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[elpa] new-website updated (d6e6476 -> a50a613)

From: Nicolas Petton
Subject: [elpa] new-website updated (d6e6476 -> a50a613)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 15:02:58 +0000

nicolaspetton pushed a change to branch new-website.

      from  d6e6476   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--html-header): Use 
`title' for the H1.
      adds  b978086   * packages/stream/stream.el: Update to version 2.0.2.
      adds  4da5eff   diff-hl-revert-hunk: Refine the right hunk
      adds  078f88e   Bump the version
      adds  a4a72c0   Merge commit '078f88ecb797b6cf2cd597417402274dd82402ce' 
from diff-hl
      adds  38d0419   Fix background color
      adds  79e8c2c   Fix #34 background-color-at-point isn't 100% reliable
      adds  082a702   Fix #33 Fix #24 Define seq-mapn
      adds  7507951   Merge commit '082a702f5a4a07bc10052befd7a2b20cc8a0cdb8'
      adds  f7207e1   call syntax functions less often for better efficiency
      adds  65369d8   arrange we can use `call-interactively' when coming from 
      adds  3459015   allow search wrapping
      adds  a621d16   remove not so useful message of how to repeat search
      adds  d020482   change a TODO entry; no code change
      adds  0da07c0   some doc tweaks
      adds  ef3e3a0   rename a local variable
      adds  723bb57   fix el-search--repair-replacement-layout: don't move when 
      adds  18683a6   fix el-search-hl-post-command-fun auto-removal
      adds  7371526   document el-search--do-subsexps
      adds  113e0fd   fix whitespace
      adds  88d869d   new package: on-screen
      adds  61c3b71   require cl-lib only at compile time
      adds  c546111   on-screen: bump version
      adds  02add7a   give feedback in the echo area again
      adds  df283ac   el-search--read-pattern: fix default(s)
      adds  1a1a49d   spelling fixes
      adds  7d645e6   fix whitespace
      adds  96959c6   improve docs; new: el-search-defpattern; add some pattern 
      adds  6319bbd   remove search wrapping functionality
      adds  4e3d672   simplify el-search-hl-post-command-fun
      adds  a91ed2f   el-search: bump version to 0.1
      adds  11b3435   Update stream.el to v2.0.2.
      adds  c4c5c49   Update stream.el to v2.0.5
      adds  7da6903   fix compiler errors and warnings
      adds  c5e8eb2   * README: Add submission guideline
      adds  d5445c4   * README: Typos
      adds  872014e   Prevent accidental deletion of .git
      adds  d08c167   on-screen: merge from remote repo
      adds  1570a0d   add "on-screen" to externals-list
      adds  be07506   Initial commit
      adds  0caf472   increased def value of on-screen-delay
      adds  6316701   Doc and name cleanups
      adds  5120be6   mc
      adds  d43980c   wrapped on-screen-record-data in condition-case
      adds  00b25ac   minor correction
      adds  1d46de7   removed lexical-binding: t (confusing because not 
      adds  cdf787a   removed optional arg of on-screen-record-ranges (not used)
      adds  c083518   added homepage to header
      adds  6b88eaa   on-screen-treat-cut-lines, default nil (faster)
      adds  6aaa211   remove visual line stuff
      adds  1606351   new-var on-screen-overlay-priority
      adds  83dd4f5   comment in on-screen-make-narrow-line-overlay
      adds  a898176   defface on-screen-shadow: make slightly more colorful
      adds  dd6de11   minor change
      adds  03ddd52   after-scroll: don't remove highlighting when called in 
      adds  f4b1ef2   new option: on-screen-remove-when-edit, decrease overlay 
      adds  6a73928   fix invisible fringe markers positioned in invisible 
lines (e.g. org)
      adds  38b4a11   add missing autoload for global-on-screen-mode alias
      adds  4f4c320   Update copyright
      adds  5134a22   minor change (rename two functions)
      adds  0ddc794   always remove highlighting when a command caused multiple 
      adds  350a979   add workaround for bug#16796
      adds  a7630ca   convert to cl-lib
      adds  8256496   use a more modest gray for on-screen-narrow-line face
      adds  259440a   add Package-Requires header
      adds  55c8f4b   small changes in header
      adds  a042e0d   avoid error when user sets on-screen-treat-cut-lines to 
just t
      adds  098325c   set default value of on-screen-treat-cut-lines to t
      adds  23cf5db   use lexical binding
      adds  787fe34   bump version to 1.1
      adds  b1c1f7e   new option: on-screen-drawing-threshold
      adds  c03f4b0   new user variable: on-screen-inhibit-highlighting
      adds  8e3c53d   bump version to 1.2
      adds  ef81e20   change default of on-screen-treat-cut-lines back to nil
      adds  b51ac73   use separate face for "line" style highlighting
      adds  bef0f6d   silence compiler when hexrgb.el is not installed
      adds  4014e32   make comments respect conventions
      adds  13bf083   handle on-screen-treat-cut-lines -> t nicely
      adds  387cb55   add on-screen-unload-function
      adds  7012d04   bump version to 1.3
      adds  49d5546   fix whitespace, no code change
      adds  dd3930b   convey copyright to the FSF
      adds  009d1a4   wrap (require 'cl-lib) in eval-when-compile
      adds  e023bf8   bump version
      adds  7bb7f0d   add .gitignore
      adds  a66fc08   remove redundant :group specs
      adds  65bbd8d   Merge commit 'a66fc082499967627cb89802fc2783accea5cb4b'
      adds  bd37bdb   fix header: change "Homepage" to "URL"
      adds  c82a552   fix header: change "Homepage" to "URL"
      adds  3dd7f6d   Merge commit 'c82a552640134128df4485f258d40a609bd8a9dc'
      adds  80b00dd   convey Copyright to the FSF from the start
      adds  0ded730   Merge commit '80b00ddef6dffad7086174c2c57f29ef28b69d27'
      adds  519b20f   * sm-c-mode: New experimental package
      adds  6bb5fee   * stream.el: Implement `seqp' instead of `seq-p'
      adds  52e3d07   Fix bug where empty varlists weren't parsed.
      adds  6bbbfff   Add license.
      adds  f4e3f36   Add gv-letplace support.
      adds  4d381cb   Add macroexp-let2 support.
      adds  f9399ea   Fix unfinished expression infinite loop.
      adds  f29f06c   Use containers on Travis.
      adds  de6b508   Fix bugs where spaces messed up varlists.
      adds  1a7c480   Version 7.2.0.
      adds  cf250b3   Merge commit '1a7c480d1e15133b942201f5964fda5e7d74919f' 
from context-coloring
      adds  2a1c295   Support reading debbugs email exchange with Rmail
      adds  a593b6f   Bump version of other-frame-window.el
      adds  5ef4a76   * sm-c-mode.el (sm-c-font-lock-keywords): Match function 
      adds  e7f5f54   edit TODO list
      adds  709aa19   add a to do
      adds  f9e73f5   New function iterator-of-directory-files
      adds  a624a33   prerequisites to allow replace with multiple expressions
      adds  d16cc52   * sm-c-mode.el: Auto-align backslashes.  Improve indent 
      adds  5d79ce4   * sm-c-mode: Improve indentation of struct; plus bug fixes
      adds  bfe4333   * packages/stream/stream.el (streamp): Tiny optimization.
      adds  b886f36   Version: bump to 0.8 in debbugs files
      adds  7e76d09   * sm-c-mode.el: Improve "Commentary:" and docstrings
      adds  c8d65f6   Fix --last-keyword
      adds  906d813   Bump version
      adds  10ebfae   Merge commit '906d8137224c1a5bd1dc913940e0d32ffecf5523' 
from company-statistics
      adds  3c12809   el-search-query-replace: add s (toggle splicing) and ? 
(help) keys
      adds  00d94b6   bump version to 0.1.1
      adds  0562c5d   Use symbolic links for core packages
      adds  e34b541   Dereference symlinks when creating tarballs
      adds  3a9513f   Make externals directory removal safer
      adds  4de4fb6   Add core package ntlm
      adds  3f7810b   Add core package soap-client
      adds  9a3a508   Package transcribe added
      adds  54acbd4   Added some usage information
      adds  de8cb23   * transcribe.el: Fix up formatting and copyright
      adds  2baa926   * transcribe.el: Add `provide' statement
      adds  22549ec   * transcribe/transcribe.el: Allow compilation without emms
      adds  baa81b1   * externals-list: Add seq and python as :core packages
      adds  ab66979   * admin/archive-contents.el: Make :core handling optional
      adds  07c53b5   * admin/archive-contents.el (archive--sync-emacs-repo): 
Fix thinko.
