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[elpa] elpa 5293a02 34/35: * Version 11.89.1 released.

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: [elpa] elpa 5293a02 34/35: * Version 11.89.1 released.
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 16:05:44 +0000

branch: elpa
commit 5293a029d3a93d8562b0db6b1a82e8adfc6c68bd
Author: Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>
Commit: Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>

    * Version 11.89.1 released.
 auctex.el          |    2 +-
 auctex.info        |  205 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------
 preview-latex.info |   76 ++++++++++----------
 tex-site.el        |    4 +-
 4 files changed, 143 insertions(+), 144 deletions(-)

diff --git a/auctex.el b/auctex.el
index 281bf1b..f0bd4a6 100644
--- a/auctex.el
+++ b/auctex.el
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 ;; Copyright (C) 2014, 2015 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
-;; Version: 11.89
+;; Version: 11.89.1
 ;; URL: http://www.gnu.org/software/auctex/
 ;; Maintainer: address@hidden
diff --git a/auctex.info b/auctex.info
index 78c287e..e6a91e1 100644
--- a/auctex.info
+++ b/auctex.info
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 This is auctex.info, produced by makeinfo version 6.0 from auctex.texi.
-This manual is for AUCTeX (version 11.89 from 2015-11-13), a
+This manual is for AUCTeX (version 11.89.2016-01-31 from 2016-01-31), a
 sophisticated TeX environment for Emacs.
    Copyright (C) 1992-1995, 2001, 2002, 2004-2015 Free Software
@@ -4206,7 +4206,7 @@ it is relevant for all text modes, append it to 
    Other useful hooks are listed below.
- -- Variable: TeX-after-TeX-LaTeX-command-finished-hook
+ -- Variable: TeX-after-compilation-finished-hook
      Hook which is run after the TeX/LaTeX processor has successfully
      finished compiling your document.  (*Note Processing::, for finding
      out how to compile your document).  Each function in the hook is
@@ -5480,8 +5480,8 @@ A.1 Copying this Manual
 The copyright notice for this manual is:
-   This manual is for AUCTeX (version 11.89 from 2015-11-13), a
-sophisticated TeX environment for Emacs.
+   This manual is for AUCTeX (version 11.89.2016-01-31 from 2016-01-31),
+a sophisticated TeX environment for Emacs.
    Copyright (C) 1992-1995, 2001, 2002, 2004-2015 Free Software
 Foundation, Inc.
@@ -7747,9 +7747,8 @@ Variable Index
 * plain-TeX-clean-output-suffixes:       Cleaning.            (line   7)
 * plain-TeX-enable-toolbar:              Processing.          (line  11)
 * plain-TeX-mode-hook:                   Modes and Hooks.     (line  21)
-* TeX-after-TeX-LaTeX-command-finished-hook: Modes and Hooks. (line  29)
-* TeX-after-TeX-LaTeX-command-finished-hook <1>: Modes and Hooks.
-                                                              (line  39)
+* TeX-after-compilation-finished-hook:   Modes and Hooks.     (line  29)
+* TeX-after-compilation-finished-hook <1>: Modes and Hooks.   (line  39)
 * TeX-arg-cite-note-p:                   Adding Macros.       (line 137)
 * TeX-arg-input-file-search:             Adding Macros.       (line 160)
 * TeX-arg-input-file-search <1>:         Adding Macros.       (line 192)
@@ -8258,101 +8257,101 @@ Concept Index
 Tag Table:
-Node: Top916
-Node: Copying7264
-Node: Introduction9220
-Node: Summary9490
-Node: Installation12231
-Node: Prerequisites13619
-Node: Configure16487
-Node: Build/install and uninstall21912
-Node: Loading the package22665
-Node: Advice for package providers24486
-Node: Advice for non-privileged users28431
-Node: Installation under MS Windows32389
-Node: Customizing47623
-Node: Quick Start49206
-Ref: Quick Start-Footnote-151196
-Node: Editing Facilities51343
-Node: Processing Facilities56146
-Node: Editing60904
-Node: Quotes62234
-Node: Font Specifiers70502
-Node: Sectioning72328
-Node: Environments76648
-Node: Equations81802
-Node: Floats82393
-Node: Itemize-like83926
-Node: Tabular-like84647
