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[elpa] new-website updated (cf17f8b -> b2327c0)

From: Nicolas Petton
Subject: [elpa] new-website updated (cf17f8b -> b2327c0)
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 10:12:06 +0000 (UTC)

nicolaspetton pushed a change to branch new-website.

      from  cf17f8b   Merge branch 'master' into new-website
      adds  6d3d281   debbugs-gnu.el: Doc fixes
      adds  e41db04   Fix errors detected by tests added in last commit
      adds  47be1cb   Release debbugs 0.11
      adds  272b515   Fixed issue #35: 'x' key in ztree-dir was broken
      adds  cd7dd2e   Fix regression when on TRAMP hosts
      adds  70ff074   Check that compared files are on the same host
      adds  07009d7   Merge pull request #33 from Silex/master
      adds  e3447f1   Merge commit '07009d7695eb7b82225712336fe388495dd48169' - 
Fixed broken 'x' button in ztree-dir - Fixed broken compare over tramp
      adds  8c09e73   ztree: increased version
      adds  66f4359   Updated to reflect GNU ELPA
      adds  bae87d9   Don't rely on TRAMP internal functions
      adds  e5eb534   Merge pull request #37 from Silex/master
      adds  1b1063a   Merge commit 'e5eb534859acc0cc0a13403fd166457db9fb7eb5'
      adds  3d0eb58   Adjust for NOAA server changes.
      adds  b4ee572   Fix #124: Fix lighter for ggtags-navigation-mode
      adds  c697c1d   Fix #127: Improve ggtags-make-project in finding tag files
      adds  811f2e1   Fix #88 and #130: Adapt to changes in Emacs 25.1
      adds  cf17576   Fix #89: Make sure compilation-auto-jump run before 
      adds  08ed052   Apply changes from GNU ELPA
      adds  7a7ee76   Doc fix
      adds  378f13a   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:leoliu/ggtags
      adds  54801f6   url-http-ntlm: Avoid calculating responses twice
      adds  31f43d7   url-http-ntlm: Bump ntlm required version to 2.1.0
      adds  a35ed63   url-http-ntlm: Bump version to 2.0.3
      adds  5b6ce1f   packages/excorporate: Acknowledge Fabio Leimgruber
      adds  ae8ede8   packages/excorporate: Bump url-http-ntlm required version 
to 2.0.3
      adds  d3cf8b2   excorporate.el: Bump version to 0.7.6
      adds  333b902   excorporate.texi: Increase authentication success 
      adds  780c69b   Add section "Patterns for stylistic rewriting" and 
pattern `iffy-if'
      adds  b6898b8   Don't query in set-visited-file-name.
      adds  9854324   Merge commit 'b6898b8e7945609c3341ead4ed074bdb15a41e40'
      adds  64a30e7   debbugs-gnu.el: Add "26.1"
      adds  913086b   Don't crash when Emacs runs as a daemon
      adds  c9cc62d   Merge pull request #50 from 
      adds  31ded26   Don't blink in compilation modes
      adds  c9d8645   Version 1.3.2
      adds  2405d7a   Merge commit 'c9d86457d43decf61810006752544d7f7bd5a61d'
      adds  e49252f   Change aggressive-indent-dont-electric-modes to be nil by 
      adds  6c3842e   Add scala-mode to excluded-modes (#88)
      adds  b42d0bb   Add a few more excluded modes
      adds  6113459   Define aggressive-indent-sit-for-time
      adds  3e73c36   Version 1.8.2
      adds  d0a3350   Merge commit '3e73c363ca06b85eaa905ba0d0b17e08991e3d3e'
      adds  e5e2f0a   Expand docstring. (#16)
      adds  ab1a5c5   Version 1.0.2
      adds  98e1de1   Merge commit 'ab1a5c589378334eafca105af1a17f73b9065423'
      adds  6564e18   Whitespace
      adds  34de254   [#7] Support using skeletons as expansions
      adds  325c21e   Compiler warning
      adds  fffe8d0   Version 1.6.2
      adds  16506d7   Merge commit 'fffe8d0b42b143a2e7df0470d9049fa57b6ecac5'
      adds  3787f8e   Fix #2 - Use equal instead of eq to validate :const
      adds  16e0e23   Version 1.0.0
      adds  ecdbdf5   Merge commit '16e0e2338b9539610437e420d968c7084d48eb57'
