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[elpa] branch widen-limits deleted (was 72c45fa)

From: Vitalie Spinu
Subject: [elpa] branch widen-limits deleted (was 72c45fa)
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 05:37:43 +0000

spinuvit pushed a change to branch widen-limits.

       was  72c45fa   Implement buffer-widen-limits functionality

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  72c45fa   Implement buffer-widen-limits functionality
  discards  8a35f83   Render empty <ul><li><ul> correctly
  discards  d8b2ce5   Ignore invalid base64 encoded embedded images
  discards  52ba24b   Fix <p> and <div> newlines with or without <li> in shr
  discards  b8ea08b   Avoid errors in 'newline'
  discards  fc3cd53   Fix Bug#23032
  discards  dd2737b   Adjudicate review comments in abbrevs.texi
  discards  26f9c50   Fixup the "normal" matcher; highlight global var symbols, 
  discards  413e73b   ; Small theme additions
  discards  cd950da   Honor prefix arg in doc-view-next-line-or-next-page
  discards  ed909c0   ; Spelling fixes
  discards  6da3a6d   Port to strict C99 offsetof
  discards  de7601f   Port to GTK with strict C11 compiler
  discards  658aa2d   Port to GTK with strict C99 compiler
  discards  1df7173   Avoid screen artifacts with new OS X visible bell after 
  discards  7a2edd3   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs 
into emacs-25
  discards  dca240a   Suppress some Tramp tests for OSX, do not merge with 
  discards  9094304   * lisp/progmodes/xref.el (xref-buffer-name, 
xref--window): Move definitions before use.
  discards  cbedfc2   * lisp/gnus/mm-decode.el (gnus-format-message): Autoload 
  discards  005ac7c   * lisp/mail/rmail.el (rmail-mime-entity-truncated): 
  discards  9ab03f2   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  56df617   Address compilation warnings due to 2016-01-03 mml 
  discards  a1ef911   * lisp/emacs-lisp/smie.el (smie-indent-keyword): Don't 
burp in strings
  discards  79ae7fb   * lisp/dired-x.el (dired-omit-here-always): Correct error 
message for 2016-01-25 change.
  discards  253929f   * lisp/dired-x.el (dired-omit-here-always): Replace 
undefined function removed 2016-01-30.
  discards  ce53389   * lisp/xml.el (xml-parse-tag-1): Replace undefined 
  discards  d6d164f   Avoid segfaults due to frame image cache being absent
  discards  bc7f6f6   Improve documentation of glyphless-character display
  discards  6b6916e   ; * src/xdisp.c (with_echo_area_buffer): Fix typos in 
  discards  ee9a1f7   Support safe navigation operator in non-SMIE indentation 
  discards  c3ed95b   Move xsd:base64Binary decoding fix to debbugs.el 0.9.1
  discards  2036be4   Fix Ruby's operator precedence
  discards  1d686c2   (ruby-interpolation-inside-another-interpolation): New 
failing test
  discards  7950e1d   Port to clang 3.7.0 on x86-64
  discards  218ae59   * test/automated/package-test.el (package-test-signed): 
Tweak skip condition, for hydra.
  discards  ba33b7c   Sync with gnulib
  discards  38b276d   Fix startup of "emacs -nw" on systems that CANNOT_DUMP
  discards  dbfbedd   Do not tokenize a comment before continuation as ';'
  discards  0403620   Don't misindent arguments of a method call inside 
  discards  e6776f8   * src/keyboard.c (echo_keystrokes_p): Don't test 
  discards  8475f3d   ASCII-only etc/NEWS etc.
  discards  5cc6919   Fix a cacheing bug, which led to inordinately slow 
  discards  0ce37ea   Fix Isearch prompt when invoked with an argument
  discards  f3033d4   Fix a typo in the Emacs manual
  discards  4235d2d   Curved quotes in etc/NEWS etc.
  discards  26b56dc   Fix some single quotes in documentation
  discards  80ec484   Make lisp-completion-at-point's argument optional
  discards  9d463ae   Tweak the left precedence of '=>'
  discards  5b705bc   Indent '.' relative to the first sibling expression
  discards  04f5525   Make '.' associative, for easier sexp navigation
  discards  ba24c99   Revert "Simplify "Visit New File" to "New File""
  discards  d457fd9   Simplify "Visit New File" to "New File"
  discards  983448d   Update Unicode notes for importing a new Unicode version
  discards  a761fbf   Import new data files from Unicode 9.0.0beta
  discards  06aad39   Avoid errors in forms-mode when default major mode is text
  discards  4819616   Avoid crashes at startup on systems that CANNOT_DUMP
  discards  6d8e1f02  ; * etc/DEBUG: Improve wording.  (Bug#22984)
  discards  1266361   Fix documentation of seq.el functions
  discards  576e09e   Support Ruby 2.3.0's safe navigation operator
  discards  facb5e2   Update Emacs manual section related to character folding
  discards  4efea8e   ; * etc/DEBUG: Fix a typo.  (Bug#22984)
  discards  f8df21b   Update admin/notes/unicode
  discards  950be68   Add symref-filepattern entries for c?perl-mode
  discards  8b8a6ad   Don't use XRANDR 1.3 extensions if the server doesn't 
support them.
  discards  985dacf   ; NEWS update for the last change in etags
  discards  741a6f8   Sync with gnulib
  discards  7352c6c   Rework C source files to avoid ^(
  discards  a589e9a   By default, etags produces unqualified Perl tag names
  discards  72c7438   Indent methods with keyword names correctly
  discards  28532a9   Propertize character literals and special global 
variables differently
  discards  a7d6f39   ; Fix last change in NEWS
  discards  83b2a20   Change how /etc/NEWS presents character folding
  discards  b417c5a   Revert "Revert "Backport: * lisp/isearch.el: Turn 
char-folding off by default""
  discards  711ca36   Properly handle lambda as read function (bug 22961)
  discards  1b9d616   Propertize operator symbol names with symbol syntax class
  discards  9b16bc2   Stop recognizing :#{} as symbol in ruby-mode
  discards  366ec77   Allow using the left shift operator without spaces on 
both sides
  discards  02bf7cc   Properly handle unquoting in wdired (bug 22938)
  discards  16cf469   ; Spelling fix and tighten up comment
  discards  f50bc04   Allow splat operator before percent literal
  discards  991c801   Don't apply the return value of goto-char as syntax class
  discards  6e63b3e   Guard against nested percent literals
  discards  066f3bc   Recognize iuwu-mod after an escaped newline
  discards  6f7a57c   Fix symbolic mode string conversion for s and t
  discards  50b9826   Update 'ucs-names' database
  discards  993b2fb   Improve doc string of 'shell-command'
  discards  b71c717   Make the code in movemail_strftime more general
  discards  cc057e4   Speed up redisplay of binary files with long series of 
  discards  e51b27e   Remove the highlighting support for quoting 'like this' 
inside Lisp docstrings
  discards  b1abce1   Restore leading space in movemail pop output
  discards  98b8d44   Fix bidi-paragraph-direction in Rmail view buffer
  discards  dc9d837   Don't misindent computed property generator methods
  discards  7923112   Fix mbox files produced by movemail on MS-Windows
  discards  c45a1ca   doc string file descriptor exhaustion fix
  discards  265141b   Fix Bug#22814
  discards  6db1a87   Fix insertion of edited servers in the dribble file
  discards  620951f   Fix previous fix of enlarge-/shrink-window
  discards  2e78353   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-define-mode-toggle): Fix 
toggling logic
  discards  66d2717   Complete temperature units in calc-convert-temperature
  discards  dbb02bf   Make sure to use case-sensitive search
  discards  8b01e69   Prevent infinite loop on not-well-formed xml. (Bug#16344)
  discards  100346a   Add the missing test case for the previous patch
  discards  5aba61e   Use the correct dabbrev expansion
  discards  6287381   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  041a140   Bump version to 25.0.92
  discards  d6f6b7d   * etc/AUTHORS: Update the AUTHORS file
  discards  5cf7c39   authors.el updates
  discards  a26f193   ; fix changelog entries
  discards  fbc85c7   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  06da00c   Fix Bug#22859
  discards  ab30bf5   ; * src/w32proc.c: Update the commentary to sys_select.
  discards  1481029   Fix reordering of bidi text in an isolate inside an 
  discards  60e0596   Document c-guess-basic-syntax in the CC Mode manual.
  discards  733fb9f   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  f5d1435   Fix targets in test/automated/Makefile.in
  discards  38698b6   ; * lisp/vc/vc-hooks.el: corrected docstring of face
  discards  b6d6304   Comment on last change to define-derived-mode
  discards  7c1e6eb   Allow binding `url-mime-accept-string'
  discards  cb1e3da   Also allow setting the paragraph direction to nil
  discards  bbe8a89   Made the new OS X visible bell more visible.
  discards  dc42d0c   Use the correct background color when filling nested 
  discards  9781dc4   Make <div> in <li> not insert extra newlines
  discards  aae436e   Uncomment the next-error-function integration in xref
  discards  5f0d096   Remove the word "valid", to avoid ambiguity
  discards  52f64cc   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs 
into emacs-25
  discards  5a44bfe   Set auto-revert-use-notify to nil in 
global-auto-revert-mode.  (Bug#22814)
  discards  433407d   * etc/TODO: Minor quoting and grammar fixes.
  discards  0d60bfc   Fix ModelSim error parsing
  discards  5cac11a   Make parse-time-string-chars faster
  discards  b13cab6   Add a eww command to toggle paragraph direction
  discards  4e46128   * nextstep/WISHLIST: Merge into etc/TODO and remove.
  discards  9e078e5   Fix char signedness issue in bidi code
  discards  064adf6   * lib-src/pop.c (socket_connection): Fix format string.
  discards  14060a9   Avoid inflooping in thing-at-point-looking-at
  discards  098d47b   * lisp/emacs-lisp/derived.el (define-derived-mode): 
Revert indent change.
  discards  b5db8e0   etc/PROBLEMS: Mention problems with using file descriptors
  discards  ec10ef9   * lisp/apropos.el (apropos-variable): Doc fix.  
  discards  d2dd614   Remove unneeded workaround in xftfont.c
  discards  9b7593c   ; * etc/NEWS: Reflect latest changes in saveplace.
  discards  fde0cd1   * lisp/saveplace.el (save-place-local-mode): New minor 
  discards  06a872b   Fix redisplay on a TTY after 'make-frame'
  discards  95f5a43   Make double-click-1 work with unbalanced parens in CC 
Mode.  Fixes bug#5560.
  discards  7d206fc   Input method polish-slash should not use keyboard 
  discards  8be32cf   Fix an assertion
  discards  040e0d6   Fix 'toggle-save-place'
  discards  5244db2   * src/keyboard.c: Don't inadvertently set immediate_echo 
  discards  9d0b103   Minor fixes in calculator.el
  discards  e6a3819   Update HISTORY section in readme for the NextStep 
  discards  f67f1ed   ; * doc/lispref/modes.texi (Font Lock Basics): Minor 
  discards  7c81a0b   Improve documentation of 'save-place-mode'
  discards  cab3f0a   Allocate glyph matrices for the initial frame
  discards  e01c72f   Fix white space in last checkin
  discards  370eb67   Make `insert-pair' always leave the cursor where 
  discards  b594393   etc/NEWS: Mention the new second parameter to 
  discards  ce4bdd7   Highlight assignments in Makefiles more correctly
  discards  bd58c13   Improve documentation of focus-related hooks
  discards  00a4720   Further improve doc string of 'disable-point-adjustment'
  discards  c582def   Further adaptions in file-notify-tests.el for w32notify
  discards  a1585e1   Don't bug out on localised dates in gnus-icalendar
  discards  dfe1650   (ls-lisp-insert-directory): Make -B work
  discards  42bc065   Make buttons in header lines work
  discards  7bc4820   Make setf for frame-height/width work again
  discards  1af5e6e   Encode header strings before printing
  discards  6620944   (cl-union): Do not ignore :test argument when lists are 
  discards  17dd3fb   Add `isearch' to `basic-faces'
  discards  c1ec743   Make $, : and @ "prefix characters" in ruby-mode
  discards  e72a26e   Make find-tag-default-bounds more strict
  discards  1bc0e0a   Minor fixes in filenotify.el
  discards  a9c48d5   Additional fixes for file notification
  discards  6bd9d69   Fix documentation of 'global-disable-point-adjustment'
  discards  8c22ac9   ; Spelling fix
  discards  2975784   Set file modes of pinentry socket for extra safety
  discards  2667b3e   Clarify GnuPG version compatibility chapter
  discards  5e34c36   Revert "Change the default socket location for pinentry"
  discards  e19c1c3   Kill off xref--display-history
  discards  5698947   Keep the xref buffer visible until the user quits it 
  discards  e34fbde   Change the default socket location for pinentry
  discards  5f89658   Mention how to enable pinentry feature
  discards  db51224   Sync with gnulib
  discards  aa5a794   Remove `semanticdb-save-all-db-idle' from `auto-save-hook'
  discards  2d8b2fd   Restore point when writing semantic table to disk
  discards  27d3430   Mention pinentry.el in epa manual
  discards  5baa001   Fix Bug#22736
  discards  7261355   Grammar fix in doc string
  discards  d0f3b18   Naming fix for consistency
  discards  74ec92d   Prefer customized value for GnuPG executable
  discards  ea0b604   Fix memory reservation on MS-Windows
  discards  c5f72aa   Update NextStep readme and add wish list.
  discards  6de26a7   Report also result in `file-notify--test-event-handler'
  discards  5d17ae7   Improve file-notify-test08-watched-file-in-watched-dir
  discards  1cb1268   Fix todo-mode item date editing bugs
  discards  1e996cf   Fix "[:upper:]" for non-ASCII characters
  discards  896f993   Allow customising the article mode cursor behavior
  discards  24c1c1d   Use pop-to-buffer-same-window in woman.el
  discards  2a75f64   New filenotify test for bug#22736
  discards  c9bccf7   Report critical battery errors
  discards  d675db9   Make eww message toggling message clearer
  discards  5e0bb40   * lisp/calc/calc-units.el (math-standard-units): Update 
to 2014 CODATA adjustment.
  discards  fa8fd65   ; Improve character-folding entries in NEWS
  discards  3722a69   Fix bugs in window resizing code
  discards  289d5c6   Fix decoding DOS EOL in a unibyte buffer
  discards  2abcb06   Correct c-parse-state cache manipulation error.
  discards  14aec91   Take advantage of new GnuPG version check function
  discards  e80c2a7   Make GnuPG version check robuster
  discards  15a9464   Fix x-load-color-file pointer signedness
  discards  132dbf0   * lisp/time-stamp.el (time-stamp-time-zone): Fix doc 
string punct.
  discards  78ab6f1   Follow convention for greek letter constants.
  discards  106b5bb   Add Stefan-Boltzmann constant to calc units table.
  discards  b96baa8   * lisp/calc/calc-units.el 
(math-build-units-table-buffer): Use special-mode.
  discards  5f91cf9   Avoid loading cl-lib for term/xterm.elc, eg in -Q -nw.  
  discards  2d40f7d   Fix soffice UserInstallation-URL for Windows
  discards  b1a3ebe   Fix display of <pre> elements
  discards  57d0e3d   ; * lisp/help-fns.el: Remove outdated comment.
  discards  7a0628d   ; * admin/make-tarball.txt: Mention cleaning.
  discards  d4b93e1   Minor fixes in global-auto-composition-mode
  discards  02b037b   Allow arithmetic operators inside C++ template constructs.
  discards  44b16f6   Avoid crashes in semi-malformed 'condition-case'
  discards  652e5b4   Allow arithmetic operators inside C++ template constructs.
  discards  d9ea795   Fix regression with 'recent-keys' and keyboard macros
  discards  903603f   Fix wording in a doc-view.el comment
  discards  cf79616   ; Spelling fixes
  discards  f8bf1b3   CONTRIBUTE cleanups and updates
  discards  f3aaca3   Port USE_STACK_LISP_OBJECTS fix to Clang
  discards  1834ac7   Port to x86 GCC 4.3.1 and earlier
  discards  8482949   Fix point movement under 'scroll-conservatively'
  discards  c1313b5   Replace colon in file name (not legal on Windows)
  discards  f7af26c   Fix a typo in edt.texi
  discards  8badf95   Make 'mmap_realloc' on MS-Windows more reliable
  discards  856cd94   Grep alias `all' shall not match parent directory
  discards  cc6d906   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  1af4493   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  23ca48d   Bump version to 25.0.91
  discards  dacde7e   * etc/AUTHORS: Update the AUTHORS file
  discards  478ca5d   ; fix changelog entries
  discards  2b7d006   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  851decb   * lisp/dired-aux.el: Require cl-lib.  (Bug#22613)
  discards  47896c8   ; Improve commentary in insdel.c
  discards  53ca1e1   Index tilde characters in names of backup files
  discards  d97f522   Document deprecation of hi-lock-mode's 'C-x w' bindings
  discards  b55f06d   ; * etc/NEWS: Use double spaces to end a sentence.
  discards  28bb214   Announce that the `C-x w' bindings are deprecated
  discards  1c98f98   Suppress GNUstep hardening
  discards  d82f24b   Fix redisplay after a large insertion
  discards  85a2753   Revert "Fix gnus-group-get-new-news-this-group on group 
with closed server"
  discards  e8e3bd0   ; Improve merge documentation in CONTRIBUTE
  discards  5eb9989   * lib-src/make-docfile.c: Include stdarg.h.
  discards  c95ebbf   Extend gpm-mouse-mode's doc string and doc to point out 
  discards  a91b4b5   Revert "Backport: * lisp/isearch.el: Turn char-folding 
off by default"
  discards  f5d6b9b   Revert "Support integer image rotation and respect EXIF 
  discards  afe7d1f   Revert "Document EXIF image rotation"
  discards  c6f377c   Document OS X LANG default
  discards  eb4a18c   Set locale when run from OS X GUI
  discards  456c0a3   make-docfile cleanup for I/O, etc.
  discards  25ec995   Memory-management cleanup in make-docfile
  discards  02d925e   Kevin Gallagher has new email address
  discards  4ef153b   Improve doc strings of 'forward/backward-word-strictly'
  discards  3ad05a0   Describe Makefile test targets in test/README
  discards  12c50e8   Backport: * lisp/isearch.el: Turn char-folding off by 
  discards  10b8ed2   Document EXIF image rotation
  discards  0f60049   Support integer image rotation and respect EXIF rotations
  discards  7dd45b6   Quote table names for postgres listings (sql-mode)
  discards  6bac035   * lisp/replace.el (replace-match-maybe-edit): Make arg 
`backward' optional.
  discards  ee909aa   * lisp/simple.el (next-line-or-history-element): Reset 
  discards  0a289d3   Suppress ACL ops if configured with --disable-acl
  discards  1a9dbf5   Mention web bugs
  discards  fa55da2   Make mm-html-blocked-images default to "" again
  discards  145a11e   Minor alignas cleanup
  discards  f65ef80   Add lmalloc commentary and tweak laligned
  discards  7777e80   Clarify documentation of key binding conventions
  discards  1ead3d2   * etc/NEWS: mention the `vc-faces' customization group
  discards  f2e9d1b   Sync with gnulib
  discards  815439e   * CONTRIBUTE: Add more examples for $(SELECTOR) make 
  discards  7c9206f   Make mm-html-inhibit-images and mm-html-blocked-images 
default to nil
  discards  b1079c0   Increase success rate of fallback lmalloc
  discards  a3bf4a3   Make backgrounds extend to the end of the lines in shr
  discards  9935e7c   Make the `R' command get the correct relative <img>s
  discards  8212135   Fix typos in emacs-mime.texi and gnus.texi
  discards  56ccb84   * doc/misc/emacs-mime.texi (Display Customization): Doc 
fix for mm-html-inhibit-images.
  discards  435af80   Fix message-cross-post-followup-to group names
  discards  22e239c   Compare recipient and keys case-insensitively
  discards  e85055c   * lisp/gnus/mm-decode.el (mm-alist-to-plist): Doc fix.
  discards  0a4c102   Refactor HTML images handling of Gnus and mm-* (a part of 
  discards  463a8ea   Port to FreeBSD 11-CURRENT i386
  discards  37eae51   Some fixes in file-notify-tests.el
  discards  edc39c9   ; * etc/NEWS: Clarify entry about bracketed paste mode.
  discards  d5a10ae   Fix Bug#22557
  discards  67fcd5a   Fix test for dladdr
  discards  9dc77e3   Fix gnus-group-get-new-news-this-group on group with 
closed server
  discards  d7933ff   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  4feb962   * lisp/comint.el (comint-prompt-read-only): Clean tabs in 
  discards  cc419fb   Don't inloop gnus-uu-mark-thread on the last thread
  discards  51c77a2   Display non-ASCII group names better in prompts
  discards  f93d669   Default to gpg2 instead of gpg
  discards  35cbe20   src/process.c Correctly convert AF_INET6 addresses
  discards  9ffe7dd   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-define-mode-toggle): Improve 
  discards  16140f7   * lisp/menu-bar.el (menu-bar-options-menu): New search 
  discards  3db6adb   * lisp/isearch.el (search-default-mode)
  discards  4ea1ea7   * lisp/isearch.el: Rename search-default-regexp-mode to 
  discards  c77ffc8   Use monitor's resolution for positioning tooltips
  discards  49e5749   Fix file-notify-test on MS-Windows
  discards  be1d874   Fix issues found by auditing w32notify code
  discards  87ae218   Extend etags Ruby support for accessors
  discards  aa35257   Update publicsuffix.txt.
  discards  6816bff   Ensure that Gnus dribble handling allows removing entries
  discards  691feae   Be consistent when using encoded strings in nnimap data
  discards  3ed423b   Display the decoded Gnus group name
  discards  5428b5b   Use completion-ignore-case instead of defining command
  discards  1fbcc8a   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of 
git.savannah.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs into emacs-25
  discards  1eaf68f   * test/automated/file-notify-tests.el 
  discards  c1d32a6   Fix problems caused by new implementation of sub-word mode
  discards  d333716   ; * etc/NEWS: Expand news entry for scss-mode
  discards  c32c16f   ; Better document changes in ls-lisp default behavior
  discards  dc6eed2   Fix doc string of tls-program
  discards  1ef309f   Restore window conf in nsm
  discards  2c117fc   * etc/NEWS: Document new mpc.el features
  discards  71a0496   * lisp/custom.el (defface): Revert indentation change.  
  discards  9dfece1   Correctly fontify C++ initializations which "look like" 
  discards  4485222   Improve newsticker-treeview-selection-face
  discards  4236944   Minor fix in tagging Ruby accessors by etags
  discards  35fc77d   Spelling fixes
  discards  3dda110   Remove 'def X' from the example
  discards  bf64d65   Allow sending empty hidden values in eww
  discards  ee73997   Make erc work better when encountering unknown prefix 
  discards  b99141d   Make erc completion case-insensitive again
  discards  66c4620   Make complection in erc use consistent casing
  discards  8c562b2   Make /QUIT in erc more robust
  discards  d93d2c5   Make tracking faces in Emacs work more reliably
  discards  af6ab7e   Make shr not bug out on images on non-graphical displays
  discards  3311f40   Fix bookmark display widths
  discards  d90ab1e   Fix typo in eww-make-unique-file-name
  discards  7f81825   Make it possible to TAB to input fields
  discards  a43a1dc   Insert complete alt texts when images are disabled
  discards  56ed4e1   Allow eww text fields to grow
  discards  66b315c   Make erc work when subword-mode is switched on
  discards  255b68f   Fix IMAP doc example
  discards  91557f5   Quoting fixes in doc strings and diagnostics
  discards  2c0dc9f   Fix warning message in hack-local-variables
  discards  504696d   Etags: yet another improvement in Ruby tags
  discards  8784ebf   Fix x-popup-menu on TTYs without a mouse
  discards  8b87ecb   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el: Improvements to the docstring 
of the pcase macro
  discards  6191003   Use pop-to-buffer-same-window in eww
  discards  fe321fd   * autogen.sh: Revert all recent changes.
  discards  74ebd4a   * make-dist: Updates related to nt/.
  discards  737193a   * make-dist: Add modules/.
  discards  3696bf2   * make-dist: Update for super-special file that can't 
live in etc/.
  discards  a4278e2   Fix failure to compile ns-win.el in parallel builds
  discards  860da4d   Fix names of tags generated for Ruby accessors
  discards  f6213ce   Fix file-name recognition in 'etags'
  discards  e42e662   Change Ruby file names and extensions recognized by 
  discards  58bfb6a   More improvements for Ruby support in 'etags'
  discards  c04e911   Add --git-config option to autogen.sh
  discards  5713466   Fix editing undo changes in eww fields
  discards  51362d6   Allow the user more control of popping up the eww window
  discards  ee0fbd8   Make eww-browse-url with new-window parameter work again
  discards  9c3142d   Clean up eww code slightly
  discards  cb035f3   Don't insert nil faces in shr
  discards  4c3fae3   ; * lisp/progmodes/prolog.el: Remove some obsolete 
  discards  93f2153   Improve the custom type of some user options.
  discards  9f60d7e   Mark some risky calendar variables.
  discards  1d07dcd   Highlight two additional SCSS keywords
  discards  ee8b466   Recommend enabling integrity-checking in git
  discards  e639e10   Some corrections in Elisp manual
  discards  d766ca8   Chatter when autogen.sh changes Git configuration
  discards  3b734e1   * org/org-compat.el (org-font-lock-ensure): Fix bogus 
test (bug#22399)
  discards  43cb9f8   Omit unnecessary history from Lisp intro
  discards  2fbd1da   * etc/HISTORY: Add some more history, plus git tags.
  discards  c90e1b4   Improve elisp “Security Considerations” doc
  discards  cedd7ca   autogen.sh now arranges for git to check hashes
  discards  86ce76b   ; Fix ChangeLog.2 commit ID.
  discards  7b1d2b1   Fix (c & 040) typo in emergency escapes
  discards  a8273da   Fix display of overlay strings with 'display' and 'box' 
  discards  fc48106   Fix imap-starttls-open
  discards  cdecbed   Fix return value of imap-starttls-open
  discards  20c7e34   ; * etc/NEWS: Fix renamed command name
  discards  98bdbdb   Correct reference to DARWIN_OS preprocessor symbol
  discards  b250d29   Spelling fix
  discards  b920a0e   Spelling fixes
  discards  93b144b   Pacify GCC on C library without glibc API
  discards  71b20b3   Backport: * lisp/files.el: Remove support for extra 
.dir-locals file
  discards  ae26c8a   * lisp/net/browse-url.el (browse-url-default-browser): 
Lower priority of non-free Chrome.
  discards  0fac75f   Improve the custom type of some user options.
  discards  2df0e04   Highlight CSS variables with variable name face
  discards  3cf5e81   * lisp/gnus/gnus-kill.el (gnus-winconf-kill-file): Not 
  discards  2a5233c   Mark some user options that can get evalled as risky.
  discards  39b166f   Disable DebPrint in sys_read on MS-Windows
  discards  9fd0189   ;Fix ChangeLog entry
  discards  4bb7233   Fix typos in Introduction to Emacs Lisp manual
  discards  7b14da4   Bump version to 25.0.90
  discards  6f607a9   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  875577b   * etc/AUTHORS: Update the AUTHORS file
  discards  e6b7b6d   ; ChangeLog fixes
  discards  eea0a23   authors.el updates
  discards  a4ab2a5   Make it possible to run make change-history on emacs-25
  discards  40a85fb   Support Go language in 'etags'
  discards  25b79d7   Improve Ruby support in 'etags'
  discards  ccc3b3c   Adjust etags test results to changes in copyright years
  discards  df5ae7d   Revert "Re-enable checks in member, memql, delete to 
complain about non-lists"
  discards  a089d6a   Don't fiddle with DEFAULT
  discards  ef760b8   Document xwidget commands and functions
  discards  05f1f0d   Build fix for shr.el
  discards  2b87dea   Improve project-find-file yet again!
  discards  06083cf   Don't pass DIR to 'hg status'
  discards  545ad84   Fix typo in previous commits
  discards  7deeab6   Improve project-find-file
  discards  a71560b   Implement vc-mtn-find-ignore-file, fix some doc strings
  discards  9421b94   Correct a whole bunch of bugs coming with renamed cell 
  discards  f524e8b   Re-enable checks in member, memql, delete to complain 
about non-lists
  discards  c32cc60   c:/emacs-git/next/ChangeLog
  discards  d7a93ef   Minor improvements to 'pcase' documentation
  discards  7257815   ; * lisp/textmodes/table.el: Comment tweak.
  discards  e94983f   Don't use eval to quieten prolog.el compilation.
  discards  59e39cc   Mark some risky prolog variables.
  discards  c51943d   * lisp/custom.el (defcustom): Doc fix.
  discards  af5cff9   * lisp/cedet/semantic/db-file.el 
(semanticdb-persistent-path): Fix :type.
  discards  9be8a2f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-load-list): Improve 
  discards  deae005   Fix Bug#22452
  discards  8e5046a   * lisp/xwidget.el (xwidget-query-on-exit-flag): Declare.
  discards  82bf438   * lisp/xwidget.el (xwidget-webkit-browse-url): Give 
explicit error if not compiled with xwidgets.
  discards  bc0903d   C-u C-x = example doc fix
  discards  b88e9cd   malloc.h hygiene
  discards  cf17002   ; Fix a typo in the user manual
  discards  a523045   * doc/emacs/mark.texi (Using Region): Clarify wording.  
  discards  b4c7b51   Remove never-set var handle_user_signal_hook
  discards  ad879b7   Backport:fix previous change of src/ftfont.c 
  discards  4a3db0f   support rendering of wider range of combinging characters 
by ftfont backend
  discards  6090275   Fixed NextStep fullscreen issue (bug#22468)
  discards  da976cf   * lisp/files.el: Use a fixed file name for the second 
dir-locals file
  discards  914fb99   * lisp/files-x.el (modify-dir-local-variable): Small 
  discards  777c712   * lisp/files.el (dir-locals-find-file): Refactor return 
  discards  6efc592   * lisp/textmodes/flyspell.el 
(flyspell--prev-meta-tab-binding): Declare.
  discards  af4bd97   * configure.ac (USE_CAIRO): Rename to more standard 
  discards  60c9e68   * configure.ac (--with-cairo): Say it's experimental.
  discards  55af349   ; Spelling fix (American spelling)
  discards  9dec01d   ; Spelling fixes (American spelling)
  discards  60f6bd8   * lisp/xwidget.el (xwidget-webkit-scroll-behavior): 
Rename using American spelling.  Update all uses.
  discards  cea07fd   Yet more xwidget doc fixes.
  discards  3214a8b   ; * lisp/net/nsm.el: Fix typo.
  discards  b579f36   * lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el (gnus-blocked-images): Add 
explicit nil choice and tags.
  discards  5b0bab0   ; * lisp/net/browse-url.el: Fix obvious typos in recent.
  discards  a528a60   Spelling fixes
  discards  21beb19   (font-lock-ensure-function): Fix bug#22399
  discards  ec90220   Expunge "allow" + infinitive from source and doc, part 2.
  discards  ae555b6   * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el 
(tabulated-list-mode): Redundant line
  discards  3ef1d9a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/ert.el (ert--results-move): Change 
error to user-error
  discards  6475f92   Port "$@" to OpenIndiana ksh93
  discards  2f505ff   * src/xwidget.c (Fxwidget_set_adjustment): Fix doc string 
quoting typo.
  discards  075a747   Improve wording for SMB support
  discards  1698036   Merge from gnulib
  discards  fbce475   Expunge "allow" + infinitive without direct object from 
source and doc.
  discards  fef1b30   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs 
into emacs-25
  discards  12eeaa8   Add NEWS entry for asynchronous reconnect in ERC
  discards  76168e1   Add NEWS entry for asynchronous reconnect in ERC
  discards  05a6304   browse-url.el: Add 'google-chrome' to supported browsers.
  discards  3772f44   Port Tramp manual to latest Texinfo
  discards  7faf919   * eww.el (eww-render): Protect against empty 
  discards  6f747a7   authors.el updates
  discards  5152b21   ; ChangeLog fixes
  discards  2aae081   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  3f481ad   Rename xref-query-replace to xref-query-replace-in-results
  discards  62f4ed4   Update cl-defgeneric and cl-defmethod docstrings
  discards  2111e0e   Comment out next-error-function integration in xref
  discards  4e11ad3   Correct a use of "which" in intro.texi
  discards  a1865bc   Distinguish the two meanings of Java's keyword "default". 
 Fixes bug #22358.
  discards  76045f7   Don't operate on menu bar of nonexistent frame
  discards  c32f3bc   Unbreak the GNUstep build.
  discards  371154b   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  71468e0   ; Another minor change in Dired docs
  discards  1d4887a   Improve documentation of 'pcase'
  discards  f1e74e8   * etc/NEWS: Say that Cairo is experimental.
  discards  190d365   Report error for PNG under Cairo
  discards  5c3edcd   Delete a spurious backquote (tiny change)
  discards  c07bddd   Pacify --enable-gcc-warnings --with-cairo
  discards  035bd81   Update documentation for Dired search and replace
  discards  0275e7b   ; Improve commentary in sysdep.c
  discards  27a0919   Port recent xdisp.c fix to picky C compilers
  discards  bbbb038   Prevent spurious recognition of K&R argument 
declarations.  Fixes bug #2203
  discards  6ff8b45   ; Minor tweaks in etc/NEWS
  discards  5221f45   Fix the build with --enable-checking=glyphs
  discards  849a314   Document cl-generic.el
  discards  7c3d742   xwidgets style cleanup
  discards  7bf54d0   Backport kqueue integration from master
  discards  f7dc6d8   Further corrections to the pcase docstring
  discards  669d30b   * doc/emacs/anti.texi (Antinews): Rewrite for Emacs 25.
  discards  44c7b49   In xref-collect-references, force backends to respect the 
'dir' arg
  discards  fb7c581   Minor correction to pcase docstring
  discards  4763c77   Write a new docstring for the pcase macro
  discards  5293d1b   Avoid byte-compiler warning in todo-mode (bug#21953)
  discards  7bc7fd6   Fix desktop support in todo-mode and doc-view (bug#22377)
  discards  871c8b1   No need to configure gobject-introspection
  discards  9d7265b   Don’t export C symbols not used elsewhere
  discards  6a9399f   Support squiggly heredocs in ruby-mode
  discards  4db9424   * configure.ac (emacs_config_features): Remove WEBKIT.
  discards  2388fa7   Port to platforms with gtk3 but not webkitgtk3
  discards  65575c2   Fix doc string of 'isearch-search-fun-function'
  discards  c5ee6de   * lisp/xwidget.el: Nitpicks
  discards  96f6cac   Don't hard-code 1 as point-min.
  discards  833d53b   ; * lisp/xwidget.el: Spelling fixes.
  discards  c947113   * lisp/xwidget.el: Add declarations to silence 
non-xwidget compilation.
  discards  ea41538   Trivial doc copyedits.
  discards  0b356a6   Avoid advising image-display-size for xwidgets.
  discards  b88f4a2   Avoid breaking non-xwidget Emacs that happen to load 
  discards  22977b5   * lisp/xwidget.el (xwidget-webkit-scroll-behaviour): Fix 
custom spec.
  discards  1e5eb04   * configure.ac (WEBKIT, GIR, CAIRO): Use 
  discards  2dbb4de   * configure.ac (emacs_config_features): Add XWIDGETS, 
  discards  644e2fb   * configure.ac (HAVE_WEBKIT_OSR): Remove broken, 
duplicated gtk3 test.
  discards  11a0300   ; * etc/NEWS: xwidgets isn't documented.
  discards  406887f   * lisp/gnus/nnir.el (nnir-request-update-mark): Default 
to the original mark. cf. 
<http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.gnus.general/86583> and 
  discards  9d00392   * lisp/xwidget.el (report-xwidget-bug): Remove.
  discards  c7441cd   ; Add 2016 to copyright years of new files.
  discards  7c1f66a   Support for the new Xwidget feature.
  discards  663d379   Improve documentation of 'alist-get'
  discards  77793f5   ; * etc/NEWS: No need to document 'system-name'.
  discards  1562706   Minor copyedits of doc/emacs/maintaining.texi
  discards  32cb203   Unbreak the Cygwin-w32 build
  discards  116caed   * shr.el (shr-table-body): Allow tables to have text 
  discards  ef768c7   Cope with multiple overlapping faces.
  discards  66ff8ba   Fix spurious escapes in describe-input-method
  discards  2e5a89f   Minor improvements to (random t) documentation
  discards  0ed8b42   ; Fix a typo
  discards  2ac78c2   Rename methods in Ruby etags example file
  discards  29da1cb   Propertize backtick in 'def `(abc)' as symbol constituent
  discards  874a10b   Fix scrolling under scroll-preserve-screen-position on TTY
  discards  2f838b7   Fix shr table rendering of nested tables
  discards  4e559f2   * lisp/progmodes/project.el (project--read-regexp): Quote 
the identifier.
  discards  36b0729   Add xref-based replacements for Dired search commands
  discards  5b62b98   * doc/lispref/frames.texi (Position Parameters): Say they 
don't exist on TTYs.
  discards  f591e99   Improve user documentation of Xref
  discards  b2eb691   Fix scrolling under scroll-preserve-screen-position and 
  discards  687a64f   Unbreak the MS-Windows build
  discards  20defc5   Desktop: protect users against inadvertant upgrading of 
desktop file.
  discards  130d512   Initialize GnuTLS before calling gnutls_rnd
  discards  0f3ea5e   Don't use GnuTLS before it is initialized
  discards  fabb1fa   Port cleanup attribute to OpenBSD
  discards  05e8148   Prefer GnuTLS when acquiring random seed
  discards  a0d5b7a   ; * etc/NEWS: The final touch.
  discards  bd0c23c   Improve documentation of dynamic modules
  discards  e4c431c   * INSTALL: Document --with-modules.
  discards  9f49381   Document 'function-put'
  discards  964ba0f   Document 'funcall-interactively'
  discards  2460cfa   * doc/lispref/lists.texi (Association Lists): Document 
  discards  44177c1   * doc/lispref/strings.texi (Text Comparison): Document 
  discards  8515727   Document renaming of selection-related functions
  discards  5409aca   * doc/lispref/macros.texi (Expansion): Document 
  discards  e48f6dd   Document 'define-inline'
  discards  6e79b63   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  3ae7934   ; * etc/NEWS: Mark entries that don't need further 
  discards  6165c36   * lisp/files.el (dir-locals--all-files): Respect absolute 
  discards  2ffdf15   * lisp/help-fns.el (describe-variable): Fix a left-over 
  discards  71ecd62   * lisp/dired-x.el (dired-omit-here-always): Use 
  discards  f0b82b3   * lisp/files.el (dir-locals--all-files): Use completion 
instead of wildcards
  discards  86e4513   Fix incompatbilities with MS-Windows 2000 and older
  discards  4e96521   Mention in PROBLEMS an issue with MS-Windows NT4
  discards  15c23aa   Ensure 8-byte aligned memory allocation on MS-Windows 9X
  discards  39afa42   Fix tests for active region in hideif.el
  discards  05df666   Fix interactive specs in some hideif.el commands
  discards  bb0cd31   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs 
into emacs-25
  discards  549a765   Enable test selector from command line
  discards  9e5452f   Don't confuse "::" with ":" when trying to parse member 
  discards  740849f   Ensure positive number of glyphs for margins of positive 
  discards  aa636c8   Fix crashes when mini-window has non-zero margins
  discards  016b3d5   In comment-dwim with style `extra-line', respect 
  discards  3ffe81e   Make 'random' seeds cryptographically secure if possible
  discards  fee0526   Unhide the --no-line-directive option to 'etags'
  discards  b70dba4   Fix picture-mode wrt double-width characters
  discards  2bc07f7   ; * etc/NEWS: Remove unneeded text.
  discards  cde1182   Honor docstring of gnus-group-get-new-news
  discards  dadb841   Disallow parenthesis in non-pseudo CSS selectors
  discards  d5f1db8   ; * lisp/time-stamp.el: Remove active time-stamp comment.
  discards  a53fc89   * lisp/gnus/nntp.el (nntp-request-newgroups): Simplify
  discards  058f8a8   check-maybe shall run only default tests
  discards  a70b064   * lisp/thingatpt.el (thing-at-point-uri-schemes): Add 
  discards  78c8718   Un-obsolete tags-loop-continue
  discards  30c24e4   Document obsoletion of 'intangible' and 
  discards  53fb7e6   Updater documentation of 'looking-back'
  discards  3db8ce4   Document 'pre-redisplay-functions'
  discards  2e12e8d   Document the new deafault value of 'load-read-function'
  discards  c8eb45d   Document 'bufferpos-to-filepos' and 'filepos-to-bufferpos'
  discards  d3776e9   Document the new prefix-command hooks
  discards  d022b70   Fix one more misuse of time-stamp-time-zone
  discards  ed1b2de   Fix NNTP NEWGROUPS off-by-a-few-hours bug
  discards  281344e   Update publicsuffix.txt from upstream
  discards  1b7e681   Fix some declarations.
  discards  30d465b   Fix some custom types.
  discards  e85e0d5   Add some missing version tags.
  discards  0ae1a14   * test/automated/core-elisp-tests.el 
(core-elisp-tests-1-defvar-in-let): Add a custom type.
  discards  0d7bdee   ; ChangeLog fix
  discards  2fac775   * src/buffer.c (syms_of_buffer) <major-mode>: Doc fix.
  discards  0ed0a9b7  Merge from gnulib
  discards  c3528f1   Update documentation of 'process-running-child-p'
  discards  a71783b   Update documentation of 'deactivate-mark'.
  discards  bba8c53   Update documentation of 'completion-table-dynamic'
  discards  e879070   Document changes in 'read-buffer' and 
  discards  792d469   ; * etc/NEWS: Mark a couple of entries that are already 
  discards  fe6efdd   Fix time-stamp-time-zone bugs introduced in July
  discards  58a622d   Make piping to subprocesses more robust on MS-Windows
  discards  1f6898d   test/automated/vc-hg.el: Support out-of-tree build
  discards  3adb56e   Minor change in tramp-tests.el
  discards  2b535ba   ; * etc/NEWS: Update the js.el entry.
  discards  76b518c   * etc/HELLO: Add Armenian and Mongolian greetings.
  discards  b51f1ef   Java Mode: Fontify identifiers in the presence of 
  discards  36b9539   Avoid an infloop when we run out of memory
  discards  2006752   Avoid unnecessary failures of auto-saving after fatal 
  discards  eef6784   Simplify HAVE_MODULES use in mark_maybe_pointer
  discards  552694a   Revert attempt to use 'noexcept' in typedef
  discards  6ad0d39   Update documentation of 'indirect-function'
  discards  c6a5314   ; * etc/NEWS: Move entry of 'inhibit-point-motion-hooks'.
  discards  303141a   Update documentation for obsoleting 
  discards  4e6f61c   ; * etc/NEWS: Mark documented and not-to-be-documented 
  discards  e667bbb   Document new features if Eshell
  discards  9c4e4e0   ; * etc/NEWS: Update EUDC entries.
  discards  1089dc9   Handle too long commands in Tramp
  discards  684eb58   * .gitattributes: *.cur and *.pif are binary files too.
  discards  d2c7fda   * src/alloc.c (mark_maybe_pointer): HAVE_MODULES may be 
  discards  bd3f53d   * sh-script.el (sh-smie-sh-rules): Improve indentation 
inside $(...)
  discards  09b2b8a   * src/alloc.c (mark_maybe_pointer): Also check wide-int's 
  discards  cca0f93   ; Account for spaces before the filename
  discards  c71e1e8   Use short date for 'hg annotate', and output the author
  discards  f50027b   Spelling fix
  discards  c7dff67   ; * etc/NEWS: Fix the Xref entries that got separated.
  discards  cc140bc   Document user-level functions in project.el
  discards  f8208b6   Document the user-level features of the Xref package
  discards  b131fb8   * loading.texi: Add `define-type' entry for load-history
  discards  db3c2a8   Improve doc strings and prompts in xref.el
  discards  f6117ef   Allow the use of `font-lock-extend-region-multiline' in 
CC Mode.
  discards  90fd798   Fix coding system for Tramp on OS X.
  discards  e985a0e   ; * etc/NEWS: Mark the 'check-expensive' entry not to be 
  discards  9dfcbf0   Update 'load-history' docs
  discards  207e191   Fix (error ...) error
  discards  457738f   Correctly analyze brace arguments in templated C++ 
function declarations.
  discards  d57724a   * lisp/cedet/mode-local.el 
(describe-function-orig-buffer): Declare.
  discards  2a9532d   * lisp/ffap.el (ffap-latex-mode): Avoid free variable.
  discards  1a6b084   * lisp/play/dunnet.el (dun-fix-screen): Avoid 
  discards  8be046f   Respect fontification region calculated by major mode.  
Fixes bug #22316.
  discards  4b37cba   Improve documentation of Delete Selection mode
  discards  a034dd3   Fix two project-find-file issues
  discards  30abf29   Clarify doc string of 'dired-current-directory'
  discards  e990bb2   Use the face of preceding text for displaying the ellipsis
  discards  5810ac3   Suppress Chinese file name test for OSX in tramp-tests.el
  discards  eeb710a   ; * lisp/startup.el: Sentences end with two spaces.
  discards  428b3de   * admin/admin.el (set-version): Also handle the NEWS file.
  discards  648de81   ; Add NEWS entry for project.el
  discards  671862f   apropos-library: Skip obvious duplicates; don't error on 
  discards  51668a5   ; Grammar fix
  discards  ed41d11   Add project-find-file and project-or-external-find-file
  discards  056da45   ; Improve commentary in 'setup_for_ellipsis'
  discards  269d0088  ; Improve docstring for 
  discards  07442de   ; * etc/NEWS: Backport edit made on wrong branch.
  discards  ce4a052   Add defvar-local to lisp-imenu-generic-expression
  discards  a0121bc   Revert commit b1e3d14845517bfa9fa5d6d3840f3ab3160306fd
  discards  76fe2d5   * lisp/emacs-lisp/autoload.el 
(autoload-find-destination): Doc fix.
  discards  1ae088f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/autoload.el (autoload-find-destination):
  discards  b6b47af   Properly encode/decode base64Binary data in SOAP
  discards  c632466   Obey coding-system-for-write when writing stdout/stderr 
in batch
  discards  2f32cb5   * doc/misc/efaq.texi (Packages that do not come with 
Emacs): Update the URI of MELPA and marmalade-repo.  Reported by CHENG Gao 
<address@hidden> in 
  discards  d2937aa   * lisp/progmodes/opascal.el (opascal-mode-syntax-table):
  discards  5330c25   * lisp/progmodes/xscheme.el 
  discards  7380990   Remove function wrongly on AWK Mode value of context 
fontification hook.
  discards  d400753   * src/buffer.c: Stick with ASCII in doc string.
  discards  221240c   Reword transient-mark-mode doc string
  discards  977d3ea   Update doc string of 'selective-display'
  discards  229c3fa   Make C++ buffers writeable when writing their initial 
text properties.
  discards  f5c762c   Additional changes for "make check-expensive"
  discards  1729cf3   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Remove myself.
  discards  33219d3   Apply text properties for <, > in new after-change 
function (C++ Java Modes).
  discards  31a97ac   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs 
into emacs-25
  discards  4e62197   Introduce check-expensive tests.
  discards  9fb185a   shr-tag-video bug fix
  discards  6300655   Minor fixes in tramp-tests.el
  discards  50575b1   Ensure redisplay when 'truncate-lines' is set
  discards  0d9e80d   Fix a doc string of 'transient-mark-mode'
  discards  0000ae5   MS-Windows followup to latest gnulib update
  discards  4bc5e02   Spelling fix
  discards  f1093f7   Do secure signed Bcc handling
  discards  e79b06e   Avoid stdio in SIGINT handler
  discards  861022f   * doc/misc/texinfo.tex: Revert unwanted copyright change.
  discards  46e47a5   ; * etc/refcards/ru-refcard.tex (cyear): Update via M-x 
  discards  71ea138   * lisp/align.el (align): Simplify a lambda
  discards  5618a50   * lisp/align.el (align): Fix arg order in call to 
  discards  1f680db   Fix compilation next-error in buffers with 
  discards  d20a948   * nsm.el (nsm-check-protocol): Fix typo in the message.
  discards  1da116f   Add SHA1 warnings for high network security settings
  discards  e48bacd   ; * etc/NEWS: Typo fix.
  discards  5213ded   Refactor mml-smime.el, mml1991.el, mml2015.el
  discards  43662a2   ; Clarify that xref is still experimental
  discards  0a6e6ca   ; * admin/release-process: Remove some obsolete records.
  discards  c2e9e3d   * lisp/progmodes/fortran.el 
  discards  8637f3d   (semantic-symref-derive-find-filepatterns): Return a list
  discards  0a7ad07   ; Re-arrange xref-related entries in NEWS.
  discards  fe903ef   Fix xref-find-references on MS-Windows
  discards  55a28d8   ; Fixed visual bell artifact problem on NextStep.
  discards  d064034   Document new features of tildify-mode
  discards  964bea7   Document new features of Whitespace mode
  discards  cd68f47   Improve documentation of new Hide-IfDef features
  discards  723b8bf   Fix regression in font-locking cl-assert and cl-check-type
  discards  372d00a   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  ef33bc7   Spelling and grammar fixes
  discards  9c3dbab   Fix copyright years by hand
  discards  0e96320   Update copyright year to 2016
  discards  9825305   Merge from gnulib
  discards  9ee6ecb   lisp/emacs-lisp/chart.el (chart-new-buffer): Move to 
silence byte compiler.
  discards  526d80c   Port chart.el methods to cl-generic.
  discards  410bb69   Add nt/INSTALL.W64 build instructions
  discards  8f5b524   Add new input method 'programmer-dvorak'
  discards  6d11f6e   Allow to invoke original M-TAB binding in 
  discards  bb83bb1   Fix EWW rendering of long RTL lines
  discards  b1a8509   fix  bug#21054
  discards  ce5ad12   Clean up cairo printing code
  discards  30f4a89   Move variables to inner loop, preparing for Mac port merge
  discards  6ee327d   Add handle_user_signal_hook
  discards  47580e0   Avoid writing to purespace
  discards  0588be7   Remove unused variable
  discards  89e7483   * configure.ac: Find libxml2 headers in Xcode SDK dir on 
  discards  3b95e9c   Use posix_openpt instead of openpty on Darwin
  discards  86312ff   Document support for ':documentation' in Lisp mode
  discards  c930e75b  Document new features of TeX mode
  discards  7c83d84   Clarify docs of hscroll in RTL text
  discards  4c8f8db   Fix rendering of HTML pages that use character composition
  discards  a8d37ca   Avoid some compiler warnings in w32.c
  discards  ce106f3de Undo ill-advised change
  discards  be0bba4   Unbreak completion in python-mode buffers
  discards  e823c34   Fix typos in CC Mode manual
  discards  57bd9a3   Avoid assertion violations in compact_font_cache_entry
  discards  88e2de2   Fix filling text with bidirectional characters in shr.el
  discards  9fc2d2c   * src/xfns.c (x_create_tip_frame): Process alpha 
  discards  8ca864b   Sync with Tramp 2.2.13
  discards  959ce52   * doc/misc/tramp.texi: Editorial revisions to the Tramp 
  discards  6e5df6c   Mention that tls.el is secure by default, and will fail
  discards  de5c44f   Make tls.el use trustfiles by default
  discards  1ba1e35   Refactor out gnutls-trustfiles
  discards  ad9aaa4   Remove --insecure from gnutls-cli invocation
  discards  00beafa   Spelling fix
  discards  3f09548   Port report-emacs-bug to deterministic builds
  discards  11fe8e4   ; * lisp/progmodes/project.el: Update TODO
  discards  499dac5   Fix URL auth error message
  discards  9982c01   shr link traversal fixup
  discards  2ed9de4   set :safe on css-indent-offset
  discards  82b9bfc   * eww.el (eww-mode): Remove superfluous bidi reset.
  discards  57029f3   Make chunked encoding trailer detection more compliant
  discards  6dcaa56   Fix Bug#10873 in `report-emacs-bug'
  discards  b406665   Always reset the bidi direction
  discards  326ffcc   Allow line comments ending with escaped NL to be 
continued to the next line.
  discards  17ab0d1   Rename project-library-roots to project-external-roots
  discards  a36c888   Clear erc user list upon disconnection
  discards  ff5f37e   Don't bug out in erc after waking from sleep
  discards  af25ede   Proxy error in erc with multiple clients
  discards  2cd894d   Ensure that we don't have several timers in erc
  discards  85c1843   Fix mml-sec build warnings
  discards  5caa4de   Don't insert erc logs at the end
  discards  03dbfb9   (eww-setup-buffer): Restore left-to-right defaults
  discards  5049827   Don't join erc channels doubly
  discards  3ad99c4   Avoid leaving "ghost" of mouse pointer on MS-Windows
  discards  f9d87dd   Fix auth source lookups from erc with port numbers
  discards  6ae0aa6   Run erc-kill-channel-hook always on exit
  discards  c9dfe51   Spelling fix
  discards  767240e   Reword initial *scratch* for brevity, appearance
  discards  ba66b35   Add ert-deftest to lisp-mode.el
  discards  d2b5e74   Mark imap changes as not needing doc changes
  discards  b329958   * imap.el (imap-ssl-open): Remove
  discards  a2158f6   Use built-in encryption in imap.el
  discards  4c361a9   Don't try using /bin/sh in artist.el on MS-Windows
  discards  4b1436b   Always define gmalloc etc. in src/gmalloc.c
  discards  0191077   Fix documentation of browse-url browser-related functions
  discards  b45828e   Propagate Bug#14412 fix to backtrace_eval_unrewind
  discards  9e9f6fb   ; * etc/NEWS: Update entries for VHDL and Calculator.
  discards  1490096   Don't produce non-ASCII characters in *scratch*
  discards  dd86e5a   Document changes in 'compare-windows'
  discards  42ae568   Document 'vc-annotate-background-mode'
  discards  ca13f61   Document 'vc-region-history'
  discards  7874467   Improve documentation of 'vc-push'
  discards  388f193   ; * etc/NEWS: Document new features of SQL Mode.
  discards  4b5b398   Include the tests for the URL parsing fixes
  discards  8dea6fe   Make relative URL parsing and resolution consistent with 
RFC 3986 (bug#22044)
  discards  4021027   ; * etc/NEWS: Mark some URL entries as not requiring 
documentation changes
  discards  bda3c46   Document 'url-user-agent'.
  discards  3a9664d   Document protocols supported by URL library via Tramp
  discards  293bd4f   Document changes in Shell-script mode
  discards  297e558   Fix documentation of 'ses-define-local-printer'
  discards  406d132   Document 'ert-summarize-tests-batch-and-exit'
  discards  23c3caf   Avoid assertion violation in unbind_to
  discards  490dcf2   Don't treat /foo/bar:mumble as ange-ftp address
  discards  ba82d68   Follow <meta> redirects in eww
  discards  24228d2   Allow http://user:address@hidden/ URLs again
  discards  f41c54b   Autoload url-insert-buffer-contents
  discards  b6ad460   Make sure *scratch* etc. use forward slashes in its 
  discards  e59b2ee   More eww file name coding fixes
  discards  6c12691   Always save eww history
  discards  1a99bd6   Default web pages to right-to-left
  discards  2d33a9c   Make toggling checkboxes work again
  discards  eeff251   Don't store cookies with empty names
  discards  5b2401d   Stop rendering HTML before specdlr exhaustion
  discards  ec2a509   Use cl-reduce, not reduce.
  discards  96ac314   Allow several <tbody> tags in shr
  discards  a7143fa   Make prettier unique file names in eww
  discards  90f82ff   Decode hex-encoded URLs before using them as file names
  discards  5bd3a0c   Add FreeBSD cert bundle
  discards  6ef896c   Ignore invalid SVG images
  discards  cc3de97   shr table rendering fix
  discards  2dd3581   Restore info about the build host in bug reports
  discards  94a3606   Fix bootstrap broken by changes related to OS X file-name 
  discards  b2b84b1   * ido.el (ido-add-virtual-buffers-to-list): Use 
  discards  3e7f633   ; Re-enabled "File-name completion of non-ASCII 
characters on OS X (bug#22169)""
  discards  dfad97b   Make tramp-test29-vc-registered more robust
  discards  d107eda   ; Revert "File-name completion of non-ASCII characters on 
OS X (bug#22169)"
  discards  076172b   * lisp/term/x-win.el (x-gtk-stock-map): Fix typo.
  discards  9576e88   Fix `gnus-union' so as to behave like `cl-union'
  discards  04dd5a5   Fix dired.c typo with ptrdiff_t vs Lisp_Object
  discards  68218d8   Document default process sentinel more prominently
  discards  30cc4e4   Fix file-name completion on OS X
  discards  0905307   File-name completion of non-ASCII characters on OS X 
  discards  781770b   Fix bug #18588 by making bug-reference-bug-regexp more 
  discards  ffb1699   add some cl-* aliases to lisp-mode imenu
  discards  05989cb   Make a variable buffer-local
  discards  9b0f182   Fix decoding of text in URLs retrieved by EWW
  discards  be11f94   Fix a coding error in c-forward-<>-arglist-recur.  Fixes 
  discards  75a005d   Instrument Tramp tests
  discards  8fe2adc   Fix `display-buffer' call in `display-message-or-buffer' 
  discards  33efb6d   * lisp/saveplace.el (toggle-save-place, 
  discards  5443f4c   ; Clarify comment added in previous commit.
  discards  57f2225   Add FIXME comment re stack overflow and modules
  discards  e9916d8   Revert some recent emacs-module commentary
  discards  6cd051b   Spelling fix: prefer "cooperate" to "co-operate"
  discards  3864302   Port undo fixes to -fno-common
  discards  4851616   Improve commentary for emacs-module.c
  discards  f55c0f0   Suppress test on Mac OS X
  discards  df32db2   Merge branch 'scratch/follow' into emacs-25
  discards  6a8a41c   * tramp-sh.el (tramp-get-ls-command-with-w-option): 
Improve check.
  discards  431181c   Fix last commit
  discards  7a0786e   Document new features of Rmail
  discards  1fe1d18   ; * etc/NEWS: More Info-related copyedits
  discards  6d7f884   ; * etc/NEWS: Rearrange Info-related entries
  discards  0788f5f   Improve documentation of new cl-lib functions
  discards  912ef07   ; * etc/NEWS: Copyedits and rearrangements.  Add entry 
about Info-quoted.
  discards  6281220   Document the new feature of 'minibuffer-with-setup-hook'
  discards  277d7ef   Document new features of Font Lock
  discards  d30c30b   Document new features of Rectangle mode
  discards  d59abe7   Manual followup to last change
  discards  7de8464   Clarify doc string of 'display-message-or-buffer'
  discards  f1c721a   * doc/emacs/emacs.texi (Top): Update top-level menus.
  discards  54d67d6   * doc/lispref/elisp.texi (Top): Update top-level menus.
  discards  3323ee7   Document how to avoid file-local variables that aren't
  discards  f236e27   Fix a typo in eterm-color's termcap entry
  discards  bcf4913   Allow 'browse-url-emacs' visit non-existent URLs
  discards  7d7e742   Remove SunOS 4.x cruft
  discards  73b3beb   Merge from gnulib
  discards  81e523f   Minor fixes in Tramp
  discards  dfc850b   Make tramp a built-in package
  discards  df33670   * etc/tutorials/TUTORIAL.it: Update and fix typos.
  discards  a72a9fb   Rename `recenter-group' to `recenter-window-group'
  discards  fb2eaf0   Fix vertical-motion in tabulated-list mode
  discards  a64b71e   Don't have help functions call 
x-display-pixel-width/-height on ttys
  discards  f4747f6   Use 'hg id' in vc-hg-previous-revision
  discards  f3f0d12   * lisp/follow.el (follow-sit-for): Remove (it's 
  discards  ecce24b   Fix a typo in the Emacs manual
  discards  9384953   Fix parsing netrc entries with ports
  discards  85e93e6   Fix typo in Doug Lea malloc configure log
  discards  1b5630e   * etc/NEWS: Mention the new pcase patterns `seq' and 
  discards  1399b26   ; * etc/NEWS: Fix last commit.
  discards  e23a760   * etc/NEWS: Move entry on pcase to correct section
  discards  4befa43   ; * doc/emacs/programs.texi (Lisp Doc): Clarofy last 
  discards  972830c   ; * doc/emacs/programs.texi (Lisp Doc): Clarify last 
  discards  6d4ae9d   Add documentation for changes to Show Paren mode.
  discards  c974b2f   ; * etc/NEWS: Mark message-mode entry as not requiring 
  discards  f92ba5d   Document Eldoc changes
  discards  8df2eb9   Fix invocation of Python and Guile interpreters from 
  discards  d8b4105   Remove attempt to use C11 threads
  discards  80346f1   Set utf8 encoding with stty in Tramp
  discards  64ad547   Tidy up documentation associated with window groups.
  discards  0ad27a5   Complete last commit
  discards  3be0698   Handle Mac OS X eol encoding in Tramp
  discards  7024344   Fix variable name typo in compute_tip_xy
  discards  97abf92   * lisp/ibuffer.el: Add ability to (un-)mark or delete 
buffers in the region.
  discards  ecaaf90   Revert "Fix rx matcher overflow without limiting"
  discards  16dac3f   Ispell: Bind isearch-regexp-function to nil around call 
to isearch..-new-loop
  discards  fe27e03   Fix rx matcher overflow without limiting
  discards  9ae19d2   Enhance ispell-skip-region-alist by generating part of it 
at runtime.
  discards  ea98cc9   * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: Ignore more pointless 
merge commits.
  discards  e8937de   Replace GROUP argument in six window primitives by new 
  discards  ec22c3b   * etc/tutorials/TUTORIAL.pt_BR: Fix a typo.  (Bug#22165)
  discards  3842f1f   ; * src/fileio.c (Finsert_file_contents): Avoid compiler 
  discards  c8d3759f  Merge branch 'emacs-25' of 
git.savannah.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs into emacs-25
  discards  223b3f0   Improve regex to not trigger stack overflow
  discards  25e461c   Fix visiting files with raw-text
  discards  93b1067   Fix regex matching keyval labels
  discards  536f6fc   * lisp/ido.el (ido-file-name-all-completions-1): Do not 
raise an error
  discards  09663d9   Fix performance regression with gcc -O0
  discards  95a5c23   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-unpack): Security 
  discards  cb5c261   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package--compile): Don't 
  discards  625a5df   Document the new bindings of <UP> and <DOWN> in the 
  discards  12acc25   Document new features of Ido
  discards  06f00d3   Fix frame height calculations with added menu bar on 
Windows (Bug#22105)
  discards  4b0e421   Document the change in interactive shell mode
  discards  c0bc613   Document new features of package.el
  discards  b7326d4   Update and document new features of xterm support
  discards  9320626   ; * etc/NEWS: Update and fix the entry for ERC.
  discards  88884fc   ; * etc/NEWS: Update the entry for 'save-place-mode'.
  discards  8eb66dc   ; * etc/NEWS: Update and fix entry for 
  discards  3e14bda   Document new features of Prettify Mode
  discards  5cc4f33   Document multi-mode indentation facilities
  discards  acae183   Document 'vc-refresh-state'
  discards  0b7d6b0   Fix echo for "C-u"
  discards  83114cc   Avoid errors when creating files under SVN in new 
  discards  3e08f78   Improve Lua support in etags
  discards  9d2b8e7   Fix 'this-command-keys' wrt prefix argument
  discards  5aaa636   * lisp/files.el (load-library): Doc fix.  (Bug#22140)
  discards  cabe904   Improve and document Ruby support in 'etags'
  discards  95b6e13   Initial support for Ruby in 'etags'
  discards  1db9d8b   Clarify documentation of 'modify-frame-parameters'
  discards  b3277c7   Fix setting buffer unibyte when reading from a device
  discards  f7f4ea9   Clarify documentation of 'values'
  discards  1143016   Fixed subversion vc error when opening file in new 
directory (bug#21984).
  discards  0284660   ; Restore selector `member' accidentally drooped in ert 
  discards  d75849e   Yet another fix for when point ends up in invisible text
  discards  b227422   Fix error in Tramp perl script for cygwin
  discards  59d08e9   Remove font workaround for limited outdated versions
  discards  ae30574   Don't add "." to load path (bug#21104)
  discards  a1ad531   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
  discards  93f429a   * test/automated/simple-test.el 
(undo-auto-boundary-timer): Update for recent change.
  discards  741d0af   Fix some display-warning usage.
  discards  5ec9d8f   * lisp/calendar/cal-html.el: Require diary-lib.
  discards  251fac2   Add Obsolete-since header to eudcb-ph.el
  discards  9b0ffdb   Spelling fixes
  discards  f366f23   ; * etc/DEBUG: Improve newbie instructions.  Fix a typo.
  discards  86130ad   Improve documentation of kill commands
  discards  3194f1c   Further progress making Isearch, Ispell, Replace work 
with Follow Mode.
  discards  f5c403d   Amend doc of `mapconcat': it can take sequences, not 
merely strings.
  discards  eb85d55   Fix an utf8 problem for Tramp on BSD
  discards  0a45afa   Make eudcb-ph.el obsolete
  discards  b44caf9   Remove overenthusiastic eassert
  discards  6aa37b2   Pacify gcc -Wparentheses
  discards  ace6c25   Port mod-test to 32-bit Emacs --without-wide-int
  discards  0e574ea   Fix minor Tramp problems found on BSD
  discards  cca5629   Fix cursor display when invisible text is at line 
  discards  302bbe0   Improve module interface when WIDE_EMACS_INT
  discards  2b3f5de   Port mod-test to x86-64 GNU/Linux running 32-bit
  discards  8b87522   Fix auto-revert-tests.el when filenotify isn't used
  discards  2537dd9   * lisp/textmodes/ispell.el 
  discards  aac3c8a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Don't install bad 
signatures (bug#22089)
  discards  0daba48   Fix Bug#22092.
  discards  21c042b   ; * etc/NEWS: Fix whitespace.
  discards  ce81e87   Document 'bookmark-set-no-overwrite'
  discards  30acbb9   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  576bac0   Document new binding of 'mouse-buffer-menu'
  discards  f7437b8   ; Minor changes in etc/NEWS
  discards  ffea04e   ; * etc/NEWS: 'tamil-dvorak' input method doesn't need to 
be documented.
  discards  5278188   Initial documentation of dynamic modules
  discards  8ebd0a0   Remove copyright statements from trivial test files
  discards  5e72fc5   Add "Preliminaries" section to etc/DEBUG
  discards  d676e49   Improve parsing of version strings
  discards  b3b68eb   Fix documentation of 'undo' changes
  discards  f18e934   ; * lisp/net/net-utils.el: Fix comment typo in previous.
  discards  156ad50   * lisp/net/net-utils.el: Small improvements.
  discards  15b050e   Fix wrong-type-argument integer-or-marker-p nil error
  discards  72c20d0   Merge branch 'scratch/follow' of 
/home/acm/emacs/emacs.git/emacs-25 into scratch/follow
  discards  bf510d8   lisp/isearch.el: Eliminate macro isearch-call-message, 
replacing with funcall.
  discards  64c5730   First commit to scratch/follow.  Make Isearch work with 
Follow Mode, etc.
  discards  c2917b0   * lisp/emacs-lisp/ert.el: Prefer pcase over cl-typecase
  discards  30f3432   * lisp/character-fold.el: Remove special case-folding 
  discards  3a9df75   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (character): Can't be 
  discards  9bfcd87   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  97e4be8   lisp/gnus/qp.el: Don't replace "from " at bol
  discards  eaa1fd6   Externalize some symbols in undo-auto
  discards  7d611e2   * lisp/emacs-lisp/smie.el (smie-next-sexp): Fix BOB 
  discards  a1c26b1   Some error message improvements in tramp-sh.el
  discards  0cec548   Document 'nacl' value for 'system-type'
  discards  e011b22   Document 'window-max-chars-per-line'
  discards  1e1aabb   Fix some file headers for the purpose of 
  discards  50dce3c   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-unpack): Load 
before compiling
  discards  67c6906   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Refactor package activation 
  discards  44d6957   Document new font-related functionality
  discards  eca277f   Fix documentation and implementation of 'directory-name-p'
  discards  4d10a7d   Minor copyedit in Emacs manual
  discards  36dbe6f   More emacs-module.c fixes for wide ints
  discards  0af2c26   Fix bug#22069 in cl-generic.el
  discards  f651cd1   APPEND etags--xref-backend to xref-backend-functions
  discards  cef6c89   More accurate documentation of lax whitespace matching
  discards  bdebeb7   Fix emacs-module.c for wide ints
  discards  b99a34b   Document 'directory-files-recursively'
  discards  e702ab8   Document 'inhibit-read-only' property
  discards  628d006   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Update header comments
  discards  61a4b57   * lisp/character-fold.el: Add back multi-char matching
  discards  1325802   * doc/emacs/ack.texi (Acknowledgments): Update.
  discards  ada8723   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  57062fc   Check `file-remote-p' over absolute files names in 
  discards  407cde8     * src/lread.c (syms_of_lread): Doc fix.
  discards  48471e9   Don't mistake certain JS method calls for keywords
  discards  49689a4   Read frame_title_format from buffer-local variable for NS 
  discards  5eafc0a   * lisp/replace.el (occur-engine): Count matches in empty 
  discards  7210f51   * src/emacs-module.h: Fix finalizer typedef for C++11
  discards  ec62f2f   Fix last change
  discards  f227655   ; Fix broken reference
  discards  c2ba4a2   ; Added documentation for undo-auto functionality.
  discards  3eb93c0   Rely on conservative stack scanning to find "emacs_value"s
  discards  17fa6ba   ; * etc/NEWS: Move some entries to their correct sections.
  discards  3e9ac80   Yet another doc improvement for search commands
  discards  10870c8   Run `window-size-change-functions' also when reading from 
  discards  de203a6   Fix scrambling of html-rendered item buffers
  discards  1564a26   Fix font typo in previous doc fix.
  discards  f006761   A bit more security doc, esp. file local vars
  discards  0d57643   * lisp/character-fold.el: Comment out branching code
  discards  36649e0   Spelling and grammar fixes
  discards  50b8c55   Make lisp-completion-at-point a wrapper instead of an 
  discards  d976561   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-search-fun-default): Nicer 
  discards  0887bdf   Update menu-bar-goto-uses-etags-p for the current xref API
  discards  1e01022   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-define-mode-toggle): Advertise 
  discards  71d6d63   * lisp/menu-bar.el: Use folding in searches
  discards  468659c   * lisp/menu-bar.el (menu-bar-goto-uses-etags-p): Fix a 
  discards  285ed41   * lisp/character-fold.el (character-fold-to-regexp): Be 
  discards  4c6f368   ; * etc/NEWS: Move entries
  discards  36255fb   Improve documentation of string-collate-* functions
  discards  f3bd826   Document truncate-string-ellipsis
  discards  c32063e   ; * etc/NEWS: Mark insert-register entry as already 
  discards  e67fa7e   Fix confusion wrt character folding in the Emacs manual
  discards  ff21f45   Update mod-test-sum-test
  discards  5cf012a   Byte compiler: Catch missing argument to `funcall'.  
