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[elpa] master updated (e3184dc -> 445258b)

From: ken manheimer
Subject: [elpa] master updated (e3184dc -> 445258b)
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 05:56:57 +0000

kenmanheimer pushed a change to branch master.

      from  e3184dc   Update ada-mode, wisi
       new  8b5364e   multishell - remove plain file copy to replace it with a 
subtree clone
       new  dd36fb4   Initial commit
       new  1516d1e   Add poptoshell.el and pdbtrack.el, and describe them in 
       new  18b0acb   Quash typoo
       new  2233709   Refine wording and outline format.
       new  cb9db2d   Refine poptoshell description slightly
       new  dc41128   Try linking to the .el files.
       new  69b7bd3   Note pop-to-shell's roughness.
       new  408f094   Filter using 'remq' rather than 'filter', which isn't 
       new  2ad5289   rst.el required for filter
       new  2619a21   Cleanup README.md
       new  09ca0bf   Remove unnecessary rst require (was for filter)
       new  b981a5c   Prepare to move pdbtrack.el aside, until I can recover 
the good version.
       new  bdce1d6   Move pdbtrack.el aside, until I can recover a better 
       new  80b4795   ditch bad default-directory provision for now
       new  88b7cb1   remove extraneous close paren
       new  ac53e7c   oy - restore the prior block structure
       new  9f58c6b   Copy and paste from emacs tty sessions, using xsel.
       new  7271f28   Direct website at the github repo.
       new  ace8b68   Identify crucially: we're getting the emacs *region* to 
       new  91ed219   include xsel.el and note that standalone pdbtrack is 
moved aside
       new  62ccf9c   Use (unix) platform-specific clipboard commands, and 
otherwise simplify.
       new  d6f633d   xsel.el - put point after pasted stuff, abbreviate :10.0
       new  cd0d5df   xsel.el - respect arg for DISPLAY prompt in main 
copy/paste funcs.
       new  178e08f   
       new  b2b6dae   How I does it
       new  1773740   Git grep using emacs grep, instead of broken vc-git-grep.
       new  dc5e758   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
       new  3996755   Rename gistfile1.el to gist-git-grep.el
       new  9eb0362   poptoshell.el: get confirmation for shell buffer names 
not in collection.
       new  e95c40a   poptoshell - obtain tramp remote expression if present in 
shell arg
       new  c62525e   poptoshell - Implement and document remote shell feature.
       new  69eb02b   poptoshell - Fallback to the host or domain for remote 
shell name.
       new  763a6e8   poptoshell - tidy some cruft.
       new  367983e   Clarify pop-to-shell description.
       new  bbd9515   Cleanup.
       new  cef6d42   pop-to-shell - remove insufficiently comprehensive 
rcirc/erc provisions
       new  58c4a34   Make a distint buffer-name completion history.
       new  a74210c   Persist shell-buffer name/path history!
       new  304898d   gist-git-grep mods - i think i've been using this.
       new  6691603   Whoops - don't include double quotes in docstring.
       new  75dd7b8   Remove docstring info about persisting names across 
       new  a018f9d   poptoshell - reserve pop-to-shell-buffer-name-history.
       new  e26966b   TODO - note name change and function prefixing.
       new  7ea1833   Simplify.
       new  d718bf2   poptoshell: Initial stab at workaround for tramp "Args 
out of range"
       new  f7e8d35   poptoshell - cleanup lapsed remote connections before 
restarting them
       new  d7b07ec   cpoptoshell - Clarify start-shell-in-buffer and 
pop-to-buffer behavior.
       new  b555806   cpoptoshell - Clarify start-shell-in-buffer and 
pop-to-buffer behavior.
       new  396688b   poptoshell - Tweak pop-up-windows mention
       new  521e118   poptoshell - Document the incomplete functionality.
       new  b7940a1   poptoshell - Sketch persistence plan in commentary "Todo".
       new  a0608cd   poptoshell checkpoint - starting on custom vars for 
persistence and other
       new  99f519a   Merge branch 'master' into poptoshell-persistence
       new  dc883c5   In TODO - distinguish searching completions and history; 
other details.
       new  868dd72   Merge branch 'master' into poptoshell-persistence
       new  f2c0ad4   poptoshell: Initial stab at workaround for tramp "Args 
out of range"
       new  b2e727c   pop-to-shell - ensure the cleanup message is seen
       new  a17d9a9   poptoshell - cleanup lapsed remote connections before 
restarting them
       new  2f79312   poptoshell - Clarify start-shell-in-buffer and 
pop-to-buffer behavior.
       new  a83727a   poptoshell - Use quoting that distinguishes active 
       new  485ae2e   poptoshell - Tweak pop-up-windows mention