      adds  1f4cdd7   * packages/sm-c-mode: Add imenu/which-func/add-log support
      adds  5f6ee57   Added minor-mode function as suggested
      adds  b84acaf   * packages/seq: Don't define it as a :core package
      adds  2584c72   * packages/transcribe.el: Manually changed Changelog
      adds  c523db3   * /transcribe/transcribe.el: Fix unworking keys
      adds  d23e2ea   Update names subtree url
      adds  a8d35d5   Don't blink on line movement
      adds  216f0f4   Add gnus-summary-mode and gnus-group-mode to 
      adds  f9e6868   Fix #36 Stupid use of quote
      adds  ba603c9   Merge commit 'f9e686861765162a9a6373a936c1a72359e7bf4b'
      adds  311ac8e   Update Github username
      adds  721c270   Merge commit '311ac8ee54078f95b7279e532da6cf5a2afb4125'
      adds  465df8e   Update Github username
      adds  85b3fbe   Remove pseudo-headers from secondary file
      adds  7521ba2   Merge commit '85b3fbe091aba2d9dc581894a02f60acd46f4413'
      adds  b898fa3   packages/bug-hunter: Username and documentation
      adds  2d45570   packages/let-alist: Define it as a :core package
      adds  cf21e60   * transcribe/transcribe.el: Remove manual change log
      adds  e565b52   * GNUmakefile (check_copyrights): Skip symlinks
      adds  0c5b757   Merge branch 'master' of 
git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs/elpa: transcribe.el update
      adds  11c3943   * packages/package-fixes: New package (not yet released)
      adds  8574898   * .gitignore: Add .dir-locals?.el entry
      adds  2f68d9c   Allow empty separator though e.g. "mm10"
      adds  98726b3   Makefile: bring back cask for undercover to load
      adds  144892b   Makefile: use plain cask
      adds  366689f   Fix byte-compiler warnings
      adds  9b83857   Merge commit '366689f15373ffacfe4d28b36e6325d193a4e752' 
from tiny
      adds  90a4e76   hydra.el (hydra-disable): Call the exit action only in 
one frame
      adds  7e5f64e   hydra-ox.el: Add a require hydra
      adds  97c2270   Fix byte-compiler warning
      adds  a0561bf   Merge commit '97c2270f7138530de21f773f094c1495498cac78' 
from hydra
      adds  a71d5c8   ivy.el (ivy--insert-prompt): Improve truncation
      adds  4ad797b   Improve "C-g" out of a long-running async process
      adds  e70ca07   ivy.el (ivy-call): "C-M-n" should not leave the minibuffer
      adds  19d2a40   Add flx sorting
      adds  41b5850   ivy.el (ivy--regex-fuzzy): Add minibuffer highlighting
      adds  6bf3239   ivy.el (ivy-yank-word): Add only one space each time
      adds  c89c167   Specify shell command for counsel-git-grep with prefix arg
      adds  1c1e6fc   ivy.el (ivy--reset-state): Less strict on :preselect
      adds  f04aec8   ivy-hydra.el: Bind "t" to toggle-truncate-lines
      adds  3146501   ivy.el (ivy-resume): Don't regexp-quote preselect
      adds  82a317c   Make swiper compatible with visual-line-mode
      adds  73e5799   Fix counsel-git-grep not updating to 0 candidates
      adds  ff077c6   counsel.el (counsel--gg-candidates): Use 
      adds  cbaa811   Use forward-line instead of line-move if possible
      adds  45b54e3   counsel.el (counsel--gg-count): Fix for "'" in query
      adds  dfb41d0   Implement ivy-avy
      adds  eda091b   Customize ivy-avy and fix compile warnings
      adds  fa49a81   Fix "End of buffer" for swiper and visual-line-mode
      adds  4e0c3f1   swiper-avy: show avy hints in minibuffer as well
      adds  52c9565   swiper.el (swiper--candidates): Avoid line-move for large 
      adds  21b9edf   Fix up visual-line-mode limitation logic
      adds  1714220   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure): Exclude help-mode
      adds  47a220d   Support hash tables in ivy-read
      adds  6db3d54   ivy.el (ivy--insert-prompt): Use newlines instead of 
      adds  126158d   ivy.el (ivy--filter): Anchor only for swiper
      adds  b9d0502   ivy.el (ivy--filter): Fix typo
      adds  6956311   Adjust ivy-state-preselect for file name completion
      adds  800e640   Fix "M-o k" when switching buffers
      adds  6e3c692   Fix ivy-state-preselect for file name completion
      adds  ef189f1   ivy.el (ivy-count-format): Extend customize choices
      adds  4a04d6e   Default ivy-display-style to 'fancy for Emacs>=24.5
      adds  4045349   ivy.el (ivy-use-virtual-buffers): Update docstring
      adds  c69b4b6   ivy.el (ivy-last): Update docstring
      adds  6f4d46b   Fix preselect for input "^"
      adds  99698e6   ivy.el (ivy-dispatching-call): Add and bind to "C-M-o"
      adds  3a3b052   swiper.el: Add a lot of avy declares
      adds  f9df75e   ivy.el (ivy-index-functions-alist): New variable
      adds  fa0d04c   Move setq ivy--index to ivy--recompute-index
      adds  83f704b   ivy-hydra.el (hydra-ivy): Make the docstring a rectangle
      adds  b06daca   ivy.el (ivy-virtual-abbreviate): New defcustom
      adds  3699fa9   Don't reset the match to first if the current one still 
      adds  b6d476a   ivy.el (ivy--recompute-index): Fixup
      adds  0630395   Fix the count when git-grep for "->foo"
      adds  340318d   ivy-count-format must be an empty string instead of nil
      adds  877648a   ivy.el (ivy-case-fold-search): New defvar
      adds  e722d6a   swiper.el (swiper-mc): Add and bind to "C-7"
      adds  c99956a   Fix window selection in counsel-locate
      adds  85682ee   Fix "C-x h" selection and "C-b" bug
      adds  713fd6d   Try to fix the previous commit
      adds  9cc75eb   Adjust the swiper regexp builder for the display change
      adds  79924dc   swiper.el (swiper--re-builder): Fix "^a" -> "^" case
      adds  3ae4f1a   ivy-test.el (swiper--re-builder): Update
      adds  2404db1   Add feedback for long-running async processes
      adds  e5105ef   Don't re-anchor to matching old candidate if flx is on
      adds  f4bd3a4   counsel.el (counsel-ag): Add initial-directory
      adds  f00696a   ivy.el (ivy-extra-directories): Improve :type
      adds  e338785   ivy.el (ivy-sort-functions-alist): Upgrade to defcustom
      adds  2ae7d74   Fix the count in user-specified counsel-git-grep
      adds  d4d53d8   ivy.el (ivy-partial): Fix for fuzzy completion
      adds  2386277   ivy.el (ivy-resume): Pass caller
      adds  607fd1f   Bring back the lost perfect match logic
      adds  fd19ab1   Add a test for the perfect match logic
      adds  f0acebd   Fix Custom menus
      adds  dfd6204   Fix pasting file paths on Windows
      adds  71695df   "C-j" should not stop completion for a pasted file path
      adds  f6dd9cd   ivy.el (ivy-alt-done): Fix up last commit
      adds  1af25f6   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure): Amend exception list
      adds  a11c978   ivy-immediate-done should use ivy--directory
      adds  5f22310   counsel.el (counsel-git): Update default-directory
      adds  dc84ba3   Rename and move the minibuffer faces
      adds  183b803   Use a specific blending method for dark themes
      adds  f9ef307   Improve the preselect index in ivy-resume
      adds  47f53b6   counsel.el (counsel--find-symbol): Resolve name clash 
      adds  297f48a   ivy.el: "M-n" should prefer url at point to symbol at 
      adds  f60d10e   "C-x C-f M-n" can call ffap-url-fetcher when at URL
      adds  0e6c13b   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure): Exclude 
      adds  70f6055   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-query-replace): Add and bind 
to "M-q"
      adds  d8673f8   ivy.el (ffap): Move require
      adds  f5b8bf2   Highlight modified file buffers with 'ivy-modified-buffer 
      adds  202546b   swiper.el (swiper-mc): Update
      adds  bd93a0f   ivy.el (ivy-state): Add a new field BUFFER
      adds  576563d   ivy.el (with-ivy-window): Ensure window is live
      adds  2f1133a   ivy.el (ivy-occur): Add and bind to "C-c o"
      adds  16ccb0f   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure): Exclude 
      adds  e9ba89e   Make ivy work with enable-recursive-minibuffers
      adds  d41cc69   Pulse after ivy-occur-press
      adds  86d0884   fix 1-too-far scrolling issue
      adds  7a069be   ivy.el (ivy-occur-press): Work with counsel-rhythmbox
      adds  c6cc3f9   counsel.el (counsel-rhythmbox): Add :caller
      adds  2797a9b   ivy.el (ivy-minibuffer-map): Bind "C-M-a" to 
      adds  564e235   ivy.el (ivy-occur-press): Extend with-ivy-window
      adds  7317848   counsel.el (counsel-M-x): Add "definition" action
      adds  6b612cf   Rebind ivy-occur to "C-c C-o" and "C-o u"
      adds  b91870e   Fix /ssh: and /sudo:: broken in 71695df
      adds  b948987   Input "/sudo::" goes to current directory instead of 
root's home
      adds  6afce97   counsel.el (counsel-git-grep-query-replace): Should exit 
      adds  adf7fd3   swiper.el (swiper--add-overlays): Take extra WND arg
      adds  32025e5   Add a better ivy-occur pulse to swiper and 
      adds  6666cf8   Fix directory validity check
      adds  d5489af   doc/ivy.org: Start writing a manual
      adds  e037fb0   counsel.el (counsel-M-x): Show current-prefix-arg in the 
      adds  b39e20c   ivy.el (ivy-alt-done): Ensure the trailing slash for 
      adds  7cf7575   swiper.el (swiper-toggle-face-matching): Add and bind to 
"C-c C-f"
      adds  d89abf2   counsel.el (counsel--find-symbol): Silence byte compiler
      adds  4544c69   ivy.el (ivy-dispatching-done): Don't set action 
      adds  660e293   Allow counsel-git-grep -> ivy-occur -> wgrep
      adds  dcc747b   ivy.el (ivy-occur-mode-map): Bind "q" to quit-window
      adds  c580fe9   ivy.el (ivy-occur): Give full counsel-git-grep cands
      adds  c4562e0   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure): Add occur-mode
      adds  57800f6   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure): Add eww-mode
      adds  6e9ab3d   swiper.el: Add support for evil-jumper/backward
      adds  5d90542   ivy.el (ivy-sort-functions-alist): Update doc
      adds  f246178   ivy.el (ivy-prefix-sort): New defcustom, off by default 
for now
      adds  7397bec   Allow user-specified matched candidate sorting
      adds  073b071   Allow to sort files by last modification time.
      adds  044307d   ivy.el (ivy--sort-files-by-date): Fix due to destructive 
      adds  2a0a25d   counsel.el (counsel-locate): Add INTIAL-INPUT arg
      adds  5a99dda   ivy.el (ivy--truncate-string): New defun
      adds  ce557d1   swiper.el (swiper--candidates): Replace "\t" with "    "
      adds  d434071   swiper.el (swiper-all): New command to swiper all file 
      adds  c4c1878   Fix swiper preselect issue with similar or identical lines
      adds  bb68b67   Intermediate fix for :preselect with visual-line-mode
      adds  63f3498   Add precise preselect for swiper with visual-line-mode
      adds  5751119   README.md: Add more bindings
      adds  85bd44b   swiper.el: Modify the behavior with org-mode and 
      adds  adac116   Make ivy-completing-read handle history as cons
      adds  8fdf210   Switch to using ivy-exit-with-action
      adds  e47ec14   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Fix off by one
      adds  39e6733   Improve ivy TRAMP support
      adds  63e714c   Allow access to TRAMP from "// C-j"
      adds  59df2e9   ivy.el (ivy-alt-done): Refactor
      adds  0c62f7e   ivy.el (ivy-alt-done): Split into smaller defuns
      adds  d9ecd2e   Fix the preselect for (swiper "one")
      adds  ed2367b   swiper.el (swiper--candidates): Require outline
      adds  ce6ab7a   Perform string-match in the original buffer
      adds  3101efd   swiper.el (swiper--action): push-mark only if exited the 
      adds  bc00eaf   Fix `counsel-ag` on Windows
      adds  1cf32c8   ivy.org manual edits
      adds  84533bb   Minor fixes to ivy.org and export to ivy.texi
      adds  1bf4ae2   Warn the user about the behavior of 
      adds  80d4dde   Fix broken candidate index in ivy-resume
      adds  99d214d   Ivy-resume should restore the buffer for swiper
      adds  8abed59   Add counsel-grep
      adds  74bb138   Update ivy format functions.
      adds  3b67044   Convert ivy formatting functions to dotted pairs.
      adds  2bec99d   Ease production of functions like 
      adds  7377445   Edit documentation strings in ivy.el
      adds  5cfe6e6   Fixes on the previous docstring edits
      adds  8dd88e4   doc/Changelog.org: Update up to 2bec99d
      adds  c546ae4   Enable recursive swiper calls
      adds  0332b3e   Remove 'field text property for twittering-mode
      adds  ac09f6b   Fix the issue caused by recursive swiper calls
      adds  b57c57d   Fix the preselect for (swiper "one") again
      adds  1cceac1   Fix ivy-resume issue caused by the recursive calls change
      adds  a34e532   swiper.el: Use show-all if outline-show-all isn't there
      adds  a585fcd   Fix due to visual-line-mode weirdness
      adds  17872ba   ivy.el: Structure all faces into ivy-faces custom group
      adds  ed9169d   swiper.el (swiper--update-input-ivy): Add a work-around 
for "M-j"
      adds  435e9d4   Use :caller for ivy-re-builders-alist
      adds  706349f   swiper.el (swiper-font-lock-ensure): Add vc-dir-mode
      adds  5a6217a   counsel.el (counsel-tmm): New command
      adds  c5661c0   ivy.el (ivy-completing-read): Use completing-read-default 
for tmm
      adds  2a55ada   doc/Changelog.org: Update up to 706349f
      adds  98a4548   swiper.el: Bump version to 0.7.0
      adds  1992f44   doc/ivy.texi: Re-export using adjusted texinfo exporter
      adds  e264139   doc/ivy.org: Add "Variable Index" node
      adds  1f3fa31   Merge commit 'e264139e7fafbd1bbb68f9cef6d1c50b8e6cf1f3' 
from swiper
      adds  78ed9a1   packages/transcribe.el: Add native discourse analysis in 
      adds  e757c6d   /packages/transcribe: Fix variables
      adds  252f454   /packages/transcribe.el: Fix global variables
      adds  058ff9e   el-search--matcher: refine when to warn or error
      adds  40d9e14   add TODO section
      adds  3bda0cc   packages/package-fixes: Finalize code
      adds  555be7f   /transcribe/transcribe.el: edit comments, add new 
      adds  a50a8dd   /transcribe/transcribe.el: Fix bug
      adds  979b09b   /transcribe/transcribe.el: Add some functions, fix bugs
      adds  6153f5e   GNU Global 6.5 has renamed plugin-factory/README
      adds  abeb3ef   `process-environment` must be copied
      adds  7937129   Merge pull request #107 from egarrulo/patch-1
      adds  5eeb0a1   Correctly set ggtags-global-start-marker
      adds  2b8d33f   Handle invalid history match in ggtags-global-filter
      adds  f155c3c   Avoid the jit-lock-mode to kick in when fontify code
      adds  ad3ae8d   Merge pull request #111 from kanru/patch-1
      adds  d30ae7d   For #116: Provide a way to disable highlighting tag at 
      adds  ec3c6bb   Correct misspellings
      adds  7e2a915   Merge pull request #117 from syohex/typo
      adds  0cc4a4a   Update MELPA URL
      adds  d2a8892   Merge pull request #118 from syohex/update-url
      adds  d4fb6d4   Doc fix
      adds  77d6482   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
      adds  88578a4   Increase the default number of hits
      adds  5338e73   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-select-report): Don't bug 
out on the last line in the buffer.
