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[elpa] master updated (b0039dd -> f5dac47)

From: Oleh Krehel
Subject: [elpa] master updated (b0039dd -> f5dac47)
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 12:08:28 +0000

abo_abo pushed a change to branch master.

      from  b0039dd   Merge commit '6238e7402adabd0003f6ffcf5c57d9f18f1e7684'
       new  bb953c6   ivy.el (ivy-restrict-to-matches): Add and bind to "S-SPC"
       new  d6452fb   Add a custom keymap for ivy-switch-buffer
       new  1aa7520   Add a custom keymap for counsel-find-file
       new  9bbf9f9   Fixup the last two commits
       new  082fbbc   Add a multi-action interface for counsel-locate
       new  b465c09   ivy.el (ivy-switch-buffer): Add a multi-action interface
       new  fe6d2b1   Make ffap work again
       new  548a766   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fixup
       new  f6f3963   Bind case-fold-search to t when the input is all 
       new  d1f88fa   ivy.el (ivy-read): Don't put empty string on history
       new  d5af987   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Fixup
       new  f9974e8   Allow to see the candidate index via ivy-count-format
       new  783f7c5   Update index formatting logic
       new  3164753   counsel.el (counsel-locate-history): Add
       new  d289b78   Add a new interface to customize additional exit points
       new  19dcc0f   ivy.el (ivy--regex): Improve for trailing backslash
       new  21007c2   Add counsel-rhythmbox
       new  ea6525e   ivy.el (ivy-read): Improve ivy-set-actions interaction
       new  e9c2538   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox-history): Add
       new  de2e819   Allow % in prompt string
       new  6062903   ivy.el (ivy-count-format): Improve docstring
       new  8c91662   ivy.el (ivy-call): Bind to "C-M-m" or "M-RET"
       new  22ee8a6   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure): Ignore Man-mode
       new  1092e2d   swiper.el: Update avy--goto -> avy-action-goto
       new  08bd5b4   counsel.el (counsel-variable-list): Add
       new  3df2d8e   ivy-hydra.el: Add featurep for hydra
       new  adad288   ivy.el (ivy-call): Add selected-window work-around for M-x
       new  5480079   ivy.el (ivy-dispatching-done): New command on "M-o"
       new  2fbcfb9   ivy.el (ivy--preselect-index): Add matcher to arglist
       new  9ca6f48   Allow "C-g" to interrupt ivy-dispatching-done
       new  e91a4eb   ivy.el (ivy-dispatching-done): Display the candidate
       new  31d664a   ivy.el (ivy-dispatching-done): Add a trailing newline
       new  3464362   Add actions for counsel-describe-variable
       new  107ebff   Add actions for counsel-describe-function
       new  cb0cf02   ivy.el (ivy-call): Remove with-selected-window
       new  ae77d93   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): Replace org-set-tags
       new  1e483c5   Fixup counsel-org-tag
       new  a9ff1f1   counsel.el (counsel-org-change-tags): Improve removing 
       new  c1b9f5a   Allow "M-o j" to switch to virtual buffers in other window
       new  f71a562   Fix "DEL" generating a "Quit" sometimes for 
       new  5ae677c   Simplify counsel-git-grep logic
       new  acf4485   ivy.el (ivy--exhibit): Check if in post-command-hook
       new  8a06271   Update :dynamic-collection to be a boolean
       new  2bd9118   counsel.el (counsel-ag): New command
       new  8152577   counsel.el (counsel-recoll): New command
       new  36e8fe3   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): No need to be at heading
       new  e7d778b   counsel.el (counsel-recoll): Simplify
       new  6ab519f   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag): Delete dups
       new  5b61577   Use recoll -t instead of recollq
       new  dba4e47   counsel.el (org-bound-and-true-p): Update declare
       new  8d82b98   swiper.el (swiper-from-isearch): New command
       new  1f0c79b   counsel.el (org-setting-tags): Declare dynamic var
       new  4443a8b   counsel.el (org-last-tags-completion-table): Declare
       new  40c17b4   Add a few more Org declarations
       new  a33af29   counsel.el (org-bound-and-true-p): Use bound-and-true-p
       new  13d0c50   counsel.el (counsel-org-tag-agenda): New command
       new  6b57efe   Bind "C-M-j" to ivy-immediate-done
       new  476fc5d   Add with-ivy-window macro
       new  b8b951b   Allow ivy-count-format to be set as nil
       new  be989fe   Preselect perfect matches with a leading ^
       new  098bec0   counsel.el (counsel-find-file): Fix window focus issue
       new  09f86fc   doc/Changelog.org: Add
       new  f5dac47   Merge commit '09f86fca437f1b2e168093824e9d4ee0aea5130a' 
from swiper

Summary of changes:
 packages/swiper/counsel.el        |  379 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 packages/swiper/doc/Changelog.org |  296 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 packages/swiper/ivy-hydra.el      |   15 +-
 packages/swiper/ivy-test.el       |    8 +
 packages/swiper/ivy.el            |  363 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
 packages/swiper/swiper.el         |  117 ++++++------
 6 files changed, 961 insertions(+), 217 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/swiper/doc/Changelog.org

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