards  6fc652d   Merge pull request #95 from Wilfred/shallow-copy-function
  discards  25c114c   Implementing a shallow copy counterpart to -clone.
  discards  d9879e9   Release 2.8.0
  discards  f257fb9   Add -butlast
  discards  f8873a0   Update readme-template with changes from last release
  discards  f18a520   Release 2.7.0
  discards  9ebcce6   Add some niceties to font-locking of examples
  discards  c6b92ae   Reorder the examples into more meaningful blocks
  discards  174747e   Add -splice and -splice-list
  discards  5637bd6   Add alias from -find to -first
  discards  f3b0a55   Change -predicate-p examples to -predicate? to maintain 
  discards  eea928a   Add -replace
  discards  7e4adb5   Add missing keywords to highlight list
  discards  a09a4b2   Add code markup for docstrings and fix erroneous 
whitespace in docstring
  discards  7f0fadc   Add -prodfn
  discards  2ecc073   Reorder the partition examples to follow more logical 
order, add tests
  discards  d948086   Add -iteratefn
  discards  3132ae0   Alias -tail to nthcdr
  discards  a3021eb   Merge pull request #93 from lunaryorn/patch-1
  discards  0384eee   Improve Travis CI configuration
  discards  7185db8   [Issue #83] Add `step` to `-slice`
  discards  cd137e0   `-slice` should not fill the returned list with nils if 
to > length
  discards  bbc1d9c   `--each-while` should also expose `it-index`
  discards  63ec298   Merge pull request #92 from Fuco1/outer-product
  discards  00549e4   Add missing fontification keywords
  discards  624c501   Add `-table` and `-table-flat`
  discards  f780322   Add `-flatten-n`
  discards  fb51f8f   Merge pull request #88 from 
  discards  6b64ea7   Add functions for flexibly zipping uneven lists
  discards  bd85b7c   Make -zip support infinite (circular) lists
  discards  f0dd4cc   Add -annotate
  discards  c952a54   Merge pull request #90 from tmalsburg/last-item-doc
  discards  c08fcba   Fixed documentation of `-last-item'.
  discards  2dfd748   Merge pull request #87 from 
  discards  703bb59   Convert -zip to support variable-length arguments
  discards  4ecfea6   Merge pull request #79 from Fuco1/debug-forms
  discards  43dcd37   Only eval NUM in --dotimes once
  discards  4e6a965   Still better debug declarations
  discards  5086d24   Merge pull request #60 from rejeep/cask
  discards  8dfa9b6   Release 2.6.0
  discards  f5264db   Merge pull request #77 from Fuco1/split-when
  discards  abff641   Merge pull request #76 from Fuco1/unfold
  discards  f96196a   Merge pull request #75 from Fuco1/prefix
  discards  b44140a   Add -is-prefix/suffix/infix-p
  discards  b075846   Add -iterate, -unfold
  discards  6bdcfa5   Add -split-on, -split-when
  discards  4098ea0   Merge pull request #74 from YoungFrog/dashfontifix
  discards  38cd4d2   Fix fontification when there are dashes
  discards  7eb8307   Merge pull request #71 from Fuco1/find-last-index
  discards  79c23bb   Merge pull request #70 from Fuco1/debug-decl
  discards  b201f0c   Add debug declarations and move indent declarations into 
  discards  3eb91fe   Add `-find-last-index`
  discards  e6cae0b   Merge pull request #68 from rejeep/list-function
  discards  930b390   Add -list function.
  discards  6abc35a   Merge pull request #66 from rejeep/each-indent-level
  discards  960b05f   Set -each, -each-while and -dotimes indent levels to 1.
  discards  5d25ed2   Release 2.5.0
  discards  adaeff7   Merge pull request #65 from rejeep/same-items-predicate
  discards  386ec0a   Add -same-items? function.
  discards  4818368   Release 2.4.3
  discards  396d6ac   Declare macro before using it.