      adds  dd0a928   Minor debbugs tweak
      adds  a172188   Command to list blocking reports
      adds  f43413e   Save list of read articles
      adds  9b1b830   Lowe the hit default
      adds  9f0ed67   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-narrow-to-status): Make 
narrowing to the severity work.
      adds  cb49608   Update branch directory
      adds  fa9c611   debbugs code cleanup
      adds  5096938   Retrieve debbugs data in several chunks, sequentially
      adds  1177b81   Allow patching from non-MIME articles
      adds  4c1bbf4   Touch up the automatic patch applying logic
      adds  a628cd9   Further tweaks to the patch fixer-upper (for a/erc.el)
      adds  ffa479d   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-fix-patch): Further patch 
path fixups.
      adds  43a0618   debbugs code cleanup
      adds  81b0ef7   Retrieve bugs asynchronously
      adds  4733d1e   Initial revision
      adds  6647749   Small change
      adds  a8ac820   Renamed emacs-async.el to async.el
      adds  8d37c00   Added note to README
      adds  728e791   Added dired-async
      adds  954c865   Updated README
      adds  3d388c6   Added support for signal propagation
      adds  0a7f3dd   Added async-inject-environment
      adds  c48d3db   Added smtpmail-async.el
      adds  63fe7ee   Updated README
      adds  1ad2902   Quiet byte-compiler warnings
      adds  190a040   Fixed async-smtpmail-send-it
      adds  4fb51ce   Corrected a problem with async deletions
      adds  628a295   Send data over a pipe, rather than in an argument
      adds  d771dff   Added `async-start-process'
      adds  12ca991   Made some macros into functions, added debug code
      adds  e08c251   Added `dired-async-use-native-commands'
      adds  b80f1a5   Don't use pipes for communication just yet
      adds  386a876   Some minor adjustments
      adds  742c82e   Added message passing, but undocumented for now
      adds  b7ec203   Fix for when async.el is byte-compiled
      adds  7ba4f40   Always base64 encode
      adds  1028235   Don't use lexical-binding in dired-async.el
      adds  497e4da   Fix to dired-async for wdired-mode
      adds  dfaddaa   Use pipes instead of variable passing
      adds  66610f4   smtpmail-async: Report status to user when done
      adds  24811ee   Show full backtraces if `async-debug' is non-nil
      adds  3f870f5   Show ops in progress `dired-async-in-process-face'
      adds  2db438b   dired-async now shows progress using overlays
      adds  1cec376   Added async-sandbox
      adds  acb0885   Several minor fixes
      adds  15f737f   Propagate non-zero exit codes as errors
      adds  eb26295   * helm-async.el: New, redefine dired-create-file to work 
with helm and dired. Allow copying a list of files (marked files) completely 
asynchronously. Support for deleting files is removed for now as it is not 
      adds  ec1f0e8   * helm-async.el: let-bind dired-recursive-copies to 
'always to avoid hanging on child.
      adds  eda8d32   * helm-async.el (dired-create-file): Use quote.
      adds  c472c4a   * helm-async.el Return file errors in child Emacs.
      adds  416c73a   * helm-async.el (helm-async-be-async): New, allow turning 
off async. (dired-create-file): Use it.
      adds  49f8b81   * helm-async.el: Update copyright
      adds  ad07ff3   Merge pull request #1 from thierryvolpiatto/master
      adds  ac1b896   Minor touches
      adds  9361417   Started work on a generalized async-file service
      adds  3ac941a   Move async.el testing code into its own module
      adds  c35324c   Async queue handling has to happen in dired-async
      adds  9779abc   Fix github issue 2
      adds  819b936   * helm-async.el: Turn off mode-line notification only 
when last process end.
      adds  6941276   * helm-async.el (helm-async-processes): use process-name. 
(helm-async-kill-process): Kill last async process.
      adds  3cc71f3   * helm-async.el (helm-async-mode): ding when finish.
      adds  1647b97   * async.el (async-start): Use the possible true name of 
emacs executable.
      adds  96cbe3a   Fix missing optional arguments when calling 
`async-copy-file' in `async-dired.el'.
      adds  d9d68f7   Merge pull request #5 from mstrlu/fix-async-copy-call
      adds  fba2cb9   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jwiegley/emacs-async
      adds  bd43f86   * helm-async.el (dired-create-files): Honor 
      adds  34ee9c5   * helm-async.el (dired-create-file): Fix operation is 
executed even when replying no for overwriting.
      adds  9585ae1   * helm-async.el (helm-async-env-variables-regexp): Fix 
for copying from android devices.
      adds  ef0e45c   add async-pkg.el
      adds  0afa685   Merge pull request #11 from myuhe/pkg
      adds  42fba8d   * dired-async.el: Add a defvar for 
      adds  a5ad866   Merge pull request #6 from 
      adds  dc69911   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jwiegley/emacs-async
      adds  ee21700   * async.el: Issue #7 Apply sabof patch from github; Fix 
processing non--latin chars. (async--receive-sexp):do it. (async--insert-sexp): 
do it.
      adds  c9a0724   Update copyrights.
      adds  cf12552   * helm-async.el: Fix mode-line updating for 
emacs-24.3.50. (helm-async-mode): Propertize lighter. 
(helm-async-after-file-create): Delay execution of mode-line notification. 
(helm-async-message): add group. (helm-async-mode-message): new face.
      adds  8d38306   * helm-async.el: Untabify and reindent.
      adds  3544948   * helm-async.el (dired-create-files): No need to 
backquote callback.
      adds  fb8f10b   * helm-async.el (dired-create-files): Handle 
`dired-recursive-copies' when async too.
      adds  c029934   * helm-async.el: Add comments about incompatibility with 
dired-async.el and async-file.el.
      adds  bcffaeb   * helm-async.el (dired-create-file): Revert changes in 
      adds  242ae73   * helm-async.el: Fix error handling.
      adds  9c02acd   Add test for #17.
      adds  8e05e02   Prevent accidental creation of lexical closures.
      adds  5ef546a   Have test file add its own directory to load path
      adds  9b5bb5c   Add more comprehensive testing for anti-closure feature
      adds  93b05a9   More robust evaluation and closure-protection of 
      adds  f6d7a74   Merge pull request #18 from DarwinAwardWinner/lexbind-fix
      adds  b6d990d   Add lexbind test
      adds  ba705c6   Add test for handling different ways of passing a function
      adds  2a532d3   Replace closure prevention with closure sanitation
      adds  f18c735   Merge pull request #19 from DarwinAwardWinner/lexbind-fix
      adds  374f514   Complete the docstring for "async--get-function"
      adds  9704eb8   Merge pull request #21 from DarwinAwardWinner/lexbind-fix
      adds  204750d   Revert "* helm-async.el: Fix error handling."
      adds  3f751fb   Revert master back to 242ae73
      adds  b05c63a   Don't rely on async.el being in load-path.
      adds  4a7b07b   Merge pull request #23 from 
      adds  85cedab   * async-file.el: Removed. * dired-async.el: Removed.
      adds  aabc7b4   * helm-async.el: Rename all with dired-async prefix 
instead of helm-async.
      adds  5ff0f9b   * helm-async.el: Use cl-lib instead of cl.
      adds  eff5419   Rename helm-async.el to dired-async.el
      adds  a37e1db   * dired-async.el: Finish converting all names to dired*.
      adds  ec8decc   * dired-async.el (helm-async-be-async): alias for 
      adds  1c54de3   * README.md: Update.
      adds  b311374   * dired-async.el (dired-async-mode): Notify number of 
jobs running in lighter.
      adds  b514e21   * async-test.el: Remove now unnecessary tests.
      adds  4d14cbb   * async-test.el: Update copyrights.
      adds  3a23aa1   * dired-async.el (helm-async-be-async): Move it as 
obsolete variable alias to helm.
      adds  b67254c   * smtpmail-async.el (async-smtpmail-send-it): Eval 
content of buffer outside temp buffer.(attempt to fix issue in mu4e)
      adds  3712607   * smtpmail-async.el: Exclude some vars when injecting 
      adds  eaa0ec1   * smtpmail-async.el: Fix encoding problems (#27)
      adds  f48fe54   * smtpmail-async.el: Try to catch 'done to not exit when 
smtpmail-via-smtp is recalled (#22).
      adds  73d8920   * smtpmail-async.el: Revert previous change (catch).
      adds  fe319a7   * smtpmail-async.el (async-smtpmail-before-send-hook): 
New hook that run on child emacs before sending.
      adds  addec5e   * smtpmail-async.el (async-smtpmail-send-it): Inject the 
value of auth-sources (#22)
      adds  05c9861   * smtpmail-async.el (async-smtpmail-before-send-hook): 
Add docstring.
      adds  a0195ad   Fix markdown in README
      adds  b962cbf   Merge pull request #32 from Trevoke/patch-1
      adds  cca41ed   * README.md: Fix typo.
      adds  b2b4bd6   * async-bytecomp.el: New file.
      adds  f81ff95   Remove version number in all files. * async-bytecomp.el 
(async-byte-compile-log-file): Use .emacs.d as   directory. * async-pkg.el: 
Update version number.
      adds  057d002   * async.el: Fix recompilation of async dir. * 
async-bytecomp.el: load async on startup.
      adds  4db2273   * async-bytecomp.el: Revert previous change in 
      adds  9f038b4   * smtpmail-async.el: require message to shutup byte 
      adds  79e6110   Add comments, no--code-change.
      adds  1c35023   * async.el: Fix comment.
      adds  8e880a5   * smtpmail-async.el: Add code section no code-change.
      adds  a6d9541   * async-bytecomp.el: Use only load.
      adds  1f813ba   * async-bytecomp.el: Fix comment.
      adds  ed0202f   fix #33 async-start evals (symbol-file 
'async-batch-invoke 'defun) at compile time
      adds  c52a60f   Merge pull request #34 from michael-heerdegen/fix-33
      adds  6d4e1a5   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jwiegley/emacs-async
      adds  57efc8d   * async-pkg.el: Don't compile.
      adds  8cfde3d   * async-bytecomp.el: Add comment.
      adds  228d022   * dired-async.el (dired-create-file): require dired-x for 
newer emacs versions.
      adds  9b835e3   * async-bytecomp.el: Send errors in single buffer (#36). 
