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[elpa] branch externals/xelb created (now f5a7ca9)

From: Chris Feng
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/xelb created (now f5a7ca9)
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 23:16:36 +0000

ch11ng pushed a change to branch externals/xelb.

        at  f5a7ca9   Minor fix

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  1f9470c   First commit
       new  16e774c   First commit
       new  2d78724   Fix shift bit for converting from keysym to Emacs event
       new  4e42bf2   Cleanup code
       new  e665cb3   Update xcb-randr.el
       new  87ebff4   Fix for 32bit platform
       new  1916894   Fix integer overflow on 32-bit platform
       new  c042d3f   Provide more verbose message when connection failed or 
auth required
       new  6a7bccc   Disable concurrency of events
       new  11005f2   Fix ch11ng/exwm#16 (cursor size not matching)
       new  cd67b51   Set the `display` slot of `xcb:connection` in 
       new  23cb30b   Fix an emacsclient bug
       new  76246b4   Check `length` slot in `xcb:icccm:-GetProperty~reply`
       new  946d3ed   Fix keyboard mapping update problem
       new  bf39d9b   allow key mappings without mode switch or NumLock keys
       new  518b17a   Merge branch 'pipcet-no-num-lock'
       new  247d6d2   Make the manipulation of message cache more robust
       new  aaddcd9   Add implicit paddings after variable-length <list>
       new  677623a   Disable auto-padding for xcb-xim
       new  1cea22d   Provide a way to disable auto-padding
       new  7c194e7   Don't assume key events are numbers; they can be symbols.
       new  f465091   It's valid for WM_NORMAL_HINTS responses only to have 15 
       new  e153829   Merge pull request #2 from pipcet/shift-keypad-fix
       new  520120a   Merge pull request #3 from pipcet/ignore-missing-values
       new  76ab2fb   Improve performance when unmarshalling long vectors.
       new  1e20b20   Adjust to unmarshalling API changes.
       new  f655ec9   Merge pull request #2 from pipcet/data-offset
       new  ad845df   Merge pull request #4 from pipcet/data-offset
       new  1ab5bb9   Fix a typo in 32-bit version `xcb:-unpack-u4-lsb`
       new  4621160   Move generated libraries to lib/
       new  c99266a   Merge xelb-util into this repo
       new  5a74daa   Generate implicit paddings at compile time
       new  846f4c0   Fix race conditions
       new  ab96086   Prepare for GNU ELPA release
       new  41cca58   Fix compiling issues
       new  b8f3029   Flatten directory structure
       new  81c699f   Protect process-send-string
       new  2edbaa0   Code cleanups
       new  8215991   Add a missing function key
       new  ae7da13   Add support for XF86 keysyms
       new  9a0612c   Fix remaining compile warnings
       new  f5a7ca9   Minor fix

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