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[elpa] master updated (b30addd -> da7e3c6)

From: Ian Dunn
Subject: [elpa] master updated (b30addd -> da7e3c6)
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 19:42:41 -0500 (EST)

skolar42 pushed a change to branch master.

      from  b30addd   * windresize.el: Fix up email; address compiler warnings
       new  710001f   Removed packages/enwc in preparation for subtree pull.
       new  2ebc214   Changed timeout on 
       new  d6aa3ee   Fixed up enwc-wicd network properties.
       new  5088938   Removed erroneous comment.
       new  4e0d5a2   Cosmetic changes.
       new  ec0539b   Fixed enwc-setup to be able to be called more than once.
       new  6ed7137   Fix adding to global-mode-string.
       new  c9a94c8   Added tag 2.0 for changeset 3e2cab525cbc
       new  8f21449   Removed tag 2.0
       new  968e6f0   Added tag 2.0 for changeset cc2f7aa4ed36
       new  c6585bb   Added autoloads
       new  5c63470   Fixed autoloads generation and added hgignore.
       new  7a3c057   Added support for toggling the mode line display.
       new  b5e612f   * enwc.el (enwc-display-networks, 
enwc-maybe-pretty-entry): Added support for colorizing the current network. 
(enwc-scan): Set up to allow the networks to be updated without the buffer 
being displayed.
       new  e8b1d77   * enwc.el (enwc-display-mode-line-timer): Added a 
variable for the mode line timer. (enwc-scan-timer, enwc-auto-scan, 
enwc-auto-scan-interval, enwc-toggle-auto-scan):  Added support for automatic 
scans. (enwc-scan-internal-wireless, enwc-process-scan): Only displays scanning 
message when interactive.
       new  18e4a3a   Updated copyright notices.
       new  4a3acfc   * enwc.el (enwc-enable-display-mode-line, 
enwc-disable-display-mode-line, enwc-toggle-display-mode-line): Broke 
enable/disable mode line functionality into different functions.
       new  89f9418   enwc.el (enwc-display-wireless-networks): Removed old 
       new  0d92006   (enwc-update-mode-line): Forces the mode line to update 
when ENWC updates its current signal.
       new  7914c48   (enwc-format-mode-line-string, enwc-update-mode-line): 
Added the option to customize the information displayed in the mode line.
       new  eb6b085   Fixed up copyright information. 
(enwc-format-mode-line-string): Set up to handle invalid and connecting 
       new  f77237c   (enwc-format-mode-line-string): Checks to confirm that 
scan data exists.
       new  cb32122   (enwc-nm-prop-to-prop, enwc-wicd-prop-to-prop): Convert 
the properties used internally to the property names used externally. 
(enwc-nm-get-wireless-nw-props, enwc-wicd-build-prop-list): Uses the external 
property names for the returned assocative list. 
(enwc-nm-get-wireless-nw-props, enwc-wicd-get-wireless-nw-props): Get the 
encryption type in the back-ends instead of the front-end. 
(enwc-setup-backend): No longer initializes enwc-details-list. 
(enwc-wicd-get-current [...]
       new  3491895   Cleaned up code and consolidated front-end functions.
       new  942d83d   enwc.el, enwc-setup.el: Consolidated and concretely 
defined front-end interface. enwc-wicd.el, enwc-nm.el: Cleaned up code to fit 
front-end (excluding security) enwc-cm.el: Added more to the back-end 
       new  d091e21   (enwc-get-profile-sec-info): Removed.
       new  b5686da   (enwc-wicd-get-sec-types): Removed. 
(enwc-wicd-get-profile-info, enwc-wicd-get-profile-sec-info): Updated to match 
the new interface.
       new  17f27c6   (enwc-nm-prop-to-prop, enwc-nm-get-sec-types): Removed. 
(enwc-nm-get-conn-by-nid, enwc-nm-get-conn-by-id): Removed. 
(enwc-nm-get-uuid-by-id, enwc-nm-get-conn-by-uuid): Removed. 
(enwc-nm-get-uuid-by-ssid): Removed. (enwc-nm-string-idx): Cleaned up code. 
(enwc-nm-get-dbus-dict-entry, enwc-nm-set-dbus-dict-entry): Added to assist 
with D-Bus conversion. (enwc-nm-convert-dict-list, 
enwc-nm-pair-to-dbus-dict-ent): Same. (enwc-nm-alist-to-dbus-dict, 
enwc-nm-alist-to-dubs-st [...]
       new  742b67a   Removed several network manager functions.
       new  59ca546   (enwc--str-to-sym): Fixed. (enwc-profile-props-widget): 
Added indentation. (enwc--make-supplicant-multi): Added indentation. 
(enwc--make-supplicant-choice): Added indentation and fixed button. 
(enwc--make-supplicant-list): Added indentation. (enwc-supplicant-alist): Added 
default parameters for phase lists. (enwc-supplicant-template-alist): Fixed 
default parameters for phase lists. (enwc--get-supplicant-entry): Fixed 
initialization values for lists. (enwc-create-temp [...]
       new  ca50c21   (enwc--int-to-byte-list, enwc--byte-list-to-int, 
enwc--htonl): Added to assist with D-Bus conversion. (enwc-nm-sec-types): 
Removed. (enwc-nm-dbus-*-call-method): Used `apply' to pass the argumetnts to 
`enwc-nm-dbus-call-method'. (enwc-nm-gen-uuid): Added doc-string. 
(enwc-nm-convert-addr): Added doc-string. (enwc-nm-addr-back): Fixed bugs and 
added doc-string. (enwc-nm-netmask-to-prefix): Added doc-string. 
(enwc-nm-prefix-to-netmask): Fixed bugs and added doc-string. [...]
       new  20afe01   (enwc-wicd-save-nw-settings): Updated to work with new 
       new  3662795   (enwc-cm-scan, enwc-cm-dict-assoc, 
enwc-cm-get-network-props): Cleaned up code. (enwc-cm-get-profile-props, 
enwc-cm-save-profile): Updated to fit new front-end.
       new  773cef6   (enwc-backend-symbol-list): New variable. 
(enwc--setq-backend): New function to improve readability. 
(enwc-setup-backend): Implemented `enwc-backend-symbol-list' and 
`enwc--setq-backend'. (enwc-setup): Cleaned up code.
       new  218aa82   Fixed prefix of customization group. (enwc-sec-types): 