Don't select log buffer unless using special-display.
      adds  914a284   * async-bytecomp.el: Fix callback. Now we use 
display-buffer, the buffer is not current, so use with-current-buffer.
      adds  f1b0fc5   * async-bytecomp.el: Be quiet when compiling for elpa.
      adds  aef3412   * async-bytecomp.el: emacs-24 indent.
      adds  d990787   * async-bytecomp.el (package--compile): load 
async-bytecomp. This is needed when reinstalling async package.
      adds  2235bc9   Inject bytecomp variables (#44).
      adds  a921e5f   Use always the args 0 and force for 
      adds  8464261   Changed symbol markup from Lisp idiom to Markdown
      adds  64d862f   Marked up 'nil' throughout
      adds  8bb0876   Marked up file and buffer names
      adds  0ddafcf   Merge pull request #41 from PhilHudson/master
      adds  dc63b59   Documentation tweaks; mention DEFAULT-DIRECTORY
      adds  89f1ca6   Merge pull request #42 from mneilsen/master
      adds  2f28229   Use cl-incf and don't compile test file.
      adds  2b01ad8   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jwiegley/emacs-async
      adds  348600d   Unbound async-byte-recompile-directory when reinstalling 
      adds  d250e7b   Allow customizing which packages compile async (#46).
      adds  7625671   Async compile also dependendies (#46).
      adds  a96e6d4   Fix doctring (#46).
      adds  005714e   Don't run the loop when async-bytecomp-allowed-packages 
is nil.
      adds  3ba79b2   Use package--get-deps to get packages dependencies.
      adds  1da6e8f   Don't use package--get-deps that doesn't handle non 
installed packages.
      adds  bafc3fa   Allow setting async-bytecomp-get-allowed-pkgs to compile 
async all packages.
      adds  1f5e89b   * async-bytecomp.el (package--compile): Fix typo.
      adds  c9fb3f5   async-bytecomp-allowed-packages should be a list of 
      adds  753d593   Allow enabling dired-async with a minor-mode.
      adds  51c598b   Add autoload cookie and make dired-async--modeline-mode 
      adds  f44f8be   * README.md: Update infos for dired-async.
      adds  23edf9e   * dired-async.el (dired-async-mode): Fix group name.
      adds  bedfa96   * dired-async.el: Fix compatibility with emacs-24.3.
      adds  021be6f   * dired-async.el: Remove now unused dired-async-be-async.
      adds  40d4f78   New mode async-bytecomp-package-mode.
      adds  c368125   * async-bytecomp.el: Add autoload cookies.
      adds  12235bd   * async-pkg.el: Update version number.
      adds  cdbf622   No message on startup when quiet.
      adds  062c609   Add more helm packages to compile async.
      adds  2143217   Bind print-level and print-length (#48).
      adds  8c0cc0f   Add magit to async-bytecomp-allowed-package.
      adds  4ab15f7   Merge pull request #50 from tarsius/master
      adds  98ef20d   Change mode-line face.
      adds  0b60259   Check if package-archive-contents is populated (#51).
      adds  cbd8d9a   Update version number.
      adds  a97aa4c   Don't call package-activate-1 in package--compile.
      adds  7616e0c   Check if pkg is member of package-archive-contents (#51).
      adds  57257f0   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jwiegley/emacs-async
      adds  ee727e1   Add async to load-path when recompiling itself.
      adds  1ddb3a0   Add to load-path and load only async.
      adds  8bb464f   Add melpa badges to README.
      adds  128eb83   Fix pkg file and instructions in dired-async.
      adds  d98799c   Add epg to inject variables in smtpmail (#54).
      adds  53fccc5   Rename buffers after renaming (#56).
      adds  3499a32   Only rename buffers on rename operation (#56).
      adds  40814ea   Correct package headers
      adds  3248303   Merge pull request #55 from syohex/correct-header
      adds  4319ab6   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jwiegley/emacs-async
      adds  1f12717   Don't recompute length fn-list, ensure operation is 
downcased for safety (#57).
      adds  5c61408   Update version in *pkg.el file.
      adds  c25bf17   Document async compilation of packages in README.
      adds  36a21eb   Remove old require in test file.
      adds  1794ea4   async-start is now a function (#43).
      adds  ca73877   Merge pull request #57 from jwiegley/HEAD
      adds  2a40355   No need to require find-func.
      adds  4e44885   Add 'packages/async/' from commit 
      adds  b375440   Add subtree package async
      adds  e053cef   el-search: some cleanup
      adds  ef4a542   Merge branch 'master' of git://bzr.sv.gnu.org/emacs/elpa
      adds  35bab25   el-search: new pattern type `append'
      adds  59010d0   remove example using `message' in a guard
      adds  1e85298   el-search: new pattern type `not'
      adds  d5f798c   factor out `el-search--search-pattern-1'
      adds  40208f0   remove annoying message on how to repeat el-search
      adds  477e17c   use more newlines in `el-search--make-docstring'
      adds  03e0363   el-search: new pattern type `contains'
      adds  68122d9   When coming from isearch, don't move to other end
      adds  006133d   el-search: bump version to 0.1.3
      adds  8ba097f   Move asynchronous calls in debbugs to SOAP function level.
      adds  500f08c   multishell - new package
      adds  78fed5c   Activate `soap-invoke-async' in debbugs
      adds  739d863   multishell - Use actual email address, rather than 
obscured, in packaging.
      adds  4546c74   multishell.el - Remove (redundant) maintainer line, fix 
remote cd ordering.
      adds  26c7763   multishell - V. 0. Change "multishell:" to "multishell-", 
use everywhere.
      adds  62050a0   multishell - refactor for name-then-path, and use a valid 
release number.
      adds  017f355   multishell - remove custom var 
      adds  37c4618   Squashed 'packages/gnorb/' changes from 538b5bd..d754d2f
      adds  4b07f2c   Merge commit '37c46180280f10fa5120a017acd04f7022d124e4'
      adds  899a1f2   Squashed 'packages/gnorb/' changes from d754d2f..9c918ab
      adds  9611c98   Merge commit '899a1f2bad8795a29c0df09c1bd28b3a3b7e48f8'
      adds  610ef6f   wcheck-mode: change some wordings in comments
      adds  5adc714   wcheck-mode: make generated face predicate a lambda
      adds  8af5404   wcheck-mode: precalculate (expt 2 16)
      adds  ca08b20   wcheck-mode: evaluate wcheck--buffer-data-key-index only 
      adds  44f197d   wcheck-mode: update copyright year and version 2016.1.5
      adds  2baed0b   wcheck-mode: update README, copyright etc.
      adds  0be7b49   Merge branch 'wcheck-update'
      adds  4e95832   Transfer license for async to the FSF, add version 1.0 tag
      adds  3290d46   Update version of async.el to 1.6
      adds  4889339   Remove subtree async, make it a regular package
      adds  fc7faa2   Don't rely on UTF-8 locale when talking to subordinate 
      adds  9e186e9   Properly handle unibyte strings and circular data
      adds  b514121   Remove packages/async/async-pkg.el
      adds  b901d20   Parse also `package-alist` when getting dependencies 
      adds  98e347a   Declare package-alist in async-bytecomp..
      adds  4e1162e   el-search: New pattern type `l'
      adds  5f09f80   Support highlighting of all visible matches
      adds  89e08d6   diff-hl-revert-hunk: Kill the diff buffer afterwards
      adds  6d973dc   diff-hl-flydiff-create-revision: Use condition-case
      adds  5badd5d   Remove diff-hl-flydiff/update-modified-tick advice
      adds  125bf44   Use save-current-buffer
      adds  06e551b   Replace diff-hl-flydiff/update with a normal function
      adds  dd28a9c   Bump copyright years
      adds  b674856   diff-hl-flydiff-update: Check whether diff-hl-mode is 
      adds  8082947   Add "using VC" to the summary
      adds  d0e6660   Bump the version
      adds  bf6098d   Merge commit 'd0e6660ee501efea3e9b0936ed64fff09e66df02' 
from diff-hl
      adds  6d0b640   Improvement on debbugs
      adds  9ac55ab   Consolidation in debbugs
      adds  dcd917c   Consolidated all RelaxNG files into `/schema` dir.
      adds  c531523   Added warning that assertions.sch isn't maintained
      adds  9b44795   Exit the meta[name]-checking business.
      adds  a9ca633   Make input[type]-specific error msgs more clear.
      adds  2d5e35e   Report warning for inputmode (instead of error).
      adds  e2f495e   Allow ruby <rb> & <rtc> elements.
      adds  242f515   Emit error for empty form-control `name` attr.
      adds  8b4cba1   Corrected the content model for the ruby element.
      adds  103dc56   (Re)corrected content model for the ruby element.
      adds  76e0657   Allow ol>li[role=menuitem] & ol>li[role=tab].
      adds  f1cac66   Refine some ARIA checking to sync w/ current spec
      adds  1c11a56   Add the "integrity" attribute
      adds  85521bf   Make "integrity" checking more helpful
      adds  c3b8596   Sync up with latest ARIA-in-HTML spec changes
      adds  67350aa   Allow ARIA role=switch
      adds  44fe4a7   Allow "minlength"
      adds  7635384   Align iframe[sandbox] checking with spec
      adds  1f870ab   Align event-handler-attribute checking with spec
      adds  ae3a23b   Allow the "nonce" attribute
      adds  fec8cdf   Add CSP syntax checking for <meta> & HTTP header
      adds  6e7c7c3   Make minlength checking behave as expected
      adds  07bcdb8   Add 'packages/html5-schema/' from commit 
      adds  a426434   * html5-schema: Add locating-rules.xml and setup nxml to 
use it
      adds  72c5c58   Remove recenter-top-bottom from beacon-dont-blink-commands
      adds  74dc55e   Fix weird beacon color when point coincides with an 
      adds  2f6ec69   Fix #38 - bob error introduced by previous commit
      adds  fee1e5e   Fix #39 - Allow for the absence of a background color
      adds  af70a9c   Small fix for when buffer doesn't end in a newline
      adds  0353da8   Try again to fix the case of no bg color
      adds  2ac8539   [Fix #40] Actually allow beacon-blink to be called as a 
      adds  f2f9e47   Version bump
      adds  0771ac6   Merge commit 'f2f9e47725782527b5f2b52b26db7267f173fa20'
      adds  09936b3   Cache and reuse bug entries in debbugs
      adds  d4a9dad   Make beacon-blink work unconditionally
      adds  b7b188a   Merge commit 'd4a9dad594473c511f975017d792efc8a8339671'
      adds  738336f   Further improvements to debbugs
      adds  e3184dc   Update ada-mode, wisi
      adds  8b5364e   multishell - remove plain file copy to replace it with a 
subtree clone
      adds  dd36fb4   Initial commit
      adds  1516d1e   Add poptoshell.el and pdbtrack.el, and describe them in 
      adds  18b0acb   Quash typoo
      adds  2233709   Refine wording and outline format.
      adds  cb9db2d   Refine poptoshell description slightly
      adds  dc41128   Try linking to the .el files.
      adds  69b7bd3   Note pop-to-shell's roughness.
      adds  408f094   Filter using 'remq' rather than 'filter', which isn't 
      adds  2ad5289   rst.el required for filter
      adds  2619a21   Cleanup README.md
      adds  09ca0bf   Remove unnecessary rst require (was for filter)
      adds  b981a5c   Prepare to move pdbtrack.el aside, until I can recover 
the good version.
      adds  bdce1d6   Move pdbtrack.el aside, until I can recover a better 
      adds  80b4795   ditch bad default-directory provision for now
      adds  88b7cb1   remove extraneous close paren
      adds  ac53e7c   oy - restore the prior block structure
      adds  9f58c6b   Copy and paste from emacs tty sessions, using xsel.
      adds  7271f28   Direct website at the github repo.
      adds  ace8b68   Identify crucially: we're getting the emacs *region* to 
      adds  91ed219   include xsel.el and note that standalone pdbtrack is 
moved aside
      adds  62ccf9c   Use (unix) platform-specific clipboard commands, and 
otherwise simplify.
      adds  d6f633d   xsel.el - put point after pasted stuff, abbreviate :10.0
      adds  cd0d5df   xsel.el - respect arg for DISPLAY prompt in main 
copy/paste funcs.
      adds  178e08f   
      adds  b2b6dae   How I does it
      adds  1773740   Git grep using emacs grep, instead of broken vc-git-grep.
      adds  dc5e758   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      adds  3996755   Rename gistfile1.el to gist-git-grep.el
      adds  9eb0362   poptoshell.el: get confirmation for shell buffer names 
not in collection.
      adds  e95c40a   poptoshell - obtain tramp remote expression if present in 
shell arg
      adds  c62525e   poptoshell - Implement and document remote shell feature.
      adds  69eb02b   poptoshell - Fallback to the host or domain for remote 
shell name.
      adds  763a6e8   poptoshell - tidy some cruft.
      adds  367983e   Clarify pop-to-shell description.
      adds  bbd9515   Cleanup.
      adds  cef6d42   pop-to-shell - remove insufficiently comprehensive 
rcirc/erc provisions
      adds  58c4a34   Make a distint buffer-name completion history.
      adds  a74210c   Persist shell-buffer name/path history!
      adds  304898d   gist-git-grep mods - i think i've been using this.
      adds  6691603   Whoops - don't include double quotes in docstring.
