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[elpa] master b412fa1 1/2: Fix the case where the metar record contains

From: Wolfgang Jenkner
Subject: [elpa] master b412fa1 1/2: Fix the case where the metar record contains M01 (bug#19401).
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 15:33:36 +0000

branch: master
commit b412fa19e91319236536883130da66ac3385eab1
Author: Wolfgang Jenkner <address@hidden>
Commit: Wolfgang Jenkner <address@hidden>

    Fix the case where the metar record contains M01 (bug#19401).
    * packages/metar/metar.el (metar-convert-unit): New optional argument.
    (metar-convert-temperature): Use it to rewrite this function in terms of
    Pass t as last argument to the underlying calc conversion functions so
    that they return only the number, not the unit, thereby fixing the bug
    in question.
 packages/metar/metar.el |   66 ++++++++++++++++++++++------------------------
 1 files changed, 32 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)

diff --git a/packages/metar/metar.el b/packages/metar/metar.el
index 7b78f07..9575313 100644
--- a/packages/metar/metar.el
+++ b/packages/metar/metar.el
@@ -239,45 +239,43 @@ If no match if found, nil is returned."
       (when station-code
        (cons station-code (round best-distance))))))
-(defun metar-convert-unit (value new-unit)
+(defun metar-convert-unit (value new-unit &optional convert-units-function)
   "Convert VALUE to NEW-UNIT.
 VALUE is a string with the value followed by the unit, like \"5 knot\"
-and NEW-UNIT should be a unit name like \"kph\" or similar."
+and NEW-UNIT should be a unit name like \"kph\" or similar.
+CONVERT-UNITS-FUNCTION designates the function actually doing the conversion.
+It must have the signature of `math-convert-units', which is the default."
   (cl-check-type value string)
-  (cl-check-type new-unit (or string symbol))
-  (cl-multiple-value-bind (value unit)
-      (split-string
-       (math-format-value
-       (math-convert-units (math-simplify (math-read-expr value))
-                           (math-read-expr
-                            (cl-etypecase new-unit
-                                          (string new-unit)
-                                          (symbol (symbol-name new-unit))))))
-       " ")
-    (cons (string-to-number value) (intern unit))))
+  (unless (symbolp new-unit)
+    (setq new-unit (intern new-unit)))
+  (let ((expr (math-simplify (math-read-expr value))))
+    (cl-assert (or (math-zerop expr)
+                  (not (memq (math-single-units-in-expr-p expr) '(nil wrong))))
+              nil
+              "Metar: Not exactly one unit in expression: %S" expr)
+    (let ((res (math-simplify-units
+               (funcall (or convert-units-function 'math-convert-units)
+                        expr
+                        (math-build-var-name new-unit)
+                        t))))
+      (cl-assert (math-realp res) nil
+                "Metar: Not a Calc real number: %S" res)
+      (cons (string-to-number (math-format-value (if (integerp res)
+                                                    res
+                                                  (math-float res))))
+           new-unit))))
 (defun metar-convert-temperature (string &optional unit)
-  (let* ((value (concat (if (= (aref string 0) ?M)
-                           (concat "-" (substring string 1))
-                         string)
-                       "degC"))
-        (expr (math-read-expr value))
-        (old-unit (math-single-units-in-expr-p expr))
-        (new-unit (or unit (cdr (assq 'temperature metar-units)))))
-    (if old-unit
-       (cl-multiple-value-bind (value unit)
-           (split-string
-            (math-format-value
-             (math-simplify-units
-              (math-convert-temperature
-               expr
-               (list 'var
-                     (car old-unit)
-                     (intern (concat "var-" (symbol-name (car old-unit)))))
-               (math-read-expr (cl-etypecase new-unit
-                                 (string new-unit)
-                                 (symbol (symbol-name new-unit))))))) " ")
-         (cons (string-to-number value) (intern unit))))))
+  (metar-convert-unit (concat (if (= (aref string 0) ?M)
+                                 (concat "-" (substring string 1))
+                               string)
+                             "degC")
+                     (or unit (cdr (assq 'temperature metar-units)))
+                     (lambda (expr new-unit-var pure)
+                       (math-convert-temperature expr
+                                                 (math-build-var-name 'degC)
+                                                 new-unit-var
+                                                 pure))))
 (defcustom metar-url

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