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[elpa] master 355e756 20/32: url-http-ntlm: Remove limit of one username

From: Thomas Fitzsimmons
Subject: [elpa] master 355e756 20/32: url-http-ntlm: Remove limit of one username and password per server
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2016 03:28:33 +0000

branch: master
commit 355e7563bcc4a95e3545bc529b2d26e4adb9939f
Author: Thomas Fitzsimmons <address@hidden>
Commit: Thomas Fitzsimmons <address@hidden>

    url-http-ntlm: Remove limit of one username and password per server
    * url-http-ntlm.el: Remove comment about only supporting one
    username and password.  Do not make url-http-ntlm--last-args a
    buffer-local variable.
    (url-http-ntlm--auth-storage): Change docstring to not mention one
    user and password limitation.
    (url-http-ntlm--default-users): New variable.
    (url-http-ntlm--ensure-user): New function.
    (url-http-ntlm--get-stage): Take a url argument.  Store a key in
    (url-http-ntlm--authorisation): Take a realm argument.  Use a key
    when accessing url-http-ntlm--last-args.
    (url-ntlm-auth): Ensure the received URL has its user slot set
    before processing it.
 packages/url-http-ntlm/url-http-ntlm.el |   93 +++++++++++++++++++------------
 1 files changed, 57 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)

