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[elpa] master updated (4abb460 -> c27f45c)

From: Justin Burkett
Subject: [elpa] master updated (4abb460 -> c27f45c)
Date: Thu, 18 May 2017 22:47:58 -0400 (EDT)

justbur pushed a change to branch master.

      from  4abb460   Some details
      adds  04f5436   Initial commit
      adds  952440e   Initial commit
      adds  ce10994   Introduce defcustoms and use lists instead of ..
      adds  4b7f3d1   Make buffer names easier to read in functions
      adds  1549115   Add option to lock scrolling by default
      adds  b705857   Remove window-starts variable
      adds  0f640d3   Add header info
      adds  b77efe3   Add README and improve docstrings
      adds  ad37c86   Factor out subtraction overlay and prefix internal vars
      adds  72c20a5   Add gitignore
      adds  aadf726   Add TODO item
      adds  5a6623f   Update README
      adds  23a8f14   One more TODO
      adds  1155601   Fix problem with restarting mode and temp files
      adds  ad6035d   Implement folding of unchanged lines
      adds  016518f   Fix folds at end of buffer
      adds  e178a90   One more fold fix
      adds  10b7760   Add faces
      adds  e6e87f3   Add screenshot
      adds  3ef30aa   Update screenshot
      adds  1b96390   Use fringes for open folds
      adds  b6b37a5   Broaden search for overlays at point
      adds  d8a4efb   Remove unused variable
      adds  305e723   Add count to next/prev change and simplify
      adds  8a51468   Don't close fold on point on refresh
      adds  dec9dc5   Small README change
      adds  988c476   Add new defcustoms to README
      adds  245850f   Load cl-lib for using its function
      adds  2c113c4   Merge pull request #1 from syohex/cl-lib
      adds  23b3360   Fix compiler warnings
      adds  4d5299e   Fix alignment of folds next to subtractions
      adds  d77dd83   Take care to only remove vdiff overlays on refresh
      adds  f826315   Increase default fold padding
      adds  4312bb1   Make subtraction overlays zero width
      adds  e8834fa   Fix fold size calcs
      adds  af75c6d   Add vdiff-exit
      adds  bac92b3   Improve line translation and command mirroring
      adds  72d8dfc   Avoid making new folds
      adds  f54616f   Don't close folds if all are open
      adds  3d38f6c   Fix line endings
      adds  9547850   Use diff faces from theme
      adds  12f4a21   Add quit command
      adds  3e1169c   Screenshot showing off theme integration
      adds  6b6f6e7   Force fold refresh on window size change
      adds  eeede0b   Reset open-fold-face
      adds  96258b1   Don't set open fold face
      adds  f915562   Use customizable function to format closed fold strings
      adds  a094450   Tweak line translation rules for better scrolling
      adds  dc7a5e2   Add a comment on line-map structure
      adds  e9d0cc7   Define new bitmaps for open and close of folds
      adds  528a5ce   Simplify logic for sending/receiving changes
      adds  79b3434   Make some arg names more consistent
      adds  bfdfc74   Modify gitignore
      adds  d25fe21   More arg name changes
      adds  1cf0730   Fix compiler warnings
      adds  e005d43   Delete overlays right away on sending changes
      adds  e94d187   Simplify adding overlays
      adds  697bb79   Prefer last element of multiple in line map
      adds  d07e9fb   Fix typo in package description, remove redundant "for 
      adds  875e6ce   Merge pull request #2 from purcell/patch-1
      adds  1640078   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      adds  f77f184   Fix alignment of folds problem caused by recent change
      adds  0fd1837   Update screenshot
      adds  3207365   Satisfy compiler
      adds  9a748df   Update README
      adds  9be4fe3   Update install instructions in README
      adds  f2aaa2e   Fix goto-corresponding-line
      adds  c2f1ad9   Add vdiff-hydra.el
      adds  9b4e829   Update requirements for vdiff-hydra
      adds  b2ba7ab   Move hydra to main file and avoid dependency