      adds  75dd7b8   Remove docstring info about persisting names across 
      adds  a018f9d   poptoshell - reserve pop-to-shell-buffer-name-history.
      adds  e26966b   TODO - note name change and function prefixing.
      adds  7ea1833   Simplify.
      adds  d718bf2   poptoshell: Initial stab at workaround for tramp "Args 
out of range"
      adds  f7e8d35   poptoshell - cleanup lapsed remote connections before 
restarting them
      adds  d7b07ec   cpoptoshell - Clarify start-shell-in-buffer and 
pop-to-buffer behavior.
      adds  b555806   cpoptoshell - Clarify start-shell-in-buffer and 
pop-to-buffer behavior.
      adds  396688b   poptoshell - Tweak pop-up-windows mention
      adds  521e118   poptoshell - Document the incomplete functionality.
      adds  b7940a1   poptoshell - Sketch persistence plan in commentary "Todo".
      adds  a0608cd   poptoshell checkpoint - starting on custom vars for 
persistence and other
      adds  99f519a   Merge branch 'master' into poptoshell-persistence
      adds  dc883c5   In TODO - distinguish searching completions and history; 
other details.
      adds  868dd72   Merge branch 'master' into poptoshell-persistence
      adds  f2c0ad4   poptoshell: Initial stab at workaround for tramp "Args 
out of range"
      adds  b2e727c   pop-to-shell - ensure the cleanup message is seen
      adds  a17d9a9   poptoshell - cleanup lapsed remote connections before 
restarting them
      adds  2f79312   poptoshell - Clarify start-shell-in-buffer and 
pop-to-buffer behavior.
      adds  a83727a   poptoshell - Use quoting that distinguishes active 
      adds  485ae2e   poptoshell - Tweak pop-up-windows mention
      adds  ab4f2af   poptoshell - implement command-key binding via 
      adds  b0b0963   poptoshell - remove todo notes
      adds  5f581f7   poptoshell - append multishell to various funcs, tweak 
comments, docstrings
      adds  565c47c   poptoshell - default to restarting stopped shell, not 
jump to running one
      adds  97828f6   poptoshell - many odds and ends, including some fixes.
      adds  5549ee4   Merge branch 'poptoshell-persistence'
      adds  dfc2a02   multishell.el - rename poptoshell.
      adds  1ddf318   multishell.el - track rename, prepend all helpers.
      adds  5b5239c   multishell.el - implement emacs package conventions.
      adds  2c3d495   multishell - might as well use finer-grained version 
numbers to start with
      adds  fb4e9fe   multishell - use actual email address, rather than 
obscured one.
      adds  fa56906   multishell - Remove redundant maintainer line, fix 
default dir.
      adds  011f4c1   multishell - V. 0. Change "multishell:" to "multishell-", 
use everywhere.
      adds  c3f41eb   multishell - more elaboration of path-persistence TODO.
      adds  e0794d0   multishell - Note need for local-path-only fix
      adds  1f83da4   multishell - Refactor to organize conducive to name/path 
      adds  b30726f   Merge branch 'master' into path-persistence
      adds  14b55ed   multishell - Change to name preceding path, rather than 
      adds  2c19e1c   multishell - Change "multishell:" to "multishell-", and 
use on all funcs.
      adds  d7c84db   multishell - fix transition to name-then-path format.
      adds  f409cd1   multishell - 1.0.3, no need to skip a version number.
      adds  18995f6   Merge branch 'path-persistence'
      adds  5b1fc77   Glow about multishell.
      adds  b30088b   Note crucial ForwardX11Timeout in xsel.el entry.
      adds  3596e4d   multishell - remove custom 
      adds  06e20da   README.md - Small (but not gratuitous) changes to try 
Pocket Git
      adds  909003e   README.md typo.
      adds  5ed35bd   multishell - refine history persistence plans
      adds  c911c65   multishell - Start on persisting shell names/paths
      adds  211df28   multishell - integrate names and paths, allowing for 
distinct completions
      adds  8574426   multishell - integrate multishell-name-to-path-history, 
but -
      adds  0d0a859   multishell - avoid duplicate completions
      adds  876f889   multishell - checkpoint, further
      adds  f23064d   multishell - return to list-or name/path strings for 
      adds  a1319a5   multishell - implement offer to remove history entry on 
      adds  e0cc6d4   multishell - migrate few away from obsolete 
      adds  77dd583   multishell - recognize homedir tramp paths, and update 
      adds  c998149   multishell - prevent multiple history entries for the 
same name.
      adds  7075ef5   multishell - account for removal of multiple entries
      adds  cfe4aaf   multishell - provide cue when connecting via cd
      adds  3678789   Merge branch 'path-persistence'
      adds  2baf274   multishell - inhibit more dup names, update commentary
      adds  ba16c5e   multishell - recognize and provide directions for remote 
homedir bug.
      adds  cd8eb38   multishell - flesh out history provisions, including 
      adds  484228a   multishell - implement 
      adds  f9cd9fa   multishell - dir tracking for local shells, and show 
grace for pathless
      adds  79796f9   multishell - Catch up on Change Log in commentary, some.
      adds  62dcf93   Migrate multishell to its own repository.
      adds  7956bda   Initial commit
      adds  3428b25   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  6c58b1f   Remove more residue from old repo.
      adds  8fabfa2   README tweaks
      adds  f027d71   Track new repo URL, include more commentary (change log, 
todo) in README
      adds  156e0ff   Refine documentation (commentary, README.md).
      adds  028feaa   Add 'packages/multishell/' from commit 
      adds  9d4a005   Include Change Log and TODO in commentary. Refine tramp 
homedir prob note.
      adds  445258b   Merge commit '9d4a005a34458419025162224c9daf8d674142c8'
      adds  2c5d608   multishell - Leave history path untouched if it was 
      adds  7e7d7bb   Merge commit '2c5d608ddfeb2dc1acc15d645d94cac087f001d4'
      adds  cce1d8b   Squashed 'packages/gnome-c-style/' content from commit 
      adds  30b18d1   Merge commit 'cce1d8b50b1ceccb80c20398cd659db3a6348aac' 
as 'packages/gnome-c-style'
      adds  988e407   * externals-list: Add gnome-c-style
      adds  236f345   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  f557bd1   multishell - Comment and docstring tidying.
      adds  74c53ba   multishell - Refine the commentary.
      adds  d128c7d   multishell - Clarify multishell-register-name-to-path.
      adds  9cb1841   Merge commit recent multshell changes.
      adds  4bd8eeb   Release debbugs 0.9
      adds  db1061b   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  0c8e5e5   Register name/path association early, so name is at front 
of history.
      adds  44207ea   Merge '0c8e5e554199814c25258bc93b64dc008a9ab840', 
register assoc early.
      adds  47fe107   multishell - remove mistaken (and deadly) residual 
      adds  3e639bf   multishell - don't swallow connection errors besides 
tramp homedir prob
      adds  4d1fad6   multishell - Merge edge-case but significant fixes
      adds  6bf9686   Squashed 'packages/gnome-c-style/' changes from 
      adds  ce03c01   Merge commit '6bf96861b98e91ca9c3bd146697580b42d30f5d9'
      adds  da68117   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  8d70b90   multishell - tie down multishell-history-entries matches
      adds  165dfe3   multishell - Merge commit 
      adds  fdef445   README.mdown (el-get): Remove obsolete information
      adds  4fd8ab1   README.mdown (per-buffer): Remove needless lambda
      adds  d619107   yasnippet.el (yas-initialize): Mark obsolete
      adds  890bd7e   Merge pull request #569 from npostavs/doc-obsolete
      adds  23133da   Update README.mdown
      adds  0e7ea94   Replaced 'shadow' with 'override' throughout documentation
      adds  7f4f6be   Merge pull request #571 from PhilHudson/master
      adds  5aebe46   Closes #549: Adjust `load' verbosity to `yas-verbosity'
      adds  4692c81   Fix "invalid function: quote"
      adds  197db9f   Merge pull request #578 from aluaces/patch-1
      adds  5ebf347   Minor doc fixes
      adds  7bce1a6   Add new function yas-lookup-snippet
      adds  e8934ce   Merge pull request #596 from npostavs/lookup-snippet
      adds  c91a588   Simplify some code
      adds  0ada0fc   Add documentation for snippet compilation
      adds  4bd3d98   Merge pull request #599 from 
      adds  2f6cfef   Closes #601: updated snippets submodule
      adds  cc1c758   Reorganize snippet construction from list code
      adds  215ad9b   Fix #597; use SAVE-FILE to visit compiled snippets
      adds  68b0ab6   Accept documented snippet list formats
      adds  e3f03ca   Test visiting compiled snippets
      adds  041821a   * yasnippet-tests.el (string-suffix-p): Define for older 
      adds  01139a2   * yasnippet.el (yas--define-snippets-2): Use 
      adds  7703a55   * doc/snippet-organization.org (.yas-skip): Add info.
      adds  8df6a6e   Fix invalid yas-key-syntaxes element warning
      adds  710ea4d   Update snippets module
      adds  00b84ce   Add (failing) yas--modes-to-activate test
      adds  e56aa6f   Build a single `explored' list.
      adds  fb6ec67   Fix #619; find parents for extra-modes too
      adds  ac3fe83   Merge pull request #621 from npostavs/dfs-extra-modes2
      adds  b6d924c   * yasnippet.el (yas--scan-sexps): Use ignore-errors.
      adds  72c6c4c   Fix #618; save match data in yas--scan-sexps
      adds  35642ac   Simplify string matching.
      adds  b055f13   Fix #617; ensure point is visible before x prompt
      adds  b8687bb   Avoid double snippet loading messages
      adds  cd05da6   Activate extra and major modes first
      adds  fb28ec8   * README.mdown (Use `yas-minor-mode`): Reword.
      adds  f121645   Fix #607; avoid Emacs bug #21824
      adds  beb02e5   * CONTRIBUTING.md: Add note about changelog only messages.
      adds  3aa7cb2   M-x delete-trailing-whitespace
      adds  1cf723a   Ignore trailing spaces in snippet definitions
      adds  2100b89   Closes #632: Use `user-emacs-directory' instead of 
hardcoded "~/emacs.d"
      adds  6c46878   Fix #587; set `this-command' on fallback.
      adds  23ee54e   Use destructive list functions in yas--s-a-p
      adds  3cd64b7   yasnippet.el (yas--called-interactively-p): Remove.
      adds  d78181a   Remove yas--inhibit-overlay-hooks macro.
      adds  444c882   * README.mdown: update melpa URL.
      adds  67a45a6   * README.mdown: Add link to textmate-to-yas.el.
      adds  c80fbf2   Cleanup yas--on-field-overlay-modification
      adds  71f0142   Improve test simulatulation of self-insert
      adds  17fe790   Fix #515; only clear field on self-insert
      adds  140c415   Respect y-b-l-cond from binding triggered snippets
      adds  61261c9   Fix #576; don't override yas-prompt-functions
      adds  e6fff09   Don't choose ido prompting based on Emacs version
      adds  a2c5292   Bless Noam Postavsky as the new official maintainer
      adds  af90528   Fix debugging code for newer Emacsen
      adds  100d8d1   Fix bug reporting examples.
      adds  46256db   Fix #648; create ~/.emacs.d/snippets automatically
      adds  1a98c38   Fix silly mistake in previous commit
      adds  5817fe1   Update packages/yasnippet by subtree-merging from its 
external upstream
      adds  1f8bb1b   * packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-tests.el: Add copyright 
      adds  cea6e78   * packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-tests.el: Really add 
copyright blurb
      adds  7e40fdf   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  d8ff701   multishell - revamp name and path resolution for clarity
      adds  86322cc   multishell - bump to 1.0.6, support primary name 
savehist, tweak docstrings
      adds  2b2b9db   multishell - merge 1.0.6 changes.
