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[elpa] master 46e18c3: Add stream stream-delay and stream-of-directory-f

From: Nicolas Petton
Subject: [elpa] master 46e18c3: Add stream stream-delay and stream-of-directory-files
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2016 14:38:03 +0000

branch: master
commit 46e18c3122caadfdb6a62b97f8c1f9f749ee9a8c
Author: Michael Heerdegen <address@hidden>
Commit: Nicolas Petton <address@hidden>

    Add stream stream-delay and stream-of-directory-files
    * packages/stream/stream.el (stream-delay, stream-of-directory-files):
    New functions.
    * packages/stream/tests/stream-tests.el: Add test for stream-delay.
 packages/stream/stream.el             |   65 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 packages/stream/tests/stream-tests.el |   32 ++++++++++++++++-
 2 files changed, 93 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/packages/stream/stream.el b/packages/stream/stream.el
index 567a9e3..4d61cf1 100644
--- a/packages/stream/stream.el
+++ b/packages/stream/stream.el
@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ range is infinite."
        (eq (car stream) stream--identifier)))
 (defun stream-empty ()
-  "Return an empty stream."
+  "Return a new empty stream."
   (list stream--identifier (thunk-delay nil)))
 (defun stream-empty-p (stream)
@@ -317,10 +317,69 @@ kind of nonlocal exit."
        (cons (stream-first stream)
              (seq-filter pred (stream-rest stream)))))))
+(defmacro stream-delay (expr)
+  "Return a new stream to be obtained by evaluating EXPR.
+EXPR will be evaluated once when an element of the resulting
+stream is requested for the first time, and must return a stream.
+EXPR will be evaluated in the lexical environment present when
+calling this function."
+  (let ((stream (make-symbol "stream")))
+    `(stream-make (let ((,stream ,expr))
+                    (if (stream-empty-p ,stream)
+                        nil
+                      (cons (stream-first ,stream)
+                            (stream-rest ,stream)))))))
 (cl-defmethod seq-copy ((stream stream))
   "Return a shallow copy of STREAM."
-  (stream-cons (stream-first stream)
-               (stream-rest stream)))
+  (stream-delay stream))
+(defun stream-of-directory-files-1 (directory &optional nosort recurse 
+  "Helper for `stream-of-directory-files'."
+  (stream-delay
+   (if (file-accessible-directory-p directory)
+       (let (files dirs (reverse-fun (if nosort #'identity #'nreverse)))
+         (dolist (file (directory-files directory t nil nosort))
+           (let ((is-dir (file-directory-p file)))
+             (unless (and is-dir
+                          (member (file-name-nondirectory (directory-file-name 
+                                  '("." "..")))
+               (push file files)
+               (when (and is-dir
+                          (or follow-links (not (file-symlink-p file)))
+                          (if (functionp recurse) (funcall recurse file) 
+                 (push file dirs)))))
+         (apply #'stream-append
+                (stream (funcall reverse-fun files))
+                (mapcar
+                 (lambda (dir) (stream-of-directory-files-1 dir nosort recurse 
+                 (funcall reverse-fun dirs))))
+     (stream-empty))))
+(defun stream-of-directory-files (directory &optional full nosort recurse 
follow-links filter)
+  "Return a stream of names of files in DIRECTORY.
+Call `directory-files' to list file names in DIRECTORY and make
+the result a stream.  Don't include files named \".\" or \"..\".
+The arguments FULL and NOSORT are directly passed to
+Third optional argument RECURSE non-nil means recurse on
+subdirectories.  If RECURSE is a function, it should be a
+predicate accepting one argument, an absolute file name of a
+directory, and return non-nil when the returned stream should
+recurse into that directory.  Any other non-nil value means
+recurse into every readable subdirectory.
+Even with recurse non-nil, don't descent into directories by
+following symlinks unless FOLLOW-LINKS is non-nil.
+If FILTER is non-nil, it should be a predicate accepting one
+argument, an absolute file name.  It is used to limit the
+resulting stream to the files fulfilling this predicate."
+  (let* ((stream (stream-of-directory-files-1 directory nosort recurse 
+         (filtered-stream (if filter (seq-filter filter stream) stream)))
+    (if full filtered-stream
+      (seq-map (lambda (file) (file-relative-name file directory)) 
 (provide 'stream)
 ;;; stream.el ends here
diff --git a/packages/stream/tests/stream-tests.el 
index 88edf91..23a54b5 100644
--- a/packages/stream/tests/stream-tests.el
+++ b/packages/stream/tests/stream-tests.el
@@ -171,10 +171,40 @@
   (should (= 3 (stream-first (stream-rest (seq-filter #'cl-oddp (stream-range 
0 4))))))
   (should (stream-empty-p (stream-rest (stream-rest (seq-filter #'cl-oddp 
(stream-range 0 4)))))))
+(ert-deftest stream-delay-test ()
+  (should (streamp (stream-delay (stream-range))))
+  (should (= 0 (stream-first (stream-delay (stream-range)))))
+  (should (= 1 (stream-first (stream-rest (stream-delay (stream-range))))))
+  (should (let ((stream (stream-range 3 7)))
+            (equal (seq-into (stream-delay stream) 'list)
+                   (seq-into               stream  'list))))
+  (should (null (seq-into (stream-delay (stream-empty)) 'list)))
+  (should (let* ((evaluated nil)
+                 (one-plus (lambda (el)
+                             (setq evaluated t)
+                             (1+ el)))
+                 (stream (seq-map one-plus (stream '(1)))))
+            (equal '(nil 2 t)
+                   (list evaluated (stream-first stream) evaluated))))
+  (should (let* ((a 0)
+                 (set-a (lambda (x) (setq a x)))
+                 (s (stream-delay (stream (list a))))
+                 res1 res2)
+            (funcall set-a 5)
+            (setq res1 (stream-first s))
+            (funcall set-a 11)
+            (setq res2 (stream-first s))
+            (and (equal res1 5)
+                 (equal res2 5)))))
 (ert-deftest stream-seq-copy-test ()
   (should (streamp (seq-copy (stream-range))))
   (should (= 0 (stream-first (seq-copy (stream-range)))))
-  (should (= 1 (stream-first (stream-rest (seq-copy (stream-range)))))))
+  (should (= 1 (stream-first (stream-rest (seq-copy (stream-range))))))
+  (should (let ((stream (stream-range 3 7)))
+            (equal (seq-into (seq-copy stream) 'list)
+                   (seq-into stream 'list))))
+  (should (null (seq-into (seq-copy (stream-empty)) 'list))))
 (ert-deftest stream-range-test ()
   (should (stream-empty-p (stream-range 0 0)))

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