      adds  c6c959d   Fix nth-change at beginning and end of buffer
      adds  b02b59e   Whitespace cleanup
      adds  4bb84e4   Add update command to hydra
      adds  8a88f84   Use simpler strategy for updating windows on line move
      adds  6516112   Minor formatting
      adds  d6a399f   Annouce exit
      adds  4dc6c89   Add next/prev fold commands and update hydra
      adds  14abb75   Allow jumping to subtraction overlays
      adds  40351c6   Exit hydra on vdiff exit
      adds  69c85cb   Better way to trigger other window update
      adds  4596948   Reduce load in vdiff--scroll-function
      adds  4ea6afb   Add docstrings and rearrange some calls
      adds  d65fcd7   Simplify commentary
      adds  a15b0e5   Move point before closing fold
      adds  425d50b   Add vdiff-close-other-folds
      adds  cce8eb1   Don't close fold on point after change
      adds  85a4d4e   Fix point jumping after sending changes
      adds  88ce867   Initial attempt at refine commands
      adds  c5589a1   Delete temp files on deactivation
      adds  c82f2b5   Add docs on refinements
      adds  ad0e8c3   Make mirrored-commands private and rename
      adds  20bd4b4   Change terminology
      adds  968047f   Change wording in a docstring
      adds  d46f686   Make README table narrower
      adds  7811f01   Add two features
      adds  52c675a   Add hydra screenshot
      adds  43b9dc6   Add missing image
      adds  803fd6d   Add subtraction style option
      adds  0777eda   Add vdiff-refresh binding to prefix map
      adds  7561f87   Split line maps
      adds  3fcf4b9   Fix sign problem in adding hunk overlays
      adds  f041c58   Sync lines after sending changes
      adds  1276208   Recenter after next/prev hunk
      adds  4ee7fca   Set intangible property for closed folds
      adds  5f2c72c   Change alignment algorithm
      adds  9346e46   Simplify method for setting vscroll
      adds  16eb802   Update README
      adds  309e912   Refresh automatically on idle after change
      adds  fd8c973   Remove post-command-hook
      adds  f3ca6cb   Tweak vscroll function
      adds  c46b76b   Set window point on scroll
      adds  f481a82   Add refresh timer delay
      adds  84380fb   Delete unused lexical vars
      adds  0dc9fde   Try not to move point on change transmission
      adds  cc24574   Fix scroll update for other subtraction styles
      adds  28d28b7   Add restore windows command
      adds  81478be   Lock diff data for certain operations
      adds  83f0788   Don't make temp files global
      adds  5b1b342   Remove duplicated code in vdiff-files
      adds  c912ebc   Don't use window-size-change-hook
      adds  717d5b6   Allow failed line translation
      adds  905be9c   Map remove refinements command
      adds  fa6391e   Reorg README commands section
      adds  750a1bc   Fix bug in remove-refinements
      adds  c8cba47   Fix package
      adds  bd80900   Merge pull request #7 from syohex/fix-package
      adds  3d8e224   Simplify insertion arrow code
      adds  25a7516   Only run scroll-function once per command
      adds  1102da8   Avoid subtraction overlays larger than window-height
      adds  72fe0fa   Don't update diff info while sending changes
      adds  32756c3   A little better than a WIP now
      adds  7135738   Version 0.1
      adds  8daa391   Add case and whitespace toggles
      adds  25ec344   Require diff-mode so that diff-mode faces are available
      adds  c6e30a2   Merge pull request #9 from gvol/master
      adds  371febc   Add option to automatically refine hunks
      adds  b267885   Merge branch 'gvol-master'
      adds  1c8dd1e   Default to nil for auto refinement
      adds  a373c6b   Fix line endings in README
      adds  e171b7c   Depend on hydra
      adds  2e7f076   Simplify bitmap creation
      adds  3d0678f   Make bitmaps nicer
      adds  74ebab6   Don't move point when closing all folds
      adds  667a7e4   Generalize data structures to prepare for diff3
      adds  5031c90   Finish new line translation logic
      adds  a2fbb7b   Rename diff-program-args