      adds  7fdf8ea   Be slightly less aggressive in ruby-mode
      adds  23e50df   Change a defvar to a defconst
      adds  998407f   Version 1.8.3
      adds  b7a4a8d   Merge commit '998407f56009f441a7cb83d678118d4d8e68f661'
      adds  13f1369   Work around Emacs bug#24542
      adds  7a854aa   Rewrite of el-search for version 1.0
      adds  87d6447   Call el-search--wrap-pattern at better places
      adds  a04f301   Add missing settings of some vars when restoring a 
previous search
      adds  0e9837f   el-search: more cleanup and minor tweaks; version 1.0.1
      adds  af31a84   Some details in the documentation
      adds  08605a6   Remove exception for auctex/multi-prompt.el
      adds  47ee31a   Backport seq.el changes from Emacs master
      adds  e479a3e   Fix seq-random-elt docstring
      adds  2e9f962   Add new package parsec to externals-list
      adds  0c3408a   Init commit
      adds  1929932   Split into two files
      adds  a45d8f4   Error propagation to pl-until
      adds  a5ca813   Full & simple parser
      adds  d98e8c8   Add url-encoded string parser
      adds  054a753   Rename to parsec
      adds  6cc3100   Fix indentations
      adds  a268b9f   Add more APIs
      adds  f3ce070   Add simple scheme parser
      adds  606fed1   Add simple JSON parser
      adds  108879f   Better propagate naming and implementation
      adds  6001a70   Refine and add more parsec API
      adds  3503e4a   Rename for easier understanding
      adds  d21bf7d   Remove unused code
      adds  13637e1   Rename parsec-do-parse to parsec-with-input
      adds  14b28a1   Add basic README
      adds  d8cd9d6   Better naming
      adds  da878fa   Use parsec-query for other return values
      adds  ba23b01   Add more APIs
      adds  adf4706   Add many-till, notFollowedBy and fix others
      adds  5810eef   Remove parsec-continue
      adds  c61a38c   Add convenient newline methods
      adds  bdfcbde   Update library description
      adds  12d2ad6   Bug fixes
      adds  fd77961   Add a few simple API
      adds  f7e8629   Add tests
      adds  fa2e6f1   Add gitignore
      adds  9bc1d77   Move examples to under sub-directory
      adds  4fb2abe   Update simple-csv-parser
      adds  32809ad   Add parsec-error-new-2
      adds  9996b5b   Update full-csv-parser
      adds  1da4344   Update url-str-parser
      adds  52f1886   Update pjson
      adds  fb26929   Fix parsec-make-alternatives
      adds  452ec1e   Update scheme parser
      adds  3827d26   Add docs for user-interface functions & combinators
      adds  2cce1e3   Rename parsec-from-just to parsec-from-maybe
      adds  bf49fb6   Upate README
      adds  8c22dcb   Add :group example
      adds  2e8c52b   Make sure parsec-not-followed-by consumes no input
      adds  a951fbe   Unify tag names
      adds  a06220c   Update README
      adds  966ca9e   Add comments to parsec.el
      adds  fdb3d99   Fix some code in simple-csv-parser.el
      adds  ffd42de   Use simple-csv-parser.el as a demo
      adds  e6d5f38   Update the comment in source file
      adds  cdb8c0d   Remove unused symbols
      adds  55515ca   Add missing dependencies
      adds  311a5ca   Fix typo
      adds  bc11325   Add file examples/.nosearch
      adds  7e65db0   Merge pull request #1 from tarsius/master
      adds  31388e6   Add -s aliases
      adds  34521c6   Update README about *-s functions
      adds  89dd2ac   Fix some wording in README
      adds  cbd3352   Add parsec-lookahead
      adds  8c108be   Add parsec-peek and parsec-peek-p
      adds  701964f   Prepare headers for GNU ELPA
      adds  8f0c266   Add doc for parsec-peek(-p)
      adds  dfb3af0   Add 'packages/parsec/' from commit 
      adds  f06d730   * packages/sml-mode/sml-mode.el (sml-smie-rules): Remove 
incoherent rule.