Removed. (enwc-get-profile-info-func): Removed. (enwc-last-scan): Improved 
docstring. (enwc--int-to-byte-list, enwc--byte-list-to-int, enwc--htonl): Added 
type checking. (enwc-update-width): Cleaned up code. (enwc-maybe-pretty-entry): 
Removed. (enwc--propertize-entry): Added to replace `enwc-maybe-pretty-entry'. 
(enwc-display-wireless-networks): Implemented `enwc--propertize-entry'. 
(enwc-display-networks, enwc-f [...]
       new  e5c36d3   (enwc-nm-details-list): Removed. (enwc-nm-get-settings): 
Implemented `enwc-nm-dbus-call-method'. (enwc-nm-get-wired-profiles): Fixed to 
find correct profiles. (enwc-nm-string-idx): Removed. (enwc-nm-prop-changed): 
Improved docstring. (enwc-nm-gen-uuid): Cleaned up code. (enwc-nm-convert-addr, 
enwc-nm-addr-back): Added type checking. (enwc-nm-netmask-to-prefix, 
enwc-nm-prefix-to-netmask): Implemented `enwc--htonl'. 
(enwc-nm-get-dbus-dict-entry, enwc-nm-set-dbus-dict-e [...]
       new  561f9e1   (enwc-wicd-get-profile-info, 
enwc-wicd-get-profile-sec-info): Improved docstring. 
(enwc-wicd--phase-to-string): Added to convert phase profile entries. 
(enwc-wicd-save-nw-settings): Implemented `enwc-wicd--phase-to-string', and 
cleaned up code. (enwc-wicd-setup): Added docstring.
       new  01075fa   Fixed up docstrings.
       new  c8a0397   Fixed some compilation errors in enwc.el.
       new  bcb33e6   (enwc-get-networks): Improved docstring. Passes 
`enwc-using-wired' to back-end. (enwc-do-scan): Renamed to `enwc-request-scan'. 
(enwc-scan): Improved docstring and fixed up code. 
(enwc-scan-internal-wireless): Improved docstring. 
(enwc-display-wired-networks): Uses tabulated list functions. 
(enwc-scan-internal-wired): Implemented `enwc-display-wired-networks'. 
(*-func): Changed to *-function. (enwc-connect-network): When using wired, 
return the network id. (enwc-conn [...]
       new  ee90297   (enwc-nm.el): Fixed several docstrings, and file header. 
(enwc-nm-access-point-added-signal, enwc-nm-access-point-removed-signal, 
enwc-nm-properties-changed-signal, enwc-nm-wired-state-changed-signal, 
enwc-nm-state-changed-signal): New variables. (enwc-nm-setup): Set the signal 
variables. (enwc-nm-unload): New function to unload the NM back-end.
       new  d6bee52   (enwc-wicd.el): Fixed opening header. 
(enwc-wicd-end-scan-signal, enwc-wicd-status-changed-signal): New variables. 
(enwc-wicd-setup): Store registered signals. (enwc-wicd-unload): New function 
to unregister signals.
       new  1722c02   enwc-cm.el: Fixed up header and footer.
       new  11443eb   enwc-setup.el: Fixed up header and footer.
       new  421b0d9   (enwc-wicd-setup): Renamed to `enwc-wicd-load'. 
(enwc-nm-setup): Renamed to `enwc-nm-load'.
       new  2d5def6   (*-function): Removed. (enwc-current-backend): New 
variable. (enwc-call-backend-function): New function to replace backend 
variables. (enwc-get-networks, enwc-request-scan, enwc-connect, 
enwc-disconnect, enwc-get-current-nw-id, enwc-check-connecting-p, 
enwc-get-wireless-nw-props, enwc-is-wired-p, enwc-get-profile-info, 
enwc-save-nw-settings): Implemented `enwc-call-backend-function'. 
(enwc-load-backend): New function to load backend. (enwc-unload-backend): New 
functi [...]
       new  bb68ed5   Added ignore rules for byte compiled files.
       new  c30c0d7   Fixed up a lot of security handling problems. 
(enwc-enable-auto-scan, enwc-disable-auto-scan): New functions. 
(enwc-toggle-auto-scan): Implements `enwc-enable-auto-scan' and 
       new  d9cbdb9   Added some section headers. 
(enwc-nm-dbus-settings-groups): Added new variable. (enwc-nm--ap-to-conn, 
enwc-nm-connection-p): Added new function. (enwc-nm-get-wireless-nw-props): 
Fixed typo in HwAddress. (enwc-nm--recurse-dbus-entry): Added to help with 
`enwc-nm-set-dbus-dict-entry'. (enwc-nm-set-dbus-dict-entry): Uses 
`enwc-nm--recurse-dbus-entry'. (enwc-nm-process-profile-info): Began fixing. 
(enwc-nm-get-profile-info): Added new function. (enwc-nm-finalize-settings [...]
       new  6417d2c   Correctly merged old branch.
       new  43c98da   Changed enwc-last-scan to a hashtable.
       new  ba6061b   Created more robust backend system.
       new  245a82f   Moved Wicd and NetworkManager backends to new system.
       new  4e43aaf   Moved editing commands to separate file.
       new  2e07c3a   Began work on WPA backend.  EXPERIMENTAL!
       new  48e7aa4   Updated Makefile
       new  4462fba   Lots of changes to enwc.el.
       new  03a5464   Changed channel to an integer.
       new  8f08bcb   Cleaned up network display.
       new  ad38333   Cleaned up enwc-refresh-widths and changed 
enwc-details-list to enwc-column-specs.
       new  c4ac6fc   Fixed bug in 'enwc-load-default-backend'
       new  a6b2b03   Removed tag 2.0
       new  b8697fd   Added force parameter to `enwc-load-backend'.
       new  b673e3a   Added default setup and removed experimental WPA 
supplicant backend.
       new  a46fe3c   Don't switch to the ENWC buffer when processing a scan.
       new  141ad1b   Fixed NetworkManager connection bug.
       new  33515f8   Silenced byte-compiler.
       new  14bcaf4   Fixed bug with NetworkManager loading
       new  8e44368   Moved enwc-setup to enwc.el, and added it to enwc.
       new  3b1bbc6   Fixed autoloads target in Makefile
       new  2c298fc   Updated copyright and keywords on all files.
       new  62fe017   Removed some files from docs.
       new  2e271c6   Moved lisp files into top-level directory.
       new  8c17c8c   Updated hgignore to ignore elc files in top-level 
       new  a3c59cc   Updated version to 2.0beta1
       new  da7e3c6   Add 'packages/enwc/' from commit 