diff --git a/packages/url-http-ntlm/url-http-ntlm.el 
index ce649f8..915e9d6 100644
--- a/packages/url-http-ntlm/url-http-ntlm.el
+++ b/packages/url-http-ntlm/url-http-ntlm.el
@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@
 ;;; Commentary:
 ;; This package provides a NTLM handler for the URL package.
-;; It supports one username and password per server.
 ;; Installation:
@@ -57,10 +56,7 @@
 An alist that maps a server name to a pair of \(<username> <ntlm
-The hashes are built using `ntlm-get-password-hashes'.
-The username can contain the domain name, in the form \"address@hidden".
-Note that for any server, only one user and password is ever stored.")
+The hashes are built using `ntlm-get-password-hashes'.")
 (defvar url-http-ntlm--last-args nil
   "Stores the last `url-http-ntlm--get-stage' arguments and return value.
@@ -71,6 +67,10 @@ This is used to detect multiple calls.")
   "A hash table used to detect NTLM negotiation errors.
 Keys are urls, entries are (START-TIME . COUNTER).")
+(defvar url-http-ntlm--default-users nil
+  "An alist that maps each server to the default username for
+that server.")
 ;;; Private functions.
 (defun url-http-ntlm--detect-loop (url)
@@ -103,6 +103,17 @@ Keys are urls, entries are (START-TIME . COUNTER).")
       (puthash url-string (cons (float-time) 0)
+(defun url-http-ntlm--ensure-user (url)
+  "Return URL with its user slot set.
+If URL's user slot is nil, set it to the last user that made a
+request to the host in URL's server slot."
+  (let ((new-url url))
+    (if (url-user new-url)
+       new-url
+      (setf (url-user new-url)
+           (cdr (assoc (url-host new-url) url-http-ntlm--default-users)))
+      new-url)))
 (defun url-http-ntlm--ensure-keepalive ()
   "Report an error if `url-http-attempt-keepalives' is not set."
   (cl-assert url-http-attempt-keepalives
@@ -151,49 +162,58 @@ response's \"WWW-Authenticate\" header, munged by
        (setq url-http-ntlm--last-args (cons args stage))
-(defun url-http-ntlm--authorisation (url &optional clear)
+(defun url-http-ntlm--authorisation (url &optional clear realm)
   "Get or clear NTLM authentication details for URL.
 If CLEAR is non-nil, clear any saved credentials for server.
 Otherwise, return the credentials, prompting the user if
+necessary.  REALM appears in the prompt.
 If URL contains a username and a password, they are used and
-stored credentials are not affected.
-Note that for any server, only one user and password is ever
-  (let* ((href  (if (stringp url)
+stored credentials are not affected."
+  (let* ((href   (if (stringp url)
                     (url-generic-parse-url url)
+        (type   (url-type href))
+        (user   (url-user href))
         (server (url-host href))
-        (user   (url-user href))
-        (pass   (url-password href))
-        (stored (assoc server url-http-ntlm--auth-storage))
-        (both   (and user pass)))
+        (port   (url-portspec href))
+        (pass   (url-password href))
+        (stored (assoc (list type user server port)
+                       url-http-ntlm--auth-storage))
+        (both   (and user pass)))
     (if clear
        ;; clear
        (unless both
+         (setq url-http-ntlm--default-users
+               (url-http-ntlm--rmssoc server url-http-ntlm--default-users))
          (setq url-http-ntlm--auth-storage
-               (url-http-ntlm--rmssoc server url-http-ntlm--auth-storage))
+               (url-http-ntlm--rmssoc '(type user* server port)
+                                      url-http-ntlm--auth-storage))
       ;; get
       (if (or both
-             (and stored user (not (equal user (cl-second stored))))
+             (and stored user (not (equal user (cl-second (car stored)))))
              (not stored))
-         (let* ((user* (if both
-                           user
-                         (read-string (url-auth-user-prompt url realm)
-                                      (or user (user-real-login-name)))))
+         (let* ((user* (or user
+                           (read-string (url-auth-user-prompt url realm)
+                                        (or user (user-real-login-name)))))
                 (pass* (if both
-                         (read-passwd "Password: ")))
-                (entry `(,server . (,user*
-                                    ,(ntlm-get-password-hashes pass*)))))
+                         (read-passwd (format "Password [for %s]: "
+                                              (url-recreate-url url)))))
+                (key   (list type user* server port))
+                (entry `(,key . (,(ntlm-get-password-hashes pass*)))))
            (unless both
+             (setq url-http-ntlm--default-users
+                   (cons
+                    `(,server . ,user*)
+                    (url-http-ntlm--rmssoc server
+                                           url-http-ntlm--default-users)))
              (setq url-http-ntlm--auth-storage
                    (cons entry
-                         (url-http-ntlm--rmssoc server
-                                                url-http-ntlm--auth-storage))))
+                         (url-http-ntlm--rmssoc
+                          key
+                          url-http-ntlm--auth-storage))))
@@ -230,28 +250,29 @@ ARGS is expected to contain the WWW-Authentication header 
 the server's last response.  These are used by
 `url-http-get-stage' to determine what stage we are at."
-  (let ((stage (url-http-ntlm--get-stage args)))
+  (let* ((user-url (url-http-ntlm--ensure-user url))
+        (stage (url-http-ntlm--get-stage args)))
     (cl-case stage
       ;; NTLM Type 1 message: the request
        (url-http-ntlm--detect-loop user-url)
-       (cl-destructuring-bind (&optional server user hash)
-          (url-http-ntlm--authorisation url)
-        (when server
+       (cl-destructuring-bind (&optional key hash)
+          (url-http-ntlm--authorisation user-url nil realm)
+        (when (cl-third key)
-           (ntlm-build-auth-request user server)))))
+           (ntlm-build-auth-request (cl-second key) (cl-third key))))))
       ;; NTLM Type 3 message: the response
        (url-http-ntlm--detect-loop user-url)
        (let ((challenge (url-http-ntlm--get-challenge)))
-        (cl-destructuring-bind (server user hash)
-            (url-http-ntlm--authorisation url)
+        (cl-destructuring-bind (key hash)
+            (url-http-ntlm--authorisation user-url nil realm)
            (ntlm-build-auth-response challenge
-                                     user
+                                     (cl-second key)
-       (url-http-ntlm--authorisation url :clear)))))
+       (url-http-ntlm--authorisation user-url :clear)))))
 ;;; Register `url-ntlm-auth' HTTP authentication method.

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