-Node: Customizing Environments86130
-Node: Mathematics86370
-Node: Completion89296
-Node: Marking94619
-Node: Marking (LaTeX)95243
-Node: Marking (Texinfo)96185
-Node: Commenting97795
-Node: Indenting99120
-Node: Filling105156
-Node: Display111028
-Node: Font Locking112640
-Node: Fontification of macros114715
-Node: Fontification of quotes124153
-Node: Fontification of math125648
-Node: Verbatim content127367
-Node: Faces128141
-Node: Known problems128630
-Node: Folding129559
-Node: Outline140383
-Node: Narrowing141655
-Node: Processing142705
-Node: Commands143868
-Node: Starting a Command144424
-Node: Selecting a Command149327
-Node: Processor Options152853
-Node: Viewing162506
-Node: Starting Viewers162880
-Node: I/O Correlation169457
-Node: Debugging172903
-Node: Error overview175927
-Node: Checking177704
-Node: Control178866
-Node: Cleaning179593
-Node: Documentation180806
-Node: Customization181586
-Node: Modes and Hooks182079
-Node: Multifile183905
-Node: Parsing Files188717
-Node: Internationalization193629
-Node: European194810
-Node: Japanese201690
-Node: Automatic203387
-Node: Automatic Global205878
-Node: Automatic Private207010
-Node: Automatic Local208323
-Node: Style Files209354
-Node: Simple Style210147
-Node: Adding Macros213420
-Node: Adding Environments222541
-Node: Adding Other227202
-Node: Hacking the Parser227789
-Node: Appendices231658
-Node: Copying this Manual232042
-Node: GNU Free Documentation License232924
-Node: Changes258043
-Node: Development289109
-Node: Mid-term Goals289755
-Node: Wishlist290972
-Node: Bugs296512
-Node: FAQ298042
-Node: Texinfo mode304215
-Node: Exploiting305351
-Node: Superseding306171
-Node: Mapping310375
-Node: Unbinding312204
-Node: Indices313025
-Node: Key Index313250
-Node: Function Index319355
-Node: Variable Index329946
-Node: Concept Index351273
+Node: Top927
+Node: Copying7275
+Node: Introduction9231
+Node: Summary9501
+Node: Installation12242
+Node: Prerequisites13630
+Node: Configure16498
+Node: Build/install and uninstall21923
+Node: Loading the package22676
+Node: Advice for package providers24497
+Node: Advice for non-privileged users28442
+Node: Installation under MS Windows32400
+Node: Customizing47634
+Node: Quick Start49217
+Ref: Quick Start-Footnote-151207
+Node: Editing Facilities51354
+Node: Processing Facilities56157
+Node: Editing60915
+Node: Quotes62245
+Node: Font Specifiers70513
+Node: Sectioning72339
+Node: Environments76659
+Node: Equations81813
+Node: Floats82404
+Node: Itemize-like83937
+Node: Tabular-like84658
+Node: Customizing Environments86141
+Node: Mathematics86381
+Node: Completion89307
+Node: Marking94630
+Node: Marking (LaTeX)95254
+Node: Marking (Texinfo)96196
+Node: Commenting97806
+Node: Indenting99131
+Node: Filling105167
+Node: Display111039
+Node: Font Locking112651
+Node: Fontification of macros114726
+Node: Fontification of quotes124164
+Node: Fontification of math125659
+Node: Verbatim content127378
+Node: Faces128152
+Node: Known problems128641
+Node: Folding129570
+Node: Outline140394
+Node: Narrowing141666
+Node: Processing142716
+Node: Commands143879
+Node: Starting a Command144435
+Node: Selecting a Command149338
+Node: Processor Options152864
+Node: Viewing162517
+Node: Starting Viewers162891
+Node: I/O Correlation169468
+Node: Debugging172914
+Node: Error overview175938
+Node: Checking177715
+Node: Control178877
+Node: Cleaning179604
+Node: Documentation180817
+Node: Customization181597
+Node: Modes and Hooks182090
+Node: Multifile183910
+Node: Parsing Files188722
+Node: Internationalization193634
+Node: European194815
+Node: Japanese201695
+Node: Automatic203392
+Node: Automatic Global205883
+Node: Automatic Private207015
+Node: Automatic Local208328
+Node: Style Files209359
+Node: Simple Style210152
+Node: Adding Macros213425
+Node: Adding Environments222546
+Node: Adding Other227207
+Node: Hacking the Parser227794
+Node: Appendices231663
+Node: Copying this Manual232047
+Node: GNU Free Documentation License232940
+Node: Changes258059
+Node: Development289125