Fixes bug#22051.
  discards  ca6edca   * lisp/window.el (split-window): Don't sanitize sizes 
when SIZE is non-nil.
  discards  0c517aa   ; * modules/mod-test/Makefile: Fix typo.
  discards  747f818   * lisp/character-fold.el (character-fold-to-regexp)
  discards  70d68a9   Document renaming of x-select-enable-* variables
  discards  63f7e4b   Document the shorthand hints displayed by M-x
  discards  fadc3e0   Update docs of character folding
  discards  19141a9   * lisp/character-fold.el: Also play nice with case-folding
  discards  5c59970   * lisp/character-fold.el: Add support for multi-char 
  discards  35c7dc0   * lisp/character-fold.el: Code simplifications
  discards  ea08715   Document changes in "C-h l"
  discards  74646d1   Finalize documentation of 
  discards  71d23f9   Document 'comment-line'
  discards  d4ade2c   Document new checkdoc features
  discards  c217802   Simplify the prologue of emacs-module.c functions
  discards  a63d1ec   Don't reject module calls with no arguments
  discards  b527d60   Make module-call be visible from Lisp
  discards  40b794b   Add etags tests for the recent Lua-related bugfix
  discards  690ccf0   Fix Lua tags when a function name includes '.' or ':'
  discards  24703a0   Improve documentation of search and replace commands
  discards  f32c79d   Fix minor problems found by static checking
  discards  60d8c80   * src/emacs-module.c (struct env_storage): Delete
  discards  88050ec   Improve documentation of 'replace-character-fold'
  discards  ab10df6   Backport: Add interactive seek command.
  discards  a521310   Autoload etags when using its xref backend
  discards  a5f2970   * lisp/character-fold.el: Allow complex chars to match 
their decomposition
  discards  19e9084   * lisp/character-fold.el: More descriptive variable names
  discards  60e1dfd   * lisp/isearch.el: Ensure we still support 
  discards  9a57376   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of 
git.savannah.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs into emacs-25
  discards  7fa3a0c   * test/lisp/abbrev-tests.el: Define more tests
  discards  8dcdca3   Add module tests for wrong-type-argument
  discards  1ed316d   Improve handling of signals and 'throw' in modules
  discards  165d6e3   Add ':version' tag to 'checkdoc-package-keywords-flag'
  discards  3f42061   Improve documentation of 'eval-buffer' and 'eval-region'
  discards  3346000   Unbreak the Cygwin w32 build
  discards  a41cb8c   Improve commentary in character-fold.el
  discards  af40b76   Byte Compiler: generate code to adjust stack count after 
call to `signal'.
  discards  3f042f6   Improve commentary of prepare_to_modify_buffer_1
  discards  ae18cc2   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs 
into emacs-25
  discards  13a03c9   Fix regression after merge.
  discards  7592cb9   After delete, record point location in undo.
  discards  6f5f62b   Fix compiler warnings in w32.c
  discards  02cd9cb   Check if the file exists on disk before producing the 
revert diff
  discards  5d93a89   Byte compiler: on setq with an odd number of arguments, 
generate a `signal'
  discards  768b6f6   ; Remove outdated comment (bug#22015)
  discards  5ffa4e3   Use find-tag-default for xref-backend-identifier-at-point
  discards  54e8c7b   * src/undo.c (record_property_change): Remove now-unused 
  discards  957b05c   run_undoable_changes now called from insdel.
  discards  8f2a5a8   Improve and update documentation of search commands
  discards  849c1f0   Remove nnml-retrieve-groups that is unnecessary and 
somewhat problematic
  discards  d8143fa   Fix module_format_fun_env when dynlib_addr fails
  discards  36311ec   Disambiguate variable help a bit better
  discards  a590713   Pass SVN commit message through log-edit-extract-headers
  discards  fdc271f   CC Mode: Eliminate compiler warning messages.
  discards  0805069   Extend the test suite for json.el
  discards  9f94c70   Fixed bug#18283: Enable applescript in NextStep.
  discards  85121e0   Allow completion on dynamic module files in load-library
  discards  7233767   CC Mode: eliminate almost all byte compilation warnings
  discards  33ec2ff   Add one more mod-test test
  discards  298b2b3   * modules/mod-test/mod-test.c (Fmod_test_sum): Verify 
there are 2 args.
  discards  146f361   Implement dynlib_addr for MS-Windows
  discards  8766ea4   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs 
into emacs-25
  discards  acb96f2   Squashed commit of the following:
  discards  d5fdffe   Fix crash at startup related to GC of font entities
  discards  a67cc63   Byte compile: Output an error, not a warning, for odd 
number of args to setq
  discards  cb1bd34   Fix kbd_buffer iteration loop in readable_events
  discards  b8bf031   Improve text-quoting-style doc again
  discards  946ea41   Improve text-quoting-style doc
  discards  004f4fc   Simplify module_make_function
  discards  da8c7ca   Port better to FreeBSD’s dlfunc vs dlsym
  discards  ceaca7b   Simplify use of emacs_finalizer_function type
  discards  4f10c3c   module_format_fun_env fixes
  discards  58dfc16   Don't use package-user-dir in elisp-library-roots if it's 
not bound
  discards  345a9c8   New visible-bell for NextStep (OS X El Capitan 
  discards  e395caf   * lisp/emacs-lisp/nadvice.el (add-function): Fix debug 
  discards  f146ea7   * lisp/leim/quail/tamil-dvorak.el: Add necessary escapes.
  discards  345bc61   Improve how non-ASCII strings are accepted from modules
  discards  3322360   Port recent module changes to pickier compilers
  discards  ccc1606   Fix how strings are accepted from modules
  discards  50090b0   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of 
git.savannah.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs into emacs-25
  discards  e5754f6   Add the tamil-dvorak input method
  discards  a574955   Move setting FRAME_WINDOW_SIZES_CHANGED to 
  discards  b28107b   * /etc/NEWS (Incompatible Lisp Changes): Also `setf' 
needs an even # of args.
  discards  b6bc4ab   Signal an error when `setf' gets an odd number of 
  discards  9f1a511   * lisp/emacs-lisp/smie.el (smie-backward-sexp): Handle 
BOB better.
  discards  2365e1e   * etc/NEWS (Incompatible Lisp Changes): Document new 
restriction on `setq'.
  discards  5454708   Expunge occurrences of `setq' with an odd number of 
  discards  12ad79c   Add a note about a questionable use of bool in xdisp.c
  discards  c89b5a0   Issue a warning from the byte compiler on a malformed 
`setq' form.
  discards  74e5d4e   Don't let cconv_convert insert a nil argument into a 
`setq' form.
  discards  2b8154f   Signal an error when `setq' has an odd number of 
arguments.  Fixes bug#20241.
  discards  3264a26   * doc/lispref/windows.texi (Window Sizes): Fix indices 
and references.
  discards  dc57bb4   * src/frame.c (adjust_frame_size): Set 
  discards  a31fdf4   Add EUDC BBDB 3 entry in NEWS
  discards  124f180   Improve EUDC to BBDB 3 export
  discards  43d2e55   Add BBDB 3 support for EUDC export
  discards  40ed767   Allow loading modules by 'load-file'
  discards  9f0d19f   Fix unoptimized builds
  discards  2a4362b   Work around the asynchronous-empty-diff problem
  discards  8726de6   Finish excising electric indent from `open-line'
  discards  51fd4a0   Adhere closer to the "implicit tag name" definition
  discards  702d76d   Unrevert most of regexp reentrancy abort patch
  discards  8e84823   Revert regexp reentrancy abort patch
  discards  8afaa13   Add a few safety checks when ENABLE_CHECKING
  discards  d696d62   Simplify recording of main thread's ID on MS-Windows
  discards  e6b1818   Backport: Fix issue where a new tempfile was created 
every refresh
  discards  3c407d2   ; * src/lread.c (Fload): Fix last change.
  discards  3ca44a1   Call 'window-size-change-functions' for mini-windows
  discards  3858b79   Improve documentation of dynamic modules
  discards  2299267   Initial documentation for dynamic modules
  discards  a5fd38c   Add xref--etags-backend to xref-backing-functions using 
  discards  033811c   Fix double-decrement bug when freeing global refs
  discards  d0e07e0   Declare emacs_module_init in the module API
  discards  39d1320   Fix module test to use ptrdiff_t nargs too
  discards  95f69f2   Fix reindent-introduced typo in module code
  discards  75a1d00   Fixed bug#19576: `write-file' saves wrong buffer.
  discards  eb3f675   Correct a documentation error in frames.texi
  discards  9dcdf99   * lisp/cedet/mode-local.el: Delete obsolete comment
  discards  e61f1c3   Module function arg counts are ptrdiff_t, not int
  discards  c0c309e   Minor improvements in module test
  discards  24be1c8   Improve MS-Windows implementation in dynlib.c
  discards  bd715e3   ; Update the description of Windows 10 pinned icon issue
  discards  c69cec4   Include-file tweaks for modules
  discards  aa7dac8   Simplify push_handler and profile its malloc
  discards  de67fa4   * src/emacs-module.h: Include stddef.h, not stdlib.h.
  discards  c210b8b   Discover repository version in linked worktrees 
  discards  32845e3   * lisp/replace.el (occur-regexp-descr): New function. 
(occur-1, occur-engine): Use it.
  discards  c593538   Revert `open-line' electric-indent sensitivity
  discards  d81b0e1   Omit unnecessary clear in Fmodule_load
  discards  9294978   Prefer signed integer types in module code
  discards  d9b300a   Omit ‘const’ on locals
  discards  68d58e6   Prefer intmax_t to int64_t in module code
  discards  f2c0025   Rename module.c to emacs-module.c, etc.
  discards  62d787e   Fix minor module problems found by static checking
  discards  c8a972b   Style fixes for indenting etc. in module code
  discards  7cd728c   Minor improvements in modules testing Makefile
  discards  d4869dd   * .gitignore: Add "*.dll".
  discards  ca3bc79   Migrate modules/.gitignore into .gitignore
  discards  c8404f4   Add copyright notices to module code
  discards  80f19fb   Rename emacs_module.h to module.h
  discards  4ec83fd   * src/module.c (Fmodule_load): Remove unused vars 
`doc_name', `args'
  discards  3c6a085   * src/lread.c (Fload): Remove unused variable `size'
  discards  9813350   src/keyboard.c (pre-command-hook): Fix typo in doc 
string: "pre" -> "post".
  discards  3c5989d   Prioritize looking inside vc-parent-buffer over 
log-view-mode fallback
  discards  b442b94   lisp/isearch.el: Eliminate macro isearch-call-message, 
replacing with funcall.
  discards  e8bbdc4   * configure.ac (LIBMODULES): Don’t define on Cygwin
  discards  520dc85   Fix MS-Windows build --with-modules
  discards  9328e3d   ; * admin/release-process: Minor copyedits and additions.
  discards  955e25d   Add dynamic module test and helper script
  discards  218cacc   Make 'Fload' look for modules
  discards  307e76c   Add dynamic module module support
  discards  f69cd6b   Add new User Pointer (User_Ptr) type
  discards  435cf35   Add portable layer for dynamic loading
  discards  7cdc5d6   Add catch-all & no-signal version of PUSH_HANDLER
  discards  133ad3e   ; * lisp/server.el (server-process-filter): Simplify last 
  discards  ce7ef5b   Silence byte-compiler warning
  discards  bb4303c   Quote symbols in docstrings using `'
  discards  3e309ad   Fix savegames in dunnet
  discards  2e6d7d1   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
  discards  35d490f   * admin/release-process: Improve wording.
  discards  883a4d2   Backport: * CONTRIBUTE: Remove information about feature 
  discards  0b7d791   Backport: Document the release process
  discards  20b043f   Backport: * admin/release-process: Rename from 
  discards  cfedd55   Backport: Mention CONTRIBUTE in README
  discards  ac16149   Fix docstring quoting problems with ‘ '’
  discards  abf673a   Improve configure --help text for wide ints
  discards  ce4eeca   Improve doc string
  discards  54beeef   eval_sub followed dangling pointer when debugging
  discards  1721600   * lisp/image-mode.el: Support encrypted file
  discards  c9fd597   ELF unexec: align section header
  discards  1cdddc1   ; lisp/window.el (display-buffer-at-bottom): Fix 
  discards  d443710   Do more checks on bytecode objects (Bug#21929)
  discards  c4b20fc   pcase.el: Fix edebugging of backquoted cons patterns
  discards  8ff888a   Improve fix for regex reentrancy abort
  discards  1f07a61   ; Fix breakage in elisp-mode-tests.el
  discards  26b6952   * lisp/faces.el (faces--attribute-at-point): Use 
  discards  31fc056   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
(package--with-response-buffer): Missing require
  discards  63acb2e   * lisp/emacs-lisp/nadvice.el (add-function): Escape quote
  discards  dbc090a   Recognize .rbw and .pyw files (bug#18753)
  discards  2edfc40   Fix ruby-mode auto-mode-alist entry
  discards  f60a3b0   Fix etags completion near eob
  discards  4765d24   De-pessimize detection of C++ member initialization lists.
  discards  d99ccd6   Backport: * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix a decoding 
  discards  a6843cc   Improve a few doc strings, comments
  discards  ae16894   Enhance NSTRACE (trace output for NextStep).
  discards  6d109c0   ; Cleanup of change log. Removed obsolete email addresses.
  discards  b36ba56   Fixed a toolbar related issue on OS X.
  discards  63e6f4c   Fixed OS X 10.6.8 build issue (bug#21862).
  discards  4f19767   * lisp/faces.el (faces--attribute-at-point): Fix an issue
  discards  8121757   Fix regex abort when it tries to reenter itself
  discards  3a1a220   Improve Ruby 1.9-style keyword keys highlighting
  discards  a4c6f55   Unify the absolutely equal xref-backend-references 
  discards  1a3c454   Update project-find-regexp for the new xref API
  discards  bc2cec6   Fix replacing a match with a shorter string
  discards  d24e783   * lisp/progmodes/xref.el (xref-pop-marker-stack): 
Downgrade errors
  discards  278d8c8   Document 'describe-symbol'
  discards  478262d   Change test name to avoid spellcheck issue.
  discards  33249be   ; * etc/NEWS: Minor improvements in wording.
  discards  7ad01cb   Avoid signaling an error in 'describe-symbol'
  discards  855c6e8   ; * etc/NEWS: Fix formatting
  discards  c0cbecf   ; * etc/NEWS: Some easily fixed documentation marks
  discards  abef71f   * INSTALL (--with-cairo): Document this new configure 
  discards  0774282   Document that GNU Make >= 3.81 is required to build Emacs
  discards  e7f2c91   Backport: * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Refactor 
  discards  ca94705   * CONTRIBUTE (Branches): Improve wording for back-ported 
  discards  f234fc2   Merge branch 'master' into emacs-25
  discards  138ad3d   ; Fix warnings
  discards  7126e9a   ; Update xref-etags-mode for the latest change
  discards  246d660   Use generic dispatch for xref backends
  discards  31f6e93   Support rectangular regions for more commands
  discards  f103a27   Handle multiple matches on the same line; add highlighting
  discards  fe973fc   Replace xref-match-bounds with xref-match-length
  discards  4d71d24   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into emacs-25
  discards  51644c3   Merge branch 'erc-async-reconnect' into emacs-25
  discards  68cdc4b   Reconnect asynchronously.
  discards  92a5010   Merge from gnulib
  discards  04ac097   Spruce up ftfont.c memory allocation
  discards  84c7b38   Merge branch 'emacs-25' of 
git.savannah.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs into emacs-25
  discards  da05685   Port recent XCB changes to 64-bit ‘long int’
  discards  9722634   * src/undo.c (run_undoable_change): Now static.
  discards  3453057   Remove support for ':timeout' from w32 tray notifications
  discards  93e7db1   * test/automated/simple-test.el: Add test for bug#20698 
  discards  e53f226   * lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el: Declare function 
  discards  d6b046c   * src/undo.c: Small fixes for previous change
  discards  a95781e   Add a few more variables to redisplay--variables
  discards  afd3e98   * lisp/loadup.el: Enlarge the size of the hash table to 
  discards  27b93ec   Fix point positioning after transposing with negative arg
  discards  e0d2dc5   Fix last change in shr.el
  discards  f8d8e0b   Fix last change
  discards  82f3dc0   Another fix for MinGW64 and Cygwin builds due to 
  discards  071b2e1   Remove intern calls and XXX comments from Fx_export_frames
  discards  4c4b520   Port recent XCB changes to 64-bit ‘long int’
  discards  4f0ce9c   * src/undo.c (run_undoable_change): Now static.
  discards  26e7624   Adapt Tramp version, do not merge with master
  discards  695a6f9   Remove support for ':timeout' from w32 tray notifications
  discards  a731c2f   * test/automated/simple-test.el: Add test for bug#20698 
  discards  2b4c0c0   * lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el: Declare function 
  discards  66b9f7b   * src/undo.c: Small fixes for previous change
  discards  2fac30e   Add a few more variables to redisplay--variables
  discards  04f69f1   * lisp/loadup.el: Enlarge the size of the hash table to 
  discards  e221d32   Fix point positioning after transposing with negative arg
  discards  35f5afb   Fix last change in shr.el
  discards  508e77b   Fix last change
  discards  d60ed3f   Another fix for MinGW64 and Cygwin builds due to 
  discards  805a39b   Remove intern calls and XXX comments from Fx_export_frames
  discards  9463abf   shr: don't invoke unbound function (Bug#21895)
  discards  6e5186e   * test/automated/keymaps-test.el: Fix test to make it 
  discards  0c92826   * test/automated/cl-lib-tests.el 
(cl-lib-struct-constructors): Small fix
  discards  39dbd1c   : Tests for undo-auto functionality.
  discards  20aa42e   ; Merge branch 
  discards  44dfa86   The heuristic that Emacs uses to add an `undo-boundary' 
has been reworked, as it interacts poorly with functions on `post-command-hook' 
or `after-change-functions'.
  discards  d2f73db   Bind [?\S-\ ] to previous line command in Dired-like 
  discards  c1bc6e5   Fix the MinGW64 and Cygwin-w32 builds
  discards  1e363a8   Enable sorting of JSON object keys when encoding
  discards  9dd7da9   * test/automated/keymap-tests.el: New test file
  discards  aa17de9   Speed up x_real_pos_and_offsets using XCB
  discards  a838c83   Enable use of XCB for checking window manager state
  discards  c7f2b6a   Detect XCB and save a connection handle
  discards  e1c27db   Reduce some data dependencies between X calls
  discards  25e32bd   Use color cache for creating bitmap
  discards  851be0f   Add "^" to the interactive specs of 
  discards  055ca3a   Sync with soap-client repository, version 3.0.2
  discards  e0f64e7   CC Mode: Respect users' settings of 
  discards  952395d   * lisp/obarray.el: Fix shadowed variables
  discards  436d330   Avoid error in submitting a form with EWW
  discards  e887f6e   ; * doc/lispref/os.texi: Fix indentation of sample code.
  discards  51d840a   Rename seq-p and map-p to seqp and mapp
  discards  23036ba   Rename obarray-p to obarrayp
  discards  20aea42   Rename obarray-foreach to obarray-map
  discards  a3b2101   New file with obarray functions.
  discards  9d43941   Implement tray notifications for MS-Windows
  discards  2c56fc2   First commit to scratch/follow.  Make Isearch work with 
Follow Mode, etc.
  discards  ef75c3b   Optimize `file-equal-p' and `file-in-directory-p' in Tramp
  discards  25775a1   * CONTRIBUTE: Encourage adding tests.
  discards  0bba304   Avoid creating notification objects when possible
  discards  0e0ea30   Move INTEGER_TO_CONS body out of .h file
  discards  6c16c9a   Merge from gnulib
  discards  c92dbd6   Spelling fixes
  discards  d149ca8   * doc/lispref/variables.texi (Directory Local Variables):
  discards  9145e79   * lisp/files.el: Don't allow customization of dir-locals 
  discards  77cebbc   * lisp/files.el (dir-locals-read-from-file): Better 
handle errors
  discards  4d82aa3   * lisp/isearch.el (search-default-regexp-mode): change 
default value
  discards  1e98f04   * lisp/files.el (dir-locals-find-file): Don't stop at 
unreadable files
  discards  2e84888   * lisp/files.el (dir-locals-file): Allow wildcards
  discards  cbaa040   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map-merge-with): New function
  discards  cbc5121   ; project-library-roots-function: Update the FIXME
  discards  0f50e51   Fix some recently-perturbed bookmark autoloads
  discards  f5eac7b   (ydump-buffer): Handle case where gap is at the start of 
buffer. I don't recall if older versions of gdb were less strict but you cannot 
dump a 0-length range in gdb 7.9.1.
  discards  82d59f1   * lisp/progmodes/project.el: Update Commentary.
  discards  0be6fb8   Merge branch 'project-next'
  discards  1c72afb   Fold `project-ask-user' into `project-current'
  discards  3c3aad7   When VC detects a conflict, specify which file
  discards  86c1971   Fix assertion violation in define-key
  discards  c6c16fb   Fix a memory leak in GC of font cache
  discards  1087305   Use INT_ADD_WRAPV etc. to check integer overflow
  discards  e4c190b   Make sure that the ignore file exists
  discards  bcca6a2   * gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-backend-map): Bind 
B-backspace to `gnus-summary-delete-article` in a way that also works on XEmacs.
  discards  e133eea   ; ChangeLog.2 fixes
  discards  29d740a   Add support for retrieving paths to JSON elements
  discards  5193ad1   * etc/NEWS: Mention new `bookmark-set-no-overwrite'.
  discards  3812e17   Offer non-overwrite bookmark setter (Bug#15746)
  discards  2ce0c06   * src/unexelf.c (NEW_PROGRAM_H): Remove unused macro 
  discards  3008c52   ELF unexec: Don't insert a new section
  discards  0d64422   ELF unexec: Drive from PT_LOAD header rather than sections
  discards  8285c2a   ELF unexec: R_*_NONE relocs
  discards  3ff9fc0   ELF unexec: _OBJC_ symbols in bss sections
  discards  190b968   ELF unexec: Symbol table patching
  discards  47c6e30   ELF unexec: Merge Alpha and MIPS COFF debug handling
  discards  856f4ea   ELF unexec: Tidy code
  discards  0bcd08e   ELF unexec: Correct section header index
  discards  82c1b36   Fix Bug#21841
  discards  cad0490   Remove dirs in vc project roots from the the vc project 
library roots
  discards  aeae587   ; project-library-roots: Update docstring
  discards  d5f110e   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  8a8613b   Prefer xpalloc to doubling buffers by hand
  discards  6ea4ff5   Merge from gnulib
  discards  b9acb95   ;* test/automated/abbrev-tests.el: Fix a typo in a comment
  discards  35cd518   Provide NS notification objects where required to 
eliminate warnings
  discards  3a37d99   Move and rename xref-find-regexp to the project package
  discards  ea88d87   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  76be8f2   Add test for bug #21824
  discards  044991f   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  ae24d82   erc-pcomplete.el (pcomplete-erc-nicks): Fix bug#18771
  discards  7a18701   erc-pcomplete.el (pcomplete-erc-nicks): Fix bug#18771
  discards  88733e6   ; ChangeLog.2: Fix formatting of ntlm.el 2.0.0 entry
  discards  2dc91e6   ; ChangeLog.2: Fix entry for soap-client 3.0.0 sync
  discards  0ea647d   ; * lisp/abbrev.el (copy-abbrev-table): Remove forgotten 
debug code.
  discards  53def55   Ignore fullscreen exit notifications on NS when frame is 
  discards  fc61ea4   Speed up lookup in redisplay--variables
  discards  b74c884   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (cl-defstruct): Fix a bug
  discards  e21e3b6   Update doc string of hexl-mode
  discards  bede518   Fix error in copy-abbrev-table
  discards  b29be62   Add test to auto-revert-tests.el for Bug#21841
  discards  07178f4   * doc/lispref/windows.texi (Coordinates and Windows): Fix 
  discards  e5a9864   In x_consider_frame_title don't set title of tooltip 
  discards  6095997   Fixed NextStep fullscreen problem (bug#21770).
  discards  19e09cf   Ensure redisplay after evaluation
  discards  8025fdb   * test/automated/subr-tests.el (subr-test-when): Fix again
  discards  564d811   Don't invoke overlay modification hooks in wrong buffer
  discards  55ad7fc   Abolish temporary buffer management for xref
  discards  9776972   Rename "search path" to "library roots"
  discards  3172a6a   * admin/notes/repo: Fix a few obsolete references to 
  discards  9b91262   * test/automated/subr-tests.el (subr-test-when): Fix test
  discards  40014fe   Avoid division by zero crash observed by Yuan MEI.
  discards  29c360e   Ensure redisplay after "C-x C-e"
  discards  2b316c0   ; * CONTRIBUTE: Add section about the bug tracker
  discards  f353f53   Skip some file notification tests for cygwin
  discards  267e0e8   * lisp/progmodes/xref.el: require semantic/symref during 
  discards  ddd0ead   Suppress redundant Pinentry startup messages
  discards  8311d39   * doc/emacs/ack.texi (Acknowledgments): Updates.
  discards  7afaf0c   * test/automated/elisp-mode-test.el: Silence some 
run-time warnings
  discards  ddb8069   Add prettify symbol for \times
  discards  0880d5f   * test/automated/process-tests.el: Skip tests when bash 
is not available
  discards  3be53aa   Add test for bug #21831
  discards  6540f6c   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  c9def83   ; * test/automated/elisp-mode-tests.el: Fix typo.
  discards  54e2ed9   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-compat.el: Typo caught by tests
  discards  39355bc   Revert "* lisp/subr.el (when): Use `macroexp-progn'"
  discards  2fef1fc   * lisp/files.el (report-errors): Obsolete
  discards  8e84383   * lisp/subr.el (when): Use `macroexp-progn'
  discards  587b232   * lisp/progmodes/xref.el: Doc fixes
  discards  411b516   Render fringe bitmaps correctly on NextStep (bug#21301).
  discards  335cb1e   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase): Tweak docstring.
  discards  5d1e2fe   * admin/MAINTAINERS: Add seq-tests.el, map-tests.el, and 
  discards  eb7e21b   * admin/MAINTAINERS: Add thunk.el.
  discards  fb711d7   Change maintainer address.
  discards  7e9da9f   ; Shorten TODO list in file-notify-tests.el
  discards  436ed23   Fix a stupid error in gfilenotify.c.
  discards  fcfa239   Fix Bug#21816; case insensitive file system in 
  discards  7ad183d   Fix ChangeLog.2 entry for js-jsx-mode
  discards  1cd0e89   flymake-tests.el (warning-predicate-rx-gcc): Fix check.
  discards  a9cdc4a   Document behavior of collation on Cygwin
  discards  5401bb8   * build-aux/msys-to-w32: Prevent double slashes in w32 
path list.
  discards  ff80687   * lisp/progmodes/f90.el (f90-no-block-limit):
  discards  3a769e1   Fix incompatibility with TCC in test for bug#18745
  discards  bf9e3e7   ; ChangeLog.2 fixes
  discards  df660da   Improve completion in tramp-gvfs.el
  discards  1500667   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  cb56d4c   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  b692d6a   ; Fix ChangeLog.2 typos and style
  discards  0302d53   ntlm.el: Change version to 2.0.0
  discards  590a820   Fix bug#21762
  discards  9278095   * test/automated/python-tests.el: Avoid warnings
  discards  312bbfe   * src/alloc.c: Silence compiler warnings
  discards  4c4c8e7   * etc/NEWS: Fix js-jsx-mode entry punctuation
  discards  958da7f   Add JSX indentation via js-jsx-mode.  (Bug#21799)
  discards  65a3808   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  547a234   Minor fix in filenotify.el
  discards  553d7e9   Avoid errors in redisplay--pre-redisplay-functions
  discards  b059c6b   Merge from gnulib.
  discards  e11aaee   Fix a typo in a macro name
  discards  9c36df7   Add result messages in vc-tests.el
  discards  36ead80   * test/automated/faces-tests.el: Add another test
  discards  4c06005   * lisp/faces.el (faces--attribute-at-point): Fix bug
  discards  76033d2   * test/automated/faces-tests.el: New file
  discards  7ccedcb   * lisp/faces.el: Refactor common code and fix a bug
  discards  5260ea6   * etc/tutorials/TUTORIAL.translators: Fix PL names
  discards  cadfcea   * lisp/character-fold.el: Provide `character-fold'
  discards  1f67a21   Add more faces for Gnus and ivy
  discards  36574e0   Some minor fixes for tramp-gvfs.el
  discards  3fb3af1   * test/automated/character-fold-tests.el: New file
  discards  8c443c5   * test/automated/sort-tests.el: New file
  discards  2d571a8   Describe known problems with pinning Emacs to taskbar
  discards  25be5df   * lisp/isearch.el: Avoid an error that blocks isearch
  discards  44470fe   Fix documentation of 'beginning/end-of-buffer'
  discards  b313a9d   Add RefTeX feature idea: editing RefTeX TOC buffers
  discards  af77f5b   More face defs for ivy, swiper, ace-window, eshell
  discards  e474087   * lisp/gnus/auth-source.el: Silence lexical-binding 
  discards  665a035   ; lisp/help-fns.el: Fix typos in comments
  discards  83a04da   * lisp/dired.el (dired-unmark-all-files-query): Declare.
  discards  dba0659   * lisp/ielm.el (ielm-indent-line): Use non-nil arg of 
  discards  9dcbcbf   ; * src/lread.c (syms_of_lread) <load-path>: Improve the 
doc string.
  discards  8e8a068   ; Improve documentation of 'unhandled-file-name-directory'
  discards  8485d41   Fix encoding of saving *Help* buffers
  discards  84dcdbe   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el: Add (major-mode MODE) 
  discards  a4f754c   * test/indent/css-mode.css: Add tests for url(...) syntax.
  discards  be81cc2   * lisp/emacs-lisp/smie.el: Use `declare' for `pure'
  discards  aa1c4ae   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el: Accomodate future changes
  discards  c0d866d   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (compile-defun): Add 
defvars in scope.
  discards  270a17f   Add "afp" method to Tramp
  discards  dc95cb8   Handle negative coordinates in ‘x_calc_absolute_position’
  discards  d7a67c5   (internal--syntax-propertize): Save match-data here 
  discards  ffa41ad   Don't require default-directory to end with a slash
  discards  42eb249   * lisp/isearch.el: Delete some outdated comments
  discards  2765945   Fix eshell/clear not working if the output has a small 
line count
  discards  d8f82d8   ; * etc/NEWS: Document `search-default-regexp-mode'
  discards  db31a88   * lisp/files.el (write-file): Use vc-refresh-state.
  discards  0cbe7a2   * lisp/autorevert.el (auto-revert-handler): Use 
  discards  dfa2e4a   * lisp/vc/pcvs.el (cvs-revert-if-needed): Use 
  discards  d5ee655   * lisp/emacs-lisp/macroexp.el: Tweak macroexp-if 
  discards  1f02cbe   Fix bug#21766 and add test
  discards  785c0d8   * doc/lispref/sequences.texi (Sequence Functions): Fix 
  discards  45cdacb   * src/dispnew.c (init_display): Simplify overflow 
  discards  020e850   * lisp/character-fold.el (character-fold-to-regexp): Fix 
  discards  7dfe247   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el (seq-mapn): New function
  discards  4281f72   * lisp/character-fold.el: Make compatible with 
  discards  faace42   * lisp/isearch.el: Refactor momentary messages
  discards  12c0edb   * lisp/isearch.el: Define all toggles with 
  discards  9fd61a5   Avoid using `add-to-list' on a let-local var in 
  discards  1e2ed26   Merge branch 'master' of /Volumes/HD2/build/emacs-git-ssh
  discards  e5ff0e6   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  e69f777   Merge branch 'master' of /Volumes/HD2/build/emacs-git-ssh
  discards  e1d0eef   Revert 692bce5b9eccfae19ae2a5a23a9ccd8d6bf86076
  discards  0392e24   Fixed OS X startup crash.
  discards  cc587a3   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  64c2bfb   * src/process.c (Fget_buffer_process): Improve docstring
  discards  590449f   Fix incorrect NextStep tool-bar-mode -- wrong number of 
rows in frame.
  discards  61b63f4   * lisp/emacs-lisp/thunk.el (thunk-delay): Fix the macro.
  discards  6e2a402   Prettify TeX macros not ending in a word char
  discards  9db11fa   ; Revert "Don't declare vc-exec-after anymore"
  discards  b1d3928   Pipe Hg commit descriptions through 'tabindent'
  discards  692bce5   * lisp/net/tramp-smb.el: Avoid using `add-to-list' on a 
let-local var
  discards  3f4a192   * lisp/international/ccl.el: Use lexical-binding
  discards  449e351   * lisp/json.el (json-new-object): Optimize trivial `list' 
  discards  4eb1e7f   * lisp/help.el: Fix bug with incorrect arglist string
  discards  1ec995c   * lisp/gnus/gnus-topic.el: Silence some warnings
  discards  e166a70   Minor CEDET fixes
  discards  f72ac35   ; Fix comments in file-notify-tests.el
  discards  838023d   Fall back to polling in autorevert when needed
  discards  99ded6b   Show full commit messages in 'hg log' when appropriate
  discards  f642a81   Use a plain svg file for the icon
  discards  14d7257   Fix subtle bug in auto-revert-tests.el
  discards  22579ba   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el: Better docstrings.
  discards  5a9842c   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el: Better docstrings.
  discards  7637849   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el: Rename all seq argumentss to 
  discards  5c86118   * lisp/emacs-lisp/ert.el: Print results without newline 
  discards  93dba9c   Clarify that load-path contents should be directory file 
  discards  c9fb895   Fix simple-test.el test
  discards  3f828dc   * lisp/net/eww.el (eww-bookmark-prepare): Use 
  discards  0d9c672   Further work on `stopped' events in filenotify.el
  discards  934bfb9   * src/keyboard.c (post-command-hook): Shorten docstring
  discards  1bab3ce   Fix infinite loop in sh-script's SMIE code
  discards  3cdeda6   * lisp/isearch.el (search-default-regexp-mode): Revert to 
  discards  6b5fdca   * lisp/isearch.el: No visual feedback for default search 
  discards  207f235   * test/automated/simple-test.el: New file
  discards  bd4f04f   * lisp/simple.el (open-line): Integrate with 
  discards  6939896   * lisp/simple.el (open-line): Fix docstring
  discards  61640f6   Sync with soap-client repository, version 3.0.1
  discards  ecb069e   * lisp/progmodes/grep.el (grep): Doc fix.  (Bug#21754)
  discards  12941b9   * src/keyboard.c (post-command-hook): Extend the docstring
  discards  2a85bf6   * lisp/custom.el (custom-declare-variable): Shorten code 
  discards  5515625   ; ChangeLog.2 fixes
  discards  80dd76a   Document file notification `stopped' event
  discards  ab116b1   Introduce `stopped' event in file notification
  discards  92c63c6   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  0afbc5b   Revert commit that broke 'make bootstrap'
  discards  d8589ad   Port recent inline functions fix to Standard C
  discards  816f78c   * lisp/isearch.el: Make character-fold search the default 
  discards  f5f18f9   * lisp/character-fold.el: Many improvements
  discards  c5f9ccf   * lisp/isearch.el: Generalize definition of 
regexp-function toggles
  discards  cfd9ef5   * lisp/isearch.el (search-default-regexp-mode): New 
  discards  fa647ec   * lisp/isearch.el: Delete redundant :group entries
  discards  79fac08   * lisp/custom.el (custom-declare-variable): Shorten code 
a bit
  discards  b6c6629   addpm.c: Silence some warnings.
  discards  87a3064   addpm.c: Do not add obsolete GTK libraries to the path.
  discards  cbbea70   addpm.c: Replace existing entries, but do not create new 
  discards  8c5747e   * nt/addpm.c (add_registry): Do not compute unused return 
  discards  8a48f16   addpm.c: Don't pass REG_OPTION_NON_VOLATILE to 
  discards  478d9d9   * src/w32notify.c (Fw32notify_add_watch): Fix version 
  discards  9d6ec23   Update frame title when redisplay scrolls selected window
  discards  41518e5   Update frame title when scrolling the selected window
  discards  7a6968b   An even better fix for bug#21739
  discards  59a2ad3   ; * src/xdisp.c (redisplay_internal): Improve commentary.
  discards  c88d85d   ; * src/xdisp.c: Fix typo.
  discards  069a0e4   Sync with soap-client repository, version 3.0.0
  discards  ab10d88   Update the new icon
  discards  aca9354   Avoid missing inline functions from lisp.h in TAGS
  discards  c2c12a1   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  51f2df4   ; * src/xdisp.c: Improve commentary for 
  discards  bc0b340   A better fix for bug#21739
  discards  9724936   Add support for tar.bz2 and tar.xz archives
  discards  66f0622   ; NEWS tweak
  discards  7836e42   Fix infloop in redisplay introduced by a recent change
  discards  8b47daa   * lisp/emacs-lisp/thunk.el: Better documentation.
  discards  8408f4e   Replace the old icon for Windows and Mac OSX
  discards  4d3a595   `load-path' should contain only directory names
  discards  0f443a1   New library thunk.el
  discards  71d6acf   Fix Bug#21669
  discards  0f73341   Decode the HTML source when displaying it in EWW
  discards  b3d065d   New default icon
  discards  6a69725   Fix redisplay of frame title when current buffer is killed
  discards  ba24d35   NextSten maximization and NSTRACE rewrite.
  discards  3768304   No need to use eval-and-compile
  discards  bf40ed2   Fix auth-source-epa-make-gpg-token compilation (bug#21724)
  discards  d4352f8   Include file cleanup for w32 files in src directory
  discards  11d1422   Improve doc-view wrt. auto-revert-mode
  discards  717e7a4   Describe dired-do-compress-to in the manual
  discards  01d2af9   Further fix for proper locale handling in tramp-gvfs.el
  discards  cd42860   Spelling fixes
  discards  f373e81   New lispref section “Security Considerations”
  discards  0bb27cd   Merge from gnulib
  discards  2ab48ba   Remove fboundp checks from mailcap-mime-data
  discards  54f5990   Further include-file cleanup
  discards  5dc48a2   Fix logic in 'server-kill-emacs-query-function'
  discards  e5ece32   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-search-fun-default): Simplify 
  discards  19fada5   * lisp/isearch.el: Support lax-whitespace in 
regexp-function searches
  discards  ab65b33   * lisp/isearch.el: Rename word search to regexp-function 
  discards  f6ece24   Add dired-do-compress-to command bound to "c"
  discards  d60e5a9   Make RefTeX work with LaTeX subfiles package
  discards  f2dbc7f   ; etc/NEWS: Remove duplicate text.
  discards  8b40f8d   lisp/gnus/mailcap.el (mailcap-mailcap-entry-passes-test): 
Doc fix
  discards  63cfb75   Include-file cleanup for src directory
  discards  e9af822   (/ N) now returns the reciprocal of N
  discards  513fe25   Call vc-dir-defresh after stash operations
  discards  5e43955   Don't declare vc-exec-after anymore
  discards  28c58bf   Fix memory leak in fontset handling
  discards  90e9cf8   * lisp/gnus/mailcap.el (mailcap-mime-data): Conditonalize 
`doc-view-mode', which does not exist on XEmacs.
  discards  2add4a6   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  cfc34c1   Update the way directories are compressed
  discards  10df031   Unbreak `group' option for `mail-sources'
  discards  04d604e   New function seq-position
  discards  b911b4b   Enable --with-wide-int build on 32-bit Cygwin
  discards  aa3afdb   * doc/emacs/ack.texi (Acknowledgments): Small, sad, 
  discards  52b9770   Resurrect image loading under auto-image-file-mode
  discards  f157576   Fix return value of 'set-file-extended-attributes'
  discards  552482d   ; * doc/lispref/processes.texi (Synchronous Processes): 
Minor copyedit.
  discards  bca2bc4   Improve documentation of functions that change files
  discards  b03150f   Fix doc string of 'shell-quote-argument'
  discards  1106f31   ; Remove obsolete comment in tramp.el
  discards  604222c   ; Add bug number in ChangeLog.2
  discards  1c75616   Some minor Tramp changes
  discards  1d378c0   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  f8ff393   Minor edits in Tramp
  discards  59c67f8   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el: Add back-to-indentation to 
the command list
  discards  1431f66   Avoid crashes when redisplayng a window changes faces or 
  discards  57be62f   Solve timimg issues in file-notify-tests.el
  discards  4328d3d   Fix quoting of data within htmlfontify doc
  discards  8868b83   * emacs-lisp/package.el: Reload archive-contents if 
priorities change
  discards  55ba8c0   Make src headers idempotent and standalone
  discards  1e1a326   Handle symlink targets containing spaces in tramp-gvfs.el
  discards  995b699   * custom.el (custom-theme-load-path): Demote to defvar
  discards  ce47ac8   * lisp/mpc.el: Rename the new toggling commands
  discards  1158df5   Improve the doc string of 'completion-boundaries'
  discards  3f24a31   lisp/dired-aux.el (dired-shell-command): Fix compile 
  discards  7175459   Make dired-do-compress work for *.zip files
  discards  b0d190f   Minor improvement in documentation of internals
  discards  d05410f   Improve documentation of COLLECTION in completion 
  discards  3000d33   ; More updates and corrections in etc/HISTORY
  discards  1c8ccba   Add more release info to etc/HISTORY
  discards  844de50   New file etc/HISTORY
  discards  360d1d8   js-mode: Don't misindent generator methods
  discards  b4c00f9   Fix animation timeout delay calculation
  discards  5110c95   Add commands for controlling MPD modes
  discards  59def59   Refer to `(elisp)Basic Completion' in completing-read 
  discards  453af81   * lisp/mpc.el (mpc-format): Always push form to pred
  discards  943f7f9   Spelling fixes
  discards  100a96c   * lisp/mpc.el (mpc-mode-menu, mpc-toggle-play): Fix 
  discards  e646242   Some editing fixes in Tramp
  discards  8318dec   ; Submit changes promised last commit already
  discards  0cced99   Use proper localization in tramp-gvfs.el
  discards  9676433   Fix Bug#21562
  discards  17d4f60   Fix typos in docstrings
  discards  aebf282   * lisp/mpc.el (mpc-volume-refresh): Check if buffer is 
  discards  c6cbf6c   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  0e38e94   Make dired-jump work with tar-subfile-mode
  discards  f147c0f   * .gitignore: Add build-aux/ar-lib.
  discards  b5e2d74   Better docstrings in seq.el and map.el
  discards  e668176   Merge from gnulib
  discards  2cc412c   Take XPNTR private
  discards  3fa424c   Add MPC play/pause command
  discards  a7e6637   Add bindings and menu items for prev and next tracks
  discards  9fa9c26   Reduce face-related consing during frame creation.
  discards  85c1231   Do process ConfigureNotify events indicating size changes.
  discards  e90de82   Derive mpc-mode from special-mode
  discards  18b0eb7   Fix error messages for when covers are not found.
  discards  6d6bf46   Make dired-do-compress work for *.tar.gz files
  discards  7870288   Make dired-do-compress work for directories
  discards  8610bd1   * lisp/mpc.el (mpc-songs-refresh): Don't side-effect 
  discards  4466c72   * src/w32fns.c (x_change_tool_bar_height): Remove unused 
variable frame.
  discards  882c3f3   Use special-mode in eww list modes
  discards  d4fe840   Allow setting frame pixel sizes from frame parameters 
  discards  e53e1a0   * test/automated/file-notify-tests.el 
  discards  38f99a0   Unmacroize ebrowse.c and etags.c a bit
  discards  e57a0c3   Use highlight for current items.
  discards  0f4efd1   Search for more cover image names in MPC
  discards  4462823   Remove or comment out unused variables
  discards  48c3842   * src/w32proc.c (sys_select): Fix bitwise test.
  discards  857f73e   Minor typo corrections in doc strings
  discards  402ef22   * nt/INSTALL: Recommend MSYS Automake/Autoconf from 
  discards  8ba156f   Attempt to avoid crashes in plist-member
  discards  1a588cb   In gui-get-primary-selection use 
gui--selection-value-internal (Bug#20906)
  discards  70c811c   Support RTF in doc-view
  discards  3f1c88d   * w32fns.c (get_wm_chars): Increment counter, not pointer.
  discards  644d31a   Replace the usage of an obsolete function in 
  discards  831807f   * lisp/gnus/auth-source.el: Use sharp-quoting with 
  discards  732d259   Have calc-yank recognize numbers in different bases.
  discards  358794e   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  ce402dd   Handle an opaque-move X11 window manager operation more 
  discards  ec2d990   Fix cursor setting for tip frame; re-enable cursor 
  discards  08e27d2   Rewrite x_set_mouse_color to sync less.
  discards  fcb5d3e   Add x_catch_errors_with_handler.
  discards  5504ede   Introduce x_uncatch_errors_after_check to reduce XSync 
  discards  54e3734   Document the optional prefix to `calc-yank'.
  discards  4cbd071   * lisp/calendar/calendar.el: Display buffer before 
executing body.
  discards  29dfca2   Use ‘echo’ safely with ‘\’ or leading ‘-’
  discards  ec0d4d2   Allow numbers with different radixes to be yanked.
  discards  89f2c79   Improve CHECK_IMPURE and PURE_P speedup
  discards  5186c99   Use events instead of chars to keep track of steps.
  discards  bb61fa8   ; admin/notes/unicode: Update for latest changes.
  discards  c0ae125   Fix --enable-gcc-warnings problem with older GCC
  discards  5b2c9f4   Fix vertical-motion in truncated lines that end in a 
  discards  f655d09   Avoid link-time errors due to inline functions
  discards  8f41c30   * src/data.c (Faset): Fix last change.
  discards  bb7c182   CHECK_IMPURE and PURE_P speedup
  discards  1196e3f   (tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell): Send 
-onlcr as well.
  discards  1b5953e   * lisp/progmodes/cc-mode.el (c-after-font-lock-init): 
Only *move*
  discards  b40d703   * lisp/cedet/ede: Silence some compiler warnings
  discards  69b3238   * lisp/textmodes/reftex.el: Silence byte-compiler 
  discards  d72d97f   * lisp/progmodes/prolog.el: Avoid indenting too much, 
after ":-"
  discards  af45926   Update case-table and categories of recently added 
  discards  4a1a98a   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  e6013e8   In adjust_frame_size don't count minibuffer height twice 
  discards  c4d8c6a   Avoid inflooping in font-lock
  discards  9a30d6b   Refactor duplicated code; ensure default is in completions
  discards  424072f   Typo in example
  discards  111cebc   * lisp/calc/calc.el: Silence byte-compiler warnings
  discards  b315455   Use g_clear_error instead of g_error_free
  discards  a00634c   * src/image.c (image_size_error): Simplify.
  discards  5a3a6aa   Fix problems caught with --enable-gcc-warnings
  discards  52fecf5   * lisp/calc/calc.el (calc-digit-start-entry): Fix typo.
  discards  2124b33   Format initial input uniformly.
  discards  1f37714   Disable non-working pointerColor setting for X tooltip 
  discards  ee52942   Reduce some unnecessary X calls.
  discards  e23ed19   Reduce color allocation/query traffic in the TrueColor 
  discards  b8eea1d   Cache XParseColor results in the X display info structure.
  discards  0360b7f   * src/syntax.c (syms_of_syntax): Make 
syntax-propertize--done local
  discards  c026c00   Fix segfault in image_size_error
  discards  3cd29a5   Highlight CSS variable definitions
  discards  8a40c5a   * test/automated/tabulated-list-test.el: New file
  discards  e60a1e2   * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el (tabulated-list-sort):
  discards  9ed9b7d   Add test for `self-insert-command' (bug#21633)
  discards  391291f   In resize_frame_windows don't set a top position when 
resizing horizontally.
  discards  4d04cee   * lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el (prettify-symbols-alist):
  discards  96973de   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Remove no-longer-active people
  discards  7876975   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Copyedits.
  discards  2ad5109   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Remove "unmaintained" section; 
neither correct nor useful
  discards  8528f7c   * lisp/textmodes/tex-mode.el: Use lexical-binding
  discards  f54e5cc   * lisp/indent.el (indent--default-inside-comment): New 
  discards  3b4d119   Fix bug in GC_CHECK_MARKED_OBJECTS check
  discards  a4a98a1   Add prettified version of \\Bbb{Q}.
  discards  11f4214   * test/automated/package-test.el 
  discards  8155813   lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-install): Fix name 
  discards  e2b1ad4   Fix display of characters adjacent to ZWJ and ZWNJ
  discards  0befeb0   Don't use XFASTINT on a negative number
  discards  25b4572   * doc/lispref/objects.texi (Window Type): Add a cross 
  discards  d62f033   * src/buffer.c (syms_of_buffer): Typo fix.  (Bug#21622)
  discards  7e83f50   ; Another minor fix in misc-lang.el
  discards  0a74e2b   Fix composition-function-table for Arabic and Syriac
  discards  47e9556   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  ef171d1   Add first unit tests for auth-source.el
  discards  76d5122   Remove redundant redisplay code
  discards  1fa9f86   * src/xdisp.c (windows_or_buffers_changed): Improve 
  discards  9c4b9a2   Update tutorials/TUTORIAL.cn
  discards  6cdd3c6   * src/macfont.m (macfont_encode_char, syms_of_macfont): 
Remove unused vars.
  discards  94e5235   Pull in version numbers from rst.el upstream release.
  discards  cacebbd   * test/automated/coding-tests.el: New file.
  discards  acfb5cd   Improve XEmacs compatibility of Tramp
  discards  b28beb1   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  2021680   ; Restore some of the recent deletions in fileio.c
  discards  45d0b3d   shr: fix too long lines in rendered buffers (Bug#21012)
  discards  fd51234   ; Add some comments
  discards  ddb8f90   Restore blank line before next section, erroneously 
erased in my previous commit
  discards  460c357   Support MSW filename style for ant compilation error 
  discards  42d0000   * nt/INSTALL: Minor spelling and quote fixes.
  discards  9976370   * lisp/ibuffer.el: Fix docstring length (Bug#21541).
  discards  6b66375   Maintain ordering of JSON object keys by default
  discards  9a05f0a     * src/coding.c (complement_process_encoding_system): 
Revert last        change.
  discards  829e818   Add entry for Ulf Jasper.
  discards  9cca3fe   Doc fix for `defmacro'
  discards  b235cea   More validatation of coding systems
  discards  272ca09   Avoid crashes in coding_inherit_eol_type
  discards  265d525   More validatation of coding system in 'write-region'
  discards  658f2c4   Avoid crashes due to invalid coding-system
  discards  40892b4   ; Tramp: Suppress compiler warnings.
  discards  e160525   Adapt to new prettify-symbols-unprettify-at-point default
  discards  de7fc45   Revert my two recent process.c changes
  discards  d771ae0   * prolog.el: Update and extend operator table
  discards  4cace70   Allow autogen even when Git is not installed
  discards  a5c2033   * lisp/vc/vc-git.el (vc-git-region-history): Handle local 
  discards  355ccbc   Fix problems found by clang 3.5.0
  discards  da4ce83   * nt/INSTALL: Update instructions for running autogen.sh
  discards  f03311e   * nt/INSTALL: Point to ezwinports for libXpm binaries.
  discards  87fb1e3   Fix winner in cl-lib not loaded case
  discards  dd6346e   Fix a few problems with directed quotes
  discards  6083f33   Revert "Attempt to fix slow redisplay caused by last 
  discards  511a18de  Fix slow redisplay when daemon frame exists
  discards  c4c1fb9   Attempt to fix slow redisplay caused by last changes
  discards  7a94cf9   Improve doc strings in dired.c
  discards  632847e   Set default base-size in minibuffer-completion-help
  discards  9c86325   ; * lisp/progmodes/gdb-mi.el (gdb-mi-decode): Improve 
last change.
  discards  439f483   Fix GUD display of GDB output with non-ASCII text
  discards  e8d83f4   * nt/INSTALL: Document where to find XPM support files
  discards  cedcce7   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  9e4a6ad   Un- and re-prettification are not exclusive
  discards  35ad158   Don't unprettify symbol at point by default
  discards  cbae482   * lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el 
  discards  4a6780e   Avoid assertion violations in push_prefix_prop
  discards  80a8607   ; Revert inadvertent premature commit.
  discards  5c9304e   Disable some display optimizations when frames need 
  discards  82df187   Don't modify buffer by unprettification
  discards  8b1df96   Try to avoid redisplaying all frames when creating a new 
  discards  44298d3   ; Yet another tweak of pos-visible-in-window-p doc string
  discards  8d5662c   ; Minor updates in admin/MAINTAINERS
  discards  e73b0d6   Implement unprettification of symbol at point
  discards  ecedfd6   * src/macfont.m (mac_font_descriptor_supports_languages): 
Regard "zh" as synonym of "zh-Hans".
  discards  d22634e   Work around crash when displaying etc/HELLO on OS X 10.11
  discards  1c6a587   ; Clarify docs of pos-visible-in-window-p some more
  discards  ecbb6ae   * src/macfont.m: Fix compilation with USE_CT_GLYPH_INFO.
  discards  d1fb5e6   * lisp/arc-mode.el (archive-rar-summarize): Better 
alignment of the columns.
  discards  25979c8   Use unar and lsar to handle RAR archives in arc-mode
  discards  9a241dd   ; * Add admin/MAINTAINERS entries
  discards  afd17a9   Clarify :create in auth-source's docs
  discards  3968fa6   Avoid empty -path arguments in rgrep
  discards  47089e0   Clarify documentation of pos-visible-in-window-p
  discards  e187743   * lisp/progmodes/prolog.el: Fix various indentation cases
  discards  300bce3   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Add entries for Dmitry Gutov
  discards  d6b4957   * lisp/progmodes/sh-script.el: Old "dumb" continued line 
  discards  90a6f8d   * lisp/progmodes/octave.el: Use grammar more; Handle 
enumeration fun
  discards  1fea2f3   * lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el (let-when-compile): Work 
like let*
  discards  b425b3f   nt/INSTALL: Remove references to GTK site
  discards  2211052   ; ChangeLog fix
  discards  50e844c   * nt/INSTALL: Add instructions for installing Git.
  discards  8b95ee4   * net/shr.el (shr-colorize-region): Allow 88-color tty to 
use colors. Suggested by Eli Zaretskii.
  discards  888d644   * net/shr.el (shr-colorize-region): Don't do it on a 
system not supporting 256 above colors (bug#21557).
  discards  166a655   ; Remove extraneous "coding: utf-8" specifications in 
Elisp files
  discards  2d71228   Revert "Don't rely on defaults in decoding UTF-8 encoded 
Lisp files"
  discards  e809c39   ; * CONTRIBUTE: Tweak the "Non-ASCII characters in Emacs 
files" section
  discards  f6e1f15   Add documentation for seq.el
  discards  f0b7142   Better documentation for seq-some
  discards  5526561   * lisp/arc-mode.el: Sharp-quote function arguments.
  discards  1f27934   Avoid redisplay error in ediff-regions-wordwise
  discards  3a0974d   ; Remove unnecessary resetting of 
  discards  85cd80b   ; Fix last commit
  discards  a11ae01   Another attempt to fix crashes due to prematurely freed 
  discards  28ddc85   Add auctex development list email address
  discards  4df75ab   Add admin/MAINTAINERS entries
  discards  d944f72   Improve wrapfig package support and caption parsing
  discards  e55460e   Respect value of frame_resize_pixelwise when handling 
fullscreen state.
  discards  73b0901   * src/gfilenotify.c (Fgfile_add_watch): Cleanup temporary 
  discards  eb2a40e   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  f49e3a2   ; Mention non-ASCII encoding issues in CONTRIBUTE
  discards  52beda9   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  1ac5a9c   Add prettify-symbols-alist for js-mode
  discards  3fb5fcb   ; * CONTRIBUTE: Mention admin/MAINTAINERS.
  discards  944952a   * nt/subdirs.el: File deleted (no longer used).
  discards  2fbaf30   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Minor copyedits
  discards  d514ddd   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Add an entry for Xue Fuqiao.
  discards  984c40a   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Add entries for Nicolas Petton
  discards  3d16ffb   Fix follow-scroll-up/down, making them replacements for 
  discards  2e775b4   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Add entry for Simen Heggestøyl
  discards  b700159   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Add entries for Michael Albinus
  discards  1d94461   * admin/MAINTAINERS: Add self, plus list some more files 
sans maintaners.
  discards  139e55a   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Add entries for Artur Malabarba
  discards  88ab665   ; * admin/MAINTAINERS: Update Eli Zaretskii's interests
  discards  80cc5d1   New DWIM commands for changing letter-case
  discards  7b532d3   * etc/PROBLEMS: Document problems with pasting on 
  discards  e573d08   Make face realization be more frame-specific
  discards  3fbc53b   Remove font-latex specific check
  discards  188f657   Fix false negatives in tex--prettify-symbols-compose-p.
  discards  b1dfa84   Reorder Windows version in Emacs manifests
  discards  a0b9ebf   Update Emacs manifest files for Windows 10
  discards  00908ee   Avoid non-ASCII decoding errors in C src files
  discards  feddb99   Resurrect edebug-set-initial-mode, repurposing it to set 
the global mode.
  discards  0d31eeb   Avoid non-ASCII decoding errors in Texinfo files
  discards  1657ba7   Merge from gnulib
  discards  da38b6a   Update publicsuffix.txt from upstream
  discards  58ecdad   Prevent timers from messing up TTY menus
  discards  9fa9bc6   No need to mention K&R C in c-mode intro
  discards  8f88db1   Fix recent bootstrap problems
  discards  8c909d7   * src/gfilenotify.c (Fgfile_add_watch): Decrease polling 
  discards  f247147   ; Implement Stefan's feedback on last two commits
  discards  ec0ddb5   Properly quote nested xml comments (Bug#6267) (Bug#20001)
  discards  04ef947   Allow major-modes full control over quoting nested 
  discards  791355f   Prefer CALLN in a few more places
  discards  20ff1b5   Adapt file-notify-test02-events test case
  discards  8c3c506   ; Fix thinko in last commit of filenotify.el
  discards  cad8aef   Continue gfilenotify.c implementation of missing parts
  discards  4c0fed1   * src/syntax.c: Handle spurious e_property_truncated flag
  discards  aab6752   Support ':relative-width' space display spec on text-mode 
  discards  0a133c7   Move let-when-compile to lisp-mode.el
  discards  325200a   Do not include authorization header in an HTTP redirect
  discards  a4d5717   Clarify documentation of ':relative-width'
  discards  62831e7   Fix 'current-column' in presence of :relative-width
  discards  e5947fe   Reformat the pdbtrack remote-file fix ChangeLog.2 entry
  discards  6c33e7a   * prolog.el: Fix indentation of empty line
  discards  2fa2c87   Make description of `edebug-initial-mode' user friendly.
  discards  2e19cb4   lisp/progmodes/gud.el (gud-format-command): Fix last 
  discards  948059e   ; * doc/lispref/os.texi (File Notifications): Minor 
  discards  bfa1aa8   Improve last commit to process.c
  discards  170ed29   Implement gfile-valid-p
  discards  27f8719   Remove callback-handled channels from Available set
  discards  084b8af   Use lunate epsilon for TeX \epsilon
  discards  7760f32   * lisp/progmodes/prolog.el: Fix nested electric 
  discards  e3a6246   Improve git diff hunk headers for .el, .texi
  discards  db828f6   Don't rely on defaults in decoding UTF-8 encoded Lisp 
  discards  818fc6e   Clarify or replace a few \u escapes.
  discards  cf91ea7   Pacify GCC -Wmaybe-uninitialized in xdisp.c
  discards  aeb17b6   Signal error on invalid regexp
  discards  d443345   Another fix of file-notify-tests for w32notify
  discards  01b5475   Adapt tests and manual for w32notify
  discards  127bafd   Fix setting breakpoints when remote-debugging
  discards  0a893f0   Better docstring and parameter name for seq-find
  discards  e2f0dd2   Avoid infinite recursion while displaying box face
  discards  1802831   Keep upper edge unchanged when changing size of NS frame 
  discards  57d48c3   Subject: * lisp/progmodes/prolog.el: Improve handling of 
  discards  dadcf33   Add prettify symbols to python-mode
  discards  dd1e684   * lisp/emacs-lisp/syntax.el (syntax-begin-function): Make 
  discards  bf006d5   (compilation-error-regexp-alist-alist): Tone down 
  discards  65d5ebd   * m4-mode.el (m4-font-lock-keywords): Fix m4_* 
  discards  c7e69c4   '.' -> `.' in doc string
  discards  f5bdcb3   Improve file notifications, especially for Tramp
  discards  ab11a1c   Use %s to format strings instead of splicing them
  discards  2ad2f8b   * lisp/progmodes/js.el (js--syntax-begin-function): 
  discards  9474c70   Don't assume syntax-begin-function is a symbol.
  discards  6afe816   ; * ChangeLog.2: Fix typos and bad formatting, remove 
unneeded entries
  discards  48ef71e   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  00a65e3   Improve documentation of 'run-at-time'
  discards  404f3af   * lisp/calc/calc-ext.el (calc-do-prefix-help): Tidy up 
error message.
  discards  89898fc   Repair pdbtrack   so it follows transition from one 
remote file to another.
  discards  df6f610   * lisp/emacs-lisp/timer.el (run-at-time): Docstring 
  discards  2ebcda4   Adapt vc-src to the old-new vc-checkin API
  discards  d9d2e37   Add overflow module to CSS property list
  discards  1ea1d75   Fix documentation of "C-u C-x v v"
  discards  9ea6c4d   Resurrect the ability to specify a revision in 
  discards  ba34956   Fix checkdoc warnings.
  discards  17e5f43   /svaha/wsnyder/d/log
  discards  fb875ee   Fix the routine for help on Calc's prefixes.
  discards  644c6b4   * lisp/font-lock.el 
(font-lock-beginning-of-syntax-function): Remove
  discards  284c470   Backslash cleanup in Elisp source files
  discards  d149ff5   Some more minor backslash fixes
  discards  753fbfb   Fix several backslash typos in Elisp strings
  discards  dc9e702   Fix minor quoting problems in diagnostics
  discards  7366f80   * doc/lispref/frames.texi (Cursor Parameters): Document 
  discards  8c8e6cd   ; Preserve formatting in docstring of dbusbind.c
  discards  e643aa9   ; Use proper accents in Peter von der Ahé’s name
  discards  032ce1c   Omit unnecessary \ before paren in C docstrings
  discards  309d39b   A few more minor quoting fixes in a script and a text file
  discards  e56096d   Minor quoting fixes in scripts and doc
  discards  dc436dd   Minor backslash fixes in manuals and scripts
  discards  8865587   Add -Wswitch to --enable-gcc-warnings
  discards  82198ed   etags ‘fatal’ function is now printf-like
  discards  641350b   More adaptations in file-notify-tests.el
  discards  4969489   Adapt test in file-notify-tests.el
  discards  d605a53   winner no longer holds on to dead frames
  discards  b0f4acf   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  c762d33   Use common report_file_notify_error function
  discards  23274ea   Fix documentation.
  discards  1636e8c   Remove tool_bar_redisplayed_once and associated code.
  discards  31ff037   Restore some of the quoting in the manuals
  discards  bc67e46   Clarify reftex-extra-bindings docs.
  discards  55a9b2e   Fix search argument in ‘lisp--el-match-keyword’ 
(Bug#21492) (Bug#21493)
  discards  8db08df   Add pretty symbols for \qquad and \varrho.
  discards  2667d5c   Add new functions for the root mean square of a (Calc) 
  discards  fa85614   Add monotone EDE generic project
  discards  576e9b2   Revert premature commit
  discards  711a8ee   Fix a bug in elisp--xref-find-definitions related to 
cl-generic defaults
  discards  b6a792b   Fix bugs in eieio-oref-default related to class symbols
  discards  691b73f   ; Spelling fixes
  discards  332f816   Quote “fullboth” when defining it
  discards  dab3828   Minor doc fix in emacs/ack.texi
  discards  5c18263   Adapt tests in auto-revert-tests.el
  discards  6d98299   * lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el (lisp-mode-symbol-regexp): 
New const
  discards  ef7dbdf   Quote less in manuals
  discards  c051487   lisp/custom.el (load-theme): Only compute hash when needed
  discards  7f6b6f1   Pacify --enable-gcc-warnings
  discards  67e515d   Improve error reports in inotify.c
  discards  20b177d   Fix the file-notify tests for watch validation on w32
  discards  40d3a15   Use OPEN BOX instead of space for \quad.
  discards  13a71d8   ; Fix last commit log entry.
  discards  6cdd1e9   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  20b4625   Add missing *.pbm images
  discards  5901559   Add separator.pbm tool-bar image
  discards  a1cbf94   Make show-paren-match face visible on mono-color displays
  discards  b5a3626   Don’t double-encode non-ASCII mail clipboard
  discards  67ddc7c   Adaot file-notify-tests.el test cases
  discards  1ee47d4   Don’t double-encode non-ASCII for mail client
  discards  560022a   * lisp/progmodes/cc-langs.el (c-make-init-lang-vars-fun): 
Use dolist
  discards  498d7fe   Replace `cadar' with `cadr/car', since `cadar' is 
problematic on Emacs.
  discards  48f3aa9   Clarify documentation of char-table extra slots
  discards  e348a66   Elisp mode: Make font-lock and imenu handle escaped 
characters in symbols
  discards  c387f50   Improve the doc string of w32notify-valid-p
  discards  f60fca1   Fix tests for file-notify-valid-p.
  discards  ef5b1a2   Report file-notify-error in w32notify.c
  discards  12629d2   Implement w32notify-valid-p
  discards  7a3f318   Test file-notify-valid-p.
  discards  fac7dda   Fix markup in ELisp manual
  discards  f6f92e8   Introduce `file-notify-valid-p'
  discards  a85472b   Port Unicode char detection to FreeBSD+svgalib
  discards  59e3f2d   * src/indent.c (Fvertical_motion): Simplify bugfix 
  discards  6514b30   Fix vertical cursor motion across overlay strings with 
  discards  fc9dc03   Fix tests in file-notify-tests.el
  discards  166812a   Bind inhibit-modification-hooks rather than a/b-c-f
  discards  e125dce   (jit-lock-deferred-fontify): Pay attention to skipped 
  discards  b2615c7   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el (class-p): Accept class 
  discards  3928ef2   Merge syntax-propertize--done and 
  discards  818f06e   Prefer straight quoting in some text files
  discards  279303a   * CONTRIBUTE: Move send-email here from git-workflow.
  discards  a0ec54a   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  58e79d7   Improve file notifications in Tramp
  discards  2498790   Fix NS build with --enable-checking='glyphs'
  discards  8aa0386   Add seq-find
  discards  5a92d97   Document file-notify--test-with-events.
  discards  5f33465   Report used native library in file-notify-tests.el
  discards  7609385   lisp/mpc.el (mpc--proc-connect): use file-name-absolute-p
  discards  2cf2b19   lisp/mpc.el (mpc-file-local-copy): check for absolute path
  discards  2a79268   lisp/mpc.el (mpc-file-local-copy): check more config 
  discards  0fafb58   Improve documentation of categories
  discards  cdb0ae3   Revert some stray curved quotes I missed earlier
  discards  a1cd8c9   Prefer NUMBERP to spelling it out
  discards  b003026   ; Spelling fix
  discards  a6a1333   Improve file-notify-tests
  discards  f962c5d   Add patch-sending instructions to git-workflow
  discards  6ee7eab   Port to GIFLIB 5.0.6 and later
  discards  831945a   * lisp/cedet/ede/auto.el (ede-project-autoload): Doc fix.
  discards  0a9d4fd   * test/automated/file-notify-tests.el 
  discards  54ea373   Refix movemail GCC pacification
  discards  bf86385   (time-to-seconds, time-less-p): Mark unused vars with 
  discards  0b78dd6   * src/syntax.c (SETUP_SYNTAX_TABLE): Move truncation...
  discards  75a351b   * lisp/filenotify.el: Use lexical-binding
  discards  1c5b7ba   Start checking event types in file-notify tests
  discards  5a3122e   Merge from gnulib and texinfo
  discards  ab21f61   Make syntax.c call syntax-propertize on demand
  discards  74baea0   Fix indentation of an @example in ELisp manual
  discards  1267e12   Define internal-char-font even if --without-x
  discards  88694fb   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el 
(cl-generic-generalizers): Remove warning
  discards  17fff76   Fix display of complex local data types in GDB-MI
  discards  765dcc7   Remove redundant redefinition of seq-drop-while from 
  discards  b074436   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package--ensure-init-file)
  discards  b6c8cb5   Port movemail to RHEL 6 with --enable-gcc-warnings
  discards  c28542c   Port recent Linux console changes to RHEL 6
  discards  881b4f4   ; Fix stray quote inserted in comment
  discards  6e5d81f   Improvements for curved quotes on Linux consule
  discards  39dca94   * lisp/info.el (Info-fontify-node): Don't stop at the 
non-title underline.
  discards  f201dfd   * lisp/calendar/time-date.el (with-decoded-time-value): 
Fix debug spec
  discards  c825fd7   Fix double-reporting of rename events with inotify
  discards  d6d545b   * lisp/play/tetris.el (tetris-move-down): New command 
  discards  4885707   ; Fix comment to match recent code change
  discards  bc26305   Remove a few simple cases of global redisplay
  discards  645c859   * src/process.c (status_notify): Avoid global redisplay 
  discards  94ed516   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  10e7f7d   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  6cd64aa   (electric-quote-mode): Activate everywhere in message-mode
  discards  6afef3f   Go back to grave quoting in source-code docstrings etc.
  discards  add49b6   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Reduce autoloading before 
  discards  aff3190   ; Add (tiny change) an entry from 2015-08-31
  discards  56b86e5   * src/keyboard.c (read_key_sequence): Complete last fix 
  discards  caf4a01   Fix deletion of symlinks to directories on MS-Windows
  discards  066b26d   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-initialize): Set 
  discards  1a0b479   Bump version of ntlm.el to 2.00
  discards  af629df   * doc/misc/gnus.texi (Mail Source Specifiers): Allow 
:mailbox to be a list.
  discards  770db45d  Allow even one non-regular character before the implicit 
tag name
  discards  a6dcaea   Add support for NTLMv2 authentication
  discards  158e1d9   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Rename custom faces
  discards  1770b2b   mail-source.el: Make the imap mail-source's :mailbox 
handle a list
  discards  3fb7881   nnimap.el:  Handle nil arg to nnimap-request-group
  discards  dbdc459   File notifications: Support renaming over directory 
  discards  29b0e0b   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  88b9a80   Spelling fix (Bug#21420)
  discards  1b5fda5   Improve the semantic of map-some
  discards  a1535f9   Rename map-contains-key-p and map-some-p
  discards  aeb1d6b   Improve the semantic of seq-some
  discards  c36663d   Rename seq-some-p to seq-some and seq-contains-p to 
  discards  b814762   text-quoting-style for usage of fn names with ‘’
  discards  b6b2554   Fix fix for describe-function keybinding confusion
  discards  ba521e7   * doc/lispref/frames.texi (Mouse Tracking): Fix typo.
  discards  96d6689   Use PAT rather than UPAT in pcase macros
  discards  6d2a3ca   Fix describe-function keybinding confusion
  discards  dfc8f09   * doc/emacs/programs.texi (Program Modes): Remove an 
index entry.
  discards  2330ca3   ; ChangeLog.2: Fix last entry
  discards  f65de05   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  ac9da24   Avoid read error messages from 'inotify'
  discards  ec14f08   Avoid errors in thing-at-point with 2nd argument non-nil
  discards  90937cb   Fix segfaults due to using a stale face ID
  discards  8a6260e   Fix minor problems with " in manual
  discards  262a23d   * doc/misc/tramp.texi (Frequently Asked Questions): New 
item for ad-hoc
  discards  09c1585   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  2559d6e   ; * etc/NEWS: Put entry about [:graph:] and [:print:] 
where it belongs.
  discards  4874f0b   Support automated ‘make check’ in non-C locale
  discards  26bd978   Fix some more docstring etc. quoting problems
  discards  944d77f   Re-add the notion of echo_prompt lost in the translation
  discards  c624ab2   Fix disassembly of non-compiled lexical functions 
  discards  2d19f8c   (tex--prettify-symbols-compose-p): Don't compose in 
verbatim blocks!
