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[elpa] externals/exwm d0e9895 3/4: ; Expose `exwm-input-line-mode-passth

From: Chris Feng
Subject: [elpa] externals/exwm d0e9895 3/4: ; Expose `exwm-input-line-mode-passthrough' as a public interface.
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 10:31:54 -0500 (EST)

branch: externals/exwm
commit d0e98957485afa6a91d3c8be1520d65e46987718
Author: Chris Feng <address@hidden>
Commit: Chris Feng <address@hidden>

    ; Expose `exwm-input-line-mode-passthrough' as a public interface.
 exwm-core.el  | 4 ++--
 exwm-input.el | 6 +++---
 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/exwm-core.el b/exwm-core.el
index c5f28cb..750f134 100644
--- a/exwm-core.el
+++ b/exwm-core.el
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
     (logior xcb:EventMask:StructureNotify xcb:EventMask:PropertyChange))
   "Event mask set on all managed windows.")
-(defvar exwm-input--line-mode-passthrough)
+(defvar exwm-input-line-mode-passthrough)
 (defvar exwm-input--global-prefix-keys)
 (defvar exwm-input-prefix-keys)
 (defvar exwm-input--simulation-prefix-keys)
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@
       (lambda ()
-         ((or exwm-input--line-mode-passthrough
+         ((or exwm-input-line-mode-passthrough
               ;; Do not test `exwm-input--during-command'.
               (memq last-input-event exwm-input--global-prefix-keys)
diff --git a/exwm-input.el b/exwm-input.el
index 22e21d6..809f41e 100644
--- a/exwm-input.el
+++ b/exwm-input.el
@@ -420,7 +420,7 @@ This value should always be overwritten.")
 (defvar exwm-input--during-command nil
   "Indicate whether between `pre-command-hook' and `post-command-hook'.")
-(defvar exwm-input--line-mode-passthrough nil
+(defvar exwm-input-line-mode-passthrough nil
   "Non-nil makes 'line-mode' forwards all events to Emacs.")
 (defvar exwm-input--line-mode-cache nil "Cache for incomplete key sequence.")
@@ -449,7 +449,7 @@ This value should always be overwritten.")
                  (setq event (xcb:keysyms:keysym->event
                               exwm--connection (car keysym)
                               (logand state (lognot (cdr keysym)))))
-                 (or exwm-input--line-mode-passthrough
+                 (or exwm-input-line-mode-passthrough
                      ;; Forward the event when there is an incomplete key
                      ;; sequence or when the minibuffer is active.
@@ -629,7 +629,7 @@ This value should always be overwritten.")
   (let (key keys)
     (dotimes (i times)
       ;; Skip events not from keyboard
-      (let ((exwm-input--line-mode-passthrough t))
+      (let ((exwm-input-line-mode-passthrough t))
         (catch 'break
           (while t
             (setq key (read-key (format "Send key: %s (%d/%d)"

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