  discards  25be31a   Release 2.4.2
  discards  b661f96   Merge pull request #62 from Fuco1/consfix
  discards  f86d235   Fix -cons*
  discards  a84a434   2.4.1 in readme-template too
  discards  da9888f   Release 2.4.1
  discards  47af4d6   Merge pull request #61 from Fuco1/master
  discards  c788474   Fix bug with nested lists in `-remove-at-indices`
  discards  ca9b296   Add Cask-file.
  discards  094fdea   Merge pull request #58 from Fuco1/fontlock-custom
  discards  87bcbc8   Merge pull request #59 from Fuco1/add-keywords
  discards  ba6e3c6   Add missing keywords
  discards  8005153   Add customize option to turn on font-lock for dash
  discards  7357283   Merge pull request #57 from Silex/master
  discards  ab727ba   Correct anchors for links starting with '!'
  discards  3bbaed5   Release 2.4.0
  discards  ec9afcb   Merge pull request #54 from Fuco1/index/modify
  discards  d8ccf85   Add replace/update/remove functions for index/indices
  discards  8052eb9   Merge pull request #55 from Fuco1/snoc
  discards  f4ba8db   Add -snoc
  discards  2ee84cb   Release 2.3.0
  discards  e7bc8fe   Make dash-specific font lock optional
  discards  0f4cae9   Improve docs
  discards  9de1435   Merge pull request #53 from Fuco1/tree-stuff
  discards  bf99147   Fix `-tree-mapreduce-from` test & reformat the tests
  discards  75efb60   Add tree map/reduce
  discards  9936885   Merge pull request #51 from Fuco1/debug-decl
  discards  459322d   Update docs
  discards  b4d84de   Add debug declarations for `-when-let`s and `-if-let`s
  discards  bf85b21   Change &optional branches to &rest branches in `-if-let`s
  discards  6d20aa0   If has an indent function 2, not 1
  discards  13e0a35   Release 2.2.0
  discards  8e2422a   Add Christina Whyte (@kurisuwhyte) to list of contributors
  discards  5232399   Merge pull request #50 from kurisuwhyte/master
  discards  20eb331   Updates the documentation.
  discards  6eeb692   Provide an implementation of function composition.
  discards  6d43c4f   Fix switched around doc strings for -find-index/indices
  discards  6cc7727   Release 2.1.0
  discards  1e2bd96   Merge pull request #48 from Fuco1/index-operations
  discards  87c8b91   Add indexing operations
  discards  dbcb3ef   Update README
  discards  515e2d3   Use `comparator` instead of `predicate` for sort.
  discards  81e43ad   Add -union to list of highlighted symbols.
  discards  39d20f2   Release 2.0.0
  discards  23ab726   Improve formatting of docs
  discards  1812a17   Complete dash and dash-functional split
  discards  6d0a8d6   Add Version and Package-Requires to files #45
  discards  9b0166a   Fix terminology
  discards  38307e3   Partition docs
  discards  d365f22   Fix byte compile warnings
  discards  6911514   Update docs too
  discards  4a144c6   Release 2.0.0
  discards  9a149bf   Add anaphoric example to --max-by and --min-by
  discards  2a7fbdc   Update -max-by & friends
  discards  86de963   Add docs about require for dash-functional
  discards  f1049f1   Add dash-functional back, now dependent on dash.el
  discards  d6ca7d9   Fix E23 bug and re-enable E23 CI
  discards  d374fcc   Revert "Add combinators"
  discards  37064b5   Include @Fuco1 in Authors/Copyright + fix README
  discards  51c9f6b   Merge pull request #42 from Fuco1/functional
  discards  9abae5e   Add combinators
  discards  d1913c6   Merge pull request #41 from Wilfred/master
  discards  b1cfe18   Fix incorrect alias checking in docs--signature
  discards  0db2f5a   Fix second example for -last/first-item
  discards  824fcb3   Release 1.8.0
  discards  788573e   Merge pull request #36 from Wilfred/master
  discards  b0ff280   Updating docs--signature to handle aliases and subrs
  discards  8b17154   Release 1.7.0
  discards  506401e   Merge pull request #39 from Fuco1/rotate
  discards  9bd656e   Add -rotate
  discards  970728e   Actually update README :P
  discards  5b5dab5   Fix typo
  discards  22d2c2d   Release 1.6.0
  discards  a3b2fdb   Merge pull request #38 from rejeep/min-and-max
  discards  4164908   Add -min, -max, -min-by and -max-by.
