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[elpa] master 7b5dfce 23/36: Use defvar-local instead of combo defvar &&

From: Alexey Veretennikov
Subject: [elpa] master 7b5dfce 23/36: Use defvar-local instead of combo defvar && make-variable-buffer-local
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 23:50:56 +0000

branch: master
commit 7b5dfce60f5c306f5a89ad021689296353ea50e0
Author: Alexey Veretennikov <address@hidden>
Commit: Alexey Veretennikov <address@hidden>

    Use defvar-local instead of combo defvar && make-variable-buffer-local
 ztree-diff-model.el |    6 ++----
 ztree-diff.el       |    9 +++------
 ztree-view.el       |   48 ++++++++++++++++--------------------------------
 3 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 42 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ztree-diff-model.el b/ztree-diff-model.el
index 6165fe2..b32350b 100644
--- a/ztree-diff-model.el
+++ b/ztree-diff-model.el
@@ -32,13 +32,11 @@
 ;;; Code:
 (require 'ztree-util)
-(defvar ztree-diff-model-wait-message nil
+(defvar-local ztree-diff-model-wait-message nil
   "Message showing while constructing the diff tree.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-diff-model-wait-message)
-(defvar ztree-diff-model-ignore-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-diff-model-ignore-fun nil
   "Function which determines if the node should be excluded from comparison.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-diff-model-ignore-fun)
 (defun ztree-diff-model-update-wait-message ()
   "Update the wait mesage with one more '.' progress indication."
diff --git a/ztree-diff.el b/ztree-diff.el
index 16c730d..d04cd36 100644
--- a/ztree-diff.el
+++ b/ztree-diff.el
@@ -79,18 +79,15 @@ By default all filest starting with dot '.', including . 
and ..")
 (defvar ztreep-diff-model-normal-face 'ztreep-diff-model-normal-face)
-(defvar ztree-diff-filter-list (list ztree-diff-hidden-files-regexp)
+(defvar-local ztree-diff-filter-list (list ztree-diff-hidden-files-regexp)
   "List of regexp file names to filter out.
 By default paths starting with dot (like .git) are ignored")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-diff-filter-list)
-(defvar ztree-diff-dirs-pair nil
+(defvar-local ztree-diff-dirs-pair nil
   "Pair of the directories stored.  Used to perform the full rescan.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-diff-dirs-pair)
-(defvar ztree-diff-show-equal-files t
+(defvar-local ztree-diff-show-equal-files t
   "Show or not equal files/directories on both sides.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-diff-show-equal-files)
 (defvar ztree-diff-show-filtered-files nil
   "Show or not files from the filtered list.")
diff --git a/ztree-view.el b/ztree-view.el
index 539c0ed..fd3cd90 100644
--- a/ztree-view.el
+++ b/ztree-view.el
@@ -51,78 +51,62 @@
 (defvar ztree-draw-unicode-lines nil
   "If set forces ztree to draw lines with unicode characters.")
-(defvar ztree-expanded-nodes-list nil
+(defvar-local ztree-expanded-nodes-list nil
   "A list of Expanded nodes (i.e. directories) entries.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-expanded-nodes-list)
-(defvar ztree-start-node nil
+(defvar-local ztree-start-node nil
   "Start node(i.e. directory) for the window.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-start-node)
-(defvar ztree-line-to-node-table nil
+(defvar-local ztree-line-to-node-table nil
   "List of tuples with full node(i.e. file/directory name and the line.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-line-to-node-table)
-(defvar ztree-start-line nil
+(defvar-local ztree-start-line nil
   "Index of the start line - the root.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-start-line)
-(defvar ztree-parent-lines-array nil
+(defvar-local ztree-parent-lines-array nil
   "Array of parent lines.
 The ith value of the array is the parent line for line i.
 If ith value is i - it is the root line")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-parent-lines-array)
-(defvar ztree-count-subsequent-bs nil
+(defvar-local ztree-count-subsequent-bs nil
   "Counter for the subsequest BS keys (to identify double BS).
 Used in order to not to use cl package and `lexical-let'")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-count-subsequent-bs)
-(defvar ztree-line-tree-properties nil
+(defvar-local ztree-line-tree-properties nil
   "Hash with key - line number, value - property ('left, 'right, 'both).
 Used for 2-side trees, to determine if the node exists on left or right
 or both sides")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-line-tree-properties)
-(defvar ztree-tree-header-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-tree-header-fun nil
   "Function inserting the header into the tree buffer.
 MUST inster newline at the end!")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-tree-header-fun)
-(defvar ztree-node-short-name-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-node-short-name-fun nil
   "Function which creates a pretty-printable short string from the node.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-node-short-name-fun)
-(defvar ztree-node-is-expandable-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-node-is-expandable-fun nil
   "Function which determines if the node is expandable.
 For example if the node is a directory")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-node-is-expandable-fun)
-(defvar ztree-node-equal-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-node-equal-fun nil
   "Function which determines if the 2 nodes are equal.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-node-equal-fun)
-(defvar ztree-node-contents-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-node-contents-fun nil
   "Function returning list of node contents.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-node-contents-fun)
-(defvar ztree-node-side-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-node-side-fun nil
   "Function returning position of the node: 'left, 'right or 'both.
 If not defined(by default) - using single screen tree, otherwise
 the buffer is split to 2 trees")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-node-side-fun)
-(defvar ztree-node-face-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-node-face-fun nil
   "Function returning face for the node.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-node-face-fun)
-(defvar ztree-node-action-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-node-action-fun nil
   "Function called when Enter/Space pressed on the node.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-node-action-fun)
-(defvar ztree-node-showp-fun nil
+(defvar-local ztree-node-showp-fun nil
   "Function called to decide if the node should be visible.")
-(make-variable-buffer-local 'ztree-node-showp-fun)

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