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[elpa] master updated (da68117 -> 5817fe1)

From: João Távora
Subject: [elpa] master updated (da68117 -> 5817fe1)
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 22:35:46 +0000

capitaomorte pushed a change to branch master.

      from  da68117   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  fdef445   README.mdown (el-get): Remove obsolete information
       new  4fd8ab1   README.mdown (per-buffer): Remove needless lambda
       new  d619107   yasnippet.el (yas-initialize): Mark obsolete
       new  890bd7e   Merge pull request #569 from npostavs/doc-obsolete
       new  23133da   Update README.mdown
       new  0e7ea94   Replaced 'shadow' with 'override' throughout documentation
       new  7f4f6be   Merge pull request #571 from PhilHudson/master
       new  5aebe46   Closes #549: Adjust `load' verbosity to `yas-verbosity'
       new  4692c81   Fix "invalid function: quote"
       new  197db9f   Merge pull request #578 from aluaces/patch-1
       new  5ebf347   Minor doc fixes
       new  7bce1a6   Add new function yas-lookup-snippet
       new  e8934ce   Merge pull request #596 from npostavs/lookup-snippet
       new  c91a588   Simplify some code
       new  0ada0fc   Add documentation for snippet compilation
       new  4bd3d98   Merge pull request #599 from 
       new  2f6cfef   Closes #601: updated snippets submodule
       new  cc1c758   Reorganize snippet construction from list code
       new  215ad9b   Fix #597; use SAVE-FILE to visit compiled snippets
       new  68b0ab6   Accept documented snippet list formats
       new  e3f03ca   Test visiting compiled snippets
       new  041821a   * yasnippet-tests.el (string-suffix-p): Define for older 
       new  01139a2   * yasnippet.el (yas--define-snippets-2): Use 
       new  7703a55   * doc/snippet-organization.org (.yas-skip): Add info.
       new  8df6a6e   Fix invalid yas-key-syntaxes element warning
       new  710ea4d   Update snippets module
       new  00b84ce   Add (failing) yas--modes-to-activate test
       new  e56aa6f   Build a single `explored' list.
       new  fb6ec67   Fix #619; find parents for extra-modes too
       new  ac3fe83   Merge pull request #621 from npostavs/dfs-extra-modes2
       new  b6d924c   * yasnippet.el (yas--scan-sexps): Use ignore-errors.
       new  72c6c4c   Fix #618; save match data in yas--scan-sexps
       new  35642ac   Simplify string matching.
       new  b055f13   Fix #617; ensure point is visible before x prompt
       new  b8687bb   Avoid double snippet loading messages
       new  cd05da6   Activate extra and major modes first
       new  fb28ec8   * README.mdown (Use `yas-minor-mode`): Reword.
       new  f121645   Fix #607; avoid Emacs bug #21824
       new  beb02e5   * CONTRIBUTING.md: Add note about changelog only messages.
       new  3aa7cb2   M-x delete-trailing-whitespace
       new  1cf723a   Ignore trailing spaces in snippet definitions
       new  2100b89   Closes #632: Use `user-emacs-directory' instead of 
hardcoded "~/emacs.d"
       new  6c46878   Fix #587; set `this-command' on fallback.
       new  23ee54e   Use destructive list functions in yas--s-a-p
       new  3cd64b7   yasnippet.el (yas--called-interactively-p): Remove.
       new  d78181a   Remove yas--inhibit-overlay-hooks macro.
       new  444c882   * README.mdown: update melpa URL.
       new  67a45a6   * README.mdown: Add link to textmate-to-yas.el.
       new  c80fbf2   Cleanup yas--on-field-overlay-modification
       new  71f0142   Improve test simulatulation of self-insert
       new  17fe790   Fix #515; only clear field on self-insert
       new  140c415   Respect y-b-l-cond from binding triggered snippets
       new  61261c9   Fix #576; don't override yas-prompt-functions
       new  e6fff09   Don't choose ido prompting based on Emacs version
       new  a2c5292   Bless Noam Postavsky as the new official maintainer
       new  af90528   Fix debugging code for newer Emacsen
       new  100d8d1   Fix bug reporting examples.
       new  46256db   Fix #648; create ~/.emacs.d/snippets automatically
       new  1a98c38   Fix silly mistake in previous commit
       new  5817fe1   Update packages/yasnippet by subtree-merging from its 
external upstream

Summary of changes:
 packages/yasnippet/CONTRIBUTING.md                 |    2 +
 packages/yasnippet/README.mdown                    |   51 ++--
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-expansion.org   |   18 +-
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-menu.org        |    5 +-
 .../yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-organization.org     |   18 +-
 packages/yasnippet/doc/yas-doc-helper.el           |    2 +-
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet-debug.el              |    9 +-
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet-tests.el              |  114 +++++--
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet.el                    |  388 ++++++++++----------
 9 files changed, 344 insertions(+), 263 deletions(-)

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