  discards  e07cef6   Adding -first-item and -last-item. [magnars/dash.el#17]
  discards  2b20088   Add -juxt
  discards  3226100   Indent according to emacs lisp standard
  discards  9f156a6   Release 1.5.0
  discards  7e41bed   Merge pull request #35 from rejeep/sum-and-product
  discards  12291f3   Add -product function.
  discards  ff3d7bd   Add -sum function.
  discards  50659cc   Release 1.4.0
  discards  de67c4b   Add `-sort`
  discards  962e5b8   Merge pull request #33 from Fuco1/reduce-r
  discards  d556884   Add reduce-r, the right associative variant of reduce
  discards  1fc6679   Add -map-indexed to syntax highlighting
  discards  49de164   Declare debug-info for some macros
  discards  a3faf7c   Release 1.3.2
  discards  5614753   Fix bug with -partition-all-in-steps
  discards  336e5a5   Release 1.3.1
  discards  4c8c410   Add new functions to syntax highlighting
  discards  6437adc   Release 1.3.0
  discards  3c546ab   Add -partition-in-steps & -partition-all-in-steps
  discards  8f9fca3   Merge pull request #30 from shosti/insert-at-opt
  discards  f8db9e1   Avoid unnecessary copying for -insert-at
  discards  6d328e4   Release 1.2.0
  discards  73ac975   Merge pull request #29 from shosti/when-let-multi
  discards  e870be8   Add -when-let* and -if-let*
  discards  79e3b92   Fix -when-let and -if-let docstrings
  discards  1754ae2   Typo
  discards  d5c124d   Update @shosti's list of contributions.
  discards  0ff070b   Merge pull request #28 from shosti/master
  discards  30ac13b   Add -insert-at (closes #27)
  discards  6420bf8   Add Emanuel Evans to list of contributors
  discards  c3dc883   Merge pull request #26 from shosti/when-if-let
  discards  1396102   Add -when-let and -if-let macros
  discards  9371ce4   Don't use the word collection when meaning list
  discards  a1b04d8   Less implementation specific docs for -mapcat
  discards  a40fc00   Merge pull request #23 from Fuco1/last
  discards  a559a80   Added -last
  discards  d7174ed   Handle cons-cells properly in -flatten
  discards  2451f99   Merge pull request #20 from tarsius/master
  discards  bd942e1   inhibit dev from being added to the load-path
  discards  6ffdc93   Release 1.1.0
  discards  0351ca3   Add Wilfred Hughes to list of contributors.
  discards  dac28b0   Merge pull request #19 from Wilfred/master
  discards  a4b70f9   [magnars/dash.el#18] implementing -slice
  discards  cc33c2f   Stop integration tests for Emacs 23
  discards  adfafcb   Add -partition-by-header
  discards  3f604cd   Add -count
  discards  c218e9f   -split-at/with now makes just one pass over list
  discards  a7ee06e   Remove extra --separate definition
  discards  5161361   Clarify use of anaphoric form of -zip-with
  discards  f7a828f   Add -zip and -zip-with
  discards  fb75a7f   Add @nicferrier to list of contributors.
  discards  e083087   Merge pull request #13 from nicferrier/master
  discards  50e9f46   -cons* for making improper lists.
  discards  9c5fbc5   nil is the default binding in let forms
  discards  98a82ca   DRY up -repeat with --dotimes
  discards  8fe15ed   Group -repeat with -dotimes
  discards  0731333   Add @vemv to list of contributors
  discards  78390f6   Merge pull request #12 from vemv/master
  discards  da8dc62   Preserve newline at new-keywords
  discards  a196ac1   Fix -repeat
  discards  e4521af   Add -repeat
  discards  7e4ee06   1.0.3
  discards  1284bc6   Move .el files out of root.