  discards  c37ef75   * lisp/thingatpt.el (thing-at-point-uri-schemes): Add 
  discards  41d83c2   * lisp/mpc.el (mpc--proc-connect): Handle unix sockets 
  discards  66f5720   vc-git-mode-line-string: Explicitly re-apply the face
  discards  3d08d06   Treat initial-scratch-message as a doc string
  discards  b28ad0e   Fix describe-char bug with glyphs on terminals
  discards  a9706c6   Follow text-quoting-style in display table init
  discards  33f2e00   fix for the case that M17N_FLT_USE_NEW_FEATURE is not 
  discards  fa5a9c7   Fix typo
  discards  e7b6273   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  ae08d07   fix previous change
  discards  3086627   * lisp/vc/vc-hooks.el (vc-refresh-state): New command
  discards  19532d1   Escape ` and ' in doc
  discards  5dc644a   Generalize the prefix-command machinery of C-u
  discards  afe1cf0   Rework quoting in tutorial
  discards  72aae73   Setup quote display only if interactive
  discards  fea1e88   Use defalias at the top level
  discards  183ad9d   terminal-init-w32console mimicks command-line
  discards  1a3518e   Display replacement quotes with shadow glyphs
  discards  da88ad6   * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-methods) <sudo>: Mask 
  discards  a3c31ad   Docstring fixes re quotes in C code
  discards  447e589   Some Tramp password fixes
  discards  21d6414   Make vc-git-working-revision always return the commit hash
  discards  3e0e233   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  524eeb2   Use the new type MFLTGlyphFT for MFLTGlyphString.glyphs.
  discards  ff0a92f   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  a9713f2   Improve comments in elisp-mode.el, elisp-mode-tests.el
  discards  4257c29   Delete Emacs 25 test in mode-local.el
  discards  fcdd22d   Show all known mode-local overrides in *Help*
  discards  b62c0e7   * lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-search-article): 
Ensure that the article where the search word is found is displayed and pointed 
to in the summary buffer.
  discards  4a703c7   * lisp/newcomment.el (comment-dwim): Use `use-region-p'
  discards  9004011   Port tls.el to older Emacs
  discards  5c0fb39   hideif.el: Recognize .h++ as C++ header.
  discards  28854f2   ; Fix missing sentence end double space in NEWS.
  discards  8307c06   isearch: Document character folding mode.
  discards  244c417   Quoting fixes in ERC and Eshell
  discards  86f6920   Quoting fixes in Gnus
  discards  8bbff0d   Quoting fixes in lisp mail, mh-e, net, url
  discards  0ff60ec   Fix some byte-compiler warnings in EDE
  discards  e634dac   Fix directory accessibility tests for w32 network volumes
  discards  5ee3ef8   Fix handling long file names in readdir on MS-Windows
  discards  697be62   Make file-accessible-directory-p reliable on MS-Windows
  discards  8af8355   Don't call do_pending_window_change in signal handlers 
  discards  6cd2629   Quoting fixes in lisp/org
  discards  41ed99a   Treat “instead” strings as docstrings
  discards  8d76c00   Better documentation of seq-let
  discards  6514fe8   * lisp/international/ccl.el: Fix quoting.
  discards  9ffb6ce   Quoting fixes in lisp/international and lisp/leim
  discards  d172960   Make ‘text-quoting-style’ a plain defvar
  discards  2cac2e2   Quoting fixes in lisp/textmodes
  discards  b533552   Documentation fixes re quotes
  discards  4c24b9e   Quoting fixes in lisp/progmodes
  discards  f665b49   Minor documentation and NEWS tweak
  discards  d987e6d   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  cc90c25   * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-convert-file-attributes):
  discards  001c7dd   Text quoting fixes in cedet, emulation, emacs-lisp
  discards  24ee55b   Fix which-func for curly quotes: look for symbol, not 
  discards  57e1205   Fix Python tests on MS-Windows
  discards  5e5ee39   Use Core Text types/functions/variables/enumerators 
  discards  5e63c84   Fix minor text quoting in calc, calendar, vc
  discards  ff441d3   Fix minor text quoting problems in lisp top level
  discards  c6af816   Fix indentation rule in css-mode
  discards  fdd095d   Fix a bug in recording a macro while flyspell-mode is 
  discards  572f68e   ; Fix a typo in the EPA docs
  discards  b142c48   Tweak startup screen quoting
  discards  6dbe056   Add test case for ‘format’ bug and refactor
  discards  f33c164   Fix ‘format’ bug with property offsets
  discards  2934c21   Use straight quotes in lib-src diagnostics
  discards  862561f   ‘text-quoting-style’ fixes for admin
  discards  60d1b18   Assume GC_MARK_STACK == GC_MAKE_GCPROS_NOOPS
  discards  259a643   Improve seq-concatenate for new sequence types
  discards  64fbdc9   Add mode local overrides to xref-find-definitions
  discards  2e8750c   Add mode local overrides to describe-function
  discards  1be208c   Prefer straight quoting in some etc text files
  discards  582222b   Fix quoting in ‘message_with_string’
  discards  84a9787   Mention false positives of file-accessible-directory on 
  discards  2731e82   Treat error strings as help
  discards  5960d0a   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  920a0ad   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  4a18d16   ; * tramp-compat.el: Remove superfluous comment; 
  discards  0cdcc50   * lisp/net/tramp-cache.el (top): Use `message' but 
  discards  4786618   Top-level elisp files respect ‘text-quoting-style’
  discards  b12cfbf   Go back to grave quoting in Tramp
  discards  27b2cff   Go back to grave quoting in Gnus
  discards  bcfe2e0   Fix customization of text-quoting-style
  discards  71781c3   format-message now curves ` and '
  discards  ef4c2ea   Minor fixes in doc/emacs/search.texi
  discards  4670909   * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-awk-encode, 
  discards  6dfbe9f   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  073972b   * doc/lispintro/emacs-lisp-intro.texi (Run a Program): 
Add some index entries for the special form `quote'.
  discards  7f67cdb6  Spelling fixes
  discards  929e3d0   Gnus format-message typo fix
  discards  875a5d0   Prefer directed to neutral quotes
  discards  68280c5   Treat ' like ’ even when not matching `
  discards  0db4992   * doc/emacs/cal-xtra.texi (Holiday Customizing): Fix typo 
in example.
  discards  1229e61   * src/macfont.m (macfont_create_family_with_symbol): 
Accept localized names.
  discards  7b5290d   Tramp diagnostics as per ‘text-quoting-style’
  discards  a105548   * etc/NEWS: Clarify text-quoting-style and 
  discards  7741988   Fix documentation for `save-excursion'
  discards  7eab29d   * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-stat-marker, 
  discards  1c6bdf1   Revert fbb5531fa11d13854b274d28ccd329c9b6652cfc for 
  discards  13b257b   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  291593a   Fix cl-subseq and cl-concatenate
  discards  24c61ca   ; Fix two entries in ChangeLog.2
  discards  93da8ac   Fix full-screen code when there is no window manager 
  discards  d56d62b   ; * doc/lispref/intro.texi (Version Info): Shorten line 
for 80 column terminal.
  discards  5a133ba   * lisp/version.el (emacs-version): No longer include 
build host
  discards  a19b855   * doc/lispref/elisp.texi: Fix typo in previous change.
  discards  fbb5531   More-conservative ‘format’ quote restyling
  discards  a5fd059   * etc/NEWS: The new ‘q’ flag is not an incompatible 
  discards  af013e0   python.el: Fix python-shell-buffer-substring on indented 
  discards  41cb016   Fix minor glitches from ‘format’ reversion
  discards  3caef97   python.el: Defer shell setup code until first interactive 
  discards  c13a4df   Remove the calls to `seq-into` from `seq-concatenate`
  discards  20aa61c   ; Fix a typo in description of 'C-x r i'
  discards  a92066b   python.el: Fix completion for pdb interactions
  discards  e7be986   Make seq.el more extensible by using cl-defmethod
  discards  58c3762   python.el: Fix prompt detection with user overridden 
  discards  a7088b5   ; Fix author address
  discards  877e77e   Support exec-directory with non-ASCII characters on 
  discards  6b1765e   Revert "Extend ‘format’ to translate curved quotes"
  discards  0b0c956   Revert "Prefer ‘format’ to ‘substitute-command-keys’"
  discards  70ff624   ; * doc/lispintro/emacs-lisp-intro.texi (Buffer Size & 
Locations): ; Markup fix.  ("point" is not a variable, so "@code{point}" should 
; be either "point" or @code{(point)} here.)
  discards  ef00774   * doc/lispintro/emacs-lisp-intro.texi (Switching 
Buffers): Clarify "invisible window".
  discards  2f0d41e   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  a664f6a   * doc/emacs/modes.texi (Choosing Modes): Minor doc fix 
for magic-fallback-mode-alist.
  discards  24ae052   python.el: fallback completion, ffap and eldoc setup 
  discards  0a3ed5f   ; python.el: Fix typo for previous commit
  discards  34f58ce   python.el: Increase native completion robustness.
  discards  b0fe29e   Fix invocation of programs via cmdproxy.exe
  discards  7372c1a   Handle comments inside unquoted URIs in css-mode
  discards  ff42c71   Support invocation of Hunspell with multiple dictionaries
  discards  19efb9d   Minor formatting changes in ispell.el
  discards  a3f3cd7   In ‘adjust-window-trailing-edge’ fix bug with 
size-preserved windows.
  discards  385fa75   Improve documentation of 'window-use-time'
  discards  18371ed   * lisp/progmodes/cc-*.el: Fix up commenting style
  discards  c87523b   text-quoting-style in emacs-lisp diagnostics
  discards  66081ad   ; python.el: Fix previous commit for Emacs<24.3 
  discards  cf42b9f   ; python.el: Fix previous commit for Emacs<24.3 
  discards  e2a5e3f8  python.el: Ensure remote process-environment on 
non-interactive processes
  discards  49071a4   ; python.el: Bump version to 25.1
  discards  4150b56   python.el: Enhancements to process environment setup.
  discards  c1cacb0   Avoid hard-coding "M-x command" in docstrings
  discards  59f7943   ; Fix minor typo in Elisp manual
  discards  2649105   Use add-function for prettify-symbols-compose-predicate
  discards  74881b6   * lisp/emacs-lisp/smie.el (smie-indent-current-column): 
New fun
  discards  e967f17   Respect text-quoting-style in (*Finder*) menus
  discards  3ea0598   Document `window-use-time' in Elisp manual
  discards  8583c21   A better fix for bug#21303
  discards  1c671d6   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  1a38259   Respect text-quoting-style in calc
  discards  c1402c5   Fix documentation of 'menu-set-font' and 'set-frame-font'
  discards  88f18ca   Document '--create-frame' option to emacsclient
  discards  b67928e   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  9f31fb2   * lisp/progmodes/js.el (js-mode): Don't eagerly syntax 
  discards  a55c75c   Document 'get-mru-window' in the ELisp manual
  discards  2f5e809   Clarify documentation of 'get-buffer-window-list'
  discards  eb022c1   In `ielm' use `pop-to-buffer-same-window' instead of 
  discards  244a008   In woman.el use `display-buffer' instead of 
  discards  8c01e88   Follow user preference in calendar diagnostics
  discards  21c2b4a   * src/gfilenotify.c (Fgfile_add_watch):
  discards  b77bdb5   In frames.texi use "minibuffer-less frame" instead of 
"non-minibuffer frame"
  discards  e656b51   Fix frame geometry related text
  discards  df9b29e   Sanitize frame geometry related functions
  discards  092e17b   Fix MinGW64 build broken by latest w32uniscribe.c changes
  discards  ff2f35f   Add TeX defaults for prettify-symbol-mode
  discards  c88063f   Generalize prettify-symbols to arbitrary modes
  discards  760701e   Don't quote symbols 'like-this' in docstrings etc.
  discards  daf390b   ; * etc/NEWS: Mention frame geometry related changes and 
  discards  e68d43e   Describe frame geometry and related functions in Elisp 
  discards  d13dc27   Handling of `c-parse-state'.  Fix low level bug.
  discards  d0079c9   In `widget-color--choose-action' quit *Color* window 
instead of deleting it
  discards  186297d   In w32fns.c's Fx_frame_geometry rewrite check whether 
frame has a titlebar
  discards  88afeee   Add a prettify-symbols-alist for (La)TeX
  discards  82a3da2   Make electric-pair-mode, delete-selection-mode and CC 
Mode cooperate.
  discards  ec07cfb   Fix key binding quoting in tutorial *Help*
  discards  ae7cfd0   Improve and future-proof OTF fonts support in 
  discards  7eed739   * isearch.el (isearch-search-fun-default): Revert a5bdb87
  discards  7047d36   Fix doc-string of `help-mode-finish'.
  discards  19cdde4   In nsimage.m include coding.h (Bug#21292)
  discards  f5a14da   Move window edge functions to Elisp.
  discards  a83be20   [Gnus]: Use overlay functions directly
  discards  62661fe   In w32fns.c condition TITLEBAR_INFO declaration on 
WINDOWS version.
  discards  f814775   * lisp/gnus/nnmaildir.el (nnmaildir-flag-mark-mapping): 
Add "P".
  discards  87fbe1a   Use new q ‘format’ flag when fixing quotes in C
  discards  67de1b6   New q flag for ‘format’
  discards  85bc107   pinentry.el: Add debugging support
  discards  93fb178   pinentry.el: Improve multiline prompt
  discards  aab8326   Fix multibyte confusion in diagnostics
  discards  6367368   Fix file name encodings in diagnostics
  discards  345284f   Allow blink-matching-paren to jump off screen
  discards  9c1e7d5   Refine the previous change
  discards  c29a51d   Rewrite and add frame geometry related functions.
  discards  ab759c2   Improve Tramp's compatibility
  discards  0e1711a   * lisp/net/tramp-cmds.el (tramp-reporter-dump-variable):
  discards  07ebe42   ; Remove Entry from ChangeLog.2
  discards  7a68ebe   Clarify what happens to match data on failure
  discards  9a1175c   Revert "pinentry.el: Support external passphrase cache"
  discards  9403daf   * doc/emacs/sending.texi (Mail Misc): Fix two index 
entries for Message mode hooks.
  discards  2b2eac2   epg.el: Make gpgconf output parsing future proof
  discards  e086e55   pinentry.el: Support external passphrase cache
  discards  3a23c47   ; pinentry.el: Update header comment and fix typos
  discards  9bc7578   pinentry.el: Popup window for multiline prompt
  discards  c24a067   message.el: Silent the byte compiler
  discards  0b67a20   * lisp/gnus/message.el (message-overlay-get, 
message-overlays-in) (message-window-inside-pixel-edges): XEmacs compatible 
  discards  bb86261   * message.el (message-toggle-image-thumbnails): New 
  discards  a84225d   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  b892438   (blink-matching-open): Restore point before calling 
  discards  62f65ab   Update version number in header (now matches help)
  discards  7f2b98d   Curved quotes in --batch diagnostics in non-UTF-8
  discards  481859b   * doc/misc/tramp.texi (Configuration): Reword to avoid 
  discards  c1f34a9   Minor change in variable initialization on MS-Windows
  discards  94cf37c   Fix a bug with LWindow key remapping on MS-Windows
  discards  c7a64af   Improve fontset support for latest OTF script tags
  discards  abd838e   Spelling fixes
  discards  9a6d63f   ; ChangeLog.2: Fix another Tramp commit
  discards  4fedca4   ; ChangeLog.2: Fix author of last Tramp commit
  discards  9ce1d38   Use curved quotes in core elisp diagnostics
  discards  3a91d15   Convert lisp/term/x-win.el to UTF-8
  discards  cd671c6   ; ChangeLog.2: Fix the entry about deleting 
  discards  6bfde46   Update verilog-mode.el to 2015-05-14-6232468-vpo-GNU.
  discards  87c4e2a   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  f7ee23e   substitute-command-keys a few more doc strings
  discards  59b5141   Fix quoting in Fformat calls
  discards  208cfda   * admin/admin.el (set-version, set-copyright): Remove 
deleted files.
  discards  2ff8791   Allow describe-function helpers to access buffer-local 
  discards  b6d4baf   Handle pulse-background being nil
  discards  692cf10   Fix "\`" confusion in Lisp strings
  discards  2f30f8e   Remove 'nt/zipdist.bat' (no longer used)
  discards  76fff11   ; Fix ChangeLog entries
  discards  8b73aab   * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-remote-selinux-p): Use 
  discards  fd96e2d   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  5bbc55f   Add doc strings to 2 help-mode.el functions
  discards  8db2b2a   Remove files used by the old MS-Windows specific build 
  discards  8fa49a6   * doc/emacs/mule.texi (Charsets): Give fuller title for 
  discards  200c2b1   Default to inotify instead of gfile
  discards  0abf56d   Fix broken URLs for ISO-IR
  discards  e260064   Low-level diagnostics now use ‘text-quoting-style’
  discards  6af5aad   Prefer ‘format’ to ‘substitute-command-keys’
  discards  244c801   Extend ‘format’ to translate curved quotes
  discards  293775f   ; Fix ChangeLog entry put into wrong file
  discards  1735729   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  e1e33f2   * src/keyboard.c: Use false/true instead of 0/1 for 
  discards  59ff39d   * tramp-sh.el (tramp-sh-handle-file-acl): Do not redirect 
  discards  ee90aa6   Flush file properties in Tramp.
  discards  0ab8650   Fixed typo in manual.
  discards  8fac7b9   Fixed typo in manual.
  discards  9d053b3   Don't miss warnings about removing string text properties 
while dumping
  discards  acac9f4   * lisp/progmodes/sh-script.el (sh-mode): Handle .cshrc 
  discards  c24e742   * lisp/progmodes/compile.el: Assume 8-wide TABs 
  discards  0319f12   (uniquify-ask-about-buffer-names-p): Remove, unused 
  discards  fbee626   Make add_to_log varargs
  discards  b532875   Optional args for holiday-greek-orthodox-easter
  discards  57adf42   ; Fix caching problem in tramp-adb.el
  discards  0382fd4   xref-find-definitions: Exclude more generic function 
  discards  9c13a81   Improve warning about purecopy of strings with properties
  discards  e4de91d   Introduce new macros to cover Emacs's new names in 
  discards  401bc8b   loadhist.el (read-feature): Conform to completing-read
  discards  ad0b6dd   Deal gracefully with up-events (Bug#19746)
  discards  b367d7f   Fix display of thin lines whose newline has line-height 
property of t
  discards  79a1696   Offer to combine multiple To or CC fields.
  discards  9bb9002   Don't decrypt encrypted files.
  discards  fe45243   Handle encrypted mbox files.
  discards  503058a   Re-enable mime processing after decryption.  Add 
'decrypt' keyword.
  discards  472addd   epa-inhibit inhibits auto-recognition of .gpg files
  discards  bf3f6a9   * emacs-lisp/lisp-mnt.el (lm-header): save-excursion
  discards  197f280   ; python.el: Emacs 24.x compatibility fixes
  discards  bf0ed73   Respect python.el imenu when semantic-mode is off
  discards  d6640d6   Give names to Unicode code points in C code
  discards  85f7e51   elisp--xref-find-definitions handle cl-defstuct default 
  discards  6171d5b   * lisp/replace.el (perform-replace): Document 
  discards  acde89a   ; Fix prompt in tramp-adb.el
  discards  d7df36e   Rewrite elisp--xref-find-definitions to handle many more 
cases; add tests.
  discards  21e1673   * ChangeLog.2: Formatting update.
  discards  59676ae   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  30a6b1f   Fix recording of events pushed onto unread-command-events
  discards  5cd6c08   Set file buffer as current for "--file"
  discards  3985a21   Avoid setting LC_NUMERIC on MS-Windows to anything but "C"
  discards  092e0a0   Fix "Invalid search bound (wrong side of point)" in 
  discards  a9bb9d8   Fix DPI calculation when Xft/DPI is default
  discards  d39f33c   ; Fix xref--show-location, after regression in ee50e62
  discards  6f9b233   Add project-vc-search-path and project-vc-ignores
  discards  6a45e72   Fix some minor quoting issues with grave accent
  discards  e8b9b8c   ChangeLog.2 ignores remote-tracking merges
  discards  3b112f6   Use kpsewhich in ffap-latex-mode, if available
  discards  7f1baf2   ffap: disallow braces in filenames for tex modes
  discards  3e9759a   Remove useless backslashes from 
  discards  833f982   Augment docstring of ffap-string-at-point-mode-alist
  discards  5091586   Remove no-op calls to substitute-command-keys
  discards  cec8245   Utilize `quit-window' in epa.el
  discards  a6bcd27   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  9596acc   fix link to source code in help window
  discards  a5bdb87   * isearch.el (isearch-search-fun-default): (Bug#21164)
  discards  7e8f7e0   * test/automated/ert-tests.el (ert-test-deftest): Add 
  discards  3a5f751   * org.el: Fix up some lexical scoping warnings, and use 
  discards  45987b3   Merge remote-tracking branch 
  discards  c208eef   ; Fix some of my ChangeLog entries
  discards  b085bb4   Electric quote if coding is undecided or no conv
  discards  ab57417   ; Add missing ChangeLog entry
  discards  ac9960b   ; Remove accidentally duplicated redisplay test.
  discards  46387c5   * configure.ac (HAVE_STACK_OVERFLOW_HANDLING): Simplify 
  discards  1bb08a8   Fix overlay string display regressions introduced in 
Emacs 24.5
  discards  7afa4f3   Support recovery from C stack overflow on MS-Windows
  discards  feadec3   Improve error signalling for seq-subseq.
  discards  35656b6   Improve error checking in tramp-adb.el
  discards  c5565ce   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el (cl--generic-struct-tag): 
Don't burp on
  discards  1915487   lisp/window.el: fix typo, more 
  discards  4daa09e   Add support for 'inhibit-same-window in 
  discards  701484d   Avoid infinite loop in display of invisible text in 
  discards  0aec2aa   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Simplify describe-package-1
  discards  1be349c   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Define custom faces
  discards  0c856a2   Fix some confusion with ‘format’
  discards  ec044fd   * lisp/replace.el (replace-character-fold): Default to nil
  discards  437862c   * lisp/character-fold.el: Fix lax whitespace
  discards  ee50e62   Preserve window point in 
  discards  8dbae88   * lisp/progmodes/project.el: Add a paragraph to the front 
  discards  b629566   ; Fix wrong/duplicate ChangeLog entries
  discards  a57f8f3   ; * doc/emacs/calendar.texi (Move to Beginning or End): 
Fix punctuation.
  discards  5022e27   ; Do not overwrite preexisting contents of 
  discards  227e996   Improve ansi-color filtering of unrecognized escape 
  discards  8a4b8ae   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-mode-map): 
Convert menu
  discards  13e71e5   * lisp/net/tramp-cache.el (tramp-set-file-property): Fix 
code typo.
  discards  4e1bdd4   Add new 'calendar-weekend-days' option
  discards  fa10e77   Redo text-quoting-style variable
  discards  fc9206b   nnimap.el: Use IMAP MOVE extension if available
  discards  b0aa059   nnimap.el: Explicitly ask for server capabilities
  discards  5f5fe27   Treat help strings like other doc strings
  discards  d2c4309   Also mention "curly quotes"
  discards  397e316   Add option `calendar-weekend-days'
  discards  844ae4d   ede-proj-target-makefile docstring tweaks
  discards  1bc3c75   Whitespace fixes
  discards  c6a626e   Don't abort emacsclientw when -a was specified
  discards  0afb8fa   Fix handling of 1st keystroke on MS-Windows
  discards  6d69b06   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  bd3b426   Substitute some customization etc. doc strings
  discards  543bb9b   Add a second argument to project-ignores
  discards  08d6569   Prevent incorrect display when 'line-spacing' variable is 
  discards  bdd370b   Don't pass NOVISIT to find-file
  discards  4da0953   Ignore buffer restriction for tags-loop-eval
  discards  073ad26   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  e663cfe   Fix a thinko in 'ffap-gopher-at-point'
  discards  e91d2b3   Honor 'line-spacing' for empty lines
  discards  f55ce98   Simplify by assuming C99 integer division
  discards  eb0f65b   Don't overflow if computing approximate percentage
  discards  0f23e95   Fix some int overflows in profiler.c
  discards  8a7a99e   Port to pedantic memcpy
  discards  f5fc5cd   Merge from gnulib
  discards  8d332ae   * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el 
(tabulated-list-print): Fix bug
  discards  a246df7   ;* src/w32fns.c (syms_of_w32fns): Fix last commit.
  discards  e3d9ee5   Allow to use the old key processing code on MS-Windows
  discards  123c82e   Improve handling of Unicode keyboard input on MS-Windows
  discards  b07ca17   Fix default-directory in changeset diffs after 
  discards  6a79a16   Rename project-directories to project-roots
  discards  f3f15ae   Support long URLs in w32-shell-execute
  discards  91718f5   vc-mtn-find-revision handle null rev.
  discards  3b9d689   Add docs for display-buffer action 
  discards  72fea2f   Add display-buffer action display-buffer-use-some-frame
  discards  11d40d3   Handle vc-mtn error more gently
  discards  a53d1d3   Fix Tramp problems with multihops, and nc.
  discards  33b779a   Resurrect highlighting of repeated words by Flyspell Mode
  discards  cafa012   Fix redisplay of large images on expose events
  discards  afb4974   Remove unnecessary stack overflow dependency
  discards  87b8992   Pacify compilation -Wincompatible-pointer-types warnings
  discards  1216f73   Fix subscript error in calculate_direct_scrolling
  discards  f5dc3cf   Fix uninitalized value in encode_coding_object
  discards  bb8ec48   * doc/lispref/variables.texi (Variable Aliases): Typo 
fix.  (Bug#21141)
  discards  2856b1d   Merge from gnulib
  discards  094d5e9   Handle NULL pointers in w32heap.c allocation routines
  discards  3266513e  Fix Cairo build without PNG
  discards  7009674   MS-Windows follow-up for recent TZ-related changes
  discards  075f8d9   * src/ftfont.c (ftfont_close): Add comment re Bug#20890.
  discards  af32fa9   New optional ZONE arg for format-time-string etc.
  discards  4c55786   Fix infinite loop in delete-consecutive-dups
  discards  fac8492   Have `x-frame-geometry' return nil for terminal and 
initial frames (Bug#21132)
  discards  f2576da   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  2cf501c   * etc/tutorials/TUTORIAL.ja: Improve translation.
  discards  7c3506e   Avoid crashes when w32 GUI functions are called in -batch
  discards  5e63841   Fix flyspell-check-previous-highlighted-word
  discards  cbb289e   Minor cleanup in tramp-tests.el
  discards  c1ff88c   Pass lambdas to `skeleton-read'
  discards  67eb6ae   * INSTALL (DETAILED BUILDING AND INSTALLATION): Mention 
  discards  de576a5   Don't require GUI frames and mouse for Flyspell menus
  discards  1917d86   Improve documentation of Flyspell commands
  discards  8e03731   Fix some Tramp problems with HP-UX
  discards  8242c3a   * build-aux/update-subdirs: Put "no-update-autoloads: t" 
in output.
  discards  a0b8421   ; xref-find-regexp: (require 'grep), for grep-read-files
  discards  e48a116   Fix point positioning in ffap-next-guess
  discards  fa14638   Fix customization type of `even-window-sizes'.
  discards  59526c3   2015-07-22  Martin Rudalics  <address@hidden>
  discards  fed091f   add file name to autoload error messages.
  discards  4f855d6   Use as test host in Tramp
  discards  5abadeb   (advice--called-interactively-skip): Fix inf-loop 
  discards  492ea24   * test/automated/package-test.el (package-test-signed):
  discards  3046b17   * test/automated/elisp-mode-tests.el
  discards  7f58daf   Make eldoc timer non-repeatable
  discards  72dc7e7   Mention `tramp-connection-properties' in NEWS
  discards  b0dbf4c   Sync with Tramp repository
  discards  b6ac30a   Add new xref-query-replace command
  discards  4051fb2   ; Fix a typo
  discards  136dd7b   Simplify icalendar decoding of Z dates
  discards  057f934   Do not corrupt grep-find-ignored-files
  discards  5330a45   Add xref-match-item, and use it
  discards  10ac9db   Rename xref--xref to xref-item
  discards  e29206e   Rename xref description slot to summary
  discards  a215fe8   vc-hg: Perform the print-log call asynchronously
  discards  50ad176   Add xref-after-jump-hook and xref-after-return-hook
  discards  a46d268   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  83fbe89   Correct js-mode's lighter
  discards  f7ba648   Fix a bug in cfengine3-mode
  discards  82ed706   sieve-mode: support "body" test command
  discards  3d139d5   Fix info-apropos when the default encoding is Latin-N
  discards  5d72d5d   * epg.el (epg--start): Check that gpgconf can be found 
before calling it.
  discards  ea1a302   Expose more file types to OS X that Emacs understands.
  discards  a65e00b   Fix visual-order cursor movement when lines are truncated
  discards  166ffcb   Fix following Info cross-references to anchors
  discards  d3816bf   Fix scrolling backwards on TTY frames under 
  discards  8b57f12   Consider a jsdoc tag to be a beginning of a paragraph as 
  discards  6413c10   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix warnings
  discards  86814e7   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-buffer-info):
  discards  ca66737   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Many small changes
  discards  e276b42   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
  discards  0592cef   Fix hang with large yanks This should fix the bug fixed 
by Mike
  discards  eed81d2   * lisp/obsolete/longlines.el (longlines-search-function):
  discards  5bd8e67   Support @-mentions
  discards  fa5a880   Fix Bug#20943.
  discards  572cd26   Fix delete-dups bug on long lists
  discards  a5522ab   Better heuristic for C stack overflow
  discards  bd8b5ac   epg: Automatically start pinentry server
  discards  f90fe8e   * lisp/gnus/nnimap.el: Fix my last bogus change
  discards  c40ea13   Merge from gnulib
  discards  ff0e184e  Port to stricter C99
  discards  7fab529   * doc/emacs/frames.texi (Creating Frames): Fix the 
command `C-x 5 m' runs.
  discards  894a906   New autorevert tests.
  discards  2254b6c   Clear gcprolist etc. after stack overflow
  discards  6a7e718   * doc/emacs/windows.texi (Pop Up Window): Fix the 
description of `C-x 4 m'.
  discards  a1f7838   Avoid deprecated enums in mac-ct font backend driver
  discards  455fe1a   Cache font family in mac-ct font backend driver
  discards  64d0965   ; Minor doc fix
  discards  35ad161   Show the default value in the prompt
  discards  5153d30   When called with prefix argument, ask for file patterns 
to search as well
  discards  62d5d46   Add `project-ignores'
  discards  714f731   * doc/emacs/buffers.texi (Misc Buffer): Add a cross 
  discards  59a8e71   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  168c80e   gnus-registry.el: Correct function argument order
  discards  d6c2b34   Bind grep-highlight-matches to nil
  discards  8f1df3c   nnimap.el: Fix IMAP message size parsing
  discards  83d824b   * lisp/gnus/nnimap.el: Clean up "unused var" warnings
  discards  8badbad   * src/w32heap.c (DUMPED_HEAP_SIZE): Bump to 20MB.
  discards  4e81398   * src/macfont.m (macfont_list): Ignore font families 
lacking font descriptors.
  discards  53cf3cf   Don't check the exit status, it can be misleading
  discards  f8c720b   Introduce a Project API
  discards  78c3e14   * test/automated/map-tests.el 
(test-map-delete-return-value): Uncomment test.
  discards  5509e2f   Add support for gv.el in map.el
  discards  2a1591f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/debug.el (debug-help-follow): Use 
  discards  c7e9792   Syntax-propertize until the end of the line first
  discards  20368cc   ; Improve documentation of image-goto-frame
  discards  66c79b2   * doc/emacs/files.texi (File Archives): Add a cross 
  discards  0bec5a2   nnimap.el: Handle plain value for nnimap-stream
  discards  7a94f28   Fix bug in thing-at-point--bounds-of-well-formed-url
  discards  15fafa3   * lisp/progmodes/xref.el (xref-collect-matches): Use 
`nreverse' in the end.
  discards  1f731f9   Declare whitespace-line-column a safe file-local
  discards  822d9eb   gnus-group.el: Check if group names are already strings
  discards  adef5b0   nnimap.el: Remove unused let variables
  discards  cd2e23e   Support "maximized" property of runemacs's shortcut
  discards  b953882   Support "minimized" property of runemacs's shortcut
  discards  7da7a97   Doc fixes
  discards  7aea6aa   ; Fix a typo
  discards  e4dd6e8   * lisp/obsolete/landmark.el: Add Obsolete-since header
  discards  0bfc940   * test/automated/ert-tests.el (ert-test-deftest):
  discards  8fb0941   (gv-setter, gv-synthetic-place, gv-delay-error): New 
  discards  f800666   Make vc-tests work with MSYS svn program
  discards  b25770a   Improve recent change to emacsclient on Cygwin
  discards  1ffd9ab   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
(package-compute-transaction): Bug fix
  discards  6aa1d76   ; * ChangeLog.2: Add full path for changes I introduced 
in 6689b53 and a4760a3
  discards  1a2773a   * lisp/play/landmark.el: Move to lisp/obsolete/
  discards  f844c02   Have `x-show-tip' handle `right' and `bottom' frame 
  discards  59b5723   Add online-help support to describe types
  discards  287bce9   python.el: Fix local/remote shell environment setup
  discards  60ea900   * lisp/simple.el (set-variable): Tweak recent doc fix.
  discards  f348093   * src/sysdep.c (handle_sigsegv) [CYGWIN]: Increase 
  discards  6d1df4e   * lisp/simple.el (set-variable): Use user-error for type 
  discards  b815078   * src/emacs.c (main): Don't increase the stack size on 
  discards  824fc04   (describe-symbol): Rewrite describe-function-or-variable
  discards  2a8dca1   (eieio-persistent-save): Don't ignore `file' arg 
  discards  c96dd02   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  c020517   Fix parsing glitches in dired-mark-sexp (bug#13575)
  discards  0fdc3f2   python.el: Respect process environment for remote shells
  discards  8c81ac9   ; Spelling fixes
  discards  f3400f4   python.el: Avoid making let-bound defvars buffer local  
  discards  8867296   ; python.el: Replace `eval-when-compile` with 
  discards  02dc8da   python.el: Fixes for IPython 3.x  (Bug#20580)
  discards  a5e39bf   python.el: Fix mark-defun behavior  (Bug#19665)
  discards  342ed93   * lisp/progmodes/f90.el (f90-type-def-re): Handle 
attribute lists
  discards  ad236260  Avoid duplicate calls to current_timespec
  discards  f469c17   Avoid returning early reading process output due to SIGIO
  discards  12a2691   Don't return as fast reading any process output
  discards  6e2fcc2   Refactor timeouts in wait_reading_process_output
  discards  91cbc7b   ; Rename local var nsecs to adaptive_nsecs
  discards  082eda1   ; Rename local var to match function name
  discards  5dc66db   Remove ADAPTIVE_READ_BUFFERING ifdef
  discards  0815082   ; Minor cleanup of wait_reading_process_output
  discards  904be87   * lisp/simple.el (set-variable): Doc fix.
  discards  23818bb   * lisp/progmodes/fortran.el (fortran-line-length): Doc 
  discards  cbeeab2   accept-process-output fix
  discards  5516728   * lisp/character-fold.el (character-fold-table):
  discards  1323c13   Merge from gnulib
  discards  b9e14de   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  044d4cc   Respect `prog-indentation-context' in python.el
  discards  4fff58d   Factor isearch word description into new function
  discards  65571b3   Fix mouse pointer on w32 when a menu is active
  discards  cdd5e86   Fix processing of alpha parameter for Windows tip frames  
  discards  19f71dc   Have `compilation-set-window' use right window for 
getting fringes (Bug#20829)
  discards  fc4151f   Update eieio tests for recent eieio-core change.
  discards  e3c4cd0   Fix some issues with `window-divider-mode'
  discards  2b848fa   Add cross references in documentation
  discards  7071848   ;* src/bidi.c (bpa_stack_entry): Update commentary for 
Unicode 8.0.
  discards  08b2538   -batch should not affect ‘’ -> `' display
  discards  a0010db   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el (eieio--class-v): Remove
  discards  8bab149   * lisp/term/xterm.el (xterm--query): Fix paren typo 
  discards  e9e9629   Some further fixes in Change Window node.  (Bug#20183)
  discards  3323c56   Reference window dividers in Change Window section.
  discards  29f8228   Document new `window-divider-mode'.
  discards  0245cc3   Improve accessibility of window dividers.  (Bug#20183)
  discards  bb35a21   Don't display ‘’ as `' under X in en_GB
  discards  145f28f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el (seq-difference): Fix typo in 
  discards  2f020e8   Add argument to reverse the meaning of 
  discards  7d5a7a4   Be more tolerant to fonts named "Foobar-12"
  discards  4c66103   Fix value of posn-at-pont in R2L lines
  discards  87464d6   (cl--copy-slot-descriptor): Copy the `props' alist as well
  discards  3d759f4   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  cc8f96e   * lisp/term/xterm.el (xterm--query): Avoid generating 
  discards  cc7acdb   Spelling fixes
  discards  5f00411   * doc/emacs/frames.texi (Frame Commands): Typo fix. 
  discards  3213d77   In strings, prefer plain ` and ' to \` and \'
  discards  5f9e4b2   * leim/Makefile.in, lisp/Makefile.in: Add missing EXEEXT 
  discards  290acaf   * lisp/Makefile.in (MH_E_SRC, TRAMP_SRC, CAL_SRC):
  discards  9ae0d76   * configure.ac (system-configuration-features): Add X11, 
  discards  5200c2b   Improve reproducibility of generated loaddefs file.
  discards  0dfea45   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package--remove-hidden): 
Fix logic
  discards  79310d7   ; * src/doc.c: Add a 'coding' cookie.
  discards  a30642f   * doc/lispref/sequences.texi: Add documentation for 
seq-min and seq-max.
  discards  b1047c3   Add seq-min and seq-max
  discards  3bea77f   Make sure sleep-for always delays for as long as it's told
  discards  43593cb   Fix pointer signedness glitch
  discards  edd0938   Don't block changes in mouse pointer inside 'track-mouse'
  discards  881c479   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-toggle-word): Fix toggle
  discards  8d3b910   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
  discards  d0a5162   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
  discards  ee0b833   Add cross references.
  discards  f66d4e8   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  1b3004c   cfengine.el: update for the upcoming CFEngine 3.7 release
  discards  7466a4d   Cygwin emacsclient handles w32 file names
  discards  3fa319b   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-exit): Don't call isearch-done 
twice (bug#20925).
  discards  ea39930   * doc/lispref/text.texi (Sticky Properties): Improve 
  discards  ea60b54   Allow font names that end in "-NN", where NN is a number
  discards  64110eb   .gdbinit followup to changes in !USE_LSB_TAG
  discards  59f1e8a   * lisp/calc-store.el (calc-insert-permanent-variable): 
Heed case.
  discards  23d00d4   * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el 
  discards  6689b53   * package.el (describe-package): Use symbol-at-point as 
additional guess
  discards  a4760a3   * package.el (describe-package): Convert the guess to a 
  discards  f729a7c   apropos-library quoting fix
  discards  92a4e3f   Clarify interpreter-mode-alist doc
  discards  fc0e567   Sync with Tramp 2.2.12
  discards  39e08cc   ; * src/w32proc.c (w32_executable_type): Fix a typo in a 
  discards  27672f7   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  eac1271   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-mode): Don't char-fold regexps
  discards  bbf63ee   Bind grep-highlight-matches around the rgrep call
  discards  a1dde6b   Put "--color" before the other options in grep-command
  discards  9b4b4a8   Add --color Grep option to the command dynamically
  discards  da5e005   cl-extra fixes for most-negative-fixnum
  discards  efc262f   Initialize cl--gensym-counter to 0
  discards  5e3fde0   Improve docstring for macroexp-let2
  discards  7baae81   Fix VC test suite on MS-Windows
  discards  3180718   Add a new function w32-application-type
  discards  5a7fb4f   Avoid error in TLS connections due to incorrect format
  discards  45fd936   ; * etc/NEWS: Placeholder entry for recent prog-mode 
  discards  aa2da6e   * lisp/replace.el (replace-search): Fix regexp case 
  discards  ff80437   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  1546c6f   Fix indentation for with-output-to-string
  discards  bde6168   Minor corrections in ELisp manual
  discards  f142756   Fix invisible mouse pointers on Windows.
  discards  605765a   Provide invisible mouse pointers on Windows.  (Bug#6105) 
  discards  135ae5d   Doc fix for deletion commands
  discards  99ad90d   * doc/emacs/help.texi (Apropos): Improve documentation of 
  discards  4570918   * doc/emacs/help.texi (Help Summary): Improve 
documentation of 'describe-mode'.
  discards  d08e8a1   Fix submake dependency bug with .h files
  discards  671974e   * lisp/character-fold.el (character-fold-table): Reuse 
  discards  ee80c11   Translate undisplayable ‘ to `
  discards  67dbc32   Fix C99 incompatibilities in Cairo code
  discards  659199f   lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-indent.el: Fix indent of 
  discards  319eeeb   Get ‘./configure; make -C src emacs’ to work
  discards  93f4f67   Fix GC bugs --with-wide-int and Qnil == 0
  discards  f230b2f   * doc/lispintro/emacs-lisp-intro.texi (Data types): 
Improve documentation of 'substring'.
  discards  80e46ac   * lisp/character-fold.el (character-fold-table): Fix 
table generation
  discards  e7128f6   * nextstep/Makefile.in (all): Make it the first target.
  discards  0a3c4eb   ; Fix comment typos
  discards  b6903d8   ; Fix email address in ChangeLog
  discards  e02f52b   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  0890cd8   * etc/NEWS: Fix mention to old function name
  discards  795c918   * lisp/character-fold.el: New file (Bug#20887)
  discards  ce2e5c7   * lisp/subr.el (remove-from-invisibility-spec): Handle 
the t case
  discards  4fba36c   * lisp/progmodes/xref.el: Avoid init-args in oref.
  discards  94c4e0d   * Makefile.in (install-arch-dep): Don't set sticky bit on 
the binary.
  discards  1b51e23   * lisp/gnus/nnmaildir.el: Silence lexical warnings
  discards  9b89127   * src/keyboard.h (kbd_buffer_store_event_hold): Remove 
unused local.
  discards  4fe5cb4   Port selection info fix to clang
  discards  1552e67   Fix bug that munged selection info
  discards  8769d0f   * Makefile.in (install-arch-dep): Simplify with Make 
  discards  c7a19e0   * lisp/isearch.el: Fold many unicode characters to ASCII
  discards  2ca5558   Check for an input event before showing a dialog box.  
  discards  abe07ef   Respect ‘switch-to-visible-buffer’ more rigidly.  
  discards  931f006   * src/keyboard.c (last_timer_event): Remove unused var.
  discards  8b16976   * test/automated/package-test.el 
  discards  371ebe0   Revert 2014-06-25 nextstep/Makefile change.
  discards  d97fbcb   * configure.ac (--with-ns): Enable by default on OS X.
  discards  eccfc0a   Fix shell-for/backward-command to exclude spaces
  discards  1b1b664   * lisp/replace.el (query-replace-read-from): Add 
separator to
  discards  d010523   * lisp/simple.el (shell-command-on-region): Replace 
'error' with 'user-error'.
  discards  531125e   Enable CPU profiling on Cygwin
  discards  dc30fb9   Improve diagnostics of profiler-cpu-start
  discards  567bf81   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Exclude packages by name
  discards  a9d9b66   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Rename hide-obsolete to 
  discards  c4c531b   Fix debug-timer-check on systems without HAVE_TIMERFD
  discards  fff0184   Fix RCS crashes in vc-test
  discards  14eba49   * doc/emacs/package.texi (Packages):
  discards  7973c83   * doc/misc/efaq-w32.texi (Downloading): Copyedits.  
  discards  f3cec81   Port tests to help-quote-translation
  discards  0cee2fb   Make find-function-on-key use the current window
  discards  fa52edd   Revert "Define `map-elt' as a generalized variable"
  discards  5fac0de   Drop support for CPU profiling on Cygwin
  discards  38bb9ff   Fix some “nested” quoting confusion in doc strings
  discards  8b6d82d   Define `map-elt' as a generalized variable
  discards  8d4f1e3   Improve error handling in tramp-adb.el
  discards  a94202b   Reuse `alist-get' in map.el
  discards  3be98ca   Fix bytecomp-tests--warnings when $TMPDIR has a long name
  discards  8bc4185   Expect 2 icalendar tests to fail on MS-Windows
  discards  821a363   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  bf32130   Improve port of settings UI to older displays
  discards  b1cd837   Fix quoting in electric-quote-mode doc string
  discards  1b89ea3   Spelling fix
  discards  0e0dae5   * doc/misc/texinfo.tex, lib/set-permissions.c: Merge from 
  discards  2051427   * src/doc.c (syms_of_doc): Remove unused symbols.
  discards  1338482   In ‘window-state-put’ undedicate target window.  
  discards  f95211e   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  b9373ac   Fix file-in-directory-p when the directory is UNC
  discards  a5e6f33   Fixes: debbugs:20832
  discards  b9f02cf   Fixes: debbugs:20832
  discards  ea47568   (filepos-to-bufferpos): Further tweaks to the utf-16 code
  discards  06d503f   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  a2bb6c7   Minor fixes in filepos-to-bufferpos
  discards  c4151eb   Improve the optional translation of quotes
  discards  aad7ea3   * lisp/cus-start.el (help-quote-translation): Add 
  discards  d213cf0   * src/doc.c (Fsubstitute_command_keys): Make previous 
change compile.
  discards  52c3946   Make translation of quotes to curly in doc strings 
  discards  711e14d   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Don't always propagate 
async errors
  discards  8db2573   Fix last fix"
  discards  8b4da353  Set image_cache_refcount before x_default_parameter 
calls.  (Bug#20802)
  discards  c4782ea   Improve and extend filepos-to-bufferpos
  discards  517ab62   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
  discards  c09f1d9   Update data files from just-released Unicode 8.0
  discards  84085e3   Document curved quotes a bit better
  discards  dbc192b   Add pinentry.el for better GnuPG integration
  discards  5dc72bc   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Slightly better error 
  discards  8258514   (define-minor-mode): Use setq-default for :global minor 
  discards  4e53d72   Avoid infloop in redisplay with tall images
  discards  d6dd70b   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
  discards  02617f1   * lisp/let-alist.el: move to lisp/emacs-lisp/let-alist.el
  discards  a142b77   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Revert buffer after any 
  discards  4b16137   Add missing function xref-location-group for elisp-mode.
  discards  cf23c33   * src/editfns.c (Fbyte_to_position): Fix bytepos not at 
char boundary.
  discards  fd7bbfb   Update tutorials/TUTORIAL.cn
  discards  d67d49c   Generate char-script-table from Unicode source.  
  discards  c9e2003   * lisp/international/characters.el (char-script-table): 
  discards  5a90d51   Remove "no-byte-compile: t" from a few files.
  discards  0fe5489   Fix some typos in copied Unicode data.  (Bug#20789)
  discards  b7d5033   * lisp/emacs-lisp/check-declare.el (check-declare-warn):
  discards  d3b779f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase--u1): Revert earlier 
  discards  c07e67a   Address a compilation warning.
  discards  fb77502   Address some check-declare warnings.
  discards  d5152a7   Address some compilation warnings.
  discards  55b41a8   Address some compilation warnings.
  discards  cf94a3e   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase--u1):
  discards  70a5679   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el: Fix a byte-compiler warnings 
related to pcase.
  discards  7d5c120   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map-into): Fix a byte-compiler 
  discards  3986489   Better confirmation message in `find-alternate-file' 
  discards  deb6e89   Better docstring for null. (Bug#20815)
  discards  ac1e89e   * lisp/net/newst-treeview.el: Use lexical-binding.
  discards  a1f543b   (filepos-to-bufferpos): Add missing cases.  Make sure it 
  discards  08f8fb3   Identify feeds in newsticker treeview with :nt-feed 
  discards  3ef3116   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el: Improve docs and error 
  discards  34a43ba   Fix infloop in filepos-to-bufferpos
  discards  93ae9f4   Fix handling of image cache refcounts.  (Bug#20802)
  discards  32a4883   Improve reftex-label-regexps default value
  discards  5b0acc5   * doc/emacs/calendar.texi (Format of Diary File):
  discards  b73912b   * doc/emacs/calendar.texi (Format of Diary File, 
Displaying the Diary):
  discards  bb53338   * doc/emacs/calendar.texi (Specified Dates, Special Diary 
  discards  7ca145d   No need for cp51932.el, eucjp-ms.el to not be compiled 
any more.
  discards  e802250   ; Comment fixes.
  discards  6ebbc2f   * lisp/calendar/calendar.el (diary-file): Use 
  discards  c57b0e4   * lisp/macros.el (name-last-kbd-macro, kbd-macro-query)
  discards  2f1f014   * lisp/textmodes/page-ext.el (add-new-page, 
  discards  b95f53f   * lisp/info.el: Cleanup bytepos/charpos issues
  discards  4c4a329   ; * lisp/emacs-lisp/derived.el 
(derived-mode-make-docstring): Fix recent change.
  discards  f784272   * lisp/progmodes/perl-mode.el: Refine handling of /re/ 
and y/abc/def/
  discards  e58a815   Fix quoting when making derived mode docstring
  discards  f0f216e   ;* src/fontset.c: Update obsolete commentary.
  discards  ee715b9   Fix current-iso639-language on MS-Windows
  discards  643e052   Limit Symbola usage some more
  discards  c8dc4d6   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map-let): Better docstring.
  discards  08bad17   Spelling fixes
  discards  a281b3d   ; Omit mistaken update
  discards  1f9974a   * lisp/version.el (emacs-repository-version-git): Demote 
  discards  3881af4   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
  discards  2f09f89   Another improvement of documentation of set-fontset-font
  discards  fce59d4   Another improvement for symbol and punctuation characters
  discards  52da972   Some generic support for multi-mode indentation.
  discards  57e7666   * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el 
  discards  79bd666   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  86076e6   Tweaks for getting repository version; a bit more like it 
was for bzr.
  discards  e5ab4d9   * lisp/startup.el (command-line-1): Inform if skipping 
  discards  9bdd1c4   * src/xsmfns.c (x_session_initialize): Avoid libSM crash
  discards  8afef01   Better fix for documenting `X as "`X"
  discards  eb92f89   Improve the default fontset when Symbola is not installed
  discards  f75d189   Improve documentation of ':lang' in font specs
  discards  2f6956a   * nt/README: Don't advertise the (obsolescent) w32 FAQ.
  discards  6f9d213   * nt/README.W32: Don't advertise the (obsolescent) w32 
  discards  2276a19   Revert last change in fontset.el
  discards  1fabab6   Ensure early startup warnings are visible at the end.  
  discards  147c391   * lisp/version.el (emacs-repository-get-version):
  discards  351739b   Document `X as "`X", not as "(` X)"
  discards  d4870a5   * src/print.c (print_object): Minor simplification.
  discards  f8e26cd   * src/buffer.c (init_buffer): Add final newline to 
  discards  37fdfbf   ; * lisp/international/fontset.el 
(setup-default-fontset): Fix typo.
  discards  203e84c   Configure Symbola font only if installed
  discards  b63d0a5   Configure Symbola font only for symbols and punctuation
  discards  c660910   Fix crash in fontset-info
  discards  00119c6   Port to Solaris 10 sparc + Sun C 5.13
  discards  f7a3813   * lisp/startup.el (normal-top-level): Don't let 
*Messages* get
  discards  b7730b2   * lisp/startup.el (normal-top-level): Use delay-warning.  
  discards  abeb7f3   ; * lisp/startup.el (normal-top-level): Fix previous 
  discards  ebbc6a4   Some progress towards starting with PWD deleted.  
  discards  32e5366   Fix "not a tty" bug on Solaris 10
  discards  8d0efee   * lisp/bindings.el (debug-ignored-errors): Add 
  discards  f18cada   * lisp/international/characters.el (char-script-table): 
Fix typo.
  discards  b220562   Fix quoting of help for functions with odd names
  discards  eda386f   * lisp/thingatpt.el (in-string-p): Revert last change,
  discards  35d19cc   ; * ChangeLog.2: Remove entries from a merged feature 
  discards  fe5ba92   * lisp/let-alist.el (let-alist--deep-dot-search): Fix cons
  discards  ece5691   * src/syntax.c (Fbackward_prefix_chars): Reword docstring
  discards  45deb04   * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: Also ignore pointless 
merge commits.
  discards  62afb85   Improve generated ChangeLog for gitmerge.el commits.  
  discards  cabaa99   Slight namespace cleanup for thingatpt.el.
  discards  7c24a2c   * lisp/emacs-lisp/checkdoc.el (checkdoc-get-keywords):
  discards  fb72340   Use 'user-error' in a few calendar files.
  discards  7de8137   * lisp/progmodes/f90.el (f90-backslash-not-special): Use 
  discards  6bf9bdb   * lisp/files-x.el (add-file-local-variable):
  discards  d9d04bf   * lisp/progmodes/executable.el (executable-self-display): 
  discards  dfa1dc1   * lisp/progmodes/executable.el (executable-self-display):
  discards  a0f0f08   * lisp/emacs-lisp/checkdoc.el: Use lexical-binding
  discards  683e995   ; * lisp/simple: Revert presumably unintentional deletion 
of special-mode.
  discards  0fad726   * lisp/simple.el (eval-expression): Macroexpand before 
evaluating (bug#20730)
  discards  0619343   * lisp/progmodes/sh-script.el: Better handle nested quotes
  discards  26a17f5   * lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el: Require cl-lib for 
  discards  898945a   * test/automated/Makefile.in (ELFILES): Sort.
  discards  7934415   * Makefile.in (SUBDIR_MAKEFILES):
  discards  76f2d76   Update char-script-table
  discards  e070728   Improve font selection for punctuation and other symbols
  discards  6827370   Skip past `#' to find BEG
  discards  55200b4   Fix compilation warning/error in --without-x builds
  discards  8d9e5ba   Improve the default fontset wrt symbols
  discards  20de61c   Add new command checkdoc-package-keywords
  discards  296dadb   Avoid crashes when key-binding is called from a timer
  discards  a04d35c   Fix a thinko in arc-mode.el
  discards  f1aa40f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-delete): Make 
  discards  c941d47   checkdoc.el (checkdoc-file): New function
  discards  c876b73   ; * src/font.c (syms_of_font) <font-log>: Tweak previous 
doc fix.
  discards  182cb35   * admin/update_autogen (changelog_files): Remove 
  discards  85b812f   * src/font.c (syms_of_font) <font-log>: Doc fix.
  discards  86abad6   Remove the obsolete leading "*" from some C doc strings.
  discards  90a19ba   Move gen_origin from program to data
  discards  866cda3   Escape any quotes in the function name
  discards  aa83b5e   Adapt 'struct timespec' to next release of MinGW runtime
  discards  4b7c816   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  325bf19   Merge from gnulib
  discards  6fec047   * lisp/progmodes/grep.el (zrgrep): Let-bind 
  discards  809885c   Address some compilation warnings.
  discards  f1baa15   Fix display when a font claims large values of ascent and 
  discards  6f10a3f   Add assertion in adjust_point_for_property
  discards  73e6f36   Replace uses of in-string-p; make it obsolete
  discards  e5108ff   Fix Dired display of an explicit list of files by 
  discards  6cdeb62   * lisp/dired.el (dired): Doc fix.  (Bug#20739)
  discards  d31cd49   Do not adjust point in a non-selected window
  discards  bb2c6d2   * etc/DEBUG: Mention 'maybe_call_debugger'
  discards  b0c0b96   Fix a unit test for map.el
  discards  30e5183   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map-let): Better docstring.
  discards  2a54e8d   Better syntax for the map pcase pattern
  discards  cd22663   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map--dispatch): Better 
  discards  431fca4   ; * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el: Fix formatting.
  discards  8fe836a   Fix a byte-compiler error in map-put and map-delete
  discards  5977a07   * admin/gitmerge.el (gitmerge-commit-message):
  discards  9533ed8   Use string> instead of equiv lambda with string<
  discards  b0eb668   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map--dispatch): Move before use.
  discards  45fbcfe   * test/automated/map-tests.el: Replace "assert" with 
  discards  1894225   * lisp/Makefile.in (SUBDIRS): Rename from SUBDIRS_ABS.
  discards  1805ce7   Tweak some build messages.
  discards  34ad027   ; etc/DEBUG copedits
  discards  58eeddf   Omit U+0332 COMBINING LOW LINE in previous change
  discards  8453c73   Fix transliteration of Bahá'í months
  discards  1ba0149   Fix curved quotes in a few places
  discards  8fb6253   * lisp/Makefile.in (AM_V_at): Add missing definition.
  discards  76f896d   * lisp/Makefile.in: Quieten output a bit.
  discards  0382a93   * lisp/Makefile.in: Replace shell fragments in variables 
with $(shell).
  discards  09cefee   * lisp/vc/compare-w.el 
  discards  7c9a2ef   * src/ftfont.c (ftfont_open2): Round divisions by upEM.
  discards  dcf18b5   Undo removal of x_clear_area call on expose for GTK3 or 
  discards  ddaef07   * doc/lispref/hash.texi (Creating Hash): Remove obsolete 
  discards  cc88cb8   * lisp/Makefile.in (check-defun-dups): Also skip 
  discards  058ecce   * lisp/leim/quail/lrt.el (quail-lrt-update-translation):
  discards  f6fc446   Handle new-style advice in find-funct
  discards  d4aca72   Merge branch 'map'
  discards  cfb3580   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el: Better docstring for the map 
pcase macro.
  discards  015c89a   ; * etc/NEWS: Add string-greaterp
  discards  41a929c   Add new function string-greaterp
  discards  285260f   Fix timezone-related functions on MS-Windows
  discards  adc7d9e   Don't pass raw directory name to 'error'
  discards  6d020ec   Override 'grep --color=always'
  discards  0c182b3   Fix error introduced recently in file-notify-tests.el
  discards  68529c8   * src/indent.c (Fvertical_motion): Amend motion by 0 
  discards  a62306b   Instrument file-notify-test.el in order to catch hydra 
  discards  e6d8f70   Undo previous changes in non-toolkit scroll bar drawing.
  discards  9204b0c   * .gitignore: Also ignore doc/*/*/*.html and .ps.
  discards  8e06d22   Support quotes 'like this' in info files
  discards  f2211e5   * .gitignore: Remove !test/etags/html-src/*.html.
  discards  c6ee95d   Restore <D> instead of '.' in grep-find-template
  discards  0a9e324   * configure.ac (emacs_config_features): Add X toolkit and 
  discards  7714add   ; * etc/NEWS: Tiny edit.
  discards  f0380bb   * configure.ac (emacs_config_features): Add Cairo.
  discards  b459d94   ; * etc/NEWS: Add Cairo placeholder.
  discards  73dee11   * configure.ac [HAVE_GTK3]: Remove USE_CAIRO that gets 
reset later.
  discards  420b293   Ensure, that autorevert works for remote files in 
  discards  988d721   Add a pcase pattern for maps and `map-let' based on it
  discards  7f01832   Reuse rgrep mechanics in xref-find-regexp
  discards  64f2d34   Move xref-elisp-location to elisp-mode.el
  discards  98cb43f   Minor tweaks for .gitignore
  discards  a158324   Generate curved quotes in ert doc
  discards  c7695d0   Add test for previous commit
  discards  bc9d9bc   Avoid confusion in query-replace history when replacing 
NUL chars
  discards  59db430   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  9fcd66d   ; Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  9b97b04   * admin/gitmerge.el (gitmerge-commit-message):
  discards  e3a0f3d   Sync with Tramp repository
  discards  40b33be   MS-Windows followup for batch stdout/stderr output changes
  discards  d0848f8   Update .gitattributes for DOS EOL files
  discards  957cbfd   NS equivalents of xterm.c and w32term.c changes
  discards  e8f586be  ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  2c656f7   Avoid grave accent quoting in stderr diagnostics
  discards  467af17   Treat batch stdout/stderr like standard display
  discards  21d13bc   * src/emacs.c (syms_of_emacs) 
<system-configuration-features>: Doc fix.
  discards  0c2a3cf   Remove unused DEFSYMs
  discards  cab645a   Attempt to fix crashes due to accesses beyond glyph 
matrix end
  discards  1e04ea9   Use another default value for tramp-histfile-override
  discards  5d56c28   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  0700eb1   Make sure there's no explicit tag name
  discards  d90a3b1   Remove format2
  discards  75f8653   Don't misencode C-generated messages
  discards  85aa6ed   Use \r rather than ^M in string literals
  discards  e553c50   Update .gitattributes to match current sources
  discards  643470f   Fix display of composite characters with large fonts
  discards  83c7e62   Document 'face-ignored-fonts'
  discards  5410975   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  0acb538   Add etags test for the new -Q option
  discards  0ac9d09   Use list for the tags completion table, not obarray
  discards  5e73eab   Restore EOL format testing in etags
  discards  71f1139   Declare Emacs on MS-Windows to be DPI-aware
  discards  fdf31e5   Improve Tramp traces.
  discards  ba5f83d   Fix display of cursor at end of empty lines
  discards  b65be6c   backup-buffer minor reworking of internals
  discards  ab27722   backup-buffer now reports .emacs.d/%backup% ills
  discards  2c3dde9   copy-file now truncates output after writing
  discards  56af96e   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Don't load from parent dir
  discards  56b4b0e   Merge from gnulib
  discards  0a53910   Improve Tramp traces.
  discards  33065aa   * test/automated/vc-tests.el: Try enabling tests on 
  discards  7927a4a   * src/xfns.c (x_set_menu_bar_lines): Fix calls to 
  discards  42a7b12   Fix 2 more calculations of line height
  discards  5f734fa   Fix line dimensions from line-height property
  discards  c522848   Fix display of stretch glyphs with large fonts
  discards  8b5f2f4   * doc/emacs/emacs.texi: Update the ISBN of the Emacs 
  discards  790ffd7   * doc/lispref/os.texi: Update initial-buffer-choice docs.
  discards  708889b   * test/automated/vc-tests.el 
  discards  622f345   Change package test to look for curved quotes
  discards  5281189   gnus-art.el: Re-revert last change
  discards  d3605ed   Show files when `initial-buffer-choice' is non-nil
  discards  5d75612   Fix last commit
  discards  1083147   Fix the MS-Windows build as followup to gnulib update
  discards  c76605f   Fix display of glyphless characters with problematic fonts
  discards  192fb20   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  02586bd   Revert my change to gnus-art.el
  discards  73512b8   New minor mode Electric Quote
  discards  4643f6c   A few more doc string fixes (Bug#20385)
  discards  89ab85f   Accept curved quotes in doc strings
  discards  67c28d1   Generate curved quotes in pseudo-info nodes
  discards  dfc2ef1   Fix minor quoting problems in doc strings
  discards  0fd5e65   Support curved quotes in doc strings
  discards  11b2744   substitute-command-keys now curves quotes
  discards  2363d49   * lisp/mail/rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-by-recipients)
  discards  8d21632   * lisp/progmodes/f90.el (f90-type-def-re): Add "type, 
  discards  a06426f   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch--current-buffer): Give a 
default value.
  discards  f655987   Un-revert changes mistakenly dropped by f9fabb2b
  discards  6c52e9b   Merge from gnulib
  discards  cc41938   Delete the old process in vc-setup-buffer
  discards  550c650   Avoid gratuitous delete-dups in face-at-point.
  discards  21b81bd   Show the exact C-x 8 RET invocation in describe-char.
  discards  1f7abd0   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Don't erase tags on refresh
  discards  f9fabb2   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  570edf2   Fix typo in commit 
  discards  b0f3a49   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  9e2f904   ; etc/NEWS: Document recent changes in 'etags'.
  discards  b506f80   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch--current-buffer): New var
  discards  401b4c4   ; * lisp/net/tramp.el 
(tramp-handle-make-auto-save-file-name): Fix previous.
  discards  d090be1   Change inhibit-point-motion-hooks to t
  discards  1d87cb3   Avoid very high screen lines with some fonts
  discards  1719816   Support ZIP files that use Zip64 extensions
  discards  abf0823   New test tramp-test30-make-auto-save-file-name
  discards  3953c4b   Improve tramp-handle-make-auto-save-file-name
  discards  e70d874   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  1b3fd89   No longer set dired-directory in eshell.  (Bug#16477)
  discards  b38bc40   * lisp/mail/sendmail.el (mail-position-on-field): Doc fix.
  discards  ce32fb8   Make c-submit-bug-report file reports at debbugs.gnu.org. 
  discards  d315531   * lisp/mail/rmailsum.el: Commas no longer separate 
regexps.  (Bug#19026)
  discards  5e9756e   Handle curved quotes in info files
  discards  d86ef9f   xref-prompt-for-identifier: Use a list value
  discards  53bedd3   Teach MS-Windows font back-end return per-glyph 
  discards  45c92dd   * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el: Don't sort without 
  discards  f43306a   Fix Bug#20621
  discards  db87b14   * lisp/desktop.el: If modes aren't autoloaded, try simple 
  discards  816a2b3   * lisp/term/xterm.el: Add gui-get-selection support via 
  discards  49c8458   Add C-language keyword constants to C++
  discards  1efdf7f   Make TAGS files more portable to MS-Windows
  discards  175a07a   Improve fix of debbugs:20634 in tramp-sh.el
  discards  ac59d53   Fix a typo in last commit
  discards  9c66c5a   Fix tagging of class members in C-like OO languages
  discards  9b995d5   (cl-generic-define-method): Side effects are evil 
  discards  969f3fb   Make erc timestamps visible again
  discards  adc846a   Fix last change in etags.c that broke tagging compresed 
  discards  b15c639   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (cl-tagbody): Scope 
  discards  6b442df   Fix typo in 89035e247591c8d688fce922b7079881aa110f33
  discards  9376021   Fix IPv6 addresses in Tramp
  discards  89035e2   Inhibit `epa-file-handler' in Tramp
  discards  dde09cd   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el: Use PAT rather than UPAT in 
  discards  c205098   * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el: New optional print 
  discards  d383509   * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el: Improve printing
  discards  675c90a   Simpilify etags TEX mode scanning
  discards  379d77d   Improve etags I/O error reporting
  discards  3441b0c   etags.c: avoid side effects in 'if'
  discards  efa6f10   .gitignore tweaks
  discards  319d65c   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  b98a2ef   Fix last change in etags.c, which failed the test suite
  discards  9f89ea1   Remove charset map files from repository, generate in 
first bootstrap
  discards  fb11a5e   Cleanup etags.c to use locale-independent code
  discards  fa658b2   Put default action first in src/Makefile
  discards  126b0d9   * Makefile.in: Fix extraclean rule.
  discards  85d94d6   Avoid compiler warning in image.c on MS-Windows
  discards  238e8b6   Fix --without-toolkit-scroll-bars builds.
  discards  49fa191   * admin/charsets/glibc/: New directory, imported from 
glibc 2.21.
  discards  2b0459c   * lisp/pcmpl-cvs.el (pcmpl-cvs-entries): Don't assume 
CVS/Entries exists.
  discards  8994590   * lisp/progmodes/xref.el (xref-find-apropos): Use 
  discards  669e01b   tags-completion-at-point-function: Don't trust the 
find-tag function
  discards  2219134   Pacify --enable-gcc-warnings
  discards  78c9b2e   ; Omit entries that will appear in ChangeLog.2
  discards  919281d   Replace gui-method macros with cl-generic with &context
  discards  dc4484e   Revert "Fix etags Bug#20629 that broke C++ support."
  discards  13dd9d4   Fix etags Bug#20629 that broke C++ support.
  discards  c03c730   Merge branch 'cairo'.
  discards  6aaa489   Merge branch 'master' into cairo
  discards  ee14727   Fixes to compile cairo branch without cairo.
  discards  7ac84a2   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Always update 
  discards  1f83c3e   Fix etags reading of compressed files
  discards  b8e18b6   Improve documentation of 'set-fontset-font'
  discards  d6dfefe   Fix documentation of forward-line
  discards  a89ea17   * admin/charsets/Makefile.in (TRANS_TABLE): Add short 
  discards  fa56075   * admin/charsets/mapconv (LC_ALL): Set to C.
  discards  50ecfcd   * Makefile.in: Add admin/charsets into top-level clean 
  discards  2bf7996   * admin/charsets/Makefile.in (LOCAL, local): Fix members.
  discards  c2ef2ad   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-selected-packages): 
Fix doc
  discards  e7bc85d   Generate admin/charsets Makefile via configure, and make 
more portable.
  discards  9e41e0b   * lisp/autorevert.el: Use lexical-binding.  Fix hook 
  discards  ea92591   Change defgeneric so it doesn't completely redefine the 
  discards  f590fc2   (package-menu-execute): Remove reference to remove-dups
  discards  fdad335   * lisp/erc/erc.el: Hide network/channel messages
  discards  96794d2   Don't quote nil and t in doc strings
  discards  fc071bf   Fix a minor problem with mouse-face on mode line
  discards  a31ca4e   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix selected-package logic
  discards  60c1ea3   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Mode-line progress report
  discards  3551481   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Better transaction messages
  discards  0060c0d   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Revert async package 
  discards  6f4b0e8   Revert doc string changes to f90.el
  discards  424bfcd   ; * doc/lispref/nonascii.texi (Character Properties): Fix 
a typo.
  discards  f73e02c   Improve parameter name
  discards  7a22bb6   Add new inline function `hash-table-empty-p'
  discards  e2f5b72   ; * test/automated/subr-tests.el: Standardize license 
  discards  00ec2dd   Don't require help-fns when not needed
  discards  e1890e3   Fix slash collapsing in etags on MS-Windows
  discards  1a17b77   Improve documentation of glyphless-char-display
  discards  e8b8953   Fix "acronym" display of glyphless characters on w32
  discards  028d80f   Add an automated test for let-when-compile
  discards  5d752c8   Add let-when-compile macro instead of using pcase-let
  discards  1972e49   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: "Delete" button in Help 
  discards  578f006   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Better dependency 
  discards  0c5fa36   Fix handling and doc-string of FRAME arg of 
`other-buffer' (Bug#20533)
  discards  31d58d4   Improve `switch-to-buffer' in strongly dedicated windows 
  discards  f743819   Prefer "this" to “this” in doc strings
  discards  9d35bb8   Fix minor quoting problems in doc strings
  discards  a0823e4   * emacs-lisp/generator.el (cps--gensym, 
cps--transform-1): Silence compiler
  discards  c7acb6d   Try to port new etags tests to MS-Windows
  discards  18338b1   Fix display of overlapping window-specific overlays
  discards  08033db   New command icomplete-force-complete-and-exit
  discards  e0fec8d   Fix last commit
  discards  9045646   In Elisp manual explain how to override window manager 
positioning (Bug#20552)
  discards  9a07af0   Clarify concept of "surrogate minibuffer frames" 
  discards  448cacc   In w32heap.c bump DUMPED_HEAP_SIZE to 19/12 MB
  discards  18e4eb6   ; * CONTRIBUTE: Fix typo in previous.
  discards  314244a   Add option to ignore commit lines matching a pattern in 
  discards  88e4dfa   Don't skip new etags tests on non-UTF-8 hosts
  discards  d464818   * lisp/calculator.el (calculator-funcall):
  discards  d13f887   ; * lisp/mail/mailabbrev.el: Comment.
  discards  f42ceab   Further lisp-complete-symbol related cleanup.
  discards  941ae9f   Add a test case for Maven warning ouput
  discards  1c785a5   Update Maven compilation-mode entry to distinguish 
  discards  505f207   * test/automated/sgml-mode-tests.el: New file.
  discards  69d24b4   Improve handling of the first Git revision
  discards  d3d50a9   Allow checkdoc to be called in batch
  discards  8ae43ee   * lisp/calendar/solar.el (solar-ecliptic-coordinates): 
Use float-pi.
  discards  e260a05   * admin/notes/unicode: New section "binary files".
  discards  e0117b1   Change new etags test to use UTF-8 encoding
  discards  ef5c3eb   Rename 'foo-gzipped' to 'foo.gz'
  discards  d7b3166   Set up default-directory
  discards  76f2d19   * lisp/eshell/em-term.el (eshell-term-sentinel):
  discards  e37da5a   eshell: Introduce new buffer syntax
  discards  b510a83   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  f89080d   Fix integer-valued `mouse-highlight' (Bug#20590)
  discards  a0cfd56   MS-Windows followup for ASCIIfication of curved quotes
  discards  05e6945   Spelling fixes
  discards  6445ee0   Merge branch 'master' into cairo
  discards  c9c4708   Add comment that x_shift_glyphs_for_insert is never 
  discards  46ea937   * src/lisp.mk: Remove from repository and generate at 
  discards  576fba5   Display shorter dates in Git annotate output
  discards  496bfe7   ASCIIfy curved quotes on displays lacking them
  discards  e3c9043   Small src/Makefile simplification.
  discards  c9a09ef   * lisp/help-mode.el (help-go-forward): Doc fix.
  discards  21f7a70   * doc/lispref/debugging.texi (Profiling): Improve 
  discards  becc012   Use `unless' to have one fewer `not'
  discards  30151ee   Remove redundant :group declarations from vc-git.el
  discards  daaa4a3   Removes the predicate from lisp-complete-symbol 
  discards  4565115   Add new option vc-git-resolve-conflicts
  discards  0d3451c   ; * lisp/textmodes/ispell.el 
(ispell-aspell-find-dictionary): Add a comment.
  discards  6591d36   * etc/NEWS: Add an entry about map.el
  discards  da4a31b   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  3fe404c   Improve the docstring of functions in map.el
  discards  a96731d   * lisp/emacs-lisp/tabulated-list.el: Don't error on nil 
  discards  e85053f   Revert "Fix cps--gensym"
  discards  741b224   ; * lib-src/etags.c: Comment.
  discards  48e384d   Replace AC_SUBST_FILE in configure with include in 
  discards  c7e93c4   Tweak japanese.el's loading of dependencies.
  discards  b00168e   Fix NS warnings.
  discards  d02ce2c   Fix a enum conversion warning in macfont.m
  discards  91a2748   Support de-alt dictionary with Aspell.
  discards  b7b0d6e   cus-start.el: Add ns-confirm-quit.
  discards  e0e0753   Fix warnings on OSX 10.10.
  discards  2abfe21   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Don't ensure-init during 
  discards  67a878f   Honor :fore/background for XBM on NS (Bug#14969).
  discards  b1c23fb   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Be more careful with the 
init file
  discards  ca6a777   Sync with upstream verilog-mode revision 6232468
  discards  1d1581a   Check for invalid GTK+ monitor scales
  discards  f85318c   Fix daemon crashes when linum-mode is turned on early on
  discards  17bbb94   ; Remove etags test files whose copyright is incompatible
  discards  2958e52   Fix selective diff browsing in Ediff
  discards  f2c4fd2   Fixes Bug#20142.
  discards  9341956   Don't access display after i/o error (Bug#19147).
  discards  c0055ff   Handle GTK_SCALE, fixes Bug#20432.
  discards  fbda511   Fix cps--gensym
  discards  912d4a4   Fix bootstrap (void function cl-member).
  discards  37ab224   * lisp/loadup.el ("emacs-lisp/cl-generic"): Preload
  discards  8d69f38   Improve tagging of C bindings in DEFVAR_*
  discards  a8a0be4   ; * etc/NEWS: Small edit.
  discards  a314016   * src/editfns.c (Fformat): Fix use-after-free bug 
  discards  8a9ba4d   * lisp/progmodes/tcl.el (tcl-filter):
  discards  660c30c   Add basic VC push support.
  discards  f9ba8dc   Improve the seq pcase pattern and the `seq-let' macro
  discards  4f5382c   Fix tags created from DEFVAR_* declarations in C
  discards  000f5e0   Add a test suite for etags
  discards  c03c195   Fix tagging of symbols in C enumerations
  discards  20cca47   * lisp/url/url-handlers.el (url-file-name-completion)
  discards  f2941a7   * lisp/emacs-lisp/chart.el (chart-axis-draw): Replace 
obsolete alias.
  discards  3903564   * lisp/play/dunnet.el (dun-dos-boot-msg): Fix time.  
  discards  d1b7420   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el: Add dispatch on &context 
  discards  f0352eb   * make-dist: Abort if "make ChangeLog" fails.  Add 
  discards  0a21b26   * lisp/term/xterm.el: Fix xterm-paste handling for rxvt
  discards  3c5cc18   * lisp/term/x-win.el: Quieten --without-x compilation.
  discards  a0dd752   * Makefile.in (emacslog): Remove srcdir.
  discards  1c6e02c   Spelling fix
  discards  e35bf57   python.el: better limit for looking-back calls
  discards  b47f335   CEDET (srecode-insert-fcn): Fix use of oref on a class
  discards  70ac376   CEDET (srecode-create-dictionary): Avoid obsolete object 
  discards  4b41540   C-x 8 shorthands for curved quotes, Euro, etc.
  discards  0896328   Add xref-find-regexp
  discards  e20b70b   * Makefile.in: Fixes for recent change-history changes.
  discards  387e1e1   New version of `seq-let' based on a pcase pattern
  discards  0c81a8b   Add basic HTML5 tags and a template
  discards  ec13f4b   semantic/symref/grep: Don't use word boundaries
  discards  f37d86e   semantic/symref/grep: Support regexp search
  discards  cc64f15   semantic-symref-regexp: Allow to input an arbitrary string
  discards  c7d601a   Remove tag-symbol-match-p from 
  discards  6065ef7   Declare find-tag obsolete
  discards  b9ace20   Draw composite string correctly (Bug#20537).
  discards  ae4e3dd   ; Auto-commit of ChangeLog files.
  discards  d2c7e14   Avoid infloop in ERC
  discards  b18353c   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  e0c7e10   * Makefile.in (ChangeLog): No longer pass "srcprefix"; cd 
  discards  63bee24   * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: Get rid of "distprefix".
  discards  deb8454   * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: Don't hard-code 
  discards  22e3ec2   * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: Add "for earlier changes" 
to footer.
  discards  907606c   Add command-line option-parsing to gitlog-to-emacslog.
  discards  36c6d20   Quieten --without-x compilation.
  discards  30ba66a   * lisp/dired-aux.el (dired-do-print): Require lpr.
  discards  5b0af21   Quieten compilation, eg in --without-x builds.
  discards  e13e72a   CEDET (srecode-pop, srecode-peek): Don't use `subclass'
  discards  91739fe   help--binding-locus: Document argument POSITION.
  discards  f0c1327   Merge from gnulib.
  discards  9713747   ffap.el (ffap-read-file-or-url): Fix completing-read call
  discards  5ed5a04   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  25fde89   Verify file modifications by other programs
  discards  0d0a4d0   Fix keyboard macros that include function keys
  discards  1bb36c5   * build-aux/gitlog-to-changelog: Treat "Tiny-change" like
  discards  31deb8a   * lisp/vc/log-edit.el: Handle "(tiny change)".  
