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[elpa] tag 1.0 created (now f385d9c)

From: Joo Tvora
Subject: [elpa] tag 1.0 created (now f385d9c)
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 11:55:06 -0400 (EDT)

capitaomorte pushed a change to tag 1.0.

        at  f385d9c   (commit)
This tag includes the following new commits:

       new  f4de5d7   Fix copyright header. Obviously not since 2003
       new  b3c8b59   Refactor JSON-RPC lib jrpc.el from eglot.el
       new  2f1d76d   Proper server shutdown when jrpc.el is used
       new  870c60a   Merge master into jsonrpc-refactor (using imerge)
       new  0e1a5f0   jrpc-connect is now passed a generic dispatching function
       new  5cda0ec   Fix a ridiculous bug when generating transient projects
       new  258e3b0   Merge master into jsonrpc-refactor (using imerge)
       new  e5120aa   Add jrpc.el to Makefile
       new  33ae871   More flexible jrpc.el and improve eglot.el's doc
       new  3265c1d   Simpler callback protocol for JSONRPC parameters and 
       new  7f2e894   Merge branch 'master' into jsonrpc-refactor (using good 
ol' git merge)
       new  7cd94b9   Improve jrpc.el's doc (and change jrpc-request's protocol 
a tiny bit)
       new  078a1a6   Add full "Commentary" section to jrpc.el
       new  e906d25   Overhaul JSON and JSRONRPC error handling
       new  07359a2   Allow null timeouts and set default to 3 seconds
       new  7769c07   Send message, then establish continuations
       new  67d8335   jrpc.el should know nothing of mode-line updates
       new  e5ba4f6   Automatically reply with error if dispatcher doesn't
       new  a2aa1ed   Robustify timer handling for jrpc-async-request
       new  5cea412   Fix typos and phrasing in commentary and docstrings
       new  bb60c0c   Rename jrpc.el to jsonrpc.el
       new  cef3c29   Heroically merge master into jsonrpc-refactor (using 
       new  c30f0f3   Get rid of jsonrpc.el customization group and timeout
       new  489182d   New jsonrpc-error error type
       new  4bbf810   Don't return implementation details in 
       new  5e8fe4c   Add jsonrpc-tests.el
       new  0e44b27   jsonrpc.el uses classes and generic functions
       new  6f1ecc6   Merge branch use-eieio-server-defclass into 
       new  05ff697   Document current API breaches a bit
       new  9e9dc57   Merge branch 'master' into jsonrpc-refactor (using 
regular merge)
       new  7f4e273   Merge master into jsonrpc-refactor (using imerge)
       new  5874af9   Fix deferred actions (forgot the crucial non-local exit)
       new  481f16e   * eglot.el (eglot-eldoc-function): Remove spurious log 
       new  980f3e7   Fix another merge-related bug in eglot-eldoc-function
       new  c43dff4   On request timeout, clear it from the deferred actions
       new  f594dd7   jsonrpc-request also calls for deferred action cleanup
       new  a4441c6   Merge master into jsonrpc-refactor (using imerge)
       new  6c9d41e   Add reasonably sophisticated deferred action tests
       new  c790274   jsonrpc--next-request-id is a connection slot
       new  0ba7964   * jsonrpc.el (jsonrpc-log-event): Log time of event.
       new  dae1de1   Tweak Makefile to run both tests in a row
       new  d7e1b92   * jsonrpc.el (jsonrpc-message): Fix formatting bug.
       new  4525eca   Support json.c.  API purely based on classes
       new  fab7f8b   Improve Makefile test targets
       new  68c266e   Avoid more catastrophes
       new  44e9647   Simplify JSONRPC connection shutdown
       new  2917214   Merge master into jsonrpc-refactor
       new  f730fff   Merge branch 'master' into jsonrpc-refactor
       new  d371f05   Request dispatcher's return value determines response
       new  2da7d92   Simplify JSONRPC status setting
       new  1ec47fb   Remove connection grabbing antics from jsonrpc.el
       new  bf9c850   Get rid of jsonrpc-obj
       new  a65d3f4   Make message and warning helpers private
       new  46e6107   Reshuffle definitions inside jsonrpc.el
       new  d87f4bf   jsonrpc--log-event should also be private
       new  10559a5   Shuffle definitions around again
       new  7371f68   * jsonrpc.el: Rewrite commentary.
       new  6531c8b   Merge branch 'master' into jsonrpc-refactor
       new  1f09fd3   Review commentary section before another review cycle
       new  aaca7de   Fix ridiculous bug
       new  59cc3fb   jsonrpc-connection-receive is now a public convenience 
       new  856a224   Simplify jsonrpc-connection-send
       new  0b474ec   Fix use of jsonrpc-message in tests
       new  69a622a   Fix some typos
       new  47b957d   Let's not send Content-type for now.
       new  61d1276   Fix another bug in jsonrpc-connection-send
       new  8fda30c   Merge master into jsonrpc-refactor (using imerge)
       new  0f20fdf   Tiny README.md change
       new  f385d9c   Merge branch 'jsonrpc-refactor', bump version to 1.0

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