  discards  467dfa7   Add -map-indexed
  discards  002e4cd   Add tali713 to list of contributors.
  discards  85bd4e0   Add @tali713's -applify
  discards  7f7ac33   Add Takafumi Arakaki to list of contributors.
  discards  3044e83   Merge pull request #8 from tkf/group-by
  discards  a23aa4b   Add examples for -group-by
  discards  1120417   Add -group-by
  discards  8f91ec8   1.0.2
  discards  1c4e5d7   Remove eval from --reduce, it is evil.
  discards  69e054e   Switch around order of Contribute and Contributors parts 
in readme.
  discards  c669282   Add @Fuco1 to list of contributors.
  discards  c025efb   Add -separate (thanks @Fuco1)
  discards  cca9b1b   Also run tests on Emacs24
  discards  5e72ff9   Include numbers in github ids.
  discards  f034c16   Add -union (thanks to @Fuco1)
  discards  d857f73   Merge pull request #3 from rejeep/join-alias
  discards  2c5b86e   Add -join as alias to -distinct.
  discards  e9de223   Rename -replace-where to -map-when
  discards  9faa422   Add -partition-by
  discards  a081c72   Fix tests.
  discards  9a3dfdd   Name parameter PRED when function expects predicate.
  discards  a336d78   Add -only-some?
  discards  c56925a   Add font-lock for new functions and the `it` token.
  discards  51ddc13   Nice indentation for threading macros.
  discards  ba80875   Nice indentation for --each, --each-while and --dotimes
  discards  03370ea   Simplify examples-to-docs and examples-to-tests with dash
  discards  49512b9   Simplify -take and -drop with --dotimes
  discards  eb50d17   Add Melpa back in.
  discards  ed47814   Add -dotimes
  discards  81a3247   Let -each and -each-while take multiple forms.
  discards  ba60707   Use --each-while to simplify implementations.
  discards  a08fc14   Add -each-while
  discards  79b56cc   Use --each, !cons and !cdr to simplify implementations.
  discards  12ed9f6   Add destructive operations !cons og !cdr
  discards  4fedd2e   Add -partition and -partition-all
  discards  dc6f46c   Simplify docs-generation using dash.
  discards  a2941cd   Typo
  discards  0bd26ac   Add aliases for -p instead of ?
  discards  38eed45   Add rainbow-dash
  discards  6931d8a   Remove Melpa from installation while waiting for it to be 
  discards  b0da7b2   Declare macros before using them.
  discards  eacb6f2   Docs: Better generation of github urls.
  discards  f8d74ff   Docs: update example text to match example code.
  discards  0c55a4b   1.0.0
  discards  0e5c69b   Docs: more concise example for anaphoric functions.
  discards  38cc9e7   Simplify -interleave with -none?
  discards  4b5e24b   Docs: move -any? -all? -none? and -each up.
  discards  fea1aa3   Add -interleave
  discards  9ff9fd0   Move functions that are not strictly list related last.
  discards  0dab44c   Add -flatten
  discards  f1c8453   Rename to dash.
  discards  3802890   Simplify !concat
  discards  ec835e4   Add !split-at
  discards  8c75026   Add !drop
  discards  b9b6330   Add !take
  discards  123eaaa   Docs: Refer to !replace-where from !!replace-where.
  discards  6238f8f   Add !split-with
  discards  82a12a2   Add !drop-while
  discards  4e76865   Add !take-while
  discards  ec6a85f   Add threading macro !!-> with `it` as placeholder.
  discards  9410f7e   Add !replace-where
  discards  66ffaa6   Add !interpose
  discards  b29a5bb   Use make-symbol in macros to avoid names clashing.
  discards  ca3eea7   Fix examples-to-docs to support documenting macros.