      adds  1ad58dc   Initial import
      adds  f0f8217   Use table in README.md
      adds  dcb6a2e   align: Support guessing/setting alignment rules
      adds  180cd98   align: Ignore some G_* symbols
      adds  6c5bda5   align: Fix off-by-one when adding newline
      adds  a0fbb58   align: Fix off-by-one in positioning argument
      adds  6a12630   Add examples to README.md
      adds  0d84312   Fix wording in README.md
      adds  ea42394   Fix wording in README.md
      adds  8579586   align: Minor refactoring
      adds  2f5707d   align: Fix previous commit
      adds  870e78c   Add ERT tests
      adds  e8714b1   align: -guess-columns -> -compute-optimal-columns
      adds  b4d4672   align: Support vfuncs
      adds  7285abe   Reorder commands in README.md
      adds  7f7d7cb   Rename to gnome-minor-mode
      adds  b6e010d   align: Add option to control max columns
      adds  ae40679   Add symlink to README
      adds  1e67806   snippet: Make options customizable
      adds  d608680   align: Add a room before '*' for arguments
      adds  abb9dd4   Revert "align: Add a room before '*' for arguments"
      adds  d6d27bd   align: Reimplement d6086809
      adds  ec40108   align: Use `max' as much as possible
      adds  ccb6062   tests: Bind `gnome-align-max-column'
      adds  a654ab4   Rename to gnome-c-style
      adds  a65924c   align: Remove spaces between two '*'
      adds  147931d   Fix typo
      adds  f339477   Add references to developer.gnome.org
      adds  39e7fb6   Rename some commands
      adds  570b52f   snippet: Fix indentation
      adds  78a0cce   align: Fix `max' usage
      adds  03f8dca   tests: Add line wrapping tests
      adds  b04d18e   Change copyright holder to FSF
      adds  b26ba73   snippet: Add missing GObjectClass vfunc
      adds  e84487c   snippet: Add FIXME comment
      adds  957d395   maint: Fix license notice
      adds  8d0f8c1   Fix command names in comment
      adds  06c8a6a   * packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-tests.el: Really add 
copyright blurb
      adds  1054ea1   Add links to GNOME programming guideline
      adds  eaa2c7a   Merge commit '1054ea1bc5b07a1438a18c1b33f4266b28ff9d77'
      adds  d34b2ae   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  5b011ac   multishell - note that the tramp bug is on remote|sudo to 
      adds  4300eae   multishell - still 1.0.6, clarify conditions for tramp 
homedir bug
      adds  cb35c72   multishell - Remove notes about tramp 
remote+sudo+homedir+sudo prob
      adds  822d628   multishell - merge 1.0.7
      adds  8c8ad97   Add de-bruijn to the defcustom of avy-styles-alist
      adds  eb28aeb   avy.el (avy-goto-line): push mark for numeric line
      adds  36e4d14   Respect the current input method for target chars
      adds  0cac589   Allow non-printing keys in avy-keys
      adds  7928d11   Remove the old obsolete aliases
      adds  1d1e4b6   Allow to switch action midway from goto to kill/mark/copy
      adds  465d5f2   Improve docstrings
      adds  a6db8a3   Rename avy--with-avy-keys to avy-with
      adds  3b9a60a   avy.el (avy-dispatch-alist): Upgrade to defcustom
      adds  26123a7   avy.el (avy-goto-line): Fixup goto-line clause
      adds  492ac49   avy.el (avy-pop-mark): Add
      adds  d22493c   Autload avy-goto-word-or-subword-1
      adds  e8cebf1   Make arg optional in avy-goto-subword-1
      adds  30067dd   avy.el (avy-action-goto): Don't push mark when region is 
      adds  1e578a1   Considers letter case only if given Upcase letter
      adds  a86bdee6  avy.el (avy-pop-mark): use own history for points and 
      adds  dbd2d20   avy.el (avy-pop-mark): Handle multiple frames
      adds  53d457c   Add misc punctuation to subword commands
      adds  ed120ea   avy.el (avy-goto-line): Allow numeric prefix arg
      adds  36b296c   avy.el (subword-backward-regexp): Fix declaration
      adds  2c74d01   avy.el (avy--generic-jump): Add beg and end optional args
      adds  009c0bc   avy.el (avy--line): Work for visual-line-mode
      adds  a6cfeda   avy.el (avy-goto-subword-0): Don't offer invisible chars
      adds  53decea   avy.el (avy--line): Don't error on end of buffer
      adds  72afecb   avy.el (avy-push-mark): Bring back push-mark
      adds  b1ef1f8   avy.el (avy--line): Obey avy-background
      adds  ac16227   Add padding for wide-width character
      adds  48aa2cd   Improve avy-goto-char-timer so that it may read 1 or many 
      adds  67662ef   Fix indentation of defface
      adds  3f53a2a   avy.el (avy-goto-line): Fix off-by-one
      adds  f9d7a76   Improve avy-goto-char-timer.
      adds  22b4ff0   Define new face avy-goto-char-timer-face for the 
      adds  acdd9e8   Modify avy--read-string-timer
      adds  d439b9d   avy.el (avy--overlay-at-full): Avoid negative length
      adds  bda04b2   Properly highlight depending on avy-all-windows
      adds  70bd6ce   Search only in the visible region
      adds  248bff0   avy.el (avy--regex-candidates): Simplify
      adds  c879498   New commands avy-goto-line-above and avy-goto-line-below
      adds  f7ddd4b   Fix jumping to the last char of a folded Org outline
      adds  528125e   avy.el (avy--process): Add window to candidates if not 
      adds  513c429   Make avy-goto-char-timer faster for org-mode
      adds  2313410   Optimize avy-goto-char-timer
      adds  0a18a45   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Fix reverse order
      adds  df181f1   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Use avy-window-list
      adds  964664c   Fix jumping to the last char of a folded Org outline
      adds  f28d238   Fix for combined org-indent-mode and visual-line-mode
      adds  0166808   Beep when there are no matches
      adds  cf36a59   avy.el (avy--old-str): New defun.
      adds  3257d81   Add avy-candidate-* helper functions
      adds  2d07a49   Make avy--overlay-at use avy--overlay
      adds  13377d9   avy.el (avy--update-offset-and-str): Split from 
      adds  d4b693f   avy.el (avy--overlay): Take BEG END, instead of only BEG
      adds  0756c0b   avy.el (avy--overlay-at-full): Use avy--overlay
      adds  567570a   Fix 'at-full moving text when visual-line-mode is on
      adds  dddce37   Fix 'at-full moving text for chars near end of visual line
      adds  9ae4413   Fix overlays at end-of-line with visual-line-mode
      adds  1b78fb0   Improve the faces for the last change
      adds  edf1259   avy.el (avy--read-candidates): Use avy-dowindows
      adds  f341c2f   avy.el (avy--find-visible-regions): Add bounds safety
      adds  4a23a0d   Fix De Bruijn "No catch for tag" error
      adds  54fb4d6   avy.el (avy-line-insert-style): Customize avy-copy-line, 
      adds  a041429   avy.el (avy-copy-region): Obey avy-line-insert-style
      adds  4132dd6   avy.el (avy-goto-line-above): Work in a single window
      adds  a45159a   avy.el (avy-goto-line-above): Exclude the current line
      adds  54074c7   avy.el (avy-all-windows-alt): New defcustom
      adds  fa6d1e1   avy.el (avy-copy-region): Fix for multi-buffer use
      adds  b1a1953   Customize extra chars for avy-goto-subword-1
      adds  72ecbfa   avy.el (avy-goto-line): fix for narrowed regions
      adds  47035cf   avy.el (avy--line): Don't modify avy-action
      adds  9d18bf9   avy.el (avy--overlay): Fix overlays at point-max
      adds  bae6fb1   avy.el (avy-copy-region): Keep same selectors for the 
second pass
      adds  808bb80   avy.el (avy--regex-candidates): Modify case-fold-search 
      adds  dd80749   Add case fold search to avy-goto-char-timer
      adds  212a132   Don't shorten selector string for visual-line-mode and 
      adds  15d0679   copy/move line to an initial window
      adds  369af59   avy.el (avy--overlay): Fix interaction with 
      adds  11fbd70   Bump version
      adds  a6b7502   Merge commit '11fbd70347a8cc62817c6d4ebf2291471ebdd607' 
from avy
      adds  df8fdd6   Fix previous merge bundler in packages/yasnippet/doc dir
      adds  381726a   Add test capability to ELPA
      adds  360ed90   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  07d8d96   multishell - describe shell choice decision tree in 
      adds  d6e51dd   multishell - work around remote+sudo+homedir problem, 
tidy shell resolution
      adds  78e6619   multishell - update features list, remove change log and 
      adds  91905b6   multishell - merge 1.0.8.
      adds  2da8923   Fix maintainer address
      adds  3790777   * ztree/ztree-diff-model.el (ztree-diff-node): Use 
      adds  c0e5823   Fix maintainer address
      adds  ad2214a   * sm-c-mode/sm-c-mode.el (sm-c-smie-rules): Improve 
indent of enum's {...}
      adds  0341f3e   multishell README.md - Add link to ELPA package entry.
      adds  bd088d0   multishell - Refine documentation a bit.
      adds  96c6843   multishell - simplify multishell-start-shell-in-buffer
      adds  423c41a   multishell - use eval-after-load when 
with-eval-after-load isn't around.
      adds  4d6a16a   multishell - save match-data whenever; relocate some 
helper funcs
      adds  f05c908   multishell - reduce multishell-primary-name savehist 
extra fuss
      adds  e7f3aa4   multishell - merge code tidying, still on 1.0.8.
      adds  c6c9257   Implemented issue #23: Add optional unicode tree drawing 
      adds  5603c70   Updated README to include new variable introduced in 
issue #23
      adds  67b9b4b   Issue #24: updated traverse function
      adds  4e112f8   Updated add-tree method
      adds  ac0834d   Updated readme: added information about contributing
      adds  04b29c8   Updated readme
      adds  4a935ee   Reshuffled readme
      adds  418af99   Added face for ignored files
      adds  45b6921   Updated print function
      adds  c75719f   Replaced hardcoded diff with diff-command from diff.el
      adds  6018029   Started updating diff logic to include ignored files
      adds  c227ed8   Added debug output and some other changes
      adds  64d3960   Added face for ignored files
      adds  45dda44   Started updating diff logic to include ignored files
      adds  2dc412f   Added debug output and some other changes
      adds  c3144bd   Updated model - ignored files still not handled
      adds  9408ca1   Fixed ztree-node-is-visible
      adds  bc6a12a   Traverse function now supports ignored
      adds  eea3c2b   added comments
      adds  cef7d95   Functions with errors still: 
ztree-diff-model-partial-rescan ztree-diff-delete-file and probably (need to 
test) ztree-diff-copy
      adds  653a7f1   Fixed ignored files
      adds  a27dbbd   Started to fix issues with delete file
      adds  7b5dfce   Use defvar-local instead of combo defvar && 
      adds  159ddbd   Fixed partial update
      adds  e143f66   Fixed copy of the files; added 'R' for full rescan
      adds  6d7ce1f   Fixed Delete method
      adds  b021697   Added comment to not to forget to update copy procedure.
      adds  be4e000   Fix typo in value of Created header keyword
      adds  3d70aef   Merge pull request #30 from tarsius/fix-typo
      adds  74899aa   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:fourier/ztree
      adds  dbf9539   Fixed issue #27
      adds  b5b2d02   removed test files
      adds  da721ab   Fixed compile warnings
      adds  597b005   2016-01-26  Stefan Monnier  <address@hidden>
      adds  a7c5489   Upgraded version number
      adds  a136ff8   Merged from upstream with StefanM's changes
      adds  0eb0987   multishell - refine some docstring bumpiness
      adds  57f56f2   multishell - don't skip cd when restarting local shells; 
note new starts
      adds  f01cf3f   multishell-start-shell-in-buffer - consolidate conditions 
      adds  8cea630   multishell - don't inhibit buffer names from completions.
      adds  81c9e3e   multishell - add paths to shells started without one, 
when dir tracking
      adds  77c698c   multishell - add pending 1.0.9 changes, revise TODO/known 
      adds  6e308f9   multishell - include active shell buffers names along 
with history entries.
      adds  ef022b1   multishell - merge latest updates
      adds  ada08b0   * rnc-mode: New package
      adds  b84471a   Initial revision, v1.0
      adds  1a1fb1a   + Added highlighting of the matched strings + Now inserts 
selected region to the prompt + Added defun for applying last found 
regexp(loccur-previous-match) + Added intangible property together with 
      adds  915846a   Removed implemented TODO note from comments
      adds  d6f5c06   Applied patch by Nathaniel Flath: "This patch changes the 
prompt so that the default value is not in the edit area, but in the prompt.  
