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[elpa] branch externals/elpa deleted (was 4c0bfc3)

From: Joo Tvora
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/elpa deleted (was 4c0bfc3)
Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 09:53:40 -0400 (EDT)

capitaomorte pushed a change to branch externals/elpa.

       was  4c0bfc3   Support didChangeWatchedFiles with dynamic registration

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  4c0bfc3   Support didChangeWatchedFiles with dynamic registration
  discards  589e1ea   Remove an unused variable
  discards  41f5922   Now send willSaveWaitUntil
  discards  9bf3166   Don't define a menu if nothing to show there for now
  discards  49fb02f   Use RLS in Travis CI and add actual tests
  discards  dc08e8e   Fix automatic project creation
  discards  8448d9b   Work with any old directory, no formal project needed
  discards  1fb2bcb   Ask server for textDocument/signatureHelp if it supports 
  discards  418412b   Fix copyright header. Obviously not since 2003
  discards  77856c2   Reinstate the catch/loop/throw idiom in eglot-request
  discards  29f6b4c   Tweak README.md
  discards  764347d   New command eglot-help-at-point and a README update
  discards  29f58a6   Get rid of catch/loop/throw idiom (suggested by Thien-Thi 
  discards  56cf02d   Rework autoreconnection logic
  discards  9577dfc   Duh, json.el is in Emacs, and json-mode.el is useless here
  discards  9af84a2   Prepare to sumbit to GNU ELPA
  discards  0625b6c   (eglot--xref-make): Fix Use of cl-destructuring-bind.
  discards  3e0f1c3   Misc little adjustments for readability
  discards  ef80455   Support :completionItem/resolve
  discards  ab575d2   Rename functions. eglot--request is now the synchronous 
  discards  d1cdcf1   Friendlier M-x eglot
  discards  c7bd095   Improve eglot-eldoc-function
  discards  d0b7773   Reduce log chatter
  discards  c7b9002   Only call deferred actions after a full message has been 
  discards  581608f   Resist server failure during synchronous requests
  discards  f89f859   Simplify mode-line updating logic
  discards  54fc885   More RLS-specifics: update Flymake diags when indexing 
  discards  05c67ee   Adjust flymake integration
  discards  23b79e0   Shorten summary line to appease package-lint.el
  discards  458bc69   More correctly setup rust-mode-related autoloads
  discards  3dcbc30   Add minimal headers, commentary and autoloads
  discards  bfd82b5   Fancier RLS spinner
  discards  42177d0   New "deferred requests" that wait until server is ready
  discards  5ce9ab0   Call eglot-eldoc-function after completion finishes
  discards  8a80fb7   Simplify `eglot-shutdown`
  discards  56c2e1d   Get rid of eglot-mode
  discards  d33a9b5   Simplify eglot--signal-textDocument/didChange
  discards  71e47d2   Fix odd bugs and tweak stuff
  discards  ecd334f   Update README
  discards  6e76b08   Support workspace/applyEdit
  discards  3a6c637   Support textDocument/rename
  discards  37b7329   Reasonable textDocument/documentHighlight support
  discards  1356844   Fix odd bugs
  discards  24466a9   When killing server, always wait 3 seconds
  discards  dda11dd   Try to fix some textDocument/completion bugs
  discards  d40f9ac   Half-decent imenu support via textDocument/documentSymbol
  discards  af14364   Only request stuff that server says it's capable of
  discards  e63dad0   Simplify mode-line code with a helper.
  discards  e964abe   Get rid of eglot--buffer-open-count
  discards  fceb6bb   Get rid of eglot--special-buffer-process
  discards  f257d63   * eglot.el: Reformat to shave off some lines.
  discards  d431d41   Fix bug in hover support
  discards  bbc64b4   Clean up client capabilities
  discards  714e5be   Half-baked textDocument/hover support
  discards  889ef20   Tweak the async request engine.
  discards  fc6879f   Explain why didOpen on after-revert-hook is a bad idea
  discards  c4ffabc   Half-decent completion support
  discards  d254f97   Solve another textDocument/didChange bug
  discards  39e8b9e   Add (dummy) tests and Travis CI integration
  discards  a7ddce6   Support javascript's javascript-typescript-langserver
  discards  9ff97a6   Increase request timeout length to 10 seconds
  discards  1add335   Workaround two suspected Emacs bugs
  discards  e9b5e54   ETOOMANYLAMBDAS
  discards  571b08f   Fix the odd bug here and there
  discards  193c57d   Half-decent xref support
  discards  ff5a03d   Very basic xref support