      adds  bc80f67   .travis.yml: Don't notify on success
      adds  1735a28   Add region contents to new snippet
      adds  c744148   Make yas-describe-tables easier to use from lisp
      adds  e21420a   Separate parsing from evaluation of backquote lisp
      adds  ee4efdb   Revert "Separate parsing from evaluation of backquote 
      adds  85f39ce   Warn about backquote exprs modifying the buffer
      adds  655bda8   Merge: restore backquote evaluation behaviour
      adds  6b785e1   Say how to hide the backquote side-effect warning
      adds  ee6e7a9   Fix some compilation warnings
      adds  351c1e3   Don't indent first line of mirrors
      adds  d218ed8   Do indent the first line of mirrors, but in correct order
      adds  9c9952c   Add test for indentation of single line mirrors
      adds  8ca8c7d   Merge: a different fix for #712.
      adds  8907fd1   Escape yas-selected-text for new snippet.
      adds  4296a86   yasnippet.el (yas--quote-string): Remove.
      adds  a4fafc3   Add test for loading snippet with same uuid
      adds  d4da806   Fix removal of snippets by uuid
      adds  42b0c26   Don't warn about modifications to other buffers
      adds  7661dc1   yasnippet.el (yas-escape-text): No error on nil text
      adds  0db65ee   Don't clobber match data in modification hooks
      adds  9500b00   Fix field navigation in the backwards direction
      adds  ea9581f   Fix some quoting problems in doc strings
      adds  0ee86a2   Simplify `yas-new-snippet' load&save logic
      adds  3129040   Load snippet after saving
      adds  dc098cf   Fix yas--message verbosity levels
      adds  244cdfa   Merge: Simplify `yas-new-snippet' load&save logic
      adds  5af9276   Support yas/ symbols in yas-define-menu
      adds  7e0a0de   Use new name of python-in-string/comment in docs
      adds  5264379   Cleanup redundant cl dependency, :group & :require
      adds  4b12f7d   Don't warn about cl-functions with old cl-lib
      adds  309fe15   * Rakefile: Handle unset `warnings' parameter
      adds  9cf9208   Fix test-rebindings
      adds  1532e66   Fix saving of new snippets
      adds  a5e88b2   Add test for snippet saving
      adds  85a43ad   Explain about backquote expressions in doc
      adds  00be21c   Change cl dep to cl-lib for tests too
      adds  ff6f31e   Replace yas--with-temp-redefs with cl-letf
      adds  eaaec30   Replace all occurances of `capitaomorte'
      adds  e6b8651   * NEWS: Update for 0.11.0.