      adds  78071df   Use a separate minor-mode for 3way
      adds  baed24a   Work on moving refresh to 3way
      adds  53ee239   Fix bug in receive changes for 3way
      adds  9b3ffb0   Don't distiguish exit code 0 from 1
      adds  e556705   Simplify scroll function
      adds  001ae43   Fix modification of buffer list
      adds  53c2a6b   Fix receiving changes
      adds  95a1230   Fix vscroll bug
      adds  938cc55   Fix use of delq (wanted remq)
      adds  0cbaf6f   Fix point jumping after receive-changes
      adds  8f7a212   Remove with-other-window and sync-line
      adds  5dcdc97   Remove other-window
      adds  7029054   Comment out vdiff-buffers3
      adds  c2627f0   Fix recenter-all
      adds  477eb88   Fix refinement bug
      adds  f36b6b2   Fix line-translation error
      adds  13f553f   Fix fold logic for diff3
      adds  30b85fe   Fix sending changes with diff3
      adds  f1eca80   Disable refine-all-hunks for diff3
      adds  192dbfe   Release vdiff-buffers3
      adds  d33845c   Minor change in cleanup
      adds  5043ca3   Wrap global state into session object
      adds  71d1d20   Add overlay markers to diff3 send/receive
      adds  8c78e58   Fix compiler warning
      adds  8b79246   Make sure we're in a vdiff buffer on refresh
      adds  7bc7f40   Add recent changes
      adds  466b852   Fix subtraction overlay addition
      adds  97d7098   Add screenshot of three way diff
      adds  90f81f0   Make sure hook functions execute in vdiff bufs
      adds  edfae89   Cleanup vdiff-buffers
      adds  42f56ae   Don't jump to beginning of buffer on start
      adds  88e7f1c   Remove min-window-width
      adds  f3b6cec   Center on start
      adds  582d13d   Fix compiler warnings
      adds  9890b81   Fix weird vscroll problem
      adds  816fe2a   Fix subtraction string width
      adds  2847cd6   Add callback support on quit
      adds  8842469   Allow point to leave overlay on target selection
      adds  1d8f6e7   Use correct mode for three way diff on quit
      adds  03e1b64   Remove unnecessary unique name function
      adds  9454053   Use window-text-width instead of window-width
      adds  dcf811e   Add new on-quit options
      adds  fef3208   Update screenshot
      adds  4dd194b   Update screenshot with refinements
      adds  cd9dad4   Fix refresh function call sequence
      adds  87ade86   Always move to start of fold on close
      adds  133e187   Allow folds to close on point but make optional
      adds  28c939f   Document new option
      adds  b4c3e09   Ensure sentinel runs in correct context
      adds  e6e834f   Don't refresh on buffer switch
      adds  d3faef0   Refresh manually after receive
      adds  048d544   Pass session explicitly from refresh sentinel
      adds  679617c   Force update of window-start on manual scroll-function
      adds  a88d313   Sync scroll after fold toggle
      adds  7d60015   Add some doctrings
      adds  b840935   Use more specific faces for refinements
      adds  af5ddce   Remove vdiff-sync-and-center
      adds  eda4b1b   Force update of window-start in manual calls to scroll 
      adds  7fbb20e   Nil temp-session after using it
      adds  74feddf   Adjust width of subtraction string
      adds  cfad650   Provide missing function for emacs-nox users
      adds  059d288   Update gitignore
      adds  7f100a3   Fix vdiff-refresh callback function
      adds  9d89a66   Add melpa badge
      adds  f4332f2   Fix typo in Commentary section
      adds  30b0f9c   Add vdiff-magit.el with two functions
      adds  c2c991d   Add initial vdiff-magit work
      adds  52d49ba   Merge branch 'magit' into magit2
      adds  64430c3   Cleanup merge
      adds  98e1add   vdiff-magit: Port show-staged, show-unstaged and stage
      adds  19f4616   vdiff-magit: Port compare and show-commit
      adds  8b6cb54   vdiff-magit: Port resolve
      adds  1478a02   vdiff-magit: Make group
      adds  c31755a   vdiff-magit: Port show stash
      adds  e567468   vdiff-magit: Port show-working-tree