(Bug#20324) (log-edit-rewrite-tiny-change): New variable. 
(log-edit-insert-changelog): Maybe add "Copyright-paperwork-exempt". 
(log-edit-changelog-ours-p): Set log-edit-author to a cons. * etc/NEWS: Mention 
  discards  2f26ac5   * lisp/calc/calc.el (math-zerop): Declare.
  discards  19f4aca   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-opt.el (help-fns-short-filename): 
  discards  3a33ac8   * lisp/emacs-lisp/subr-x.el (if-let): Fix debug spec
  discards  ead05a1   * etc/NEWS: Fix typo in commit 14bb519
  discards  59cfdb4   Warn for multiple display crash for all Gtk+ versions.
  discards  0ecd391   ns-win.el (ns-paste-secondary): Use gui-get-selection.
  discards  14bb519   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: New "external" package 
  discards  ad39858   * lisp/mail/rmail.el: Use lexical-binding
  discards  74fdcc1   * Makefile.in (change-history-commit): Add missing piece 
of previous.
  discards  adb69dd   Avoid unnecessary bumping of Makefile.in's timestamp.
  discards  09b872d   * Makefile.in: Don't always insist on removing existing 
  discards  3839884   * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: Allow specification of 
  discards  22f9e2c   * admin/update_autogen: Add option to update ChangeLog.
  discards  d45fd91   * lisp/subr.el (delete-dups): Pre-size the hashtable.
  discards  bceffdb   (define-modify-macro): Make sure cl--arglist-args is 
  discards  96b99c1   * Makefile.in (change-history-nocommit): New.
  discards  49a9e73   Only cancel timer when it is non-nil
  discards  ece365e   Quieten cedet compilation
  discards  7511337   Quieten cc-mode compilation
  discards  1ca93e0   lisp/subr.el (delete-dups): Avoid nreverse.
  discards  f201bf6   * lisp/subr.el (delete-dups): Make it destructive again.
  discards  7cc0f68   * doc/lispref/sequences.texi (Sequence Functions): Fix 
  discards  288df22   ; * etc/NEWS: Add entry as a reminder to update the elisp 
  discards  1340aef   * lisp/emacs-lisp/testcover.el: Don't use edebug--read 
  discards  1f052a5   lisp/subr.el (delete-dups): Use a hash table
  discards  2fa7c31   CEDET: Avoid `oref' on classes in a few more cases
  discards  7ddf29d   * lisp/cedet/semantic/symref/grep.el: Fix unused var 
  discards  9b96a61   CEDET (srecode-compile-inserter): Avoid `oref' on classes
  discards  a5847f9   Clean up pulse.el a little
  discards  ada5e6b   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  52d7486   Support the biblatex journaltitle field
  discards  276f5d9   Minor declare-function improvement
  discards  754fdb1   * lisp/progmodes/js.el (js--optimize-arglist): Remove 
  discards  118bb49   * lisp/w32-fns.el (w32-shell-name): Silence compiler.
  discards  d804150   Pulse using a timer
  discards  4d3fed0   Add semantic/symref/grep file patterns for ruby-mode
  discards  f96313f   Don't require match
  discards  a7d630e   * lisp/cedet/semantic/grammar.el: Fix compiler warnings 
  discards  0ed044d   * lisp/help-fns.el (describe-function-1):
  discards  4ac426a   Merge branch 'seq-let'
  discards  8cb4b4f   Update `seq-let' documentation
  discards  6cd7415   Add support for &rest in `seq-let'
  discards  0508aa2   Spelling fixes
  discards  ad9e659   * eieio-custom.el (eieio-object-value-get): Add missing 
  discards  a53545f   (eieio-object-value-create): Adjust to new slots 
  discards  b096be2   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el (seq--make-bindings): Improve 
the docstring.
  discards  755045e   Work around "Attempt to modify read-only object"
  discards  fbe7fb0   Only skip some variables that have function counterparts
  discards  6337f24   ; Update a comment
  discards  ca717aa   Buttonize the whole line, including the number at the 
  discards  46c94cd   Make sure we're inside the let bindings
  discards  201f91e   * lisp/cedet/semantic/grammar.el 
  discards  0679682   Replace instances of "(eval-when-compile (autoload ...))"
  discards  d3d59fb   * lisp/gnus/mm-view.el (epg-decrypt-string): Autoload.
  discards  0e383b9   * lisp/gnus/mml-smime.el (epg-key-sub-key-list)
  discards  4003ebc   * lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el (xref-collect-references): 
  discards  a6b6ab2   * lisp/emacs-lisp/debug.el (help-xref-interned): Update 
  discards  7ccf257   * lisp/allout.el (epg-user-id-string, 
  discards  b409dd3   * lisp/play/gametree.el (gametree-show-children-and-entry)
  discards  b2f3c80   * lisp/emacs-lisp/check-declare.el (check-declare-verify):
  discards  f773a4d   Highlight both type and symbol name
  discards  9fa69f6   Insert, highlight and align line numbers in xref output
  discards  1ddb81a   Fix previous commit
  discards  943c45f   Don't pulse the indentation, or the newline
  discards  255a011   Add `save-mark-and-excursion', which has the old 
`save-excursion' behavior
  discards  fe4e258   Classify lone symbol inside let varlist as variable
  discards  14c1d21   Add xref-pulse-on-jump
  discards  9d4eaff   * lisp/org/org-{macs,list}.el: Fix lexical warnings
  discards  8c39268   Fix minor issues with CEDET on MS-Windows
  discards  5d3940a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Remove `package--silence' 
  discards  4183482   * lisp/term/screen.el (xterm-screen-extra-capabilities): 
New custom
  discards  b7bb71c   ; xref--insert-xrefs: Add (require 'compile)
  discards  bcfdfd2   xref--insert-xrefs: Tweak the faces
  discards  ac5586a   elisp-completion-at-point: Prioritize being quoted over 
  discards  2703629   Stop vc-print-log from jumping to the top
  discards  08431a2   Fix display of keyboard layouts for right-to-left scripts
  discards  40e720d   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  c3c9dab   * cmds.c (internal_self_insert): When we insert spaces for
  discards  0bbc027   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el (seq-p): New alias to 
  discards  3bfb6a0   Fix etags-xref-find for references
  discards  3874b33   Update the options in whitespace-style defcustom
  discards  ad7e114   Fix error diagnostics of c-macro-expand
  discards  8fef852   Don't require Texinfo 5.0 for Emacs documentation
  discards  c50499e   ; * xref.el (xref-collect-references): Simplify.
  discards  a58c6cb   * lisp/files.el (pwd):
  discards  f2f5a39   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-mode-map): Allow backspace 
  discards  fed6a0d   Implement xref-find-references in etags and elisp-mode
  discards  b621e97   ; ede-locate-create/update-root-database: Fix docstring 
  discards  08782a2   Prefer plain characters to Texinfo circumlocutions
  discards  c33d89c   Fix single-quoting style in PDF manuals
  discards  be8cdfa   * test/automated/cl-lib-tests.el (cl-lib-adjoin-test): 
Fix it.
  discards  a73af96   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (get-edebug-spec, edebug-match)
  discards  d6b91bf   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase--make-docstring): 
Require help-fns.
  discards  c856843   New macro seq-let, providing destructuring support to 
  discards  85eb934   ; Add cl-adjoin tests
  discards  5b0b0ad   * lisp/simple.el (blink-matching-open): Better behavior 
in minibuffer
  discards  7e7fd30   ; Add class name to error message
  discards  b0481de   * lisp/emacs-lisp/ert.el (ert--special-operator-p): Fix 
  discards  9b909c4   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el: Revert "Silence 
noninteractive compilations"
  discards  8588e35   * mule-cmds.el (input-method-use-echo-area): Change :type 
  discards  26d87ff   Start using proportional fonts in eww by default
  discards  dc332c1   Fix links in tables in shr
  discards  c97f827   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  d4d66f4   (ns-get-cut-buffer-internal): Remove this alias.
  discards  55496af   * lisp/emacs-lisp/ert.el (ert--special-operator-p):
  discards  31c57b4   * lisp/term/ns-win.el (ns-get-selection-internal):
  discards  45e199d   * lisp/dom.el: Load subr-x when compiling, for when-let.
  discards  e22f333   Silence some compilation warnings
  discards  ce7ff43   Function declaration updates prompted by 'make 
  discards  e0d0ad2   Remove compatibility code for 20-year old function 
  discards  4d2ffa0   Add ace-window face config
  discards  d6e990b   Unclutter 'make doc' output a bit
  discards  4be98d8   Merge from gnulib
  discards  f4ad429   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Some speed optimizations on 
menu refresh
  discards  5b6c583   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package--message): 
  discards  69d0a2d   Omit -Wstrict-overflow workaround in GCC 5
  discards  6eaa9a5   Merge from gnulib
  discards  fa175b4   Set next-error-* in xref--xref-buffer-mode
  discards  8b7e2c4   python.el: Fix warnings on looking-back calls missing 
  discards  c1d30c4   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Use pushnew for downloads 
in progress
  discards  768edb6   Introduce etags-xref-find-definitions-tag-order
  discards  3c3eb1d   PATH- and completion-related fixes in Eshell on MS-Windows
  discards  a5237a0   Faster implementation of map-empty-p
  discards  12a3ea5   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el: Better docstrings.
  discards  5e7ed98   bury RCIRC buffers when there is no activity
  discards  967f054   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  13cf735f  Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  7fbdb57   Fix DBUS query result parsing for secrets-search-items
  discards  3c0ea58   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el: Use `inhibit-message'
  discards  f66b16c   Remove the deprecated INTERNAL_FIELD macro by expanding it
  discards  4594f89   Replace an obsolete function alias
  discards  b7352cb   * lisp/mail/rmailsum.el: Use lexical-binding.
  discards  56d487b   * test/automated/package-test.el 
  discards  438b6b1   * lisp/foldout.el: Update for 2015-01-30 outline.el 
  discards  8539413   * lisp/cedet/semantic/bovine/c.el (semantic-c-do-lex-if):
  discards  38167fb   * lisp/mail/rmailsum.el: Fix search for encoded subjects. 
  discards  6c5765e   * lisp/mail/rmail.el (rmail-highlighted-headers): Fix 
  discards  301514f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix priority-hiding corner 
  discards  25166a9   Update source file encoding list
  discards  e78aef0   Fix synchronous invocation of Ispell
  discards  f23d716   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  fecd155   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Skip space and comments in 
init file
  discards  f660f36   * lisp/mail/rmail.el (rmail-copy-headers):
  discards  e82fd95   ; Comments.
  discards  9eca163   * lisp/subr.el (delay-mode-hooks): Fix doc typo.
  discards  704ce9a   * lisp/vc/vc-bzr.el (vc-bzr-after-dir-status):
  discards  7d947e8   Change default location of EUDC options file
  discards  b09deaa   * test/automated/package-test.el 
  discards  9c3e1e4   * lisp/saveplace.el (save-place-mode): New minor mode.
  discards  c603274   * lisp/midnight.el: Make it a minor mode.  Allow 
  discards  66fec8b   Bump version of seq.el to 1.5
  discards  579db50   * lisp/mail/rmail.el (rmail-reply):
  discards  f3b43fc   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Small improvements
  discards  d320ec5   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el 
(eieio-defclass-internal): Fix last
  discards  009e380   * lisp/gnus/message.el (gnus-extract-address-components):
  discards  e9036b1   * lisp/gnus/message.el 
  discards  d92e0c5   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el 
(eieio-defclass-internal): Reuse oldc.
  discards  1c7f0cd   * lisp/textmodes/reftex-toc.el: Improve multi-frame 
  discards  08dad2f   Fix a typo in bibtex.el
  discards  d89687b   Fix redisplay of frame after loading new fonts
  discards  def0df0   * lisp/info.el (Info-menu): Properly provide the `default'
  discards  d32d0fa   * elisp-mode.el: Catch errors from `documentation'
  discards  0b72388   lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Move variables to silence 
  discards  33cb25b   Fix a typo in rmail.el
  discards  2f3b409   Introduce xref-prompt-for-identifier
  discards  f92ac2e   Merge branch 'master' into cairo
  discards  5a09411   Add PBM support for cairo.
  discards  a408697   `tex-insert-quote' after single `'' opens quotes instead 
of closing
  discards  fddff05   Pass `id' to `completing-read' as def instead of initial 
  discards  a0f634a   ; Fix ChangeLog typo (Bug#20400)
  discards  75e039b   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  2c1b860   Don't freeze with unreadable processes
  discards  45e5710   Fix change from 2015-04-22 "On C-y, stop some text 
property entries ..."
  discards  c576ab5   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map-pairs): Dump redundant 
  discards  864573c   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-all-keywords): 
Don't cache
  discards  f8d6602   * etc/NEWS: Document package-hiding functionality
  discards  5e52b0a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map--elt-list): Better 
  discards  40a8a12   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map--elt-list): Minor 
  discards  3b40a95   lisp/window.el (recenter-last-op): Doc fix.  (Bug#20419)
  discards  6287979   Fix a false negative in `map-elt' with alists and values 
being nil
  discards  365f9ab   Clarify the doc string of 'replace-regexp-in-string'
  discards  bac119a   Improve doc string of 'insert-buffer-substring'
  discards  474519c   MS-Windows followup for the recent gnulib update
  discards  2f5da6d   Spelling fixes
  discards  27e6afe   Merge from gnulib
  discards  52ba851   Port --enable-gcc-warnings to GCC 5.1 x86-64
  discards  5933886   Add new faces to tsdh-light-theme
  discards  7ecda8a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el (seq-doseq): Fix the macro.
  discards  ac491b6   * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: Use raw log format rather 
than wrapped one.
  discards  e224c94   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el (seq-doseq): Tighten the code
  discards  18a78f8   * lisp/textmodes/text-mode.el (text-mode-hook): Move 
text-mode-hook-identify to default.
  discards  b94d950   ; * lisp/server.el: Comment.
  discards  5bc9f49   * lisp/mouse.el (minor-mode-menu-from-indicator):
  discards  82d0f42   * lisp/help-fns.el (describe-function): More type 
checking. (describe-function-1): Handle changed symbol-function.  (Bug#20201)
  discards  9eabc76   * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: Convert "Fixes:" to 
  discards  eea2e83   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map--dispatch): Improve the 
  discards  d75151a   Do not signal an error when trying to delete a key from 
an array
  discards  79d9757   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el: Better docstring.
  discards  f37e265   Minor improvement in map-elt.
  discards  2f3011a   shr: strip leading whitespace when expanding URLs
  discards  422f15d   Clarify "co-authored" some more
  discards  b201654   * CONTRIBUTE: Clarify "co-authored-by".  (Bug#20400)
  discards  168609c   Clarify doc strings of functions that search for 
  discards  a3ac56c   * test/automated/message-mode-tests.el 
  discards  5f88787   ; * src/keyboard.c (read_event_from_main_queue): Fix 
  discards  f2e2cd5   Avoid starting threads by w32-shell-execute
  discards  62fe329   Fix following doc-links in 
  discards  557c7d6   Improve EUDC manual
  discards  7128b0d   Omit needless "\ " after multibyte then newline
  discards  df61b07   Add a new `inhibit-message' variable
  discards  7793db6   Fix last fix in `display-buffer-record-window'.
  discards  c4e0ba5   Minor edits in CONTRIBUTE
  discards  934968a   * lisp/files.el (basic-save-buffer): Fix argument
  discards  3beb6b8   * lisp/cus-edit.el (custom-file): Consider 
  discards  8991937   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Hide lower-priority 
packages in menu
  discards  c3b41c6   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Implement displaying 
obsolete packages
  discards  00b73a0   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  c5e89be   On C-y, stop some text property entries being written 
into buffer-undo-list
  discards  f974317   In display-buffer-record-window record selected window if 
  discards  9b5d384   Fix reftex-citation bug
  discards  dbd65c7   Add or reset based on the presence of MERGE_HEAD
  discards  3f2c8b8   * lisp/custom.el (custom-declare-group): No need to 
  discards  b50f9bc   * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: Get footer from 
  discards  937b22f   ; ChangeLog fix
  discards  4364839   Unbreak no-op buffer save message
  discards  89baf16   * test/automated/map-tests.el: Refactoring of test 
  discards  be3d269   * test/automated/map-tests.el: Renamed from map-test.el.
  discards  79fa7d7   CC Mode: Do nothing in before/after-change-functions for 
text property changes
  discards  b01cf82   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  d870ac2   ; * test/automated/message-mode-tests.el: Standardize 
license notice.
  discards  c9a75a4   Fix byte-compiler warnings about looking-back.
  discards  e3bfb51   Avoid non-nil current-load-list at startup
  discards  affca0f   * lisp/loadup.el (custom-current-group-alist): Reset 
before dumping.
  discards  b32683f   * lisp/startup.el (command-line) <site-run-file>: Avoid 
rogue value in emacs -Q.
  discards  83e923b   ; * lisp/loadup.el: Comment.
  discards  2fc11b3   * lisp/loadup.el (exec-path): Avoid storing build-time 
PATH in binary.
  discards  b3ff665   * lisp/cus-start.el (exec-path): Set standard value, to 
avoid rogue.
  discards  cf2e997   Tweak exec-path in uninstalled case
  discards  b7a015f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Filter by multiple keywords 
and cache keywords
  discards  fad6b8a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Make archive and status 
  discards  c0f5a3b   Describe and index "empty overlays".
  discards  8f1eda7   Spelling fixes
  discards  9099d45   Quote 'like this' in top-level files
  discards  62e1700   Use bool for boolean in textprop.c, undo.c
  discards  b5b0e05   Call `smerge-start-session' even when dealing with a 
stash conflict
  discards  f5076da   ; * etc/NEWS: Add "+++" to eshell entry.
  discards  d7f1b8a   Add option to eshell/clear to clear scrollback.
  discards  e5bd39b   * src/widget.c (set_frame_size): Prefer 'int' to 
  discards  4155619   Assume package archive-contents are UTF8-encoded
  discards  d35f2f4   Abort when looking at stashed changes
  discards  96bfe81   Refactor low-level printing for simplicity
  discards  65ac8bc   ; Fix more-recent commit messages too
  discards  f48a28e   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  8702873   ; Convert ChangeLog history files to "Bug#NNNN"
  discards  f2da220   Prefer "Bug#1234" in commit messages
  discards  f4f1380   * lisp/files.el (auto-mode-alist): Use conf mode for 
gitconfig, hgrc.
  discards  ef6302f   * lisp/elec-pair.el 
(electric-pair-post-self-insert-function): Do not use `chomp' as a function.
  discards  1abf64f   * lisp/net/browse-url.el (browse-url, 
browse-url-at-point): Doc fixes.
  discards  d4bbc76   * doc/emacs/misc.texi (Sorting): Small edit.
  discards  2c38f13   * admin/admin.el (make-manuals): Add emacs-xtra in pdf 
and ps.
  discards  b210cb5   ; * admin/make-tarball.txt: Misc updates.
  discards  1dee790   css-mode.el: Support multi-line comment filling
  discards  9760c6c   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el (seq-concatenate, seq-into): 
Better error messages.
  discards  a76628f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el (map-into): Better error message.
  discards  b06b46e   ; ChangeLog fix
  discards  924ea3f   * lisp/emacs-lisp/map.el: Removes byte-compilation 
  discards  35c27cd   Throw an error when converting a map into an unknown map 
  discards  c3acb32   New library map.el similar to seq.el but for mapping data 
  discards  a0ef101   Minor improvements in Bulgarian input methods
  discards  c05d1f0   Improve EUDC manual
  discards  3ec1047   Don't show both feature and function with the same name
  discards  35be45b   (elisp--xref-identifier-location): Skip variable, if it's 
also a functiong
  discards  4841a2d   Fix fontification of keywords clobbered by the prompt.
  discards  1c565a2   ; ChangeLog fixes
  discards  4b8490f   * admin/authors.el (authors-valid-file-names, 
authors-renamed-files-alist): Additions.
  discards  0bba79e   ; ChangeLog fixes
  discards  14eea09   * lisp/indent.el (indent-region): Don't deactivate the 
  discards  310855e   lisp/net/rcirc.el (defun-rcirc-command): mark `target' as 
  discards  85c3e1b   * lisp/progmodes/xref.el (xref-push-marker-stack): Add 
optional arg.
  discards  183952e   * lisp/erc/erc-pcomplete.el (erc-pcomplete): Don't use 
`pcomplete' any more.
  discards  a1216b5   ; Add missing "(tiny change)"
  discards  3f5a12a   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  455f13b   * admin/authors.el (authors-lax-changelogs): Update for 
erc changes.
  discards  13055fd   ; Split lisp/erc ChangeLogs, for the sake of authors.el
  discards  abba535   Don't link with -ljpeg on MS-Windows, to avoid dependency 
on DLL
  discards  3ab1784   * lisp/replace.el (query-replace-from-to-separator): 
Delay initialization
  discards  6f0b4d8   ; CONTRIBUTE: Further updates
  discards  c6e93df   Pre-4.6 GCC succeeds with unknown option
  discards  3074a9f   '[:graph:]' now excludes whitespace, not just ' '
  discards  5161c9c   (looking-back): Make the second arg non-optional.
  discards  caea9a2   * lisp/org/org-clock.el (org-x11idle-exists-p): Be honest 
about which
  discards  5761a2e   Port jpeg configuration to Solaris 10 with Sun C
  discards  c0c57f8   Move some Elisp-specific code from lisp-mode.el to 
  discards  59fd76c   * lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el 
  discards  17a8618   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  a8292e2   Standardize names of ChangeLog history files
  discards  374a026   Split top-level entries into pre- and post-April 7
  discards  5837667   Fix recent cus-start changes that added customize-rogues
  discards  d338998   ; * etc/NEWS: Add missing system-type entry.
  discards  a5dbb54   Define cl-concatenate as an alias to seq-concatenate
  discards  66ae3cf   * src/lread.c (intern_1): Make sure we'd find the symbol 
we add
  discards  cc4705f   * doc/lispref/sequences.texi (Sequence Functions): Fix 
typo in previous.
  discards  cb75e80   Clean up gnus-uu saving code slightly
  discards  a122a02   Make [:graph:] act like [:print:] sans space
  discards  45d75c0   automated/eieio-test-methodinvoke.el (make-instance) 
<(subclass C)>:
  discards  5de3427   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el (eieio--class): Derive 
from cl--class
  discards  17d667b   Add seq-intersection and seq-difference to the seq library
  discards  4191e54   ; CONTRIBUTE: Update the "make the ChangeLog entry in 
their name" bit
  discards  2b71427   ; CONTRIBUTE: Remove the "relax this rule for commit 
messages" bit
  discards  93d4412   ; Set indent-tabs-mode to nil in (most) Elisp sources
  discards  be13be3   * eieio-core.el (class-abstract-p): Don't inline, to 
avoid leaking internals
  discards  e45dbdc   package--ensure-init-file: widen requires save-restriction
  discards  95cee7f   Improve the commit-msg Git hook for unibyte environments
  discards  807a0e9   Describe problems with cursor caused by Windows Magnifier
  discards  6c284c6   Make [:print:] support non-ASCII characters correctly
  discards  8802474   Assign correct general-category and names to surrogates
  discards  b591977   Assume C89 offsetof in xterm.c, xlwmenu.c
  discards  96a858a   Assume C89 offsetof in widget.c
  discards  7744cc7   Fix think-o in previous patch
  discards  b80c5eb   Avoid some int overflows in window.c
  discards  e84d1ca   Minor doc copyedits
  discards  d4b44a0   [Gnus] Catch the invalid-operation that idna.el will issue
  discards  b16cdc2   * doc/lispref/processes.texi (Shell Arguments): Prefer 
diff -u.
  discards  845cb4a   package--ensure-init-file: widen before looking for 
  discards  a9ccfae   Change diff-switches default to `-u'
  discards  e192281   (gnus-group--setup-tool-bar-update): Fix last change
  discards  56dfd3d   Use gmm-called-interactively-p in Gnus
  discards  40d67a3   * lisp/loadup.el ("cus-start"): Load it after loaddefs.el
  discards  2bad549   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix 
  discards  13634de   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (cl-defstruct): Implement 
  discards  84e0b7d   Deprecate `intangible' and `point-entered' properties
  discards  b430d2a   Update ldef-boots.el
  discards  4aca2fd   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase-dolist): Autoload as 
  discards  8bab07b   * doc/misc/eieio.texi: Don't advertize now obsolete 
  discards  5729f45   Collapse successive char deletions in the undo log
  discards  5d9432e   xterm and OSC 52: Add NEWS entry, and tweak the code
  discards  2b2fd39   xterm.el: Implement OSC-52 functionality for setting the 
X selection
  discards  a2f9da4   Remove left over code from when we used an 
obsolete/loaddefs.el file
  discards  2a72ae2   * cedet/semantic/fw.el: Use declare.
  discards  f6bdbdf   (completion-lisp-mode-hook): Use 
  discards  c9d78e1   * src/*.c: Set deactivate_mark buffer-locally
  discards  659609d   python.el: Keep symmetry on sexp navigation with parens
  discards  ed28ca4   Don't use `setq-local' in Gnus code
  discards  3a4d078   Update Makefile.in's .PHONY dependencies
  discards  9d7afc0   Remove configure's --with-mmdf option
  discards  30bcb23   * doc/man/ChangeLog.01: Rename from doc/man/ChangeLog.1.
  discards  950c002   Improve 'make change-history' prereq tests
  discards  fe3b5b3   * test/automated/package-test.el (with-package-test): 
Kill Packages buffer
  discards  e99d8cb   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Improve transaction y-or-n 
  discards  5aa0dfe   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Completely silence async 
  discards  dfdd7e1   Use delay-mode-hooks when visiting the init-file
  discards  5fb807e   * lisp/files.el: Only message when saving if 
save-silently is nil
  discards  2e47de3   Support debug declarations in pcase macros
  discards  66a53da   pcase.el: Edebug support for `app' and vector patterns
  discards  b62d795   edebug.el: Disambiguate vector specifications
  discards  f4dbec4   (gnus-summary-refer-thread): Don't clobber unread articles
  discards  bda8469   mouse-sel.el: Fix mouse-sel-get-selection-function
  discards  a77540e   * lisp/rect.el (delete-whitespace-rectangle-line): Don't 
cross EOL.
  discards  a3d11ec   * lisp/net/nsm.el (nsm-query-user): Use 
  discards  d0fcb21   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (list-packages): Avoid 
redundant generate
  discards  d06eeb8   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (list-packages): Call 
refresh in right buffer
  discards  9a7ddde   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el: Silence noninteractive 
  discards  ad36067   * lisp/files.el: Don't message when nothing happened
  discards  25449e7   Summary: Improve sexp-based movement in message-mode
  discards  a3f1b3d   x_free_cr_resources: Renamed from x_prepare_for_xlibdraw.
  discards  c744c8a   Handle specified bg in images.  Use generic libpng code 
for PNG:s.
  discards  3037971   Use bool for boolean in window.c
  discards  3ba6b3a   Speed up byte-compilation and autoload generation by 
avoiding mode-hooks
  discards  50ddc67   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Improve 
  discards  6f87b18   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Improve 
  discards  357edb4   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix initially wrong compat 
  discards  f80027b   * test/automated/package-test.el: Fix new test
  discards  ba273b6   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Silence async operations
  discards  7cae5c3   * test/automated/package-test.el: Test async functionality
  discards  ccade56   Utilize `make-process' in epg.el
  discards  24ecbc0   * .gitignore: Ignore doc temps and outputs.
  discards  fc530e5   Port commit-msg to MSYS Bash+Gawk
  discards  ac00e0a   Support GIF and Tiff with cairo.
  discards  fadf020   Port commit-msg to broken MS-Windows shell
  discards  dc79845   Support GnuTLS v3.4 and later on MS-Windows
  discards  279558f   Minor quoting etc. fixes to misc manuals
  discards  be008ff   Support JPEG with USE_CAIRO.
  discards  82e2ce9   Bump Emacs version to 24.5.50.
  discards  7c7b96e   Respect more keyword args in `make-process'
  discards  878058d   Extract ChangeLog entries when committing a directory
  discards  e3ee455   Fix problems found by --enable-gcc-warnings
  discards  68a74dd   Fix commit-msg to handle scissors lines
  discards  42142f0   port commit-msg to Gawk 3.0.4 (1999)
  discards  89b2bf6   Have commit-msg report commit failure
  discards  c098424   Clean up LDAP Configuration section of EUDC manual
  discards  f55ea05   Add facility to collect stderr of async subprocess
  discards  a2940cd   Minor quoting etc. fixes to lispref manual
  discards  ca401f6   Handle symlinked test directory in tramp-tests.el
  discards  5aed69a   Fix 'recenter' when visual-line-mode is turned on
  discards  3638632f0 * abbrev.el (define-abbrev-table): Refine last change.
  discards  26f8a38   cl-lib.el: Partial revert of "2015-04-05 Rationalize 
  discards  5194890   * vhdl-mode.el (vhdl-prepare-search-2): Use 
  discards  ee7df9f   * lisp/cedet/semantic: Remove some dead code
  discards  d58759a   * lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el (gnus-hidden-properties): 
  discards  3a5742a   ; Add asterisks and periods
  discards  36c0aca   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  0679159   Use the VC root in `log-edit-listfun'
  discards  e368697   Fix description of Unix time, mention new function.
  discards  c1daad4   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Use mode-line-process for 
  discards  2957dd6   (log-edit-insert-changelog-entries): Don't add newline 
after the last entry
  discards  e597344   css-mode.el: Add "not" pseudo-class
  discards  011cc84   etc/NEWS: Add missing entry for "Stop messing with the 
EMACS env var"
  discards  e338661   Stop messing with the EMACS env var
  discards  cf09ed1   ; Add missing (tiny change) and minor cleanup
  discards  cbef1e9   ; make change-history-commit
  discards  7bb614e   Adapt 'make change-history' to coding cookie
  discards  3311ace   gitlog-to-changelog coding cookie and mv -i
  discards  4e64245   Merge from gnulib
  discards  62e7506   * lisp/bookmark.el (bookmark-bmenu-goto-bookmark): Don't 
  discards  beaab89   Stop messing with the EMACS env var
  discards  6083965   css-mode.el (css-smie-rules): Fix indentation after 
complex selectors
  discards  c9415cc   python.el: Indent docstring lines to base-indent
  discards  911ed2e   python.el: Increase native completion robustness
  discards  c44f5b0   * lisp/eshell: Make backslash a no-op in front of normal 
  discards  3d78c55   (diff-hunk-file-names): Don't require a TAB after the 
file name
  discards  0ae9ae3   (diff-hunk-file-names): Don't require a TAB  after the 
file name
  discards  4f08fb5   Minor quoting etc. fixes to Emacs manual
  discards  31f31a7   Minor quoting etc. fixes to elisp intro
  discards  a61b0c8   CONTRIBUTE: Mention log-edit-insert-changelog
  discards  e970f6f   CONTRIBUTE: Emphasize creating the top-level ChangeLog 
file manually
  discards  666b827   * doc/misc/calc.texi (Summary): Avoid '@:' when usurped.
  discards  215e5bf   (eieio-copy-parents-into-subclass): Fix inheritance of 
  discards  a480a51   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-mode): 
Mode-line notification
  discards  0465c9d   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: More conservative 
  discards  bf87b4d   * src/eval.c (init_eval_once): Bump max_lisp_eval_depth 
to 800
  discards  74079cd   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  b3f2874   Fix nasty scoping bug in tramp-cache.el
  discards  1ba357e   Add notice to visual commands section
  discards  ba6c32b   ffap: Support environment variable expansion in file names
  discards  3262e49   Prefer double-quote to accent-grave in man pages
  discards  d60dbd8   Fixes: debbugs:20257
  discards  a137ff5   Update etc/PROBLEMS.
  discards  2950023   Add doc strings for some Isearch state vars
  discards  db0a3b2   Always mark "<" and ">" in #include directives with text 
  discards  2346856   Generate a ChangeLog file from commit logs
  discards  dd1404c   Rename ChangeLogs for gitlog-to-changelog
  discards  9d56a21   Merge from gnulib
  discards  4d74873   Fix miscellaneous glitches in cc-mode.el.  Fixes 
  discards  b31d359   CC Mode: Stop Font Lock forcing fontification from BOL.  
Fixes debbugs#19669.
  discards  ab9252a   python.el: Do not break IPython magic completions.
  discards  866501e   * lisp/ChangeLog: Remove a duplicate
  discards  c91fd97   * emacs-lisp/package.el: Make the execute prompt less 
  discards  67c152e   * emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix lack of "new" packages.
  discards  d521417b  src/w32proc.c: Fix typos in description of subprocess 
  discards  a51bcf8   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  eedff18   Avoid segfaults on MS-Windows when invoking subprocesses  
  discards  1f01f8b   * NEWS: Document async package-menu.
  discards  7471fc4   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-execute): Add async 
  discards  6701726   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-install): Add ASYNC and 
  discards  b6610d5   emacs-lisp/package.el: Refactor pre-execute prompt
  discards  7436b68   emacs-lisp/package.el: Async support in 
  discards  b884ff3   Spelling fix for 'hfy-optimizations'
  discards  93ce8b3   Fix typo in previous rtree change
  discards  1f3f5f1   Use American spelling for 'normalize'
  discards  cf7b034   Fix previous commit to prevent infloop
  discards  deea36f   python.el: Enhance docstring detection following PEP-257.
  discards  7514b24   ; Minor ChangeLog fix
  discards  ba0a6e9   Fix byte-compilation warning in lisp/ses.el
  discards  69a8655   Support RSVG and cairo.
  discards  8272c1d   lisp/ldefs-boot.el: Update for the 24.5 release
  discards  c1d18b1   Tidy up fix to debbugs#20240.
  discards  bf81946   Fix lisp/ChangeLog formatting.
  discards  2056db3   Rationalize use of c[ad]+r, expunging cl-c[ad]\{3,4\}r.
  discards  5842e48   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  4e23cd0          * mail/rmail.el (rmail-show-message-1): When 
displaying a mime message,        indicate start and finish in the echo area.
  discards  7cad9d5   Update the 24.5 release date in all ChangeLog files
  discards  fdc5219   emacs-lisp/package.el: Add package-initialize to 
  discards  b47fe81   emacs-lisp/package.el: Prevent outdated 
  discards  16eec6f   Remove entry from last sync with emacs-24, it wasn't 
  discards  b79bcfd   Fix .emacs and .emacs.d/init file recursion problem for 
  discards  207f119   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  389698e   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  c1b8b17   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  4839549   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  b32bb3f   (package--with-work-buffer-async): Protect macro 
  discards  f674de6   emacs-lisp/package.el: Don't overwrite 
  discards  5824dd5   Quote directory name in tramp-flush-directory-property
  discards  0115ace   Close a timing hole in selections.
  discards  4fabcbf   Fix debbugs#20240 part two (jit-lock error during 
  discards  4de97ea   configure.ac: Update comment.
  discards  95ef69e   Port 'configure' to clang 3.5
  discards  8596eb1   Fix Bug#20249
  discards  74c4ce2   Introduce limited Xpm support (32 bit ZPixmap) for Cairo.
  discards  21d4bf6   * admin/make-tarball.txt: Copyedits.
  discards  f3b70a7   ; ChangeLog fix
  discards  5558a14   Tool tips for menus did not show any text.
  discards  07432a8   Revert "CC Mode: Stop Font Lock forcing fontification 
from BOL.  Bug#19669."
  discards  fb77948   Merge branch 'master' into cairo, fixes tooltips not 
  discards  c775195   Don't optimized away tool tip redraw, may lead to 
corrupted text.
  discards  7c691f3   pcmpl-ssh-known-hosts: Use `char-before' instead of 
  discards  2d45a5b   configure.ac: Add -nopie to LD_SWITCH_SYSTEM_TEMACS.
  discards  75c8741   Merge branch 'master' into cairo
  discards  7349006   Add CAIRO_CFLAGS to lwlib/Makefile.in
  discards  0b914ba   ; Tweak the previous change
  discards  f2fbd4b   js-mode: Don't indent inside a multiline string literal
  discards  839decd   lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el (gnus-article-browse-html-parts): 
Make external links absolute and cid file names relative
  discards  0c2ea36   * lisp/abbrev.el (define-abbrev-table): Treat a 
non-string "docstring" as
  discards  5e41a51   * lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp-mnt.el (lm-version): Don't burp in 
a non-file buffer.
  discards  0ad5fe0   * etc/AUTHORS: Update the AUTHORS file
  discards  23bb07e   Fix the CC Mode fixes from 2015-03-30.  Fixes 
  discards  bd55cd4   * emacs-lisp/package.el: Spelling fixes and use active 
  discards  454184f   automated/package-test.el (package-test-update-archives): 
Fix test
  discards  dd3f567   Fix tramp-tests.el
  discards  ebe1f89   * automated/package-test.el: Avoid async while testing.
  discards  76b1a1f   ; Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  aa33f4a   * emacs-lisp/package.el: Make package-menu asynchronous.
  discards  ba7a1a7   * emacs-lisp/package.el: Implement asynchronous 
  discards  1b70aa6   Fix bug#20233, do not merge with master
  discards  5ba4fbd   lisp/gnus/registry.el (registry-prune): Fix registry 
pruning routine
  discards  8d1d8fc   * admin/update_autogen (commit): Switch prefix from "# " 
to "; ".
  discards  ee050a3   Pete Williamson <address@hidden> (tiny change)
  discards  f21d9b6   Derive `css-mode' from `prog-mode'
  discards  f20a2cd   Avoid crashing with key-chord  (Bug#20223)
  discards  5a7380a   * lisp/jit-lock.el (jit-lock--run-functions): Fix min/max 
copy&paste error.
  discards  81b0ead   * jit-lock.el (jit-lock--run-functions): Do the `or' 
where it can be nil.
  discards  bc9a6fc   Let jit-lock know the result of 
  discards  2e4b0c9   plstore.el: Don't cache wrong passphrase
  discards  ce88920   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  a7270fb   emacs-lisp/package.el: Reorganize package.el
  discards  ef37e79   * eieio-base.el (make-instance) <eieio-named>: New 
  discards  05a5a94   Correct calculation of CC Mode's font-lock region.
  discards  d9eff02   In sendmail-send-it don't switch to non-existent buffer.  
  discards  d16fb74   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  97d4492   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  0479a1b   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  4a70043   Spelling fix
  discards  6b7dd51   Fix 'commit-msg' to cite 'CONTRIBUTE'
  discards  4d2e7e1   Fixes: debbugs:19175
  discards  2e0cfcc   Fix the preamble text of the DIR file we install  
  discards  d193f52   lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-make-menu-bar): Add 
"Display HTML images" to "Display" menu
  discards  66415fd   * doc/emacs/files.texi (Diff Mode): Doc fix.
  discards  e6127d9   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-refresh-contents): 
Fix spelling error
  discards  22ece83   src/w32proc.c: Describe in a comment w32 subprocess 
  discards  36a2efe   ChangeLog fix
  discards  40b3dcd   New `electric-pair-local-mode'
  discards  be5e934   Don't send bad SM messages.
  discards  733a9f1   Fixes: debbugs:17879
  discards  7dc565a   Fix blocking connections on MS-Windows  (Bug#20159)
  discards  01d1024   Avoid some core dumps in X session management
  discards  589a403   Port user-login-name initialization to Qnil == 0
  discards  84c7c6f   Port etags to -DDEBUG
  discards  087fdee   Assume !BROKEN_NON_BLOCKING_CONNECT
  discards  9552a65   Fix crashes when restoring sub-char-tables from desktop 
  discards  5ba79b0   Fix the bug number of previous commit: should be bug 
  discards  d133cf8   Support non-blocking connect on MS-Windows  (Bug#20207)
  discards  8478885   Bump version to 24.5 for the release-candidate
  discards  792d44b   Preserve face text properties in comint prompt.
  discards  1d02107   Shut up python-mode's indentation guesser
  discards  118b6a9   (url-insert-file-contents): Set buffer-file-coding-system
  discards  8fd527e   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl|eieio: Minor tweaks
  discards  5e0314f   * smie.el (smie*ward-sexp-command): Don't pretend the arg 
is optional
  discards  3e0fc97   * lisp/bookmark.el (bookmark-show-all-annotations): Sort 
  discards  124ea77   Spelling fixes
  discards  58c8605   Only escape quotation mark, backslash and cntrl U+0000 to 
  discards  2b82886   * etc/TODO: Remove obsolete entries.
  discards  eeb5157   emacs-lisp/checkdoc.el: Don't complain about args 
starting with _.
  discards  7c4a0e3   * international/mule-cmds.el: Show chars in C-x 8 RET 
  discards  599ca62   `save-excursion' does not save&restore the mark any more
  discards  76040dd   * lisp/xt-mouse.el 
(xterm-mouse--read-number-from-terminal): Fix last commit.
  discards  176d864   * lisp/erc/erc.el (erc-switch-to-buffer): Fix last change.
  discards  13cf575   Don't round up scroll bar width with GTK3 (Bug#20182).
  discards  d46f31b   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el: Documentation improvements
  discards  dcac009   * doc/misc/idlwave.texi: Fix typo in previous.
  discards  3227a05   * doc/misc/newsticker.texi (Supported Formats): Remove 
dead url.
  discards  8294ea7   * doc/misc/remember.texi (Function Reference): Copyedit.
  discards  f314d48   browse-url: mark some of the more obsolete stuff as such
  discards  921dd0d   * doc/lispref/objects.texi (Equality Predicates): Fix 
typo in example.
  discards  c2385c6   * lisp/xt-mouse.el: Add mouse-tracking support.
  discards  b28753b   lisp/gnus/nnimap.el: Don't split imap messages back into 
original group
  discards  9d70310   Extend Tramp tests
  discards  444975f   Improve special char handling in Tramp
  discards  711770d   Fix minor ldexp issues
  discards  1e043f5   epg-tests.el: Standardize license notice.
  discards  23a98c7   Make process-running-child-p return foreground process 
group ID
  discards  71fdbd7   epg: Fix key generation interface
  discards  e5ce95f   Add tests for epg.el
  discards  d7d7262   Add cl-struct specific optimizations to pcase.
  discards  ae27725   Add new `cl-struct' and `eieio' pcase patterns.
  discards  1b5c411   doc/misc/efaq-w32.texi: Fix comments about font dialog.
  discards  2393085   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  7f55d42   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  a660037   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  821b600   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  325c554   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  bfed046   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  ad89f85   Another minor improvement in ELisp manual  (Bug#20168)
  discards  5e2951b   Improve docs of 'posn-actual-col-row'  (Bug#20169)
  discards  1291ce1   Minor documentation fix in ELisp manual  (Bug#20174)
  discards  a50c95d   Get rid of json-decode-char0 as well
  discards  24960fc   Minor refactoring of new Fmake_process code
  discards  33e2236   * display.texi (Useless Whitespace): Fix thinko.
  discards  ff3878d   * configure.ac: Fix jpeg version check to work with gcc 
>= 5.
  discards  bad7308   Fix previous commit (again)
  discards  b8d7d7e   Fix previous commit
  discards  d235b1d   Try to avoid fontifying macros in funcall position
  discards  90b46f5   lisp/gnus/nnmh.el (nnmh-request-expire-articles): Work 
for the case nnmail-expiry-target is an nnmh group (bug#20170)
  discards  47e0e31   Generalize start-process with keyword args
  discards  165bea7   Automatically adjust process window sizes
  discards  f4c23f4   Have `sgml-attribute-offset' control SGML attribute 
  discards  e7f92aa   authors.el small additions
  discards  0bfe915   * etc/PROBLEMS: Add entry about dir-locals and some 
  discards  70a8bbe   json-tests.el: Fix copyright
  discards  127377c   Add a few tests for jsone.el
  discards  a3b6c24   Rewrite json-encode-string
  discards  2a954e8   * menu-bar.el (menu-bar-update-buffers): Properly count 
  discards  c3c4b75   Fixes: debbugs:18939
  discards  a4ff05a   ChangeLog fix No need to merge to trunk, since it 
corrects a backported entry that should not appear in trunk.
  discards  bb7b23c   In `debug' don't try using window on inaccessible frame 
  discards  ae3d733   Backport 20156 fix (stack corruption)
  discards  3231550   Fixes: debbugs:20156
  discards  dca743f   Recognize more format variation.  Automatically reshow 
decrypted text.
  discards  1a80be1   Echo area shows when displaying a mime message.
  discards  414e79f   Prefer IceCat to Firefox and Iceweasel.
  discards  6e1fac9   lisp/gnus/{registry.el,gnus-registry.el}: Use slot names 
in references to object slot values
  discards  ad80180   Fix problems with setting system-time-locale on MS-Windows
  discards  4a50af9   Add new functions for computing default font dimensions
  discards  70565a2   Documentation and testing tips for CONTRIBUTE
  discards  e72edc0   Fix lisp/ChangeLog entry from last commit.
  discards  17ad6f8   Fix problems caused by calling 'recenter' in auto-revert  
  discards  fa734d0   Handle setf methods in elisp font-locking.
  discards  73b8237   Fix CL function name font-lock bug.
  discards  c9998fc   Fix elisp function name font-lock bug.
  discards  4cd31cf   (cl-defsubst): Ignore false-positive occurrences of args 
via &cl-defs
  discards  932d0fd   Fix debbugs#20146
  discards  1fcc552   lisp/gnus/registry.el (registry-prune): Allow registry to 
reach full size before pruning
  discards  b8ea3aa   lisp/gnus/registry.el 
(registry-collect-prune-candidates): Fix call to cl-subseq
  discards  395a76a   # ChangeLog fixes Using eg 
add-change-log-entry-other-window, C-x 4 a, would avoid these issues
  discards  8142fc9   ruby-mode: Fix a "required arguments" confusion
  discards  1c4900d   Backport: ruby-mode: Detect regexps after `!'
  discards  f74843a   Backport: ruby-mode: Change faces used for self, true, 
false and nil
  discards  a5d1f94   Backport: ruby-mode: Expect regexp after { or | too
  discards  13eb26a   * configure.ac (_THREAD_SAFE): Simplify (Bug#20136).
  discards  a68aa2e   Better port of pthread usage to FreeBSD
  discards  3ffcf0e   Call delete-backward-space interactively.
  discards  ccf0010   Merge from gnulib
  discards  8aa13d0   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase-lambda): Rewrite.
  discards  29f7f98   Fixes: debbugs:20141
  discards  50c117f   EIEIO: Change class's representation to unify instance & 
class slots
  discards  f469024   Use delete-char instead of delete-backward-char.
  discards  611a479   Mark apostrophs with ?/ instead of \037 in Tramp
  discards  81deba3   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  1a941d6   Fix incorrect usage of @key in the User Manual  
  discards  8dfff87   * cl-generic.el (cl-generic-generalizers): Clean up after 
  discards  872481d   Add classes as run-time descriptors of cl-structs.
  discards  fd93edb   Have gud-display-line not display source buffer in gud 
  discards  9fdc166   Improve dynamic elisp keyword font-locking
  discards  1a93b91   * lisp/net/browse-url.el: Omit confusing documentation.
  discards  f9e354e   Spelling and wording fixes
  discards  41278b7   Spacing and punctuation fixes
  discards  7ec63a3   Update CSS property list
  discards  62fde9e   Add support for completion in `css-mode'
  discards  64db0c2   Discriminate between pseudo-classes and -elements
  discards  5b77d81   Separate Kernel methods with required args from those 
  discards  7719782   Font-lock more Kernel methods as built-in
  discards  7cf5b37   Avoid leading tabs in shell scripts, sent by Tramp.
  discards  e70a1f9   lisp/mouse.el: Fix last change.
  discards  0fe787e   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  6f73c46   * cl-macs.el (cl--transform-lambda): Refine last change.
  discards  330cf1a   Resurrect the lost optional fixed font menu on w32
  discards  508049a   Change test for ControlPath in order to avoid DNS 
  discards  b074335   Edebug: Allow "S" to work during trace mode.  Fixes 
debbugs #20074.
  discards  a961dce   Don't test "\t" in file names on Cygwin.
  discards  801eda8   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (cl--transform-lambda): 
Optimize &aux.
  discards  f925fc9   Add `predicate' arg to `read-buffer' and use it for 
  discards  43a847c   Fixes: debbugs:19335
  discards  ab4e4cc   Add 'clear' functionality to eshell.
  discards  14c47d3   doc/misc/efaq-w32.texi: Spell-check.
  discards  ac85901   doc/misc/efaq-w32.texi: Remove outdated information and 
  discards  3eb4d23   Make Edebug work with Follow Mode.
  discards  c43762d   Fix description of fullscreen mode on MS-Windows 
  discards  8599360   (url-insert-file-contents): Set buffer-file-coding-system
  discards  4e5eb85   Fix subtle problems with linum-mode and invisible text
  discards  28caedb   In Tramp. check ssh Control* options only when needed
  discards  51e7e46   Font-lock elisp macros/special forms dynamically
  discards  9941682   Support indenting backquote substitutions in cl-indent
  discards  2f12fc5   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  84a6685   2015-03-14  Michael R. Mauger  <address@hidden>
  discards  554001d   Type checking for `define-widget'
  discards  3bf3699   Add --no-x-resources option
  discards  ea8cab3   doc/lispref/minibuf.texi (Basic Completion): Fix a typo.  
  discards  2fdec80   Improve indexing in Emacs manual  (Bug#20105)
  discards  85f1a56   Mention Bug 19482 on 2015-01-06 change.
  discards  a605a79   Fix ChangeLog typo
  discards  f5a0faa   info-look fixes for Texinfo 5
  discards  8e63340   * frame.c (x_get_resource_string) [!USE_GTK]: Don't 
  discards  2c59be9   * editfns.c, systime.h (mktime_z) [!HAVE_TZALLOC]: Now 
  discards  b91eafe   Support goal column in multi-line minibuffer
  discards  ac4cce6   Fixes: debbugs:19335
  discards  fc10058   Fix support of scripts in w32font.c  (Bug#19993)
  discards  cc11321   Fix --no-bitmap-icon
  discards  2401274   * international/quail.el (quail-input-method): Use 
  discards  b90f502   * lisp/gnus/registry.el (registry-db): Don't oset-default 
an instance slot.
  discards  41bba4b   * lisp/simple.el (goto-history-element): Don't burp on t 
  discards  f0e8673   * indent/js-indent-init-dynamic.js: Fix spelling error.
  discards  2a1be9e   Prefer "initialize" to "initialise"
  discards  c3ca6a9   # Further ChangeLog fix
  discards  6c9681a   * lisp/progmodes/js.el (js-indent-first-initialiser): Fix 
doc, type, version. First line of the doc string should be a complete sentence.
  discards  8db3791   * lisp/gnus/message.el (message-valid-fqdn-regexp): Bump 
  discards  933e0ab   New indentation option for js-mode
  discards  33d9869   Spelling and minor grammar fixes
  discards  778de72   * test/automated/cl-lib-tests.el: Add tests for plusp, 
second, ...
  discards  ff03266   Recognize more LDAP attributes
  discards  b20113f   Automate 'make all' in test/indent
  discards  cd0ad72   nt/ChangeLog: Fix typos.
  discards  b7ed48c   Add seq-into as a public function
  discards  8854b9c   ruby-mode: Detect regexps after `!'
  discards  4fab7ba   ruby-mode: Don't consider `=' a part of symbol when 
followed by `>'
  discards  0c1dd71   Fix ChangeLog typos
  discards  c1bb5ba   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  59c414b   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  0dfe700   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  8e07ea1   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  e427b55   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  6df1314   EUDC: Support BBDB >= 3
  discards  6b134bc   lisp/gnus/gnus-notifications.el 
(gnus-notifications-action): Replace x-focus-frame kludge by calling 
  discards  e991af9   ruby-mode: Change faces used for self, true, false and nil
  discards  d15317c   Add an indent test example for bug#20026
  discards  dad0fc5   ruby-mode: Expect regexp after { or | too
  discards  d03ec1c   Fix test/indent/js.js
  discards  b21a56a   Bump version to 24.4.91
  discards  113fcc3   * etc/AUTHORS: Update the AUTHORS file
  discards  51c0c8d   * lisp/ChangeLog: Fix a changelog entry
  discards  126cd14   # Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  08534ce   lisp/gnus/gnus-notifications: Raise frame when clicking 
Read; Add mark as read
  discards  0f2fd56   lisp/gnus/message.el 
(message-insert-formatted-citation-line): Change %F to fall back to email 
address if no first name could be determined
  discards  bcf89ff   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  9869d6f   Make tramp-ssh-controlmaster-options a defcustom.  Do not 
merge with master.
  discards  8182282   Revert "Make tramp-ssh-controlmaster-options a defcustom. 
 Do not merge with master."
  discards  5ab767b   Make tramp-ssh-controlmaster-options a defcustom.  Do not 
merge with master.
  discards  344c6ad   Improve MS-Windows build instructions  (Bug#19989)
  discards  e851da3   Partially revert the fix for bug #11732
  discards  eb62887   lisp/dired.el (dired-delete-file): Doc fix.  (Bug#20021)
  discards  35e2b6a   * lisp/gnus/*registry.el: Use slot names rather than 
initarg names
  discards  0ea6831   * lisp/battery.el: Make it work on my MSI Wind
  discards  25058c3   * lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-opt.el 
(byte-optimize-form-code-walker): Don't try to
  discards  e1acc3c   Random minor fixes for movemail
  discards  20c6b22   browse-url-firefox: removed MS-Windows limitations
  discards  bfebebb   Fix EUDC LDAP duplicate mail handling
  discards  b08f8bb   Render application/xhtml+xml as HTML
  discards  cbc9d8d   Work around x86 glibc backtrace bug
  discards  1be3bd0   Fix region extension when scroll bar is on the right
  discards  61e06b6   desktop.el (desktop-buffer-info): Use `pushnew'.
  discards  6065fbe   desktop.el (desktop-buffer-info): Write docstring.
  discards  17ecfea   package.el (package-refresh-contents): Update doc.
  discards  77ab7f8   Teach js-mode about ES6 template strings
  discards  21c5478   Replace *-function vars with generic functions in 
  discards  9f1f6c8   src/ChangeLog: Fix bad formatting.
  discards  53a3f3a   Handle tool bar size changes after x_set_font.
  discards  69204d5   # Changelog fixes (no need to merge to trunk)
  discards  0ec2600   # Changelog fixes
  discards  5599661   * autorevert.el (auto-revert-notify-add-watch): fix 
handler installation
  discards  6c0a602   eww: Fix some docstrings/error message.
  discards  b209a4b   Sync with Tramp upstream
  discards  44a7c1f   Sync with Tramp upstream
  discards  b9d09d8   Support port numbers in tramp-adb
  discards  8ac0879   Sync with Tramp upstream.
  discards  5d9b1e1   Spelling fixes
  discards  98284ef   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  518eab2   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  37ad855   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  36a50f3   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  923602f   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  1fb87f1   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  e2ae1c5   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  d846236   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  2c82dee   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  6eab393   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  f15c858   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  118a31a   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  9792a94   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  8b990b8   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  8b38d30   Use `macroexp-parse-body'
  discards  7133f26   * lisp/progmodes/gud.el: Use lexical-binding.
  discards  cecf4af   Address generator feedback
  discards  02eb227   Rename globals in generator.el
  discards  88f8a9d   generator-tests.el: make cps-test-iter-cleanup-once-only 
  discards  15ddf7a   Rename gc-precise-p to gc-precise
  discards  a6fb5e2   * alloc.c (run_finalizers): Omit unused local.
  discards  27c02b0   Fix some errors in recently added tests
  discards  a0b78cb   # Standardize copyright and license notices for recently 
added files
  discards  bfbcec1   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-autoremove): Fix if logic.
  discards  c4ade11   textmodes/ispell.el: Look for aspell .dat files also 
under dict-dir, as aspell does.
  discards  e28ec9a   ispell.el: Extend to aspell current hunspell handling of 
aliases names for standard dicts.
  discards  1903e25   Fix calculation of total window sizes after font size 
changes (Bug#19972).
  discards  2cc23f1   Finalizer documentation, minor improvements
  discards  8af3e18   Add cl-iter-defun
  discards  8f0f8c1   Fix docstrings, declarations in iter-defun
  discards  f6b5db6   Add support for generators
  discards  9d8d065   Add support for finalizers
  discards  b149ecd   # Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  04fb102   configure.ac: Error out if with-file-notification=w32 is 
specified on Cygwin
  discards  da02eb5   Add autoload cooking for vc-responsible-backend
  discards  992f8fa   Extend vc-tests.el
  discards  7f9b037   Fix problems found by vc-tests.el
  discards  15d78a2   # Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  bb13183   (shr-insert): Also remove soft hypens from non-folded 
  discards  2294380   * lisp/net/shr.el (shr-insert): Remove soft hyphens.
  discards  159e9f4   * character.c (alphabeticp, decimalnump): Avoid undefined 
  discards  5dd2272   Set can_x_set_window_size and after_make_frame in 
terminal frames (Bug#19962)
  discards  e605af8   * xlwmenu.c (remap_menubar): Re-realize menu to force 
move under Gnome 3.
  discards  1a50945   Improve [:alpha:] and [:alnum:] for multibyte characters  
  discards  31ecbf8   Better decoding of HTML payload in Rmail
  discards  f160106   Avoid assertion violations in Rmail due to newline cache
  discards  0537943   Adjust offset and border calculations for X.
  discards  b2a590d   Documentation followup for daemon mode on MS-Windows
  discards  805fe50   Support daemon mode on MS-Windows (bug#19688)
  discards  6ef1434   Don't require GNU putenv
  discards  619fc5c   Fix 'face property handling in facemenu-add-face.
  discards  5917b79   Don't use OUTER_TO_INNER macros for plain X and lucid.
  discards  0ed5248   Fixed previous ChangeLog entry
  discards  b5a0603   Use vc-switches on vc-*-annotate-command
  discards  d8e9122   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  cbd447e   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  4d36e52   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  b6964cb   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  4859809   Fix point motion when removing displayed MIME part
  discards  8ae2142   * xfns.c (x_real_pos_and_offsets): Fix pointer signedness.
  discards  4f9befb   lisp/gnus/ChangeLog: Fix typo
  discards  f376a4b   Gnus: Improve parts deletion and stripping behavior
  discards  b206b9d   dbus.el: fix ":argN" keyword recognition
  discards  719fd93   Redo the whole window offsets and coordinate translation 
for X.
  discards  0731a2e   # Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  ca5790e   lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el (elisp--eval-last-sexp): 
Document argument.
  discards  383722d   check-declare.el: Use compilation-style warnings
  discards  26b2e9a   check-declare.el (check-declare-ext-errors): New 
  discards  dcd4830   Handle customizations of reftex-include-file-commands
  discards  8bb64d2   * lisp/emacs-lisp/edebug.el (edebug--display): 
  discards  b86ba30   Gnus: Revert my bogus changes (2014-06-05)
  discards  27bd6da   Merge from gnulib
  discards  b74db63   Backtrace after malloc arena is corrupted
  discards  0c4f73a   rmailsum.el tiny simplification
  discards  341e5f3   simple.el (region-active-p): Fix doc to say non-nil.
  discards  1b0ebbd   browse-url-firefox: update for firefox 36's removal of 
  discards  450beba   * lisp/eshell: Fix history substitution error
  discards  feb49cb   * comint.el (comint-mode-map): Fix obvious typo.
  discards  7a77ed9   * filecache.el (file-cache-filter-regexps): Add lock 
files (tiny change)
  discards  f418e99   rmailsum.el minor optional argument fix
  discards  e8a11db   f90.el: add some support for continued strings without 
leading '&'
  discards  eaf9499   Add new interactive command comint-clear-buffer
  discards  ed7005c   Fix previous change's attribution
  discards  6b62d26   Use ${EXEEXT} more uniformly in makefiles
  discards  1817892   Avoid erratic behavior of menu-bar tooltips on w32  
  discards  a0edb01   `auto-save-list-file-prefix' can be a directory name
  discards  931e7ba   lisp/gnus/mailcap.el: Support PDF Tools for PDF viewing 
of attachments
  discards  80e5014   Fix SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL mechanism
  discards  3487186   Fix the desired binding for comment-line
  discards  e846bbf   * lisp/emacs-lisp/macroexp.el (macroexp-parse-body): 
Handle cl-declare
  discards  3f006e1   lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el (gnus-mime-display-single): Avoid 
"End of buffer" error
  discards  f6bb2cc   Introduce `xref-etags-mode'
  discards  c7cdc8e   Suppress localized settings in Tramp test.
  discards  9f5a24a   Implement x-frame-geometry for NS.
  discards  32af8a3   * lisp/dom.el (dom-previous-sibling): New function.
  discards  f113707   * lisp/dom.el (dom-previous-sibling): New function.
  discards  4a5190f   Fix ChangeLog.
  discards  14b4e65   Spelling fixes
  discards  0260932   Bump python.el version
  discards  1cb3428   * bindings.el (ctl-x-map): There is no 'C-;'.
  discards  b0adfc7   Spelling fixes
  discards  e38be5c   lisp/ChangeLog: Fix entry to mention (Bug#19826)
  discards  4841520   bindings.el (ctl-x-map): Fix `comment-line' binding.
  discards  9074a68   Prefer 'Qfoo' to 'intern ("foo")' in w32 source files
  discards  a2e6668   Mention file notification support for dired buffers and 
  discards  629ed77   Support file notifications for dired auto-revert
  discards  6982acc   Install notification handlers when enabling the 
auto-revert modes.
  discards  3ebf063   Prefer 'Qfoo' to 'intern ("foo")'
  discards  066b17d   Merge from gnulib
  discards  43fb42d   # etc/TODO: More elpa additions
  discards  5169b71   # etc/TODO: Add idlwave
  discards  852947b   Sync with upstream verilog-mode revision 0d6420b
  discards  1ee99b6   # ChangeLog fix
  discards  80e67e4   Sync with upstream vhdl mode v3.37.1.  Add VHDL'08 
  discards  226c122   # Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  51d475a   Avoid endless loop when handling fatal signal.
  discards  98cb7d9   solar.el: Tweak sunrise-sunset output
  discards  35f047c   * src/fileio.c (Fmake_temp_name): Doc tweaks.
  discards  4fa6da0   f90.el: Add some F2008 keywords
  discards  3bbf517   Simplify binary I/O configuration
  discards  12ab957   auto-revert-mode can now revert immediately in response 
to a change event
  discards  6f2971a   * lisp/comint.el (comint-line-beginning-position): Revert 
searching for the prompt when comint-use-prompt-regexp is non-nil because it 
doesn't distinguish input from output.  Check the field property `output' for 
the case when comint-use-prompt-regexp is nil.
  discards  d4ed798   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-opt.el (eieio-help-class): Fix 
  discards  235c3cb   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (cl-struct-slot-value): 
Handle a nil type.
  discards  a2f9049   Avoid aborts when input-method-function changes 
this-command-keys  (Bug#19774)
  discards  d10c3ed   Fix generation of TAGS from compressed files  (Bug#19735)
  discards  65d8ac7   Mention in admin/notes/repo how to mark commits that are 
not to be merged.
  discards  37e3549   Fix display of IME window on MS-Windows  (Bug#11732)
  discards  3be1a7c   * ftcrfont.c (ftcrfont_draw): Don't flush when drawing to 
  discards  99db66a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/smie.el (smie-prec2->grammar): Fix 
corner case problem.
  discards  746d292   lisp/gnus/nnimap.el (nnimap-get-groups): Fix XEmacs 
  discards  0a1c834   Handle unquoted IMAP group names
  discards  7932d06   Fix exit code when stdin is at EOF  (Bug#19897)
  discards  b1d6ddd   Push mark before goto-char in jump-to-register and 
  discards  56f5ea1   rect.el: Suppress superfluous "Mark set" message from 
  discards  72f7ede   Use user-error where error is inappropriate
  discards  86fe750   # Remove NEWS temporary markup
  discards  ad6c1be   * lisp/emacs-lisp/checkdoc.el 
(checkdoc-show-diagnostics): Don't make bogus
  discards  81d89d8   Fixes display of prefix argument when 
  discards  8338e44   lisp/files.el (insert-file-contents-literally): Fix typo
  discards  0409684   emacs-lisp/easy-mmode.el: Clarify mode switch messages
  discards  cc273d1   emacs-lisp/easy-mmode.el (define-minor-mode): Clarify docs
  discards  3194809   emacs-lisp/easy-mmode.el: Process macro arguments 
  discards  1f2c4f8   emacs-lisp/package-x.el: Create valid tar files
  discards  1e00ee2   desktop.el: Conditionally re-enable desktop autosave
  discards  77052f4   * help-mode.el: Prevent duplicated display of Info 
buffer. (Bug#13190)
  discards  cec04fb   * src/keyboard.c (timer_check_2): Fix incorrect comment
  discards  4fa778b   erc.el: Add old version header for package.el compatibilty
  discards  47bca72   Draw outermost line using black relief and erase corners 
also for cairo.
  discards  16d91bc   python.el: Do not deactivate mark on shell fontification.
  discards  8b36bfa   Add autoload cookie for the eww-suggest-uris variable.
  discards  2ea5364   Fix eww.el desktop support.
  discards  016b9ec   * xterm.c (x_fill_trapezoid_for_relief): Remove 
unnecessary cairo_close_path.
  discards  c4e2be4   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio*.el: Align a bit better with CLOS
  discards  6bf61df   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (cl-defstruct): Keep 
type=nil by default.
  discards  e59feb3   lisp/ChangeLog: Restore entries accidentally deleted
  discards  6bff750   * xterm.c (x_draw_relief_rect) [USE_CAIRO]: Reset 
  discards  49dd994   * xterm.c (x_draw_stretch_glyph_string): Call 
x_reset_clip_rectangles instead of XSetClipMask.
  discards  9045c43   Use int instead of unsigned int for width and height args.
  discards  a7930e1   Modernize k&r cairo-related function declarations.
  discards  426af0e   Implement wave-style variant of underlining for cairo.
  discards  022d7cd   * xterm.c (x_draw_window_divider): Use x_fill_rectangle 
instead of XFillRectangle.