      adds  299efcb   packages/yasnippet: Merge external (v0.11.0)
      adds  8454e71   * packages/parsec: Fix up copyright headers
      adds  b691f2b   packages/parsec: Fix up copyright headers
      adds  21f5a11   Fix warning for `parsec-or'
      adds  4f9177f   Merge commit '21f5a11' from GitHub
      adds  2a0dbe5   `change', `changed': make "HEAD" as default explicit
      adds  fc8f4e7   Initial commit
      adds  74340d0   hes-ruby-keywords, fallback predicate: Allow in 
backquoted literals
      adds  7777860   Autoload the mode function
      adds  4425527   hes-simple-mode setter: Fix initialization; turn on when 
      adds  8098664   Add readme and screenshot
      adds  f7a0074   Wrong words on the screenshot
      adds  72c3cdc   Change wording
      adds  828cdbb   Improve regexp and add two faces
      adds  738f1e3   Add distinct regexps
      adds  02b8d09   Add more specific regexps
      adds  1e79174   Fix extra indent
      adds  0df3e63   Remove explicit group
      adds  5d45ca5   Fix the Author: header
      adds  aaabd19   Switch to rx macro
      adds  460e92b   Add comments with the cases handled
      adds  6bc14c4   Beautify hes-ruby-escape-sequence-keywords
      adds  fc206ba   Untabify indents
      adds  9c80a93   Merge pull request #1 from dev-plvlml/master
      adds  083954e   Restore compatibility with earlier Emacsen
      adds  a031ee2   Add Emacs Lisp and Clojure (same as Java)
      adds  ffb8c5d   Merge pull request #3 from plexus/add-elisp-clojure
      adds  20d3190   Update copyright
      adds  e86a466   Improve commentary
      adds  fa6dd96   Delete the obsolete alias
      adds  c3f28f2   Shorten some lines
      adds  9b2c607   Add 'packages/highlight-escape-sequences/' from commit 
      adds  0e74c8c   Add hes to externals-list
      adds  385a6c9   Inhibit logging of some messages
      adds  8f30437   Document change-revision transformer function; make a 
      adds  f43711a   Release debbugs 0.12
      adds  874f283   Use "https" in debbugs bug URLs.
      adds  f33f2cd   New command `el-search-load-path'
      adds  72ef2b1   Release wisi 1.1.4, ada-mode 5.2.1
      adds  76269e7   Add `async-let' macro
      adds  4840be0   Add some string escapes
      adds  d78b6bf   Merge commit '4840be0f3a82f49157239014a09c7001b7816316'
      adds  3fbc21c   Allow passing any value to async-let bindings.
      adds  5f50b4b   Allow passing multiple forms to async-let
      adds  46bfe80   Allow non list bindings in async-let.
      adds  adb29b0   Merge commit '46bfe80d1d0c0ba6cf1a4593b55af11cd943c697'
      adds  9223a95   Speed up multi searching; version 1.1
      adds  79f5e2c   Some details
      adds  ec15f45   Don't use the non-word "heuristical"
      adds  99d2e84   Cancel the tooltip-with-delay timer on hide
      adds  05a934b   Simplify
      adds  8e321eb   Auto-adjust company-idle-delay when it's zero
      adds  5fe2c23   Consider any frontend deriving from 
      adds  e53f150   Mention the previous change, too
      adds  d3032e2   company-next-page: Wrap only when at the last item
      adds  63d4332   Reword
      adds  6025006   Add company-files-exclusions
      adds  9476aef   company-files--directory-files: Don't ignore errors
      adds  86c1f60   company-dabbrev-code: Look inside comments and strings 
when appropriate
      adds  3d369e1   Don't convert user-error signals to error (#560)
      adds  e6689ea   company-files--directory-files: Swallow file-error
      adds  d8ca520   Improve search visualization
      adds  c353c71   global goes through all the tag files listed in 
      adds  fc39277   Add keywords for rust-mode to company-keywords.