      adds  3037be6   vdiff-magit: Cleanup references in dwim
      adds  90374e7   vdiff-magit: Port dwim-show-on-hunks
      adds  ed25084   vdiff-magit: Fix some strings
      adds  219d765   vdiff-magit: Simplify stage
      adds  e5d3633   Revert "vdiff-magit: Simplify stage"
      adds  05cbdee   vdiff: Allow buffers to be killed in quit
      adds  615e7bd   vdiff-magit: Fix killing of buffers in stage
      adds  2d48cb5   vdiff-magit: Simplify resolve
      adds  432534d   vdiff-magit: Don't use vdiff-magit-resolve yet
      adds  6f89757   vdiff-magit: Resurrect resolve
      adds  de84cfd   vdiff-magit: Fix a function reference in dwim
      adds  cfb90d7   vdiff-magit: Add note to README
      adds  7a3e456   vdiff-magit: Cleanup after stage
      adds  1d79425   vdiff-magit: Cleanup header
      adds  e8d3d26   vdiff-magit: Try to switch resolve functions gracefully
      adds  52ea351   vdiff-magit: Add option to prefer ediff for merges
      adds  617265b   vdiff-magit: Remove unused magit-ediff code
      adds  0f8dd15   vdiff: Improve a couple of docstrings
      adds  a81d62a   README: Update recent changes
      adds  f5fdcaa   vdiff-magit: Simplify exit from stage
      adds  bc5a9a8   vdiff-magit: Remove unnecessary local bindings
      adds  d8cfb8f   vdiff: Don't use scroll-lock-mode programmatically
      adds  7c87360   vdiff: Add vdiff-current-file
      adds  8b32329   vdiff: Filter out killed buffers better
      adds  a040a4b   vdiff: Add vdiff-merge-conflict
      adds  fb3097c   vdiff: Check if window exists before forcing vscroll
      adds  ff1fbc4   vdiff: Generate ancestor buffer in merge-conflict
      adds  bcacd3f   vdiff: Add option vdiff-use-ancestor-as-merge-buffer
      adds  8aa5c45   vdiff-magit: Fix paren
      adds  c32fe46   vdiff: Fix compiler warnings
      adds  875b0d5   README: Improve vdiff-magit-popup
      adds  d243767   README: Add entry points and vimdiff bindings
      adds  8a3dff3   vdiff-magit: Add vdiff-magit-stage-is-2way
      adds  3a32c4e   README: Update
      adds  d4883de   vdiff-magit: Remove use of camel case names for 
      adds  f11c7c2   vdiff: Fix vdiff-buffers window layout
      adds  92fd969   vdiff.el: Update header for ELPA release
      adds  f9c4e61   Assign Copyright to FSF
      adds  1965a5a   Rewrite introduction for people unfamiliar with vimdiff
      adds  63ccd18   Split vdiff-magit into separate repo
      adds  702f27b   Consider windows on all frames
      adds  37e7245   Default to all frames when using get-buffer-window
      adds  699db94   Remove redundant :group keywords
      adds  1f58dd0   Add custom variable vdiff-2way-layout-function
       new  3bfe8fe   Use smerge-refine-regions
       new  f904bc4   Merge branch 'stefan'
       new  929979f   Add convenience functions for send/receive
       new  0f3f249   Fix docstring typo
       new  8e27aff   Add 'packages/vdiff/' from commit 
       new  c27f45c   Add vdiff to externals-list

Summary of changes:
 externals-list                         |    1 +
 packages/vdiff/.gitignore              |    4 +
 packages/{multishell => vdiff}/LICENSE |    2 +-
 packages/vdiff/README.org              |  216 ++++
 packages/vdiff/img/hydra.png           |  Bin 0 -> 19666 bytes
 packages/vdiff/img/leuven.png          |  Bin 0 -> 105779 bytes
 packages/vdiff/img/leuven3.png         |  Bin 0 -> 120134 bytes
 packages/vdiff/img/wide-screen.png     |  Bin 0 -> 43685 bytes
 packages/vdiff/vdiff.el                | 2108 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 9 files changed, 2330 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/vdiff/.gitignore
 copy packages/{multishell => vdiff}/LICENSE (99%)
 create mode 100644 packages/vdiff/README.org
 create mode 100644 packages/vdiff/img/hydra.png
 create mode 100644 packages/vdiff/img/leuven.png
 create mode 100644 packages/vdiff/img/leuven3.png
 create mode 100644 packages/vdiff/img/wide-screen.png
 create mode 100644 packages/vdiff/vdiff.el

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