       new  ab4f2af   poptoshell - implement command-key binding via 
       new  b0b0963   poptoshell - remove todo notes
       new  5f581f7   poptoshell - append multishell to various funcs, tweak 
comments, docstrings
       new  565c47c   poptoshell - default to restarting stopped shell, not 
jump to running one
       new  97828f6   poptoshell - many odds and ends, including some fixes.
       new  5549ee4   Merge branch 'poptoshell-persistence'
       new  dfc2a02   multishell.el - rename poptoshell.
       new  1ddf318   multishell.el - track rename, prepend all helpers.
       new  5b5239c   multishell.el - implement emacs package conventions.
       new  2c3d495   multishell - might as well use finer-grained version 
numbers to start with
       new  fb4e9fe   multishell - use actual email address, rather than 
obscured one.
       new  fa56906   multishell - Remove redundant maintainer line, fix 
default dir.
       new  011f4c1   multishell - V. 0. Change "multishell:" to "multishell-", 
use everywhere.
       new  c3f41eb   multishell - more elaboration of path-persistence TODO.
       new  e0794d0   multishell - Note need for local-path-only fix
       new  1f83da4   multishell - Refactor to organize conducive to name/path 
       new  b30726f   Merge branch 'master' into path-persistence
       new  14b55ed   multishell - Change to name preceding path, rather than 
       new  2c19e1c   multishell - Change "multishell:" to "multishell-", and 
use on all funcs.
       new  d7c84db   multishell - fix transition to name-then-path format.
       new  f409cd1   multishell - 1.0.3, no need to skip a version number.
       new  18995f6   Merge branch 'path-persistence'
       new  5b1fc77   Glow about multishell.
       new  b30088b   Note crucial ForwardX11Timeout in xsel.el entry.
       new  3596e4d   multishell - remove custom 
       new  06e20da   README.md - Small (but not gratuitous) changes to try 
Pocket Git
       new  909003e   README.md typo.
       new  5ed35bd   multishell - refine history persistence plans
       new  c911c65   multishell - Start on persisting shell names/paths
       new  211df28   multishell - integrate names and paths, allowing for 
distinct completions
       new  8574426   multishell - integrate multishell-name-to-path-history, 
but -
       new  0d0a859   multishell - avoid duplicate completions
       new  876f889   multishell - checkpoint, further
       new  f23064d   multishell - return to list-or name/path strings for 
       new  a1319a5   multishell - implement offer to remove history entry on 
       new  e0cc6d4   multishell - migrate few away from obsolete 
       new  77dd583   multishell - recognize homedir tramp paths, and update 
       new  c998149   multishell - prevent multiple history entries for the 
same name.
       new  7075ef5   multishell - account for removal of multiple entries
       new  cfe4aaf   multishell - provide cue when connecting via cd
       new  3678789   Merge branch 'path-persistence'
       new  2baf274   multishell - inhibit more dup names, update commentary
       new  ba16c5e   multishell - recognize and provide directions for remote 
homedir bug.
       new  cd8eb38   multishell - flesh out history provisions, including 
       new  484228a   multishell - implement 
       new  f9cd9fa   multishell - dir tracking for local shells, and show 
grace for pathless
       new  79796f9   multishell - Catch up on Change Log in commentary, some.
       new  62dcf93   Migrate multishell to its own repository.
       new  7956bda   Initial commit
       new  3428b25   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  6c58b1f   Remove more residue from old repo.
       new  8fabfa2   README tweaks
       new  f027d71   Track new repo URL, include more commentary (change log, 
todo) in README
       new  156e0ff   Refine documentation (commentary, README.md).
       new  028feaa   Add 'packages/multishell/' from commit 
       new  9d4a005   Include Change Log and TODO in commentary. Refine tramp 
homedir prob note.
       new  445258b   Merge commit '9d4a005a34458419025162224c9daf8d674142c8'

Summary of changes:
 packages/multishell/.gitignore                  |    2 +
 packages/{beacon/COPYING => multishell/LICENSE} |    6 +-
 packages/multishell/README.md                   |   65 ++++
 packages/multishell/multishell.el               |  377 +++++++++++++++++------
 4 files changed, 350 insertions(+), 100 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/multishell/.gitignore
 copy packages/{beacon/COPYING => multishell/LICENSE} (99%)
 create mode 100644 packages/multishell/README.md

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