  discards  0d38b2f   Don't mark nnimap articles as read on a server hangup
  discards  6090b8f   Revert previous patch
  discards  4aafd19   Make `url-retrieve-synchronously' work again with news:
  discards  45c5ccd   Fix inserting parts with `E' in Gnus
  discards  9366f05   Tramp: Disable paging with PAGER=cat
  discards  ba5bc0e   Tramp: Disable paging with PAGER=cat.
  discards  ffec11d   Fix doc-string of x_frame_normalize_before_maximize.
  discards  f4f4f93   emacs-lisp/package.el (describe-package-1): Describe 
  discards  9388858   Fix assertion violations when popping menus on TTY  
  discards  34c7535   emacs-lisp/package.el: Move the compatibility-table 
building logic.
  discards  432b00e   Fix assertions in popping up menus on TTY  (Bug#19862)
  discards  61b4c22   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl*.el: Use define-inline and move some 
  discards  335ab26   Fix fringe bitmap initialization for cairo.
  discards  0d54f2f   * lisp/textmodes/flyspell.el (flyspell-word): Defvar.
  discards  0330679   # Add 2015 to copyright years
  discards  0077b36   # NEWS copyedits
  discards  3ca2ff3   * lisp/erc/erc.el (erc-rename-buffers): Doc fix.  Add 
  discards  b85523f   * lisp/textmodes/flyspell.el 
(flyspell-duplicate-distance): Bump :version.
  discards  b9d8edc   Fixes: debbugs:19850
  discards  decb48d   Augment text-mode syntax table for a few special 
  discards  a03ab7e   emacs-lisp/package.el (describe-package-1): Fix 
"incompat" handling.
  discards  3b8b549   emacs-lisp/package.el (package--incompatible-p): Check 
  discards  8b3ba7a   Improve docs of transient-mark-mode  (Bug#19841)
  discards  69e38a5   Move rfc2104 from gnus to net
  discards  e7d21b4   Implement SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL mechanism
  discards  f61c87f   lisp/gnus/gnus-msg.el (gnus-msg-mail): Buffer-local 
warning fix (bug#19573)
  discards  a8f93d1   lisp/gnus/nnmail.el (nnmail-expiry-target-group): Allow 
expiring nnimap to a group again
  discards  10a5a05   * lisp/net/shr.el (shr-tag-li): Speed up rendering pages 
with lots of <ul>
  discards  65563fd   Better support for future plugins
  discards  72fd047   NEWS: Add section to include ERC changes
  discards  a7254bb   Improve string search in `flyspell-word-search-*`. 
  discards  e39d96e   gdb-mi.el (gdb-display-io-nopopup): New defcustom.
  discards  c7d9dec   lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el 
(gnus-article-browse-html-save-cid-content, gnus-article-browse-html-parts): 
Make cid file names relative if and only if html doesn't specify <base> 
  discards  da726ad   python.el: Allow killing shell buffer if process is dead.
  discards  511acc7   emacs-lisp/package.el: Indicate incompatible packages.
  discards  0a66ca3   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-install): Invert the 
second argument.
  discards  517fc7b   * lisp/hi-lock.el: Don't call font-lock-remove-keywords 
if not needed.
  discards  f5d1e1f   Backport NEWS typo fix
  discards  dddcc0e   Add cairo drawing.
  discards  4fb5565   Add a backward-compatible version of seq-reverse
  discards  c49e769   Improve seq-group-by to return sequence elements in 
correct order
  discards  061c7e2   Add manual entry for fullscreen-restore parameter.
  discards  02138cb   Improve toggling fullscreen state of frames.
  discards  6ebbeaf   Fix <li><p> indentation in shr
  discards  097e16e   lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el (gnus-treat-buttonize): Don't 
buttonize URLs in HTML
  discards  e6929b0   (shr-fill-line): Preserve background colours when 
  discards  cbb6f13   shr space widths fixup
  discards  ecf8c30   * package-test.el (package-test-signed): More informative 
failure messages
  discards  680ee61   Backport fix for bug#18745 from master.
  discards  4b0b27d   Fix invocation of commands whose file name includes 
extension  (Bug#19817)
  discards  4069c13   lisp/gnus/mm-decode.el: Fix previous commit
  discards  2dacd0a   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  f6d781c   Fix up :align-to background colours
  discards  b88908b   lisp/gnus/mm-decode.el: Fix previous commit
  discards  f0ed1d6   Use bool for boolean in xdisp.c
  discards  d5111d5   shr cleanup and background color fix
  discards  50f64a3   (shr-tag-hr): Compute the right length when using fonts.
  discards  6a31940   Fix <h1> and <tt> rendering
  discards  84d9c19   Mention the shr font changes
  discards  656caef   Allow using variable-width fonts in eww
  discards  880415a   python.el: Fix typo in eldoc initialization for Emacs 24.x
  discards  859e865   python.el: Improved shell font lock respecting markers.
  discards  87fc99f   Better support for the case of typing RET on the prompt 
in comint.
  discards  21d1f8b   Check for some overflows in vertical-motion
  discards  b7028f6   * xfont.c: Minor style fixes
  discards  44d4256   Fixes: debbugs:19820
  discards  42c9969   Fixes: debbugs:19815
  discards  cbf1c1f   Merge branch 'master' of 
  discards  403cb17   Speed up vertical-motion when screen coordinates are known
  discards  2973127   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el (cl--generic-lambda): Use 
  discards  699ece2   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el (eieio-oset-default): 
Catch the unexpected
  discards  af560cd   Remove unused assignment.
  discards  054dcba   Try non-scaled xld fonts first, and scaled if that failed.
  discards  83e5a17   * src/keyboard.c (syms_of_keyboard): Use non-nil default 
  discards  ad4f670   * lisp/help-fns.el (help-fns--signature): Keep doc for 
  discards  c96983e   desktop.el: Save mark-ring less verbosely.
  discards  2f70087   Use C99's INFINITY and NAN macros
  discards  2371717   Fix bidi_explicit_dir_char undefined behavior
  discards  751adc4   Add macro pcase-lambda
  discards  fd6f7d1   Better distinguish infinite from invalid times
  discards  db3fc07   * configure.ac (HAVE_LIBXML2): Add missing comma.
  discards  5c20aa7   Port to platforms lacking test -a and -o
  discards  7d631aa   newcomment.el (comment-line): Fix missing paren.
  discards  dbde138   configure --with-gameuser now defaults to games group.
  discards  19ee787   subr.el (apply-partially): Use lexical binding.
  discards  64bdc0e   NEWS: Document `comment-line'.
  discards  97cb255   newcomment.el (comment-line): New command on C-x C-;.
  discards  61320cc   Minor tweaks to frame_size_history_add
  discards  a7b1c2f   Don't lose frame's background color when setting 
foreground  (Bug#19802)
  discards  dd2aa93   Fix a thinko in frame-parameter  (Bug#19802)
  discards  20c817d   Fix handling of frame color parameters in TTY sessions  
  discards  1a489c1   lisp/outline.el (outline-show-entry): Fix one invisible 
  discards  60f8214   * src/data.c (Findirect_function): Don't signal an error
  discards  dcec731   python.el: Fix completion-at-point.
  discards  67dfbd6   python.el: Fix shell font-lock multiline input.
  discards  52df70a   python.el: Make shell font-lock respect markers.
  discards  b480a6a   Fix attribution in previous commit
  discards  2155973   python.el: Keep eldoc visible while typing args.
  discards  2d467a0   Fix hideshow integration.
  discards  86c50b9   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-check-custom-command): 
Do not use defvar-local for compat with Emacs<24.3.
  discards  d165578   Try to improve handling of fullwidth/-height frames.
  discards  eca7da1   Complete the remaining documentation updates for 24.5
  discards  cf498e5   Remove no-longer-used cursor_in_echo_area code
  discards  66e6398   Make vc-test-svn03-working-revision pass
  discards  fa7f79e   (vc-cvs-dir-status-files): Don't pass DIR to 
  discards  7eb2077   Add documentation for seq-mapcat, seq-partition and 
  discards  58c0981   Better docstring for seq.el functions
  discards  c4a0eff   Add seq-partition and seq-group-by
  discards  05211a5   Add seq-mapcat
  discards  5c9ad35   doc-view.el (doc-view-kill-proc-and-buffer): Obsolete.
  discards  e14961f   image-mode.el (image-kill-buffer): New command bound to k.
  discards  57abaae   net/ldap.el (ldap-search-internal): Fix docstring
  discards  4f5033f   Backport the :end-of-capability fix
  discards  3fc745d   Fix json error-definition condition build error
  discards  bc49965   Respect the :end-of-capability setting
  discards  f4d7de6   emacs-lisp/package.el: Add missing (require 'subr-x)
  discards  a844b94   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-delete): Don't always 
  discards  b2c4997   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-mark-install): Mark 
  discards  de840e4   automated/package-test.el 
(package-test-sort-by-dependence): New test
  discards  c03deb4   automated/package-test.el (package-test-get-deps): Fix 
  discards  3c5ac25   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-execute): Delete 
packages in order.
  discards  6b1d711   * lisp/textmodes/css-mode.el: Handle hyphenated vars
  discards  8c80eb4   * lisp/textmodes/css-mode.el: Handle variable 
  discards  6aa04a5   * lisp/json.el (json-end-of-file): New error.
  discards  f069028   Merge branch 'dynamic-docstrings' into trunk
  discards  72229f1   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio*.el: Use (:documentation ...) 
  discards  ad5a7c8   Add (:documentation <form>) for dynamically-generated 
  discards  55eb728   help-fns.el (describe-function-or-variable): New function 
on `C-h o'
  discards  649e21f   * doc/misc/auth.texi (Multiple GMail accounts with Gnus): 
Markup fix.
  discards  c0ba590   Fix vertical-motion and posn-at-point when word-wrap is 
on  (Bug#19769)
  discards  10927c1   * lisp/emulation/viper.el: A couple of docstring format 
  discards  ab51cc7   * lisp/delsel.el: Deprecate the `kill' option.  Use 
  discards  14500c8   * lisp/doc-view.el: Add some comments about desktop 
  discards  49aa3a1   Remove recently added BUFFER arg of 
  discards  ff7072d   lisp/gnus/gnus-start.el: always check newsrc timestamp 
when saving it
  discards  ca25231   doc/misc/auth.texi (Multiple GMail accounts with Gnus): 
  discards  df1e4ea   lisp/gnus/mail-source.el (mail-source-call-script): Pop 
up an error buffer if a mail script fails
  discards  4f6901c   lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-extra-headers): Add 
  discards  586b2b1   doc/misc/ChangeLog: Add missing entry
  discards  f518a38   lisp/gnus/nnimap.el (nnimap-request-group-scan): Further 
`M-g' group fixes
  discards  2c6d035   [Gnus] Make `M-g' in the group buffer work again
  discards  a68786d   etc/GNUS-NEWS: Nore X-GM-LABELS
  discards  dfa6766   doc/misc/gnus.texi (Support for IMAP Extensions): 
Document Gmail labels
  discards  742938f   lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-select-newsgroup): nnimap 
group selection fix
  discards  683d4b6   * lisp/progmodes/python.el: Preserve compatibility with 
  discards  a323b93   Better multi-line input support in comint.el
  discards  008a04a   todo-mode.el: Restore point on setting item done  
  discards  4188e3c   Avoid the error when computing top-level indentation.
  discards  8e010cf   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el 
(cl--generic-member-method): Fix paren typo.
  discards  df17933   * lisp/gnus/mm-util.el (mm-with-unibyte-current-buffer): 
Don't emit a warning.
  discards  ebbdc6c   * lisp/textmodes/flyspell.el: Use lexical-binding and 
  discards  da9c648   Fix typo causing a void-variable error: pkg-desc
  discards  9615c0d   doc/misc/erc.texi: fix typo
  discards  73b17f7   * lisp/cedet: Use cl-generic instead of EIEIO's 
  discards  c648717   Update ERC docs and update MAINTANERS to include myself
  discards  d825f66   Fix filling circle/ellipse in Artist Mode  (Bug#19763)
  discards  102a21d   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-reinstall): Accept 
package-desc objects.
  discards  5687ac9   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-install): Mark 
dependencies as selected.
  discards  5b83f03   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-delete): Always unselect 
  discards  25224ab   lisp/gnus/nnir.el: Revert "Enable non-ASCII IMAP searches"
  discards  ac27180   Remove no-longer-used two_byte_p calculations
  discards  0f5e044   * texinfo.tex: Update from gnulib.
  discards  5b82ae8   * .gitattributes: Ignore blanks at EOL in texinfo.tex.
  discards  4779a4b   Bump version to 24.4.90
  discards  ec26c23   authors.el: Add missing ignored and renamed files
  discards  200a47d   emacs-lisp/package.el (package--read-pkg-desc): Fix 
tar-desc reference.
  discards  2a4a506   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-execute): Offer to 
remove packages.
  discards  e589765   A more thorough fix for bug#19307
  discards  504fada   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-desc-status): Add 
"dependency" status to Package Menu.
  discards  c184e85   emacs-lisp/package.el (package--user-selected-p): New 
  discards  6d767f9   automated/package-test.el (package-test-get-deps): New 
  discards  2a4a94d   emacs-lisp/package.el (package--get-deps): delete-dups 
when ONLY is nil.
  discards  0ee15a2   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-delete): Document NOSAVE.
  discards  88acd70   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-reinstall): Don't change 
selected status.
  discards  e17d033   NEWS: Document package.el's improved dependency-handling.
  discards  4e8d586   Fix last commit
  discards  d6fee01   Tramp: Don't use a tempfile for ControlPath.
  discards  24fa4ff   Further work on suppressing shell history in Tramp
  discards  1905cb7   Omit unnecessary var if GTK or NS
  discards  c10828b   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-histfile-override): Use t 
instead of `unset'.
  discards  27e11c0   Fix display of overlay strings with faces after ellipsis  
  discards  e9a7e10   Fix redrawing of mode lines when exposed  (Bug#19721)
  discards  954ca0f   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-histfile-override): Use `unset' 
as default.
  discards  8ad2ee3   emacs-lisp/package.el (package--get-deps): Fix returning 
  discards  ef6fa2f   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-menu-execute): Clean 
unnecessary `and'.
  discards  219119e   Fix last tramp-sh.el commit
  discards  fe188b2   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-initialize): Populate 
  discards  6f8372d   Tramp: Support unsetting HISTFILE.
  discards  060dc14   emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix previous patch
  discards  50f3811   net/tramp.el (tramp-ssh-controlmaster-options): Use "%C"
  discards  43b82ba   authors.el: backport some additions
  discards  9e22ff0   # ChangeLog fixes, backported
  discards  d3852a9   * admin/admin.el (manual-meta-string): Use address@hidden 
rather than address@hidden
  discards  0326960   emacs-lisp/package.el: Many style changes
  discards  8334021   package.el (package--get-deps): Fix for indirect 
  discards  5329208   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-install): Rename ARG to 
  discards  0ade763   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-selected-packages): Fix 
  discards  e2f0f26   emacs-lisp/package.el: Don't allow deleting dependencies.
  discards  d69e9f1   CC Mode: Stop Font Lock forcing fontification from BOL.  
Fixes debbugs#19669.
  discards  92a8dec   Give `window-text-pixel-size' optional BUFFER argument.
  discards  241260c   Revert changes installed by xwidgets merge
  discards  1d11624   Give `window-text-pixel-size' optional BUFFER argument.
  discards  f1cea3e   configure.ac: Fix a typo.
  discards  a78774a   # Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  e8e483a   # Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  9fe732a   Better changelog for xwidgets
  discards  d75b60c   NEWS entry and Changelog xwidgets
  discards  69815df   Merge branch 'master' into xwidget
  discards  e726f20   Handle "#" operator properly inside macro.  Fix coding 
  discards  4edad42   Fix compile warnings xwidget.el
  discards  3fd8020   Fix for crash when displaying xwidget in a tty
  discards  a2c32b0   Avoid aborts when keyboard-coding-system is raw-text  
  discards  618931b   Handle dead frame in menu-bar-non-minibuffer-window-p.  
  discards  017a03a   Document MS-Windows file-name idiosyncrasies  (Bug#19463)
  discards  f3faf4f   Fix description of Customize buffer in Emacs manual.
  discards  1c1d0b7   Fix a typo in the Emacs manual's Hungry Delete 
  discards  080b9b5   Don't reimplement move-if-change badly
  discards  eaea02c   Fix while-no-input loops  (Bug#19547)
  discards  376ba20   Fix last commit, which confused WINDOWSNT with MSDOS.
  discards  512cdb9   Simplify read_dirent's MSDOS hacks
  discards  e0be229   EIEIO: Simplify help hyperlinks; Try and reduce 
hardcoding in .elc
  discards  d5e3922   * lisp/emacs-lisp/backquote.el: Fix bug with unoptimized 
  discards  adebc14   lisp/outline.el: Improve docstrings.
  discards  ac79251   lisp/outline.el: Add namespace prefixes.
  discards  5a1b8a1   lisp/outline.el (outline-mode): Clean up docstring
  discards  58aa0da   lisp/custom.el (defface): Set indent to 1.
  discards  b1e3d14   lisp/emacs-lisp/easy-mmode.el (define-minor-mode): Set 
`indent' to 1.
  discards  be7fb82   src/dispextern.h (FACE_FOR_CHAR): Fix the commentary.
  discards  5a971bd   files.el: avoid asking whether to kill Emacs multiple 
  discards  c9d2383   Tweak recent gnus-registry.el changes
  discards  041d53a   # ChangeLog fix That's not the right format for 
multi-file changes, and such things don't need ChangeLog entries anyway.
  discards  8ebc20d   # ChangeLog fix If you revert a change a few days after 
making it, don't delete the ChangeLog entry.
  discards  2b9b98b   # ChangeLog fixes Merged ChangeLog entries go to the top, 
with the date of the merge. It's a simple rule.
  discards  44ae136   Fix error messages when readdir cannot open a directory 
on MS-Windows
  discards  d7adc7d   Spelling fix
  discards  33c4409   Spelling fixes
  discards  6c8231e   python.el: Handle tabs in python-indent-dedent-line.
  discards  41c3b92   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-indent-context): 
Respect user indentation after comment.
  discards  34d0859   Refactor calls to opendir for simplicity
  discards  9242cdc   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  ca9456f   Splash images refurbished
  discards  4ab6e74   Report readdir failures
  discards  eadf313   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  7c8b0b3   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  868df45   Avoid compiler warnings in decode_env_path.
  discards  b28c979   Fix XEmacs version typo in comment and ChangeLog
  discards  1dc1959   Commit src/ChangeLog for previous commit.
  discards  989fb32   Improve solution of bug #19701
  discards  0761ec1   Use bool for boolean in w32menu.c, w32font.c, 
  discards  6310530   Fix refilling of list of language environments in User 
Manual  (Bug#19697)
  discards  c4c447d   Restore XEmacs compatibility
  discards  0c7b096   lisp/gnus/nnimap.el (nnimap-request-group): Make it 
possible to enter nnimap groups again
  discards  cfb1887   lisp/gnus/nnimap.el (nnimap-request-group): nnimap group 
activation problems fixed
  discards  4ba3439   * lisp/calc/calc-units.el (calc-convert-exact-units): 
Improve the   simplification.
  discards  43fdb2a   * lisp/calc/calc-units.el (math-consistent-units-p): 
Strengthen the   test for consistent units.
  discards  d1cb2f7   * lisp/calc/calc-units.el (calc-convert-exact-units): New 
function. (calc-convert-units): Check for missing units.
  discards  b75358e   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/emacs-24' into 
  discards  c96c93f   [Backport] lisp/gnus/message.el 
(message-smtpmail-send-it): Make non-standard mail header separators work with 
  discards  972282f   [Backport] lisp/gnus/message.el 
(message-smtpmail-send-it): Make non-standard mail header separators work with 
  discards  212c818   lisp/gnus/message.el (message-smtpmail-send-it): Make 
non-standard mail header separators work with smtpmail
  discards  7779da6   lisp/gnus/nimap.el (nnimap-find-expired-articles): nnimap 
`never' expiration fix
  discards  9ee2d9f   [Backport] lisp/gnus/nnimap.el 
(nnimap-find-expired-articles): nnimap `never' expiration fix
  discards  cdee38a   Use bool, not int, to track face changes
  discards  ad588af   Improve the fix for bug #19701
  discards  9a17d24   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl.el (cl--function-convert): Simplify.
  discards  ba10f4b   Fix issues with BibTeX entries containing ")".
  discards  8a8bd38   Fix issues with BibTeX entries containing ")".
  discards  173ac1c   lisp/gnus/nnimap.el (nnimap-request-group): nnimap group 
request bug fix
  discards  39c2fa3   Merge from gnulib and try to repair bad merge
  discards  0cdd599   nnimap `never' expiration fix
  discards  5491fd1   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  028ddef   Cleanup lisp/ChangeLog
  discards  95a2cb2   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  f5ebe84   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  33ab7ee   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  85ca476   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  294127e   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  358a8b3   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  4d0108a   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  32a2c91   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  b0edd7c   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  f4fcb10   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  e57f766   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  63efa6c   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  d7a8981   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  3a8b701   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  0b2014f   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  2668ac1   Tighten up the tagcode used for eieio and cl-struct 
  discards  4fc35ed   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  7f4f16b   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  8e9166c   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  ac94737   First attempt at bookmark support
  discards  be2d23e   lisp/emacs-lisp/cl.el (cl--function-convert): Merge cache 
that cl--labels-convert adds (bug#19699)
  discards  7e157b2   Fix inaccuracies in my recent ChangeLog entry.
  discards  a56eab8   Allow for adding new members to Tar archives.
  discards  2a9de01   Merge branch 'master' into xwidget
  discards  9664def   Signal a file-error from directory-files on MS-Windows  
  discards  bd7a1e1   minor tweaks for `python-check'
  discards  c7effd7   etc/NEWS: Document EUDC improvements
  discards  3a54666   EUDC: New maintainer
  discards  98715c6   isearch.el (isearch-process-search-char): Add docstring.
  discards  1152755   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  2c3b05c   lisp/emacs-lisp/derived.el (define-derived-mode): Declare 
indent 3.
  discards  589094a   Port autogen.sh hook creation to Apple Git
  discards  b28c81b   lisp/gnus/nnir.el Check for literal+ capability in IMAP
  discards  4f2ca8e   lisp/gnus/nnir.el (nnir-run-imap): Enable non-ASCII IMAP 
  discards  9e0866e   [Gnus] Make nnmairix always select the correct article
  discards  fd4e65e   Added missing test for previous commit
  discards  de925ab   lisp/ChangeLog (2015-01-27): Add bug#
  discards  5485e3e5  python.el: New non-global state dependent indentation 
  discards  1fe087a   lisp/emacs-lisp/cl.el (cl--function-convert): Work for 
cl-flet and cl-labels
  discards  2639c2e   Use bool for boolean in xfaces.c
  discards  d464b0e   merge master
  discards  f93da81   added hint to webkit buffer
  discards  81f7fcb   * INSTALL.REPO: Mention minimum Git version.
  discards  e912f35   * image.c (lookup_pixel_color): Reorder conditions that 
are written backwards. (x_to_xcolors): Likewise. (x_detect_edges): Likewise. 
(png_load_body): Likewise. (gif_close): Likewise. (gif_load): Likewise.
  discards  3b23e6a   Fix the description of --insert command-line option  
  discards  a9a3d42   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el (cl--generic-method): New 
  discards  4cdde91   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el: Add a method-combination 
  discards  242354a   lisp/gnus/nnimap.el Allow using the Google X-GM-LABELS, 
if present
  discards  1a369fc   (shr-make-table-1): Make colspan display more sensibly.
  discards  776705f   (shr-make-table-1): Add comments.
  discards  dafb0ef   * lisp/net/shr.el (shr-make-table-1): Fix colspan typo.
  discards  8fded98   Update the etc/publicsuffix.txt file
  discards  f601936   [Gnus] Fixups when displaying certain attachments
  discards  8e39ec6   [Gnus] Make moving IMAP articles faster in large groups
  discards  44df0a8   lisp/calculator.el (calculator-update-display): Bug fix & 
  discards  c3d4505   * lisp/net/eww.el (eww-add-bookmark): Fix prompt
  discards  8a6a92f   Improved glitch fix
  discards  03a20dc   Use bool for boolean in w32term.c
  discards  49b8227   Use bool for boolean in w32fns.c
  discards  11a9f37   Use bool for boolean in xfns.c
  discards  c251ec9   Fix visual glitch during webkit resizing
  discards  d522fd8   Merge branch 'master' into xwidget
  discards  a3689d3   Count MANY function args more reliably
  discards  c4e54f9   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el: Fix next-method-p test
  discards  f674464   lisp/gnus/gnus-group.el (gnus-group-suspend): Close all 
  discards  407e6be   * indent/shell.sh (bar): Use '[ $# -eq 0 ]', not '[ $# == 
0 ]'.
  discards  f6ef836   Use gnustep-config if available
  discards  e508727   merge master
  discards  bce27d8   (find-function-regexp): Don't match `defgroup'
  discards  7a7e594   Add a cross-reference in ELisp manual.  (Bug#19668)
  discards  b4f4075   Fixes: debbugs:19660
  discards  83b3c31   * test/automated/regexp-tests.el: Require regexp-opt
  discards  02cbd38   Fix a couple of AM_V_GEN bugs
  discards  ac5475d   lisp/net/{eudc,ldap}: Merge branch 
  discards  fd62486   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el (cl-no-primary-method): 
New fun and error. (cl--generic-build-combined-method): Use it.
  discards  81fb8ab   Backport: Fix package tests when TMPDIR is in HOME
  discards  f02406c   Fix package tests when TMPDIR is in HOME
  discards  bdd672b   Merge branch 'master' into xwidget
  discards  2f908e0   Re-add and fix prioritized archives test.
  discards  3e35962   src/xdisp.c (init_iterator): Restore a comment lost in 
  discards  5693f3d   merge master
  discards  d7995b1   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  74ab488   Check exit statuses in lib-src/Makefile
  discards  b631bb5   Use bool for boolean in xfont.c, xftfont.c, xgselect.c
  discards  5c1d2b0   merge master
  discards  7f4e7dd   Don't fail if chown or chgrp for 'update-game-score' is 
  discards  394b976   Spelling fix
  discards  8dd58a2   Don't downcase system diagnostics' first letters
  discards  938bca8   Avoid generating invalid usage info for pathological 
  discards  74244d2   Better isolate code that assumes NIL_IS_ZERO
  discards  3a345b5   Backport: Handle the `neg' operator in some calc-units 
  discards  03346fb   xref: Replace defgeneric and defmethod with cl- 
  discards  a17a5da   xref: Input history and minor tweaks
  discards  d6ada5a   Merge branch 'master' into xwidget
  discards  487d6cd   webkit scrolling bugfix
  discards  069f101   Cleanup
  discards  9e21616   removed spurious diff
  discards  0609e90   cleanup
  discards  c8f2ca7   upstream
  discards  20f6648   Allow update-game-score to run sgid instead of suid.
  discards  59e7fe6   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio*.el: Fix up warnings and improve 
  discards  8ee825c   doc/emacs/programs.texi (Custom C Indent): Fix a typo.  
  discards  41efcf4   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  88ba49f   Fix coding.c subscript error
  discards  3ea1b31   Prevent artist-mode from creating runaway timers 
  discards  e7697d9   Remap quit-window to xref-quit in xref buffers
  discards  956b13c   xref: Keep track of temporary buffers
  discards  4c09e3a   Backport: correct old fix for GTK font selection
  discards  8730974   Backport from trunk of bug 19531.
  discards  9a89579   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-dir-info): Fix `while' 
  discards  8628a48   Merge branch 'master' into xwidget
  discards  ffd9ee1   rely less onimage mode
  discards  e1653dd   Native scrolling
  discards  0dd19ac   Undo port to hypothetical nonzero Qnil case
  discards  3a8312d   lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio*.el: Rewrite our generics on top of 
  discards  24aacfc   Improve documentation of buttons  (Bug#19628)
  discards  f948b5d   paragraphs: update sentence-end-base :version after 
changing the default
  discards  52ae3db   doc/lispref/text.texi (Clickable Text): Improve indexing. 
  discards  310f707   lisp/button.el (button-activate, push-button): Doc fix.  
  discards  db5d411   Removed test with spurious failures.
  discards  3ee38f2   Disallow w32 builds --without-toolkit-scroll-bars.
  discards  a53b913   Fix double chars in NS port.
  discards  fd020a2   eldoc: modify `eldoc-documentation-function' using 
  discards  81681ed   descr-text: add `describe-char-eldoc' describing 
character at point
  discards  11e161f   paragraphs: recognise more Unicode characters as end of 
  discards  6ffb560   doh, fixing year in ChangeLog entries introduced by last 
two commits
  discards  d9af6e0   tildify: add `tildify-double-space-undos'
  discards  571441f   tildify: add `tildify-space' and `tildify-mode'
  discards  f9775f2   Prefer xlispstrdup to avoid dumb calls to strlen
  discards  d13fc29   * dispnew.c: Remove no-longer-valid comment.
  discards  f302475   Make vc-dir default to repository root
  discards  ef5a526   Correct an old fix for GTK font selection
  discards  97bf923   Fix minor bugs with printing null bytes
  discards  3ca37be   Expand xref help-echo string
  discards  05fb53a   Use etags-goto-tag-location in etags xref backend
  discards  347e014   Port to hypothetical case where Qnil is nonzero
  discards  fee879f   Merge branch 'master' into xwidget
  discards  395a90f   Merge branch 'xwscroll' into xwidget
  discards  35471ba   Implement native scrolling of the webkit xwidget
  discards  fb6462f   Verify that Qnil is zero before relying on that in 
  discards  39585cf   Fixup ChangeLog
  discards  5df0b2c   * lisp/ido.el: Update Customization instructions
  discards  db2ed6b   Set up ido keymaps only once
  discards  2e8d209   Fix the value default-directory gets in 
  discards  b7f83ad   Prefer memset to repeatedly assigning Qnil
  discards  9592a01   xref: Use other-window-scroll-buffer and user-error
  discards  36bfd69   Use quit-window to hide buffers temporarily displayed by 
  discards  b87d7cc   Perform xref jump even inside indentation or at eol
  discards  1f545d3   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el: Add `subclass' 
specializer for cl-generic.
  discards  2a61bd0   EIEIO&cl-generic: Add obsolescence warnings and fix 
corner case
  discards  8ab85ee   (package--append-to-alist): Updated docstring due to new 
  discards  3ccbda7   package.el (package--append-to-alist): Renamed from 
  discards  54efd2a   merge master
  discards  253d44b   Fix seq-subseq and cl-subseq for bad bounding indices
  discards  909126d   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el: Add support for 
  discards  5769602   bidi bugfix
  discards  3065125   Fix mistake in rebase/merge conflict resolution.
  discards  fd5c0bc   Update docstring of emacs-repository-get-version.
  discards  0aaa5d6   Unloading support for misearch.
  discards  e391d88   Do not clear the session when trying to read a 
non-existent desktop file.
  discards  1728544   Fix: inhibit point motion hooks when encoding an enriched 
  discards  e000ff3   Fix dir-locals handling for non-file buffers.
  discards  3e824b0   Avoid mapcar in two cases in files.el.
  discards  22441b6   Ignore print-length and print-level while formatting 
url-cookie data.
  discards  e6518fc   Fix display of images in R2L screen lines
  discards  ca80ebc   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el 
(eieio--class-constructor): Rename.
  discards  4610ce9   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio.el: Improve `constructor' 
  discards  b0af674   Use u+05f4 in TUTORIAL.he.
  discards  d80fed0   Type fix for defcustom.
  discards  6a6bb82   Discard the Bazaar case in repository version detection
  discards  d48c98c   Don't enforce :protection in EIEIO objects any more
  discards  24b7f77   Improve handling of doc-strings and describe-function for 
  discards  a2cd6d9   emacs-lisp/package.el and package-x.el: References to 
  discards  40d963f   * NEWS: Document installing packages from directories.
  discards  64fd1a5   (package-install-file): Install packages from directory.
  discards  bc2f8d0   (package-install-from-buffer): Install packages from 
dired buffer.
  discards  2fe6110   * emacs-lisp/package.el (package-dir-info): New function.
  discards  be6dbd4   * emacs-lisp/package.el (package--read-pkg-desc): New 
  discards  69f36af   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el: Fix last change.
  discards  9d940c6   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el 
(cl--generic-build-combined-method): Return the value of the primary rather 
than the after method.
  discards  5e22550   merge master
  discards  b646755   moved buttons from edge to inside text
  discards  d1ca98e   Fill in some bidi values for xwidgets
  discards  78e6ccc   Fix the automated test for package priorities.
  discards  8db625b   # ChangeLog fixes
  discards  8a10c68   Bidi test case for xwidgets
  discards  4303d11   Prefer INLINE functions in font.h to match style used in 
  discards  7ee2733   Tiny lisp.h cleanup
  discards  b689b90   Package archives now have priorities.
  discards  5d244fe   Support Make verbosity levels in w32 targets previously 
left out
  discards  3b48f99   Tune pseudovector allocation assuming Qnil == 0
  discards  0ecb1eb   Make `ring-bell-function' customizable.
  discards  0adc75a   Give up on -Wsuggest-attribute=const
  discards  255d2a5   vc-svn-dir-status-files: Parse output with the remote 
  discards  7b8cba9   Backport: Parse pcomplete arguments regardless of 
  discards  dfa8729   Parse pcomplete arguments regardless of 
  discards  b6b9d46   * lisp/dom.el (dom-strings): New function.
  discards  22294ae   Minor directory-files-recursively touch-up
  discards  2290000   Handle the `neg' operator in some calc-units functions.
  discards  b577fe2   Use POSIX redirection.
  discards  d0b8d4b   lisp/gnus/nntp.el (nntp-send-authinfo): Error out if the 
password is wrong
  discards  a3505cb   doc/lispref/variables.texi (Creating Buffer-Local): 
Improve indexing (Bug#19608)
  discards  0f238ea   Add set-binary-mode primitive to switch a standard stream 
to binary I/O.
  discards  3b7eed4   Flag :unknown-ca and :self-signed SSL certs  (Bug#19404)
  discards  0298a2c   merge master
  discards  0e97c44   # Set copyright to FSF, standardize license notice
  discards  483c98a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el: Provide support for 
  discards  d132c7b   erc-backend.el: Give hook-name a default value of nil and 
add-to-list unconditionally. Fixes debbugs:19363
  discards  9def17e   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-generic.el: New file.
  discards  e7db8e8   Fix crashes on MS-Windows due to pop-up menus  (Bug#19596)
  discards  61cc7bf   Fix support of non-ASCII frame titles on MS-Windows  
  discards  9602b62   In update_frame_menubar remove garbaged code.
  discards  81882be   * lisp/net/eww.el: Use lexical-binding.
  discards  009836b   Never move gap in make_buffer_string_both.
  discards  99a1492   Fix last time zone handling change.
  discards  da396be   Consistently handle time zone specification.
  discards  d4b352a   remove_slash_colon need not be inline
  discards  d7e26b4   Consolidate common path transformation code.
  discards  01ebf7a   Avoid extra multibyteness check in ENCODE_FILE users.
  discards  3ef2950   Use bool for boolean in xmenu.c, xml.c
  discards  785adfc   Don't say Fnext_read_file_uses_dialog_p is const
  discards  5647847   Remove now-unnecessary forward XTYPE decl
  discards  5aa618b   Fix problems with 32-bit wide-int build exposed by MinGW
  discards  30c5f5c   Allow compilation during loading of Modes derived from a 
CC Mode mode. Fixes debbugs#19206.
  discards  c302473   Fixes: debbugs:19552
  discards  1e5902a   * filenotify.el (file-notify--descriptor): Do not cons 
for remote files.
  discards  b1ea160   Handle watching of several files in the same directory 
for inotify.
  discards  0064e36   Make Fnext_read_file_uses_dialog_p compatible with recent 
DEFUN change.
  discards  233dcf1   In adjust_frame_size don't return too early after font 
size change.
  discards  67edddf   More fixes to support multi-line search in comint
  discards  18a89a0   Better support for multi-line shell input.
  discards  b53b1ca   Consolidate duplicated string matching code.
  discards  ad9c4a4   Support const and noreturn DEFUN attributes.
  discards  329b902   Don't eagerly load xref
  discards  52afe0c   Port to 32-bit MingGW --with-wide-int
  discards  cc59a3e   Add autoload cookie for xref-marker-stack-empty-p 
  discards  e946a9a   Miscellaneous tiny fixes here and there.
  discards  fb35f1f   Adjust frame heights to real height of tool bar.
  discards  d703a4d   Have 'make' output better GEN names
  discards  c2774f3   Say "ELC foo.elc" instead of "GEN foo.elc"
  discards  23ffeb9   * src/buffer.c (init_buffer_once): Initialize 
buffer_local_flags early.
  discards  a1124bc   Update to new DEFSYM strategy
  discards  5092578   * coding.c (Fcoding_system_plist): Use common style for 
  discards  cc7cb20   merge master, fix conflicts
  discards  a3eebe9   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  4113ac2   Further eww URL DWIM tweaks
  discards  38bb639   * files.el (directory-files-recursively): Do not include 
remote file names.
  discards  9a57bda   Port to MSB hosts without optimization
  discards  b995b4a   Default to 'configure --enable-silent-rules'
  discards  6cc9ad8   Spelling fixes
  discards  6a37ece   Port to 32-bit --with-wide-int
  discards  6499379   Port to HAVE_FREETYPE && !HAVE_XFT
  discards  288e1fd   Port to 32-bit Sun C 5.12 sparc
  discards  29eaf3c   Port Qnil==0 changes to 32-bit --with-wide-int
  discards  ec7605b   (shr-urlify): Don't bother the user about 
invalidly-encoded display strings
  discards  fd6b7e5   (shr-urlify): Decode URLs before using them as titles
  discards  afaa7c1   eww title cleanup when loading
  discards  1fd0073   (eww): Don't interpret "org/foo" as an URL.
  discards  790ca72   Further eww DWIM URL interpretation fixups
  discards  0046f2c   Tweak eww DWIM URL recognition
  discards  b544ab5   Fix return value of vertical-motion at ZV  (Bug#19553)
  discards  485763c   MS-Windows followup for change in semantics of XIL and 
XLI.  (Bug#15880)
  discards  c2208b3   Better binding for vc-delete-file
  discards  087a4d2   Tweak NEWS
  discards  9c64c52   Teach js-mode about ES6 generators
  discards  d1f848f   Refactor pointer-to-integer conversion
  discards  1f179ea   Fix encoding of I/O in net-utils.el for MS-Windows.  
  discards  70f298f   Fix the description of -nl in --help text.  (Bug#19542)
  discards  7c0bfa1   Fix line-move-visual's following of column in R2L lines 
(backport from trunk).
  discards  a749f1c   Shrink EIEIO object header.  Move generics to 
  discards  6a67b20   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio*.el: Move the function defs to 
  discards  5fbd17e   Fix line-move-visual's following of column in R2L lines.
  discards  ad83cda   Fix GDB accesses to the 'nil's name.
  discards  daa18b5   Fix fallout from "Qnil is zero" change in the display 
engine.  (Bug#19535)
  discards  0002f31   Port new Lisp symbol init to x86 --with-wide-int
  discards  206333e   * lisp.h (TAG_SYMPTR): Don't do arithmetic on NULL.
  discards  ce5c361   * conf_post.h (ATTRIBUTE_ALLOC_SIZE): Port to clang 3.5.0.
  discards  f6a27d2   Port Qnil==0 XUNTAG to clang
  discards  5418156   * emacs-lisp/eieio-generic.el: New file.
  discards  9f65476   # ChangeLog fixes
  discards  5a92f20   * admin/authors.el (authors-aliases): Add an entry to 
  discards  ffa8603   * lisp/files.el (file-tree-walk): Remove; of unknown 
  discards  1599688   lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el 
(eieio-backward-compatibility): New var.
  discards  dff81fa   lisp/gnus/gnus-group.el (gnus-read-ephemeral-bug-group): 
Use mm-disable-multibyte instead of mm-enable-multibyte
  discards  fa785a7   lisp/gnus/gnus-group.el (gnus-read-ephemeral-bug-group): 
Use mm-enable-multibyte instead of set-buffer-multibyte
  discards  ad5ac01   * src/gfilenotify.c (monitor_to_lisp, lisp_to_monitor):
  discards  d71659f   Port GFileMonitor * hack to Qnil==0 platforms
  discards  ad97127   Fix content decoding in gnus-read-ephemeral-bug-group
  discards  8596361   src/window.c (Fwindow_body_width): Doc fix. (Bug#19395)
  discards  50414e9   * lisp/subr.el (redisplay-dont-pause): Mark as obsolete.
  discards  d972b50   Removed unused xwidgt pointer
  discards  66ae0ec   Added two CHECK_STRING of arguments
  discards  88bc833   Merge branch master of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs.
  discards  3f79d31   international/ccl.el (define-ccl-program): Improve the 
  discards  95295df   Use generic `display-buffer-alist' instead of 
mode-specific customizations.
  discards  c751166   NS: Fix frame size when height and font set at startup.
  discards  2a57b7e   Fixes: debbugs:18756
  discards  4e86e02   Backport: Add an extra column for Version in 
list-packages table
  discards  215942d   Merge from gnulib
  discards  f5afaf9   Add help-echo to xrefs
  discards  6e8fe3f   * lisp.h (XSYMBOL): Parenthesize id in forward decl.
  discards  5b5dab1   MS-Windows followup to previous commit
  discards  bc78ff2   Use 0 for Qnil
  discards  58f2d6e   Compute C decls for DEFSYMs automatically
  discards  d2cf05d   * lisp/minibuffer.el (completion-category-defaults): 
Default to nil.
  discards  d279e66   Fix assertion violations in try_window_id (Bug#19511)
  discards  5a0d5b7   Merge branch 'master' into xwidget
  discards  cb4db86   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio*.el: Use class objects in 
`parent' field.
  discards  c477f20   Add mouse interaction to xref
  discards  031eadc   Fix dired quoting bug with "Hit`N`Hide"
  discards  bf90e9a   'temacs -nw' should not call missing functions
  discards  5981b4b   More doc fixes for bug#19502 -- make documentation less 
  discards  143516c   src/emacs.c (syms_of_emacs) <system-configuration>: Doc 
fix.  (Bug#19502)
  discards  d7af65d   Backport: Unbreak `mouse-action' property in text buttons
  discards  9681f30   Fixed over-eager ifdef
  discards  78f196e   cleanups
  discards  cde7379   * INSTALL: Mention 'make WERROR_CFLAGS='.
  discards  1ac42bc   * doc/lispref/files.texi: Fix xref typo.
  discards  e82fc62   # ChangeLog fixes
  discards  a7e2c92   merge master
  discards  fec9b79   Clarify 'make info'
  discards  35127c3   Less 'make' chatter for oldXMenu
  discards  4d12b55   Less 'make' chatter for lwlib
  discards  ccb2d93   Less 'make' chatter for lisp dir
  discards  0d85a0c   Less 'make' chatter for lib-src
  discards  c895d02   Less 'make' chatter for leim
  discards  4e23582   Less 'make' chatter for admin/grammars
  discards  ed51b8d   Less 'make' chatter for VCSWITNESS
  discards  cd2d58c   Less 'make' chatter in batch mode
  discards  d20f82e   batch write-region no longer says "Wrote FOO"
  discards  d940074   Unbreak `mouse-action' property in text buttons
  discards  5395106   Revert previous change to produce_composite_glyph
  discards  8bef7b6   Only show "Back" when the marker stack is non-empty
  discards  5496236   Don't remap `next-line' and `previous-line' in xref keymap
  discards  c6e9f78   Pacify gcc -Wparentheses
  discards  8c38c2b   Two fixes for setting up sizes of a new frame (Bug#19428).
  discards  e13e3bd   * admin/update_autogen (commit): Prepend "# " to commit 
  discards  11ee7d8   ChangeLog fixes
  discards  db46135   merge master
  discards  780eb0a   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  d0ca114   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  1cde56d   Less 'make' chatter for unidata
  discards  52a4e87   Fix copyright years by hand
  discards  7e09ef0   Update copyright year to 2015
  discards  647c7c9   * update-copyright (emacsver): Change to emacsver.tex.in.
  discards  035f5aa   Merge from gnulib, incorporating:
  discards  6ddd819   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  a012c7b   Fix copyright years by hand
  discards  732fd4c   Update copyright year to 2015
  discards  a5f90a3   * .gitattributes: New file.
  discards  935fa61   * lisp/textmodes/css-mode.el (scss-mode): Fix typo.
  discards  5a9710f   Make sure tool-bar changes are reflected on display.
  discards  17263d5   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  7e3507c   Less 'make' chatter for doc and lisp
  discards  5d6b370   Less 'make' chatter at top level
  discards  93796ba   * autogen.sh: Port better to non-GNU 'cp'.
  discards  f588156   Use prefix argument in `info-display-manual'
  discards  2534676   Simplify setfattr use by assuming GNU make
  discards  6654a4c   * Makefile.in (semantic): Simplify.
  discards  5480b8e   Multi-page isearch support in eww
  discards  0d7f85f   (xref-find-definitions): Mention "no identifier at point" 
  discards  9758516   Fix a typo in a comment in the previous commit.
  discards  aa472a3   Fix the pixel coordinates returned by 
pos-visible-in-window-p.  (Bug#19473)
  discards  d261229   * automated/tramp-tests.el 
(tramp--test-smb-or-windows-nt-p): New defun. 
(tramp-test30-special-characters): Use it. (tramp--test-check-files): Filter 
nil file names out.
  discards  01827de   Update documentation of Temporary Displays.
  discards  9278f05   Omit trailing white space
  discards  ec98420   * PROBLEMS: Omit obsolete mention of FQDNs.
  discards  21f9a95   Hide "Set Tags File Name" and the separator when tags are 
not used
  discards  8ae52a7   Fix the MS-Windows build.
  discards  a5e5d77   * obsolete/pc-select.el (pc-selection-mode): Use 
  discards  9731106   Fix previous patch to match its commit message
  discards  f9acac7   system-name's returned value can vary
  discards  232823a   lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio*.el: Reduce object header to 1 slot
  discards  1c93fd3   Sync with Tramp 2.2.11.
  discards  96ebe18   Sync with Tramp 2.2.11.
  discards  e792450   Sync with Tramp 2.2.11.
  discards  2d17e12   Fix ChangeLog entry.
  discards  ce1ebdf   Update ChangeLog for the latest menu-bar.el change
  discards  6444482   Fix auto-revert-tail-mode for remote files
  discards  bb5e786   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs.
  discards  3fa5f44   international/mule.el 
(make-translation-table-from-alist): Accept nil or zero-length vector for FROM 
and TO.
  discards  8e0b270   lisp/gnus/gnus-cloud.el: Start collecting a newsrc
  discards  c5a81fd   Make eww rendering default to `window-width' again
  discards  d7e858b   CONTRIBUTE: Use consistent spelling for 'ChangeLog'.
  discards  381c0bf   Unbreak jumping to an alias's definition
  discards  ceed9dd   Small fixes in etc/grep.txt
  discards  a0ae3d7   More fixes to support multi-line search in comint
  discards  df0f2a5   * lisp/vc/vc-dir.el (vc-dir-display-file): New command.
  discards  c1eec81   Declare many etags command obsolete; update the goto menu
  discards  b5c9c13   Spelling fixes
  discards  c5504d1   src/w32proc.c (Fw32_get_codepage_charset): Doc fix.  
  discards  9fb9136   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  c12598a   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  f646cd9   * build-aux/git-hooks/commit-msg: Allow tabs.
  discards  2079106   Fix produce_composite_width typo
  discards  39eaef9   lisp/international/mule.el (define-coding-system): Fix 
typos in the doc string. Add missing ChangeLog entry for the previous commit.
  discards  df932d8   lisp/international/mule.el (define-coding-system): 
Improve docstring.
  discards  79e2dad   lisp/international/mule.el (define-coding-system): Fix 
typos in the doc string. Add missing ChangeLog entry for the previous commit.
  discards  a45d4b8   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  53822ba   shr table header/footer fixes
  discards  28a584d   Fix eww typo in "up" handling
  discards  c2f9c07   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  5979af5   (define-coding-system): Improve docstring.
  discards  e092acc   Wrap dll functions more simply
  discards  1505643   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  b54f572   Port memory-full checking to GnuTLS 3.3
  discards  9bb10cb   Avoid compilation warning in saveplace.el for 
  discards  d143df5   Use diff faces for compare-windows
  discards  2cb7592   python.el: Native readline completion.
  discards  968d096   (elisp--xref-identifier-file): Skip features that have no 
  discards  ee01a8c   * test/automated/let-alist.el: Load dependency.
  discards  43f6eca   Handle nil value of suggest-key-bindings
  discards  7d1e62d   python.el: Enhance shell user interaction and deprecate 
  discards  996ad1b   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  433af0a   * lisp/progmodes/python.el 
(python-shell-buffer-substring): Handle cornercase when region sent starts at 
  discards  3d1afd1   Fix parse_settings to match internal documentation
  discards  0db7db3   Fix compilation of lib-src executables on MS-Windows.
  discards  848343f   Sanitize ChangeLog entries for previous merges.
  discards  35e1f9d   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  f315b69   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  4b72b4f   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  938d651   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  411c1c6   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  c3c51ec   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  6e66744   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  cd1ed48   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  3a12f2e   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  a5f38fa   Fix ChangeLog typo
  discards  6d14e0d   elisp-xref-find: Don't create buffers eagerly
  discards  c6400e1   Fix composition of characters from Syriac and Arabis 
  discards  09d2e84   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  7e9dfde   python.el: Fix message when sending region.
  discards  800260c   python.el: Cleanup temp files even with eval errors.
  discards  ed65b91   Fix for previous commit
  discards  2dd5163   python.el: Handle file encoding for shell.
  discards  162660c   Avoid duplicate calls of window-height in 
  discards  d514592   Support subdirectories when saving places in dired.
  discards  c5ac00f   Fix ChangeLog
  discards  7a305f8   Use bool for boolean in xselect.c, xsettings.c
  discards  7284a17   python.el: Generate clearer shell buffer names.
  discards  8cf4218   Revert "Prevent Python process shell buffer to pop twice."
  discards  807c341   Add basic xref apropos implementation to elisp-mode
  discards  f4a6345   make dired-maybe-insert-subdir always skip trivial files
  discards  d655262   MS-Windows followup to stpcpy changes.
  discards  f769566   Use bool for boolean in xsmfns.c
  discards  b3946c9   Spelling fixes
  discards  7aa506e   Spelling fixes
  discards  1e6879d   Prefer stpcpy to strcat
  discards  4cd6d77   * automated/tramp-tests.el 
(tramp-test17-insert-directory): Do not expect a given order of "." and "..".
  discards  8dba53d   Regenerate ldefs-boot.el
  discards  394ce95   Consolidate cross-referencing commands
  discards  ac54901   * etc/NEWS: Mention new buffer display behavior for 
  discards  a41d07b   Fix rendering of composed caharacters on the mode line.  
  discards  000bc54   Make `resize-mini-windows' customizable and update 
documentation for it.
  discards  437854d   Resync @menu order with @node order.
  discards  57c9fb7   * doc/lispref/windows.texi (Windows): Sync @menu order 
with @node order.
  discards  218520e   * doc/lispref/sequences.texi (Sequence Functions): 
  discards  5306baa   Markup fixes for doc/lispref
  discards  b70977c   Small doc markup fixes
  discards  73c050c   * doc/lispref/modes.texi (Defining Minor Modes, SMIE 
Lexer): Markup fixes.
  discards  8f1b3e5   authors.el updates
  discards  541f947   ChangeLog fixes
  discards  eb8a816   ChangeLog fixes
  discards  52aebd6   ChangeLog fixes
  discards  1783e6c   ChangeLog fix
  discards  c741b1b   TUTORIAL.es: Improve style consistency
  discards  f89efea   TUTORIAL.es: spelling fixes
  discards  350b30f   Handle glitch in delayed autoselection of windows.
  discards  f3be002   resolve ChangeLog merge conflict
  discards  0d48826   Avoid compiler warning.
  discards  5fc8210   Backport: Memory leak fix and 19133 fix.
  discards  bef46ba   Fix bad bug number reference, shall be 19427.
  discards  2566f38   Backport: Don't cache images in nsimage.m (Bug#18918).
  discards  216c6aa   * net/tramp-sh.el 
(tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-out-of-band): Use `tramp-rsh-end-of-line', it 
ought to be more robust.
  discards  882370e   eshell/esh-ext.el: Expand relative remote file names.
  discards  b4161ac   * CONTRIBUTE: add Savannah url, cleanup announcing freeze.
  discards  fcb978e   Move user-level information from CONTRIBUTE to 
  discards  20cfd24   Improve indexing on the chapter/section/subsection levels.
  discards  9db3cde   fix bad merge
  discards  e55a467   Use a new user option instead of hard-coding shell 
  discards  29c5e2c   (js-syntax-propertize-regexp): Recognize "slash in a 
character class"
  discards  14c3739   * lisp/progmodes/js.el (js-syntax-propertize): "return" 
can't be divided.
  discards  ea78112   * net/tramp-sh.el 
(tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-out-of-band): Use "\n" as end-of-line delimeter 
for passwords, when running on MS Windows.
  discards  46d4039   Fixes: debbugs:19396
  discards  012479a   * lisp/progmodes/sh-script.el: Don't set global 
  discards  75e114f   Fix line numbers on Python shell.
  discards  ee93d7a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio*.el: Remove "name" field of 
  discards  e3040f2   Merge from gnulib
  discards  d4a12e7   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el (eieio--class-v): Rename 
from class-v.
  discards  bcebc83   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio*.el: Use hashtables rather than 
  discards  d0fd23c   doc/emacs/buffers.texi (Kill Buffer): Improve indexing.
  discards  b11d892   * lisp/cedet: Reduce reliance on EIEIO internals.
  discards  b366b3b   * lisp/completion.el: Use post-self-insert-hook.
  discards  fafba80   Simplify ruby--string-region
  discards  251463c   let-alist.el (let-alist): Use `make-symbol' instead of 
  discards  8e818d1   Keep maximized when going fullscreen.
  discards  6f3f605   Fix setting icon for Gtk+ on non-initial frame.
  discards  749813e   python.el: Fix electric colon behavior
  discards  4dc78f6   Remove obsolete references to pre-C99 builds
  discards  455e546   Use bool for boolean in xterm.c
  discards  be4304d   Fixes: debbugs:19269
  discards  936d5e5   Fix last patch.
  discards  74d3b20   Fixes: debbugs:18623
  discards  a8856cb   Fix typo in charset_ordered_list_tick patch
  discards  67bb1c1   * composite.h (struct composition.width): Now int
  discards  4cc2f69   Let charset tick grow past USHRT_MAX
  discards  9b14d8b   Simplify unexec file mode setting
  discards  b459f1f   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-histfile-override): Add :version.
  discards  6623f3d   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-histfile-override): Clarify 
  discards  8fa2e25   * buffer.c (syms_of_buffer): Omit unneeded staticpros.
  discards  f447d33   * let-alist.el (let-alist): Enable access to deeper alists
  discards  948fa91   Make C++11 uniform init syntax work.  New keywords 
"final" and "override"
  discards  164cdfb   In `ispell-command-loop' don't use `next-window'.
  discards  061f310   * automated/let-alist.el: require `cl-lib'
  discards  48a9d9f   Merge branch 'emacs-24' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs 
into emacs-24
  discards  230c010   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-send-command-and-read): New 
optional arg MARKER. (tramp-get-remote-path): Use it.
  discards  09ab6fe   Merge branch 'emacs-24' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs 
into emacs-24
  discards  2616307   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-send-command-and-read): New 
optional arg MARKER. (tramp-get-remote-path): Use it.
  discards  a864bfb   Fix content decoding in gnus-read-ephemeral-bug-group
  discards  e0ab846   In NEWS mark `preserve-window-size' as +++.
  discards  276bd75   Describe window size preserving options.
  discards  ad013ba   Minor cleanups for Lisp objects and symbols
  discards  83299b9   lisp/gnus/registry.el: Fix comment
  discards  d9639a2   * gnutls.c: Include gnutls.h.
  discards  87f9ec7   Keyboard interface (C-f10) to `mouse-buffer-menu' 
  discards  645a6aa   * automated/let-alist.el: New file.
  discards  d8183f8   * image.c (svg_load): Fix pointer signedness.
  discards  22e37af   lisp/let-alist.el (let-alist): Fix wrong parenthesis.
  discards  777c823   * registry.el (registry-db): Set default slot later.
  discards  1758951   lisp/let-alist.el (let-alist): Evaluate `alist' only once.
  discards  f87eff5   Fix the `with-demoted-errors' calls
  discards  0f765f4   Avoid a compilation warning
  discards  8f03888   * lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el: Fix up compiler warnings.
  discards  655a6f3   Fix ispell window handling.
  discards  811acee   src/window.c (Fwindow_body_width): Doc fix.  (Bug#19395)
  discards  47f730e3  Add code for "preserving" window sizes.
  discards  36c43e9   Fixes: debbugs:19390
  discards  39ead8c   * lisp/progmodes/cc-cmds.el (c-subword-mode): Alias to 
  discards  b197822   Allow querying font by name for its height and other 
info.  (Bug#19395)
  discards  78101c2   * lisp/subr.el (redisplay-dont-pause): Mark as obsolete.
  discards  687ae68   Remove extra semicolons
  discards  af1040b   Fix recent vc-svn-dir-status-files breakage
  discards  62d7857   * etc/NEWS: Add a short description of seq.el.
  discards  d20acfe   Fix Gnus registry pruning and sorting, and rename file
  discards  18d4bdf   Don't reload packages at startup
  discards  9e77c1b   * src/keyboard.c (input_was_pending): New var.
  discards  ec10ba2   * src/keyboard.c (swallow_events): Don't redisplay if 
there's input pending.
  discards  92bad2a   load-history may contain nil "filenames"
  discards  a2c489b   Add missing ChangeLog entry for prior commit.
  discards  c773edc   * net/tramp-gw.el (tramp-gw-open-connection): Suppress 
traces in wrong debug buffer. (tramp-gw-open-connection): Set process coding 
system 'binary. (tramp-gw-open-network-stream): Handle HTTP error 403.
  discards  ad46070   Fixed problems with svg_load_image -- no more crashes 
  discards  af2952f   Partially disabled previous change.
  discards  c17c864   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  9be1538   Introduce tramp-histfile-override.
  discards  197a9e0   Fix problem with images referenced within svg files. 
  discards  72ef8d7   * calc.texi (About This Manual): Update instructions for 
building the manual.
  discards  863cf62   * lisp/vc/vc.el: Improve `dir-status-files' description
  discards  8032fc1   * .gitignore: Ignore /conftest*.
  discards  894a1f3   Speed up package--list-loaded-files a bit
  discards  cf07732   * lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el: New file.
  discards  005b86c   * lread.c (init_obarray): Declare Qt as special.
  discards  0a3e2cf   * lisp/jit-lock.el (jit-lock-function): Don't defer if 
jit-lock-defer-time is 0 and there is no input pending.
  discards  1542619   * test/automated/data/flymake/Makefile: Comment.
  discards  1fc1f89   Disable gcc color in test/automated/data/flymake/Makefile
  discards  e2aec9b   Move flymake test data to more standard location
  discards  f2301ec   Fix query-replace-regexp when using lisp expressions for 
  discards  10ec046   Lazy-highlight the whole string at point
  discards  255132f   etc/NEWS: Mention `let-alist.
  discards  07e47aa   * src/: Various fixes to use bool type and constants.
  discards  fb420e7   * lisp/subr.el (sit-for): Tweak docstring.
  discards  061db13   Fix vc-git-dir-status-files WRT up-to-date vs edited
  discards  816c1df   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  436b88b   "Advice" is a mass noun.  Amend text accordingly.
  discards  c3a2c35   "Advice" is a mass noun.  Amend text accordingly.
  discards  e2815bf   Correct same_at_end when restoring window points
  discards  872617a   * net/shr.el (shr-fold-text): Don't bug out on 
zero-length text.
  discards  3713931   New feature optionally to accelerate auto-repeated 
  discards  33c5143   Adjust lisp/ChangeLog for 
  discards  e99ce63   Load system's default trusted Certificate Authorities if 
  discards  9624075   let-alist.el: Version bump.
  discards  5bbe84e   let-alist.el: Add lexical binding.
  discards  eaf25ad   Add an extra column for Version in list-packages table
  discards  4c4f970   Provide custom-prompt-customize-unsaved-options.
  discards  bb57c94   Consider electric-pair-mode in tex-mode.
  discards  f7572b7   Fix Semantic completion-at-point functions in 
non-Semantic buffers
  discards  9f28cb5   * lisp/fringe.el (fringe-bitmap-p): Fix 2014-12-05 
  discards  01b97f9   Move VC diff ASYNC argument to the fifth position
  discards  f8f7357   * notes/unicode: Correct coding system
  discards  472f7f6   * SKK-DIC/SKK-JISYO.L: Update to version 1.1216.
  discards  3de474e   Spelling fixes
  discards  2e7f6d5   * notes/unicode: Track leim/quail file renames.
  discards  49daed6   Remove lib-src/grep-changelog
  discards  4d806dc   * INSTALL.REPO: Revert 2014-12-06 change.
  discards  a8af924   Place ChangeLog entries in the correct files
  discards  1c11620   Convert Czech and Slovakian refcards to UTF-8
  discards  7b94572   * test/automated/flymake/warnpred/test.pl: Tweak earlier 
  discards  59c218f   ChangeLog fix
  discards  db2a768   * test/automated/flymake/warnpred/test.pl: Tweak format
  discards  4ea1758   * net/shr.el (shr-next-link): Don't error out at eob.
  discards  d9005dd   src/gnutls.c (gnutls_init): Fix deprecation warning from 
  discards  30f6038   isearch-open-necessary-overlays: Open overlay ending at 
  discards  05beff8   (shr-fold-text): Inhibit state from being altered.
  discards  76f9994   Make shr fold long title texts
  discards  987d2f9   Implement a new function `directory-name-p'
  discards  3e8e971   directory-files-recursively symlink fix
  discards  c13baa1   emacs-lisp/package.el (package-activate-1): Reload 
package after upgrade
  discards  afd801f   emacs-lisp/package.el (package--list-loaded-files): New 
  discards  7c9eb96   gnulib.mk (stddef.h): Sync with the latest change in 
  discards  3c07d7f   Fix wrong humber arguments passed to vc-svn-diff.
  discards  a859d1c   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/emacs-24'
  discards  c081fe2   Fix dates in ChangeLog entries merged from emacs-24.
  discards  d19bf72   Spelling fixes
  discards  7fc616a   Replace union hack with C11-style max_align_t
  discards  67a48ed   Merge from gnulib (a couple more changes)
  discards  805074d   Remove duplicate ChangeLog entries
  discards  28e0d0c   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  b81a183   Merge from gnulib
  discards  074965f   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-indent-line): Use 
`noindent' in strings. (python-indent-levels): Document extra value. 
(python-indent-calculate-indentation): Return `noindent' in strings. 
(python-indent-post-self-insert-function) (python-indent-calculate-levels): 
Handle new value.
  discards  bd6c441   * simple.el (password-word-equivalents): Add "passcode", 
used for numeric secrets like PINs or RSA tokens.
  discards  88f3dbc   Remove more (fboundp 'gnutls-available-p)
  discards  3431e82   Ignore directory symlinks in directory-files-recursively
  discards  14efb83   Remove superfluous `gnutls-available-p' check
  discards  16d4c1c   A better fix for bug#19346
  discards  be6dff6   latest-on-branch-p is no longer a public method
  discards  ea8b9df   Remove VC rollback method.
  discards  82ec808   * .gitignore: Add !lib/std*.in.h, so as to not ignore the 
.in.h files.
  discards  3cf7629   Git ignore lib/std*.h
  discards  301a401   Always define `gnutls-available-p' even if GnuTLS is not 
  discards  aeeaf08   Fixes: debbugs:19161
  discards  d76b9b2   Don't break example string between 2 lines (bug#19257)
  discards  c6f03ed   Fix a problem in url.el without GnuTLS
  discards  3e92b98   Never pass an invalid X connection descriptor to an input 
reading loop
  discards  9ff164a   * automated/vc-tests.el 
(vc-test--revision-granularity-function): New defun. 
(vc-test--create-repo-function): Rename from 
`vc-test--create-repo-if-not-supported'.  Adapt all callees. 
(vc-test--create-repo): Check also for revision-granularity. 
(vc-test--unregister-function): Additional argument FILE.  Adapt all callees. 