  discards  cd2a793   Run travis-ci on both E23 and E24
  discards  6f17346   Don't run !rpartial tests on Emacsen <24
  discards  5bd4593   Add note about !rpartial only working on Emacs 24+
  discards  047eeea   Run tests on Emacs 24.
  discards  1a7ad85   Mention Melpa in README
  discards  4205e58   Add clojure threading macros, !-> and !->>
  discards  70488c2   Add !rpartial
  discards  05dec7a   Fix example.
  discards  d83ea8a   Add installation instructions.
  discards  6520496   First release, remove warning.
  discards  a6323eb   Add some tests that verify that the lists are evaled by 
the anaphoric macros.
  discards  6be4c03   !first
  discards  0991c29   Added some common aliases
  discards  db8a745   Add !each
  discards  f59b480   Add !some and !every?
  discards  24262a1   Add file-local font-lock for defexamples and =>
  discards  9312469   !keep
  discards  b337ef9   Sync examples-to-docs.el with the one in s.el
  discards  8bd82c7   Show empty lists as '() instead of nil in docs.
  discards  286d1d8   Show quotes around strings in examples.
  discards  2b89641   Remove needless duplication.
  discards  0912aa2   Rename !uniq to !distinct
  discards  e1a362c   Update README to reflect changes in readme generation.
  discards  2a9e600   Make functions paragraph into a list of links
  discards  eea3c53   Move function list above anaphoric function description.
  discards  1b0d54f   Simplify readme generation.
  discards  e7d5c01   Add note about README being autogenerated to Development 
  discards  32053cd   Update readme with development notes.
  discards  26113a1   Add pre-commit.sh that runs tests and updates readme.
  discards  657ee8b   Slight improvements to docs.
  discards  06efd3c   Slight improvements to docs.
  discards  78fc2a3   Quote and downcase params with digits in them too.
  discards  de5ff6a   Simplify quotes in readme.
  discards  5f6ea16   Fix typo
  discards  4cc4147   Fix typo
  discards  41d77ec   Add function list to readme.
  discards  722fea6   Include docs in README
  discards  6f0636f   Show only three first examples per function.
  discards  1997e52   Treat dashes in docstring better.
  discards  214a7db   Quote and lowercase parameter names in docstring.
  discards  85016d3   Fix quoted forms like `' in docs.
  discards  8eab3d1   Slight improvements to map.
  discards  9e74cc0   Remove dead code.
  discards  c0f2c8f   Test that it works with lexical binding.
  discards  ec27b47   Turn tests into examples that can both be tested and 
turned into docs
  discards  754dd0d   Create stand-alone anaphoric macros
  discards  d2dfb11   Use double-bang for anaphoric functions
  discards  73204ca   Change !contains-p to !contains? to match clojure api.
  discards  a02b6c1   Add note about no 'cl required.
  discards  52815c5   Add documentation
  discards  07de30e   !mapcat macro, and with that: goodbye 'cl!
  discards  f5b16e3   Make !partial have the same quote-less API as the rest of 
  discards  4201ecd   Out with remove-if, in with !reject
  discards  f9471e4   !concat done - one less 'cl dependency
  discards  ed2e447   !reduce macro
  discards  b24d056   !map macro
  discards  d870282   Add some tests, and fix the bugs they uncovered.
  discards  3e0ef58   !filter can now take either a function or form (anaphoric)
  discards  c229ba8   Rewrite to anaphoric filter function.
  discards  e720428   Extract basic iteration form into macro.
  discards  ad44aee   Add more tests.
  discards  7b52951   Add watchr script to get autotest
  discards  14673a6   Use nreverse for performance reasons.
  discards  93957f0   Add travis status icon to README
  discards  065f76b   Use ert.el to run on Emacs 23 as well.
  discards  9a34da8   Add config for travis-ci
  discards  6c39876   Set up test framework with one basic test
  discards  300fbc6   Remove lisp-comments from README
  discards  302c8ea   Initial commit.

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