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[elpa] branch externals/exwm created (now 4255f07)

From: Chris Feng
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/exwm created (now 4255f07)
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 23:17:48 +0000

ch11ng pushed a change to branch externals/exwm.

        at  4255f07   On-demand update exwm-workspace--switch-history

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  10a7fe8   First commit
       new  7892ed3   Improve move/resize
       new  cf87bb5   Add wiki link to README
       new  968d0b4   Various fixes for workspace
       new  36e8361   Various fixes
       new  f4416a1   Fix potential naming conflicts
       new  86764d2   Add basic RandR support
       new  ea7c6c7   Fix typos
       new  ee3ce55   Merge pull request #2 from KAMiKAZOW/patch-1
       new  3fc0cb2   Various fixes
       new  caf2fee   Drop intro to EXIM
       new  3fb90b9   Fix fullscreen issues
       new  1e36a22   Check buffer mode in exwm-reset
       new  2ad1a89   Various input fixes
       new  84f0f03   Fix input focus lost after closing window
       new  14628a9   Fix race conditions when managing a window
       new  3b9d0dd   Fixes for manage/unmanage window
       new  5298489   Fix some input focus issues
       new  63402b0   Correct layout refresh problems
       new  42f4ec6   Show moved window by default
       new  36bb579   Refresh when minibuffer grows (fix #10)
       new  edc70eb   Remove redundant code caused by the concurrency of events
       new  2d4104a   Fix emacsclient bugs
       new  048994c   Remove redundant code caused by the concurrency of events 
       new  24b964b   Ignore repeated `MappingNotify` events
       new  b755296   Remove redundant code caused by the concurrency of events 
(contd, 2)
       new  801185c   Fix buffer switch problems
       new  1ce18af   Center floating windows by default
       new  04e4269   Improve input focus switch mechanism
       new  35560a4   Minor fixes for emacsclient
       new  07e59e0   Fix multi-screen bugs
       new  dba43b0   Fix input focus stealing
       new  7bfd429   Honor `value-mask` field in ConfigureRequest event
       new  d998b42   Provide hooks run when the floating state of a window 
changes (close #28)
       new  15ad591   Fix bug when moving a window to the current workspace
       new  43b00d2   fix buffer renaming
       new  d1806e9   Improve code robustness.
       new  7120291   Merge branch 'pipcet-robustness'
       new  2d07429   Merge branch 'move-window-fix' of 
https://github.com/pipcet/exwm into pipcet-move-window-fix
       new  5882015   Merge branch 'pipcet-move-window-fix'
       new  5210e13   Only manage windows mapped as the direct children of root 
window (close #38)
       new  94bdbfc   Avoid using the "no window manager" code in Emacs
       new  874c383   Merge pull request #42 from pipcet/ewmh-fullscreen
       new  981293f   Replay KeyPress events instead of fake them in line-mode
       new  b50a6e6   Correct several EWMH properties
       new  bb4ebde   Fix `exwm-workspace-rename-buffer`
       new  5f9f673   Fix window size calculations
       new  7032ee7   Re-enable complete refresh of keyboard mapping
       new  5222dc1   Avoid deleting the frame created by Emacs client by 
       new  76f4849   Drop intro to xelb-util
       new  f7bec7a   Minor fix
       new  9eee94e   Merge pull request #52 from pipcet/minor-fix
       new  f1d37b9   Ungrab pointer timely when resizing is aborted
       new  6d63c71   Prepare for GNU ELPA release
       new  637ac15   Code cleanups
       new  eafd031   Allow hide/show mode-line on floating frames
       new  5373c1d   Add support for xcb:Atom:_NET_CLIENT_LIST_STACKING etc
       new  3f2f844   Add a command to interactively move X window to the 
current workspace
       new  1d43515   Allow switch to normal buffers in 
       new  dbcabe7   Implement move/resize with keyboard
       new  cfbd9a5   Minor fix for window move
       new  576a676   Fix with-slots
       new  b458d5a   Allow showing buffers on other workspaces and moving an X 
window by switching to its buffer
       new  4255f07   On-demand update exwm-workspace--switch-history

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