  discards  e86f9b4   New helper eglot--sync-request
  discards  9882bf2   Cleanup mistake with TextDocumentItem and 
  discards  8160cd4   Handle dynamic registration in general (but nothing 
specific yet)
  discards  a199c8e   Honour textDocumentSync
  discards  79a2a1e   Be quite explicit about our lack of capabilities right now
  discards  b657b32   Use rootUri instead of rootPath
  discards  e7ffc31   Make reported capabilities into its own function
  discards  ea918ab   Include source info in diagnostics
  discards  df5d76d   Reply to client/registerCapability (don't handle it yet)
  discards  f8bfb7e   Handle requests from server correctly
  discards  c2862f4   Don't auto-reconnect if last attempt lasted less than 3 
  discards  7d0bf64   Workaround RLS's regusal to treat nil as empty json object
  discards  4d4b85d   eglot-editing-mode becomes eglot--managed-mode
  discards  b69302c   Make M-x eglot's interactive spec a separate function
  discards  eebd32b   When user declines to reconnect, first quit existing 
  discards  95187cf   Connect to LSP server via TCP
  discards  f76f04e   More correctly keep track of didOpen/didClose per buffer
  discards  29d4103   Fix mode-line mouse-clicks from outside selected window
  discards  b1554fc   * eglot.el (eglot--process-receive): Skip null method 
  discards  9d404c9   Update README.md
  discards  f1b6485   Trim some edges and add a bunch of boring RPC methods
  discards  1514e0f   Fix a couple of Rust-related edge cases
  discards  9665a3e   Fix textDocument/didChange
  discards  a3545fb   Rename RPC methods for clarity
  discards  46bb1c0   Reorganize file
  discards  2b61a3b   Delete two useless forward declarations
  discards  17e0ca4   Fix Flymake diagnostic positions
  discards  51ff863   Must re-announce didOpen after reconnect
  discards  d2eca65   Fix another Flymake sync bug
  discards  f7f77e1   Make M-x eglot the main entry point
  discards  cc183a6   Fix assorted bugs
  discards  0e95167   Watch for files opened under umbrella of existing process
  discards  c95a0a4   Multiple servers per project are possible
  discards  88e3655   Appease checkdoc.el
  discards  fdb4de1   Simplify flymake integration
  discards  92bf3a0   Signal textDocument/didClose
  discards  be52e1e   Rework connection restarting again
  discards  b511b7d   Redesign and simplify parser
  discards  c948713   Auto-reconnect on unexpected connection loss
  discards  22dc2f7   Ready to start fixing flymake integration
  discards  75495dc   Slightly more user friendly start
  discards  931093e   Don't clutter UI with warnings
  discards  e8f859e   Rework commands for connecting and reconnecting
  discards  63f2208   Less obstrusive flymake stuff for now
  discards  7ec0dcf   Events buffer uses eglot-mode, source buffers use 
  discards  95983c9   Change status to error everytime an error is found
  discards  3403f86   Correctly report what we currently are capable of
  discards  6689a15   Add eglot-clear-status interactive command
  discards  328c7ae   Auto update mode-line after setting some process 
  discards  7c82a03   Start experimenting with python
  discards  8e6488f   Don't switch to possibly dead buffer in sentinel
  discards  b4dd4f8   Report server status in the mode-line
  discards  1dc2a9f   Implement spinners and RLS's window/progress
  discards  16be2fc   Fix parser to accept multiple messages in one chunk
  discards  c222c3b   Lay groundwork for uniform treatment of network 
  discards  6f6f01d   Doc fixes
  discards  4f246b5   * eglot.el (eglot-mode-map): Move up before minor mode.
  discards  8bd634c   Start working on this again
  discards  efd14d6   Fix mode line
  discards  e1d36d2   Fix some byte-compilation warnings
  discards  e60c7fc   Overhaul async mechanism safety
  discards  0ec7801   Simplify `eglot--protocol-initialize`
  discards  dfab9a0   Experimental diagnostic overlays
  discards  bc011d0   Minor cleanup
  discards  c417eb4   Cancel timeouts when process dies unexpectedly
  discards  6f0a8df   Organize a bit
  discards  0222e7e   Improve `eglot--current-process'
  discards  72895ca   Handle notifications
  discards  a4f99e0   Introduce and use `eglot--current-process-or-lose'
  discards  3489176   Add a mode-line construct and some minor fanciness
  discards  2775dea   Rename eglot--continuations eglot--pending-continuations
  discards  3a8f9a1   Remove a couple of comments
  discards  d90efdf   Initial commit

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