(vc-test--working-revision): New defun. (vc-test-*-working-revision): New tests.
  discards  452921c   * vc/vc-hg.el (vc-hg-state): Make FILE absolute.  Handle 
the case that there is empty output.
  discards  75b4857   Port commit-msg to mawk
  discards  9ac0332   Improve commit-msg messages and autosquash
  discards  964f16e   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el 
(eldoc-documentation-function): Change default.
  discards  7b24460   * lisp/let-alist.el: Cosmetic changes.
  discards  98582c0   ChangeLog fixes
  discards  a5b477a   Add let-alist macro and package.
  discards  0c2f254   Support overflow-newline-into-fringe together with 
word-wrap (bug#19300)
  discards  f3e16cb   Fix out-of-memory condition in display of long bracketed 
lines (bug#19322)
  discards  8bc7ac5   Righteous featurectomy of vc-keep-workfiles - always do 
  discards  bdc373b   (ange-ftp-switches-ok): Disallow flags causing trouble 
with ls over ftp.
  discards  935ee05   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-get-remote-path): Use a login 
shell in order to determine `tramp-own-remote-path'.
  discards  94a3f76   * files.el (file-tree-walk): Use file-name-as-directory 
  discards  5c9a98b   * automated/vc-tests.el (vc-test--register): Check, that 
the file still exists after register and unregister operations.
  discards  99be750   Fix glitches in gnutls.c, mostly memory-related
  discards  c9e3def   Speed up directory-files-recursively
  discards  ef8892d   (shr-tag-object): Don't bug out on text elements in 
  discards  cc857dd   Fix misspellings like "an unibyte buffer"
  discards  c54f8f8   eww.texi: Add missing "."
  discards  08a980a   lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el: Refactored out 
  discards  e8acfc7   Add a command for string quotes toggling to ruby-mode
  discards  9b185aa   gnutls.c (gnutls_protocol_get_name): Fix a copy/paste 
  discards  fda355b   Associate more files with ruby-mode
  discards  baab20d   vc/vc-src.el (vc-src-do-comand): Prepend -- to file 
argument list
  discards  bc71376   Typo fix.
  discards  d282d6a   Sync with upstream verilog-mode revision aa4b777
  discards  fb0fcda   Sync with upstream vhdl mode v3.36.1
  discards  11cf3e9   Implement a new function directory-files-recursively
  discards  931f6fb   Correct ChangeLog attribution
  discards  d790c4d   biditest: Change maintainer to emacs-devel rather than 
  discards  c3ea511   Make inline SVGs work in shr again
  discards  a005f61   Make eww mark valid/invalid https pages
  discards  0cc8da5   Make the https logic in url-http work on redirects
  discards  d7e5255   Make URL pass the TLS peer status to the caller
  discards  c2db939   python.el: Support interpreter paths with spaces
  discards  afa1d80   python.el: Don't change `comint-prompt-read-only' globally
  discards  09ef139   (pulse-momentary-highlight-one-line): Respect POINT
  discards  e9aaf96   Make NSM warn on `high' for older protocols, and document
  discards  be6767d   Make the NSM prompting have more data
  discards  7befee1   * lisp/net/nsm.el (nsm-check-protocol): Test for RC4 on 
  discards  ad67503   Make gnutls-peer-status return even more data
  discards  8665a74   maintaining.texi: Suopport fo Arch has been moved to 
  discards  d81562f   (Fgnutls_error_fatalp): Doc fix (bug#18210)
  discards  b76bea4   Various minor details accumulated over time
  discards  e0e2f36   Fatal GnuTLS errors are now silent by default
  discards  28057ef   * lisp/emacs-lisp/avl-tree.el: Use lexical-binding and 
  discards  b7768d7   (nsm-check-protocol): Check for weak Diffie-Hellman prime 
  discards  7c67502   * src/gnutls.c: Add Windows specs for 
  discards  6b1ab80   `network-security-level' documentation simplification
  discards  ca7ad42   Put back :signature-algorithm into gnutls.c
  discards  a0fe9b0   (Fgnutls_peer_status): Return the DH prime bits for the 
  discards  c498441   (gnutls_certificate_details): Clean up whitespace 
  discards  172bcf6   Remove unused data from gnutls_certificate_details
  discards  09e5e01   * etc/NEWS: Mention the new eww `S' command.
  discards  e40e630   Commands and mode for managing multiple eww buffers
  discards  e63c720   Make gnutls-negotiate ignore specially handled files
  discards  2354db7   Fix merge glitches in 2 ChangeLog files.
  discards  d83f329   ChangeLog fix
  discards  5872f84   Fix bug#19304
  discards  7fb8fc3   vc/vc-arch.el: Moved to obsolete directory...
  discards  0f9fbb9   Port commit-message checking to FreeBSD 9.
  discards  eb5b08b   (eww-copy-page-url): Add doc string.
  discards  a3ca30c   Revert prefix behavior in RET to previous behavior
  discards  06b5cfe   Make `G' in eww record history
  discards  c08883c   (eww-current-buffer): Compilation fix for bug#18550 patch.
  discards  007d4c2   Make a prefix to `eww-reload' work locally
  discards  b9ad615   eww history restoration fix
  discards  2c3d111   eww bookmark display fixup
  discards  17ee183   (message-change-subject): Really check whether the 
subject changed
  discards  9dfa949   * lisp/progmodes/python.el: Recognize docstrings.
  discards  f3a6858   Fixes: debbugs:19133
  discards  2b53560   fix last patch
  discards  a1cf6ec   newsticker: Context menu in treeview's tree.
  discards  3db1ada   admin/MAINTAINERS: Update my interests and 
  discards  952c6c8   * CONTRIBUTE: minor improvements
  discards  06264b3   Improve CONTRIBUTE and related files.
  discards  7841e93   * automated/vc-tests.el: New file.
  discards  f6c3965   Better support for milti-line shell input.
  discards  0ffa349   Better check for displaying completions near the 
  discards  7409a79   preparing for further changes/cleanup to 
developers/contributors docs
  discards  7d043d5   Fix minor bugs in vc.
  discards  6382f24   * .gitignore: Ignore autosave files.
  discards  4fda400   Merge from emacs-24
  discards  0d7b2c9   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  fca389d   Merge from emacs-24
  discards  0c3f76c   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  0bb24df   Merge from origin/emacs-24
  discards  be30748   * lisp: Prefer inlinable functions to macros.
  discards  887fa62   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el: Prefer inlinable 
functions over macros.
  discards  2a06fc1   (widget-choose) Let numeric keypad work
  discards  3f19963   * NEWS: Add some doc markers to the eww stuff.
  discards  9860da5   * eww.texi (Basics): Document eww PDF viewing.
  discards  bee76e5   Make eww use mailcap when displaying PDF files
  discards  7747e23   Make it easier to use mailcap for viewing single files
  discards  d2fab6b   fix last patch
  discards  9c72233   fix a typo in doc string
  discards  933107f    .gitignore: Ignore test/biditest.txt.
  discards  fcc4da3   Reduce memory footprint of struct bidi_it by a factor of 
  discards  96e6fd3   Compare with the most recently used window by default.
  discards  d08f4f8   * lisp/subr.el (filter): Remove.  Use `cl-remove-if-not' 
or `seq-filter'.
  discards  6194477   * src/eval.c (backtrace_eval_unrewind): Rewind also the 
excursions. (Fapply): Try and simplify the control flow.
  discards  c1c2cee   * src/eval.c (Fsignal): Remove duplicate test.
  discards  e3c24b1   * lisp/progmodes/sh-script.el: Fix indentation rule of "| 
  discards  64755ed   * net/shr.el (shr--extract-best-source): Ignore non-text 
  discards  f182784   Implement copying of a buffer portion while preserving 
visual order.
  discards  2bef807   lisp/files.el (file-tree-walk): Doc fix.
  discards  a0363ff   lisp/autoinsert.el: Change default of auto-insert-alist.
  discards  de90917   Fix punctuation glitches in file-tree-walk docstring.
  discards  3f33f22   enable in-place GUI
  discards  b329850   Fix bug whereby saving files hung in VC hook.
  discards  c263a40   * lisp/emacs-lisp/inline.el: Cosmetic and minor fixes.
  discards  41bb375   Fixes: debbugs:19250
  discards  e148a1e   etc/NEWS: Mention 'file-tree-walk'.
  discards  38aaf90   Fix gnutls.c build on MinGW
  discards  e820f16   Added file-tree-walk to files.el.
  discards  eb608f9   * automated/tramp-tests.el (tramp-test29-vc-registered): 
Fallback for changed `vc-register' argument list.
  discards  7385c3e   Fix tramp-tests, broken by incompatible vc.el change
  discards  e9b68bc   * lisp/whitespace.el (whitespace-big-indent-regexp): Add 
  discards  176a617   Add filter macro, which does what you expect.
  discards  b1a765b   In vc, abolish the dir-status method.
  discards  dd60105   Allow to search for characters whose bidi directionality 
was overridden.
  discards  a92789b   Fixes: debbugs:9133
  discards  d9d3831   More flicker fixes for OSX, related to bug 18757.
  discards  d476787   Eliminate an unuted function argument.
  discards  e6fe301   Another longstanding to-do: bind vc-delete-file.
  discards  92411a0   Clean up a longstanding to-do item.
  discards  2fb8b14   Remove clear-headers from VC's public method set.
  discards  ea99f8c   Fix minor bug introduced in 'Terminate 
  discards  7d21105   Update the git backend's header comment.
  discards  b7fd432   Remove could-register from the set of public VC backend 
  discards  d788058   Document a trap for the unwary.
  discards  ed6ce56   Terminate vc-disable-async-diff with extreme prejudice.
  discards  4f54f7b   Restore ChangeLog entry clobbered earlier today.
  discards  ab882ed   * lisp/vc/vc-svn.el: Remove stray comment char introduced 
earlier today.
  discards  5175053   Merge some of the differences from the standalone CC-mode.
  discards  808699f   bzr-state randomly/unpredictably fails on non-bzr files.
  discards  6d80f26   shr-dom-print dom.el changes
  discards  92c856e   ChangeLog fix
  discards  02d462b   * admin/update_autogen (commit): Revert earlier change.
  discards  857f7df   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  4bc1cdd   ChangeLog fixes.
  discards  e5c0350   * admin/update_autogen: Fix bogosity introduced in 
2014-11-16 merge.
  discards  b34578d   * lisp/vc: Fix use of find-conflicted-file in Git.
  discards  8dac9c3   * lisp/vc/diff-mode.el (diff-kill-applied-hunks): New 
command. * lisp/vc/smerge-mode.el (smerge-swap): New command.
  discards  581914e   newsticker: Prevent multiple "Could not download..." 
messages.  Fixes bug#19166.
  discards  b8775f0   * lisp/simple.el (newline): Place the hook 
buffer-locally, to make sure it's first.
  discards  ec7e07b   * admin/update_autogen (commit): With git, call "add" 
before "commit".
  discards  52fab40   Call `eww-after-render-hook' in the correct buffer
  discards  11b65bc   * .gitignore: Avoid "**", as it requires Git 1.8.2 or 
  discards  d83f061   * .gitignore: Remove redundant pattern (subsumed by _*).
  discards  40ce283   Test checkin to attempt to tickle a bug reported on the 
dev list.
  discards  f8b8221   * net/nsm.el (network-security-level): Change the default 
to `medium'.
  discards  8bb7019   ChangeLog typo fix.
  discards  d17bae9   Refactor VC merging to fix a layer violation.
  discards  dce46a7   * .gitignore: Ignore loaddefs directly under lisp, and in 
  discards  31410dc   Minor eww point placement fixup
  discards  cb8ed25   Small but crucial change for new VC registration API.
  discards  4893831   Update some documentation changes and todo items.
  discards  185320a   Finish vc-stay-local containment.
  discards  2a81c5d   Confine vc-stay-local to CVS, because it was unusable in 
  discards  c108372   Remove stay-local support in svn back end, because...
  discards  f0e8c1e   New macro `define-inline'.
  discards  578d91a   Remove vc-state-heuristic from the set of public methods.
  discards  33b4235   The vc-mistrust-permissions configuration variable is 
  discards  f82f3f1   API simplification: remove vc-workfile-unchanged-p from 
pubic methods.
  discards  2532d74   Renove duplicate code.
  discards  f9f2509   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  9e9e343   Argument removal inadvertently omitted from my previous 
  discards  2f4f920   VC API simplification: remove ability to set initial 
  discards  7536c86   * lisp/gnus/gnus-cloud.el (gnus-cloud): Add :version tag.
  discards  e97b6e6   * lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el 
(prettify-symbols--compose-symbol): Refine.
  discards  59c4d5f   Fix bug #19211 with move-end-of-line in non-interactive 
  discards  3517da7   Port better to AddressSanitizer.
  discards  70723e5   ChangeLog fix.
  discards  6228c5d   ChangeLog fix: standardize some bug refs.
  discards  9457d88   Add missing ChangeLog entry.
  discards  9402d80   * lisp/vc/vc-filewise.el: Comment fixes.
  discards  741f5e1   * lisp/vc/vc-src.el: Fix copy-pasted :version tags.
  discards  1252594   ChangeLog fix
  discards  babb0ca   ChangeLog fix (do not merge to master)
  discards  aa1459a   Fix up merged ChangeLog entries (dates, duplication, etc)
  discards  bb19b22   Python.el: Update commentary on RET-behavior
  discards  287740d   * outline.el (outline-move-subtree-down): Refactor and 
improve code.
  discards  dbff8fd   Spelling fix.
  discards  366c1ce   Improve clarity of USE_LSB_TAG definition.
  discards  0cce362   Merge branch 'emacs-24'.
  discards  9875d23   * configure.ac: Simplify gnutls tests.
  discards  91191bd   * .gitignore: Add entries for emacsvers files.
  discards  ac4532a   * lisp/simple.el (execute-extended-command--shorter): Fix 
the "M-p" case.
  discards  7b79b1a   Fix two issues around help-window-select.  (Bug#11039) 
  discards  d36439c   newsticker: Take care of nil value for 
  discards  f33ec1f   epg: Use epg-context-set-*-callback for extra treatment 
of args
  discards  6923223   admin: Add documentation for gitmerge.el
  discards  d931478   Fix typo in last checkin
  discards  a5fde62   * net/eww.el (eww-restore-history): Bind 
  discards  370258f   (eww-process-text-input): Try to keep track of the size 
more reliably.
  discards  cceb7a8   newsticker: Handle embedded (x)html in atom feeds.
  discards  07efa3f   Use `mouse-menu-bar-map' when no other menus are 
  discards  5749885   newsticker: Change wording of confirmation prompt 
regarding obsolete variable `newsticker-groups-filename'.
  discards  f42adad   admin: Add gitmerge.el
  discards  9ec7bd9   (eww-mode): Revert mistanken removal of 
  discards  7c449b8   Add more sanity checks to the last eww 
after-change-function patch
  discards  604ce91   (eww-process-text-input): Fix deletion at the start of 
the field, too.
  discards  6b765b8   Fix bug #19201 with after-strings not being displayed.
  discards  5519c34   (eww-restore-history): Inhibit change functions while 
restoring the history.
  discards  a5b07aa   eww input field fixup
  discards  4c555e9   Record the right URL in eww
  discards  2d431af   Add a DOM pretty-printing function
  discards  2f5134c   * NEWS: Mention dom.el.
  discards  b3910f6   outline.el: Fix subtree movement.
  discards  b66511f   Backport regexp stack overflow fix from emacs-24.
  discards  1ed5c2d   Replace uses of _W64 with MINGW_W64
  discards  7bf7edf   * lisp/progmodes/python.el 
(python-shell-completion-setup-code): Use __builtin__ module (or builtins in 
Python 3) and catch all errors when importing readline and rlcompleter.
  discards  ba4502f   Merge branch 'emacs-24'
  discards  b121ef1   Gnus: fix XEmacs compilation
  discards  666e90e   Better display for `paranoid' `network-security-level'
  discards  803df84   * net/shr.el (shr-make-table-1): dom.el changes for table 
  discards  47f573a   todo-mode.el: Handle calling revert-buffer.
  discards  fc4d2c7   Only send SNI if the host name is not an IP address
  discards  ebf026b   todo-mode.el: Handle calling todo-mode interactively.
  discards  ccae04f   * gnutls.c (Fgnutls_boot): Send the server name over
  discards  7520f89   Further eww dom.el cleanups
  discards  c9cb3d5   configure.ac [MINGW]: Fix the way of getting the right 
host platform.
  discards  b67e8b7   * text.texi (Document Object Model): Typo fix
  discards  41a1fd3   Pass -utf8 to tidy.
  discards  28653a7   * net/eww.el (eww-highest-readability): More dom.el fixes.
  discards  97d6e7e   * text.texi (Document Object Model): New node to document 
  discards  f054f0f   ChangeLog for last checkin
  discards  d9ba097   Use the new dom.el accessors in shr and eww
  discards  115178c   * dom.el: New file.
  discards  549a1ba   newsticker: Take care of UIDs when adding elements to 
  discards  4e0f8f7   Fix for vc-filewise.el unresolved-call glitch.
  discards  181b12e   Fix up autoloads in vc-rcs.el and vc-sccs.el.
  discards  7e24ac1   Remove spurious reference to symbol category_properties. 
cc-engine.el (c-state-pp-to-literal): Fixed here.
  discards  d9ad26a   Mention zlib1.dll as a potential reason for 
libgcc-induced crashes.
  discards  a10e36a   auth-source: Fix Mac OS X keychain lookups.
  discards  9740d86   * lisp/arc-mode.el (archive-visit-single-files): Add 
  discards  873bc13   Minor typo fixes in vc-src.el.
  discards  92f6486   Fix gnutls problems caught by static checking.
  discards  50cc807   Use usual GNU style for white space.
  discards  73cad91   Fix bug #19141 with UNCs in w32-shell-execute.
  discards  c8a2d63   * net/gnutls.el (gnutls): Set :group to 'comm so it's 
near NSM.
  discards  7dbd10d   * configure.ac: Fix yesterday's use of uninitialised 
  discards  cfe0d44   * misc.texi (Network Security): Use "untrustworthy" 
instead of "unsafe"
  discards  ee4eb28   Fix previous version of nsm-warnings-ok-p
  discards  88871ef   (gnutls_certificate_details): Reversed check in last 
  discards  63ca642   * net/nsm.el (nsm-format-certificate): Don't bug out on 
missing elements
  discards  d3739fe   Make gnutls.c compile on older gnutls installations
  discards  2428e38   * gnutls.c (Fgnutls_boot): Minor logging fixes.
  discards  59bf524   net/nsm.el: Use `gnutls-peer-status-warning-describe'.
  discards  8608c10   Use a simple list of symbols in GnuTLS peer verification.
  discards  8be099a   byte-run.el (function-put): Match argument names to 
docstring (bug#19118).
  discards  10f2f8a   * gnutls.c (Fgnutls_peer_status): Check GNUTLS_INITSTAGE, 
not gnutls_p.
  discards  6a4dee9   * gnus-start.el (gnus-save-newsrc-file-check-timestamp): 
Add :version tag.
  discards  a3e1f8e   * etc/MACHINES: State supported OS X versions.
  discards  ed54567   Use consistent paxctl and setfattr flags for temacs.
  discards  70d7aa8   configure.ac [mingw]: Set $canonical default value
  discards  5da3f6c   Adjust copyright notice and obviously-wrong dates.
  discards  f24c8f9   Fix white-space problems in ChangeLogs.
  discards  27f46ae   Remove a spurious comma
  discards  8df5745   * configure.ac: Relocate some recent changes to a more 
logical location.
  discards  a6248f1   doc/emacs/misc.texi (Network Security): Improve wording 
and indexing.
  discards  e22f5c0   Moved the Network Security Manager to the Emacs manual
  discards  b3b0b09   * lisp/vc/vc-hooks.el (vc-state-base-face): Don't 
override mode-line-inactive.
  discards  87ac437   eww input field fixup
  discards  409e4c8   * configure.ac [HAVE_W32]: Generate nt/*.rc files when 
  discards  f9bff82   (Network Security): Mention more NSM variables.
  discards  7f31162   * processes.texi (Network Security): Made into its own 
section and fleshed out
  discards  4e7112e   Spelling fix.
  discards  f9fcf84   * net/eww.el (eww-set-character-encoding): Use 
  discards  6dbaf04   New macro macroexp-let2*
  discards  d71a2d4   * gnutls.c: Fix compilation warnings given fix 
  discards  9faf591   Fix bug #19157 with incorrect hscroll during I-search.
  discards  3e3b940   * src/keyboard.c: Fix comment typo.
  discards  5ceb233   Fixes: debbugs:18579
  discards  7aac8f1   Fixes: debbugs:18579
  discards  e01ec2e   * src/emacs.c (main) <--version>: Make use of 
  discards  825351b   Reduce nt and src Makefile duplication wrt emacs.res
  discards  8c4475f   * gnutls.c: Fix Windows function definition of 
  discards  1653296   Typo fix from previous check-in
  discards  1aafa6b   gnutls.c windows compilation fix
  discards  5a0e58a   * lib-src/Makefile.in (emacsclient.res): Fix yesterday's 
  discards  2c783bb   Fix bug marking
  discards  79d187f   Allow opening eww links in a new buffer
  discards  b7278cd   (eww-follow-link): Make going to #targets in the page 
work again.
  discards  6fd82d6   Switch to the *eww* buffer immediately to avoid doing it 
  discards  7f902e7   * net/eww.el (eww-display-html): Decode the 
document-defined charset.
  discards  5d9ddb9   Make `M-x eww' default to the URL under point
  discards  e791d4d   Document the eww Desktop stuff
  discards  0445aff   * net/eww.el (eww-add-bookmark): Fix bookmark titles.
  discards  dd01e20   (eww-mode-map): Bind backtab to shr-previous-link
  discards  7f223a5   Allow setting the charset in eww
  discards  b10d900   Rename `nsm-security-level' to `network-security-level'
  discards  a345ff6   Implement a new url parameter `url-request-noninteractive'
  discards  c43b706   Make some network connections warn unless they are 
  discards  4c298b2   Implement a Network Security Manager
  discards  a859504   Add functions to gnutls.c for exporting certificate 
  discards  0b1d7cd   Fixes: debbugs:19149
  discards  600f3d0   * tramp.texi (Remote processes): Let-bind environment 
variables to `process-environment' when running `process-file' or 
  discards  4ad0a30   Fixes: debbugs:19149
  discards  4de28b1   * textmodes/makeinfo.el (makeinfo-buffer): Make it work 
also for remote `buffer-file-name'.
  discards  b1d07e3   * erc-desktop-notifications.el (erc-notifications-bus): 
Change version to 25.1.
  discards  1b3e992   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  709a517   * erc-desktop-notifications.el (erc-notifications-bus): 
New customer option.  Supports cases when Emacs hasn't been invoked in the same 
environment where the notifications shall go to. (erc-notifications-notify): 
Use it.
  discards  9c33811   Handle leap months in Chinese calendar
  discards  b7b18c7   Fix calendar-mark-1
  discards  00981cb   Add git commit hooks that do some simple checks on 
  discards  238c052   Set PYTHONUNBUFFERED on shell startup.
  discards  116be28   * .gitignore: Add emacs.rc and emacsclient.rc in nt/.
  discards  6d099b2   * admin/admin.el: Fix paren typo in previous.
  discards  8662e9d   * nt/emacs.rc, nt/emacsclient.rc: Remove files. 
Accidentally left out of previous commit. Apparently "git mv" doesn't do what I 
thought it did...
  discards  84e2f13   Further reduce number of versioned files storing Emacs 
version number.
  discards  239cd5b   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  ec02f4f   Fix error with `mark-defun' and "protected:" in C++ Mode. 
Fixes: debbugs:19134.
  discards  d00c866   * src/Makefile.in (emacs.res): Add dependency on 
icons/hand.cur.  Use $<.
  discards  cc252fc   Add some .ico dependencies to Makefile .res rules
  discards  9a84825   * nextstep/templates/Info-gnustep.plist.in: Let configure 
set URL.
  discards  db67afb   Don't shrink frame when using desktop-save-mode 
  discards  bd3625c   Fixes: debbugs:19047
  discards  46035c6   newsticker: Fix bug#18787: Tell libxml-parse-xml-region 
to discard comments.
  discards  b559a60   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  cd22fd7   Propagate remote process environment.
  discards  cec2396   Unbreak the build.
  discards  e9b1902   Revert "More movement of master-related code to 
  discards  4fe5b7c   More movement of master-related code to vc-filewise.el.
  discards  176f207   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-get-remote-locale): Return 
"LC_ALL=C" as fallback. (tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell): No 
need to check for nil as `tramp-get-remote-locale' return value.
  discards  354a07b   Isolating support code for the file-granularity back 
ends: the easy part.
  discards  af46a2a   Rename vc-name to vc-master-rename.
  discards  280eb43   lisp/ChangeLog: Use double space to end sentence.
  discards  65ed0f3   Fix `nato-alphabet' docstring.
  discards  bf64213   * lisp/desktop.el (desktop-create-buffer): Use 
activate-mark to set `mark-active' (bug#19058).
  discards  d24e558   Add more of the old .bzrignore to .gitignore.
  discards  c39443c   'libxml-parse(html|xml)-region': new optional param 
  discards  e14c435   Fix bug that produced spurious nil state.
  discards  04ed420   Use "~1" instead of "^" in vc-git.el to specify the 
parent of a Git commit.
  discards  f9b9251   Use correct encoding to communicate with Git.
  discards  a131037   Fix bug #19084 with 'C-x v +' in *vc-change-log* buffers.
  discards  48039f4   Fix bug #1702 with missing feature in arc-mode.el.
  discards  1b351d4   Fix the build of the Emacs User manual.
  discards  a2c0a14   Fix bug #19136 with a typo in a vc.el comment.
  discards  30c94eb   Add src/_gdbinit to .gitignore.
  discards  f9c0081   Clean up after SRC support merge (typo fixes).
  discards  1e81f67   Support for SRC in VC mode.
  discards  54a29f4   Add a.out to .gitignore.
  discards  4fdddb2   Fix typo in ChangeLog.
  discards  6ec5ee8   Improve XEmacs compatibility.
  discards  e7e9dbc   Remove editable argument from VC's backend checkout 
  discards  f83109f   Remove never-used rev argument from VC's backend checkin 
  discards  f5d77aa   build-aux/msys-to-w32: Simplify implementation and 
  discards  cd2e816   Lessen focus on ChangeLog files, as opposed to change log 
  discards  f437176   Add missing bug numbers to last few eww changes
  discards  ff953bc   .gitignore: Resurrect Windows-specific ignorables lost in 
last changes.
  discards  c2678a6   * eww.texi (Basics): Document `eww-history-limit'.
  discards  2fa082c   Fix VC documentation related to switching branches.
  discards  f773d35   * .gitignore: Add /emacs-[1-9]*/, and sort better.
  discards  9c2c15e   Add NEWS entry for define-advice
  discards  e25e769   * net/eww.el (eww-render): Remove a no-op :title setting.
  discards  9fd6f59   (eww-reload): Reload the page in the right buffer.
  discards  8d5bfc4   (eww-history-limit): New variable.
  discards  a8995ca   * net/eww.el (eww-desktop-misc-data): Use 
  discards  7d77dc1   Add desktop support to eww
  discards  e9917c0   Fix bug #19101 with log-view-mode set in the wrong buffer.
  discards  6ffab21   vc-git: Support `diff-switches'.
  discards  6316435   lisp/ido.el: New command `ido-bury-buffer-at-head'
  discards  4a306d7   * lisp/simple.el (next-line-or-history-element): Wrap 
next-line in with-no-warnings. (previous-line-or-history-element): Wrap 
previous-line in with-no-warnings.
  discards  239aa11   * lisp/progmodes/grep.el (grep-compute-defaults): Compute 
grep-highlight-matches before its use.
  discards  c0b877b   * lisp/replace.el (query-replace-from-to-separator): Turn 
defvar into defcustom. Wrap char-displayable-p in ignore-errors because an 
attempt to autoload char-displayable-p fails during pre-loading. Move 
(propertize "\0" ... 'separator t) out of customizable part to 
query-replace-read-from. (query-replace-read-from): Call 
custom-reevaluate-setting on query-replace-from-to-separator to reevaluate the 
separator depending on the return value of char-displayable-p. http:/ [...]
  discards  5c0fbcf   Use <up> and <down> keys to move point in the multi-line 
  discards  cb4f666   lisp/ChangeLog: Fix bug#11386.
  discards  b2c4e6c   lisp/ChangeLog: add bug#13871.
  discards  1148d37   New macro define-advice
  discards  b59998e   Use automatic variables in nt/Makefile.in
  discards  fe1b545   * .gitignore: Add some nextstep/mac ignorables.
  discards  9e8da9d   epg: Support key editing
  discards  b3cb91e   Port new time stamp handling to Emacs 23.2.
  discards  5c249e2   epg: Fix callback argument type check
  discards  5224be2   epg: Simplify epa-pinentry-mode handling
  discards  b12bb4d   epg: Don't show "*Error*" buffer when visiting a new file
  discards  0b37f90   progmodes/cc-langs.el: Support some of the new keywords 
in C++11.
  discards  342bc0e   .gitignore cleanup.
  discards  1901029   tildify.el: introduce a `tildify-foreach-region-function' 
  discards  d5ec102   tildify.el: introduce a `tildify-pattern' variable
  discards  b810409   tildify.el: introduce a `tildify-space-string' variable
  discards  81e0cca   Define MINGW_W64 and use it instead of _W64
  discards  07556b0   Fix bug#5433.
  discards  9e35ff6   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  cc5519d   Merge branch 'uj-icalendar-bug#5433'
  discards  16b5f50   New option `icalendar-export-alarms'.
  discards  5813f93   * test/automated/occur-tests.el (occur-tests): Update for 
output change re control-chars.
  discards  0eaf98e   Peder Klingenberg has signed papers
  discards  29f81b9   * lisp/bindings.el (search-map): Move `eww-search-words' 
to `M-s M-w'.
  discards  83087df   Improve output of occur-tests in case of failure
  discards  67a22c6   Don't assume "bzr log" uses --long format by default.
  discards  62243cb   icalendar: Add another test case for no-dst timezones.
  discards  b7cce56d  intermediate commit
  discards  8b98d15   lisp/gnus/message.el (message-valid-fqdn-regexp): Add 
non-internaional new TLDs
  discards  ed7b505   Port new time stamp handling to old Emacs and to XEmacs.
  discards  1c7b6b3   Spelling fixes.
  discards  0921dbc   Improve time stamp handling, and be more consistent about 
  discards  2e00757   Restore 'Bug#' -> 'debbugs:' rewrite in log-edit-mode.
  discards  790c690   Simplify and fix doc-related .gitignore files.
  discards  058f56d   Make the eww buffers read-only
  discards  d1b04a9   Implement an `inhibit-read-only' text property
  discards  c94988f   * lisp/simple.el (execute-extended-command--shorter): Cut 
search here. (execute-extended-command): Instead of here.
  discards  c2e145b   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-mode): Avoid use of 
set-local to keep Emacs 24.x compatibility.
  discards  cbd90e1   Move eww and shr to customization group `web'
  discards  7164924   Only show the "You can run" message if it's significantly 
  discards  6f20cde   alarm export, first step
  discards  0df06a3   intermediate commit
  discards  7261b4d   icalendar: fix issues regarding timezones without dst
  discards  a97fd0e   lisp/ChangeLog: removed duplicate entry
  discards  1af9075   Set the push default to "current", which should work 
  discards  af19ccc   Mention how to get rid of X11 warnings
  discards  651ebee   Fixes: debbugs:18596
  discards  cf100f6   Prevent resizing the echo area when iPython is enabled
  discards  48b2b32   Add faces for the VC modeline state indicator.
  discards  6f167f9   * lisp/progmodes/python.el 
(python-shell-calculate-command): Rename from python-shell-parse-command.  
Cleanup. (run-python, run-python-internal): Use it. 
(python-shell-calculate-pythonpath): Rename from python-new-pythonpath. 
(python-shell-calculate-process-environment): Use it. 
(python-shell-calculate-exec-path): Add comment.
  discards  c613f4d   Fix indentation before `!=' and after `+='
  discards  202f494   Fix DocView slicing docs
  discards  2444ac6   Fix ChangeLog typos.
  discards  8679082   * src/frame.c (Fhandle_switch_frame): Deactivate 
shift-region (bug#19003). * lisp/window.el (handle-select-window): Deactivate 
  discards  bc5d86f   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  1a30156   2014-11-16  Thierry Banel <address@hidden>  (tiny change)
  discards  1a71302   Resolve pull conflict
  discards  9075fcc   Merge from emacs-24
  discards  d409545   Add faces for the VC modeline state indicator
  discards  86009dd   * lisp/emacs-lisp/backquote.el (backquote-process): 
Optimize away the ,' case.
  discards  4f4cf9c   Don't ignore .gitattributes
  discards  1033147   Use git rev-parse to get repository version
  discards  899a5a9   Backport 2014-06-30 admin/update_autogen change
  discards  92f5857   Fixes: debbugs:18432
  discards  b6cd03a   Ignore generated file lib/stdalign.h.
  discards  89ebffc   Fix region indentation
  discards  e68a171   * net/eww.el (eww-search-words): Mention 
  discards  9ae5396   Eldoc setup code enhancements
  discards  5fa7b71   Use cherry-pick -xe instead of git log amend
  discards  a6b4278   Backport: Fix for 18993.
  discards  0d9bf97   Redo the fix, the old takes too much CPU.
  discards  1fb97e7   Fix bug #19060 with inaccurate pixel-based scrolling.
  discards  d4fceca   Fix cherry-pick conflict.
  discards  260cede   Backport: Fixes: debbugs:18940
  discards  788bc73   Add a draft of a very simple git workflow
  discards  1040099   Mark last change as "tiny"
  discards  20478c2   (report-emacs-bug): Make a better guess at envelope-from
  discards  b8c9a4e   Fix getting frame size wrong when restoring desktop.
  discards  836c444   Fixes: 18757
  discards  71e866c   src/window.h (WINDOW_FRAME_LINE_HEIGHT): Fix a typo in a 
  discards  d5a1d36   .gitignore: Add lib-src/blessmail
  discards  4cd0f2d   * .gitignore: Add a few more missing entries.
  discards  15ec2d7   Backport Use derived-mode-p in python.el instead of 
equality test with major-mode
  discards  658b768   Time-out NS event loop
  discards  f20a19d   Use derived-mode-p in python.el instead of equality test 
on major-mode
  discards  a6a43d6   Don't rerun configure if lisp/version.el changes
  discards  dc7a3ba   Merge from gnulib.
  discards  5caf6c9   build: port to GCC 4.6.4 + glibc 2.5
  discards  9bcde6c   * .gitignore: Add emacs-[1-9]*, to ignore files like 
  discards  df33e85   (emacs-repository-get-version): Call `git log' with 
proper format argument
  discards  6a079d5   Ignore all built versions of Emacs (and .gitattributes)
  discards  c28ef9a   Compress publicsuffix file to save space
  discards  a5cbb7d   Attempt to allocate less font entity objects in 
  discards  6688117   Fixes: 19036
  discards  eb97699   Rename python-shell-virtualenv-path to fit GNU conventions
  discards  3e517d3   Fix error preloading bindings.el.
  discards  5d977b9   * lisp/progmodes/python.el 
(python-shell-completion-get-completions): Fix previous merge.
  discards  f48827a   * net/eww.el (eww-render): Don't set the title to the URL.
  discards  7169391   (emacs-repository-get-version): Call `git log' with 
proper format argument
  discards  3bdc6ce   Bind `M-s M-s' globally to `eww-search-words'
  discards  ba88f19   Don't query on Gnus exits from ephemeral groups
  discards  d8c3c57   ChangeLog entry from previous commit
  discards  94a4891   Silence warnings in ietf-drums-parse-address
  discards  02073b2   Fix some 24-hour time stamps in documentation.
  discards  0868bad   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  4af97e6   lisp/gnus/gnus-notifications.el 
(gnus-notifications-notify): Provide both app-icon and image-path
  discards  14b1c9d   * net/shr.el (shr-inhibit-images): Add a doc string.
  discards  790ad01   Add a hook to be run after eww has rendered a page
  discards  f7a192c   Make shr stop descending into the dom before 
`max-specpdl-size' stops us
  discards  f8c4f8d   Backport fix for minor Bazaar leftovers.
  discards  fdae50c   shr URL expansion fixes
  discards  584fa31   Fix minor Bazaar leftovers.
  discards  02ee710   * net/eww.el (eww): Add comment to clarify.
  discards  51475d5   Use annotated tags for releases
  discards  0161898   Add forgotten ChangeLog entry for bug#16244
  discards  cbf8ea6   Display SVG images in external <object> files
  discards  5cf2e27   .gitignore: Add more ignorables.
  discards  3d08bc4   Backport .gitignore changes from master.
  discards  d856e6b   Merge branch 'master' of git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/emacs
  discards  a85cf0d   Fixes: debbugs:18940
  discards  38fa4bc   Add automaticall built files to .gitignore
  discards  653bddc   * net/eww.el (eww-form-file): Fix version number.
  discards  e56e1b9   Mention binddn in LDAP credentials error message
  discards  a6d4651   Update LDAP configuration section of EUDC manual
  discards  4a77d69   ldap-password-read: Validate password before caching it
  discards  9006ccd   Handle nil password-cache in ldap-password-read
  discards  81d0909   Restore former eudc-expand-inline settings after a 
nonlocal exit
  discards  7860227   Do not ask the user for an LDAP base if a default has 
been provided
  discards  1e1f5b9   Append LDAP wildcard character to end of search string
  discards  6a3a3b0   Downcase field names in LDAP results
  discards  ea0ea90   ldap-search-internal: Send password to ldapsearch through 
a pipe
  discards  87ff9ae   Add password-cache support to ldap.el
  discards  911ad4a   Avoid undefined behavior in color table hashing.
  discards  b7d2dfa   Change eudc-expansion-overwrites-query default to nil
  discards  c8d2553   Ignore text properties in eudc-expand-inline
  discards  fa9a3ca   Improve eudc-inline-expansion-format's default value
  discards  6dda29f   Improve eudc-inline-query-format's default value
  discards  0dee070   Support new-style LDAP URIs in ldap-search-internal
  discards  090cbf9   Change eudc-server-hotlist from a defvar to a defcustom
  discards  5531e67   * net/eww.el (eww-form-file): :type isn't a valid 
`defface' keyword.
  discards  301d018   lisp/gnus/mml2015.el (mml2015-display-key-image): Adjust 
  discards  e18c2a5   [Backport] lisp/gnus/mml2015.el 
(mml2015-display-key-image): New variable
  discards  ac03795   Git transition patch
  discards  7148318   Git transition patch
  discards  fca2f70   Allow uploading files from eww
  discards  14fe367   Allow using several eww buffers (bug#16211)
  discards  df87fc3   (eww-download-callback): Save only the file contents
  discards  6019446   (eww-save-history): Don't let the history grow infinitely.
  discards  f400908   * eww.texi (Basics): Document `eww-readable'.
  discards  f188b66   Restore the header line after using `eww-readable'
  discards  41d4f84   Make `l' and other commands work in eww after going back 
in history
  discards  02b99d2   Refactor the eww history saving to prepare for storing 
even more
  discards  bd46723   Allow VTIMEZONE where daylight and standard time zones 
are equal.
  discards  0121d32   Merge from emacs-24; up to 117702
  discards  7611d85   ChangeLog tweak
  discards  fbc782b   fix version tags
  discards  02ded86   doc/misc/ChangeLog: Fix date for 
  discards  7f829fa   doc/misc/{gnus.texi,gnus-faq.texi}: Update docs wrt 
shr/html mail
  discards  c832df2   Merge from emacs-24; up to 117698
  discards  edfdb22   * lisp/startup.el (command-line): Handle nil elements in 
  discards  eca1ea9   * lisp/help.el (view-lossage): Include the actual 
commands run. * src/keyboard.c (command_loop_1): Record this-command in 
recent-keys. (Frecent_keys): Rewrite. and add optional `include-cmds' arg.
  discards  155d93f   doc/misc/gnus.texi (Top): Add missing `HTML' menu. 
(HTML): Fix xref to FAQ 4-16.
  discards  be1f316   Further reduce the number of versioned files storing the 
version number
  discards  91982ed   Fix bug#18964
  discards  f452367   * admin/admin.el: Comments.
  discards  9be1c1e   ChangeLog fix
  discards  4e65e7e   Stop keeping etc/refcards/emacsver.tex in the repository
  discards  d737aed   * doc/emacs/Makefile.in (doc-emacsver): Tweak tempfile 
  discards  a16d6f9   Stop keeping doc/emacs/emacsver.texi in the repository
  discards  5d4da32   Update from CEDET trunk.
  discards  03400ec   Fix bug #18955 with failure generating macuvs.h on 
  discards  d3dba95   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-message-prefix): Show 
"Multi-file" and "Multi-buffer" instead of "Multi".
  discards  6f7716e   etc/NEWS: Improve wording of query-replace history entry.
  discards  ea75a0e   Fix bug #18982 with assertion violations when reverting 
  discards  2ae1e0d   Fix bug #18995 with compiling w32heap.c with 
  discards  d296587   * nsterm.h (EmacsScroller): judge returns bool.
  discards  ea283d2   Update version to 24.5
  discards  bcc9e35   backports: fix changelog
  discards  1af3b11   Clean up merge error.
  discards  57db3f3   Fix bootstrap failure after last change to 
  discards  f862694   * xgselect.c (xg_select): Don't assume n_gfds is 
  discards  0cd3403   * frame.c (Fcan_run_window_configuration_change_hook): 
Return a value.
  discards  da95e23   Merge from emacs-24; up to 117691
  discards  e4ed201   Replace doc/*/Makefile.in dist rules with code in 
  discards  d1036d2   backport: erc bugfixes
  discards  90a1373   lisp/gnus/gnus-start.el (gnus-activate-group): Fix typo 
reported by Tim Landscheidt
  discards  6f443e4   * lisp/simple.el (shell-command): Use buffer-name when 
output-buffer is a buffer.
  discards  8958d7d   Makefile.in (epaths-force-w32): Ensure that w32srcdir is 
an absolute path.
  discards  a6d74ed   Revert 118323.
  discards  0ced1de   * lisp/minibuffer.el (minibuffer-completion-help): 
Compare this-command with completion-at-point.
  discards  4f9bd42   etc/NEWS: Mention the feature of query replace pairs.
  discards  089c6aa   Merge from emacs-24; up to 117689
  discards  7d82056   * bytecomp.el (byte-compile-report-error): Allow the 
argument to be a string. Due to the vague doc, it was already being used this 
  discards  e7e61ab   build-aux/msys-to-w32: always output absolute paths.
  discards  d244e9b   * nsterm.m (ns_set_vertical_scroll_bar): Don't call bar 
setPosition: unless needed (Bug#18757).
  discards  929201e   doc/misc/Makefile.in: Parallel make fix
  discards  4161482   Merge from emacs-24; up to 117687
  discards  97cd730   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el: Add a warning and remove a 
spurious warning. (byte-compile-initial-macro-environment): Don't compile 
before eval in `eval-and-compile'. (byte-compile-arglist-warn): Add check for 
defining macros after their first use.  Check call use even if the function is 
  discards  86b1c77   Attempt to fix NS hang.  Will probably cause merge 
  discards  c6bd759   Make rmail-epa-decrypt handle more ways of formatting the 
  discards  31a57f2   build-aux/msys-to-w32: Minor doc fixes.
  discards  1e1f223   Makefile.in (epaths-force-w32): Simplify.
  discards  7c86a2a   build-aux/msys-to-w32: simplify the initial interface.
  discards  c936cbb   Run `window-configuration-change-hook' only after all 
faces have been realized.
  discards  89be8b9   Backport Tramp changes from trunk.
  discards  a05fd1f   * nsterm.m (EmacsScroller.dealloc): Reinstate, removed at 
merge cleanup from 2014-11-01.
  discards  b03f9b5   Backport Tramp changes from trunk.
  discards  2b513c3   * lisp/replace.el: History for query replace pairs. 
(query-replace-defaults): Promote to a list of cons cell.  Doc fix. 
(query-replace-from-to-separator): New variable. (query-replace-read-from): 
Let-bind query-replace-from-to-history to a list of FROM-TO strings created 
from query-replace-defaults and separated by query-replace-from-to-separator.  
Use it as the history while reading from the minibuffer.  Split the returned 
string by the separator to get FROM and TO  [...]
  discards  121ccd2   * net/tramp.el (tramp-check-cached-permissions): Include 
hop in the constructed Tramp file name.
  discards  499a7f1   * callproc.c (encode_current_directory): Encode dir at 
the end.
  discards  06ee88e   * lisp/emulation/cua-base.el (cua--select-keymaps): Use 
region-active-p. (cua-set-mark, 
cua--pre-command-handler-1,cua--post-command-handler-1): * 
lisp/emulation/cua-gmrk.el (cua-cancel-global-mark): Same.
  discards  2a1f6af   * src/callproc.c (encode_current_directory): Fix thinko 
in previous.
  discards  3946aeb   * src/keyboard.c: Call gui-set-selection instead of 
x-set-selection. * src/xdisp.c (window-scroll-functions): Improve docstring.
  discards  0e44a2d   Uniquify the 'size' symbol.
  discards  0565d1f   doc/misc/gnus.texi (HTML): Fix xref to EWW
  discards  5282dec   * callproc.c (encode_current_directory): Support handling 
of file names prepended by "/:".
  discards  fd16108   * files.el (file-name-non-special): Wrap the call of 
`insert-file-contents' by `unwind-protect', in order to set the buffer's file 
name anyway.
  discards  1c50b3a   Improve inhibiting of implied frame resizes.
  discards  a067ef9   doc/misc/{gnus.texi,gnus-faq.texi}: Add link to EWW manual
  discards  cd4776b   doc/misc/eww.texi: Fix a typo and improve wording of last 
  discards  9a51ab3   Backport from trunk documentation of shr-color-visible-* 
  discards  361ffe1   Document how to increase contrast in EWW/shr
  discards  b912aed   epg: Utilize --pinentry-mode added in GnuPG 2.1
  discards  dbae12c   epg: Adjust to GnuPG 2.1 key listing change
  discards  135a9f4   epg: Adjust to GnuPG 2.1 key listing change
  discards  10c5eac   * src/syntax.c (back_comment): Fix off-by-one error.
  discards  55ea575   package.el: Fix the last commit
  discards  4cd90e0   package.el: Display output sent to stderr, when 
verification failed
  discards  f374845   epg: Fix the last commit
  discards  577ef0b   * lisp/subr.el (pop): Don't call the getter twice.
  discards  4d5468e   * lisp/emacs-lisp/macroexp.el (macroexp--expand-all): 
Optimize away trivial uses of `funcall'.
  discards  9e48a95   epg: Improve error handling
  discards  5b9c3a5   * src/xgselect.c (xg_select): Use g_main_context_acquire.
  discards  e1418d0   * lisp/vc/vc/git.el: Fix previous. Move new code after 
vc-git-log-view-mode definition to avoid bootstrap error. Ref: 
  discards  8b86268   * lisp/vc/vc.el (vc-region-history): New command. 
(vc-print-log-internal): Use cl-some. * lisp/vc/vc-git.el 
(vc-git-region-history): New function. (vc-git-region-history-mode-map) 
(vc-git-region-history-font-lock-keywords): New vars. 
(vc-git-region-history-font-lock): New function. (vc-git-region-history-mode): 
New major mode.
  discards  cde44c6   Require subst-x only at compile-time
  discards  a263446   Backport fix to bug #18749 to Emacs-24 branch.
  discards  ceb7a7d   Fix wrong bound to c-font-lock-declarators.  Fixes bug 
#18948. progmodes/cc-fonts.el (c-font-lock-declarations): Pass "(point-max)" as 
bound to c-font-lock-declarators, not "limit", as the buffer is sometimes 
narrowed to less than "limit" (e.g., in the presence of macros).
  discards  1809052   * NEWS: Mention `url-user-agent'.
  discards  a7fde0e   url-http.el (url-user-agent): Add :version.
  discards  d9f7c52   url-http.el: introduce url-user-agent
  discards  bd02f3d   * net/tramp-adb.el (tramp-adb-handle-file-attributes): * 
net/tramp-gvfs.el (tramp-gvfs-handle-file-attributes): * net/tramp-sh.el 
(tramp-sh-handle-file-attributes): Return nil in case of errors.
  discards  076582f   * dired.c (Ffile_attributes): Return Qnil, if 
Fexpand_file_name raises an error.
  discards  eecd19c   Fix void-function string-trim error
  discards  5e28461   epg: Collect output lines sent to stderr
  discards  b6e66a5   Merge from emacs-24; up to 117669
  discards  ddce73d   Revert previous accidental commit
  discards  6a278b6   Merge from emacs-24; up to 117669
  discards  fdcbfea   * Makefile.in (install-info, uninstall): Use 
--no-print-directory. (QUIET_SUBMAKE): Remove.
  discards  58064b4   * Makefile.in (install-info, uninstall): Restore 
pre-2012-12-13  solution Do not merge to trunk.
  discards  6cd9d8c   * lisp/erc/erc.el (erc-send-input): Bind `str' 
  discards  a9f1618   Spelling fixes; tweak explanation of commit messages.
  discards  f3e25d6   * net/eww.el (eww): Trim URL with `string-trim'. 
Suggested by Vibhav Pant <address@hidden>.
  discards  a1740a1   Fix error messages from jit-stealth-lock when 
load-average returns nil.
  discards  b6ad705   * net/tramp-sh.el 
(tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-via-buffer): Don't use a local copy; setting 
`inhibit-file-name-handlers' proper might be more performant.
  discards  46fc78f   * lisp/mail/emacsbug.el (report-emacs-bug): Simplify 
interactive spec.
  discards  d236329   * lisp/mail/emacsbug.el (report-emacs-bug): No longer 
include recent-keys
  discards  15eb2ec   eww readability tweak
  discards  704da6e   shr typo fix from recent check-in
  discards  b0481eb   eww point positioning tweak
  discards  1ca31e8   Minor readability parsing issues with SVC images
  discards  50deba1   * lisp/emacs-lisp/byte-run.el (defun-declarations-alist): 
Fix compiler-macro autoloading when specified as a lambda. * 
lisp/emacs-lisp/edebug.el (edebug-safe-prin1-to-string): Assume that 
edebug-prin1-to-string already handles circularity.
  discards  772a965   Minor `shr-retransform-dom' fix
  discards  d94bc77   * lisp/simple.el (execute-extended-command--last-typed): 
New var. (read-extended-command): Set it. Don't complete obsolete commands. 
(execute-extended-command--shorter-1) (execute-extended-command--shorter): New 
functions. (execute-extended-command): Use them to suggest shorter names. 
(indicate-copied-region, deactivate-mark): Use region-active-p.
  discards  033b622   doc/misc/auth.texi (Help for users): Explain quoting 
rules better
  discards  41e9629   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-08-07T11:49:address@hidden
  discards  bd673cc   NEWS and comment trivia re crisp.el
  discards  303fd94   Remove `eww-colorize-region'
  discards  a3e8e50   eww compilation warning fix
  discards  39804c1   Make eww display PDFs inline
  discards  b318262   * INSTALL: Remove univeral binary section.
  discards  3247e0e   src/window.c (window_scroll_pixel_based): Fix a typo in a 
  discards  29a13e2   Fix minor issues with functions that dump glyph matrices.
  discards  6c5a32d   * net/tramp-sh.el 
(tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-via-buffer): Use a local copy of FILENAME, when 
it is remote.
  discards  d9079cf   * net/eww.el (eww-list-bookmarks): Autoload.
  discards  c33070f   * nsfns.m (ns_set_doc_edited): Check for FRAME_NS.
  discards  bd57ef3   Add missing ChangeLog entry from previous checkin
  discards  01af3a5   * net/shr.el (shr-retransform-dom): Allow several text 
  discards  ab657ba   Make titles in eww prettier
  discards  029788d   Fix `eww-display-html' bug when passed an explicit DOM
  discards  13375c1   Have `R' in eww save the history
  discards  54b3c98   Fix charset problems with the `R' command in eww
  discards  2e8259b   Add a new, somewhat experimental "readability" command to 
  discards  816cad6   Fix `eww-current-source' buffer confustion
  discards  27e4b2b   ChangeLog: Add bug numbers.
  discards  7e35a47   * net/eww.el (eww): Recognize colon-delimited IPv6 
  discards  cc63404   * net/eww.el (eww-submit): Encode empty form values as "".
  discards  7188af3   * net/eww.el (eww): Allow "file:/file/name" URLs.
  discards  49bb335   * net/eww.el (eww-mode-map): Remove mentions of 
  discards  860ae45   Fix memory leak
  discards  65bb8d0   * nsimage.m (ImageList, imageListNext, imageListSetNext:) 
(reference): Remove. (allocInitFromFile:): Remove searching ImageList and 
calling reference. (dealloc): Remove handling if ImageList.
  discards  f26d02a   Fix incorrect assertion
  discards  fce9e55   Fix bug #18897 with printing large objects from eieio.el.
  discards  d228120   * net/tramp-adb.el (tramp-adb-handle-process-file): Do 
not raise an error when the command fails; the return code must indicate. 
(tramp-adb-send-command-and-check): Fix docstring.
  discards  4a48e97   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pp.el (pp-macroexpand-expression): Use 
macroexpand-1. * lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el (emacs-lisp-macroexpand): Idem.
  discards  ee17a97b  sql.el (sql-mode-oracle-font-lock-keywords): Correct 
regexp syntax, add new keywords, and parse longer keywords first. 
(sql-redirect-one): Protect against empty command. (sql-mode, 
sql-interactive-mode): Set `custom-mode-group\' property
  discards  fcc5b48   * sql.el (sql-interactive-mode, sql-stop): Correct fix 
for Bug#16814 with let-bind of comint-input-ring variables around read and save 
  discards  bf7ded9   Clean up merge conflict.
  discards  b039c2e   * doc/emacs/programs.texi (Misc for Programs): Fix typo.
  discards  d5d8ca3   Merge from emacs-24; up to 117656
  discards  b99e8f8   ChangeLog simplification
  discards  e54c5e4   Fix ChangeLog typo
  discards  7a2d560   * net/tramp-cache.el (tramp-get-file-property) 
(tramp-set-file-property): Check, that `tramp-cache-get-count-*' and 
`tramp-cache-set-count-*' are bound.  Otherwise, there might be compiler 
  discards  f3f7acc   Make blink-parens work with a closing template delimiter. 
progmodes/cc-cmds.el (c-electric-lt-gt): Cause a redisplay before calling 
blink-paren-function, so as to apply syntax-table properties to the ">".
  discards  614beee   Ignore BUFFER_SWITCH_EVENT events for the purposes of 
  discards  85f20e4   Fix bug #18856 with failure to fontify compilation 
  discards  b14b7f4   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-send-command): Fix the case 
where the remote-echo connection property is non-nil.
  discards  ae5602c   Backport Tramp changes from trunk.
  discards  711066c   nsselect.m cleanup, remove unused, declare vars static.
  discards  722afca   * lisp/select.el (gui-get-selection): Comment: data-type 
ignored on NS.
  discards  f902d41   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  ce4670d   Correct name on yesterday's patch "Add "enum classs" 
support to C++ mode." to Daniel Colascione.
  discards  d87931d   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  d5262b3   * lisp/emacs-lisp/macroexp.el (macroexpand-1): New 
function. (macroexp--expand-all): Unrelated tweaks. * lisp/emacs-lisp/gv.el 
(gv-get): Use macroexpand-1.
  discards  62ee8b1   * lisp/simple.el (newline): Add assertions to try and 
help catch bug#18913.
  discards  4e0cc35   * macfont.m (macfont_glyph_extents): Turn off syntetic 
bold if force_integral_p (i.e. no antialias). (macfont_draw): Check 
ns_antialias_text, also turn off syntetic bold if no antialias.
  discards  95af181   * lisp/emulation/cua-base.el (cua-delete-region): Use 
delete-active-region. (cua--last-deleted-region-pos, 
cua--last-deleted-region-text): Remove.
  discards  08f5580   * emacs.c (main): Don't chdir to $HOME on Cocoa if 
--chdir was given.
  discards  b645a03   * font.c (copy_font_spec): Redesign to avoid Fcopy_alist 
and unnecessary initialization.  Adjust comments.
  discards  eeeaca5   admin/ChangeLog: Fix a typo.
  discards  b8ff3a9   Minor fixes in the changes in preparation for git 
  discards  15d0d8d   Yet another change for git migration backported from 
  discards  1ad9ad3   Backport from trunk more changes in preparation for git 
  discards  cac77f9   Backport changes in preparation for git migration from 
  discards  792faab   * lisp/progmodes/vhdl-mode.el: Doc grammar fixes.
  discards  0ebcd35   * etc/emacs.desktop: Add "Keywords".
  discards  12f12f9   * doc/man/emacsclient.1: Tiny markup fix
  discards  b77b925   * lisp/startup.el (command-line): Remove pointless 
attempt to avoid statting fs ; which expand-file-name doesn't even do.
  discards  7147768   Restore cua-delete-copy-to-register-0 and M-v command. * 
lisp/delsel.el (delete-selection-save-to-register) 
(delsel--replace-text-or-position): New vars. (delete-active-region): Use them. 
(delete-selection-repeat-replace-region): New command, moved from cua-base.el. 
* lisp/emulation/cua-base.el (cua--repeat-replace-text): Remove var. 
(cua-repeat-replace-region): Move command to delsel.el. (cua--init-keymaps): 
Update binding accordingly. (cua-mode): Set delete-selecti [...]
  discards  c465f1c   * nsfns.m (ns_set_doc_edited): Do all logic (check 
frames) here instead of in xdisp.c, function now takes void.
  discards  b7bf631   * nsfns.m (x_icon): icon_top/left is int.
  discards  b6a7474   Minor fix in bidi.c:bidi_cache_reset_to.
  discards  ff73c2c   Add "enum classs" support to C++ mode. 
progmodes/cc-langs.el (c-after-brace-list-decl-kwds) (c-after-brace-list-key): 
New language consts/variables. progmodes/cc-engine.el 
(c-looking-at-decl-block): Exclude spurious match of "enum struct" from 
decl-block recognition. (c-backward-colon-prefixed-type): New function. 
(c-backward-over-enum-header): Call above function to extend recognition of 
enum structure.
  discards  ff7ec46   * fontset.c (toplevel): Adjust comment to match 
2014-06-19 change.
  discards  66e773e   * xfaces.c (Finternal_set_lisp_face_attribute): Don't try 
to realize font on an initial frame when running as a daemon (Bug#18869).
  discards  de86a5c   Update some version numbers for trunk version change
  discards  fda2bc4   * src/unexmacosx.c (copy_data_segment): Port to GCC 4.6+ 
  discards  a060ebf   * NEWS: Remove items backported to NEWS.24
  discards  52b410c   Merge from emacs-24; up to 117634
  discards  237bf45   * lisp/progmodes/cc-defs.el (c--macroexpand-all): New 
function. (c-lang-defconst): * lisp/progmodes/cc-langs.el 
(c-make-init-lang-vars-fun): Use it.
  discards  6b3093b   ChangeLog date fix
  discards  dc8a585   NEWS fixes
  discards  e8ce549   * doc/misc/efaq.texi (Gnus does not work with NNTP): 
Remove; ancient
  discards  cc99f92   * lisp/net/rcirc.el (rcirc-fill-column): Unbump :version. 
A change in the possible :type with no change in the default does not merit a 
:version bump. Mark :risky.
  discards  fcc5032   * version.el (emacs-bzr-version, emacs-bzr-get-version): 
Revert 2014-10-26 change.
  discards  091d322   Fix bug #18874 with rgrep not obeying grep-scroll-output.
  discards  78d45b6   Port current-time change to XEmacs 21.4.
  discards  123ddec   Simplify use of current-time and friends.
  discards  14e5809   * net/rcirc.el (rcirc-fill-column): Use function. 
(rcirc-markup-fill): Remove adjustment.
  discards  3f3b46d   doc/misc/calc.texi (Quick Calculator): Mention prefix 
argument of `quick-calc'.
  discards  e4bf229   Allow any symbolic value for `rcirc-fill-column'.
  discards  45f0de5   xml.c:parse_region: Do not forget the first document 
  discards  205be08   Fix bug #18873 with non-ASCII characters in user's HOME 
  discards  7515423   [Backport] gnus.el 
(gnus-mode-line-buffer-identification): Don't add image data for a non-graphic 
display; Don't shadow load-path, it blocks autoloading of find-image (bug#18813)
  discards  48ec745   lisp/gnus/gnus.el (gnus-mode-line-buffer-identification): 
Don't add image data for a non-graphic display (bug#18813)
  discards  b13ccfc   [Backport] lisp/gnus/nnimap.el 
(nnimap-wait-for-response): Ignore NOOP response requested to keep connection 
  discards  ea1c65d   Guidance on commit-comment formats.
  discards  12983c7   More preparation for git tramsition.  Reorganize to 
sparate our dependencies.
  discards  f399929   * README.W32 (Preliminaries): Don't assume that this file 
is at the top level. (Setting up Emacs): Minor rewording to be more accurate.
  discards  2beeb6e   Fix some fallback values to conform to the actual release 
  discards  94004af   * README.W32 (Preliminaries): Don't assume that this file 
is at the top level. (Setting up Emacs): Minor rewording to be more accurate.
  discards  5a9bbd1   Neutralize language specific to a VCS type.
  discards  3c723fc   Neutralize labguage specific to a VCS type.
  discards  475e766   Fix bug #18839 with incorrect image size returned by 
  discards  6357aea   Neutralized language specific to a repository type.
  discards  fb85c18   Merge BRANCH into repo, because it belongs with the 
developer advice.  Also...
  discards  a4566ca   Neutralize some language specific to a repository type.
  discards  5070ebb   Rename the 'bzr' notes file to 'repo'.  For two reasons:
  discards  8e297e0   Looking for .bzr as a check for top-level directory will 
soon be a bad idea.
  discards  fe133ac   Neutralize some production names specific to a repository 
  discards  08072a4   Preparing foe git transition.
  discards  ed81dc6   Next binary distribution will not contain .bzrignore 
  discards  65e2cda   Neutralize language specific to a repository type.
  discards  5862e22   Anticipatory removal of some test data that will be 
obsolete shortly.
  discards  64d9c3f   Neutralize language specific to a repository type.
  discards  88a297f   Neutralize names specific to a repository type.
  discards  2a7753c   Neutralize language specific to a repository type.
  discards  c1609a8   Preparing for git transition; replace bzr-specific 
  discards  3abb316   * nsselect.m: pasteboard_changecount is new. 
(ns_store_pb_change_count, ns_get_pb_change_count) 
(ns_get_our_change_count_for): New functions. 
(ns_string_to_pasteboard_internal): Correct comment. type => gtype in eassert, 
Call ns_store_pb_change_count. (Fns_own_selection_internal): Remove data, use 
value. (Fns_disown_selection_internal, Fns_selection_owner_p): Replace 
Vselection_alist check, with change count check. (Fns_get_selection): 
Initialize val to Qnil.  Only g [...]
  discards  b5ea86d1  * net/tramp-gvfs.el (tramp-gvfs-methods-mounttracker) 
(tramp-gvfs-mountlocation-signature): Check `tramp-gvfs-enabled' during 
  discards  c286a3e   * ses.el (macroexp): add require for this package, so 
that function `ses--cell' gets macroexp-quote --- this change was supposed to 
be in my previous commit, but left out by mistake. (ses--cell): Do not make 
formula a macroexp-quote of value when value, not formula, is *skip*.
  discards  a91ff4f   Fix bug #18745 with invoking Windows batch files with 
embedded whitespace.
  discards  b5dc75a   * ses.el (macroexp): add require for this package, so 
that function `ses--cell gets macroexp-quote. (ses--cell): makes formula a 
macroexp-quote of value when formula is nil. The rationale of this changr is to 
allow in the future shorter SES files, e.g. we could have only `(ses-cell A1 
1.0)' instead of `(ses-cell A1 1.0 1.0 nil REFLIST)'. In such a case reference 
list REFLIST would be re-computed after load --- thus trading off load time 
against file size.
  discards  ac6839a   * lisp/term/ns-win.el (ns-store-cut-buffer-internal) 
(ns-copy-including-secondary): Use gui-set-selection.
  discards  7026b4d   A possible fix for bug #18815 with assertion violations 
in bidi.c.
  discards  3110159   Improve mouse dragging of frame edges.
  discards  9321c9c   lisp/gnus/ChangeLog (2014-10-24): Add bug#
  discards  73fd041   Improve documentation of faces in the user manual.
  discards  ec4f68b   lisp/gnus/gnus.el (gnus-mode-line-buffer-identification): 
Don't shadow load-path, it blocks autoloading of find-image (bug#18813)
  discards  53e1541   lisp/gnus/nnimap.el (nnimap-wait-for-response): Ignore 
NOOP response requested to keep connection open
  discards  01187cd   * lisp/cedet/semantic/complete.el: Require 
  discards  864d69a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el (cl-defstruct): Define an 
internal predicate even if :predicate was nil, for the benefit of typep. Record 
the name of the predicate for typep's use. (cl--make-type-test): Use pcase.  
Obey new cl-deftype-satisfies property.
  discards  e77628b   * lisp/epg.el: Use cl-defstruct. 
(epg-make-data-from-file, epg-make-data-from-string, epg-data-file) 
(epg-data-string): Define via cl-defstruct. (epg--gv-nreverse): New macro. 
(epg-context--make): New constructor (provided vi cl-defstruct). 
(epg-make-context): Rewrite using it. (epg-context-protocol, 
epg-context-program) (epg-context-home-directory, epg-context-armor, 
epg-context-textmode) (epg-context-include-certs, epg-context-cipher-algorithm) 
(epg-context-digest- [...]
  discards  9e147f7   Backport latest doc-view fix
  discards  894b567   Document in the user manual variables that allow 
pixelwise resizing.
  discards  ac0f1b8   Fix bug #18760 with incorrect decoding of tutorial for 
"About Emacs" screen.
  discards  19625ef   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el 
(byte-compile--use-old-handlers): Change default.
  discards  acc443a   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el: Require cl-extra. * 
lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-extra.el: Add missing provide.
  discards  f43d61f   Fix some doc-strings in frame.c (Bug#18789).
  discards  a55a730   * lisp/progmodes/cfengine.el (cfengine3-defun-full-re): 
New var. (cfengine3-create-imenu-index): Use it and use ` ' for separation. 
(cfengine3-current-defun): New function. (cfengine3-mode): Set 
  discards  285ac87   * Makefile.in (ACLOCAL_INPUTS): Omit unnecessary use of 
  discards  e5dc30b   * Makefile.in (${srcdir}/info/dir): Make sure info 
directory exists (backport)
  discards  78b215f   Fix race in 'make info/dir', and speed it up.
  discards  d361bcf   * lisp/select.el: Use lexical-binding. 
(gui-set-selection): Provide an implementation for non-GUI frames. * 
lisp/term/x-win.el: Use lexical-binding. (x-clipboard-yank): Fix up missed 
renamings. * lisp/term/w32-win.el (libgif-version, libjpeg-version): Silence 
compiler. (w32--set-selection): Fix up var names. * lisp/term/pc-win.el: Use 
lexical-binding. (w16-selection-exists-p): Silence compiler warning. 
(w16-selection-owner-p): Fix up missed renamings.
  discards  6a7884c   Fix bug #18778 with slow redisplay of bracketed L2R text 
with long lines.
  discards  97be2b8   etc/DEBUG: Improve instructions for debugging infinite 
  discards  be603ee   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-and-folded): 
Optimize case where all args are copyable. (=, <, >, <=, >=): Re-enable the 
  discards  36749d8   Improve viewing plain text contents of document
  discards  bdc9a8b   * configure.ac: Bump version to 24.4.51 to avoid 
ambiguity with the old trunk's 24.4.50.
  discards  8ae9147   Add two "+++"s to frame section of NEWS.
  discards  4b63c18   Rewrite "Size and Position" section in frames.texi.
  discards  1a7aa3c   * xdisp.c (erase_phys_cursor): Fix confusion between 
window-relative and text area-relative x-coordinates.  [Backport]
  discards  2498362   * xdisp.c (draw_glyphs): Set clipping to highlight 
boundaries.  [Backport]
  discards  18b8557   * lisp/mouse.el (mouse-drag-line): Use set-transient-map. 
(mouse--down-1-maybe-follows-link): Remove unused var `this-event'. 
(mouse-yank-secondary): Use gui-get-selection. 
(mouse--down-1-maybe-follows-link): Use read-key.
  discards  be5722e   Stop vc from burying buffers sometimes
  discards  acb965c   Bump Emacs version to 24.4.50.
  discards  a046b8d   Get rid of backend-dependent selection-handling functions 
for kill/yank and make it generic instead by relying on the lower-level 
selection management functions.
  discards  e5b3b7d   Handle wrapped menu bar lines when resizing frames with 
Windows API.
  discards  80aabe4   * lisp/net/newst-reader.el (newsticker--image-read): 
Simplify. (newsticker--icon-read): Use dolist and fix free var error.
  discards  e538605   * lisp/imenu.el (imenu--menubar-keymap): New var. 
(imenu-add-to-menubar): Set it to remember the keymap we used. 
(imenu-update-menubar): Use it instead of asking lookup-key.
  discards  eed18bf   Merge from emacs-24
  discards  739ba46   * lisp/vc/vc-hg.el (vc-hg-log-graph): New var. 
(vc-hg-print-log): Use it. (vc-hg-root-log-format): Include branch name and 
bookmarks; ignore graph output.
  discards  4ede14b   * lisp/vc/diff-mode.el (diff-refine-changed): Rename from 
`diff-refine-change' for consistency with `diff-changed'. (diff-refine-change): 
Add obsolete face alias. * lisp/vc/smerge-mode.el (smerge-refined-changed): 
Rename from `smerge-refined-change'. (smerge-refined-change): Add obsolete face 
alias. [Backport]
  discards  a8cab05   * lisp/url/url-vars.el (url-bug-address): Make into an 
obsolete alias. * lisp/url/url-http.el (url-http-handle-authentication): * 
lisp/url/url-news.el (url-news-fetch-message-id): Use M-x report-emacs-bug in 
help messages.  [Backport]
  discards  24421aa   * lisp/subr.el (call-process-shell-command, 
process-file-shell-command): Make the `args' obsolete. 
(start-process-shell-command, start-file-process-shell-command): Use `declare'.
  discards  531f56f   * lisp/skeleton.el (skeleton-autowrap): Mark as obsolete. 
  discards  3ac4e4c   * lisp/dired.el (dired-read-regexp): Make obsolete.  
[Backport] (dired-mark-files-regexp, dired-mark-files-containing-regexp) 
(dired-flag-files-regexp): * lisp/dired-aux.el (dired-mark-read-regexp): * 
lisp/dired-x.el (dired-mark-unmarked-files): Use read-regexp directly.
  discards  c9f7e33   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (inferior-python-mode): Use 
  discards  3b1f2e0   * list/emulation/viper: Add some FIXME comments.
  discards  2d8e7d1   * doc/misc/eieio.texi (Accessing Slots, CLOS 
compatibility): Adjust wording since `setf' is in core rather than in CL 
  discards  3e78070   * lisp/Makefile.in (AUTOGEN_VCS): Remove 
emulation/tpu-edt.el.  [Backport]
  discards  9d98215   * erc/erc-track.el: Docstring fixes.
  discards  ef65424   Make most emulation packages obsolete.  [Backport]
  discards  d9a7291   * src/minibuf.c (history-length): Increase default from 
30 to 100. * lisp/cus-start.el (history-length): Bump :version.  [Backport]
  discards  1fc82d8   * lisp/obsolete/cc-compat.el: Make obsolete.
  discards  1c9c88b   * lisp/epg-config.el (epg-gpg-program): Don't use the 
absolute names by default.
  discards  290d4b5   * src/xdisp.c (redisplay_window): Re-run 
pre-redisplay-function after we move point.
  discards  8a85c25   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-28T06:28:address@hidden
  discards  9d9bcb5   Newsticker: fix broken image download via url-retrieve, 
  discards  d20b72d   Restore temporarily reverted bytecomp change
  discards  83bad90   Add 24.4 release ChangeLog entries
  discards  56dfc81   * objects.texi (Type Predicates): Don't mention 
  discards  dfccf2f   Temporarily revert previous bytecomp change
  discards  1e6e7f3   Newsticker: fix broken image download via url-retrieve.
  discards  bc0e9e4   * lisp/textmodes/css-mode.el (scss-mode): New major-mode. 
(css-mode-syntax-table): Use d style comment, to ease the scss case. 
(css-ident-re): Allow things like @-moz-keyframes. (scss--hash-re): New const. 
(css--font-lock-keywords): New function, extracted from css-font-lock-keywords. 
(css-font-lock-keywords): Use it. (scss-mode-syntax-table, 
scss-font-lock-keywords): New vars. (scss-smie--not-interpolation-p): New 
function. (css-smie--forward-token, css-smie--backwa [...]
  discards  57fe163   Spelling and grammar fixes in comments.
  discards  41e856b   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (=, <, >, <=, >=): Don't 
optimize multi-arg case.
  discards  d4107b0   Fix spelling error.
  discards  a7bbb82   src/ChangeLog: Remove stray duplicate entry.
  discards  b9bdab7   * gtkutil.c (create_dialog): Don't use 
gtk_dialog_get_action_area on Gt+ >= 3.12, or gtk_misc_set_alignment on Gtk+ >= 
3.14. (make_widget_for_menu_item): Don't use gtk_misc_set_alignment on Gtk+ >= 
3.14 (Bug#18674). (update_frame_tool_bar): Don't use  gtk_misc_set_padding on 
Gtk+ >= 3.14 (Bug#18674).
  discards  5e33446   * src/xterm.c (handle_one_xevent): Check return value 
from x_handle_net_wm_state, remove net_wm_state_hidden_seen. 
(get_current_wm_state): Remove net_wm_state_hidden_seen setting.
  discards  9932966   * NEWS: Teroffs and detachable tool bar for Gtk+ is gone.
  discards  8259e90   Newsticker: Show feedicons in treeview.  Small fix in 
opml export.
  discards  58af643   * gtkutil.c (create_dialog): Don't use 
gtk_dialog_get_action_area on Gt+ >= 3.12, or gtk_misc_set_alignment on Gtk+ >= 
3.14. (make_widget_for_menu_item): Don't use gtk_misc_set_alignment on Gtk+ >= 
3.14 (Bug#18674). (update_frame_tool_bar): Don't use  gtk_misc_set_padding on 
Gtk+ >= 3.14 (Bug#18674).
  discards  821339c   Merge from gnulib.
  discards  2653318   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio: A bit more cleanup, removing 
compat code.
  discards  4e94689   * gtkutil.c: Remove no-longer-used code.
  discards  6e5ff61   * cus-start.el (x-gtk-whole-detached-tool-bar): Remove.
  discards  ac225d2   * xfns.c (syms_of_xfns): Remove 
  discards  3f4c6d5   Handle deprecated Gtk+ stuff for version <= 3.10
  discards  a4c80e3   A better fix for drawing hollow cursor on X on 1-pixel 
thin space characters.
  discards  6b247d2   Fix bidi reordering of bracket characters in isolates.
  discards  b5e7186   Add support for canonically equivalent bracket characters.
  discards  1c39638   Move cache retrieval on forwards scans to 
  discards  605cfb8   Check that a "macro" found near point-min isn't a ## 
operator.  Fixes bug #18749. progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-macro-is-genuine-p): New 
function. (c-beginning-of-macro): Use the above new function.
  discards  0223090   Fix processing of brackets in isolates and crash in 
  discards  4b6d6e6   Ensure 8-byte stack alignment in w32select's callback.
  discards  6c854f0   net/gnutls.el: pass correct data to `gnutls-boot'.
  discards  427c362   Add a 'big-indent style to `whitespace-mode'.
  discards  774da90   Mention new whitespace-mode option: big-indent.
  discards  67ac6d6   * configure.ac: Simplify OS X $canonical tests.
  discards  1a1f880   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-28T02:47:address@hidden
  discards  9b4fdfd   Regenerate ldefs-boot
  discards  5d06860   Fix lisp/ChangeLog entry added in 
  discards  e31f014   tildify.el (tildify--pick-alist-entry): rename from 
  discards  cacd5c3   Fix display on X of 1-pixel R2L characters.
  discards  9425017   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-base.el: Use lexical-binding and 
cl-lib. * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el: Use lexical-binding and cl-lib. 
(list-of): New type. (eieio--typep): Remove. (eieio-perform-slot-validation): 
Use cl-typep instead. * lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio.el: Use lexical-binding drop 
non-GV fallback. (defclass, defgeneric, defmethod): Add doc-string position. 
(with-slots): Require cl-lib. * lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-macs.el 
(cl--make-type-test): Avoid ((lambda ..) ..).
  discards  6743c19   Bump version to 24.4 Regenerate ldefs-boot and AUTHORS
  discards  60727a5   lisp/gnus/message.el (message-insert-signature): Make 
signature respect format=flowed
  discards  417cf67   lisp/gnus/gnus-icalendar.el: Support vcal format timezones
  discards  01c1b1a   Trigger showing when point is in the "periphery" of a 
line or just inside a paren. paren.el (show-paren-style, show-paren-delay) 
(show-paren-priority, show-paren-ring-bell-on-mismatch): Remove superfluous 
:group specifications. (show-paren-when-point-inside-paren) 
(show-paren-when-point-in-periphery): New customizable variables. 
(show-paren-highlight-openparen): Make into a defcustom. 
(show-paren--unescaped-p, show-paren--categorize-paren) 
(show-paren--locate-near-pa [...]
  discards  e72f519   * files.el (auto-mode-alist): Use javascript-mode for 
.jsm        (bug #18719).
  discards  62e3f36   Pre-load uni-brackets.el, which is always needed for 
  discards  19068c1   Fix a typo in a comment.
  discards  e23e97d   Cherry-pick a fix from trunk; fix level handling in 
  discards  40018ff   src/bidi.c (bidi_find_bracket_pairs): Avoid a loop that 
does nothing useful.
  discards  10471ae   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-27T18:05:address@hidden
  discards  affeda3   Tabify recent ChangeLog change
  discards  8d7ee48   * NEWS: Mention multipart/related.
  discards  bcb7ccd   * lisp/cedet/semantic/wisent/comp.el (wisent-defcontext): 
Move declarations outside of eval-when-compile.  Use `declare'. 
(wisent-with-context): Add `defvar' declarations in case this macro is used in 
a file compiled with lexical-binding. (wisent-semantic-action-expand-body): 
Avoid add-to-list on local var.
  discards  efd91b5   * bidi.c (bidi_find_bracket_pairs): Initialize local var.
  discards  290569d   * configure.ac: Move the OSX 10.6 test.
  discards  1c54bb8   * .bzrignore: Add uni-brackets.el.
  discards  dcdf2bd   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el (global-eldoc-mode): Enable by 
default. Remove incorrect handling of eldoc-print-after-edit. 
(eldoc-message-commands, eldoc-last-data): Use defvar. * lisp/loadup.el 
(emacs-lisp/eldoc): Load it. * src/lisp.mk (lisp): Add emacs-lisp/eldoc.elc.
  discards  f65b226   src/ChangeLog: Fix a typo.
  discards  8d56586   * lisp/progmodes/m4-mode.el (m4-syntax-propertize): New 
var. (m4-mode): Use it. (m4--quoted-p): New function. (m4-font-lock-keywords): 
Don't handle #..\n comments any more. (m4-mode-syntax-table): Use punctuation 
syntax (according to m4 manual) for most special characters.
  discards  d7b6011   * lisp/progmodes/compile.el 
(compilation--previous-directory): Simplify. (compilation-next-error): Ensure 
the parse before we look at compilation-message property.
  discards  e68b715   cus-edit.el (custom-command-apply): Specify the return 
value in the doc string. (Custom-reset-standard): Save custom-file (e.g. 
