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[elpa] master updated (0775e8c -> 5b288be)

From: Ian Dunn
Subject: [elpa] master updated (0775e8c -> 5b288be)
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2017 14:33:54 -0500 (EST)

skolar42 pushed a change to branch master.

      from  0775e8c   Gnorb: Typo
       new  b35b6eb   Initial import
       new  d854f3d   Fixed typos
       new  9b61ee5   Added ede/proj-aux to bootstrap.sh
       new  428098b   Added bzrignore file
       new  6aefb0b   Made dictionary names strings
       new  79c22c2   Added new customization options for 
       new  de2260f   Documented the population commands
       new  febb200   Added function to submit a bug report
       new  6e8acdf   Added documentation
       new  52c8a88   Fixed usage of bzr send in documentation
       new  aa2c021   Added info documentation for future inclusion in ELPA
       new  ecb2f9d   Fixed up info title
       new  262d99f   Added package requirements to paced.el
       new  e404950   Alias if-let* and when-let* for backwards compatibility
       new  6c014ae   Remove rx pcase form for compatibility
       new  c369964   Reduce required Emacs version to 25.3
       new  b925c0b   Updated links in documentation
       new  38979b5   Fixed up contributing documentation
       new  dada473   Push of info page
       new  ce7a2be   Changed case-sensitivity to case-handling
       new  4824306   Make the registered dictionary map a hash table
       new  4162bd4   Changed name of registered checker
       new  82bd0da   Fixed various defmethod names to use paced-dictionary- 
       new  e751e4f   Update case-handling slot name in Documentation
       new  0d17d8d   Warn before resetting dictionary during population
       new  35ba53b   Autoload paced-repopulate-named-dictionary-async
       new  56129ca   Updated docstrings
       new  302d4b4   Added convenience method for adding population commands
       new  6e7d6d7   Updated method names in paced-repopulate-dictionary-async
       new  75e9490   Account for case handling in completion
       new  f0ac1d8   Added mixed-case case handling
       new  69b0058   Remove test dependency on dictionary file
       new  e611e61   Changed Emacs requirement to 25.1
       new  a96701c   Fixed up paced-dictionary comments
       new  5f9ddc6   Mention case handling in paced-dictionary-completions
       new  bda0995   Remove inaccurate comment about completion in 
case-handling slot
       new  8f1860a   Documentation fixes
       new  b95b016   Pushed updated info pages
       new  7c9a342   Fixed paced-global-dict-enable-alist value type
       new  2e306c8   Improved Introduction
       new  895f479   Pushed info pages
       new  964eb48   Fixed bug in completion
       new  bfdb640   Updated pabbrev comparison
       new  56944b8   Added documentation section for working with EDE
       new  3cd1147   Add IDs and descriptions for Contributing section
       new  bc054b8   Updated info pages
       new  e834a04   Updated copyright strings in preparation for pushing to 
       new  23c4a65   Mention common variables in population commands settings
       new  5674746   Added function to check if point is in a comment
       new  e293378   Fix completion falling back to other backend
       new  a3a7eac   Added default dictionary settings for population
       new  5480e97   Removed obsolete method
       new  139a199   Added note about dictionary properties
       new  1234c0c   Updated info pages
       new  4823f53   Added section for a basic setup
       new  158ff71   Fixed internal links in documentation
       new  534df41   Updated info pages
       new  7535133   Updated copyright blocks in all files
       new  b7dc61d   Removed bootstrap.sh
       new  b07d853   Added elpaignore file
       new  223809e   Fixed elpaignore file
       new  5b288be   Add 'packages/paced/' from commit 

Summary of changes:
 packages/paced/.bzrignore             |    8 +
 packages/paced/.elpaignore            |    5 +
 COPYING => packages/paced/COPYING     |    0
 packages/paced/Project.ede            |   48 ++
 packages/{auto-overlays => paced}/dir |    6 +-
 packages/paced/paced-async.el         |   99 +++
 packages/paced/paced-tests.el         |  468 ++++++++++++++
 packages/paced/paced.el               | 1079 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 packages/paced/paced.info             |  745 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 packages/paced/paced.org              |  571 +++++++++++++++++
 packages/paced/test-files/first.txt   |    1 +
 packages/paced/test-files/second.cpp  |    1 +
 packages/paced/test-files/third.org   |    1 +
 packages/paced/test.mk                |   27 +
 14 files changed, 3056 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/.bzrignore
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/.elpaignore
 copy COPYING => packages/paced/COPYING (100%)
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/Project.ede
 copy packages/{auto-overlays => paced}/dir (70%)
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/paced-async.el
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/paced-tests.el
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/paced.el
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/paced.info
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/paced.org
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/test-files/first.txt
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/test-files/second.cpp
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/test-files/third.org
 create mode 100644 packages/paced/test.mk

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