Summary of changes:
 packages/{js2-mode/.gitignore => enwc/.bzrignore} |    0
 packages/enwc/.hgignore                           |    4 +
 packages/enwc/.hgtags                             |    7 +
 packages/enwc/Makefile                            |   35 +-
 packages/enwc/doc/connman.txt                     |    7 -
 packages/enwc/doc/enwc.texi                       |    2 +-
 packages/enwc/doc/nm-dbus.txt                     |  356 ------
 packages/enwc/doc/settings.txt                    |   11 -
 packages/enwc/enwc-backend.el                     |  157 +++
 packages/enwc/enwc-cm.el                          |  391 ++++--
 packages/enwc/enwc-edit.el                        |  434 +++++++
 packages/enwc/enwc-nm.el                          | 1309 +++++++++-----------
 packages/enwc/enwc-setup.el                       |  119 --
 packages/enwc/enwc-wicd.el                        |  566 +++++----
 packages/enwc/enwc.el                             | 1329 ++++++++-------------
 15 files changed, 2358 insertions(+), 2369 deletions(-)
 copy packages/{js2-mode/.gitignore => enwc/.bzrignore} (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/enwc/.hgignore
 create mode 100644 packages/enwc/.hgtags
 delete mode 100644 packages/enwc/doc/connman.txt
 delete mode 100644 packages/enwc/doc/nm-dbus.txt
 delete mode 100644 packages/enwc/doc/settings.txt
 create mode 100644 packages/enwc/enwc-backend.el
 create mode 100644 packages/enwc/enwc-edit.el
 delete mode 100644 packages/enwc/enwc-setup.el

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