.emacs) only when custom-command-apply has returned non-nil.
  discards  ed7ebd9   Update the bidirectional reordering engine for Unicode 
6.3 and 7.0.
  discards  0b4d6d3   Avoid unwanted point motion in Fline_beginning_position. 
* lisp.h (scan_newline_from_point): Add prototype. * search.c 
(scan_newline_from_point): New function, refactored from... * cmds.c 
(Fforward_line): ...adjusted user. * editfns.c (Fline_beginning_position): Use 
scan_newline_from_point and simplify the former since the latter doesn't move 
  discards  b8ec977   Merge from trunk.
  discards  48af586   Fix initialization of flags when pushing BPA stack.
  discards  4669732   Rewrote bracket resolution to match subtleties of 
Reference Implementation.
  discards  55aa966   Rewrite ChangeLog release notes to be less confusing
  discards  73d4c39   * nextstep/README: Move most contents into INSTALL. 
Remove license notice from file, since it is now trivial.
  discards  c1cd371   * admin/notes/versioning: Relocate and rewrite.
  discards  12e8ede   Remove some admin/notes files
  discards  0b29869   * README: Remove some unnecessary detail.
  discards  83e1e4d   * INSTALL: Remove the "by hand" sections. No-one needs to 
know those details, and this file is too long already.
  discards  924a09e   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-27T09:41:address@hidden
  discards  6d81466   * lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp.el (lisp--local-variables-1): 
Handle `quote'. Backported.
  discards  10fff83   * lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el 
(elisp--local-variables-1): Handle quoted expressions.
  discards  643b1e9   * lisp/erc/erc-track.el (erc-modified-channels-display): 
Update mode line more frequently.
  discards  fcb11ae   lisp/gnus/gnus-start.el: Optionally check the newsrc.eld 
file's timestamp before saving it
  discards  e01955d   More INSTALL trivia
  discards  ad7abc3   INSTALL trivia.
  discards  1d4795e   Fix display of R2L entries in tabulated-list-mode.
  discards  e3060a0   Merge from trunk and resolve conflicts.
  discards  1a3eca0   Fix etc/tutorials/TUTORIAL.he, again.
  discards  3e19f95   * etc/NXML-NEWS: Add standard copyright and license 
  discards  980d78b   * configure.ac: Require OSX >= 10.6 even if --with-ns is 
not given.
  discards  b7e6292   Fix resolution of neutrals that came out of the cache.
  discards  3fe73df   Implement inhibit-bidi-mirroring; improve biditest.el.
  discards  bb75cdf   Cleanup terminal handling code. * dispextern.h 
(get_named_tty): Remove prototype but... * termhooks.h (get_named_terminal): 
...resurrect it under more meaningful name. (get_terminal): Likewise, but 
with... (decode_live_terminal): ...this name. (decode_tty_terminal): Add 
prototype. * term.c (get_tty_terminal): Remove. (get_named_tty): Remove. 
(Ftty_display_color_p, Ftty_display_color_cells, Ftty_type) 
(Fcontrolling_tty_p, Fsuspend_tty, Fresume_tty): Use decode_tty_ter [...]
  discards  5fa75d8   * net/tramp-sh.el 
(tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell): Reduce the amount of set 
environment variable commands.
  discards  c1621a4   Increase 'level' in glyph struct; convert bad type aborts 
into assertions.
  discards  3f8c645   * configure.ac: apple-darwin powerpc is unported.
  discards  2cae863   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-27T01:00:address@hidden
  discards  440cb8f   Tweak previous authors.el change
  discards  7dbd8a2   Small authors.el updates
  discards  2bcc04b   ChangeLog fix
  discards  212ecd4   Fix org/ChangeLog wrt latest Org Sync.
  discards  2b882ee   Fix bug #18699 with startup aborts of 32-bit MinGW64 
  discards  a3c88bc   Remove unneeded directional marks from etc/HELLO.
  discards  5b6bb75   Fix commentary to last commit.
  discards  d6eeb62   Fix display of LRI, RLI, and FSI by 'C-x ='.
  discards  e5500a9   Fixed BPA stack overflow and infloop with nested brackets.
  discards  b8140e6   Fix display of TUTORIA.he jumbled by BPA.
  discards  0c26561   Update NEWS and lispref docs.
  discards  07bcae0   * NEWS: Move and clarify OSX >= 10.6.
  discards  7410c4e   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-26T12:14:address@hidden
  discards  be3e1b6   Update doc/ make dist rules
  discards  b1d5ab0   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-26T11:58:address@hidden
  discards  e175fab   Sync Org 8.2.10
  discards  ec11ab9   * editfns.c (dump_tz_string): No longer const.
  discards  cc541e5   Spelling fixes.
  discards  2222349   * admin/make-tarball.txt: Small additions.
  discards  dfbb4d5   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-get-remote-id): Check also for 
  discards  41d384f   Ignore test/biditest.txt.
  discards  80b2019   * nsmenu.m (clear): Assume OS X 10.6 or later.
  discards  84e5bb9   Fix bidi_cache_find when NEUTRALS_OK is false; RLI no 
longer aborts.
  discards  942ba67   Refactored saving prev info, resolve_neutrals, and 
high-level cache access.
  discards  b1be0ed   Fix import completion.
  discards  b73d3f5   Update doc to say Mac OS X 10.6 or later now required.
  discards  9a26558   Require OSX >= 10.6.  Remove PowerPC unexec code.
  discards  4c4c5b9   Fix putenv race conditions with undefined behavior.
  discards  a9789a1   Merge Org 8.2.9
  discards  c1ec59d   Fix ns-use-fullscreen-animation again...  add boolean.
  discards  f98021b   * cus-start.el (all): Add missing ns to 
  discards  20f02f2   * configure.ac (LD_SWITCH_SYSTEM_TEMACS) [CYGWIN]: Set 
stack size to 8 MB.  (Bug#18438)
  discards  541961c   Fix last change
  discards  217f4ee   * progmodes/cfengine.el (cfengine3-defuns, 
cfengine3-vartypes): Use strings. (cfengine3-create-imenu-index): New function. 
(cfengine3-mode): Use it for `imenu-create-index-function'. 
(cfengine-auto-mode): Improve and prefer cfengine3-mode when buffer is empty.
  discards  4d5fab6   Reset bracket_resolved bit earlier; remove bytepos from 
  discards  8cc6103   Rename type_after_w1 into type_after_wn.
  discards  4eb60cd   Reset the bracket_resolved flag before advancing to next 
  discards  b34cba3   * cus-start.el (all): Add ns-use-fullscreen-animation.
  discards  da373d7   Fix mailaddress
  discards  1badfce   Fix mailaddress.
  discards  ab7af02   Drop support for deprecated (since 23.1) forms of 
  discards  390c2f3   Fix port to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD 7 (wheezy).
  discards  244a462   * lisp/erc/erc.el: Fix paren typo in previous.
  discards  70939d8   Fix assertion violations due to unresolvable neutrals in 
  discards  43f5299   Only initialize erc-last-saved-position if not already a 
  discards  f5f949f   * lisp/window.el (temp-buffer-window-show): Make BUFFER a 
required arg.
  discards  f6d76d1   Fixed crash at startup by starting bidi_bracket_type_t 
from 1, not zero.
  discards  28c3bdd   [maint] Start Emacs versioning doc; nfc.
  discards  4b9d951   * lisp/progmodes/bat-mode.el (bat-font-lock-keywords): 
Fix \\<_ typo. Reported by Arni Magnusson <address@hidden>. * 
lisp/progmodes/prolog.el (prolog-electric--underscore): Same.
  discards  a27cd28   * lisp/select.el (gui-selection-exists-p-alist): New 
method. * lisp/menu-bar.el (menu-bar-edit-menu, clipboard-yank): * 
lisp/simple.el (deactivate-mark): Use it. * lisp/term/x-win.el 
(gui-selection-exists-p): * lisp/term/w32-win.el (gui-selection-exists-p): * 
lisp/term/pc-win.el (gui-selection-exists-p): * lisp/term/ns-win.el 
(gui-selection-exists-p): Provide a backend instance.
  discards  cd0351b   Allow Info-fontify-maximum-menu-size to specify unlimited
  discards  dcc327d   * lisp/info.el (Info-fontify-maximum-menu-size): Bump to 
  discards  18e91e6   Added BPA.  Emacs aborts at startup.
  discards  ad1abab   * doc/emacs/help.texi: Avoid overfull hbox.
  discards  7b9ecf7   * doc/lispref/control.texi: Avoid overfull hbox.
  discards  52b16eb   * doc/lispref/elisp.texi (DATE): Bump to October 2014. I 
still have no idea what this is for, but newer is better!
  discards  078c4dc   Spelling fixes.
  discards  d7a6097   * src/frame.c (Fmouse_pixel_position): Call 
  discards  8881986   * lisp.h (USE_STACK_STRING): Now true only if USE_STACK 
  discards  32ade3f   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-22T06:37:address@hidden
  discards  fdcb060   * lisp/frame.el (make-frame): Use t rather than nil for 
  discards  b403033   * NEWS: Mention optional arg to terpri and new cl-lib 
  discards  942a57a   * doc/lispref/frames.texi: Tweak previous tweaks.
  discards  01058f7   Doc tweaks
  discards  2dbd7a3   Enhance terpri to allow conditionally output a newline
  discards  285dc43   * lisp/frame.el: Fix doc typo in previous
  discards  289a439   * cal-x.el (calendar-dedicate-diary): Drop support for 
deleted aliases.
  discards  97272da   * lisp/progmodes/cfengine.el 
(cfengine3-make-syntax-cache): Always return a syntax.  Replace 
call-process-shell-command with process-file.  Ensure 
cfengine-mode-syntax-functions-regex is always set.  Ensure cache when 
cfengine-cf-promises fails.
  discards  c35e776   Fix bug #18649 with handling C-g on MS-Windows in -nw 
  discards  c7bfd98   doc/lispref/frames.texi: (Multiple Terminals): Fix last 
  discards  d295469   Accept terminal devices on MS-Windows in APIs that accept 
frame or display.
  discards  28ec0a8   Fix bug #18636 with documentation of multi-monitor 
  discards  a704403   Fix bug #18610 with crashes when visiting files with ESC 
and 8-bit bytes.
  discards  23755ba   * admin/unidata/Makefile.in: Check for deleted uni- 
files. (all): Use unifiles rather than charprop.el. (FORCE): New variable and 
phony rule. (${unidir}/charprop.el): Respect FORCE. (unifiles): New rule.
  discards  8ca8fde   Fix bug #18650 with warning about zlib when loading 
  discards  5bdd495   * font.c (Ffont_get_glyphs): Use validate_subarray and 
fix the case where an optional string is used.  Adjust docstring.
  discards  5571633   admin/unidata/Makefile.in small cleanup
  discards  3eb1d3a   * lisp/font-lock.el (font-lock-fontify-buffer): Fix 
interactive-only markup.
  discards  dd7023e   Sync with upstream verilog-mode revision c075a492
  discards  83f0467   lisp/gnus/gnus-icalendar.el (gnus-icalendar-identities): 
Include message-alternative-emails
  discards  ceea537   Fix "make docs" failure
  discards  3ef041a   * lisp/term/w32-win.el: Move all code from 
32-common-fns.el here. (gui-select-text, gui-selection-value): Use w32 handlers 
in the w32 console as well. * lisp/w32-common-fns.el: Remove. * lisp/loadup.el: 
Don't load w32-common-fns.el. * w32-fns.elc: Don't require w32-common-fns. * 
src/lisp.mk (lisp): Remove w32-common-fns.elc.
  discards  71785ae   * lisp/icomplete.el: Move Iswitchb autoload here.  Much 
simpler. * lisp/Makefile.in (obsolete-autoloads): Remove. (AUTOGENEL): Remove 
obsolete/loaddefs.el. * lisp/loadup.el: Don't load obsolete/loaddefs.el. * 
lisp/obsolete/iswitchb.el (iswitchb-mode): Use normal autoload cookie. Remove 
redundant obsolescence thingy.
  discards  87666a0   * lisp/Makefile.in (obsolete-autoloads): Write to a 
separate file, to workaround autoloads bug. (AUTOGENEL): Add 
  discards  e76955c   In term-window-width subtract 1 from width when any 
fringe has zero width. (Bug#18601)
  discards  da55eda   * package.texi (Package Menu): Package list was changed 
to not say "unsigned"
  discards  102c5a3   * lisp/menu-bar.el (menu-bar-games-menu): Remove 
landmark. It's not a game you can play, and is of no interest to the casual 
browser. It was broken for years and no-one even noticed. Ref: 
  discards  971113a   * configure.ac: Add -Wno-string-plus-int for clang.
  discards  195c5c4   * imenu.el (imenu): Re-write for clarity.
  discards  3f65970   Remove calendar code obsolete since at least version 23.1
  discards  918b5de   * keyboard.c (Qleft, Qright): Remove duplicate 
  discards  d589d25   Fix disable toolbar for GNUStep.
  discards  223ed51   * nsfont.m (nsfont_draw): Use CGFloat for GNUstep newer 
than 0.23.
  discards  249635f   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-21T01:34:address@hidden
  discards  6e604a8   * nsterm.m (ns_draw_window_cursor): Adjust y for hbar 
cursor only if smaller than line height (Bug#17977).
  discards  08f27aa   * nsterm.m (ns_select, ns_read_socket): Use 
unwind_protect to decrease apploopnr.
  discards  47232a2   * NEWS: Mention ns-use-fullscreen-animation.
  discards  7326779   Add ns-use-fullscreen-animation for non-native fullscreen 
on NS.
  discards  6a4b1b1   Import from macoport 24.3.94.
  discards  21c1abc   coding.c (detect_coding_iso_2022): Fix previous change.
  discards  1943141   coding.c (detect_coding_iso_2022): Set coding->rejected 
correctly when an invalid escape sequence is found (Bug#18610).
  discards  c938c07   * imenu.el (imenu-default-goto-function): Fix typo.
  discards  1dad5c7   lisp/gnus/nnimap.el (nnimap-process-expiry-targets): 
Reverse the list of expired messages only when it was built in reverse order
  discards  e59070b   lisp/gnus/gnus-delay.el (gnus-delay-send-queue): Remove 
`gnus-delay-header' last so it can be used in `message-send-hook'
  discards  27da1ac   Add NEWS entry form ntlm.el change
  discards  87318e3   * lisp/net/ntlm.el (ntlm-build-auth-request): Add NTLM2 
Session support.
  discards  9ed4c74   * apropos.el (apropos-symbols-internal): Avoid error with 
non-symbol properties.
  discards  8d035a6   * admin/authors.el (authors-renamed-files-alist): Add 
  discards  cf7a4a0   Merge package-x-test.el into package-test.el, to avoid 
running tests twice
  discards  b2ee3a2   * lisp/startup.el (command-line): Handle altered 
user-emacs-directory in load-path warning.
  discards  12c9762   doc/emacs small markup fixes
  discards  5824289   Move SOS calculation into push/pop embedding level; fix 
N1/N2 w/isolates.
  discards  07e80da   Fix Gtk+ tearoff not present on Customize Emacs and not 
at menu top.
  discards  16f5483   Fixed a crash in 'C-x =' and in RLE followed by PDF; 
fixed 'C-x =' display.
  discards  3c6ba8b   Add documentation for horizontal scroll bars and fix some 
minor issues.
  discards  cebc89e   * lisp/files.el (auto-mode-alist): Use sh-mode for .zsh 
  discards  d311e8d   * configure.ac: Silence warning with some old Xrandr.h.
  discards  1050188   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-20T16:14:address@hidden
  discards  9352c14   * doc/lispref/commands.texi (Generic Commands): Copyedits.
  discards  93e408d   * doc/misc/vip.texi (Other Vi Commands): Markup fix.
  discards  e2634d9   Small copyedits for doc/lispref
  discards  fc7db70   Small doc/ fixes re @var usage.
  discards  b7529d9   * doc/lispref/windows.texi (Window Sizes, Resizing 
Windows): Copyedits.
  discards  03c4553   Merge trivially safe differences from standalone CC-mode. 
* lisp/progmodes/cc-mode.el (c-initialize-cc-mode): Don't quote a symbol just 
to then pass it to `symbol-value'. (prog-mode): Provide fallback definition, if 
needed. * lisp/progmodes/cc-langs.el: Always load `cl'.  Don't load `cl-lib'. 
Remove "cl-" prefix accordingly. * lisp/progmodes/cc-fonts.el 
(c-font-lock-invalid-string): Use integerp or characterp depending on the type 
of characters. (c-font-lock-enum-tai [...]
  discards  94ab176   * lisp/erc/erc.el (erc-channel-receive-names): Silence 
compiler warning. (address@hidden, erc-update-modes): Idem.
  discards  62cd884   Doc tweaks re multi-monitor
  discards  1a06ba3   doc/emacs copyedits re rectangle-mark-mode
  discards  cb32504   * lisp/progmodes/python.el: Avoid building unneeded 
markers. (python-font-lock-keywords, python-indent-dedent-line) 
(python-fill-paren, python-shell-completion-complete-or-indent): Prefer point 
over point-marker. (inferior-python-mode): Remove redundant completion settings.
  discards  6382f0a   Fixed handling of LRI, RLI, and FSI. Scrolled 
successfully through the entire biditest.txt file. The parentheses are still 
not implemented.
  discards  259a0b6   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-17T10:18:address@hidden
  discards  caafef5   ChangeLog fixes
  discards  2ae68b8   ChangeLog merge fix Yet another unlabelled backport.
  discards  b324e68   ChangeLog fix
  discards  79a9005   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-16T17:06:address@hidden
  discards  3ef486a   ChangeLog fixes
  discards  3df14aa   A few tiny doc/ copyedits.
  discards  c799337   Fix vc-svn-ignore
  discards  09ca952   doc/misc/erc.texi (Connecting): Remove stray "OA" that 
failed the manual build.
  discards  f0848fa   Updating ERC documentation
  discards  efb615a   erc.el (erc-rename-buffers): Use defcustom instead of 
  discards  f63bd04   Mention `frame-resize-pixelwise' to make frames truly 
fullscreen or maximized.
  discards  a81e5de   Sync with Org 8.2.8.
  discards  955d5d0   * fileio.c (emacs_readlinkat, Finsert_file_contents): * 
w32fns.c, xfns.c (x_create_tip_frame): Use AUTO_STRING.
  discards  6846b00   Consistently use min and max macros from lisp.h. * 
coding.c (min, max): * font.c (MAX): * unexhp9k800.c (min): * unexw32.c (min, 
max): Use definitions from lisp.h. * regex.c (MAX, MIN) [!emacs]: Define own 
max and min as such. Adjust users. * gmalloc.c (min): Tiny style change.
  discards  e197284   * font.c (font_list_entities): Do not add empty vector to 
font cache. (font_matching_entity): Likewise.  If matching entity is found, 
insert 1-item vector with this entity instead of an entity itself (Bug#17125).
  discards  11bd10a   Fix x-focus-frame bug with "Not an in-range integer".
  discards  7118822   * lisp/select.el: Add commentary discussion.
  discards  d6f8fef   New gui-selection-value consolidating x-selection-value. 
* lisp/select.el (gui-selection-value-alist): New method. 
(gui-selection-value): New function. (x-selection-value): Make it an obsolete 
alias. * lisp/simple.el (interprogram-paste-function): Default to 
gui-selection-value. * lisp/w32-common-fns.el (w32-get-selection-value): 
Simplify. (x-selection-value): Remove alias. (interprogram-paste-function): 
Don't set. (gui-selection-value): Define for w32. * lisp/term/x [...]
  discards  f0db348   * lisp/vc/vc-svn.el (vc-svn-after-dir-status): Fix the 
non-remote regexp, similarly to Roger's 2010-06-12 change for the remote change.
  discards  f0da11b   * lisp/term/ns-win.el: Add functions to ns frame, not x 
  discards  6d5bb00   * configure.ac: Port to strict POSIX shells on non-MinGW.
  discards  f3c69fb   * erc.el (erc-nick-at-point): Fix format-string typo 
  discards  a7f5d04   * lisp/obsolete/lucid.el (read-number): Remove, 
redundant. * lisp/obsolete/cl-compat.el (cl-floor, cl-ceiling, cl-round, 
cl-truncate): Remove, broken.
  discards  253428c   src/dispnew.c (adjust_decode_mode_spec_buffer): Use 'int' 
instead of 'ssize_t'.
  discards  d7f413b   Merge from emacs-24
  discards  3d900a8   Fix bug #18584 with assertion violations while scrolling.
  discards  8eb61e5   * alloc.c (mark_overlay): Assume that overlay boundaries 
are always markers.  Add comment. * lread.c (read_internal_start): Use 
convenient validate_subarray. Adjust docstring. (Fread_from_string): Adjust 
  discards  1c14255   * lisp/frame.el: Use lexical-binding. (make-frame): Use t 
rather than nil for tty's window-system. * lisp/startup.el (command-line): Use 
  discards  4ea7bee   * simple.el (deactivate-mark): Fix typo.
  discards  b861616   * src/lisp.h: Fix up compilation for 
  discards  64a67db   Use local variable to determine if buffers should be 
  discards  3af2917   Do not reset input ring if one exists
  discards  5f8947c   Rotate etc/NEWS files for version 25
  discards  31300be   Consolidate management/ownership of selections. * 
lisp/select.el (gui-get-selection-alist): New method. (gui-get-selection): Use 
it.  Rename from x-get-selection. (x-get-selection): Define as obsolete alias. 
(x-get-clipboard): Mark obsolete. (gui-get-primary-selection): New function. 
(x-get-selection-value): Mark obsolete. (gui-own-selection-alist, 
gui-disown-selection-alist) (gui-selection-owner-p-alist): New methods. 
(gui-set-selection): Use them.  Rename from x-se [...]
  discards  c7c0acd   Add missing name to Changelog.
  discards  2f990ea   calc/calc-help.el (calc-describe-thing): Quote strings 
which could look like regexps.
  discards  ef9bcf3   Bump version to 24.3.94; regenerate ldefs-boot and AUTHORS
  discards  801e7c2   ChangeLog whitespace trivia
  discards  c8ea4b9   * package.el (package-import-keyring): Create gnupg 
directory private. See bug#17625#155.
  discards  2ff7916   * emacs/package.texi (Package Installation): Mention 
  discards  e694e2a   package-test tweaks for hydra
  discards  850fe80   Commit forgotten ChangeLog files
  discards  a8b36b9   Consolidate x-select-text. * lisp/frame.el (gui-method, 
gui-method-define, gui-method-declare) (gui-call): New macros. 
(gui-method--name): New function. (frame-creation-function-alist): Use 
gui-method-declare. (make-frame): Use gui-method. * lisp/select.el 
(gui-select-enable-clipboard): Rename from x-select-enable-clipboard and move 
here. (x-select-enable-clipboard): Define as obsolete alias. 
(gui-last-selected-text): New var, to replace x-last-selected-text. (gui-se 
  discards  c59ef5e   Improve doc for use of 'int', and discuss 'ssize_t'.
  discards  335e962   * xfaces.c (Finternal_set_lisp_face_attribute): Added 
FIXME comment.
  discards  e2e773b   * xfaces.c (Finternal_set_lisp_face_attribute): Don't try 
to make a font_object from a tty frame.
  discards  a57fa964  * lisp/subr.el (alist-get): New accessor. * 
lisp/emacs-lisp/gv.el (alist-get): Provide expander. * lisp/winner.el 
(winner-remember): * lisp/tempo.el (tempo-use-tag-list): * 
lisp/progmodes/gud.el (minor-mode-map-alist): * lisp/international/mule-cmds.el 
(define-char-code-property): * lisp/frameset.el (frameset-filter-params): * 
lisp/files.el (dir-locals-set-class-variables): * lisp/register.el 
(get-register, set-register): * lisp/calc/calc-yank.el (calc-set-register): 
  discards  34912c0   Newsticker: Use libxml instead of `xml-parse-region'.  
Fix some glitches.  Clean up.
  discards  f94ec2f   Don't modify the process's command name passed to 
start-process on MS-Windows.
  discards  151b7f6   Revert the changes in 2014-10-01T02:25:address@hidden
  discards  a5bc0a2   * gtkutil.c (xg_set_toolkit_horizontal_scroll_bar_thumb): 
Resurrect old code and fix compilation with GTK < 2.13.6.
  discards  24e1e65   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  8a8c62a   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  27900ac   Use AUTO_CONS instead of SCOPED_CONS, etc.
  discards  cebe0e6   * dispnew.c (adjust_decode_mode_spec_buffer): Prefer 
  discards  c814532   mml: Signal error on invalid <#secure> tag
  discards  85ee81a   * lisp/progmodes/python.el 
(python-shell-completion-get-completions): Use 
python-shell--prompt-calculated-input-regexp from the process buffer. Don't 
assume that `line' comes from the process buffer.
  discards  07bec0f   Merge from emacs-24
  discards  d3b7a90   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-fill-paren): Don't 
inf-loop at EOB.
  discards  6aed001   * alloc.c: Remove now-unnecessary check.
  discards  4dfc68b   * internals.texi (Stack-allocated Objects): Further 
  discards  b2e14af   * lisp/ses.el (ses--row, ses--col): New dyn-scoped vars, 
to replace row&col. (ses-center, ses-center-span): Use them. (ses-print-cell): 
Bind them while calling the printer. (row, col, maxrow, maxcol): Don't declare 
as dynamically scoped. (ses-dorange): Revert last change. (ses-calculate-cell): 
Don't bind row&col dynamically while evaluating the formula. (ses-set-cell): 
Avoid `eval'. (ses--time-check): Rename it from ses-time-check and turn it into 
a macro.
  discards  eaa8c21   Fix last change in lispref.
  discards  6e28231   * internals.texi (Stack-allocated Objects): Describe this 
  discards  c44d458   * lisp/ses.el (ses-setup): Don't assume modifying the 
iteration var of dotimes affects the iteration.
  discards  fe0a52e   * xterm.c (x_term_init): Allocate temps on stack, not on 
  discards  699aeb0   * frame.c (x_set_frame_parameters): Port 
  discards  572fe79   Fix creation of frames on MS-Windows: don't cons Lisp 
objects in input thread.
  discards  a701e35   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  eeb46c7   * ses.el (ses-calculate-cell): bind row and col 
dynamically to    their values with 'cl-progv'.   (ses-dorange): bind row, col, 
maxrow and maxcol dynamically to  their values with 'cl-progv', also use 
non-interned symbols for         row, minrow, maxrow, mincol and maxcol.        
 (maxrow maxcol): New defvar, to make the compiler happy.
  discards  2b2e7e6   * TODO: Remove char/unsigned char, long long, IRIX 
  discards  491bdec   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-12T04:06:address@hidden
  discards  42d4302   Spelling fix.
  discards  c5235fb   Add TODO to replace cl with cl-lib.
  discards  e80e3bd   Release MH-E version 8.6.
  discards  dc45256   Simplify stack-allocated Lisp objects, and make them more 
  discards  a19f097   * lisp/minibuffer.el (completion-at-point): Emit warning 
for ill-behaved completion functions.
  discards  7348668   * lisp/ses.el (ses--letref): Quote value before it gets 
  discards  2b3d968   Follow-up to renaming v24.5 to 25.1.
  discards  5bb6d03   Fix bug #18545 with lack of scrolling a window when point 
goes out of view.
  discards  cbdc06f   Rename 24.5 to 25.1
  discards  95e5091   Check in accumulated leuven-theme updates before it's too 
  discards  8f24b58   mml: Signal error on invalid <#secure> tag
  discards  2d7ade0   Do not set `url-gateway-method' in `url-https'. 
  discards  71a7268   Keep stack-allocated Lisp objects fast rather than 
versatile. * configure.ac (HAVE_STATEMENT_EXPRESSIONS): Remove. For 
USE_STACK_LISP_OBJECTS, we always assume __GNUC__. * lisp.h (union 
Aligned_Cons) [!GCALIGNED]: Define as such. (SCOPED_CONS_INITIALIZER): New 
macro. (scoped_cons) [USE_STACK_LISP_OBJECTS]: Use it. (USE_LOCAL_ALLOCA): 
Remove. (local_cons, local_list1, local_list2, local_list3, local_list4): 
Remove.  Stack overflow checking makes them too slow. (make_l [...]
  discards  c3301e3   * src/sheap.c (bss_sbrk_buffer_beg): Remove redundant 
variable. * src/gmalloc.c [CYGWIN]: Adapt to change in sheap.c.
  discards  98c58df   Do not set `url-gateway-method' in `url-https'. 
  discards  3ff1c9a   Font-lock `cl-flet*', too.
  discards  bbf5e14   * configure.ac [CYGWIN]: Enable sound support.
  discards  6c30091   Fix implementation of HYBRID_MALLOC on Cygwin.
  discards  5551acd   * lisp/epg-config.el (epg-gpg-program): Use the plain 
program names rather than their absolute file name.
  discards  a5426ef   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-check-signature): 
Default to nil if GPG is not available. (package-refresh-contents): Don't mess 
with the keyring if we won't check the signatures anyway.
  discards  19e0f0a   * lisp/subr.el (track-mouse): New macro. * 
lisp/emacs-lisp/cconv.el (cconv-convert, cconv-analyse-form): Remove 
track-mouse case. * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-track-mouse): 
Remove. * src/keyboard.c (track-mouse): Rename to internal--track-mouse. Make 
it into a function and change arg to be a function.
  discards  e8207eb   Finished writing code for isolates and fixed a few bugs 
(no parens yet).
  discards  548e169   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el (eldoc-mode): Fix thinko.
  discards  af71540   etc/charsets/README: Delete a stray quote character.
  discards  87eb617   * pcase-tests.el: Add #18554 test case.
  discards  528872c   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase--split-match, 
pcase--app-subst-match): Handle the case where `match' is :pcase--succeed or 
  discards  e6cfa09   Introduce global-eldoc-mode.  Move Elisp-specific code to 
elisp-mode.el. * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el (global-eldoc-mode): New minor mode. 
(eldoc-schedule-timer): Obey it. (eldoc-documentation-function): Default to 
nil. (eldoc-mode): Don't enable if eldoc-documentation-function is not set. 
(eldoc-documentation-function-default, eldoc-get-fnsym-args-string) 
(eldoc-highlight-function-argument, eldoc-get-var-docstring) 
(eldoc-last-data-store, eldoc-docstring-first-line) ( [...]
  discards  6a19cde   * etc/TODO: Add a few entries, remove others, expand some
  discards  56c6a28   * progmodes/grep.el (grep-regexp-alist): Use 
more-accurate regexp.
  discards  1f9f052   * xfns.c (x_default_scroll_bar_color_parameter):
  discards  d51702f   Fix N1 and N2.  Remove special level for PDF. Improve 
glyphless glyph display in .gdbinit/pgx.
  discards  c575c05   Regression fix - #bug18551
  discards  53c0a1e   erc.el: Fix regression - Bug #18551
  discards  0df5896   Fix bidi_resolve_explicit when one directional control 
follows another.
  discards  2416926   src/w32term.h (ALIGN_STACK): Fix the cpp condition.
  discards  d73f2d8   * emacs-lisp/cl-extra.el (cl-parse-integer): Fix last 
  discards  89b354a   Add cl-parse-integer based on parse-integer
  discards  b8e352d   * lisp/vc/add-log.el (change-log-next-buffer): Don't 
create an empty buffer "ChangeLog" when the current buffer doesn't match 
ChangeLog.[0-9]. Return the current buffer if no files match the default 
pattern ChangeLog.[0-9].  Signal "end of multi" when file is nil.
  discards  686b219   Don't use USE_STACK_LISP_OBJECTS on Windows with GCC 
older than 4.2.
  discards  39234dd   src/w32term.h (ALIGN_STACK): Fix a typo in last commit.
  discards  6854602   Follow Emacs versioning
  discards  80067cc   * lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-sh-handle-vc-registered): 
Don't modify the global vc-handled-backends.
  discards  90b6baa   * xterm.c (x_new_font): Fix typo introduced by the recent 
dead code removal.
  discards  730c89f   * lisp.h (toplevel): Adjust comment around 
  discards  db61bdb   Default to stack objects on DOS_NT platforms as well.
  discards  340e4cc   Remove code left dead after 2014-07-27 changes.
  discards  2494447   * configure.ac (MAKEINFO): Allow 'makeinfo' to be called 
  discards  10381f5   Fix local_cons etc. to not exhaust the stack when in a 
  discards  59355ea   Default to stack objects on non-GNU/Linux, non-DOS_NT 
  discards  203a9eb   Avoid signed integer overflow when converting Time to 
  discards  0e17638   * lisp/find-cmd.el (find-cmd): Use grep's `find-program'. 
Suggested by <address@hidden>.
  discards  cd81261   * keyboard.c (make_lispy_event): Avoid unnecessary tests
  discards  558eb84   Newsticker: Add commands to rearrange treeview groups and 
document them. (Bug#12560)
  discards  38353b9   * lisp/erc/erc-track.el (erc-modified-channels-display): 
Update all mode lines if needed.  Remove call to erc-modified-channels-object 
where we ignored the return value. (erc-modified-channels-update): Don't 
force-mode-line-update here any more.
  discards  5217cd8   * etc/package-keyring.gpg: New file.
  discards  cb61706   * lisp.h (toplevel) [!USE_STACK_LISP_OBJECTS]: Fix poorly 
nested conditions (Bug#18544).
  discards  e9a8641   * lisp.h (USE_STACK_LISP_OBJECTS): Enable by default if 
GNU_LINUX && __GNUC__ && !__clang__.  Mention known problems.  Adjust comment.
  discards  c0b1b03   * chartab.c (uniprop_encode_value_numeric): * font.c 
(font_style_to_value): Use make_local_vector. (font_delete_unmatched): Use 
local_cons but respect MAX_ALLOCA. * keymap.c (append_key): Use scoped_list1.
  discards  d4dfe4e   Fix fallout on MinGW64 from the previous commit.
  discards  027fa01   Remove the ignore_bn_limit ``optimization''.
  discards  f0d89bb   Adapt bidi_resolve_neutral to new treatment of PDF to 
avoid assertion violations.
  discards  a45a7f5   Fix bug #18528 with crashes at startup during frameset 
  discards  4b930cc   * termhooks.h (enum scroll_bar_part): Begin from 0 to 
allow... (struct input_event): ...unsigned bitfields.  Likewise for 
`event_kind' member.  Prefer unsigned for `code' and 'modifiers'. Use 
`timestamp' for HELP_EVENT position.  Add compile-time assert. * keyboard.c 
(gen_help_event, kbd_buffer_store_help_event) (kbd_buffer_get_event): Adjust 
users. (scroll_bar_parts): Add Qnil to match scroll_bar_nowhere. 
(make_scroll_bar_position): New function, refactored out of.. [...]
  discards  4620e6b   Fix some slow uses and misuses of strcat.
  discards  7d760fd   movemail: don't dump core if the current time is 
  discards  dac5be1   Merge from gnulib.
  discards  9791475   * lisp.h (lispstpcpy): Rename from lispstrcpy, and act 
like stpcpy.
  discards  ccc7be9   * dispextern.h, xdisp.c (window_box_right_offset): Now 
  discards  59e10fb   Use known length of a Lisp string to copy it faster. * 
lisp.h (lispstrcpy): New function.  Add comment. * callproc.c (child_setup): * 
dbusbind.c (xd_append_arg): * doc.c (get_doc_string): * font.c 
(Ffont_xlfd_name): * frame.c (xrdb_get_resource): * process.c 
(Fmake_network_process, network_interface_info): * w32fns.c 
(Fx_open_connection): * w32proc.c (sys_spawnve): * xfns.c (select_visual): * 
xfont.c (xfont_list): * xsmfns.c (x_session_initialize): * xterm.c (x_term_ 
  discards  c03d2c8   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  cb8e2bf   Fix SAFE_ALLOCA to not exhaust the stack when in a loop.
  discards  9949231   Merge from emacs-24
  discards  298dfce   oops
  discards  7fc340b   (sql-execute): Use `special-mode'.
  discards  edf16c3   (sql-product-alist): Improve the Vertica entry.
  discards  6b33c17   Add pcase-defmacro, as well as `quote' and `app' 
patterns. * loadup.el: Increase max-lisp-eval-depth when macroexpanding 
macroexp. * emacs-lisp/pcase.el: Allow (F . ARGS) in `app' patterns. 
(pcase--funcall, pcase--eval): New functions. (pcase--u1): Use them for guard, 
pred, let, and app. (\`): Use the new feature to generate better code for 
vector patterns. * emacs-lisp/pcase.el: Use pcase-defmacro to handle backquote. 
(pcase--upat): Remove. (pcase--macroexpand): Don [...]
  discards  f8b25a5   * lisp/loadup.el: Increase max-lisp-eval-depth while 
macroexpanding macroexp.
  discards  2b968ea   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el: Allow (F . ARGS) in `app' 
patterns. (pcase--funcall, pcase--eval): New functions. (pcase--u1): Use them 
for guard, pred, let, and app. (\`): Use the new feature to generate better 
code for vector patterns.
  discards  7fbd780   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el: Use pcase-defmacro to handle 
backquote. (pcase--upat): Remove. (pcase--macroexpand): Don't hardcode handling 
of `. (pcase--split-consp, pcase--split-vector): Remove. (pcase--split-equal): 
Disregard ` since it's expanded away. (pcase--split-member): Optimize for quote 
rather than for `. (pcase--split-pred): Optimize for quote rather than for `. 
(pcase--u1): Remove handling of ` (and of `or' and `and'). Quote 
non-selfquoting values when pass [...]
  discards  1a62555   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase--match): New 
smart-constructor function. (pcase--expand pcase--q1, pcase--app-subst-match): 
Use it. (pcase--macroexpand): Handle self-quoting patterns here, expand them to 
quote patterns. (pcase--split-match): Don't hoist or/and here any more. 
(pcase--split-equal): Optimize quote patterns as well as ` patterns. 
(pcase--flip): New helper macro. (pcase--u1): Optimize the memq case directly. 
Don't handle neither self-quoting nor and/or  [...]
  discards  536cda1   * lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase-defmacro): New macro. 
(pcase--macroexpand): New function. (pcase--expand): Use it.
  discards  f11af8a   Fix bug #18516 with SIGSEGV in expand-file-name.
  discards  13b1840   Add support for `quote' and `app'. * 
lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase--app-subst-match, pcase--app-subst-rest): New 
optimization functions. (pcase--u1): Add support for `quote' and `app'. 
(pcase): Document them in the docstring.
  discards  601a0cf   Use lexical-bindin in Ibuffer. * lisp/ibuffer.el 
(ibuffer-do-toggle-read-only): `arg' is unused. (ibuffer-compile-format): 
Simplify. (ibuffer-clear-summary-columns): Simplify. * lisp/ibuf-ext.el 
(ibuffer-generate-filter-groups): Don't use the third elem of dotimes when we 
don't refer to the iteration var from it. (ibuffer-toggle-sorting-mode): Avoid 
add-to-list. * lisp/ibuf-macs.el (define-ibuffer-column, define-ibuffer-op): 
Silence byte-compiler.
  discards  efd314d   * lisp/font-lock.el (font-lock-compile-keyword): Don't 
confuse a lambda expression for a list.
  discards  55fa245   * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-lambda): 
Don't add fundoc usage for functions with no arguments.
  discards  84a87ab   * lisp/mpc.el (mpc-data-directory): Use 
locate-user-emacs-file. (mpc-volume-refresh): Make sure the corresponding 
header-line is updated. (mpc-songs-jump-to, mpc-play): Use user-error.
  discards  99c3fad   Avoid extra call to oblookup when interning symbols. * 
lisp.h (intern_driver): Add prototype. * lread.c (intern_driver): New function. 
(intern1, intern_c_string_1, Fintern): * font.c (font_intern_prop): * w32font.c 
(intern_font_name): Use it.
  discards  fc5ebc3   On OSX, do not free font-specific data more than once 
(Bug#18501). * macfont.m (macfont_close): Release and free font-specific data 
only if it wasn't previously freed.
  discards  f135e94   Minor improvements to new stack-allocated Lisp objects.
  discards  91953c1   * lisp/simple.el (clone-indirect-buffer): Mention the 
return value.
  discards  f5fafee   * lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el (prog-mode-hook): Replace 
reference to Text mode in docstring.
  discards  40aef37   * lisp/progmodes/perl-mode.el 
(perl-syntax-propertize-function): Accept underscores in identifiers after 
  discards  6312668   * configure.ac: Increase headerpad_extra to 1000, update 
the comment about load commands.
  discards  057ba71   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  0997386   Use font-lock-face property; derive from special-mode
  discards  61a403e   Fixed bidi_resolve_explicit_1 wrt isolate initiators and 
  discards  c58ad38   Rewrite LRI/RLI/FSI handling in bidi_resolve_explicit_1.
  discards  a58c269   * lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp.el (lisp-completion-at-point): 
Don't use `lisp--local-variables-completion-table' in the `lisp--form-quoted-p' 
  discards  0c068f1   Fix assertion violations due to a bug in 
bidi_set_sos_type; add assertions.
  discards  3907574   Fix bug#18265
  discards  30c17da   * lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp.el (lisp-completion-at-point): 
Only calculate `table-etc' when `end' is non-nil.
  discards  48453e0   Make lisp-completion-at-point more discerning
  discards  b761843   Add the missing last name to ChangeLog
  discards  35ee96f   Clarify url-http and url-retrieve-internal docstrings
  discards  3a449b7   * src/image.c (imagemagick_load_image): Add delay to 
imagemagick metadata. (Bug#10747, bug#18334)
  discards  46b189d   Do not call egrep to determine emacs version in EDE.
  discards  212b4d6   Allow users to specify `shr-width'
  discards  c59f47d   * image-mode.el: Move defvars earlier to avoid a 
byte-compilation warning.
  discards  999c35f   Preserve the aspect ratio when fitting to width/height
  discards  41932b2   Clarify the doc strings of mouse-position and 
  discards  a810675   Fix bug #18490 with redisplay of other windows showing a 
narrowed buffer.
  discards  df2ead3   Fix `fit-window-to-buffer' (Bug#18498).
  discards  3cab7dd   More and more stack-allocated Lisp objects if 
USE_LOCAL_ALLOCATORS. * lisp.h (local_list4) [USE_LOCAL_ALLOCATORS]: New macro. 
[!USE_LOCAL_ALLOCATORS]: Fall back to regular list4. * frame.h 
(FRAME_PARAMETER): New macro. * dispnew.c (init_display): * fontset.c 
(Fset_fontset_font): * frame.c (x_default_parameter): * xfaces.c 
(set_font_frame_param, Finternal_merge_in_global_face): * xfns.c 
(x_default_scroll_bar_color_parameter) (x_default_font_parameter, 
x_create_tip_fra [...]
  discards  e8be4f4   Port USE_LOCAL_ALLOCATORS code to clang 3.4 x86-64.
  discards  bb95ed9   Port USE_LOCAL_ALLOCATORS code to clang 3.4 x86-64.
  discards  5db525e   * unexmacosx.c (copy_data_segment): Port to GCC 4.6+.
  discards  9356a87   Fix minor problems found by static checking.
  discards  18f88a4   Avoid clang-specific warnings. * buffer.c (init_buffer): 
Shut up -Wself-assign. * process.c (server_accept_connection): Shut up 
  discards  70d0c02   * alloc.c (local_vector_init): Remove useless INLINE.
  discards  061184b   Add interpreter-mode-alist support for various JavaScript 
  discards  2e4c2fe   Don't assume 'grep' supports GREP_OPTIONS.
  discards  534f1f7   Fix display of hollow-box and hbar cursors on r2L lines.
  discards  c20b4c2   Fix block cursor display in R2L lines.
  discards  89b3407   For symbols, use address as hash code.
  discards  3e67a98   Avoid more integer overflows on string size calculations. 
* category.c (Fmake_category_set): * xdisp.c (get_overlay_arrow_glyph_row): * 
w32font.c (intern_font_name): Prefer ptrdiff_t to int.
  discards  b98b1a8   If USE_LOCAL_ALLOCATORS, allocate even more Lisp objects 
on stack. * charset.c (load_charset_map_from_file): Use scoped_list2 and 
build_local_string. * buffer.c (Fother_buffer, other_buffer_safely, 
init_buffer): * emacs.c (init_cmdargs, decode_env_path): * fileio.c 
(Fexpand_file_name): * fns.c (maybe_resize_hash_table) [ENABLE_CHECKING]: * 
frame.c (x_get_arg): * keyboard.c (safe_run_hooks_error): * lread.c 
(load_warn_old_style_backquotes): * xdisp.c (Fcurrent_bidi_pa [...]
  discards  005aff7   Prefer ptrdiff_t to int and avoid integer overflows. * 
fileio.c (make_temp_name): * font.c (font_parse_family_registry): Avoid integer 
overflow on string size calculation. * data.c (Faset): Likewise for byte index.
  discards  ccb767d   Always use matched specpdl entry to record call arguments 
(Bug#18473). * lisp.h (record_in_backtrace): Adjust prototype. * eval.c 
(record_in_backtrace): Return current specpdl level. (set_backtrace_args, 
set_backtrace_nargs): Merge.  Adjust all users. (eval_sub, Ffuncall): Record 
call arguments in matched specpdl entry and use that entry in call to 
backtrace_debug_on_exit. (apply_lambda): Likewise.  Get current specpdl level 
as 3rd arg. (do_debug_on_call): Get curren [...]
  discards  3a41eb6   * lisp/msb.el (msb--make-keymap-menu, 
msb-menu-bar-update-buffers): Don't add outdated key-shortcut cache.
  discards  a7fc3ab   Support playing on MS-Windows non-ASCII sound files using 
Unicode APIs.
  discards  2d83441   src/dispextern.h: Commentary fix.
  discards  6b682d2   Fix display of R2L lines in partial-width windows.
  discards  edb0288   If USE_LOCAL_ALLOCATORS, allocate some Lisp objects on 
stack. * lisp.h (local_cons, local_list1, local_list2, local_list3) 
regular functions. (build_local_string): Avoid argument name expansion clash 
with make_local_string. * alloc.c (toplevel) [USE_LOCAL_ALLOCATORS && 
GC_MARK_STACK != GC_MAKE_GCPROS_NOOPS]: Preprocessor guard to avoid impossible 
configuration. * charset.c (Ffind_charset_region [...]
  discards  497daa1   Tweak sort docstring
  discards  fc68497   Update documentation for `insert-register'
  discards  63519f6   Update documentation for `insert-register'
  discards  11af460   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-09T02:04:address@hidden
  discards  d4dc0e1   * lisp/image.el (image-multi-frame-p): Fix thinko do not 
force a delay if none was specified.
  discards  5ce52d0   * register.el (insert-register): Change default 
interactive insertion mode.
  discards  9ed6700   Fix bug #18420 with deadlocks communicating with 
subprocess on MS-Windows.
  discards  36cac32   * net/tramp-cache.el (tramp-flush-file-function): 
Simplify check. Suppress debug messages.
  discards  3f7ae02   * callproc.c (init_callproc): Fix bug introduced at 
  discards  24acbc3   oops
  discards  c330a17   etc/NEWS: Mention HTML support in Rmail.
  discards  924d744   Use the level stack for initial level below 
  discards  2805ba1   * etc/NEWS: Mention nil `calendar-mode-line-format' will 
not modify the mode line of the calendar buffer. * lisp/calendar/calendar.el 
(calendar-update-mode-line): Do not overwrite mode-line-format if 
calendar-mode-line-format is nil. (Bug#18467)
  discards  85b3d35   * emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el (lisp-el-font-lock-keywords-2): 
Add pcase-exhaustive.
  discards  4d837e5   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  5f9d7c7   Fix HTML rendering by shr-insert-document in Rmail.
  discards  cac270f   Decode HTML text before presenting it in Rmail.
  discards  cea1424   Support rendering of HTML parts in Rmail (bug #4258).
  discards  a6cc335   Fix expansion and encoding of sound file names on 
  discards  e868e85   Resurrect sound support on MS-Windows that was lost in 
  discards  5599832   Prefer ptrdiff_t to int and avoid integer overflows. * 
fileio.c (make_temp_name): * font.c (font_parse_family_registry): Avoid integer 
overflow on string size calculation. * data.c (Faset): Likewise for byte index.
  discards  82bb5d8   Add support for Vertica SQL.
  discards  9f4ee99   * buffer.c (syms_of_buffer): DEFSYM Qchoice (Bug#18337).
  discards  c4ea7c9   Fix fit-window-to-buffer doc-string.
  discards  0f2ed59   Spelling fixes.
  discards  ab10393   * etc/NEWS: Mention timer error reporting. Ref: 
  discards  1dd1218   Remove redundant GCPROs around Ffuncall and Fapply calls. 
This is safe because Ffuncall protects all of its arguments by itself. * 
charset.c (map_charset_for_dump): Remove redundant GCPRO. * eval.c (Fapply, 
apply1, call0, call1, call2, call3, call4, call5) (call6, call7): Likewise.  
Use compound literals where applicable. (run_hook_with_args_2): Use compound 
  discards  20d3625   * lread.c (readevalloop_eager_expand_eval): Add GCPRO and 
fix bootstrap broken if GC_MARK_STACK == GC_USE_GCPROS_AS_BEFORE.
  discards  5d27b6b   More debugging aids around GCPROs. * lisp.h (struct 
gcpro) [DEBUG_GCPRO]: Add extra members. (GCPRO1, GCPRO2, GCPRO3, GCPRO4, 
GCPRO5, GCPRO6, GCPRO7): Minor restyle.  If DEBUG_GCPRO, initialize extra 
  discards  6e49a66   In Fresize_mini_window_internal set w->total_lines from 
w->pixel_height (Bug#18422).
  discards  6e5fd49   * lisp.h (make_local_string): Nitpick indent. * print.c 
(Fprin1_to_string): Remove unused GCPROs.
  discards  b3ed13e   Pacify --enable-gcc-warnings when no window system is 
  discards  fe25297   * charset.c (Fget_unused_iso_final_char): Fix subscript 
  discards  c8b2203   CC Mode: revert recent changes and fix bug 17463 
(cc-langs.elc gets loaded at run-time). * progmodes/cc-langs.el 
(c-no-parens-syntax-table): Rename the c-lang-const to 
c-make-no-parens-syntax-table and correct the logic. 
(c-no-parens-syntax-table): Correct the logic of the c-lang-defvar.
  discards  d1bed1f   Simplify lisp.h by removing the __COUNTER__ business.
  discards  1014b53   * nsterm.m (ns_draw_fringe_bitmap): Use the same logic as 
other terms to determine bitmap color.  (Bug#18437)
  discards  3077351   src/w32.c (sys_write): Use SAFE_NALLOCA for the NL -> 
CRLF translation buffer.
  discards  36f6120   * xterm.c (handle_one_xevent): Add braces to pacify gcc 
  discards  8c2dd4d   Detect iconified under Compiz/Unity
  discards  c9c0610   * lisp.h (DEFINE_GDB_SYMBOL_ENUM): Remove.
  discards  4700363   CC-mode: Set open-paren-in-column-0-is-defun-start to 
nil; plus misc cleanup. * lisp/progmodes/cc-mode.el (c-basic-common-init): Set 
open-paren-in-column-0-is-defun-start. (adaptive-fill-first-line-regexp, 
font-lock-syntactic-keywords): Remove declarations, unused. (run-mode-hooks): 
Remove declaration. (font-lock-defaults): Use plain `defvar' to declare. 
(c-run-mode-hooks): Test existence of run-mode-hooks with fboundp. * 
lisp/progmodes/cc-langs.el (c-filter-ops): Av [...]
  discards  a2dcba1   * src/alloc.c (verify_alloca): Replace a stray occurrence 
of pointer_valid_for_lisp_object.
  discards  11e28ab   Improve the experimental local and scoped allocation.
  discards  2776a65   * lisp/desktop.el (desktop-create-buffer): Check that 
buffers are still live before burying them.
  discards  c98d0ea   (sql-default-directory): Fix type annotation.
  discards  7c2aaeb   src/xdisp.c (pos_visible_p): Don't assign a boolean value 
to an int var.
  discards  d7a3bb0   * calendar/diary-lib.el (diary-list-entries): Restore 
24.3 display behavior.
  discards  b0fb343   * nsterm.m (updateFrameSize:, initFrameFromEmacs:) 
(toggleFullScreen:): Take frame_resize_pixelwise into account when setting 
resize increments.
  discards  8fe7325   * lisp/progmodes/cc-awk.el: Remove unneeded cc-bytecomp 
use. Change doc comments into docstrings. * lisp/Makefile.in: Remove cc-awk 
  discards  1acb1be   Fix the row number mistakenly reported by pos_visible_p 
in rare cases.
  discards  da60413   Fix mouse-dragging mode lines on text-mode terminals.
  discards  607dab4   Fix the string-collation tests on MS-Windows.
  discards  e2588fa   Cleanup last change and make all new stuff conditional. * 
lisp.h (build_local_string): Rename to ... (make_local_string): ... this macro. 
(build_local_string, scoped_list1, scoped_list3): New macros. (toplevel) 
[USE_STACK_LISP_OBJECTS]: Define all new macros and functions as such, use 
regular fallbacks otherwise. * alloc.c (verify_alloca) 
[USE_STACK_LISP_OBJECTS]: Define conditionally.
  discards  c7dfea9   Add macros to allocate temporary Lisp objects with 
alloca. Respect MAX_ALLOCA and fall back to regular GC for large objects. * 
character.h (parse_str_as_multibyte): Move prototype to ... * lisp.h 
(parse_str_as_multibyte): ... here. (struct Lisp_Cons): Add GCALIGNED attribute 
if supported. (scoped_cons, scoped_list2, build_local_vector, 
build_local_string): New macros. (scoped_cons_init, 
pointer_valid_for_lisp_object, local_vector_init) (local_string_init): New 
functi [...]
  discards  80465f4   * xterm.c (x_term_init): Consolidate duplicated code. 
[USE_LUCID]: Revert 2014-04-02 change (Bug#18403).  Add comment. 
(x_delete_terminal): Do not close X connection fd (Bug#18403). Add eassert and 
mark dpyinfo as dead only if it was alive.
  discards  feb7e20   NEWS fix display-buffer-in-previous-window existed before 
24.4, but was not in display-buffer-fallback-action
  discards  755958b   (sql-set-sqli-buffer): Call `sql-product-interactive' 
when no suitable buffer is available.
  discards  04413dc   (sql-default-directory): New user option.
  discards  38bf570   (sql-show-sqli-buffer): Display the buffer instead of its 
  discards  11119fe   (sql-send-line-and-next): New command, bound to C-c C-n.
  discards  9025db7   * calendar.el (calendar-basic-setup): Fix 
calendar-view-holidays-initially-flag  and fancy display. * diary-lib.el 
(diary-live-p): Doc fix.
  discards  c04714f   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-08T06:24:address@hidden
  discards  6e82d87   * calendar.el (calendar-basic-setup): Avoid clobbering 
calendar with diary.
  discards  4612d1e   Fix bug uncovered by changing alloca to auto buffer.
  discards  d5e25ad   * callproc.c (exec_failed) [DOS_NT]: Define a dummy.
  discards  bee4071   Adjust drag-and-drop fix when window is above top.
  discards  eb71ffc   Added bidi-resolved-levels, with a bug.
  discards  eee8ec8   * xselect.c (x_fill_property_data): Handle negative XCDR 
when data is CONSP.
  discards  938aed6   Fix bug #18419 with disappearing line numbers when 
minibuffer is resized.
  discards  970d21e   Fix the MS-Windows build broken by SAFE_ALLOCA changes.
  discards  2b95a8e   * keyboard.c (read_decoded_event_from_main_queue): 
Reinstitute alloca
  discards  d3cb31c   * strings.texi (Text Comparison): Describe 
`string-collate-equalp' and `string-collate-lessp'.
  discards  6726de5   Expand @AM_DEFAULT_VERBOSITY@ even if Automake is old.
  discards  47ae4ce   * automated/fns-tests.el (fns-tests--collate-enabled-p): 
New function. (fns-tests-collate-strings, fns-tests-collate-sort): Use it.
  discards  b3bf18b   Use SAFE_ALLOCA etc. to avoid unbounded stack allocation.
  discards  a12d75c   Added initial version of biditest.el and Unicode data 
file it needs.
  discards  2f3daa5   Optimize memory footprint of the bidi level stack.
  discards  930fb80   Remove unused variable EMACS_HEAPSIZE from 
  discards  e872d52   Add vector qpattern to pcase
  discards  2beb60d   New custom variable `tex-print-file-extension' to help 
users who use PDF instead of DVI.
  discards  6ac5571   * lisp/vc/vc-dir.el (vc-dir-update): Don't burp in corner 
  discards  833cea3   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-sh-handle-start-file-process): 
Expand `default-directory'.
  discards  40ae83c   New string collation tests.
  discards  510a4a4   Add and use function horizontal-scroll-bars-available-p.
  discards  04b134e   * lisp/subr.el (call-process-shell-command, 
process-file-shell-command): Make the `args' obsolete. 
(start-process-shell-command, start-file-process-shell-command): Use `declare'.
  discards  86e7141   calc/calc-forms.el (math-normalize-hms): Do a better 
check for "negative" hms forms.
  discards  baee695   * lisp/vc/vc-git.el (vc-git-conflicted-files): Fix bug 
when git status returns nil.
  discards  bcbaf6b   * lisp/isearch.el (isearch-yank-word-or-char): Obey 
superword-mode as well.
  discards  9bc6bb2   Remove stray semicolons.
  discards  3084e59   * doc/lispref/functions.texi (Core Advising Primitives): 
Add a note about the confusing treatment of `interactive' for :filter-args.
  discards  1f69089   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el (eldoc-function-argstring): 
Don't strip terminating paren. (eldoc-last-data-store): Return cached data. 
(eldoc-get-var-docstring): Avoid setq. (eldoc-get-fnsym-args-string): Clarify 
data flow.
  discards  304661b   Fix misleading doc string revealed in bug #18385.
  discards  e97a29c   Fix bug #18331 with "C-h k C-g" not showing documentation 
on Windows.
  discards  e77bcfa   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el 
(eldoc-highlight-function-argument): Handle the case where we're currently 
providing part of the &rest arg after some &key args, as in define-ibuffer-op.
  discards  baff67f   * xsmfns.c: Initialize ice_fd.
  discards  d1db070   Less chatter in 'make' output.
  discards  315d21d   * configure.ac (MAKEINFO): Clean up some configuration 
  discards  5788005   * admin/notes/bzr: Some bisect tips.
  discards  23aec67   * lisp/progmodes/which-func.el (which-func-ff-hook): Obey 
pre-existing buffer-local setting of which-func-mode. (which-func-mode): Use 
defvar-local. (which-function-mode): Don't reset which-func-mode in each buffer 
since it might have been set by someone else. 
(which-func-update-ediff-windows): Check which-function-mode.
  discards  f8c4cd6   src/sysdep.c (emacs_full_write): Fix a typo in a comment.
  discards  eda0450   NEWS and TODO changes.
  discards  a7fed5a   Added BidiBrackets.txt and related Unicode properties to 
  discards  c11b0a7   Minor updates in unidata-gen.el.
  discards  568df13   Clean up initialization and customization of horizontal 
scroll bars.
  discards  62fca47   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-04T02:28:address@hidden
  discards  e6769f1   * lisp/progmodes/sh-script.el 
(sh-font-lock-quoted-subshell): Try to better handle multiline elements.
  discards  af86b05   test/indent/scheme.scm: New file.
  discards  559b827   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el 
(package-generate-description-file): Properly quote the arguments.  Change 
second arg. (package--alist-to-plist-args): Rename from package--alist-to-plist 
and quote the elements. (package--make-autoloads-and-stuff): Fix the test for 
pre-existence of the *-pkg.el file.  Adjust to new calling convention of 
  discards  da25527   Merge from gnulib, incorporating:
  discards  9de3064   * lisp/progmodes/gud.el (gud-gdb-completion-at-point): 
Add hack. (gud-gdb-completions): Remove obsolete workaround.
  discards  ff8b9b2   Minor cleanup of recent strlen-avoiding patch.
  discards  5735a30   Fix bug #18384 with incorrect reporting of row number by 
  discards  77ea21c   * buffer.h (decode_buffer): New function. * buffer.c 
(Fbuffer_name, Fbuffer_file_name, Fbuffer_base_buffer) 
(Fbuffer_local_variables, Fbuffer_modified_p, Fbuffer_modified_tick) 
(Fbuffer_chars_modified_tick, Fdelete_all_overlays): * data.c 
(Flocal_variables_p): * fileio.c (Fverify_visited_file_modtime): * marker.c 
(live_buffer): Use it.
  discards  f25cd98   * callproc.c (egetenv_internal): Add arg and rename from 
egetenv ... * lisp.h (egetenv): ... because of a new inline function used to 
avoid calls to strlen for a compile-time constants.
  discards  5597a7d   * lisp/tutorial.el: Restore comment lost 2006-12-21.
  discards  7a930c3   * eval.c (internal_lisp_condition_case): Don't overrun 
the stack
  discards  a4a30aa   * fileio.c (CHECK_LENGTH): New macro. 
(Fexpand_file_name): Use it and get rid of a few more calls to strlen and 
  discards  068c8b7   * fileio.c (Fexpand_file_name): Fix MS-Windows build 
  discards  0e4c8f1   * lisp/progmodes/python.el 
(python-indent-post-self-insert-function): Avoid electric colon at 
  discards  ad5c82a   * lisp/tutorial.el (tutorial--display-changes): Fix 
2014-07-29 change.
  discards  50e9e58   Avoid extra calls to strlen in filesystem I/O routines. * 
fileio.c (Fexpand_file_name): Avoid calls to strlen if the length of 'newdir' 
is known or may be precalculated. (file_accessible_directory_p): Prefer to pass 
Lisp_Object, not 'char *', and so use precalculated length. 
(Ffile_accessible_directory_p): * callproc.c (encode_current_directory, 
init_callproc): * charset.c (init_charset): * lread.c (load_path_check, 
load_path_default): Adjust users. * lisp.h (file_ac [...]
  discards  203fb36   nt/gnulib.mk: Synchronize with lib/gnulib.mk.
  discards  4ef0411   src/w32proc.c (w32_compare_strings): Support "C" and 
"POSIX" locales.
  discards  cd6f709   Implement the GNU ls -v switch in ls-lisp.el.
  discards  0360ec5   Use the new string-collate-lessp function in ls-lisp.el.
  discards  8d033ec   src/lastfile.c: Fix last change.
  discards  acb6f20   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  177030b   Fix typo in previous change's ChangeLog.
  discards  bc12381   --enable-silent-warnings now suppresses more chatter.
  discards  1564080   Clean up extern decls a bit.
  discards  56f9f0a   * etags.c (emacs_strchr, emacs_strrchr): Remove.
  discards  60aa41b   Replace mode-specific quit function in ibuffer.el
  discards  267a63b   Fix cursor display on the fringe of R2L screen lines.
  discards  4457cc8   Fix cursor drawing in hscrolled R2L screen lines.
  discards  53d815b   * configure.ac (__restrict_arr): Remove; no longer used.
  discards  f356ded   Fix bug#18368 with broken build on AIX due to 
  discards  ced5a8f   * configure.ac (MAKE): Export it, for config.status.
  discards  0ac6761   * fns.c (sort_vector): Fix GC bug in previous change.
  discards  f9caea8   Vector-sorting fixes.
  discards  9f1b859   * src/conf_post.h (strnicmp) [CYGWIN && HAVE_NTGUI]: 
Define.  (Bug#18366)
  discards  88366fc   * sysdep.c (str_collate): Clear errno just before 
  discards  2fca7ae   Fixed problems revealed by -Wall.
  discards  23dbf47   Updated bidi_resolve_weak.  Removed next_en_* members 
from stack.
  discards  991b257   Updated pushing and popping the bidi stack, and sos 
calculations. Added the necessary members to bidi_stack.
  discards  7814e6e   Minor ChangeLog fix.
  discards  4051f53   admin/authors.el (authors): Fix last change so it works 
for MS-Windows as well.
  discards  670e4e4   Minor ChangeLog fixes.
  discards  e7027ea   Improve error checking and error messages in 
string-collation functions.
  discards  e1a9bbb   * NEWS: Mention (:append FUN) to 
  discards  6141b80   * lisp/startup.el (fancy-splash-frame): Extend the fix 
for Bug#16014 to the Cygwin-w32 build.  (Bug#18347)
  discards  fb6cdfc   * sysdep.c (str_collate) [__STDC_ISO_10646__]: Move up 
setting errno.
  discards  e6a4c15   * lisp/emacs-lisp/easy-mmode.el (define-minor-mode): Use 
mode function name instead of variable name in hook docstring.  (Bug#18349)
  discards  7421589   * sysdep.c (str_collate): Do not look at errno after 
  discards  21ba51d   Implement case-insensitive and Unicode-compliant 
collation on MS-Windows.
  discards  2ae366c   Revert a change inadvertently committed in last commit.
  discards  a17b628   src/sysdep.c (str_collate) [WINDOWSNT]: Fix a typo in 
  discards  f894b23   * authors.el (authors): Use LOCALE argument of 
  discards  b579ae5   Add optional arguments LOCALE and IGNORE-CASE to 
collation functions.
  discards  55412cd   Fix ChangeLog entry.
  discards  42d819e   Fix last change to support Darwin/OSX (Bug#18354). * 
sysdep.c (sort_vector_compare) [DARWIN_OS || __FreeBSD__]: Conditionally define 
to match system's qsort_r signature. (sort_vector) [DARWIN_OS || __FreeBSD__]: 
Likewise in call to qsort_r.
  discards  5d84f5d   Fix find_first_strong_char and implement Unicode 8.0 
isolate corrections.
  discards  69149b6   * NEWS: Mention that `sort' can handle vectors.
  discards  dd958fb   * doc/lispref/lists.texi (Functions that Rearrange 
Lists): Remove description of sort ... * doc/lispref/sequences.texi (Sequence 
Functions): ... and generalize it for sequences.  Add an example. * src/fns.c 
(Fsort): Use more natural Qsequencep error. * test/automated/fns-tests.el 
(fns-tests-sort): Minor style rewrite.
  discards  f0e7098   Adjust display-buffer-at-bottom.
  discards  1764ec4   Add vectors support to Fsort. * configure.ac 
(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check for qsort_r. * src/fns.c (sort_vector, 
sort_vector_compare): New functions. (sort_list): Likewise, refactored out of 
... (Fsort): ... adjusted user.  Mention vectors in docstring. 
(sort_vector_predicate) [!HAVE_QSORT_R]: New variable. * src/alloc.c 
(make_save_int_obj): New function. * src/lisp.h (enum Lisp_Save_Type): New 
member SAVE_TYPE_INT_OBJ. (make_save_int_obj): Add prototype. * test/automated 
  discards  483dc86   Move an entry where it belongs to.
  discards  fd53cca   * files.el (minibuffer-with-setup-hook): Allow (:append 
FUN) to append to minibuffer-setup-hook.
  discards  562d55b   Misc accumulated ChangeLog convention fixes
  discards  16f1e25   * lisp/progmodes/cc-defs.el: Expose c-lanf-defconst's 
expressions to the byte-compiler. (lookup-syntax-properties): Silence 
byte-compiler. (c-lang-defconst): Quote the code with `lambda' rather than with 
`quote'. (c-lang-const): Avoid unneeded setq. 
(c-lang-constants-under-evaluation): Add docstring. (c-lang--novalue): New 
constant. (c-find-assignment-for-mode): Use it instead of c-lang-constants. 
(c-get-lang-constant): Same here. Get the mode's value using `funcall' [...]
  discards  0f8fb0b   * net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-shell-command): Use 
  discards  6539a7e   * lisp/tar-mode.el (tar--extract, tar-extract): Avoid 
disabling undo in extracted buffers.
  discards  cd19ba4   Revert x_scroll_bar_handle_click "typo fix".
  discards  74910c5   Fix bug #18339 with segfault when $ is typed into empty 
LaTeX buffer. Back-ported from trunk revision-id: 
  discards  ea65250   Add support for HYBRID_MALLOC, allowing the use of 
gmalloc before dumping and the system malloc after dumping.  (Bug#18222)
  discards  a7ef7a0   Some fixes for scroll bar code.
  discards  f1fdf67   Add install/uninstall rules for etc/emacs.appdata.xml
  discards  6d26235   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-02T00:57:address@hidden
  discards  93b31b5   * lisp/subr.el (remq): Revert 2014-08-25 doc change (not 
always true).
  discards  b62da77   * etc/emacs.appdata.xml: New file
  discards  cbe070d   * sysdep.c (LC_COLLATE, LC_COLLATE_MASK): Give individual 
  discards  9bac5fd   Fix bug #18339 with segfault when $ is typed into empty 
LaTeX buffer.
  discards  110d87a   Improve robustness of new string-collation code.
  discards  17d94f1   * lisp.h (str_collate): * sysdep.c (str_collate): Return 
int. (str_collate) [__STDC_ISO_10646__]: Propagate error of wcscoll.
  discards  28e0124   * src/keyboard.c (Vtop_level_message): Rename to 
Vinternal__top_level_message, as suggested by Stefan Monnier in 
http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2014-08/msg00493.html All related 
users changed. * lisp/startup.el (normal-top-level): Now use 
internal--top-level-message. * doc/lispref/eval.texi (Eval): Mention possible 
recovery from stack overflow.
  discards  9b6ab1a   * emacs-lisp/authors.el (authors-aliases): Addition.
  discards  dfdb730   * net/tramp-adb.el: Spell author name correctly.
  discards  bd3be30   shr.el: Comment.
  discards  e7b37ae   * net/shr.el (shr-expand-url): Plain expand-file-name is 
not enough; use url-expand-file-name.
  discards  7fb78a0   Fix some glitches in previous change. * sysdep.c 
(stack_direction): Replace stack_grows_down to simplify calculation of stack 
boundaries. (handle_sigsegv): Check whether we really crash somewhere near to 
stack boundary, and handle fatal signal as usual if not. (init_sigsegv): Adjust 
  discards  fbc11fe   gnus-art.el (gnus-article-browse-html-save-cid-content, 
gnus-article-browse-html-parts): Revert last change that breaks links other 
than cid contents
  discards  6539413   gnus-art.el (gnus-article-browse-html-save-cid-content, 
gnus-article-browse-html-parts): Make cid file names relative
  discards  aaae978   authors.el updates and sorting change
  discards  93d5656   ChangeLog fixes
  discards  75c7616   * configure.ac (HAVE_LINUX_SYSINFO): Avoid false positive 
on Solaris.
  discards  ea27914   * sysdep.c (init_sigsegv) [HAVE_STACK_OVERFLOW_HANDLING]: 
Add comment.
  discards  ebd3179   Handle C stack overflow caused by too nested Lisp 
evaluation. * configure.ac: Check for sigaltstack and related sigaction 
support.  Unconditionally check for sigsetjmp and siglongjmp. 