      adds  ba87881   Merge pull request #572 from Wilfred/rust_keywords
      adds  917936c   Fix keyword ordering
      adds  ac2606a   Add JSX modes to javascript aliases
      adds  f2327bc   Merge pull request #575 from Wilfred/patch-1
      adds  1028f38   company-indent-or-complete-common: Blacklist some 
indentation functions
      adds  f78f9c1   Initialize grouped backends on the fly as well
      adds  e077caf   Release 0.9.1
      adds  85bd83e   Merge commit 'e077caf1957f1846fae29aa84a021234c43be96f'
      adds  c637fe0   tests: use /bin instead of /lost+found
      adds  99dbae9   Merge pull request #609 from dunn/lost
      adds  a5d658c   Use capital letters argument name in docstring
      adds  1af6121   company-auto-complete-p: Don't use string as regex
      adds  d8b6976   Merge pull request #610 from 
      adds  dd4c9be   Improve a docstring
      adds  c9912e9   Release 0.9.2
      adds  bcd3d33   Merge commit 'c9912e9ba7ef441677c1a9de7e14f78cb2da5e0e' 
from company
      adds  7230f5a   Fix leaving behind helper buffers
      adds  2d6022a   Do not use map.el in seq-tests.el
      adds  7c3c029   Update the mode-line after spinner-stop
      adds  117b823   Offer a spinner-make-progress-bar function
      adds  c651ba8   Allow floating-point delays
      adds  4e04a98   Make spinner-stop never signal
      adds  a62dc35   Remove reference to thread-last
      adds  ebb5269   Fix a usage of read-only argument
      adds  607d884   Fix #130 - Remove readonly completely
      adds  0637791   Version 1.7.3
      adds  1098790   Merge commit '0637791f005f747532b4439439a81c3415961377'
      adds  2604297   Don't use error report as format
      adds  dcbbfc8   Merge pull request #4 from lunaryorn/patch-1
      adds  c30247e   Version 1.0.1
      adds  35d35e3   Merge commit 'c30247ea4efbddb8efc0c21634b1e78aac4dea6a'
      adds  1c9cdd6   Add a missing seq dependency
      adds  276be67   Merge commit '1c9cdd66501a2f32c59347c56cf4a4316e51ad32'
       new  b2327c0   Merge branch 'master' into new-website

Summary of changes:
 copyright_exceptions                               |    1 -
 externals-list                                     |    2 +
 packages/ada-mode/NEWS                             |   27 +
 packages/ada-mode/README                           |    2 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-build.el                     |    3 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-gnat-compile.el              |    8 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-gnat-xref.el                 |   15 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-grammar-wy.el                | 2422 ++++++++++----------
 packages/ada-mode/ada-mode.el                      |   43 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-mode.info                    |   46 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-mode.texi                    |   20 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-wisi-opentoken.el            |   19 +-
 packages/ada-mode/ada-wisi.el                      | 1965 +++++++---------
 packages/ada-mode/gnat-core.el                     |   10 +-
 packages/ada-mode/gpr-query.el                     |   13 +-
 packages/ada-mode/gpr-wisi.el                      |   25 +-
 packages/aggressive-indent/aggressive-indent.el    |   23 +-
 packages/async/async.el                            |   36 +
 packages/async/dired-async.el                      |    2 +-
 packages/beacon/beacon.el                          |   15 +-
 packages/company/NEWS.md                           |   13 +
 packages/company/company-dabbrev-code.el           |    2 +-
 packages/company/company-files.el                  |   42 +-
 packages/company/company-gtags.el                  |    3 +-
 packages/company/company-keywords.el               |   10 +
 packages/company/company-tests.el                  |    5 +-
 packages/company/company.el                        |  122 +-
 packages/company/test/files-tests.el               |   48 +
 packages/company/test/frontends-tests.el           |   12 +-
 packages/debbugs/Debbugs.wsdl                      |    4 +-
 packages/debbugs/README                            |   10 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-browse.el                 |    2 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-gnu.el                    |   47 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-org.el                    |   19 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.info                   |   14 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs-ug.texi                   |    6 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs.el                        |   12 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs.info                      |   20 +-
 packages/debbugs/debbugs.texi                      |   10 +-
 packages/el-search/el-search-x.el                  |  293 ++-