+Node: Mid-term Goals289771
+Node: Wishlist290988
+Node: Bugs296528
+Node: FAQ298058
+Node: Texinfo mode304231
+Node: Exploiting305367
+Node: Superseding306187
+Node: Mapping310391
+Node: Unbinding312220
+Node: Indices313041
+Node: Key Index313266
+Node: Function Index319371
+Node: Variable Index329962
+Node: Concept Index351223
 End Tag Table
diff --git a/preview-latex.info b/preview-latex.info
index 373eaec..bd0e358 100644
--- a/preview-latex.info
+++ b/preview-latex.info
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ This is preview-latex.info, produced by makeinfo version 6.0 
 This manual is for preview-latex, a LaTeX preview mode for AUCTeX
-(version 11.89 from 2015-11-13).
+(version 11.89.2016-01-31 from 2016-01-31).
    Copyright (C) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Free Software
 Foundation, Inc.
@@ -1900,7 +1900,7 @@ Appendix C Copying this Manual
 The copyright notice for this manual is:
    This manual is for preview-latex, a LaTeX preview mode for AUCTeX
-(version 11.89 from 2015-11-13).
+(version 11.89.2016-01-31 from 2016-01-31).
    Copyright (C) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Free Software
 Foundation, Inc.
@@ -2520,41 +2520,41 @@ Index
 Tag Table:
-Node: Top941
-Node: Copying2213
-Node: Introduction2667
-Node: What use is it?3341
-Node: Activating preview-latex4730
-Node: Getting started5545
-Node: Basic modes of operation7633
-Node: More documentation8835
-Node: Availability9723
-Node: Contacts10328
-Node: Installation11600
-Node: Keys and lisp11801
-Node: Simple customization18465
-Node: Known problems24225
-Node: Font problems with Dvips25013
-Node: Too small bounding boxes26186
-Node: x-symbol interoperation27582
-Node: Middle-clicks paste instead of toggling28965
-Node: For advanced users29781
-Node: The LaTeX style file30280
-Node: Package options32841
-Node: Provided commands43745
-Node: The Emacs interface51092
-Node: The preview images60263
-Node: Misplaced previews63746
-Node: ToDo67200
-Node: Frequently Asked Questions71971
-Node: Introduction to FAQ72372
-Node: Requirements72711
-Node: Installation Trouble75682
-Node: Customization78244
-Node: Troubleshooting81789
-Node: Other formats84307
-Node: Copying this Manual85622
-Node: GNU Free Documentation License86550
-Node: Index111672
+Node: Top952
+Node: Copying2224
+Node: Introduction2678
+Node: What use is it?3352
+Node: Activating preview-latex4741
+Node: Getting started5556
+Node: Basic modes of operation7644
+Node: More documentation8846
+Node: Availability9734
+Node: Contacts10339
+Node: Installation11611
+Node: Keys and lisp11812
+Node: Simple customization18476
+Node: Known problems24236
+Node: Font problems with Dvips25024
+Node: Too small bounding boxes26197
+Node: x-symbol interoperation27593
+Node: Middle-clicks paste instead of toggling28976
+Node: For advanced users29792
+Node: The LaTeX style file30291
+Node: Package options32852
+Node: Provided commands43756
+Node: The Emacs interface51103
+Node: The preview images60274
+Node: Misplaced previews63757
+Node: ToDo67211
+Node: Frequently Asked Questions71982
+Node: Introduction to FAQ72383
+Node: Requirements72722
+Node: Installation Trouble75693
+Node: Customization78255
+Node: Troubleshooting81800
+Node: Other formats84318
+Node: Copying this Manual85633
+Node: GNU Free Documentation License86572
+Node: Index111694
 End Tag Table
diff --git a/tex-site.el b/tex-site.el
index 5a12714..0829709 100644
--- a/tex-site.el
+++ b/tex-site.el
@@ -148,11 +148,11 @@ set it with `TeX-modes-set'."
                       `(TeX-modes-set ',var ,var t))
                     (setq list (cdr list)))))) )
-(defconst AUCTeX-version "11.89"
+(defconst AUCTeX-version "11.89.1"
     "AUCTeX version.
 If not a regular release, the date of the last change.")
-(defconst AUCTeX-date "2015-11-13"
+(defconst AUCTeX-date "2016-01-31"
   "AUCTeX release date using the ISO 8601 format, yyyy-mm-dd.")
 ;; Store bibitems when saving a BibTeX buffer

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