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[elpa] master updated (218fd5a -> ff072bf)

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: [elpa] master updated (218fd5a -> ff072bf)
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 15:35:45 +0000 (UTC)

dgutov pushed a change to branch master.

      from  218fd5a   [gnugo int] Use ‘line-end-position’.
       new  b23d9e4   Fix Highlighting function name of form {"quoted name" () 
       new  abe8d0c   Fix comment alignment
       new  4e5babf   Merge pull request #345 from jacott/master
       new  980eb3d   Support ES7 exponentiation
       new  68db1f5   Makefile: use -Q to avoid site-lisp loading
       new  8e7ed39   Merge pull request #348 from dunn/makequiet
       new  672e2da   js2-parse-mul-expr: Parse the right operand as 
exponentiation too
       new  49f9761   js2-jsdoc-arg-tag-regexp: Recognize @module
       new  357547c   js2-jsx-mode docstring fix
       new  1f12517   Merge pull request #353 from 
       new  e45206b   js2-parse-class: Convert positions to relative for NAME 
and EXTENDS, too
       new  c0801b2   Propertize regexp literals like js-mode does
       new  bea6942   Unbind js2-mode-show-node
       new  64ec0a2   Allow newline in globals declaration
       new  2b32301   Propertize regexp starting with /= correctly
       new  9b63a13   Special methods should allow keywords as names
       new  b6d9301   Merge pull request #377 from XeCycle/memfn-delete
       new  c303773   Fix dead link in the documentation
       new  5855a45   Merge pull request #380 from 
       new  fbe58dc   Compute externs on demand
       new  b575f17   Optimize a call to `append`
       new  454b242   Update NEWS.md
       new  df06798   Merge pull request #378 from 
       new  44c289f   Copy edits
       new  82bbd97   Move it up
       new  2801681   Fix "pos" argument in template node constructors
       new  91e722a   Merge pull request #381 from mgiles/template-pos
       new  9a8aaa9   Fix length of name in namespace-import nodes
       new  712dfb0   Merge pull request #384 from mishoo/master
       new  4d35da5   Fix the fix (error detection)
       new  94b2721   Merge pull request #385 from mishoo/master
       new  2a79649   Fix indentation after regexp in js2-old-indent.el
       new  3106e3c   Fix arrow expression function's length
       new  a91e357   Create a separate scope for switch statements
       new  6f2d51b   Fix the breakage from the previous commit
       new  f450de0   Handle destructuring assignments when classifying 
       new  3725fcf   Handle other cases of destructuring 
       new  e77fcd4   Refactor ‘js2-define-destruct-symbols’ on top of 
       new  523b3cb   Add a STRICT parameter to js2--collect-declared-symbols
       new  cdbdca4   Rewrite js2--classify-variables, focusing only on name 
       new  80ebdee   Rename js2--collect-declared-symbols to 
       new  2d0dc5e   Cosmetic, reformat to stay within the preferred 80 
columns limit
       new  31a2399   Mostly cosmetic, split js2--classify-variables in three 
simpler functions
       new  90e37cd   Merge pull request #397 from lelit/issue393
       new  dad7d09   feat: add js2-comments-between func
       new  d3dd406   fix: copyright year of tests/comsume.el
       new  8569ba6   Merge pull request #387 from futurist/master
       new  03c679e   Bump the version
       new  ff072bf   Merge commit '03c679eb9914d58d7d9b7afc2036c482a9a01236' 
from js2-mode

Summary of changes:
 packages/js2-mode/Makefile          |    6 +-
 packages/js2-mode/NEWS.md           |    7 +
 packages/js2-mode/js2-mode.el       |  488 ++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 packages/js2-mode/js2-old-indent.el |    4 +
 packages/js2-mode/tests/consume.el  |   59 +++++
 packages/js2-mode/tests/externs.el  |    7 +
 packages/js2-mode/tests/indent.el   |    4 +
 packages/js2-mode/tests/parser.el   |   35 ++-
 8 files changed, 400 insertions(+), 210 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/js2-mode/tests/consume.el

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