(HAVE_STACK_OVERFLOW_HANDLING): Define if we can support it. * src/lisp.h 
(toplevel) [HAVE_STACK_OVERFLOW_HANDLING]: Declare siglongjmp point to transfer 
control from SIGSEGV handler. * src/keyboard.c (return_to_command_loop, 
recover_top_level_message) [HAVE_STACK_OVERFLOW_HANDLING]: Ne [...]
  discards  940ac42   Fix accidental deletion of a line in last change.
  discards  79404e1   * configure.ac (G_SLICE_ALWAYS_MALLOC): Remove obsolete 
  discards  825ca47   Fix unoptimized build on MSDOS.
  discards  f330aa1   * vc-git.el: Comments.
  discards  20a4f6a   * emulation/cua-rect.el (cua--highlight-rectangle): Avoid 
error at point-min.
  discards  42ee94e   Fix typo in last shr.el check-in
  discards  0a4aa6b   shr.el: Encode copied URLs
  discards  015ea0f   Implement locale-sensitive string collation for 
MS-Windows.  (Bug#18051)
  discards  8661eba   One more minor cleanup of font subsystem. * font.h 
(struct font_driver): Convert text_extents to return void because returned 
value is never actually used. * macfont.c (macfont_text_extents): * w32font.c 
(w32font_text_extents): * xftfont.c (xftfont_text_extents): Adjust to return 
void and assume that 'metrics' argument is always non-NULL. * ftfont.c 
(ftfont_text_extents): * xfont.c (xfont_text_extents): Likewise.  Avoid 
redundant memset.
  discards  90c5c87   Minor cleanups of str_collate fix.
  discards  d745535   Fix docstring of `remq'
  discards  f71da89   * lisp/replace.el (query-replace): Fix typo in docstring.
  discards  d2a633e   Remove reference to obsolete configure scripts
  discards  4031fb7   Handle C++11's "auto" and "decltype" constructions. 
cc-engine.el (c-forward-type): Enhance to recognise and return 'decltype. 
(c-forward-decl-or-cast-1): New let variables backup-kwd-sym, prev-kwd-sym, 
new-style-auto.  Enhance to handle the new "auto" keyword.
  discards  66bb953   Make ">>" act as double template ender in C++ Mode. 
cc-langs.el (c->-op-cont-tokens): New lang-const split off from c->-op-cont-re. 
(c->-op-cont-tokens): Change to use the above. (c->-op-without->-cont-regexp): 
New lang-const.
  discards  849abe1   Mention the new functions `string-collate-lessp' and 
  discards  07b4790   Add string collation.
  discards  d9abb28   Finished coding of explicit directional format characters.
  discards  8ccc6fa   Remove bidi_ignore_explicit_marks_for_paragraph_level.
  discards  bf5b1e2   progmodes/cc-fonts.el (c-font-lock-declarators): Fix 
infinite loop, bug #18306.  The bug was introduced on 2014-08-02.
  discards  4f6bc3c   Started working on implementing UBA v6.3. Modified struct 
bidi_it as required by UBA changes. Introduced BIDI_MAXDEPTH instead of 
BIDI_MAXLEVEL; users changed. Added bidi_fetch_char_skip_isolates. Changed 
bidi_paragraph_init to use bidi_fetch_char_skip_isolates. Removed uses of 
bidi_ignore_explicit_marks_for_paragraph_level. Reverted temporary kludges that 
treat isolate initiators as weak characters.
  discards  3410f2a   configure.ac: Comment fix.
  discards  0d880e7   Fix bug #18302 with minor issues in the MSYS2/MinGW64 
  discards  934cde5   Fix compilation warnings about snprintf in the MSDOS 
  discards  09f3715   Backport: * configure.ac (HAVE_XPM): Explain the use of 
CPPFLAGS in the Cygwin-w32 build.  (Bug#18302)
  discards  30f1ca3   lisp/gnus/mm-view.el (mm-display-inline-fontify): Make 
the working buffer temporarily displayed when running a mode function (at least 
org-mode requires it)
  discards  58e6bac   * configure.ac (HAVE_XPM): Explain the use of CPPFLAGS in 
the Cygwin-w32 build.  (Bug#18302)
  discards  8ab2588   Fix a bug in texinfo-make-menu.
  discards  b360b10   Handle failed attempts to split a side window (Bug#18304).
  discards  8dc52a1   ChangeLog fix
  discards  3f05baa   Extract python-new-pythonpath to handle PYTHONPATH in 
user code
  discards  a558cd1   Remove 16-bit limitations in scroll bar position 
reporting on MS-Windows.
  discards  0fcb347   Update Emacs's bidirectional conformance per Unicode 
  discards  d470a23   Fix horizontal scroll bar dragging in R2L paragraphs.
  discards  8de8f9b   * xdisp.c (erase_phys_cursor): Fix confusion between 
window-relative and text area-relative x-coordinates.
  discards  2e7d434   * lisp/emacs-lisp/eldoc.el 
(eldoc-highlight-function-argument): Add support for &key args. * 
emacs-lisp/eldoc.el (eldoc-argument-case): Obsolete and change default. 
(eldoc-function-argstring-format): Remove. (eldoc-function-argstring): Always 
return upcase args. Use help-make-usage.  Don't add parens. 
(eldoc-get-fnsym-args-string): Don't obey eldoc-argument-case since it's too 
late to do it right (bug#18048).
  discards  ca8a194   * python-tests.el (python-shell-calculate-exec-path-2): 
Update test for today's python.el changes.
  discards  5d3c0a0   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-shell-prompt-detect): 
Remove redundant executable-find.
  discards  73b7592   src/xdisp.c (handle_stop): Improve commentary.
  discards  82193f2   Fix bug #18276 with vertical motion through a display 
  discards  27bc6b1   * lisp/simple.el (self-insert-uses-region-functions): 
  discards  a8626b7   Fix horizontal scrolling in non-selected windows.
  discards  39125b2   Avoid overwriting the reversed_p flags in the glyph 
  discards  93e8e44   Avoid inflooping in redisplay caused by hscrolled R2L 
  discards  f7abe0a   Fix bug #18277 with mouse clicks on R2L lines.
  discards  52e7a5b   Handle missing space marker in unified diff during header 
  discards  3bcff29   Add dependencies to fix loaddefs race during parallel 
  discards  2b4c15d   * xdisp.c (set_horizontal_scroll_bar): Don't use 
uninitialized local.
  discards  266821b   Preliminary attempt to fix horizontal scroll bar dragging 
with bidi text.
  discards  ed30c57   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-29T18:32:address@hidden
  discards  315865d   Regenerate ldefs-boot.el
  discards  dc01bc8   Regenerate etc/AUTHORS
  discards  64a6f1f   Bump version number to 24.3.93
  discards  b955868   gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-expire-articles): Reinstall 
improved version of the 2014-08-05 change
  discards  8f94421   Support Guile backtraces in compilation mode.
  discards  01fe01d   Initial Guile REPL (guiler) debugger support for GUD.
  discards  995be07   lisp/ChangeLog: Fix a recent log entry.
  discards  de34d6b   Forgotten ChangeLog changes
  discards  43a85f2   * lisp/obsolete/mouse-sel.el (mouse-sel-mode): Use 
add/remove-function. (mouse-sel--ignore): New function. 
(mouse-sel-has-been-enabled, mouse-sel-original-bindings) 
(mouse-sel-original-interprogram-paste-function): Remove.
  discards  92180eb   * erc.el Disable display commands in current buffer, fix 
case where buffer name is already set
  discards  b535453   Add smerge support to the git back end.
  discards  2cc441e   Integrate Rüdiger Sonderfeld's code for detecting 
conflicted files under git.
  discards  e131e4f   * speedbar.el (speedbar-generic-list-tag-p): Allow 
special elements from imenu.
  discards  c167723   * lisp/mpc.el (mpc-reorder): Don't bother splitting the 
"active" elements to the first part if they're the same as the selection.
  discards  9e6adae   Allow resetting image transform options
  discards  bd4de70   In set_menu_bar_lines call change_frame_size instead of 
  discards  e024465   * lisp/vc/vc-annotate.el (vc-annotate-background-mode): 
Use `with-demoted-errors' instead of `ignore-errors'.
  discards  f9575718  * lisp/erc/erc-stamp.el (erc-timestamp-intangible): 
Disable by default because `intangible' is evil.
  discards  dfd4d9b   * lisp/gnus/gnus-art.el (gnus-hidden-properties): Drop 
the evil `intangible'.
  discards  eb7b19f   * lisp/files.el (out-of-memory-warning-percentage): Turn 
it off by default.
  discards  70276d3   Set sgml-validate-command based on validator existence
  discards  26b49df   Newsticker: introduce `newsticker-treeview-date-format'. 
  discards  2b0cb8b   * src/gmalloc.c (_malloc_mutex, _aligned_blocks_mutex) 
[CYGWIN]: Use ERRORCHECK mutexes.  (Bug#18222)
  discards  fe2f33e   Fix default width not being 80, but 77.
  discards  727f37e   * lisp/subr.el (with-output-to-temp-buffer): Doc fix; 
from elisp manual.
  discards  c7367d2   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-28T23:35:address@hidden
  discards  6b7d077   ChangeLog fixes
  discards  ba04cd7   * lisp/calendar/icalendar.el: Add missing :version tags 
for new defcustoms.
  discards  1dd7098   * leim/quail/latin-post.el: Transform " __" into " _".
  discards  f314e84   Revert 2013-01-31 change that decides coding system 
before backing up
  discards  db2f09a   Simplify previous patch.
  discards  f22bc72   Don't prevent random file systems from being unmounted.
  discards  d4ed700   iCalendar export: Enumerate evaluated sexp diary entries 
  discards  643a030   Fix a couple of recent inadvertent breaks of the MSDOS 
  discards  109c0de   config.bat: fix some confusing wording
  discards  d5f2feb   Make doc-string of window-total-size more self-contained.
  discards  c29f96f   Fix handling of menu bar line on TTY frames (Bug#18136) 
  discards  aa40080   * lisp/vc/vc-annotate.el (vc-annotate-background-mode): 
Add :set to reevaluate `vc-annotate-color-map'.
  discards  ea2eccb   src/alloc.c: remove a stray brace
  discards  aac6be1   progmodes/cc-fonts.el (c-font-lock-declarators): Remove 
check for top-level that can cause unacceptable slow-down in scrolling. See 
email Subject: Huge {...} blocks in C/C++ again, from Dmitry Antipov from 
2013-10-14 in emacs-devel.
  discards  1e0b702   Minor fixes in the last commit wrt MS-DOS build.
  discards  7f3bb47   Add changelog entry missing from previous commit
  discards  02e0530   In display-buffer-below-selected reuse window below 
selected if it shows buffer already (Bug#18181).
  discards  8f481f6   src/process.c: fix a comment typo
  discards  dcf7e86   Remove support for DJGPP < 2.02
  discards  c70e7e1   Second attempt to fix some doc-strings in window.c.
  discards  5742859   * widget.c (DEFAULT_FACE_FONT, EmacsFrameSetValues, 
setup_frame_gcs) (resources, setup_frame_cursor_bits): Remove unused variables 
and functions, esp. wrt. font.
  discards  fea30ac   Merge from gnulib.
  discards  5a88c15   * lisp/mouse.el (mouse--down-1-maybe-follows-link): Don't 
convert the down event.
  discards  b2164af   ibuffer.el (ibuffer-mode-map): Use toggle button for 
`ibuffer-auto-mode' menu entry. (ibuffer-mode-hook): Add `ibuffer-auto-mode' 
customization option.
  discards  074a163   lisp/ChangeLog: Fix last entry.
  discards  1f3e13c   lisp/info.el (info): Doc fix.
  discards  5c872b1   progmodes/prog-mode.el (prog-mode-hook): Made 
  discards  8faa5ee   Fix some doc-strings in window.c (Bug#18112) (Bug#18194).
  discards  f8ddedf   Fix typos in TUTORIAL.fr
  discards  87eb576   * lisp/info.el (Info-mode-map): Override a global 
down-mouse-2 binding.
  discards  ddc3fca   * lisp/erc/erc.el: rename server buffers and fix variable 
  discards  8db811e   Fix bug #18162 with assertion violations due to empty 
face cache.
  discards  7aa06c9   In window--min-size-1 set WINDOW arg when calling 
  discards  b110679   * xterm.c (x_delete_terminal): Plug file descriptor leak.
  discards  6d9d9cd   Remove remaining mentions of VMS as a host
  discards  6c5bbf8   Fix a few ``MS-DOG''s overlooked in the previous commit.
  discards  df514cc   Refer to MS-DOS using the same name everywhere.
  discards  ddc4ed12  * tramp.texi (Remote shell setup): Explain, how to change 
command line arguments of remote "nc" listener.
  discards  faafcff   * net/tramp-sh.el 
(tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-out-of-band): Use cached "remote-copy-args" 
value, if available.
  discards  59e4244   * lisp/help.el 
(temp-buffer-setup-hook,temp-buffer-show-hook): Revert change on 2014-03-22.
  discards  6df16fb   * test/automated/Makefile.in (check-tar): Remove, no 
longer needed.
  discards  92ae66a   * test/automated/Makefile.in (check-tar): Remove, hydra 
recipe does it now.
  discards  075e911   Fix Bug#15408 (icalendar time zone problem)
  discards  518edae   src/coding.c: Fix typos in comments and doc strings.
  discards  2416ad6   gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-expire-articles): Revert last 
  discards  345eec2   * gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-expire-articles): Functions 
registered to the gnus-summary-article-expire-hook should be told where the 
function is going. In particular, the Gnus registry might want to know.
  discards  9e83768   lisp/gnus/ChangeLog (2014-07-31): Add missing entry
  discards  e895f8b   lisp/ChangeLog: Fix a typo in last entry.
  discards  81d0eae   Use a max-width when displaying images
  discards  06e7319   lisp/net/eww.el (eww-bookmarks-directory): New variable.
  discards  488df60   * lisp/net/shr.el (shr-copy-url): Also copy the image URL.
  discards  5818408   Fix bug #18195 with inaccurate results from 
  discards  805318e   Don't redeem scroll bars that have been turned off.
  discards  38c4a53   Fix typo in last commit.
  discards  59a685f   * net/tramp-cache.el (tramp-flush-file-function): 
Suppress function also for Tramp working buffers.
  discards  1d58ab8   Fix bug with uninitialized undo list of an indirect 
buffer (Bug#18180). * buffer.c (Fmake_indirect_buffer): Initialize undo list 
with the base buffer's undo list.
  discards  697c09e   * keyboard.c (safe_run_hooks): Follow the convenient 
style to bind inhibit-quit to t and pass 2 args to safe_run_hook_funcall.  See 
(safe_run_hook_funcall): Adjust accordingly.
  discards  5ea39c0   * lisp/progmodes/python.el: Fix completions inside 
(i)pdb. (python-shell-completion-pdb-string-code): Make obsolete. 
(python-shell-completion-get-completions): Use 
python-shell-completion-string-code resending setup code continuously for 
  discards  c7d117f   Merge from gnulib, incorporating:
  discards  4a75c94   Fix scroll bar handling for non-toolkit builds.
  discards  44a651f   * rect.el (rectangle--default-line-number-format): Rename
  discards  f045dbe   * keyboard.c (safe_run_hook_funcall): Avoid consing 
around Vinhibit_quit and prefer internal_condition_case_n to pass args. 
(safe_run_hooks_error, safe_run_hooks_1): Adjust accordingly. (safe_run_hooks): 
Remove comment which is not relevant any more.
  discards  8d2f198   Don't let big frames overrun the stack.
  discards  3cc0c06   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-27T16:27:address@hidden
  discards  308cc44   Don't mishandle year-9999 dates.
  discards  8f88f7d   Avoid undefined behavior with signed left shift.
  discards  a270fa7   Fix bug with an attempt to select uninitialized frame 
(Bug#18161). * xfns.c (Fx_create_frame): Move call to change_frame_size to a 
section where Lisp evaluation is disabled.  This way a pointer to uninitialized 
frame is not accessible from Lisp, which becomes critical if following call to 
x_figure_window_size throws an error.
  discards  f91d04c   * test/automated/Makefile.in (check-tar): Add as alias 
for check.
  discards  5fe16ef   * test/automated/Makefile.in (check-tar): New rule.
  discards  a98a91a   Fix bug with clang + directory_files_internal + GC.
  discards  01c600f   * progmodes/python.el: Completion code cleanups. 
(python-shell-completion-get-completions): Detect and send import statements 
directly to completion function. (python-shell-completion-at-point): Simplify 
prompt calculation and import vs input completion logic.
  discards  88e3bc8   * configure.ac (HAVE_TIMERFD): Also check for 
  discards  7f0ff25   Avoid 100% CPU utilization on ssh session exit.
  discards  3865ce6   * test/automated/fns-tests.el 
(fns-tests-compare-strings): Update test.
  discards  d6c1722   Fix confusion in C++ file caused by comma in "= {1,2},". 
cc-engine.el (c-beginning-of-statement-1): In checking for a statement boundary 
marked by "}", check there's no "=" before the "{". (c-guess-basic-syntax CASE 
9B): Call c-beginning-of-statement with non-nil `comma-delim' argument. 
cc-fonts.el (c-font-lock-declarators): Parse an initializer expression more 
  discards  dbc471b   Fix spacing in ChangeLog
  discards  7902217   Correct loop termination condition in 
c-syntactic-skip-backward. progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-syntactic-skip-backward): 
Correct for the situation where, after moving back out of a literal, 
skip-chars-backward doesn't move further, yet checks have still to be done.
  discards  cb8b236   Make compare-strings more compatible with old behavior.
  discards  f5f3247   * gtkutil.c (create_dialog): Force min spacing 10 between 
buttons. Don't add label between left and right buttons.
  discards  073ae62   * automated/icalendar-tests.el 
(icalendar--decode-isodatetime): Hydra fix. Use more precise TZ specification, 
as per 2013-08-04.
  discards  69402c0   Spelling+grammar fix.
  discards  3ee7618   Make functions static that no longer need to be extern.
  discards  f0316e9   ChangeLog date fix
  discards  8afcf7e   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-26T21:51:address@hidden
  discards  eef5843   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  4844e04   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  a176750   Fix display of R2L lines when the last character fits 
only partially.
  discards  11804a0   * atimer.c (toplevel) [HAVE_TIMERFD]: Include errno.h. 
(timerfd_callback): Ignore weird events with no data.  Add tight assertions and 
comments. (init_atimer) [HAVE_TIMERFD]: Add environment variable to optionally 
disabletimerfd-based timer.  Use TFD_NONBLOCK for timer descriptor.
  discards  bc1ce1d   * lisp/progmodes/python.el: Shell output capture 
enhancements. (python-shell-accept-process-output): New function. 
(inferior-python-mode) (python-shell-send-setup-code): Use it.
  discards  1b25672   doc/misc/ChangeLog: Add missing entry for gnus.texi
  discards  2965dfd   Minor style fix to previous patch.
  discards  43a762d   * frame.c (x_set_frame_parameters): Fix typo in previous 
  discards  5c6476b   Simplify timerfd configuration and fix some minor 
  discards  f3655f3   * frame.c (x_set_frame_parameters): Don't use 
uninitialized locals.
  discards  def546a   [Gnus] Allow list-valued gcc-self group params
  discards  21a7129   ChangeLog fix
  discards  c99a3b8   Fix Bug#15408 (icalendar time zone problem)
  discards  609fc79   * xterm.c (x_sync_with_move): Really wait 0.5s, not 
  discards  173a45a   * xrdb.c (x_load_resources) [USE_MOTIF]: Although not 
strictly necessary, put horizontal scroll bar resources as well.  See 
  discards  8831a1c   * xrdb.c (x_load_resources) [!USE_MOTIF]: Put horizontal 
scroll bar background value to match the resource of its vertical counterpart.
  discards  ca74eac   In window--state-put-2 handle horizontal scroll bars.
  discards  6bca885   Fix Bug#18016.
  discards  f0f3777   Fix bug #18146 with bogus key rebindings in TUTORIAL.he.
  discards  8e3b4f5   In adjust_frame_size use FRAME_WINDOW_P instead of 
FRAME_X_WINDOW (Bug#18138).
  discards  64ae6e0   Fix hscroll of R2L lines that begin with a TAB or another 
wide glyph.
  discards  aac90c4   Fixes: debbugs:18140
  discards  6628be8   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (inferior-python-mode): Make 
input prompts read-only.
  discards  8862cff   Fix Changelog typo, introduced by last commit.
  discards  81abec9   * net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-get-remote-python): Also search 
for executables named "python2" or "python3". 
(tramp-get-remote-uid-with-python): Use parentheses around arguments to `print' 
to make it compatible with Python 3. (tramp-get-remote-gid-with-python): Ditto.
  discards  5dc4b8c   Fix some issues with setting the frame height.
  discards  2daa203   Fix Gnus-related issues reported by David Kastrup 
<address@hidden> in 
<http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2014-07/msg00370.html>. * 
atimer.c (timerfd_callback): Always read expiration data. Add comment. 
(turn_on_atimers) [HAVE_TIMERFD]: Disarm timerfd timer. * process.c 
(add_timer_wait_descriptor): Add timer descriptor to input_wait_mask and 
non_process_wait_mask as well.
  discards  17ee955   Fix another part of bug #18035 with redisplay of 
line-prefix and linum-mode.
  discards  da41ffd   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-26T06:55:address@hidden
  discards  1c6c2e3   Merge commit 2014-07-28T09:07:address@hidden from trunk.
  discards  414e153   Open doc text also if it's not saved to a file.
  discards  34c6b84   Fix --without-x build and pacify --enable-gcc-warnings. 
Problems reported in Bug#18122 and Bug#18124. * frame.c (get_frame_param): 
Define even if !HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM. (frame_windows_min_size): Now static. * 
no-op. (adjust_frame_size): Always declare prototype.
  discards  6ea6889   src/ChangeLog: Fix a typo.
  discards  a7947cd   Fix the GDB xsubchartable command.
  discards  29c3b71   Fix GDB xwindow command.
  discards  768b24e   On GNU/Linux, use timerfd for asynchronous timers. * 
configure.ac (toplevel): Check whether GNU/Linux-specific timerfd functions and 
macros are available. * m4/clock_time.m4 (gl_CLOCK_TIME): Check for 
clock_getres as well. * src/atimer.c (toplevel) [HAVE_TIMERFD]: Include 
sys/timerfd.h. (toplevel): Rename alarm_timer_ok to special_timer_available. 
[HAVE_TIMERFD]: Declare timerfd. [HAVE_CLOCK_GETRES]: Declare resolution. 
(start_atimer) [HAVE_CLOCK_GETRES]: Round up ti [...]
  discards  7daa4ff   Parse completion input in a iPython friendly way.
  discards  4256626   Prevent Python process shell buffer to pop twice. * 
lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-shell-switch-to-shell): Do not call 
  discards  ca43b53   * lisp/progmodes/python.el 
(python-shell-with-shell-buffer): New macro. 
(python-shell-font-lock-cleanup-buffer) (python-shell-font-lock-toggle): Use 
it. (python-shell-font-lock-turn-on) (python-shell-font-lock-turn-off): Use it. 
 Make command.
  discards  f5bed10   Grab all Python process output before 
inferior-python-mode hooks.
  discards  168f8e7   * frame.c (x_set_frame_parameters): Don't use 
uninitialized locals.
  discards  72c64ae   More robust shell startup and code setup.
  discards  0f6bbc3   Support horizontal scrolling of bidirectional text.
  discards  96fa02b   Reinstate removed code.
  discards  3477e27   Complete pixelwise frame/window resizing, add horizontal 
scrollbar support.
  discards  bc7f162   Fix bugs #16674 and #18112 with resizing TTY frames after 
switching terminals.
  discards  5c2b880   src/window.c (window_resize_check, window_resize_apply): 
Fix typos in comments.
  discards  fb2e153   Fixes: debbugs:18117
  discards  11fb710   Use `defvar-local' more.
  discards  c76059e   Cleanup error signals.
  discards  4b03be0   Support for packages in Python shell.
  discards  fa080fa   src/dispnew.c (allocate_matrices_for_frame_redisplay): 
Fix typo in a comment.
  discards  9578a71   * python.el (python-shell-enable-font-lock): Fix typo in 
earlier change.
  discards  a6dc66a   Faster comint output.
  discards  85bc77b   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (inferior-python-mode): Doc 
  discards  ef29dc9   * lisp/progmodes/python.el 
(python-shell-font-lock-post-command-hook): Safeguard current point and undo 
  discards  60cc81a   Robust shell syntax highlighting.  (Bug#18084, Bug#16875)
  discards  c734f28   Fix bug #18113 with ambiguous wording in etc/DEBUG.
  discards  9e9f858   Revert previous change.
  discards  54e3f15   Work around the failures in icalendar-tests which 
occasionally occur on hydra.nixos.org.
  discards  6ea4c76   Reorder conditions that are written backwards
  discards  3acf58e   Reorder conditions that are written backwards
  discards  e72e661   * calendar/todo-mode.el (todo-edit-item--next-key): If 
next key is not a character, ignore it instead of raising an error.
  discards  a072c70   * dispextern.h, xdisp.c (hourglass_shown_p, 
  discards  77109fa   * atimer.c (set_alarm) [HAVE_ITIMERSPEC]: Use 
TIMER_ABSTIME because atimer expiration is absolute rather than relative.
  discards  6dd006a   Fix code and doc involving marked items.
  discards  4e69163   Fix last commit in w32term.c.
  discards  c509a53   vc-hooks.el: Fix doc typo in previous
  discards  b61f5e4   ediff: Replace obsolete toggle-read-only with 
  discards  c3dfb46   Provisionally fix Windows build broken by last commit.
  discards  59bb378   More toggle-read-only doc tweaks
  discards  25aa0da   prolog.el: Fix for missing `switch-to-prolog'
  discards  2d47149   Fix ChangeLog typo.
  discards  88cd403   Move hourglass machinery to RIF. * dispextern.h (struct 
redisplay_interface): New members show_hourglass and hide_hourglass.  Indent 
comments. (show_hourglass, hide_hourglass): Remove prototypes. * nsterm.m 
(show_hourgass, hide_hourglass): Refactor to ... (ns_show_hourglass, 
ns_hide_hourglass): ... new no-ops. (ns_redisplay_interface): Add them. * 
w32fns.c (show_hourglass, hide_hourglass): Refactor to ... * w32term.c 
(w32_show_hourglass, w32_hide_hourglass): ... thes [...]
  discards  934eeab   * net/tramp-cache.el (tramp-flush-file-function): Wrap 
the code with `save-match-data'.
  discards  d6a393d   Fix error reported by Angelo Graziosi <address@hidden> in 
<http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2014-07/msg00274.html> and 
complete previous change. * frame.c (adjust_frame_height): New function. 
(Fset_frame_height, Fset_frame_size): Use it. (x_set_frame_parameters): Take 
frame top margin into account.
  discards  5fc3a9f   * frame.c (Fset_frame_height): Take frame top margin into 
account. Incorrect behavior was reported by Martin Rudalics <address@hidden> in 
  discards  37a2145   * calendar/todo-mode.el (todo-set-top-priorities): Fix 
overwriting of file-wide setting when changing category-wide setting.
  discards  0df1c72   * xterm.h (struct x_output) [USE_LUCID && 
USE_TOOLKIT_SCROLL_BARS]: Define scroll_bar_top_shadow_pixel and 
scroll_bar_bottom_shadow_pixel as such.  All related users changed.
  discards  1d37102   * xterm.h (struct x_output) [USE_X_TOOLKIT || USE_GTK]: 
Define menubar_height as such.  Tweak comment. (FRAME_MENUBAR_HEIGHT) 
[!USE_X_TOOLKIT && !USE_GTK]: No-op. * xterm.c (handle_one_xevent): * gtkutil.c 
(xg_event_is_for_menubar): * xfns.c (x_window) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: * xmenu.c 
(set_frame_menubar, free_frame_menubar): Prefer to use FRAME_MENUBAR_HEIGHT.
  discards  c448c62   gnus-utils.el (gnus-recursive-directory-files): Unify 
hard or symbolic links (bug#18063)
  discards  da8b9ab   Correct ses-truncate-cell bug implied by setting ses.el 
in lexical binding: row and col had been erronously made unbound.
  discards  780c294   * src/frame.c (Fframe_parameters): Always report frame 
height without menu and tool bar lines. * etc/TODO: remove frame height remark.
  discards  ad4c526   Spelling fixes.
  discards  5da5370   NEWS copyedit
  discards  190644a   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-25T10:17:address@hidden
  discards  ef3b719   NEWS tweaks
  discards  f6c951e   Small fixes re toggle-read-only, mainly doc
  discards  c255615   * doc/emacs/emacs.texi (Intro): Workaround makeinfo 4 
@acronym bug.
  discards  4d6abf2   * emacs-lisp/smie.el (smie-config--guess-1): Split from 
smie-config--guess. (smie-config--guess): Use it.
  discards  29b6ac2   * lisp/emacs-lisp/edebug.el: Use nadvice. 
(edebug-original-read): Remove. (edebug--read): Rename from edebug-read and add 
`orig' arg. (edebug-uninstall-read-eval-functions) 
(edebug-install-read-eval-functions): Use nadvice. (edebug-read-sexp, 
edebug-read-storing-offsets, edebug-read-symbol) 
(edebug-read-and-maybe-wrap-form1, edebug-instrument-callee) 
(edebug-read-string, edebug-read-function): Use just `read'. 
(edebug-original-debug-on-entry): Remove. (edebug--debug- [...]
  discards  bb16bff   Indentation, punctuation, and other nitpicks.
  discards  5bfcb88   * lisp/mouse.el (tear-off-window): Rename from 
mouse-tear-off-window since it also makes sense to bind it to a non-mouse event.
  discards  4ce2720   * test/automated/advice-tests.el 
(advice-test-call-interactively): Make sure the function's definition is fully 
restored at the end.
  discards  3241dc2   * lisp/vc/vc-bzr.el (vc-bzr-shelve): Make it operate on 
  discards  1651cf2   * lisp/progmodes/python.el: Add comment about pipe 
buffering and solutions for missing/delayed output in inferior Python shells.
  discards  f72d7fa   * lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-mode): Don't set 
  discards  b06a0df   Make python.el work with IPython automatically.
  discards  a1edea0   * frame.h (struct frame) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: New member 
shell_position. * xfns.c (x_window): Use it to allow xfree later. 
(x_encode_text): Drop 3rd arg; unused.  Tweak comment and adjust users where 
appropriate.  Use bool for booleans and remove redundant checks. 
(Fx_backspace_delete_keys_p): Use XkbFreeKeyboard; explain why. * xterm.c 
(x_free_frame_resources): Free shell_position.
  discards  880b716   * macfont.h (macfont_update_antialias_threshold): Declare.
  discards  eb8cb39   Fix Python shell prompts detection for remote hosts.
  discards  a54493b   * lisp/xt-mouse.el (xterm-mouse-event): Don't assume 
last-click is non-nil.
  discards  bf0d3f7   2014-07-19  Kenichi Handa  <address@hidden>
  discards  d949ade   Autodetect Python shell prompts.
  discards  31ca184   * lisp/rect.el (rectangle--string-preview): Don't assume 
there a non-nil default.
  discards  1a5db9e   Prefer 'x_display_info *' to 'Display *' in X selection 
code. This helps to avoid unneeded calls to x_display_info_for_display. * 
xterm.h (struct selection_input_event): Record 'x_display_info *' instead of 
Now inline function to prohibit using it as an lvalue.  Mention this in 
comment. * xterm.c (handle_one_xevent): Use SELECTION_EVENT_DPYINFO. * 
xselect.c (x_get_window_property_as_lisp_da [...]
  discards  32a6083   * lisp/gnus/gnus-msg.el (gnus-configure-posting-style): 
Allow string replacements in values when matching against a header.
  discards  0e60407   * frame.c (frame_unspecified_color): New function 
refactored out from ... (Fframe_parameters, Fframe_parameter): ... adjusted 
users. (x_fullscreen_adjust, set_frame_param): Move Windows-specific function 
to ... * w32term.c (x_fullscreen_adjust, set_frame_param): ... static here. * 
frame.h (x_fullscreen_adjust) [HAVE_NTGUI]: * lisp.h (set_frame_param): Remove 
prototype. * xterm.c (x_display_pixel_width, x_display_pixel_height): Now ... * 
xterm.h (x_display_pixel_width [...]
  discards  64384ca   Fix last commit of src/w16select.c.
  discards  449c428   Fix src/ChangeLog entry of last commit.
  discards  e8bd4b9   Fix setting up coding-systems for clipboard access on 
MS-Windows and MS-DOS.
  discards  9180cde   Fix assertion violation when restoring hscrolled window 
  discards  137448c   Fix part of bug #18035 with overlay strings on invisible 
  discards  5d59504   * data.c (wrong_choice): Not static any more. * lisp.h 
(wrong_choice): Add prototype. * frame.h (struct frame) [USE_X_TOOLKIT || 
HAVE_NTGUI]: Declare namebuf as such.  Tweak comment. [USE_GTK]: Likewise for 
tool_bar_position. (fset_tool_bar_position) [USE_GTK]: Ditto. 
(FRAME_TOOL_BAR_POSITION): New macro. * frame.c (x_report_frame_params): * 
gtkutil.c (update_frame_tool_bar): * xfns.c (Fx_create_frame): Use it. 
(x_set_tool_bar_position): Add meaningful diagnostic messages.
  discards  b1bfebb   * print.c (print_preprocess): Adjust to match changed sub 
char-table structure and avoid crash (Bug#18038).
  discards  56968aa   Fix bug #18036 with infloop in redisplay with huge 
  discards  02a7e50   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-23T06:25:address@hidden
  discards  70f8097   * frame.h (enum fullscreen_type) [HAVE_WINDOW_SYSTEM]: 
Use more natural values.  Add comment. (struct frame): Re-arrange layout to 
avoid extra padding and use bit fields for output_method, want_fullscreen and 
vertical_scroll_bar_type. (FRAME_VERTICAL_SCROLL_BAR_TYPE, 
no-ops because there are no scroll bars anyway. * frame [...]
  discards  e0b07ec   More precise control over values of some buffer-local 
variables. * keyboard.c (Qvertical_scroll_bar): * frame.c (Qleft, Qright): Move 
to ... * buffer.c (Qleft, Qright, Qvertical_scroll_bar): ... here. * buffer.c 
(Qchoice, Qrange, Qoverwrite_mode, Qfraction): New symbols. (syms_of_buffer): 
DEFSYM all of the above, attach special properties. Use special symbols to 
DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER overwrite-mode, vertical-scroll-bar, scroll-up-aggressively 
and scroll-down-aggressively [...]
  discards  74660d8   Revert 2014-07-16T04:11:address@hidden and fix 
XCHAR2B_BYTE[12] in nsgui.h only
  discards  037a830   Remove unnecessary ifdef from nsgui.h, introduced by my 
last commit
  discards  7ec2c0e   Move back the XChar2b definition to w32gui.h and nsgui.h
  discards  61dcf9b   * lisp/desktop.el (after-init-hook): Disable startup 
frame restoration in non-graphical situations.
  discards  1c6fefc   Consolidate XChar2b macros for the X, W32, and NS
  discards  7e6d13f   Use "b" flag more consistently; avoid "t".
  discards  50426c3   etc/TODO: Minor updates.
  discards  526e713   Fix bug #18025 with typos in Emacs Lisp Introduction 
  discards  6f50c78   * regex.c (re_search_2): Use ssize_t to avoid integer 
  discards  60c6e44   * lwlib/lwlib.h (toplevel): Use unsigned int for 
LWLIB_ID. * src/xmenu.c (toplevel): Use LWLIB_ID for next_menubar_widget_id. 
(pop_down_menu) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: Accept integer arg. 
(create_and_show_popup_menu, create_and_show_dialog) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: Use 
record_unwind_protect_int and avoid consing. (syms_of_xmenu) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: 
  discards  fb32e9f   Unbreak compilation of derived cc-mode modes
  discards  be8b1eb   Tweak earlier vc-log-edit change
  discards  ba1ed52   Use binary-io module, O_BINARY, and "b" flag.
  discards  091adaf   * macros.c (Fstart_kbd_macro): Avoid need for overflow 
  discards  918be62   * macros.c (Fstart_kbd_macro): Simplify.
  discards  3d74393   src/ChangeLog: Fix a typo in a recently added entry.
  discards  c299f85   * term.c (tty_menu_add_pane, tty_menu_add_selection): Use 
menu_item_width. (tty_menu_show): Simplify because ty_menu_create never return 
  discards  201b685   * lisp.h (CHECK_VECTOR_OR_STRING): Return number of 
elements or characters in string, respectively.  Add comment. * fringe.c 
(Fdefine_fringe_bitmap): * fns.c (Fsubstring, substring_both): Use it. * 
keymap.c (Fdefine_key, Flookup_key): * macros.c (Fstart_kbd_macro): Likewise.  
Avoid call to Flength.
  discards  a705278   * make-docfile.c: Simplify a bit, to simplify further 
  discards  4939f58   Improve behavior of 'bzr up; cd src; make -k'.
  discards  b20759f   Fix bug #17986 with infloop in redisplay when 
default-directory is nil.
  discards  d105c56   Merge from gnulib, incorporating:
  discards  b39c4d7   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-22T05:00:address@hidden
  discards  fb02552   * etags.c (Lisp_functions): Also record cl-defun etc.
  discards  dc47c63   Attempt to fix bug #17962 with SIGSEGV in display_line.
  discards  47f63aa   Document the behavior of file selection dialogs on 
Windows 7 (bug #17950).
  discards  a5a8e25   etc/PROBLEMS: Update problems specific to MS-Windows.
  discards  2a0bae5   Minor fix for read_minibuf_noninteractive on MS-Windows.
  discards  cf90015   * XMenuInt.h (XDeleteAssoc): Remove duplicated prototype 
to pacify -Wredundant-decls.
  discards  114ce4b   Fix bug: C-x v v discarded existing log message.
  discards  6a89fc8   Coalesce extern decls.
  discards  c9a1635   * Makefile.in (install-arch-indep): Avoid readdir race.
  discards  4757131   Add ifdef NS_IMPL_COCOA aound OSX version check (for 
  discards  d791944   Fix reading input without echoing on MS-Windows.
  discards  e8963bd   Implement echo suppression in non-interactive mode for 
  discards  ca84952   doc/lispref/internals.texi (Garbage Collection): Fix last 
  discards  fb96e20   * sysdep.c (suppress_echo_on_tty): New function. * 
minibuf.c (read_minibuf_noninteractive): Use it.
  discards  3aa96ff   * src/alloc.c (Fmemory_info) [HAVE_LINUX_SYSINFO]: Return 
nil if sysinfo failed.  Adjust docstring. * doc/lispref/internals.texi (Garbage 
Collection): Mention memory-info. * lisp/files.el 
(out-of-memory-warning-percentage): New defcustom. (warn-maybe-out-of-memory): 
Use it.
  discards  5f7c30e   Implement memory-info for MS-DOS.
  discards  8f4fc46   Temporary fix for the MS-Windows build broken by last 
  discards  0e02d30   * NEWS: Passwords in batch mode are hidden.
  discards  c0ada75   Hide password in batch mode
  discards  644656a   Implement memory-info for MS-Windows.
  discards  64c3333   lisp/files.el (warn-maybe-out-of-memory): Fix the wording 
of the warning.
  discards  46b7604   Tweak previous log-edit-changelog-entries change
  discards  53dc172   * files.el (warn-maybe-out-of-memory): Fix last change.
  discards  9242810   * configure.ac: Check whether sys/sysinfo.h provides 
Linux 'sysinfo' function and 'struct sysinfo' type. * src/alloc.c 
(Fmemory_info): New function. * lisp/files.el (warn-maybe-out-of-memory): New 
function. (find-file-noselect): Use it.
  discards  80fb41c   * coding.h (struct coding_system): Remove 
'error_positions' (unused) and 'errors' (set but unused) fields.  Use bitfields 
for 'eol_seen', 'mode', 'common_flags' and 'result' fields, adjust layout to 
avoid extra padding and shrink struct coding_system by 56 bytes (x86_64). * 
coding.c (decode_coding_utf_8, decode_coding_utf_16) (decode_coding_emacs_mule, 
decode_coding_iso_2022, decode_coding_sjis) (decode_coding_big5, 
decode_coding_charset, decode_coding) (encode_codin [...]
  discards  09880d8   * syntax.c (back_comment): Use more-natural location for 
  discards  f507537   * font.c, font.h (font_unparse_fcname): Now static.
  discards  5d71cc6   * lisp/vc/log-edit.el (log-edit-changelog-entries): Don't 
both visiting a non-existing file.
  discards  f972be0   * lisp/faces.el (face-name): Undo last change. 
(x-resolve-font-name): Don't call face-name.
  discards  140ea21   Treat the perl keyword `constant' like `bless', `return' 
  discards  205eded   * coding.c (ALLOC_CONVERSION_WORK_AREA): Prefer ptrdiff_t 
to int and so avoid integer overflow if decoded gap size exceeds INT_MAX bytes.
  discards  876d043   Next minor cleanup of font subsystem. * font.h (enum 
font_property_index): Remove FONT_ENTITY_INDEX (no users) and FONT_FORMAT_INDEX 
(set by a few font drivers but never really used). (FONT_ENTITY_NOT_LOADABLE, 
FONT_ENTITY_SET_NOT_LOADABLE): Remove; unused. * ftfont.h (ftfont_font_format): 
Remove prototype. * ftfont.c (ftfont_font_format): Remove; now unused. 
(ftfont_open): * nsfont.m (nsfont_open): * w32font.c (w32font_open_internal): * 
w32uniscribe.c (uniscribe_ope [...]
  discards  fded0b4   Fix dedenters and electric colon handling.
  discards  388b22d   * lisp/rect.el (apply-on-rectangle): Check forward-line 
really moved to the next line.
  discards  5613a6f   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-19T14:03:address@hidden
  discards  27e81f9   * lisp/erc/erc.el (erc-channel-receive-names): Reduce 
  discards  dff76c1   * lisp/linum.el (linum--face-height): New function. 
(linum-update-window): Use it to adjust margin to linum's width.
  discards  78478ff   * lisp/leim/quail/sisheng.el (sisheng-list): Don't bother 
with-case-table. * lisp/eshell/em-smart.el (eshell-smart-scroll-window): Use 
  discards  dee89b6   * lisp/xt-mouse.el (xterm-mouse-translate-1): Intern drag 
event. Remove also pointless window&mark manipulation.
  discards  d8899d0   * lisp/progmodes/sh-script.el (sh-smie-sh-rules): Don't 
align with a && in the middle of a line.
  discards  c838708   * doc/lispref/debugging.texi (Function Debugging, 
Debugger Commands): Update debug-on-entry w.r.t behavior after redefinitions.
  discards  ef0cc37   * process.c (read_and_dispose_of_process_output): Fix typo
  discards  5e79934   * lisp/progmodes/perl-mode.el: Use syntax-ppss; fix one 
indentation case. (perl-indent-line): Use syntax-ppss to detect we're in a 
doc-section. (perl-continuation-line-p): Don't skip over anything else than 
labels. Return the previous char. (perl-calculate-indent): Use syntax-ppss 
instead of parse-start and update callers accordingly.  For continuation lines, 
check the the case of array hashes. (perl-backward-to-noncomment): Make it 
non-interactive. (perl-backward-to [...]
  discards  a897d1b   New user commands, similar to what is available in ESS
  discards  9aac592   Fix bug #17969 with vertical-motion through continuation 
lines with TABs.
  discards  96f17a2   * font.c (font_build_object) [HAVE_XFT || HAVE_FREETYPE 
|| HAVE_NS]: New function, with an intention to avoid code duplication between 
a few font drivers. * font.h (font_build_object) [HAVE_XFT || HAVE_FREETYPE || 
HAVE_NS]: Add prototype. * ftfont.c (ftfont_open): * macfont.m (macfont_open): 
* xftfont.c (xftfont_open): Use it.
  discards  d64a498   * nsfont.m (nsfont_close): Free glyphs and metrics arrays 
as well.
  discards  7acd41f   * lisp/startup.el (command-line): Append displaying the 
warning about the errors in the init file to the end of `after-init-hook'.
  discards  6dc311a   * lisp/faces.el (face-name): Return input arg `face' as 
is when it's not a symbol. (x-resolve-font-name): Don't check if the face is a 
  discards  b08e34f   * lisp/facemenu.el (list-colors-print): In help-echo 
format use %.2f instead of %d because now HSV values are floating-point 
components between 0.0 and 1.0.
  discards  b89e78f   * lisp/vc/vc-annotate.el (vc-annotate-background-mode): 
New defcustom. (vc-annotate-color-map): Use less saturated colors (20%) for 
background-mode. (vc-annotate-very-old-color): Add default value for 
background-mode. (vc-annotate-background): Set default value to nil since now 
text on the default backgrounds should be legible in light and dark modes. 
(vc-annotate-lines): Use `vc-annotate-background-mode'.  Doc fix.
  discards  43bb0be   * lisp/simple.el (transpose-chars): Don't move point into 
read-only area.
  discards  f0f70ec   * lisp/window.el (with-displayed-buffer-window): New 
macro. (with-temp-buffer-window, with-current-buffer-window): Use 
`macroexp-let2' to evaluate and bind variables in the same order as macro 
arguments. (display-buffer--action-function-custom-type): Add 
`display-buffer-below-selected' and `display-buffer-at-bottom'.
  discards  f298de5   * chartab.c (char_table_translate): Move to... * 
character.h (char_table_translate): ... inline function here. Avoid Faref and 
assume that args are always valid.  This helps to speedup search, which is 
especially important for a huge buffers. * lisp.h (char_table_translate): 
Remove prototype.
  discards  12dc542   * process.c: Add sanity checks for file descriptors.
  discards  ffcba0a   ChangeLog fix: correcting file path.
  discards  cae17e3   Minor fixups related to usage of the 'long' type.
  discards  0e14232   Minor ImageMagick safety fixes.
  discards  2c57885   HideIfDef mode bug fixes and enhancements. This is #3 of 
3 patches based on the completed work posted on 
  discards  4cf00b8   lisp/gnus/gnus-start.el (gnus-dribble-read-file): Don't 
stop auto-saving
  discards  50802fa   * cua-rect.el (cua--activate-rectangle): Avoid setting 
cua--rectangle to nil.
  discards  41cd270   * calendar/todo-mode.el: Fix wrong-type-argument error 
when marking multiple consecutive items. (todo-toggle-mark-item): Don't try to 
mark the empty lines at the end of the todo and done items sections.  Note in 
doc string that items marked by passing a numeric prefix argument can include 
the last todo and first done items. (todo-mark-category): Don't try to mark the 
empty line between the todo and done items sections.
  discards  b16a934   * lisp/emacs-lisp/edebug.el (edebug-eval-defun): Print 
result using proper Lisp quoting.
  discards  d66146b   * lisp/progmodes/ruby-mode.el (ruby-mode-variables): 
Don't meddle with require-final-newline since prog-mode already took care of it.
  discards  aeb894a   merge trunk
  discards  bff2d1f   src/xdisp.c (pos_visible_p): Fix inaccurate comment.
  discards  546c26b   Fix bug #17944 with pos-visible-in-window-p when there's 
image at window start.
  discards  f2c74bf   A better fix for bug #17942.
  discards  bf97132   Fix bug #17942 with pos-visible-in-window-p and image and 
  discards  6246df6   * src/syntax.c (find_defun_start): Try the cache even if 
!open_paren_in_column_0_is_defun_start. (back_comment): If find_defun_start was 
pessimistic, use the scan_sexps_forward result to improve the cache.
  discards  661b90d   * todo-mode.texi (Levels of Organization): Comment out 
statement that Emacs recognizes todo files by their extension, since this 
feature has been removed due to bug#17482.
  discards  95fab4b   * calendar/todo-mode.el: Fix two bugs.  Shorten 
Commentary and refer to the Todo mode Info manual.  Update the comment on 
requiring cl-lib. (todo-find-filtered-items-file): Add todo-prefix overlays. 
(todo-filter-items): Reorder a let-bound variable to avoid a 
wrong-type-argument error on canceling the file choice dialog.
  discards  8069993   Backport from trunk. * xfns.c (create_frame_xic): Pass 
XNStatusAttributes to XCreateIC only if xic_style calls for it.  This change 
allows Emacs to work with ibus.  Also, don't leak resources if create_frame_xic 
fails, and stop caching xic_style across different displays. 
(supported_xim_styles): Make const. (best_xim_style): Remove first parameter: 
it's always just supported_xim_styles.  Change to look at supported_xim_styles 
  discards  5b5953c   Fix bug #17905 with display of point in partially visible 
line at end of window.
  discards  a984543   * automated/dbus-tests.el 
(dbus-test02-register-service-session) (dbus-test02-register-service-system): 
Fix docstring. (dbus-test02-register-service-own-bus) 
(dbus-test03-peer-interface): New tests.
  discards  b39eecb   Fix Bug#17858
  discards  f0f34bc   src/w32.c (network_interface_info): Make sure the 
argument is a Lisp string.
  discards  c247c77   Minor updates in etc/TODO and etc/NEWS.
  discards  9d7b016   * font.h (struct font_driver): Remove get_outline and 
free_outline; not used by any font driver. * ftfont.c (ftfont_driver): * 
macfont.m (macfont_driver): * nsfont.m (nsfont_driver): * w32font.c 
(w32font_driver): * w32uniscribe.c (uniscribe_font_driver): * xfont.c 
(xfont_driver): Related users changed. * xselect.c (x_get_window_property): Use 
convenient xmalloc. Call to xfree only if some data was really allocated.
  discards  2b13ca4   * lisp/emacs-lisp/lisp.el 
(narrow-to-defun-include-comments): New var. (narrow-to-defun): New arg 
include-comments, defaulting to it.
  discards  7fe2ae6   * lisp/progmodes/octave.el (inferior-octave-mode): Set 
comint-input-ring-size to a number.
  discards  f35b808   * doc/emacs/search.texi (Regexp Search): Update lax space 
matching that is not active in regexp search by default now.
  discards  8abe204   * lisp/desktop.el (desktop-minor-mode-table): Add 
`defining-kbd-macro' and `isearch-mode' associated with nil.
  discards  9362232   * lisp/rect.el (rectangle--highlight-for-redisplay): 
Don't pass `orig' with different calling convention to 
  discards  af8ee9c   On MS-Windows, display busy cursor on all GUI frames. 
This is similar to what we have on X.  Quickly tested by Dani Moncayo. * 
w32fns.c (toplevel): Remove hourglass_hwnd; no longer used. 
(w32_show_hourglass, w32_hide_hourglass, w32_note_current_window): Likewise. 
(hide_hourglass, show_hourglass): Redesign to match X counterparts. * xdisp.c 
(start_hourglass): Remove Windows-specific bits.
  discards  22c49c9   * etc/NEWS: Fix description of incompatible change in 
  discards  046d53d   Fix nick duplication in address@hidden
  discards  60ab579   Use convenient alists to manage per-frame font 
driver-specific data. * frame.h (struct frame): Rename font_data_list to... 
[HAVE_XFT || HAVE_FREETYPE]: ... font_data, which is a Lisp_Object now. * 
font.h (struct font_data_list): Remove; no longer need a special data type. 
(font_put_frame_data, font_get_frame_data) [HAVE_XFT || HAVE_FREETYPE]: Adjust 
prototypes. * font.c (font_put_frame_data, font_get_frame_data) [HAVE_XFT || 
HAVE_FREETYPE]: Prefer alist functions to  [...]
  discards  95268e9   * net/tramp-adb.el (tramp-adb-sh-fix-ls-output): Use 
  discards  57b0281   * trampver.texi: Update release number.
  discards  2d3c901   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-15T04:52:address@hidden
  discards  cbb6a7a   * lisp/desktop.el (desktop-save): Rename arg `auto-save' 
to `only-if-changed'. Doc fix.
  discards  e993f8d   * lisp.h (toplevel): Add compile-time assert to verify 
suitable member layout in Lisp_Sub_Char_Table.
  discards  4991d13   * mouse.el (mouse-yank-primary, mouse-yank-secondary): 
Use insert-for-yank.
  discards  15c1107   * print.c (print_object): Adjust to match new layout of 
sub char-table (Bug#17898).
  discards  cc4f9c8   * emacs-lisp/pp.el (pp-eval-expression, 
pp-eval-last-sexp): Support lexical-binding.
  discards  fe1c6a4   * lisp/progmodes/hideif.el 
(hide-ifdef-exclude-define-regexp): Add the forgotten :version "24.5".
  discards  477daa5   Shrink Lisp_Sub_Char_Table by preferring C integers to 
Lisp_Objects. * lisp.h (struct Lisp_Sub_Char_Table): Use C integers for depth 
and min_char slots.  Adjust comment. (enum char_table_specials): Rename from 
(make_uninit_sub_char_table): New function. * alloc.c (mark_char_table): Add 
extra argument to denote char table subtype.  Adjust to match new layout of sub 
char-table. (mark_object): Always mark sub  [...]
  discards  1dc6f7e   * doc/lispref/keymaps.texi (Key Lookup): Remove mention 
of indirect entries. (Scanning Keymaps): Reword the `noindirect' argument. * 
src/keymap.c (get_keyelt): Simplify. (copy_keymap_item): Remove left-over code 
for when we had key-shortcut caches.
  discards  8b3c135   * lisp/man.el (Man-bgproc-sentinel): Use 
`Man-page-from-arguments' for the message about the man page cleaned up.
  discards  a4b0fff   Display man pages immediately and use process-filter to 
format them asynchronously. * lisp/man.el (Man-width): Doc fix. (man): Doc fix. 
(Man-start-calling): Use `with-selected-window' to get `frame-width' and 
`window-width'. (Man-getpage-in-background): Call `Man-notify-when-ready' 
immediately after creating a new buffer.  Call `Man-mode' and set 
`mode-line-process' in the created buffer.  Set process-filter to 
`Man-bgproc-filter' in start-process branch.  In call-pr [...]
  discards  dd72a0c   * net/gnutls.el (gnutls-negotiate): Prevent destructive 
modification of customization option `gnutls-verify-error.
  discards  6372fc1   * lisp/simple.el (deactivate-mark, set-mark-command, 
handle-shift-selection): Don't keep transient-mark-mode buffer-local when not 
  discards  cdadeec   src/dispnew.c: Fix a typo in a comment.
  discards  ff6e6a4   Fix bug #17892 with mode/header line and display margins.
  discards  854b22e   * lisp/xt-mouse.el 
(turn-off-xterm-mouse-tracking-on-terminal): Don't burp if the terminal is 
  discards  763a11d   merge trunk
  discards  0782685   * coding.c (MIN_CHARBUF_SIZE): Delete it. 
  discards  3737a8e   * lisp/vc/log-edit.el (log-edit-goto-eoh): New function. 
(log-edit--match-first-line): Use it.
  discards  39a61a2   Fix ChangeLog entry
  discards  005f996   * net/tramp-sh.el 
(tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell): Prefer utf-8 coding.  
  discards  b14d27c   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  a519335   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  9714dfd   * menu.c (Fx_popup_dialog): Set Vmenu_updating_frame to 
avoid crash caused by xw_popup_dialog in daemon mode (Bug#17891).
  discards  34ac10a   * xfaces.c (init_frame_faces): Always realize basic faces 
  discards  3f4d0f0   * lisp/vc/log-edit.el (log-edit-hook): Add missing 
  discards  3acd626   * lisp/progmodes/python.el 
(python-indent-post-self-insert-function): Enhancements to electric indentation 
behavior inside parens.
  discards  64c1121   * lisp/ps-def.el (ps-generate-postscript-with-faces1): 
Don't mess with buffer-invisibility-spec.
  discards  911ba4d   * lisp/emacs-lisp/subr-x.el (string-reverse): Define as 
obsolete alias for `reverse'.
  discards  a24225d   Changelog, NEWS and Copyright fixes.
  discards  98bfa4f   Fix use of deallocated memory.
  discards  0224bf7   Get rid of the AUTOGEN_VCS variable in lisp/Makefile
  discards  1e23f9f   Fix bug #17875 with changing TTY frame size, then 
selecting new frame.
  discards  c6ecf7f   Fix bug #17881 with infloop in decoding emacs-mule 
encoded text.
  discards  9c660a1   Remove unnecessary redisplays in NS port.
  discards  de12301   * lisp/emacs-lisp/subr-x.el (string-reverse): Use 
  discards  c08f8be   New if-let, when-let, thread-first and thread-last macros.
  discards  f8e1632   * net/rcirc.el (rcirc-buffer-process): Restore previous 
  discards  f9bae01   * update_autogen: Find loaddefs targets rather than 
parsing lisp/Makefile.in
  discards  becc9e3   * vc/vc-git.el (vc-git-checkin): When operating on the 
whole tree pass "-a".
  discards  87ed944   * automated/tramp-tests.el (tramp--instrument-test-case): 
Print debug buffer in any case.
  discards  8d56de7   * xfns.c (Qsuppress_icon): Remove; no real users. 
(syms_of_xfns): Don't DEFSYM it.  Remove ancient comments. * w32fns.c 
(Qsuppress_icon): Remove, for the same reason. (syms_of_w32fns): Don't DEFSYM 
  discards  e3be290   Don't call c-parse-state when c++-template-syntax-table 
is active. * progmodes/cc-engine.el (c-guess-continued-construct CASE G) 
(c-guess-basic-syntax CASE 5D.3): Rearrange so that c-syntactic-skip-backwards 
isn't called with the pertinent syntax table.
  discards  a27e8c7   Doc and comment fixes re "online" help
  discards  64de291   Update idlwave url
  discards  51a0825   * admin/update_autogen: Remove need to cd into/out of 
  discards  a121201   * src/Makefile.in (ns-app): Mark as PHONY.
  discards  c8bd285   * admin/grammars/Makefile.in (bootstrap-clean): Don't 
delete Makefile, for sake of top-level maintainer-clean rule.
  discards  78cc32a   * src/Makefile.in ($(lwlibdir)/liblw.a, 
$(oldXMenudir)/libXMenu11.a): Fully revert earlier dumbness.
  discards  ef990bf   * src/Makefile.in: Fix thinko in previous.
  discards  8aa079f   Small cleanup for src/Makefile liblw.a, libXMenu11.a rules
  discards  93160ec   Use gcc auto-dependency information for lwlib and oldXMenu
  discards  e0d9c3c   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-12T14:55:address@hidden
  discards  14202f0   * test/automated/Makefile.in (GDB): New variable. 
(emacs): Use $GDB.
  discards  8eb6542   Disable logging in the short form of the test Makefile 
  discards  7ac67e0   merge trunk
  discards  fda6144   * coding.c (MAX_CHARBUF_SIZE): Renamed from CHARBUF_SIZE. 
Callers changed.
  discards  b084415   Fixes: debbugs:17865
  discards  90f33ea   * calc-test.el: Set copyright to FSF; standardize 
permissions notice
  discards  39ef0f7   * test/automated/calc-tests.el: New file and add tests 
for math-bignum.
  discards  01c4425   ChangeLog fix
  discards  b1c4d68   * lisp/progmodes/hideif.el: Use lexical-binding.  Fix up 
cl-lib usage.
  discards  f036e16   merge trunk
  discards  1fc00e5   Fix Bug#17739.
  discards  2c4e2e6   * lisp/Makefile.in (doit): Remove force rule. 
(custom-deps, finder-data, autoloads, update-subdirs) (compile-one-process): 
PHONY targets do not need force rules.
  discards  bca0df8   lisp/Makefile tiny simplification
  discards  06a9b8f   Add short test aliases that always re-run the tests
  discards  8076b12   * lisp/files.el (minibuffer-with-setup-hook): Evaluate 
the first arg eagerly.
  discards  453cac3   * automated/dbus-tests.el (dbus--test-register-service) 
(dbus-test02-register-service-session): Replace `dbus-ping' calls by 
  discards  96ef7eb   ChangeLog fix: relocate entry to correct position
  discards  31eac1d   Have `make check' re-run all the tests, every time
  discards  b9d4840   * calendar/todo-mode.el (todo-set-top-priorities): Fix 
logic to account for file-wide setting of todo-top-priorities-overrides. Make 
code a bit cleaner.
  discards  4f1e550   src/w32heap.c: Minor formatting and whitespace changes.
  discards  d9824c5   * lisp/progmodes/hideif.el: Style fixes. Fix doc-strings 
and comment style, also add a change log entry for the latest hideif.el changes.
  discards  2549d17   Regenerate ldefs-boot.el
  discards  708dc66   Backport fix for http://debbugs.gnu.org/17556 from trunk
  discards  340d54a   * lisp/net/eww.el (eww-mode) <eww-current-title>: Make 
  discards  da313ec   Replace BOOTSTRAPEMACS with an order-only dependence on 
  discards  7ee4b70   * make-dist: Exclude test/automated/*.log.
  discards  b63a16e   ChangeLog fix (no need to merge to trunk)
  discards  50ccef4   * etc/publicsuffix.txt: Update from source.
  discards  f7c6665   * lisp/Makefile.in (update-authors): Update for moved 
  discards  fe9f42e   * calendar/todo-mode.el (todo-prefix-overlays): If there 
is no category-wide setting of todo-top-priorities-overrides, check for a 
file-wide setting and fontify accordingly.
  discards  64c3533   Warn about read-passwd in batch mode
  discards  2454874   * skeleton.el (skeleton-end-hook): Default to nil and 
move the work to skeleton-insert.
  discards  2493e35   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package--check-signature): 
(backport) If package-check-signature is allow-unsigned, don't signal error 
when we can't verify signature because of missing public key.
  discards  7d1fd42   * lisp/progmodes/hideif.el: Undo last change which should 
only go to trunk (do not merge).
  discards  dceff1c   * test/automated/package-x-test.el: Do not mess with 
  discards  d9ca41e   * test/automated/Makefile.in (%.log): If error, dump log 
to stdout. This is mainly so we can see what is going on on hydra...
  discards  6e5a5743  * src/fns.c (Fcompare_strings): Use 
FETCH_STRING_CHAR_AS_MULTIBYTE_ADVANCE. * lisp/calc/calc-alg.el (math-beforep): 
* lisp/progmodes/cc-guess.el (c-guess-view-reorder-offsets-alist-in-style): 
Simplify because string-lessp can accept symbols as args.
  discards  51a3c85   package.el: Don't signal "no public key" error if 
  discards  9ac6d28   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-11T19:33:address@hidden
  discards  436550d   Regenerate etc/AUTHORS
  discards  f387f87   Bump version to 24.3.92
  discards  a0e2175   * find-func.el (find-function-C-source-directory): Use 
  discards  9fc9c8c   Remove some function declarations, no longer needed or 
  discards  18b3456   ps-samp.el: Make it slightly less awful
  discards  199af17   * lisp/progmodes/idlw-shell.el 
(idlwave-shell-make-temp-file): Optimize away code unneeded on any modern Emacs.
  discards  515b1c5   Move lisp/emacs-lisp/authors.el to admin/ It is not 
useful for anything other than maintaining Emacs.
  discards  506d678   * etc/NEWS: Maybe ert-summarize-tests-batch-and-exit 
worth mentioning.
  discards  a210e78   lib-src/Makefile trivial simplifications
  discards  5bca8df   Disable byte-compilation in two test/automated files
  discards  c269730   HideIfDef mode bug fixes and enhancements. This is #2 of 
3 patches based on the completed work posted on 
  discards  5a8816f   Simplify and parallize test/automated Makefile
  discards  cb6ce5e   Fix last change
  discards  704172e   HideIfDef mode bug fixes and enhancements. This is #2 of 
3 patches based on the completed work posted on 
  discards  1d8bea6   * lisp/url/url-handlers.el (url-http-parse-response): 
Remove unused autoload. (url-insert-file-contents): Condition on 
url-http-response-status for the HTTP/S specific part.
  discards  d2301b5   authors.el: Add some renamed/moved files
  discards  92f1664   ChangeLog fixes. Not sure how M-x authors missed these so 
  discards  83d208a   Fix a few packages to work with nil tab-stop-list
  discards  d3033d0   lisp/Makefile: Remove cc-*.el dependencies on non-cc files
  discards  f758699   * flymake-tests.el (flymake-tests--current-face): Tweak 
previous sleep change. Using the time-honored principle of "if it doesn't when 
you do X, do it again and see what happens".
  discards  30a42a5   * test/automated/package-test.el 
(package-test-update-listing) (package-test-update-archives, 
package-test-describe-package): Adjust tests according to new 
  discards  79577a9   ChangeLog fix
  discards  b106c61   * src/puresize.h (BASE_PURESIZE): Add 1%, for safety.
  discards  e147461   * src/puresize.h (BASE_PURESIZE): Bump by another 1K.
  discards  7e58d67   Try to fix some flymake-tests weirdness
  discards  f51e7ac   * lisp/play/landmark.el: Use lexical-binding and avoid 
`intangible'. (landmark--last-pos): New var. (landmark--intangible-chars): New 
const. (landmark--intangible): New function. (landmark-mode, landmark-move): 
Use it. (landmark-mode): Remove properties. (landmark-plot-square, 
landmark-point-square, landmark-goto-xy) (landmark-cross-qtuple): Don't worry 
about `intangible' any more. (landmark-click, landmark-point-y): Same; and 
don't assume point-min==1. (landmark-ini [...]
  discards  0a27804   * lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package-list-unsigned): New 
var. (package-desc-status): Obey it.
  discards  3f107ef   Fix ChangeLog entry.
  discards  51e12e8   Consistently use validate_subarray to verify substring. * 
fns.c (validate_substring): Not static any more.  Adjust to use ptrdiff_t, not 
EMACS_INT, becase string and vector limits can't exceed ptrdiff_t even if 
EMACS_INT is wider. * lisp.h (validate_subarray): Add prototype. * coding.c 
(Fundecodable_char_position): * composite.c (Fcomposition_get_gstring, 
Fcompose_string_internal): Use validate_subarray.  Adjust comment to mention 
  discards  a5128e3   * calendar/todo-mode.el: Fix two bugs. 
(todo-insert-item--basic): If user cancels item insertion to another category 
before setting priority, show original category whether it is in the same or a 
different file. (todo-set-item-priority): After selecting category, instead of 
moving point to top, which extends an active region, restore it.
  discards  5697ca5   Do not allow out-of-range character position in 
Fcompare_strings. * src/fns.c (validate_subarray): Add prototype. 
(Fcompare_substring): Use validate_subarray to check ranges. Adjust comment to 
mention that the semantics was changed.  Also see 
http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2014-06/msg00447.html. * 
lisp/files.el (dir-locals-find-file, file-relative-name): * lisp/info.el 
(Info-complete-menu-item): * lisp/minibuffer.el (completion-table-subvert): 
Prefer s [...]
  discards  9a214b9   Auto-commit of loaddefs files.
  discards  002b161   nextstep: trivial Makefile simplification
  discards  4f2a67a   admin/grammars: Use pattern rules in Makefile
  discards  4c920f3   admin/unidata: small Makefile simplifications
  discards  448dd61   * admin/unidata/uvs.el (uvs-print-table-ivd): Fix free 
variable typo.
  discards  320624a   ChangeLog fix
  discards  50f2908   * lisp/help-fns.el (describe-function-1): Check file-name 
is a string before calling help-fns--autoloaded-p.
  discards  a4d8b73   * lisp/desktop.el (desktop-auto-save-enable) 
(desktop-auto-save-disable): New functions. (desktop-save-mode, 
desktop-auto-save-timeout): Use them. (desktop-read): Disable the autosave 
before loading the desktop, and enable afterwards.
  discards  370ceb2   Fix some indentation problem with \; and pipes. * 
lisp/progmodes/sh-script.el (sh-mode-syntax-table): Set syntax of ;|&. 
(sh-smie--default-forward-token, sh-smie--default-backward-token): New 
functions. (sh-smie-sh-forward-token, sh-smie-sh-backward-token) 
(sh-smie-rc-forward-token, sh-smie-rc-backward-token): Use them. 
(sh-smie-sh-rules): Fix indentation of a pipe at BOL.
  discards  5132f91   Make search in reftex-using-biblatex-p non-greedy.
  discards  2394ef2   admin/notes/unicode: Some notes about what to do when a 
new Unicode version is imported.
  discards  40f5d4b   Be more consistent about the 'Qfoo' naming convention.
  discards  7967f7d   lisp/calculator.el (calculator-last-input): drop 
'ascii-character property lookup. etc/NEWS: calculator.el user-visible changes.
  discards  b626636   * automated/tramp-tests.el (tramp-test26-process-file): 
Extend test according to Bug#17815.
  discards  131a3a1   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-08T18:27:address@hidden
  discards  b950752   Backport Unicode 7 update of character- and 
script-related databases
  discards  ab2da6e   Backport unicode 7.0 data files update from trunk
  discards  9655979   * align.el (align-adjust-col-for-rule): Unbreak due to 
defaulting tab-stop-list to nil.
  discards  2fde356   Optionally, undo several consequential deletion in one 
  discards  5d2638b   * lisp/simple.el (handle-shift-selection, 
exchange-point-and-mark) (activate-mark): Set transient-mark-mode 
buffer-locally. (transient-mark-mode): Use&set the global value. * 
lisp/mouse.el (mouse-set-region-1, mouse-drag-track): Idem. * 
lisp/org/org-compat.el (activate-mark): Idem. * lisp/emulation/edt.el 
(edt-emulation-off): Save&restore the global transient-mark-mode setting. * 
lisp/obsolete/pc-select.el (pc-selection-mode): Use the transient-mark-mode 
  discards  f6a0938   Update various character- and script-related databases 
per Unicode 7.0.
  discards  027676c   * doc/misc/dired-x.texi (Omitting Files in Dired, 
Omitting Variables): Fix key binding to dired-omit-mode.
  discards  814200c   Misc small doc/ Makefile cleanup
  discards  b8e8363   Disable implicit texi rules in doc/
  discards  cc43334   * calculator.el (calculator-standard-displayer): Fix bug 
in use of `calculator-groupize-number'. (calculator-funcall): Fix broken 
`cl-flet' use by moving it into the `eval' code, so it works in v24.3.1 too. 
(calculator-last-input): Comment to clarify purpose.
  discards  200fc94   Simplify and cleanup character conversion stuff. * lisp.h 
(multibyte_char_to_unibyte, multibyte_char_to_unibyte_safe): Remove prototypes. 
* character.c (multibyte_char_to_unibyte) (multibyte_char_to_unibyte_safe): 
Remove; no longer used. * character.h (make_char): Remove; unused. 
ASCII_CHAR_P does the same thing. * buffer.c, charset.c, charset.h, cmds.c, 
coding.c, editfns.c: * fileio.c, indent.c, i [...]
  discards  33848c4   "the the", "from from" and "and and".
  discards  f76c98d   * html2text.el (html2text-get-attr): Rewrite to handle 
spaces in quoted attribute values.  (Bug#17834)
  discards  f3953a2   More tweaks of skeleton documentation wrt \n behavior at 
  discards  6692a64   * net/tramp-adb.el (tramp-adb-handle-process-file): * 
net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-sh-handle-process-file): * net/tramp-smb.el 
(tramp-smb-handle-process-file): Do not raise the output buffer when DISPLAY is 
  discards  9c3883b   * lisp/electric.el 
(electric-layout-post-self-insert-function): * lisp/emacs-lisp/ert.el 
(ert--insert-infos): * lisp/obsolete/vi.el (vi-set-mark): * lisp/term.el 
(term-handle-scroll): * lisp/textmodes/bibtex.el (bibtex-fill-field, 
bibtex-fill-entry): * lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-edit-article-done): * 
lisp/org/org-mouse.el (org-mouse-do-remotely): * lisp/wid-edit.el 
(widget-editable-list-value-create): Prefer point-marker to copy-marker of 
point. * lisp/ob-co [...]
  discards  b0358ef   * xmenu.c (mouse_position_for_popup): * xselect.c 
(mouse_position_for_drop): Do not duplicate ... * xfns.c 
(x_relative_mouse_position): ... and prefer this function. * menu.c 
(Fx_popup_menu): * xselect.c (x_handle_dnd_message): Adjust users. * menu.h 
(mouse_position_for_popup): Remove prototype. * xterm.h 
(x_relative_mouse_position): Add prototype. * xterm.c (x_find_topmost_parent): 
Break from the loop and do not call XFree if XQueryTree returns zero.
  discards  38852a7   Update admin/unidata data files to latest versions
  discards  2a9a5ea   * landmark.el: Commentary fixes.
  discards  6f11078   Fix landmark, broken since Emacs 23.1
  discards  6263354   ChangeLog fix (no need to merge to trunk)
  discards  c400516   Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-06-06T02:22:address@hidden
  discards  8047f43   doc/misc/autotype.texi (Skeleton Language): Fix last 
  discards  656f99b   Fix completion retrieval parsing. * progmodes/python.el 
(python-mode): (python-util-strip-string): New function. 
(python-shell-completion-get-completions): Use it.
  discards  edd112b   lisp/skeleton.el (skeleton-insert): Fix last change.
  discards  4e104c7   src/dispextern.h: Fix commentary to it's hpos member.

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