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[elpa] master 38979b5 18/62: Fixed up contributing documentation

From: Ian Dunn
Subject: [elpa] master 38979b5 18/62: Fixed up contributing documentation
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2017 14:33:58 -0500 (EST)

branch: master
commit 38979b50d517fd7e9bbc11e4b280f48278a52836
Author: Ian Dunn <address@hidden>
Commit: Ian Dunn <address@hidden>

    Fixed up contributing documentation
    * paced.org (Contributing): Broke into separate sections
      (Documentation): New section in Contributing
 paced.org | 16 ++++++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 14 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/paced.org b/paced.org
index b3aa3f6..31837fa 100644
--- a/paced.org
+++ b/paced.org
@@ -481,14 +481,17 @@ Build the Makefile with EDE:
 1. Open any file from paced
 2. Run ~C-c . C~ or ~M-x ede-compile-project~
+** Bugs
 There are two ways to submit bug reports:
 1. Using the bug tracker at Savannah
 2. Sending an email using ~paced-submit-bug-report~
+When submitting a bug report, be sure to include a description of the 
+or population command that caused the problem, with as much detail as possible.
+** Development
 If you're new to bazaar, we recommend using Emacs's built-in VC package.  It
 eases the overhead of dealing with a brand new VCS with a few standard 
@@ -511,3 +514,12 @@ There are a few rules to follow:
 - New population commands should be named 
 - Run 'make check' to verify that your mods don't break anything
 - Avoid additional or altered dependencies if at all possible
+** Documentation
+Documentation is always helpful to us.  Please be sure to do the following 
+making any changes:
+1. Update the info page in the repository with ~C-c C-e i i~
+2. If you're updating the HTML documentation, switch to a theme that can easily
+   be read on a white background; we recommend the "adwaita" theme

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