This makes it easier to change if the default value is not what you wanted."
      adds  f73cf0e   Added README file
      adds  8ee09a7   Updated markdown syntax
      adds  aa1e119   Removed cl dependency
      adds  6e0c960   Changed URL
      adds  5859be9   Recenter on exit from loccur-mode
      adds  440c96e   Added possibility of desactivating regex highlighting.
      adds  409b322   Rewrote the minor-mode using the define-minor-mode macro 
and added RET key in loccur-mode to select line.
      adds  a1e135a   Added loccur-no-highlight function.
      adds  9b5d16c   Added detailed info on the README file.
      adds  2bc08c6   Updated change log in the loccur.el file.
      adds  e9d4714   Fixed displaying problems on github caused by the README 
      adds  d279b6a   Added internal link to the "quick navigation" in the 
README file.
      adds  cb7f8ac   Merge pull request #1 from picarresursix/master
      adds  b1b1d91   Updated version
      adds  8aef9f0   Added customizable option to jump to the beginnig of the 
line in loccur mode: loccur-jump-beginning-of-line
      adds  ab4804a   Removed some cl dependencies; version changed to 1.2.1
      adds  43cbc15   Fixed checkdoc issues
      adds  7d19c16   Preparation to move to GNU ELPA.
      adds  8ffd028   Preparation to move to GNU ELPA.
      adds  b6655e3   Preparation to move to GNU ELPA.
      adds  359fae1   Preparation to move to GNU ELPA.
      adds  900eb51   Preparation to move to GNU ELPA.
      adds  aae3563   Preparation to move to GNU ELPA.
      adds  f95c8d6   Preparation to move to GNU ELPA.
      adds  59b8dd1   Implemented removed features and added face loccur-face
      adds  194dd68   Reimplemented loccur-no-highlight and fixed checkdoc
      adds  e5d1061   Define group for customize and fixing byte-compile 
      adds  66a9810   Merge pull request #3 from syohex/group
      adds  2cacc68   Added types to custom
      adds  2680df7   Fixed bug when loccur called with empty argument.
      adds  03789fa   Updated README
      adds  d08fdac   Updated README and rearranged functions.
      adds  61dcaaf   Removed redundand code
      adds  a90bd54   Preparation to submission to GNU ELPA
      adds  fb1fbc0   Fixed compilation warnings.
      adds  8f6fe36   Add 'packages/loccur/' from commit 
      adds  04a0dec   multishell - start multishell-list-shells tabulated list 
      adds  59cb26c   multishell - add multishell-list, solidify facilities
      adds  7b19a19   multishell - whoops, changed commentary while editing 
commit message.
      adds  46bdd13   multishell - list active the present then historical 
      adds  30ba444   Merge multishell 1.0.9
      adds  19862ff   Use font-lock-fontify-region instead of 
      adds  6145889   multishell-list-edit-entry - make actual buffer name 
track edit
      adds  b265d3c   multishell-list-open-as-default - new operation, on "O"
      adds  4c06767   multishell - shake out some initial multishell-list 
      adds  07e6318   multishell - more shaking out of initial multishell-list 
      adds  79384cc   multishell-list - refer to multishell.el for commentary, 
      adds  0bb7575   multishell - set rev to 1.1.1
      adds  2d1062d   multishell - merge 1.1.1
      adds  3715fb2   Fix missing mail-header-separator
      adds  fd37d9c   multishell - settle known multishell-list sort 
instability issues.
      adds  a58fb5d   multishell - Resolve byte-compiler complaints, and 
rectify some warts
      adds  9df64fc   Merge multishell 1.1.2.
      adds  0e4d322   multishell - multishell-list "clone"; small edits
      adds  d33fb54   multishell - a bit more for 1.1.2, including missed 
change log entries.
      adds  167a2dd   Add diff-hl-dired-ignored-backends
      adds  1c996a0   Add diff-hl-mark-hunk
      adds  fdbf34a   Implement integration with Magit 2.4
      adds  3a46453   Fix typo
      adds  f4edea2   Bump the version
      adds  7e8c4e9   Merge commit 'f4edea201bc4c38d082ec3143ceec87d2dcadb37' 
from diff-hl
      adds  53a1d09   * debbugs-gnu.el (debbugs-gnu-apply-patch): Really do QP 
      adds  18f5e3c   Bump version number to 1.0 and make changes public
      adds  7104ad5   Fix #42 - beacon--dec reaching end of buffer
      adds  f6d2e0e   Don't blink in inf-ruby-mode
      adds  9e55c29   Release 1.0
      adds  02cc760   Merge commit '9e55c293a80c6173db756200742e74cb06468ab0'
      adds  7d50f6b   Update the mode-line after spinner-stop
      adds  ad47985   Add the "retitle" control
      adds  66f5072   * packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi (Control Messages): 
Add retitle.
      adds  e7fe308   Spinner version 1.7
      adds  6bc2878   wcheck: If exists use font-lock-ensure, else 
      adds  1ce5a65   Add erc/jabber faces to theme
      adds  6298b25   Merge commit '1ce5a659e968af25122b46a3fc3b04b30b5ebdd5'
      adds  13a585b   multishell-list - provide for returning to stopped shells 
w/out restarting
      adds  1303f57   multishell-list - decorate shell names and implement 
mouse-click open-here
      adds  6cbf082   multishell - 1.1.3
      adds  6bc7135   Merge multishell 1.1.3
      adds  a444a3e   * packages/bug-hunter: Better error reports and 
      adds  122215e   Go to isearch left end when starting replace
      adds  fbdba78   Fix for iedit-mode
      adds  ede40a7   Add a group
      adds  f912020   (sit-for 0) to avoid looking like we've hung Emacs
      adds  e76e522   Use redisplay instead of sit-for
      adds  970c5e3   Update Github username
      adds  9666c73   replace control characters with call to `kbd'
      adds  ad1a0b3   quoting fix
      adds  ba4508b   fix indent
      adds  1900801   Merge pull request #65 from spwhitton/control-char-fix
      adds  c7a2811   remove reference to names.el from README.md
      adds  e613e7e   Merge pull request #66 from spwhitton/namesdep
      adds  2467ee2   Remove changelog header
      adds  0cf12ad   Change a \xc to \f
      adds  651812f   Fix #67 - Avoid changing the selected window
      adds  fd5cbf4   Add haskell-interactive-mode to excluded modes
      adds  1b831d2   Version 1.5
      adds  c281465   Merge commit '1b831d21ac9688e3f31703f0b492202f6d24a75b'
      adds  c6d22f9   Fix links
      adds  cca4a06   Fix keybindings in README.md
      adds  9566ae5   Fix examples in README.md
      adds  6a18372   README.md: Use inline code blocks properly
      adds  76e929a   README.md: Use inline code blocks properly
      adds  25184d6   Fix typo in README.md
      adds  79f77aa   snippet: Fix typo
      adds  34132ba   README.md: Fix typo
      adds  4cd7696   align: Expand documentation of align-region
      adds  b23b5a3   snippet: Upcase the first letter of names
      adds  df2906e   snippet: Always require subword
      adds  82c34eb   snippet: Refactor name prompt
      adds  9db7ee5   snippet: Support guessing package/class names
      adds  2136dd5   snippet: Fix for older pcase
      adds  f3c2b22   tests: Add snippt tests
      adds  2bfe1ad   snippet: Support guessing parent package/class
      adds  4ea87a1   tests: Add tests for guess-name-from-file-name
      adds  ab8b3ae   snippet: Add _{class_,}init
      adds  d827bb5   snippet: Improve _init prompt
      adds  1abce8e   Merge commit 'd827bb511203a64da3ae5cc6910b87b7c99d233b'
      adds  378b866   Rough stab at using tabulated-list-mode for 
      adds  996d534   multishell - roughly working draft using multishell-list 
for completions
      adds  4802f57   Clarify scheme for using multishell-list for completions 
help buffer.
      adds  fd514d3   multishell - method to conclude minibuffer interaction 
from multishell-list
      adds  7b66048   multishell - Use better names for completing read and 
dispatch provisions.
      adds  1220cdc   multishell - Be more specific about why we use 
      adds  d68099d   multishell - Suppress trivial duplicates in completions 
list presentation.
      adds  f245821   multishell - 1.1.4, resolves several TODO items.
      adds  b19288e   Merge commit 'f2458211bc25749f07e0d70addde7c7745dcc79d'
      adds  e6eade0   multishell - 1.1.5, preserve listing recency, increment 
      adds  42a7b2e   multishell - merge 1.1.5 from multishell repo.
      adds  49131dc   use uninterned symbol in `el-search--matcher'
      adds  fed6f25   Complete and document what a SYMBOL in `l' matches
      adds  b75630a   Fix compliler warnings in stream-tests.el
      adds  7a41af5   * ampc: Re-add, since I cannot find it anywhere else
      adds  bac85c0   * ampc/ampc.el: Fix up warnings and use cl-lib.  Change 
      adds  7df064b   Improve doc of el-search-this-expression-identifier.