 packages/el-search/el-search.el                    | 1990 ++++++++++------
 packages/excorporate/NEWS                          |    6 +
 packages/excorporate/excorporate.el                |    7 +-
 packages/excorporate/excorporate.texi              |    6 +-
 packages/ggtags/README.rst                         |   36 +-
 packages/ggtags/ggtags.el                          |  145 +-
 packages/highlight-escape-sequences/README.md      |   15 +
 .../highlight-escape-sequences.el                  |  250 ++
 .../highlight-escape-sequences.png                 |  Bin 0 -> 20292 bytes
 packages/metar/metar.el                            |   32 +-
 packages/nameless/nameless.el                      |    6 +-
 packages/parsec/.gitignore                         |    3 +
 packages/parsec/README.org                         |  378 +++
 .../fixtures => parsec/examples}/.nosearch         |    0
 packages/parsec/examples/full-csv-parser-tests.el  |   51 +
 packages/parsec/examples/full-csv-parser.el        |   61 +
 packages/parsec/examples/pjson-tests.el            |  102 +
 packages/parsec/examples/pjson.el                  |  124 +
 packages/parsec/examples/scheme-tests.el           |   88 +
 packages/parsec/examples/scheme.el                 |  108 +
 .../examples/simple-csv-parser-tests.el}           |   33 +-
 packages/parsec/examples/simple-csv-parser.el      |   55 +
 .../examples/url-str-parser-tests.el}              |   50 +-
 packages/parsec/examples/url-str-parser.el         |   56 +
 packages/parsec/parsec-tests.el                    |  481 ++++
 packages/parsec/parsec.el                          | 1042 +++++++++
 packages/seq/seq-24.el                             |    7 +
 packages/seq/seq-25.el                             |    9 +-
 packages/seq/seq.el                                |    2 +-
 packages/seq/tests/seq-tests.el                    |   15 +
 packages/sml-mode/sml-mode.el                      |    1 -
 packages/sml-mode/testcases.sml                    |    7 +-
 packages/sotlisp/sotlisp.el                        |   21 +-
 packages/spinner/spinner.el                        |    4 +-
 packages/stream/stream.el                          |   40 +-
 packages/url-http-ntlm/url-http-ntlm.el            |   78 +-
 packages/validate/validate.el                      |    8 +-
 packages/wisi/NEWS                                 |    6 +
 packages/wisi/README                               |    2 +-
 packages/wisi/wisi.el                              |   28 +-
 packages/yasnippet/.travis.yml                     |    7 +
 packages/yasnippet/CONTRIBUTING.md                 |    2 +-
 packages/yasnippet/NEWS                            |   50 +-
 packages/yasnippet/README.mdown                    |   14 +-
 packages/yasnippet/Rakefile                        |    6 +-
 packages/yasnippet/doc/index.org                   |    2 +-
 packages/yasnippet/doc/nav-menu.html.inc           |    2 +-
 packages/yasnippet/doc/snippet-development.org     |   23 +-
 packages/yasnippet/doc/snippet-expansion.org       |    6 +-
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet-tests.el              |  238 +-
 packages/yasnippet/yasnippet.el                    |  676 +++---
 packages/ztree/ztree-diff-model.el                 |   25 +-
 packages/ztree/ztree-diff.el                       |    2 +
 packages/ztree/ztree-dir.el                        |    9 +-
 packages/ztree/ztree-util.el                       |   14 +
 packages/ztree/ztree.el                            |    2 +-
 96 files changed, 7971 insertions(+), 3851 deletions(-)
 mode change 100644 => 100755 packages/ada-mode/ada-wisi-opentoken.el
 mode change 100644 => 100755 packages/ada-mode/ada-wisi.el
 create mode 100644 packages/company/test/files-tests.el
 create mode 100644 packages/highlight-escape-sequences/README.md
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/README.org
 copy packages/{context-coloring/fixtures => parsec/examples}/.nosearch (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/examples/full-csv-parser-tests.el
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/examples/full-csv-parser.el
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/examples/pjson-tests.el
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/examples/pjson.el
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/examples/scheme-tests.el
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/examples/scheme.el
 copy packages/{load-relative/test/test-require-list.el => 
parsec/examples/simple-csv-parser-tests.el} (55%)
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/examples/simple-csv-parser.el
 copy packages/{gnorb/gnorb.el => parsec/examples/url-str-parser-tests.el} (50%)
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/examples/url-str-parser.el
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/parsec-tests.el
 create mode 100644 packages/parsec/parsec.el

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