      adds  86fc109   update stream.el to the latest version
      adds  5a36d21   factor out minibuffer setup hook fun; treat empty input
      adds  04f3473   fix executable bits
       new  a50a613   Merge branch 'master' into new-website

Summary of changes:
 .gitignore                                         |    9 +
 GNUmakefile                                        |   74 +-
 README                                             |   63 +-
 admin/archive-contents.el                          |  128 +-
 admin/ert-support.el                               |   54 +
 externals-list                                     |   10 +-
 packages/ada-mode/NEWS                             |   49 +
 packages/ada-mode/README                           |    4 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-build.el                     |   13 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-fix-error.el                 |   56 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-gnat-compile.el              |   39 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-gnat-xref.el                 |   21 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-grammar-wy.el                | 2276 +++++++-------
 packages/ada-mode/ada-indent-user-options.el       |   42 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-mode-compat-24.2.el          |   16 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-mode.el                      |  313 ++-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-mode.info                    |  130 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-mode.texi                    |   60 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-ref-man.el                   |    4 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-wisi-opentoken.el            |    4 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-wisi.el                      |  144 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-xref.el                      |    1 +
 packages/ada-mode/gnat-core.el                     |   30 +-
 packages/ada-mode/gnat-inspect.el                  |  571 ----
 packages/ada-mode/gpr-grammar-wy.el                |  303 ++-
 packages/ada-mode/gpr-mode.el                      |   53 +-
 packages/ada-mode/gpr-mode.info                    |    2 +-
 packages/ada-mode/gpr-query.el                     |  126 +-
 packages/ada-mode/gpr-skel.el                      |    7 +-
 packages/ada-mode/gpr-wisi.el                      |    7 +-
 packages/aggressive-indent/README.md               |    6 +-
 packages/aggressive-indent/aggressive-indent.el    |   49 +-
 packages/ahungry-theme/ahungry-theme.el            |   15 +-
 packages/ampc/ampc.el                              | 3123 ++++++++++++++++++++
 packages/ampc/ampc_tagger.cpp                      |  218 ++
 packages/async/README.md                           |  145 +
 packages/async/async-bytecomp.el                   |  177 ++
 packages/async/async-test.el                       |  140 +
 packages/async/async.el                            |  303 ++
 packages/async/dired-async.el                      |  290 ++
 packages/async/smtpmail-async.el                   |   73 +
 packages/avy/avy.el                                | 1047 +++++---
 packages/avy/doc/Changelog.org                     |  118 +-
 packages/beacon/beacon.el                          |   89 +-
 packages/bug-hunter/README.org                     |    1 +
 packages/bug-hunter/bug-hunter.el                  |   20 +-
 packages/company-statistics/company-statistics.el  |    8 +-
 packages/context-coloring/.travis.yml              |   19 +-
 packages/{js2-mode => context-coloring}/LICENSE    |    0
 packages/context-coloring/context-coloring.el      |   90 +-
 .../context-coloring/test/context-coloring-test.el |   32 +
 .../test/fixtures/empty-varlist.el                 |    6 +
 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/let.el     |    2 +
 .../test/fixtures/macroexp-let2.el                 |    6 +
 .../test/fixtures/varlist-spacing.el               |    8 +
 packages/debbugs/Debbugs.wsdl                      |    2 +-
 packages/debbugs/README                            |    3 +
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-browse.el                 |    3 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el                    |  652 +++--
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-org.el                    |  144 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.info                   |  406 ++--
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi                   |  131 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs.el                        |  470 ++--
 packages/debbugs/debbugs.info                      |  234 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs.texi                      |   14 +-
 packages/diff-hl/README.md                         |   10 +-
 packages/diff-hl/diff-hl-dired.el                  |   13 +-
 packages/diff-hl/diff-hl-flydiff.el                |   40 +-
 packages/diff-hl/diff-hl.el                        |   51 +-
 packages/dts-mode/dts-mode.el                      |    4 +-
 packages/el-search/el-search.el                    |  683 ++++-
 .../f90-interface-browser/f90-interface-browser.el |   32 +-
 packages/ggtags/README.rst                         |   23 +-
 packages/ggtags/ggtags.el                          |   83 +-
 packages/gnome-c-style/.gitignore                  |    2 +
 packages/gnome-c-style/Makefile                    |   16 +
 packages/{loc-changes => gnome-c-style}/README     |    0
 packages/gnome-c-style/README.md                   |   88 +
 packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-align.el            |  547 ++++
 packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-snippet.el          |  703 +++++
 packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-style.el            |   74 +
 packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-tests.el            |  284 ++
 packages/gnorb/gnorb-bbdb.el                       |   46 +-
 packages/gnorb/gnorb-org.el                        |   21 +-
 packages/gnorb/gnorb-registry.el                   |    4 +-
 packages/gnorb/gnorb-utils.el                      |   39 +-
 packages/gnorb/gnorb.el                            |    2 +-
 packages/gnorb/nngnorb.el                          |    2 +-
 packages/html5-schema/.htaccess                    |   10 +
 packages/html5-schema/LICENSE                      |   23 +
 packages/html5-schema/applications.rnc             |  405 +++
 packages/html5-schema/aria.rnc                     | 1251 ++++++++
 packages/html5-schema/assertions.sch               | 1235 ++++++++
 packages/html5-schema/block.rnc                    |  250 ++
 packages/html5-schema/common.rnc                   |  526 ++++
 packages/html5-schema/core-scripting.rnc           |  386 +++
 packages/html5-schema/data.rnc                     |   94 +
 packages/html5-schema/embed.rnc                    |  586 ++++
 packages/html5-schema/form-datatypes.rnc           |   63 +
 packages/html5-schema/html5-schema.el              |   67 +
 packages/html5-schema/html5.rnc                    |   56 +
 packages/html5-schema/html5exclusions.rnc          |   63 +
 packages/html5-schema/locating-rules.xml           |    9 +
 packages/html5-schema/media.rnc                    |  210 ++
 packages/html5-schema/meta.rnc                     |  424 +++
 packages/html5-schema/microdata.rnc                |  101 +
 packages/html5-schema/phrase.rnc                   |  400 +++
 packages/html5-schema/rdfa.rnc                     |  285 ++
 packages/html5-schema/revision.rnc                 |   54 +
 packages/html5-schema/ruby.rnc                     |   81 +
 packages/html5-schema/sectional.rnc                |  172 ++
 packages/html5-schema/structural.rnc               |  135 +
 packages/html5-schema/tables.rnc                   |  244 ++
 packages/html5-schema/web-components.rnc           |   43 +
 packages/html5-schema/web-forms-scripting.rnc      |   27 +
 packages/html5-schema/web-forms.rnc                |  607 ++++
 packages/html5-schema/web-forms2-scripting.rnc     |    9 +
 packages/html5-schema/web-forms2.rnc               |  789 +++++
 packages/html5-schema/xhtml5.rnc                   |   40 +
 packages/hydra/hydra-ox.el                         |    2 +
 packages/hydra/hydra-test.el                       |    2 +-
 packages/hydra/hydra.el                            |   16 +-
 packages/ioccur/ioccur.el                          |    4 +-
 packages/iterators/iterators.el                    |   41 +
 packages/js2-mode/js2-mode.el                      |   11 +-
 packages/let-alist/let-alist.el                    |  142 -
 packages/lex/lex.el                                |   10 +-
 packages/loccur/README.md                          |   50 +
 packages/loccur/loccur.el                          |  323 ++
 packages/multishell/.gitignore                     |    2 +
 packages/multishell/LICENSE                        |  674 +++++
 packages/multishell/README.md                      |   57 +
 packages/multishell/getting-to-a-shell.md          |   41 +
 packages/multishell/multishell-list.el             |  312 ++
 packages/multishell/multishell.el                  |  812 +++++
 packages/names/names-dev.el                        |    3 -
 packages/names/names.el                            |   10 +-
 packages/{js2-mode => on-screen}/.gitignore        |    0
 packages/on-screen/on-screen.el                    |  665 +++++
 packages/other-frame-window/other-frame-window.el  |   32 +-
 packages/package-fixes/package-fixes.el            |  148 +
 packages/rich-minority/rich-minority.el            |    4 +-
 packages/rnc-mode/rnc-mode.el                      |  153 +
 packages/sm-c-mode/GNUmakefile                     |   28 +
 packages/sm-c-mode/sm-c-mode-test.c                |   97 +
 packages/sm-c-mode/sm-c-mode.el                    |  917 ++++++
 packages/spinner/spinner.el                        |   34 +-
 packages/stream/stream.el                          |   88 +-
 packages/stream/tests/stream-tests.el              |   74 +-
 packages/svg-clock/svg-clock.el                    |    4 +-
 packages/swiper/README.md                          |   19 +-
 packages/swiper/colir.el                           |    5 +-
 packages/swiper/counsel.el                         |  297 ++-
 packages/swiper/doc/Changelog.org                  |  322 ++-
 packages/swiper/doc/ivy.org                        |  476 +++
 packages/swiper/doc/ivy.texi                       |  591 ++++
 packages/swiper/doc/style.css                      |  107 +
 packages/swiper/ivy-hydra.el                       |   22 +-
 packages/swiper/ivy-test.el                        |   32 +-
 packages/swiper/ivy.el                             | 1447 +++++++---
 packages/swiper/swiper.el                          |  451 ++-
 packages/tiny/Makefile                             |   15 +-
 packages/tiny/tiny-test.el                         |    2 +
 packages/tiny/tiny.el                              |   33 +-
 packages/transcribe/transcribe.el                  |  268 ++
 packages/wcheck-mode/README.md                     |   15 +-
 packages/wcheck-mode/wcheck-mode.el                |   51 +-
 packages/websocket/websocket.el                    |    5 +-
 packages/wisi/NEWS                                 |   13 +
 packages/wisi/README                               |    2 +-
 packages/wisi/wisi-compile.el                      |  214 +-
 packages/wisi/wisi-parse.el                        |   43 +-
 packages/wisi/wisi.el                              |  135 +-
 packages/yasnippet/CONTRIBUTING.md                 |    2 +
 packages/yasnippet/README.mdown                    |   51 +-
 packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/.nosearch        |    0
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-expansion.org   |  262 --
 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-menu.org        |   69 -
 .../yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-organization.org     |  121 -
 packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/faq.org          |    0
 packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/index.org        |    0
 .../yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/nav-menu.html.inc     |    0
 packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/org-setup.inc    |    0
 .../doc/{ => }/doc/snippet-development.org         |    0
 packages/yasnippet/doc/snippet-expansion.org       |  264 ++
 packages/yasnippet/doc/snippet-menu.org            |   68 +
 packages/yasnippet/doc/snippet-organization.org    |  131 +
 .../yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/snippet-reference.org |    0
 .../doc/{ => }/doc/stylesheets/manual.css          |    0
 packages/yasnippet/doc/yas-doc-helper.el           |    2 +-
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet-debug.el              |    9 +-
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet-tests.el              |  114 +-
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet.el                    |  388 ++--
 packages/ztree/README.md                           |   21 +-
 packages/ztree/ztree-diff-model.el                 |  412 ++--
 packages/ztree/ztree-diff.el                       |  272 ++-
 packages/ztree/ztree-dir.el                        |   68 +-
 packages/ztree/ztree-util.el                       |   70 +-
 packages/ztree/ztree-view.el                       |  213 +-
 packages/ztree/ztree.el                            |    9 +-
 200 files changed, 29831 insertions(+), 6101 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 admin/ert-support.el
 mode change 100755 => 100644 packages/ada-mode/NEWS
 mode change 100755 => 100644 packages/ada-mode/ada-ref-man.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/ada-mode/gnat-inspect.el
 create mode 100644 packages/ampc/ampc.el
 create mode 100644 packages/ampc/ampc_tagger.cpp
 create mode 100644 packages/async/README.md
 create mode 100644 packages/async/async-bytecomp.el
 create mode 100644 packages/async/async-test.el
 create mode 100644 packages/async/async.el
 create mode 100644 packages/async/dired-async.el
 create mode 100644 packages/async/smtpmail-async.el
 copy packages/{js2-mode => context-coloring}/LICENSE (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/empty-varlist.el
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/macroexp-let2.el
 create mode 100644 packages/context-coloring/test/fixtures/varlist-spacing.el
 create mode 100644 packages/gnome-c-style/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/gnome-c-style/Makefile
 copy packages/{loc-changes => gnome-c-style}/README (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/gnome-c-style/README.md
 create mode 100644 packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-align.el
 create mode 100644 packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-snippet.el
 create mode 100644 packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-style.el
 create mode 100644 packages/gnome-c-style/gnome-c-tests.el
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/.htaccess
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/LICENSE
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/applications.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/aria.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/assertions.sch
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/block.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/common.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/core-scripting.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/data.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/embed.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/form-datatypes.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/html5-schema.el
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/html5.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/html5exclusions.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/locating-rules.xml
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/media.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/meta.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/microdata.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/phrase.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/rdfa.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/revision.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/ruby.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/sectional.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/structural.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/tables.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/web-components.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/web-forms-scripting.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/web-forms.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/web-forms2-scripting.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/web-forms2.rnc
 create mode 100644 packages/html5-schema/xhtml5.rnc
 delete mode 100644 packages/let-alist/let-alist.el
 create mode 100644 packages/loccur/README.md
 create mode 100644 packages/loccur/loccur.el
 create mode 100644 packages/multishell/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/multishell/LICENSE
 create mode 100644 packages/multishell/README.md
 create mode 100644 packages/multishell/getting-to-a-shell.md
 create mode 100644 packages/multishell/multishell-list.el
 create mode 100644 packages/multishell/multishell.el
 copy packages/{js2-mode => on-screen}/.gitignore (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/on-screen/on-screen.el
 create mode 100644 packages/package-fixes/package-fixes.el
 create mode 100644 packages/rnc-mode/rnc-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/sm-c-mode/GNUmakefile
 create mode 100644 packages/sm-c-mode/sm-c-mode-test.c
 create mode 100644 packages/sm-c-mode/sm-c-mode.el
 create mode 100644 packages/swiper/doc/ivy.org
 create mode 100644 packages/swiper/doc/ivy.texi
 create mode 100644 packages/swiper/doc/style.css
 create mode 100644 packages/transcribe/transcribe.el
 rename packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/.nosearch (100%)
 delete mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-expansion.org
 delete mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-menu.org
 delete mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/doc/snippet-organization.org
 rename packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/faq.org (100%)
 rename packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/index.org (100%)
 rename packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/nav-menu.html.inc (100%)
 rename packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/org-setup.inc (100%)
 rename packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/snippet-development.org (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/snippet-expansion.org
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/snippet-menu.org
 create mode 100644 packages/yasnippet/doc/snippet-organization.org
 rename packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/snippet-reference.org (100%)
 rename packages/yasnippet/doc/{ => }/doc/stylesheets/manual.css (100%)

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